The Man Who Fell to Earth (2022) s01e09 Episode Script

As the World Falls Down

Good boy.
He's a good boy.
He's a good boy.
Yes, he's a good dog.
Who's a good boy?
Good boy.
He always walks around alone
in these big circles.
- Edes?
- What?
Clive is still walkin' around
in his big circles alone.
He's fine.
He likes being alone.
I gotta come by here more often
'cause there's so much warmth.
You guys are a blast
but, uh, I'm gonna go play with Clive.
Are we at quota?
I found a supplier.
Did your brother lift a finger,
or was he too busy
reading his newspaper?
I found a supplier.
You know, he never
lifts a goddamn finger.
Even when I'm dying.
- You're not dying.
- I told you not to say that.
I'm sorry.
I told you, not to say that.
There is no room for your feelings.
We have work to do, and I am dying.
Leave me alone!
We need to talk about
what happens to this company
when I'm fucking dead.
We need to talk about your future.
Come on, boys.
Edes Flood.
Drew Finch.
I realize this is
a difficult time for you.
Thank you for agreeing
to this meeting.
He told me he got you shit-canned.
- What?
- Clay.
He told me he got you shit-canned.
As you can see, he hasn't.
So, does this visit mean
you're going to put
him in a deep dark hole,
and he'll die there?
Yes, Miss Flood.
It means exactly that.
You're here because
the CIA still needs OriGen,
so I don't think you can
put me in a hole.
Why would we?
Your company and ours
have done well together.
I see no reason for that to end.
Miss Finch, my father
left me the company
because he knew I don't break.
Which means OriGen
will never be broken by you
or your friends at the CIA.
So, here's what I want.
Fresh inputs of cash, indefinitely.
My brother is out,
and can never get back in.
I'm CEO of OriGen.
- I'm your partner.
- We don't have partners.
My father was your partner.
More like a paid intern.
I've sent a package to my lawyers
in the event of my death.
Whatever you think of it,
I want my father's title.
I want the world to think
that OriGen, that I,
am the proprietor of quantum fusion.
And your brother?
I understand you have
revoked his clearance.
That's correct.
And I, am the proprietor
of quantum fusion,
Miss Finch.
Thank you for stopping by.
- Is it still night?
- Uh-huh.
We need to grab our stuff quickly,
and quietly, and go.
Go straight to the car.
Quickly. Quietly.
I don't understand.
Yeah. Okay, I'll explain
more to you on the road.
- Give me your bag.
- Okay.
Hop in and get your
belt on right away.
Okay, okay.
Let's go.
Portia, what's happening?
It's okay. It's okay.
Stay in the car.
Where are we going?
We're going where I put them.
What did you find?
I searched everything
there is to search.
There's no trace of the algorithm
that makes the core ignite.
Are you telling me we can't
turn the machine on?
Yes. That's exactly
what I'm telling you.
The algorithm has to be somewhere.
They must've uploaded it.
Also, that tone, I
I still don't know
what the message says
or how to decipher it.
You've left a trail of bodies,
and we can't deliver quantum fusion.
I don't wanna go to prison.
You're practiced in interrogation?
Is he fuckin' dead?
Wake up.
You still alive?
Wake up.
Your father.
Don't worry about her.
What is this?
What does this mean?
It's an instruction.
Instruction to who?
The remaining Antheans.
He's telling them to prepare.
To come to Earth.
- What?
- Okay.
Hey, hey. Lisa.
Look at me.
Look at me.
What is the probability
that we're the only people
with this information?
- High.
- Yeah.
I can't guarantee, but I'm
I'm always listening to them.
- And
- Okay. Okay,
we're gonna get the rest of it.
You're gonna take her,
and you're gonna try for the algorithm,
but you'll
You'll get anything that you can,
and I will deal with him.
We either die in a cage,
or we own the world.
There is nothin' in the middle.
You understand that, partner?
- Yes.
- Good.
Get her over there.
Come on, sweetheart.
Let's go.
Give me your fucking arm.
I would prefer to leave Molly alive.
Just tell me when are
they coming, and how.
- I don't know.
- You know.
You do know, 'cause
you're the point person.
There are a billion variables.
Anthea no longer has
the resources to send
Ooh. Strong boy.
Do you meditate or something?
Do you believe me?
About Molly?
Give me the algorithm.
You blew up all the information
when you blew up the lab.
I can't tell you anything.
All I know is he thought
he was going home
until he heard the tone.
He did?
It's hard to imagine him with a home.
A family.
I bet that cross you're wearing
reminds you of your family.
I bet they believed in you.
Don't bother.
You've shamed them now.
Your family.
Is Lisa short for Elizabeth?
Elizabeth of Portugal?
The Miracle of Roses.
Your family named you
for a gift from God.
And here's another fact.
You did nothing.
You let Clay kill women in an abbey,
acting like an animal
What the fuck is wrong with this guy?
Fucking nothing.
God damn it.
This is bollocks, mate.
He thought he was going home
until he heard the signal.
Quit it. Fuckin' stop.
Stop it. Fuckin' stop it.
Wow, so
You thought you were goin' home, huh?
Newton lied to you.
Then we're the same.
Someone's lying to you.
No, nobody lies to me.
Drew Finch lied to you.
Drew Finch didn't lie to me.
I lied to her.
And how do you know?
Your Internet.
My Internet?
You mean the whole Internet?
CIA files, Dark Web, Deep Web
Okay, so you know everything
I've ever read, or seen.
I know everything you've ever loved.
Do that.
Where the fuck is it going?
Where'd the fucking water go?
He fucking swallowed it.
Yeah, I can fucking see that.
I have four stomachs.
So, the bullet hurts him.
The teeth, the cigarette,
The-the waterboarding.
If he's dead,
he's worth nothing.
That video.
That video at the airport.
Uh, something made him sick.
What was that?
At the airport.
What happened?
I don't know exactly how you
uh, tick.
But I am pretty sure this hurts.
Come on.
You're going to kill me.
No, I'm gonna make you
wish you were dead.
- Okay, there's a difference.
- I'm not
I'm not a human.
I know.
It'll be okay.
It'll be all right.
It's my right foot.
Keep walking.
It'll ease the swelling.
Liddle and DeMarco.
- Are coming at 4:00.
- Good.
- Tie up those loose ends, hmm?
- Mm-hmm.
So this operation doesn't
go to shit when I'm gone.
That will never happen.
- What?
- When I took over this company,
there were a lot of relationships.
- Mm-hmm.
- Entanglements
I know.
No, you don't.
You don't.
Sometimes even I can't keep up.
Oh, okay.
We have partnerships,
They're less like partners.
They're more like minders.
For someone like you,
there'll be no sure footing.
Someone like me?
What are you talking about?
Edie, you keep an eye on the micro.
These are long game players.
You have to anticipate.
Well, I-I know.
Did you anticipate this conversation?
For fuck's sake!
Listen to me,
you're a first responder.
You're not somebody with vision.
You didn't count
on this moment, did you?
Well, I'm not entirely sure
what this moment is, no.
I-I thought you were going to
put me in charge, Dad.
They will roll over you,
and you'll be nothing.
It'll be the worst feeling
you've ever had.
And they will roll over
everything I've built.
I don't want that to be my legacy.
Well, I
I tried to raise you to draw first.
But you just dodge the bullets.
You simply don't have
the stomach for it, Edie.
Why is Uncle Hatch out?
Your uncle left us massively exposed.
The vet said her lungs
are filling with fluid.
Eventually, she will drown
inside herself.
Mum. Mum
You know,
your grandfather bred her just for me.
She was born right here
on the property
Hatch brought fusion here.
Don't drink the Kool-Aid, Clive.
Look. He hurt you. I know.
But what he's trying to do now
He's betrayed everyone in his family,
and he'll betray you, too.
You don't have the stomach for it.
For betrayal?
What about Grandpa?
Neither you,
or my brother has an
ounce of self-discipline.
When was the last time
you denied yourselves anything?
I am the only one who can do
what's necessary.
For Christ's sake, Clive,
I barely eat!
What about Grandpa?
All right.
Oh, fuck.
I set the bar, Clive.
And there is not one man,
not one man left in this family,
capable of going the fucking distance!
Where's Newton?
When are they coming?
How many are there? Huh?
When are they coming?
That's all I need to know.
Where are they gonna land?
Where are they fuckin' landing?
What are they bringing
with them? Technology?
If they're bringing weapons?
What? Huh?
Hey, buddy,
remember me?
- Watt is my name.
- I don't know.
No, no, no. Watt.
That is my name.
You're not real.
Only if you are.
I'm your fucking subconscious.
This man is losing his shit.
So, if you wanna stay alive,
you need to give up something else.
You got anything?
Then I'd start making shit up.
'Cause this is not going well.
Jesus Christ!
Clay, he's
He's fucking losing it.
- Clay.
- What?
Clay, there must be another way.
- What?
- Okay? Maybe he'll
- He'll
- What, why?
Maybe he'll share the world?
- What are you talking about?
- Maybe! Maybe
He's not one of
- He's not human.
- Yeah, no shit.
Maybe we're not being smart here.
Maybe he has to answer to
something we don't understand.
Something bigger than us.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
Come on, Mr. Drone-man.
You know more than you think.
Come on.
Newton may have kept you in the dark
about what he was up to.
Doesn't mean you have to stay there.
Maybe he underestimated you.
Do you ever think of that?
Wait a minute.
I get it, I get it!
You like your Earth life now.
Your Earth name.
Oh, now you love them?
And where'd you learn to love?
I see everything you see.
Two families.
The one you've left behind,
and the one you long to be part of.
But let's not forget.
Your real children, are growing sicker
while you play with
someone else's kid.
Shut up!
Hey, who are you talking to?
Are you talking
to Newton? Huh?
Is this some telepathy thing?
Come on.
Think, idiot.
The anger you feel
is the anger he's feeling.
Talk to me.
It's in his fucking file.
Come on.
You've read his file.
You're both exactly the same.
You have
two families.
The one you believe abandoned you,
and the one you just abandoned.
Boom shaka laka.
I need your help with something.
All right. Get up.
Get up!
- What about this?
- No!
What about this?
Get down!
You give me something
I can use right now,
or I put a bullet in her fucking head.
- No!
- If you shoot her,
- he'll stop talking.
- Shut up or get out!
You know what Newton is up to.
You know it!
I I don't know.
I don't know!
How did you get here?
Lisa, please listen to me.
Tell Molly there's a picture
of her father in my drawer.
His name was Daniel Holland.
There aren't enough pods
left to bring the others here.
He needs something bigger.
Much, much bigger.
Do I have to do everything?
Everybody is going to die!
- Get it?
- I don't know!
He'll die for her.
He'll die for all of it.
All of what?
A ship.
A ship.
Get her out.
Take her, go.
Get her out now.
Come with me. Come on.
What ship?
They can't all come the way I did.
How is that?
There has to be a ship.
And it has to be here.
On Earth.
Newton must be planning
To go get them.
Why would Newton need to go?
Why can't they come here on their own?
I told you.
Anthea can't produce
the energy required to
power a ship big enough
to carry thousands through the galaxy.
Not anymore.
That was Newton's plan
from the beginning.
The fusion machine.
It's the engine of a ship.
Jesus! Clive!
I hit something with my car.
Was it a person?
No. It was just
a big pile of rocks.
I kind of wish it was a person.
Oh. I'm fine.
- I'm fine.
- Oh, Christ! You're not fine.
Fine people don't drive
into a big pile of rocks.
Yeah. Well, I can't live
with Mum anymore,
so driving into a big pile of rocks
felt like a really good decision.
Yeah, well. It's not.
I mean, you need a doctor.
I didn't wanna be this.
Who did you wanna be?
I'm glad I'm here now.
Thank you.
I don't wanna die.
I thought that maybe I did.
I don't wanna die.
I need
Need to tell you something.
Am I gonna need a drink?
you don't want them
to drag it out of you.
Tell me something, anything.
It doesn't have to be
the fucking truth. Come on.
You're not done.
He's still on the field.
If they have a ship,
where could they be hiding it?
Without being detected?
I don't know.
Maybe what?
Think of how to beat him.
Somewhere that scatters radar.
Someplace we missed.
Someplace you missed.
It's Russian roulette.
We need to think. Stop.
Don't you see what he is?
- Yeah.
- We're gonna lose him.
With your life.
With her life.
Remember what I told you.
Load one.
Come on.
One last gambit.
What you would call my lungs,
and my trachea,
have already begun to
mine themselves for water,
like a snake eating its tail.
The rest of my organs have
mined themselves dry
and will collapse
utterly with two more of those blasts.
Three at most.
The core is useless
without the machine.
And you don't know how
to retrieve the data from the lab.
You're a dead man.
And I'm dying.
I'll give you what I know.
But we need
Come on.
I don't believe you're invested.
All that tells me
is you're willing to kill me.
I already know that.
And you won't let Justin live.
I traveled for light-years,
to bring fusion to this planet.
I won't allow it to die with me
Even if it ends up with you.
Do you understand?
You're saying you'll entrust me
with it?
If I'll entrust.
But if the only thing
you're willing to do
to attain fusion is kill
You're not ready.
What else is there?
You have to be willing to die
I was there when Grandpa died.
I know.
You saw him jump.
They were walking.
Mum and Grandpa.
And I was behind them, just playing.
Um, they weren't really
paying any attention to me.
You know,
Mum never really knew
where I was, anyway.
She tried.
- She did.
- Just listen.
He said something to her.
It'll be the worst
feeling you've ever had.
And as they get
further towards the edge,
she stops.
I don't want that to be my legacy.
Well, I
I tried to raise you to draw first!
You just dodge the bullets.
I-I won't do that anymore.
I will be better.
I'm giving this company to Hatch.
I'm giving it to your brother.
No. No.
He wanted to give you
the controlling share.
She was
Was supposed to stay in compliance.
Please don't say that.
You're too weak.
You're not strong.
You never have been.
Since you were a little girl.
Cannot grow up.
You're never gonna grow up.
You're weak.
Somebody has to
Stop saying that.
All right, you just stop right
- No!
- Stop!
And he just hangs there
in the air for a moment.
Then she turns around and she sees me
And-and I don't know
what she's gonna do.
She's new to me.
And she kisses me on the cheek
and she says,
"He fell."
And then she lit a cigarette
and went back in the house.
He said that you were the only one
who could see the whole board
and you would be CEO.
It was supposed to be you.
Why are we talking about me, huh?
Because you're Spencer Clay.
Yeah, no shit.
And Ivan
That, was the name, in your file.
Get out.
Get out.
Get the fuck out.
Go with her.
There is someone
who doesn't know you're Spencer Clay.
What are you, fucking Sigmund Freud?
I'm ahead.
I am ahead of you.
I have the machine.
I know that Newton's
planning an invasion.
You have a story
and it won't have any meaning
once Justin and I,
are dead.
Your name, is a prison,
and what I know,
will set you free.
Spencer Clay
has been searching for something he
Don't have to search for anymore.
You never had to.
CIA case file 13127.
Valentina Lupybatko.
Your mother,
who was supposed to take care of you.
Your mother, who was a terrorist.
Your mother,
who was replaced.
Her file is complete.
The real file.
Would you like to know
what really happened to her?
Of course, you do.
You've spent the majority of your life
obsessed with finding out.
I'll tell you.
But only if you put
a bullet in that gun,
spin the chamber,
and pull the trigger.
Five times.
And if you survive,
you'll finally get your answer.
You're insane.
One question for every spin.
But I won't tell you
what you want to know,
until you've made it to five.
You could lie to me.
Forget it.
Fusion dies with me.
- You're not worthy.
- I am worthy!
Then spin!
- One more thing.
- Oh, fuck you.
I'm giving you a head start.
I have no idea where the ship is,
I simply did the math,
and concluded there is one.
I don't know why he didn't
tell me what I was building,
and I have no idea when he intends
to blast off into space.
He might decide
to blow up Canada first.
Now, ask me, but remember,
the good stuff
doesn't come until five.
Who has the power,
where you're from?
This is where you're starting?
You must be terrified.
Number one.
There are drones and adepts.
Drones do what they're told.
Newton is an adept.
Which are you?
Pull the trigger.
How do you know who's who?
Pull the trigger.
Question two.
What do you look like?
For fuck's sake.
Every other Anthean
No. What do you look like?
Under this skin?
You're obsessed with skin.
Skin is one of your gods.
You've created cults around it.
Commit genocide.
Murder every day in its name.
One reason I was chosen,
is because Justin would have
no rational reason,
to trust me,
if I looked like you.
Pull the fucking trigger.
Fuck your psy-ops shit.
You're gonna lose.
Why? 'Cause you're a step
ahead of me and everyone?
- You said
- Wait.
Is this question three?
You said I was terrified.
Of what?
You're terrified
Of question five.
You had to know that
you don't know anything.
Certainly not the truth,
about your mother.
What is the truth?
Oh, that's a whole other question.
Just tell me about my mother.
Tell me!
All right, sweetheart?
Please tell me.
She showed up on their radar,
after an arrest for low-level
gun-running in Russia.
She was a grifter,
that's why they picked her.
I can live with that.
The CIA bombed the Chicago
Mercantile Exchange.
Yes, that's right.
They used your mother as a tool.
Now you're gonna say she's dead.
It makes sense that she's dead.
And, what, you're gonna
tell me they killed her,
and then just told me
she abandoned me, right?
Drew Finch,
ran the operation.
She wanted to make me an asset.
I'm valuable to her,
as an asset.
I can live with that.
And you're gonna say that my mother,
wanted to come back to me,
but they killed her.
That's okay.
I see the logic in that.
I can live with that.
You know how this goes.
They want an algorithm,
or something.
You're going to give it to me,
or I'll burn both your eyes out
with this cigarette.
You're missing it.
I don't know if they killed her.
I don't know if she's alive or dead.
- She could still be alive?
- It doesn't matter.
Finch stepped into the role.
You don't know why, do you?
Besides being just shy of a mother,
always reminding you
of what you didn't have,
keeping you thirsty.
- No. I know why.
- Finch was on the team.
The original CIA Newton team.
When she was 21 years old,
a junior analyst.
Mary Lou,
I just wanna go home.
Newton is still the asset.
He was always the asset.
She kept an ear out,
and when he popped up in a tornado,
she knew she had to send you,
because you'd never stop.
You'd see the specter of your mother
in everything she sent you to chase.
Even him.
Even me.
I can live with that.
She might even love you.
And, you know, you love her.
And because, she knows you loved her,
she took away the only thing
your mother would recognize.
I can live with that
She took away
the one and only thing
your mother needed
to find you.
Tell me what it was.
Tell me.
Is that question five?
What the fuck?
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck
Tell me.
Is it question five?
I know the answer.
She took away my name.
Can you track this location?
I have them.
Stay here.
Is that the machine core?
My name is Henning Khan.
I work for Pressman Thorn.
Miss Dominguez
has been working for us.
We put her in Clay's path
to keep us informed.
Yeah, I don't give a shit.
Where's my daughter?
Oh, are you okay?
Are you safe?
Where are you?
Back at the house in London.
Hey. Hey, Molly Molls.
Hey, baby. Are you okay?
I'm okay.
Are you okay?
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
I'm, I'm fine.
Why is your face like that?
Oh, um, I just banged it.
Is Larva okay?
Yeah. Yeah.
Here, baby.
Let me talk to your mom.
J, there are security guys out front.
They're ours.
Porsh, my dad?
He's okay, he's safe.
But, um, J,
it's come back.
The dystonia.
He's like he was.
All right. Just, just stay
in the house, okay?
I'll be home soon.
I love you.
I love you.
Bye, Mom.
Miss Falls, please listen.
The CIA has its claws back in OriGen.
I don't care.
That means your relationship
with Edie Flood is forfeit.
Thorn Oil will take care
of your family's expenses.
All of them.
And your partner, Hatch,
needs more protection
than he realizes.
We will provide for that, too.
All we want from you,
is 36 hours.
For what?
Mr. Thorn can see the future.
And it is fusion.
If you and Mr. Faraday
still believe,
if you want a place for your children,
and their children,
there is a chance.
But you will need to make
one stop before home.
Mr. Thorn would like
to meet you,
in person.
Thirty-six hours,
then I promise you,
you will see your family again,
and this, will all be behind you.
This is as far as we go.
You're not Pressman Thorn.
You sure?
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