The Marked Heart (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

La felicidad no es redonda

1 ["Volví a Nacer" by Carlos Vives playing.]
[singing along in Spanish.]
[both chuckle.]
[in English.]
Oh! I can't believe we get to see him again! You're going to have to wait a few months, but I guarantee they're amazing tickets.
[woman giggles.]
You're the amazing one.
Thank you for the best birthday ever.
- [man 1.]
- Hey what? As soon as we get to the house, I'm gonna get you naked and make you forget your name.
Promise first you'll rip my clothes off in a frenzy.
[man 1.]
Like a savage.
Till our two wonderful children barge in and ruin that perfect fantasy.
[both chuckle.]
[man 1.]
Crank it! Right.
[continues singing along in Spanish.]
- [tire pops.]
- [air hisses.]
[in English.]
Hey, hey, hey! - Watch out! - Hey! Hold on! - [horn honks.]
- [shrieks.]
[engine accelerates.]
[car doors open.]
- [door closes.]
- [woman groans.]
[man 2.]
We need to hurry.
[woman grunts.]
Honey, can you hear me? Simón! Simón, please.
Honey! Please, I need help.
We'll get you out.
Don't worry.
We'll get you out.
- [glass shatters.]
- [woman shrieks.]
[woman groans.]
[door unlocks.]
My husband is unconscious.
- [man 2.]
We got him.
Don't worry.
- [man 3.]
Everything's fine.
- It's fine.
- Wait, my husband! - [man 2.]
Stay calm.
It's fine.
- [woman.]
What are you doing? Hey! - No, no, no! Simón! Simón! - [man 4.]
Knock it off! [woman.]
Simón! Simón! - No, no, no! You can't do this! - [man 3.]
Shut up! - [breathes heavily, cries.]
- [man 3.]
You need to stay quiet.
Quiet! [car engine accelerates.]
Simón! Simón! Don't leave him! No! Let me out! Mr.
Master, you can open that champagne, the donor's in our hands.
[muffled cries.]
[man 3.]
[muffled cries intensify.]
A NETFLIX SERIES ["In a Heartbeat" by Cavendish Music playing.]
[song fades out.]
And this is the place That I know how to feel alive ♪ I can run But I know It's the finish line ♪ And this is the space I don't need to hide ♪ I can run But I know it's the finish line ♪ [both breathing heavily.]
I can run But I know it's the finish line ♪ [applauding.]
14TH NATIONAL MARATHON - Run! That's it! She got it! - Run! Run! [camera shutter clicks.]
- Whoo! - Let's go! [whistles.]
- Ah! - [girl.]
What's your time? Whoo! How did I do? How did I do? 2 hours, 50 minutes, and 10 seconds.
- [girl.]
Whoa! - Hey, hey! Don't let her believe that! - No, no! - [girl.]
I got pictures.
We need to celebrate with burgers! - This isn't right.
- Excuse me! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry, I I'm late for my wedding.
[ominous music plays.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[door closes.]
Camila, you're ridiculous.
Do you know what time it is? I'm sorry, Mama.
I lost track of time taking pictures at the marathon.
No running! There are two kinds of weddings, my friend.
Those that happen and those that don't.
Which one am I at? [chuckles softly.]
In my world, nothing happens, Marcelito.
Everything's planned.
[chuckles softly.]
Glad to hear it.
Costs a fortune to rent a tux these days.
[emergency brake clicks.]
[sighs, groans.]
[door closes.]
Phew! Hi there! Wash my Jeep as a wedding gift, and I'll love you forever.
- Mama.
- [mom.]
Cami, your shoes.
- Ah, Mama.
- [mom.]
- There.
Got it, got it.
- [mom.]
Hold on.
Look at me.
Lipstick - I'm ready, Mama.
- Right.
[camera shutter clicks.]
Zacarías is on the verge of a breakdown.
Real brides arrive late, right? [both chuckle.]
- Oh, shit.
- What? - My camera.
It's in the car.
- There are a thousand cameras here.
Yes, but I feel naked without mine.
Once I've said "I do," promise you'll haul ass to get it and bring it to me.
- As you wish.
- [Cami chuckles.]
[bridal march playing.]
[exhales, kisses.]
You're beautiful.
So beautiful.
Late as usual, and spectacular, just how I pictured you.
Are you trying to get out of this? Is that an option? [Cami chuckles.]
She's having a heart attack.
Let's start before I change my mind.
Don't rush me, son.
According to experts in the subject, marriage is very much like art.
It requires patience.
In the name of the Father, the Son, - and the Holy Spirit - [groans.]
[dramatic music plays.]
[gasps, groans.]
- Camila! Sweetheart! - [groans.]
- Is she okay? - Cami? Camila? - [woman 1.]
Is she okay? - Sweetheart! Tirso.
- She fainted.
- [woman 1.]
Is she conscious? - Call emergency! - We need an ambulance! Can you hear me? - Call! It's urgent! - [mom.]
We need the hospital! Is she okay? What's happening? [woman 2.]
Oh my God! [indistinct chatter.]
[ambulance siren wailing.]
- [heart monitor beeping.]
- [breathing heavily.]
Easy, easy.
[dramatic music playing.]
Mmm, I'm horrified at all the meat that you ate.
Oh, the vegan police is here.
Don't exaggerate, Mama.
He didn't even eat half his burger.
No, 'cause that burger was gigantic.
Another half cow, killer? - [Simón.]
No, thanks.
- [girl.]
I need you guys' help.
I have to write an essay.
Oh, cue the music.
Stop, I have to make up a story.
But I'm the worst at making my own stuff, so [Simón chuckles.]
- [girl.]
- [chuckles.]
Losers! You're so annoying.
I want your help because I haven't done anything that makes a great story.
- You haven't? - So I was thinking that maybe you guys could tell me one instead.
Tell her how you met again.
- Us two? - [Simón.]
Us two? Mm-hmm! Finally, Lucas, a positive contribution to the family.
- [mom.]
Manners please! - [Simón.]
Hey! [mom.]
No throwing stuff at the table.
- [Lucas.]
Tell it! - Your father No, don't listen to her! I want to tell it.
You take too long.
When I tell it, it's faster and more interesting.
- [girl.]
Sorry, Mom.
It's true.
- Traitor! Easy, Val.
[muffled ringing.]
[trumpet playing.]
[trumpet playing.]
Do you realize what ti [smooth jazz music playing.]
I'm keeping you up with the noise? Well, it's a little loud, and, uh And what? Don't rehearse for the most important audition ever? Sorry.
I'm just throwing out options.
Uh You could invite me to the audition and maybe if everything goes your way, we could celebrate by, um getting married, or, uh [chuckles nervously.]
[door slams.]
[kids chuckling.]
Daddy, you were so cocky.
Yeah, a cocky buffoon.
Are you making fun of me? If I hadn't made a fool of myself, you wouldn't exist.
- So, then what happened? - [mom chuckles.]
Well, your silly mother ended up inviting him to the audition.
- [girl.]
No! - Ah! - [mom.]
Your dad courted me for - Three months, I think? - No, at least six.
- [Simón.]
Six? Are you sure? But it was all very romantic, and I had no choice but to make him mine.
You had no choice, huh? - [mom.]
- Get in here.
- [mom chuckles.]
- [Lucas.]
Aw! [mom chuckles.]
[monitor beeping.]
Zacarías, we're gonna need a heart for Camila.
Hers isn't gonna hold on much longer.
You know, we've done everything we could possibly do.
Camila's been on the transplant list for over three years and we still haven't found a donor.
Carrasco, we need you over here.
Excuse me for a minute.
[monitor continues beeping.]
[gentle piano music playing.]
[Camila sighs.]
I ruined our beautiful wedding, sweetheart.
[Camila exhales shakily.]
Let's just say it's postponed, not ruined.
What did he tell you? Will I make it? [breathes shakily.]
Am I gonna have my opening or not? [inhales.]
[exhales shakily.]
["Darker Days" by Cavendish Music playing.]
You're gonna have it.
I give you my word.
From our darker days Love has been a way to hold ♪ When the truth unfolds You close your eyes to hide away ♪ [grunts.]
I can not escape the ways In which it holds me out ♪ - Oh! - [both chuckle.]
- [cork pops.]
- Ah! Oh! [both moaning.]
I hope you weren't thinking I would turn down your proposal? Zacarías, the all-powerful.
The man who tells a nation who to vote for.
It's easier to win an election than a woman's heart.
Well, I have news for you.
My heart is already broken.
[ambulance siren wailing.]
[music intensifying.]
[breathing heavily.]
You love making me look bad in front of people.
You get off on it! Does your self-esteem rely on my misery? Do you feel superior or what? Bravo! Really, well done.
It's in moments like these that I realize what a piece of shit person you are.
Pa - Hey! - [dad.]
What? - You're supposed to answer.
- Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
"I don't know how to react to all that resentment.
" "I thought you were smarter" "I thought you were smarter than average.
" Good! - Did you turn on the other oven? - Can you relax for two minutes? [Simón.]
Teo, table two! I just need you to read these lines for my audition tomorrow.
It's not hard! I know, but if you do get cast in the play, are you going to ditch the pizzeria? No, I will never stop working.
Well then, you get back to work at your station.
Hurry up! Go! It's gonna burn.
[salsa music playing.]
[crowd chuckles, indistinct chatter.]
[man chuckles.]
Hey! Woo-hoo! Whoa! [audience applauds.]
- [man.]
Oh yeah! - [woman.]
You're a star! [Simón chuckles.]
[audience continues applauding.]
- Good evening, everyone.
- [woman.]
Yes it is! Yes, we're actually doing this.
Thank you for being here to celebrate the birthday of a woman whose destiny in this life is clearly to bring happiness to anyone in her vicinity.
Aw! [chuckles.]
A woman with whom I have the pleasure of sharing the phone bill, Wi-Fi passwords, - corny jokes, sometimes - Often.
- Always! - Awful dad jokes! [Simón.]
and all of life's greatest moments.
I want to raise a toast.
First, for falling for me like an idiot.
Aw! For our two gorgeous kids, here with us.
- Mmm! - [chuckles.]
And most of all, and above all [exhales.]
for that wonderful smile, that is my reason for living, hmm? - Cheers.
- [chuckles.]
- Cheers.
I love you.
- [crowd applauds.]
Whoo! - Whoo! - Woo-woo! Love you.
Thanks, all.
[all singing.]
Happy birthday to you ♪ Happy birthday, Valeria ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ - Whoo! - [all applauding.]
Whoo! [dramatic music playing.]
I do have a confession to make in that so much joy makes me nervous.
My mother always used to say, "You know, Valeria, joy is dangerous.
" "Something always ruins it.
" But, tonight I want to thank you for showing me complete joy exists! I love you with all my heart.
Cheers! [all together.]
Cheers! [cheering.]
- [man.]
Yeah! - [man chuckles.]
Your favorite singer is coming back to town.
- [Valeria.]
No! You didn't! - Yeah.
I did! [chuckles.]
- No! - [Simón.]
Yes! [chuckles.]
Wow! I love you! [kisses, moans.]
[engine accelerates.]
[door opens.]
[chain clanks.]
["Volví a Nacer" by Carlos Vives playing.]
[singing along in Spanish.]
- [tire pops.]
- [horn honks.]
[dramatic music playing.]
[in English.]
Valeria! [breathes nervously.]
Valeria! [breathes heavily.]
[breathes shakily, groans.]
Master, you can open that champagne.
The donor's in our hands.
What donor? Please, just tell me what you want.
- Shut up, bitch! Quiet! Shh! - Let go of me! [Valeria whimpers.]
No, man.
It's all good.
Like I said, she's in perfect condition.
I'm the best in the business.
As soon as the goods are ready, I'll let you know.
[phone vibrating.]
Valeria! [ominous music playing.]
Valeria! Valeria! Tell me what you want.
Are you gonna ask for a ransom? Do you want money? Please! No, no.
Not at all.
It's not a kidnapping.
This is something much grander.
- You know, don't you? - [Valeria whimpers.]
There are those with too much wealth, but not enough health.
And those like you, who hit the jackpot, - and have a heart of gold.
- [man chuckles.]
Which you're giving us.
No, please.
You don't actually mean that.
I have children! Please! - Shut her the fuck up, would you? - [Valeria.]
No! - Shut up! Hey! Shh! - [Valeria whimpers.]
[whimpers intensify.]
Hello? My name is Simón Duque.
I had an accident on the beltway.
Hey! Hey! Yes.
[breathes heavily.]
I was involved in an accident.
I was unconscious, and when I came to, my wife was gone.
Please, I know something's wrong.
Thank you.
[breathing heavily.]
[dramatic music intensifying.]
DEVICES [man yelling.]
Yeah, dude! Whoo! Hey! Hey! Hey! - I need help.
- [man 1.]
What the hell? - [man 2.]
You want help? - I need help.
[man 2.]
Well, we need your help to buy more beer.
[man 1.]
Yeah, 100,000 pesos should do it.
- [man 2.]
What the hell? - [man 1.]
Shit! [techno music playing.]
[man 2.]
Wait! Motherfucker! - [man 1.]
Wait! Hey! Where you going? - [man 2.]
Hey! Get back here, asshole! [Zacarías.]
Is Braulio Cárdenas an imbecile? Yes.
And? What's the problem? I've already gotten five complete morons elected in three different countries.
And this is number six, right here.
- He's the next president.
- [man.]
Yes! - Our next president! - [man.]
Number six! [woman.]
Let's do this! - No, no, no.
The guy's an animal.
- [cell phone vibrating.]
Sorry, I have to take this.
- [woman.]
Saúl, you read the numbers? - [Saul.]
They're ready for social media.
Thank you.
[ominous music playing.]
What's wrong? They've got a match for you.
- A match? - [heartbeats.]
I thought I was still too far down the list? Your mother was right.
Miracles do happen.
[breathes nervously.]
But, I haven't had a chance to transfer these pictures.
They're very important.
- My exhibitions are soon - It has to be now.
This can't wait, Camila.
[chuckles nervously.]
Of course you're nervous, sweetie.
You know that I'm an eternal optimist, Mama.
But it's not every day that you let someone cut open your chest and swap your old heart out for a new one.
You get a fresh start.
Don't think about anything else.
If you don't mind, mama, I need a minute to myself.
I'll be down soon.
[dramatic music playing.]
DEVICES [breathes heavily.]
[ominous jazz music playing.]
[cell phone ringing.]
Hi, sweetie.
What's taking you guys so long? I've called both of you, and neither one of you answered.
Oh Sorry if we worried you, Sam.
I'll call you in a minute and explain things.
[breathes shakily.]
[man 1.]
Aren't you gonna call it in? [man 2.]
Bro, why are you looking at this car when he stole ours? [man 1.]
Is this a joke to you? Keep yelling in my ear and you'll see.
I'll book you for drunk driving, asshole.
[indistinct chatter over radio.]
[man 1.]
Shit, a checkpoint.
[man 2.]
Pay attention, all right? Have your ammo ready, bastards.
Act casual and smile at these jokers.
Open your mouth or do anything, and I shoot you right here.
[dramatic music playing.]
[music ends abruptly.]
[man 2.]
Smile, assholes.
- Officer, how are you? - Good evening.
- [man 2.]
Good evening.
- Where are you headed? To our house.
We have an early start tomorrow.
Exit the vehicle.
[man 2.]
Officer - [man 1.]
Seriously? - [officer.]
Get out now.
[door opens.]
- [man 1.]
It's cold out here.
- Turn around so we can search you.
- [heartbeats.]
- This is nuts.
Come on! The bitch is running! [dramatic music playing.]
[breathing heavily.]
[engine accelerating.]
[breathing heavily.]
[music abruptly stops.]
[items rustling.]
DEVICES [ominous music playing.]
[cell phone vibrating.]
Zacarías, what's going on? You left in a hurry.
Today's the day, Marcelo.
That's big news.
You should be excited.
- I know.
- [Marcelo.]
How's Camila doing? ["In a Heartbeat" by Cavendish Music playing.]
[breathing heavily.]
[man 2.]
The woman runs marathons for fucks sake.
You can run, but you can't hide, bitch! You got me You could chew me up and spit me out ♪ [breathing heavily.]
But I keep holding on ♪ I need you But I feed you every way ♪ You always bring me down ♪ Still, I'm holding on ♪ In a heartbeat, in a heartbeat ♪ You could make these walls Come crashing down ♪ Down ♪ [music fades out.]
[camera shutter clicks.]
[heartbeats continue.]
- [exhales.]
- [heartbeats.]
[camera shutter clicks.]
[dramatic music playing.]
[breathing heavily.]
Where the hell are you? [sighs.]
Give it up, cupcake.
There's no way you're getting out alive.
Come on, people are waiting for you.
For fuck's sake.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[breathing heavily.]
Go, go, go! Over there! [music intensifies.]
[music ends abruptly.]
- [indistinct chatter over radio.]
- [police siren wailing.]
We need backup over here.
I need you to send me every unit you can spare tonight.
Secure the area.
[Simón yells.]
Valeria! [breathing heavily.]
[dramatic music plays.]
[whimpering, breathing heavily.]
[gun fires.]
[Simón yells.]
Valeria! [dramatic music plays.]
[music abruptly fades out.]
[ominous music plays.]
Your daughter needs you sober, Greta.
It's just a little bit of medicine for my nerves.
Are you nervous about the operation? Or is there something else that's going on? Everything's under control.
I never thought my prayers would be answered.
[footsteps approaching.]
A camera? Seriously? You won't be taking pictures, honey.
So? I don't go anywhere without it.
I don't know how to.
Carrasco's waiting, Camila.
Do we know who the donor is? They don't give out that information.
You know that.
What is it, Cami? [exhales.]
I've never been so scared in my whole life.
This guy won't let anything bad happen to you.
I know.
But will you still love me as much even if my heart is different? - [chuckles.]
- [Camila scoffs, chuckles nervously.]
- [sniffles.]
- Hey, come here, honey.
Don't die on me, bitch.
[police siren wailing.]
Fucking police.
Ignore them and get out of here.
Step on it! - [sentimental jazz music playing.]
- [kids chuckling.]
Mariachi, she's not gonna make it.
[police siren wailing.]
Fucking bitch can't die on us.
You gotta do something.
There's a shortcut coming up, then we can drop these fuckers.
[gentle music playing.]
What happened? When? How'd they die? The person giving me their heart.
Please don't do this.
You'll drive yourself crazy.
Does Lucho know, Mama? Yes, of course.
He's gonna meet us at the hospital.
I need to talk to him.
In case something [inhales.]
something happens during the operation and I don't wake up.
No one else is dying tonight, Camila.
[gentle piano music playing.]
[police sirens wailing.]
- [door opens.]
- Finally! Fuck! Hey! Hands in the air! [gasps.]
- Hey, I called.
- [detective.]
You have a weapon? Yes, I do.
I'm taking it out, but it's not mine.
- Drop the weapon! - [Simón.]
What? Drop the weapon now! - Don't shoot! Don't shoot! - [police.]
Get down! I set it down.
Hey! I called.
Somebody kidnapped my wife.
My wife's in danger! [grunting.]
Let go, assholes! My wife was taken from the car.
Please, I'm serious! Hey! [grunts.]
[opera music playing.]
Everything's in place, Camila.
We'll be prepping you soon.
[heart monitor beeping.]
You think I can handle it, Doctor? Of course you can.
You're in great shape.
Remember, Dr.
Carrasco is an expert at fixing broken hearts.
[all chuckle.]
It's gonna be just fine.
My life is in your hands now.
And those of the good Lord.
I'm so scared.
It's normal to be nervous.
Just try to be thankful that a heart became available to you, Camila.
As you know, the odds of it happening were pretty slim.
I'll leave you for a minute.
Be back soon.
[Greta, Camila.]
Thank you.
[breathes nervously.]
I love you, dear.
I don't want mistakes, Doctor.
Let me just remind you though, that the operation we're undertaking is the most complex intervention in modern cardiac medicine, all right? We're talking about my future wife.
I know that.
We shouldn't have any issues.
The donor heart Camila's receiving is perfectly compatible.
However, I can never offer a 100% guarantee, Zacarías.
I have faith in you.
Well, maybe you can help out by checking to see what's going on on the donor's side, all right? How about that? [dramatic music playing.]
[electronic beeps.]
The donor will be here soon, Robles.
I don't give a rat's ass.
Just get it here! I'm paying you! EMERGENCY You charged me a premium and I want service! Now get it done! [phone disconnects.]
Let's go, Rojo.
Carry her ass home.
Quick! [Rojo.]
You got it.
Stay alert, Garabato.
Let's go.
For God's sake, look at the state she's in.
- Go, go.
- Go on.
Here? You screwed up this time, Mariachi.
The bitch wouldn't cooperate, doc.
You're supposed to be careful.
- Now let's hope I can fix your mistake.
- Go.
I've had enough crap for one night.
More good news.
We are ready for you, Camila.
- [exhales.]
- It's time.
- Now? - Yes.
Now you're gonna get the heart you deserve, Cami.
- I love you.
- [Lucho.]
Me too.
Careful of your IV.
[inhales, exhales.]
You got this.
- [Carrasco.]
Follow me.
- [Greta.]
- [Sam.]
- Uh, hey.
You're crying.
What's wrong? [sighs.]
- What's wrong? - [woman.]
Nothing, honey.
Hey, Lucas.
- [Lucas.]
Uncle Julio! - Hey, buddy.
[dramatic music playing.]
[doctor 1.]
We have to proceed with the extraction immediately.
This poor woman is brain dead.
I'll get good drugs, right? [whispers.]
I love you.
Don't cry, sweetheart.
It's all good.
She's with the best.
She'll be all right.
[doctor 2.]
Give her ten cc of sedative.
[respiratory machine hissing.]
[heart monitor beeping.]
[doctor 1.]
The numbers don't make sense.
Are you seeing this, Doctor? [beeping continues.]
["In a Heartbeat" by Cavendish Music playing.]
[song fades out.]

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