The Marked Heart (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Un huésped dentro de mi cuerpo

1 [nurse.]
We can't take this woman's heart.
She's still alive.
[heart monitor beeping.]
What should we do? [doctor.]
We need to work faster.
[gasps, exhales.]
It's too late to save this woman's life.
If we move quickly, she can save someone else's.
Are you sure, Doctor? [trumpet playing.]
[breathing heavily.]
[heart monitor beeping.]
I'm sorry.
[continuous beep.]
[music fades out.]
A NETFLIX SERIES ["In a Heartbeat" by Cavendish Music playing.]
[police sirens wailing.]
We got a 10-37 at a food warehouse in San Camilo.
- [radio static.]
- Copy that.
We'll be there soon.
What? Hey, hey, what's going on? We found a suspicious vehicle.
Hey! Hey! That might be her! Maybe Hey! Hey! What if it's them? Hurry! [indistinct chatter.]
Cordon the area.
What are you doing? [breathes shakily.]
It's my wife, detective.
[dramatic music playing.]
[breathing nervously.]
Valeria! [exhales.]
It's all clear.
False alarm.
We're leaving now.
We're clearing out.
Let's go.
Move it! Move it! Hey, you're going back home to wait? We're just giving up like that? We've got all units on watch for her, Mr.
Remember that this city is a labyrinth too.
Your wife could be anywhere.
Or maybe murdered.
Please, go home to your family.
And don't turn off your phones.
We still don't know if this is a kidnapping or something else.
They could still call you with a ransom demand.
Tell me.
Do you or your wife have enemies? Anyone she might owe money to? [Símon.]
Enemies? My wife, she plays the trumpet.
[inhales sharply.]
I cook pizzas, officer.
Well, we'll do what we can to find the vehicle.
[melancholic music playing.]
It's tough being an atheist at times like these.
Never thought you'd get like this over a woman.
You'd be shocked to know what I've done to save her life, Marcelo.
- Not sure I understand.
- [phone dings.]
Making the incision.
- Here.
- [sucking.]
[dramatic music playing.]
It's clear.
Apply suction.
Here he is, finally.
Really should get paid for waiting around all night.
We don't have much time, Mariachi.
Look at this.
Could be just a cold six-pack.
Could you focus, please? You can't afford more mistakes today.
Promise me that you're going to get rid of the donor, okay? [sighs.]
[dramatic music playing.]
Everybody get the fuck out of here, hmm? [breathing nervously.]
[engine accelerates.]
[coughs, sniffles.]
[sighs, sniffles.]
Still drinking? Alcohol and I, we go way back.
And I'm not the kind to let go.
[both chuckle softly.]
[Greta sighs.]
Time always passes so slowly in hospitals.
It does.
Zacarías Camila deserves to be happy again.
She deserves to live.
A happy life doesn't come easy.
[cap grating.]
Oh, I know.
So please let me pay for this.
I'll pay you back for saving her life.
[dramatic music plays.]
A little birdie told me you were looking for a heart.
WE FIX BROKEN HEARTS You know, hearts that are both healthy and compatible, they can be really tough to find.
Who do you think you're talking to? I'll call the cops.
[jazz music playing.]
Yeah, well, that birdie told me money's no object for you.
What the hell do you want? Chill out.
A business as delicate as ours deserves an approach that's a bit more discreet.
My number's on the card.
This guy's paying for me.
Call us.
What's going on? [inhales.]
Did did they find her? [gasps.]
They're still The police are searching everywhere.
Do they know what happened? Was she taken? [Símon.]
They, uh - Tell me.
- I don't know.
They don't know anything.
[breathing shakily.]
Dad, what's going on? [moans.]
What are we gonna do? It'll be okay, babe.
Zacarías, I have to tell you something.
I'm gonna die.
[melancholic music playing.]
My heart doesn't work right.
I found out it was defective, and, well, you know, it's it's impossible to return it.
I don't understand.
Cardiomyopathy, Zac.
That's my lot in life.
I guess what might save my life now would be a transplant, but I know.
Why didn't I tell you this when we first met? [inhales.]
[sighs deeply.]
[breathing heavily.]
[machine whirring.]
Mayo scissors.
Vitals? - [woman.]
They're stable, Doctor.
- [Carrasco.]
Administer another dose.
And prepare to make an incision right next to the right ventricle.
[heart monitor beeping.]
[suction whirring.]
[doctor exhales.]
Any idea what a metaphor is, Robles? [chuckles.]
I was always bad in literature class.
You could say the heart is the most literary part of us.
The poets, bad ones anyway They use love as a theme in just about everything.
Apparently, when you love, it comes from the heart.
Well, yeah, it does.
And so apparently, those 270 grams of empty muscle are responsible for all our emotions.
Even hatred.
Do you know why I had this little chapel built? - No, but I can imagine.
- [scoffs softly.]
- Free your conscience? - [chuckles softly.]
But it never works.
There's something tragic about separating a heart from a body.
[dramatic music plays.]
What do you mean? [doctor.]
Because it's as if the person died twice.
There's nothing left.
They're empty.
There's just empty space between the lungs and the ribs.
The heart is an incredible machine.
[sucks teeth, inhales.]
So you want another beer? You've got no idea how much trouble it was.
- Tell him.
- I don't want to know anything.
It's an important moment for you.
[breathes heavily.]
I don't want to see you ever again.
[dad sighs.]
I made coffee.
I imagine it's gonna be a long night.
- [exhales.]
- [phone beeps.]
I couldn't get him to bed.
But he fell asleep anyway.
I can't let him go.
Poor Lucas.
He wants his mommy.
I don't get why there hasn't been a ransom call yet.
Dad, what if she's dead? [woman.]
Valeria's coming through that door any moment.
[nurse 1.]
Doctor, we have the donor's heart here.
It's ready.
Now? [respiratory machine hisses.]
We need to hurry.
We don't have much time.
[electronic beeping.]
- [heartbeats.]
- [tense music playing.]
Disconnect the extracorporeal circulation.
- [nurse 2.]
It's disconnected, Doctor.
- [continuous beep.]
No reaction.
No reaction.
Milligram of adrenaline.
- Update? - [nurse 2.]
She's not responding.
Get Dr.
It's an emergency.
God dammit.
CENTRAL CLINIC WAITING ROOM How is she? - I can't talk right now.
- Is there a problem? - I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
- What's happening? What is it? Talk to us! [whimpers.]
Oh no.
My daughter's supposed to live.
Camila isn't gonna die in there.
You see, we're a business like any other.
Although, one might say our intentions are more noble.
Here we save lives.
Were you aware that in 2012, the United States vice president, Dick Cheney, had to wait two years, two whole years, more even, for a heart transplant? - It's no secret that we'd fail - [cell door buzzing.]
were it not for the best raw materials you can find.
And that is why I've brought you to our main storage facility.
What do you mean exactly? Your wife needs a new heart, sir, because without one, she'll die.
And we have, oh, so many.
Our medical personnel are miracle workers.
They'll find a heart that's compatible with your wife's body.
It's that simple.
But these are people, Sarmiento.
- [continuous beep.]
- [dull click.]
[dull click.]
[continuous beep.]
Come on, Camila.
[dull click.]
One last try.
[poignant music playing.]
- [heartbeat.]
- [Carrasco.]
Ah, we've got her.
[nurse 1.]
Congratulations, Doctor.
- [Carrasco.]
- [nurse 2.]
She's stable.
[nurse 1.]
Well done.
- [Carrasco.]
Good work.
- [nurse 1.]
When I began writing this story, I had a different heart.
But I didn't really know what a new heart would mean for me.
I can learn to ride a bike at 28 years old.
I can learn to dance.
I can finally get drunk.
But how do you learn to live your life with a stranger's heart inside you? Something's bothering me.
There's a stranger in my body, and I don't know them.
Not a single thing about their life.
["In a Heartbeat" by Cavendish Music playing.]
You can make my head go spinning round ♪ [camera shutter clicks.]
In a heartbeat, in a heartbeat ♪ You can make these walls come Crashing down ♪ Down ♪ [song fades out.]
[dramatic music plays.]
People, resources, condemned murderers on death row.
The absolute worst criminals.
They're beyond redemption, but they, they can make a difference to someone here on earth before they leave it forever.
And you, Mr.
Crespo? [ominous music playing.]
We can offer you a fantastic option B.
But then we'd be talking different figures.
Is your wife out of danger? She's gonna be in danger the rest of her life, Braulio.
Just like your candidacy.
Try actually listening to me for once.
Why the hell did you hire me? I hired you to make me the president of this damn country.
Very good, Braulio.
Then I need you to understand that discretion is a virtue.
What? [chuckles.]
I'd rather have twice as much of everything.
Of whiskey, and women, and of money.
That is a man with everything.
And what do people want? Hmm? Everything.
People want a candidate with a platform, Braulio, not a bank account.
The latest poll results.
Why don't you go ahead and tell me.
Entrepreneurs think you're lacking in experience.
Lower income voters think you're showing off your wealth.
You'd better listen to the advice I give you.
Or we'll lose.
You coming to my office every morning won't make us find your wife any faster.
The search is taking too long, Rentería.
And I assure you that we're doing our job.
Oh really? Doing your job? So what then? Hmm? She just vanished? Is that what happened to her? [Rentería.]
We've got our people looking for her everywhere.
Give me a day, all right? And new reports will come in.
We've been searching everywhere.
Hospitals, morgues I hear you.
I'd like to show you the notice I put online.
MISSING [trumpet playing.]
Who is that? She's so good! [trumpet continues playing on phone.]
[gentle whimpers.]
Honey, come listen to this! [man.]
Who is this woman? [applauding.]
Thanks! [chuckles.]
Why are you filming, huh? [woman.]
Hey guys, what are you up to? [Lucas.]
Sorry, Mom, but I need way more followers What's that? [Valeria.]
Ah, really? Okay, well, I'll just have to say to everyone watching this video that I'm - Look at her.
- being recorded without my consent by two people I love so much it hurts my heart! [kisses.]
Mom, it's just that you're so good, you know? Isn't she great? Hey Mom, check this out Is Mom coming back, auntie? [melancholic piano music playing.]
Of course, she'll be back.
[Sam sniffles.]
[Lucas sighs.]
I'm scared though.
I know.
Sometimes fear and hope, we feel them together.
Hmm? [whimpers, sniffles.]
[trumpet playing in headphones.]
[soft drum shuffle.]
It's always the same mistake with you.
You don't pace yourself.
Five kilometers in, you're done.
This time I'll catch up with you.
No way! [Símon.]
Have I ever let you down? [soft drum shuffle fades.]
[dog barking.]
Table eight is getting pretty desperate.
I don't think they know what it feels like to be desperate.
They're just a hungry couple of kids, that's all.
[phone ringing.]
Hello? [dramatic music plays.]
[indistinct chatter over radio.]
And you have no idea who called? It's the shortest phone call I've ever had in my life.
But it could've been a a false alarm, you know? What do you think? It might just be a prank.
[water lapping.]
I said it over till it stuck ♪ I'm not giving up ♪ No, I'm not giving up ♪ No matter how it goes ♪ What I learn or know ♪ No matter what comes ♪ How lost or found I won't let you down ♪ I won't let you down ♪ No, no ♪ No, I won't let you down ♪ I won't let you down ♪ [Carrasco.]
So would you like to listen to your new heartbeat directly? - That would be great.
- [chuckles.]
- [trumpet playing.]
- [heart beating.]
You hear it? [chuckles.]
It's a strong-willed heartbeat, isn't it? - It's music.
- [Carrasco chuckles.]
You're alive.
No better music.
[Carrasco chuckles.]
Well, Camila, your battle is just beginning.
We'll be paying very close attention to how you feel from now on.
I'd like to remind you that your heart is indeed in perfect condition, but it's still a guest, and you'll have to get used to it.
You're gonna need regular check-ups, of course.
And we'll need to do blood tests, biopsies Oh, and cardiographs for the rest of your life now.
I'm gonna keep her on track, Doctor.
You have my word.
I have to warn you this thing won't order me around.
This heart is going to have to adapt to me.
[Carrasco chuckles.]
[Camila, Carrasco chuckle.]
What's wrong with you? - It's Saturday, Mr.
- Well, I just need a minute of your time.
I see my son every 15 days, okay? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I just need a moment.
Why did they take her heart out? I just don't understand it.
There aren't too many explanations.
The crime could've been cult related.
Or a satanic ritual.
Or it could've been organ traffickers.
Traffickers? They take organs? We don't talk about it much, but it happens.
It's a very lucrative organized crime business.
With low supply and high demand.
The kidneys are the most highly sought after, but on the black market, they also sell corneas, lungs, livers and they also traffic hearts.
You're telling me that my wife was kidnapped and murdered because they wanted her heart for someone else? It's a possibility.
And so that means that That your wife wasn't randomly chosen.
[dramatic music plays.]
Son, you'll have to dust off those old acting chops.
Pretend for her.
Show her that you love life.
That you can be happy again.
Pretend for you and for your children.
Pretend, yeah? That's what actors do, isn't it? I don't think I feel like acting right now.
- Whatever you say.
- Mm-hmm.
I just need some time off.
- Time off? - Mm-hmm.
Why, my boy? What for? Huh? Because I need to know two things.
I need to know who killed Valeria, and who has her heart.
Because Valeria's dead so that person could live.
Hmm? Oh son, revenge is a It poisons you.
Well, the poison's already in my blood.
So, hell, I may as well find them.
The great Alvaro Padilla.
What's going on, gorgeous? - How are you? - I'm great.
- Mmm.
- Wow, look at you.
- [chuckles.]
- You look perfect.
Well, it's what's on the inside that matters, at least in my case.
Now I brought a burger for you with fries and a soda.
And now, Mr.
What do you need? I need information.
I'm dying to find out whose heart is inside me right now.
Well, why do you want to know that? What do you mean, "why"? I want to know their name.
Or what they did, or how they chose to live their life.
Or who they shared their life with.
They must've loved someone.
Hey, don't laugh at me.
Fine, it's a little bit corny.
My bad.
Seriously though I have to find out.
I need to know who saved me.
Yeah, but - I do.
- Okay, I get it.
I hear you.
You gotta know that if you go down this road it'll be complicated.
- Very complicated.
- I know.
And I mean it.
It's why I'm here, The reason I'm telling you is 'cause you're the best accomplice I've ever had.
[jazz music playing.]
[customers chuckle.]
Oregano? - [woman 1.]
You guys, did you - Our specialty for you.
Hope you enjoy it.
I'd be so stoked if I was going! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[woman 2.]
Well, cheers to that! [man.]
[jazz music continues.]
Are we watching the movie or what? Uh Actually, tonight you'll be in the marvelous company of your brother.
Something came up.
- The marvelous company of Lucas.
- Yeah.
- That's a good one, Dad.
- Yeah? - You serious? - Yeah.
That's kind of funny, but at least you found your sense of humor.
[Símon chuckles.]
- You don't get any.
- I want one.
- Hey! You got this.
One more, one more.
- [Símon groans.]
Yeah! Have fun, Dad! - Love you.
- [kisses.]
Love you.
[concert music fades in.]
[audience cheering.]
[singing "Volvi A Nacer".]
[singing along in Spanish.]
[both singing along in Spanish.]
[all singing.]
[camera shutter clicking.]
[camera shutter clicks.]
Some love stories can tear your heart apart.
[camera shutter clicks.]
[music ends abruptly.]
["In a Heartbeat" by Cavendish Music playing.]
[song fades out.]

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