The Man Who Fell to Earth (2022) s01e10 Episode Script

The Man Who Sold the World

Is this where we've
been communicating from?
Near enough.
How's the machine?
We almost died for it.
Then I'm sure it's fine.
Did they shoot you?
- Yes.
- Of course.
I believed I was returning to Anthea.
I needed to know our people
were coming here.
- Our people?
- I had a right.
Rights? You had
a "right to the truth," did you?
You told me I was going home.
I want to go home.
So do I.
You know, they allow me
to practice praying here.
It's the only thing I've been
curious about for ages.
They allow me to be present,
so as you can see,
I gave them our seeds.
I couldn't just be a shitlord,
take their water and breathe their air
and not give, something.
And they opened themselves.
Most humans can't open
themselves to us
without losing their fucking minds.
But these guys are divine.
Anyway, they're not
a bundle of laughs.
But they're not bent
on the destruction
of all living things, either.
Vow of silence.
Don't pretend you're a child of God.
Maybe I am.
And listen to you.
I've created a monster.
All worked up over a lie.
I knew you'd tell her.
She wouldn't have
done her bit if she knew.
- You don't know anything
- Anything about her.
Just show us why we're here.
This geography has
natural magnetic anomalies.
Their satellites go blind
over me, which is
The CIA's been missing me for years.
So now, it's just the gentlemen,
and me.
And the quiet.
And our last fucking hope.
The monks.
They must have built this with you?
The parts were
a fucking global scavenger hunt.
But the actual assembly
isn't that complicated.
They found joy in it.
In creation.
It isn't big enough.
- For what?
- The fusion device
is the engine for this ship.
You are going to fly it home
and bring the Antheans back.
But not all of them.
Don't be so fucking judgey.
The ship's fine.
Everybody's trying
to kill me and I'm blind.
It's the best I could do
with 45-years notice.
There were thousands when I left.
This ship will hold
- Hundreds.
- Which ones?
The adepts.
Not the drones.
- Uh, but
- Just the adepts.
Well, of course, just the adepts.
I won't need drones here, will I?
I can't see.
The drones have
We held Anthea together.
The clouds have gone
because of decisions adepts made!
There were 40 herd animals
when I left.
Everything was stillborn.
Everything! Because of
decisions you made!
In the name of progress.
This isn't even an argument.
It's irrelevant.
There are only adepts because of us.
The adepts that are alive
are alive because of us!
It was your names in the records.
But it was never ever you!
It was always our backs bending!
I trained you better than this.
I trained you!
I finally got it through
my thick skull.
I trained you,
and too well if you think
you can survive without us.
This is the ship we have!
What What happens
to us when they get here?
You will try and kill us all.
Yeah, after we try and kill you all.
Why won't you need drones here?
What happens to humans?
We'll all be the drones?
What, like my father?
Like my father who didn't know me?
Ms. Falls, before us,
your father was dying
in a bed. Correct?
You lose something.
You gain something
You don't get to decide!
I didn't. You did.
You're already drones.
Humans will do anything
as long as it confirms
something they need to believe
about themselves, Ms. Falls.
Even you. He told you,
you were special, you enlisted.
He told me we'd save everything.
All of us.
And we are.
2030 is coming.
The Earth will die.
Adepts and drones are a single system.
You can't yank them away
from each other.
It's not what this is.
This is a connection.
Someone has to see,
someone has to build.
You can't just change us
to be what you need!
What we all need.
It's not magic. It's evolution.
My father is different.
All right? He is
a fundamentally
- different
- Person.
Is he a person still?
And is it so terrible?
He's alive.
You can love him.
Ms. Falls, I've had years
with nothing to do but plan.
No walks to get a beignet,
no monastery games night.
There is only one way.
We have to create the next version
of both our species.
Together, we'll thrive.
Create the next
- The next?
- It's like this jungle.
It's adapting.
Earth will be the next jungle.
And at this point,
I say good riddance.
Onto the next thing.
We both fucked it!
This is how we all survive.
This is how your daughter's
children have a chance.
No. No, I I
I can't open that door.
If this is the end for us,
then we end as we are.
It's taken us forever
to become who we are.
I know.
Don't you think I loved you
when I came here?
I did.
I didn't have the words for it,
but I did.
And you took my science
and my eyes,
and hunted me like an animal.
All you had to do was love me back.
Your family?
You're willing to lose your family?
I'm going to rebuild our machine.
However, you changed the algorithm
that activates the core
when you ran from the lab.
I would've certainly
done the same thing.
I need you to unlock it.
It's hundreds of miles to anywhere.
A snake bite can take out your lungs
and you'll never see
your family again.
If you unlock the algorithm,
you can go back to your life.
Your part is done.
We'll take care of the rest of it.
You won't see us anymore.
Us two, anyway.
Go back to being whoever you were.
Whoever you want.
Shut the door.
Play music and dance together.
And treasure the time you still have.
Glances, voices
You know what it is to pray
for one more of any of those.
Time with people who matter,
Ms. Falls.
So, now there are
two aliens in the wind.
We still don't have quantum fusion,
and this is your official report
on the end of Agent Clay.
Didn't Gregory Papel
commit suicide as well?
Blew his brains out in the woods?
Yes, sir.
Well, maybe one of you can tell me why
poking around in this mess
makes our operatives kill themselves?
Agent Dominguez?
I really couldn't
I think two tightly wound men
became obsessed,
Clay was tightly wound,
that's for sure.
Before your falling out,
you and he were pretty close.
Am I gonna hear about
you eating your gun, Drew?
At no time, sir.
Agent Dominguez?
No, sir.
Find our missing friends,
and don't come back here
with this again.
Are we clear?
Yes, sir.
The coroner's report would've read
the first bullet went through
Clay's jaw.
And second lodged in his chest.
Suicide means the Director
saw an altered report.
Thank you.
You're supposed to be smart.
Here's my take on all this.
Thorn got wind of the machine
and needed to put someone in its path.
He knew we'd never let it
stay in the private sector.
Something like that?
And gave you
A lot of money.
How much?
More than I'd ever seen before, ma'am.
You murdered someone I
- He sold you out, ma'am.
- Someone I raised.
Clay was going to kill him.
- You knew what he was?
- I knew.
I didn't understand.
You spared the alien
and shot the human.
Spencer's an asset that
I don't have in my life anymore.
That's what fucking counts.
Am I correct?
Yes, ma'am.
But I have you.
I thought about
throwing you in the hole.
But I'm giving you a chance
to make yourself useful.
A chance.
Are we clear?
Yes, ma'am.
Keep a line on the Falls woman,
but don't arrest her yet.
Just see where she takes you.
She's the one who can
lead us to both of them
and quantum fusion.
Do that,
or hang for treason.
They don't hang people
for treason anymore.
I do.
You knew
she'd changed the algorithm.
I was waiting for her to tell me.
That's very evolved of you.
Get her back.
She won't come back.
She has to. Clock's ticking.
I have to get home and back
before this planet is too far gone
in eight fucking years.
A million things could fuck it up.
- And you have to fully ascend.
- To what?
You're about to become legend.
I thought you were paying attention.
Your little video started it.
They're buzzing with the mystery.
Like that computer guy
in black turtlenecks.
You'll be worshipped.
You're the next him.
- You have to be.
- Why do I have to be?
Because when we make it back,
if we make it back,
someone has to stop them from
slaughtering us when we land.
Someone with actual power.
Someone who is everything
they wanna be.
Jesus Christ.
Look what they did to him.
Do you still not understand
who they are?
I've given you ownership of Thorn,
which now has a controlling
interest in OriGen.
They're both yours.
Put my family on the ship.
My family didn't get to go on a ship.
Put my family on the ship.
Are you sure?
You want the wife and kids?
You might find them
a bit of a drag now.
They might not find you at all,
given that you're fucking
Why not stick with that girl
until you wanna kill yourself
with alcohol?
Love brings out our latent
alcoholic tendencies.
Sister Mary Lou blamed herself,
but the weakness was yours,
not hers.
No drones.
Except me.
You don't count as a drone anymore.
Is that why you brought me?
You knew I'd end up
Best of both.
I knew the moment
you were assigned to me.
Do you remember the seeds?
Yeah. It was your last day.
What did you do?
I asked questions.
The only drone ever.
And then we said goodbye.
My children are dead.
You were light years away.
And you were all I had.
- Am I real?
- What?
Am I a living, breathing
It's the fate of the
It was my life!
It was nothing to you!
It was mine and my family's,
and you came along
and just tossed us around
like you wanted.
You made us part of your story,
and here is where you leave us?
I believed in you
But you're not who I needed you to be.
I wanna go home.
You can't get out of
Can't I?
You can get me home.
We can go together right now.
But you won't.
I can't.
Not until you unlock the algorithm.
I can never be human.
I need you to be.
When you changed the algorithm
Yeah. I changed it
for this moment.
A human has to make this decision.
This is the fate of your planet.
Do you understand I can't live
if my child doesn't recognize me?
I can't live
if he turns us into drones.
That won't happen.
I promise you.
I will protect everyone from him.
I will protect Molly.
Why should I believe you?
Because I
Because I love her.
You don't know anything about love.
I learned.
You learned?
I didn't have a choice.
You picked me up
from the side of the road
when you had every reason not to.
When I gave you every reason not to.
But you did it.
And every day,
when you braid Molly's hair.
Her beautiful hair.
And when your father's skin is
cracked and dry
from the medication,
you help him.
And the way you forgive me.
Do you even realize
what an act of love that is?
And you do it without thinking.
So how could I possibly stay
blind to love around you?
It's in me.
I almost believe you.
Almost has to be enough.
Otherwise, everyone is gone.
I'm not sure what you said to her,
but it worked.
She would've been the end of you.
Well done. We have what we need.
Let's get to work.
There we go.
Look at that.
Look at the wings.
So beautiful.
It's okay.
That we have met before
Dad. Dad.
Oh, Juzzie.
I'm all right.
Are you all right?
Did you come home alone?
it's time for my medicine.
He's agreeable now.
Come. Come on.
You're gonna go back?
Hmm? To him?
Mm, no.
My part is over.
And I can't go back anyway.
It wasn't what you thought.
I thought I knew where
he was taking us, Dad.
Oh, he's taking me back
to the same window.
The view, however,
is entirely different now.
And what little time we have left,
I'm going to spend it
believing in him.
No. I
I can't do that anymore, Dad.
Oh, you afraid?
I can't believe in something
I'm afraid of.
I believe in God
and gravity
And I'm afraid of them both.
I have faith, Juzzie.
Because you're a scientist.
A great scientist.
A great scientist.
Good morning. OriGen.
Edie Flood's office.
We are in the countdown
phase to a launch.
We want a series.
We would like you to consider
publishing a series of articles
on Mr. Faraday, OriGen
And the machine?
Absolutely the machine.
When do I speak with
Mr. Faraday?
You'll deal with me.
Mr. Faraday has been
providing me
with information
regarding whatever it is
that you've been doing up there.
In the last three months,
he's gone silent.
And the light show.
That was real?
The machine is still
a source of renewable energy
or has it all just gone to shit?
No, it hasn't.
Then why did he stop speaking to me?
Now I imagine
there are several parties
who wouldn't want anything
like this machine to exist.
Maybe the series that I write
is about a hapless executive.
An heiress to shoes she can't fill,
who's now flailing
in the death throes.
Mr. Faraday and I
have made an arrangement.
We're going to give you everything
on the most important
development in human
What about Hatch?
He was the first one
to reach out to me.
Penny, if you want this,
Hatch Flood does not appear anywhere
in the legend of Faraday
and quantum fusion.
But Hatch brought Faraday to OriGen.
And now you're dealing with me.
And I am the only direct line
to Faraday.
Take it or leave it.
I'm alone.
Get off my property.
- Please can I talk to you?
- You wanna talk to me?
I need to talk to someone.
I can't tell a priest.
I can't tell anyone but you.
You were able to carry all this.
Everything you know about him
and you didn't go insane.
Well, I didn't torture anyone,
for starters.
I knew where he came from.
But I never saw him
for what he really was
He's sent from God.
And I
I tried to sell him out for money
From an oil company.
What do you want?
The CIA,
they're gonna kill me.
They have to, eventually.
But before they do,
they're gonna take him.
And when they take him,
they'll come for you, too.
You were right about my mother.
She gave me this
to make me remember that God
is always watching.
Please take it.
I don't wanna die with it on.
I'm sorry.
You weren't working
for an oil company.
Newton is Thorn.
Does that make it better or worse?
Do you miss your hands?
Did he take them back?
- Who?
- The larva.
Molly girl, come here
where I can see you.
I need you to remember something.
The larva is good.
He is good, and he's special.
He gave me something
I thought I would never have again.
Things in my
If you don't miss your hands,
then I don't, either.
- Mm-hmm.
- But I miss your feet.
Mom, Mom.
Come see Grandpa's hair.
I'm I'm house cleaning.
Has anyone seen
the cord to my flat iron?
I hate your flat iron.
Come see what I did.
Oh, man.
my mission is your mission.
The Washington Post's
Penny Morgan has found herself
at the eye of the storm
as the world waits for her
to break her exclusive story.
In news that set the world on fire,
tech company OriGen Global will storm
London's Royal Albert Hall tonight.
After months of speculation,
OriGen's mystery man
will finally reveal
himself to the world
as he unveils what the company claims
is the missing piece
to a sustainable future.
When Edie Flood
took over OriGen Global, she declared,
"This is not
your father's tech company.
It's not my father's, either."
A bold statement she had failed
to live up to, until now.
Okay, let's go.
Everybody ready.
Comms check, over.
Ready in five, four,
three, two, one.
Wow. Love you.
It's so good to see you.
I'm Edie Flood.
And it is my pleasure
to be here with you.
I know what you've all been hearing
and reading in the past three months.
I know the buzz.
The buzz that is now a clamor.
I know you have questions.
I know you have skepticism.
I know some of you have hearts
of outright rejection.
We like a challenge.
My father
Wanted to make
the world a better place.
But I don't think he could've imagined
what we're bringing you today.
I imagined it.
A few of us dared to imagine it
and we've done it.
We have done it
and we are here to share it
with you.
Please welcome to the stage
the gentleman you've all
been so eager to meet,
Mr. K. Faraday,
of OriGen Global.
How did we get here?
To this place.
This moment.
If we could see the cosmic shape
of every choice we've made
Would it look like
a straight timeline?
A staircase?
A Mobius strip?
Let's go back,
to the beginning.
I came here because
my choice was simple.
Live or die.
They called me a tyrant.
A king. A tech-god Willy Wonka,
up to my Gobstoppers in secrets.
And it's all true.
The secrets part, anyway.
So, don't say I didn't warn you.
Where the fuck
do you think you're going?
MI5 has to make the arrest.
All teams, secure perimeter
and do not apprehend target
until we have visual
confirmation of the device.
Repeat, do not apprehend until
you see the device.
Someone get me my fucking phone.
The immediate problem is,
my friends at the CIA,
think that they are the only ones
who are entitled to secrets.
They are desperate to discover
how I built what I am here
to give you,
so they can keep you where you are.
Visual target.
Mercy exists
when we are able
to truly see each other,
and ourselves.
So does power.
Well, if they say
my words are weapons,
then let this be a declaration of war.
Are you ready
to get your hands bloody?
When people talk about my work,
I hear words like "revolution."
Well, today,
this one drops the "R."
In this box,
I hold the next step
on the great timeline.
The power they've ripped away
will be returned to us.
No restrictions, no conditions.
We will finally be free.
Are you ready?
Are you ready?
Mm, yeah.
Go, take him, now.
Are you ready to choose the next step
in human
Where's Thomas Newton?
Please bring Justin Falls
and Hatch Flood
to this room. I know
you've brought them here
How many of these are there?
That depends on you.
On me?
Until I know they're still alive,
there is no point to our negotiation.
We're not negotiating.
Then why am I here?
- Thank you.
- How many cubes are out there?
- I'm going home.
- Say again?
I'm going back to my planet
and bringing what's left
of my species here.
They're not coming here.
Let me explain.
I would have to allow it.
And you have nothing to offer.
I already have a cube.
If there's another one out there,
someone's going to have to
take a crash course
in spaceman before
they can figure it out.
I already have you.
I have the architect.
And I already have the only
road to mass production,
OriGen Global.
Thorn Oil now holds
the majority stake in OriGen.
Your people behind the glass
know what that means.
The CIA can't touch it anymore.
And Thorn
Belongs to me.
- Control of both companies
- Check it.
is being transferred to Justin Falls
and Hatch Flood.
Wait, no. What
What about Edie?
Your sister has served
her purpose for me.
She's out.
Thomas Newton chose me
and I'm choosing you.
These two have just become
the most important people
on the planet.
I need to lift off
and land without being
shot out of the sky.
And the Antheans will need asylum.
All of them.
Then I'm putting the three
of you in a hole, forever.
It doesn't matter
that you control Thorn.
We do what we want.
So, it's all ours now.
And if your friends show up,
they're going in our version
of foster care.
You weren't banking
on my humanity, were you?
Of course not.
I'm banking on your greed.
In 12 hours,
the specs and algorithm
for quantum fusion
will be released on the Internet.
Everyone, everywhere on Earth,
will have it for free.
Oh, don't be ridiculous.
The design
has already been distributed
across 117,000 servers
on a time release
in data centers all over the world.
I can stop it, or release it,
at any time, from anywhere.
Hatch, please tell them
what happens after that.
Uh, yeah, okay.
Um, well, if the Chinese and
the Russians have the specs,
and the Chinese build things
faster than we do,
then in this global race
to weaponize, you lose.
And then every terrorist organization,
and every hacker
with a credit card will
I mean, in a week, maybe two,
the US will no longer be a superpower.
If this thing were an octopus,
then its tentacles
would be the economy,
weapons, the actual map, the military,
power grids, transportation hubs,
all science, all commerce,
all medicine, all government
- That's more than eight.
- Oh, I'm sorry,
I I lost count,
'cause I'm fuckin' terrified.
All of those tentacles
would then have 3,000
or so small sub-tentacles
attached to that and all of them,
would be unrecognizable.
That's not an octopus anymore.
No, it isn't. It's a
A new unknown animal.
And in this global arms race,
it's got 3,000 fuckin' arms.
- So, you might get fired.
- Stop. I said stop!
Okay, sorry.
Have you thought about
what he's forcing you into?
How cruel it is.
How selfish.
You want more of them here?
Do you understand
what your lives will be like?
Well, I mean, as the most
powerful people on the planet
As targets, forever.
Your families, forever.
Then you better
keep us safe and happy.
And my point of contact
at this agency will be Lisa Dominguez.
Only Lisa Dominguez.
No. No. No, no.
You're too smart.
You had to have programmed
in a failsafe.
- We'll keep you here until
- I'm a fucking spaceman!
I promised the world a revolution
and they're going to get it.
In 12 hours,
disposing of our bodies will be
the least of your problems.
Drew, you're out.
Dominguez, you're up.
That's some potent loathing.
You know who they're
gonna ask you for.
You led them here.
I thought it would be
Someone else.
Anybody else, really.
I know.
If you try to bring us all back,
you're going to die.
Every piece of our science
says you'll all die.
I'll find a way.
You'll find a way.
You'll find a way.
I'm actually proud.
You must have known
I wouldn't let you abandon us.
I might have.
Love is blind.
You couldn't see me coming
because you loved me.
From thousands of light-years away
I still do.
Maybe it's time I quit.
Do you want me to leave?
We've wasted every chance
we've had in this family.
And we're pretty good at betrayal.
But if you had told me,
I would've kept your secret
my whole life.
My whole life.
Never thought I'd see that again.
I may be gone
by the time you come back.
Then may I thank you?
What for?
I've never
Met a father
Like you.
Go now.
You have less time than you think.
We all do.
Are you bringing your children here?
I'm going to try.
Can I show them my LEGO set?
do you know who I am?
You're the Little Prince.
I don't want you to go.
In your language,
how do you say, "Stay"?
And this
Is "return."
You get one of these
Every night.
I'm going to bring my family here.
They won't recognize me.
They're your family.
They'll always recognize you.
We will, too.
What happens
if you don't make it back?
One of our worlds
Will be okay,
because I have faith,
in you.
It is you.
It will always be you.
It will always be you.
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