The Man Who Fell to Earth (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell

They're listening.

There's a man in a car outside the apartment.

Newton lied to me.

I heard his message.

I'm not going home.

I'm never going home.

Neither is he.

He wants to bring them here.

He wants to bring the Antheans

Our choices now are time-sensitive.

The plan was to save Earth.

It is still the plan.

Well, it doesn't sound like the plan.

You were gonna take the machine home.

- I will.

- How?
Why didn't Newton tell you
that he wanted to bring them here?
Has he been lying to you this whole time?
I don't know.

But we have the machine.

We will bring Earth back from this precipice.

Your children and your grandchildren
will have a place to live.

That was our agreement.

What about your family?
Newton has been transmitting
instructions to Anthea,
hidden, inside a tone.

- Dominguez had it before I did.

- Wait.

The CIA has the tone.

They can't decipher it.

The message is in Anthean.


They will.

And once they have it,
they'll take the machine.


Newton would never allow that.

Newton is not protecting us.

They'll come for the machine.

And once they have it, they'll kill us,
and anyone who even knows about it.

This guy know we're coming?
Assume he does.

We're alive until they have the machine.

It's our only leverage, you understand?
We have to hide it.

We have to hide everything.

I have to get Molly.

I have to get Molly away from you,
and me.

Oh, God.

I packed your tablet.

- Go get your coat, okay?
- I don't wanna go.

You have to trust me a little.

You're gonna have a great time,
I promise, okay?
You heard her.


Go on.

I I was gonna give this
to Molly as a present.

Download Signal and I'll
call you as soon as I can.

- Okay.

- This is what I had in the house.

It's a lot,
get somewhere far out of town, okay?
Uh, leave your cell phone,
and your credit cards here,
and go out the back.

How the fuck is this your life?
Take the rental car.

Turn off the GPS.

Remember the name we used when
we created my dating profile?
Don't say it out loud.

Use that.

I love you more than life,
but I'm doing this,
for this child.

Yeah, I know.

God, I'm sorry.

And thank you.

She'll be okay.

They just got here.

He fritzed the monitors again.

I'm taking him.

I'm taking the machine, I'm taking all of it.

Do we have clearance to do that?
Hey, they gave me the greenlight
to do this my way.

No more fucking around.

It's fully my operation now, Lisa.

I am four minutes out.

They're almost here.

You need to go.

- Justin.

- Yep.

Take the core.

We're all going.

Take it.


I found you from Anthea.

I'll find you again.



Where is your partner?
And where is the core?
What is that?
Why are you doing that?
All the testosterone.

It smells like grapefruit juice.

You need to tell me,
where she is.

This is bullshit.

I'm turning around, Dad.

We can't just leave him like that.

We have instructions.

I'm turning around, Dad.

Where is the rest of the machine?
And where is Justin Falls?

Oh, fuck your grapefruit.

Alive, please.

No guarantees.

Dad, is he, um
He's lost 0.
8 liters of blood.

I can slow it down, but not stop it.

- We need a hospital.

- You know that's not an option.

I I don't know
where I'm going.

They'll be tracking us.

We need another car.

I want all of that.

I don't want a fucking hair left
in this place when we're gone.

I want it spotless.

Get rid of everything.

What did you do?
What makes you think that you can
You fuck!
I've never known a man as incompetent as you.


Like a child.

It was Hatch who lied to you.

He's been lying for years.

He did steal the patents
and he tried to sell 'em.

To Thorn.

We usually hear these things.

We always hear them,
when the documents are classified.

Not only did he steal from you,
but he gaslit you for suspecting him.

He let you twist in the wind.

For years.

He laughed at you.

Now, go home, and wait for me to contact you.

And if you try to go after them,
I will have you arrested.


Get the fuck out of here.

Let's go.

Get moving.

Is there pain?
Yes, it's
from how it was when I first arrived.

I can feel it.

I know where we could go.

To someone who knew Newton.

Her file was in Clay's index.

Knew Newton?
Loved Newton.

Loved him?
Yeah, I don't wanna go
anywhere Newton knows about.

There is no option.

You'll need to make a call.

Use a payphone.

I'll tell you what to say.

Is that where he's driving already?
You guys have a whole thing going on.


I'm sorry.

For your daughter.

For your father.


I just drove for hours on
the wrong side of the road.

I'm not even gonna get a high five?
They have an indoor pool.

Oh, you don't like pools, right?

I'm gonna ask them for a room,
as far away from the pool as possible.


Your mom's gonna call,
and you're gonna see her really soon.

Until then, I'm not gonna leave your side.

And, you and I,
are gonna party.

Oh, my God.

Can you hear my heart?
- Yes.

- And you know what is happening?
I do.

The machine has to reach Newton.

Even though Justin will want to destroy it.

Do you understand?
You're Mary Lou?

Oh, is that his, uh


Well, what is it?
The future.

Wrap it in tin foil and put it in the freezer.

- Like a ham.

- Thank you, Chantal.

Kat, we'll need that saline.

I'll get one of the big bags we use for horses.

You do veterinary?
Oh, Gail was an obstetrician for 30 years.

Yeah, she handles the horses, the cows,
the big animals.

He's already septic from what I can tell,
so I'm not sure how much I can really do.

- We're saving his life.

- I can't promise.

We will save his life.

How long since he was
He was shot about 14 hours ago.

And how much fluid do you think he's lost?
One point one liters.


Thank you.

Oh, my
What is
What is he?
Hey, I'm the doctor.

He's an angel.

Kat, for fuck's sake, you drove tugboats.

- Steady as she goes.

- I
- I don't know what this
- This is the fight.

You think it was all raising chickens?
Are we servants of God or not?
This is God.

We are the fortress of love.

It's gonna get a bit weird.

It's gonna get a bit weird?
So, everybody just keep their shit together.

He is an angel.

I let the first one fall even further.

Here we go.


- Is He available?
- Always.

Just get that bullet out of him.

Come on.

Oh, thank the Lord, yes.

Oh, shit.

The bullet made him septic as hell.

Now, I can't gauge what's coming,
but I do know when a living creature's
on the upside, or the downside,
and I think your friend is on the downside.


Not gonna lie.

Then have a little faith.

This one, is the reason,
God kept me alive all these years.

You're not going to die tonight.


You're not.

How's my Tommy?
He's a fucking liar.

Do you think we had
the worst father in the world?
He was pretty bad.

What's the worst thing you think he did?
- To you?
- Yes.

- Edie
- The very worst thing.

He made you believe that
you weren't entitled to be here?
Yeah, I mean, that's what he was doing,
when he measured your upper arms
every morning at breakfast.

He was saying that,
you didn't deserve to take up space.

So interesting that you took it there.

I just presumed since his endless parade
of whores were thin, that I had to be thin,
and therefore make sense,
in the endless parade of whores,
since that's how he saw all women.

He was so ashamed,
so disgusted by me, he wanted me to not exist?
But it couldn't just have been about flesh,
about fat, though.

I meant something disgusting to him.

And the only time,
I had any value,
was when I was shrinking.

You know that he was wrong.

You don't believe he was wrong.

Of course I do.

You fucking liar.

Quick, Hatch.

I was obsessed.

I tried to sell the patents.

So I could get some help to study them.

Everybody told me I was crazy,
but, I knew something was off about them.

I couldn't have been crazy.

I mean, Dad loved to let me
think that my ideas
You let me think.

You could have put me out of my misery, Hatch.

I was right.

They're from outer fucking space.

I mean, this is impossibly huge.

It's bigger than us.

And you know this.

And I'm sorry.

I did something stupid.

I was afraid.

And I'm begging you for the license,
to have done something crazy and awful,
but to have you know, that I still love you.

I do.

I think you think you do.

And it's all right
if you love me, Hatch.

But, I hate you.

I hate you.

More than I ever hated him.

The vehicle was abandoned here.

And then we lost 'em.

How many possible routes
could they have taken, Tim?
- Twenty-two possible routes.

- Yeah.

Not counting off-road.

Well, he's injured, so
What if he
What if he what?
What if he,
like, does a thing?
A thing?
What is a thing?
Oh, like an alien thing?
Shit, you're right.
What if he,
What if he magically healed his bullet wounds,
using beams, from a space infirmary here?
Or a fucking space Tylenol?
God damn it, Tim.

Bones break, okay?
Flesh burns, lungs collapse
and they liquify.

If it is living, you can kill it,
you perpetual fucking troglodyte!
Get out of here, I'll find it.

MI5 and CIA have been
coordinating calls all morning.

Both organizations know
an asset is in the wind.

Ooh, asset's in the wind.

Um, does that make you feel
all tough and keyed in,
- saying shit like that?
- Okay, let me put it this way.

You're not long for this world.

They're coming for you.

And the first debrief is me.

I'm sorry, are you
Are you threatening me?
I can tell them the truth.

You're wound too tight.

You're obsessed, volatile.

You fucked this all up.

- Nobody cares what you
- Shut up.

Shut the fuck up!
Or, I confirm that Finch
Tipped off our asset, to fuck you.

Because you betrayed and humiliated her.

It's not like it's out of
character for either one of you.

- I'm offering you a lifeline.

- Why?
Because you're still the one who has
the best chance of catching him.

If you get your shit together.


Why, Lisa?
What do you get?
Why'd you hire me?
'Cause you sold out your own family.

And I found that, patriotic.

I have goals.

Like you have goals.

Whoever drops a net on these three,
holds all the cards for a very long time.

So, we're partners now.

I have no intention,
of tracking housewives
in Kazakhstan when I'm 50.

You think you deserve better?
After all your preening
bullshit, and toddler tantrums,
I deserve the fucking Medal of Freedom.

I'll apologize to Tim for you.

You're welcome.


I got all the ones you like.

Oh, excellent.

That's why I like it.

And especially the green ones.

- Yeah, I don't That's true.

- I'm gonna take those,
'cause I know you don't like
those very much.
I know.

- Hello.

- Hi.

Is she there?
She's fine.

It's your mom, honey.

Talk to her.

- Molls?
- She's listening.

Hi, Molls.

I am so sorry, baby.

I love you.

Everything's gonna be okay.

Can you say something so I know you're there?
Okay, uh,
here's the thing, all right? Um,
I know this is scary.

I know it.

But, um,
I want you to think about
The Little Prince, okay?
I mean, he was so brave.

He had to be a little bit scared,
and a little bit lonely,
to make everything better.

He walked through the desert.

And that's what you're doing.

You're just as brave.

I'm your kid.

What do you mean?
You're supposed to pick me.

I am picking you, Molls.

It's just, you know, it
It's hard to see that right now.

We were asked to be part
of something and, um
Sometimes you have to make
choices that are hard,
Because some things are bigger even than us.

But one day you're gonna
Baby, I love you more than everything.

I don't believe you.

Can you breathe?
Not really.

Hey, I'm sorry.

Uh, could I, uh,
could I get a single malt?
Neat, please?
- Sure.

- Thank you.

Hi, Henning.

Did you summon me to this club
'cause I'm a drunk?

I thought the exterior
should match your interior.

Well, would you have showed up
if I'd summoned you to a pizza place?
Well, yeah.
I'm thinking more and more about suicide,
so, it's good if I'm not alone.

Thorn would like
to buy your share
Of OriGen.

Are you serious?
I mean, why come to me and not go to Edie?
She would never sell.

You know we don't have the machine.

We can no longer sell anything to anyone.

Our lab is a pile of rubble.

Our existing IP is worthless.

Plus, Pressman Thorn isn't particularly
enamored of the Flood siblings.

Why would he wanna buy the company?
He wants to buy your shares in the company.

I mean, he-he'd be buying
controlling interest,
of nothing.


I mean
$15 million.

$15 million for essentially nothing?

- Fuck off.

- Excuse me?
I mean, nobody,
would offer $15 million, for nothing,
unless they really wanted it.

Well, that's not exactly true.

Well, why then?

I bet that he sent you here with a mandate.

In fact, I bet you $15 million,
that you can't go back
and tell him that you blew it.

I bet you would lose your job
as an evil henchman
or whatever it is that you do.

At this point, I would give you
$15 million to shut up.

No one,
would make a deal like that,
unless they were desperate.

So, you're not saving me.

I'm saving you.


I mean, come on, a man who'd
pay $15 million for nothing,
- can certainly pay 50.

- Fine.

Fuck you.

$60 million,
and, uh, do a wire transfer to Edie.

So, she gets all the money.

Do you think that will take out the sting?
No, uh, but it's $60 million.

So, I mean, it
It'll help.

What do you get out of all of this?
Um, I get to be done.


I get to be done.

Molly is the only one
who can make you look like that, Justin.


My daughter's in danger somewhere,
and I can't get to her.

I'm running from horrible,
horrible people,
with my dad, who's, uh, not my dad anymore.

And, you've made me an alien, on my own planet.

You know, maybe I always was.

And I know I'm a scientist again, but,
I never felt this fucking helpless,
until I met you.

You'll never
be helpless.

Chantal, take these.

You and Heather watch the road.


Uh, yeah, yeah.

Okay, quickly.


The bees.

Their queen is dying.

She's dying
Because he's dying.

You wouldn't survive it.

What are you talking about?
He needs to be replenished.

I can replenish him.

What, a transfusion?
- Gail?
- Hell no.

And we only have vet stuff.

But, hell no.

Get someone else.

Hang on.

Why you?
You're not the
- You're Nephilim?
- What?
Uh, they're both, uh,
human, and angel.

The blood of both.

Yeah, he's not a Nephilim.

He's from the fucking Bahamas.

Dad, you're not giving, like
- This place isn't set up for
- Correct.

We did it on the horses.

She got a basketball out of a sheep once.

- I saw it.

- I was hammered.

It's not an option.

You'll die.

- Maybe.

- She needs you.

- Correct.

- Justin,
of all the things that have happened,
none of which either of us
could have ever imagined,
maybe they all happened to
bring me to where I am now.

In this moment.

For this purpose.

There's no one else.

There is no one else.

I need you.

Doesn't that matter?
Not anymore.

We have a mission.

You must let me go.

Where are you going?
Back to the lab.

They left too fast to take everything.

I'm going to see what I can find.

I'm surprised to hear from you.

This wasn't the arrangement.

This is a new situation.

It is.

It's critical we find them before Clay does.

He's desperate.

His exposure is massive.

Currently, he's nowhere.

I may have found something.

Keep me informed.


That's my dad in there.

So, you just keep your Nephilim
bullshit to yourself, please.


You and I are members
of the most exclusive club in the world.

Only, you're a lot better at it.

What did you do to him?
The other one?
I was not enough of a person
for Tommy to hold on to.

I was
Like sand.

I was a hotel maid,
and he checked into the hotel.

He had a hard time with the elevators.

And he asked for a whole bunch
of TVs in his room.

He just seemed so helpless.

So, I just helped him.

Stayed with him.

He was so kind to me that I knew
he couldn't be a human being.

I introduced him to gin.

It was my best friend.

And it ruined him.

Made him an easy target.

Just gin.

That's it?
Just gin.

Didn't know love,
until he met an alcoholic.

And my needs became his needs.

He didn't stand a chance.

You must have been, um
I can't imagine.

that sentence, does not apply to
you and me anymore.

You see, that's the gift.

And it's worth it.

It's so worth it.

Anyway, do you love him?
- Who? What, hi
- Him.

Well, right now, I hate his guts, so, no.


I loved Tommy.

I love Tommy.

I only really became human after him.

Before him, I was just sleepwalking.

But after him, I woke up to the world
and, everything in it.

And myself.

I don't know what he became after me,
or, what he is now.

You don't wanna know.

Look, this is hard.

But you won't do it like I did.

You have a child, so you know how to,
you know, care for people.

He'll be so safe with you.

Thank you.

You've given me
the second biggest gift I ever had.

What's that?
The chance,
to make up for destroying
the first biggest gift.

Don't thank me.

Someone will follow us here.

He's probably already on the way.

- What's his name?
- Clay.


I met him.

Sir, I got 'em.

The car was stolen this morning
from Loughton.

That's her.

She's using a payphone.

Have you dumped it?
Why are you not speaking?
It-It's, uh, outside Brighton.

She's calling an organic farm.

Mount Rive Priory.

It's a rehab clinic.

Lord, let me be strengthened by you,
and by your vast strength.

that I may put on the full armor of God.

that I may stand against
the schemes of the devil.

Knowing that my struggle
is not against flesh and blood,
but, against,
the cosmic powers of this darkness.

So that I may be able to take my stand.

- Amen.

- Amen.


Stop talking.

Listen to me.

There is a gas station near it.

I'll send you the details.

I am about an hour away.

And we are gonna need a place that's, um
That's off the grid.


Josiah is gonna take care of our guest,
but, we have to take care of Josiah.

Do you know your blood type?
It won't matter, currently.

To me, you are all universal donors.

Can I have a moment, please?
Oh, yes.


Let's, let's give them some space.

Gail, come on.


You okay?


This is how you taught me to dance.

He found them.

Middle of fucking nowhere.

Please don't speak.

- What was that?
- Move, move!
You said they were fucking nuns.

How bad is it?
I got shot in the fucking neck, you asshole!
Suppress that shit.

Suppress 'em!
Copy that.

Fucking have it!
- Go, go, go!
- Let's move!
- Kat, you're up.

- Yeah.

- You okay? Wobbly?
- Yeah.

We're good.

Almost there, okay?

Keep alert.

They're coming this way.

Heather, get upstairs.

Quick, quick.

You seen him?
He's definitely goin' around the back.

Darcy, Derek,
split up! Take cover!

That little calf you can hear now,
that's the one you birthed, Jay!
Send 'em out with the core,
Mary Lou, and we'll go away.

Not gonna happen, Jay.

Stop fucking calling me Jay!
Send 'em out, or we're comin' in!
I'm almost out of bullets.

Fuck Your Patriarchy!
When God gives you lemons,
you remind him that you don't care for lemons.

Hence, the guns.

There's a lot of women here, and a lot of rage.

So, you just,
walk away now, okay, sweetie?
Go on.


How's he doing?
- We're okay, we're okay.

- Nearly there.

- What's the plan?
This is it.

We're killing time.

We'll see how it goes.

If you hear the bell,
that means everybody's
running for the hills.


You look after yourself,
- all right?
- Yeah.

I mean, who else am I gonna compare notes with?
We're the world's tiniest support group.

It'll be okay.

He's got us.



Okay, bullets
Oh, Lord!
You fucking rats.

Get over there.

You cheeky bitch!
Justin, come on.



Thank you.

Go on.

Go on.

What's your name?
Your real name?


I'm gonna try and save you.

No, thank you.

Thank you.

For what?
I thought I was Judas.

But it's you.

Hi, hey.



There you go.

Let's go that way.

Let's go.

Come on.

Over there.



The rest of them scattered.

I found the core in the freezer.


Can we go?
Try not to drop that.

He's still alive.

Yeah, you are.

This could have been so much easier.

Bring him.

- And her.

- What about him?
He doesn't fucking matter.


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