The Marked Heart (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

La búsqueda

1 It disturbs me to hear my heartbeat.
I'm completely obsessed with the thought of rejection.
That any moment now, my very own body might decide not to keep the heart that it's been given.
I'm a miracle on a tight rope tethered to a prayer.
A NETFLIX SERIES Couldn't resist a photo.
I've always been told that's not my best angle.
Doesn't this song break your heart? Yes, it's one of those that cracks you open right down the middle.
- No, no! - Yes, yes! - No, come on! - Yes! - Thanks.
- Sure.
What was that? My camera! Hey, hey! I got it.
Ah, my camera.
Let's go.
Come on.
Right here, Tirso.
- Excuse me.
- Hey! Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Move, move, move! - Sir, wait here.
- Hey, my wife is in there! Move, move, move! Please keep moving away.
Come on! - You all right? - Yes, thanks to you.
You saved us.
Ugh! You mean your camera? If I ever lost it, I think I would die.
What a disaster.
No, a shame is more like it.
So, how do my camera and I get to return the favor of you saving both our lives? - Maybe you're exaggerating a tiny bit, no? - No, not at all.
- Anyway, I have a plan.
- What? - A slice of pizza is the perfect gift.
- No, no, no.
You don't owe me.
Aw, don't tell me you don't like pizza.
I'm a fanatic.
No, I can't do it.
You don't understand.
It's not that I don't like pizza.
It's that this doesn't meet my standards.
So listen, if you ever want to take your obsession to the next level, come here.
- You own a pizzeria? - Yes.
- Really? - Camila? What happened? I've been calling you.
Zacarías, you can relax.
Let me introduce Simón.
- Simón - Simón.
this is Zacarías, my husband.
Simón helped me to get out of there in one piece.
It was absolute mayhem in there! - I appreciate that.
- Of course.
You told me that you weren't coming here tonight.
What happened? I'm a woman who's full of contradictions, remember? And I love Carlos Vives.
- It was horrible.
Right in the middle - All right, let's go home now.
Sure, honey.
- It was nice meeting you.
- Likewise.
Simón Duque.
Camila Duarte.
Let's go, love.
No! No! No, please! I'm sorry.
- You scared me, honey.
- I was worried when you weren't in bed.
I had another awful dream.
Really? What was it this time? I was drowning.
I had a different face.
It was very chaotic.
I never used to dream, remember? No.
What's even more bizarre is they began shortly after I had the operation.
I think this heart belonged to someone who was a dreamer.
You're not even listening, are you? Is that what you think? I think my nightmares might be turning you on.
You can blame it on these legs of yours.
They make me completely crazy.
- Come here.
- What is it? I'm not ready yet.
I don't know why, but I still can't.
I can't even explain it.
Are you running away from me or towards me? What's up? You want some chilaquiles with a boatload of salsa verde? Chi chila-what? Do you want arepas with reina pepiada and avocado instead? Papa, you're ridiculous.
It's way too early to be this annoying.
Sounds like one of us woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.
It's not funny.
Don't you get that? Sorry, I was only trying to To what? To act like nothing happened? What'll you do next? Tell us death doesn't exist? Like Gaby always says? Because we're all one? - Please.
- No, I only wanted to try to get you to smile.
That's all.
But I have no reason to, Papa.
None at all.
Ever since the night they decided to take Mama's heart, it's like mine was ripped out, and now there's just a big hole.
She's lucky because she doesn't have to live like this.
We need to learn to smile, okay? And to live again.
Without her? This place is a mess.
We need to clean up before the kitchen gets invaded by cockroaches who think it's their new playground.
Hey, is that a grin? Mama always said that about cockroaches.
Do you ever think about who who the person is who was given Mama's heart? Yes.
That's all I do.
Me too.
Come here.
Sounds perfect, Camila.
Not every patient's outcome is as good as yours at this stage.
Maybe, but something strange happened last night.
It was as if the person whose heart this was was trying to get out.
This is a healthy heart in perfect condition in a new body.
Be patient while it gets used to beating for its new host.
Give it time.
What if it doesn't like it here? You see, I'm having weird dreams, but also - there's times I'm in front of the mirror - Mm-hmm.
and someone else is staring back at me.
It only lasts a second, but - it's powerful.
- Mm-hmm.
Lots of transplant recipients have this false idea that the donor continues to express themselves through them.
But it's not real.
Hmm? You're really not gonna reveal the donor's identity to me, are you? No, Camila.
That's the rule.
You need to move on.
Forget needing to know and get on with your life, please.
You know what I think? I think it's a woman.
The only thing you should be thinking about now is that your heart is beating perfectly inside your chest where it belongs.
It's yours now, and that's all.
Now please, give your husband my regards when you get home, all right? Of course.
But, you know, I'll find out who it was.
I don't know how yet, but I'm telling you, I will find out.
Hello, Zacarías.
Your wife just left my office.
No, the heart's fine, but Camila's still obsessed with getting information.
So you need to take care of that.
I shouldn't have to remind you how many people we're protecting here, including yourself.
Doctor, in my world, the only information that gets out is what I put out.
Let me worry about it.
You've mastered the very fine art of telling someone to F-off.
Refill? Pass.
Simón, this isn't good.
How many times have we come here since that night? There's something that Rentería said to me that keeps bouncing around in my head.
"They specifically targeted Valeria.
" That whatever bastards did this knew her heart was compatible with someone needing a transplant.
They had access to her medical records.
Those guys were following us, Julio.
The police have questioned all of us, Simón.
And they're still investigating.
What do you think, squirt? The house looks better, huh? I refuse to do those dishes.
I didn't ask you to.
You finished? I need you to take those to the basement, but not just anywhere.
You need to put them back where they belong.
In the toolbox, got it? Stop bossing me around like you're my mom.
Hey, Lucas, don't I put up with you even though you're not my son? Dude, just do this for me, please.
Then you can do what you want.
I'll finish that.
All right.
Get down, or I'll blow your head off.
Lucas, put it down.
Put it down! Sam! Lucas! Whoa, whoa, whoa! - This happened! - What the hell? What? Why do you keep a stupid gun in the toolbox? He pointed it at my face and pulled the trigger.
- Why did you take my gun? - But I didn't mean - Yeah, right.
- What? Lucky he missed! I swear, I don't know how he missed, but he did.
Hold on! What happened? What did you do? I don't ever want you near a gun in your life, hear me? - Understood? - It wasn't his fault, Pop.
He's ten years old.
But you're the one who brought the gun.
What for? For protection, of course.
- For protection? - Yes.
But it didn't protect Mom from getting murdered.
It was an accident.
An accident? Having a weapon in the house is an accident? Simón is going to get rid of it.
You learned a scary lesson.
You need to get a grip and stop the insanity.
It's too hard.
I'll get rid of the gun.
I promise.
Finding happiness again is gonna be very difficult.
But we're moving forward together.
Our family always sticks together.
Okay? Hey.
Thank you.
Remember the message we're trying to get across, right? Humble, approachable, believable.
Baby, I'll give it a try, but even if you'd hired an award-winning photographer, getting this guy to look honest, well, that's an impossible task.
Just make it so no one notices he's a complete moron and we're good.
Don't expect miracles.
- See you inside? - Sure.
I'm worried about her.
I want you to be her shadow.
As you wish, boss.
We finally see each other in person.
Zac talks about you constantly.
Now I see why.
A pleasure to meet his candidate.
You know, I'm just here as a photographer.
For anything else, you have your friends.
You can't imagine how right you are.
We have the Fast and the Furious.
That's how I roll, Camilita.
A heart that knows no limits.
Like my desire to serve my compatriots.
I need to see if they're ready for us.
Is it just me, or is your wife as serious as an undertaker? Braulio, I specifically asked you not to bring your lady friends to these events.
If the press sees them, they'll ask questions.
That's not the message we want to send.
Why are you always trying to spoil the fun? You're worse than my fucking pastor.
That's because you're paying me to make you president, aren't you? And I'm good at what I do.
- Darlings, let's listen to Mr.
- Yeah.
I'd like you to wait at the hotel.
Then we'll get back on the fun wagon.
Watch your hands.
See you.
Now, let's go.
Bring on the headshots.
Ooh! Oh! What do you think about Julia Moncada joining the race? Do you have any advice for her? I think she's wasting her time in politics.
Politics is is job for men.
It's very tough.
Now, don't think I'm saying that a woman's not good enough.
It's just that the problems in this country require the kind of family jewels that the lovely Julia doesn't own.
None of this is about me.
This is about our country, and its resurrection.
The people.
All of us must work together for change.
Thank you very much.
Enjoy your day.
Sir, anything else to add? I told you, all I see is that Mrs.
Duque had some lab work done Yes, I heard you, but what was it for? Was she sick? Who the hell was the doctor? I need you to give me all the information.
Sir, what information do you need? My name is Simón Duque, and my wife is Valeria Duque.
She came in a few months ago for some kind of tests.
Now I want the results.
Just ask Mrs.
Valeria was murdered.
Listen to me closely.
Give me those results, or you'll make me think you were involved.
Is that clear enough? Hmm? I can't be of help unless you let go.
Can you look again? I think this is wrong.
That has her name on it.
We have a problem.
BECOME A DONOR - SAVE LIVES Valeria was pregnant.
The coroner didn't notice when they were doing the autopsy? Hmm? I didn't want to add more suffering.
- It doesn't change anything though.
- Yes, it does change something! It's even worse now because they murdered my wife and killed my child.
Don't you get it? Do you hate your job this much? Are you bored, or you don't give a fuck? Should I do it for you? Listen, Simón, we have scoured dozens of clandestine clinics.
We have the reports of all transplant operations done the night she disappeared, and none involve the heart.
We've questioned a long list of people.
And the phone call? Did you follow that up? It was made from a public phone.
Good work.
Until six months ago, I barely knew anything about organ trafficking And I was celebrating Valeria's birthday without knowing it would be the last.
And I just buried a child who died along with her.
Please, Simón.
Of the 120,000 transplants performed on average in the world each year, around 5 to 10% are actually illegal.
It's an industry that generates millions, if not billions in many countries.
Kosovo, Cyprus, Egypt What do you want, Rentería? Hmm? I want you to understand that what happened to Valeria wasn't an isolated incident, and it wasn't done by petty thieves.
It's a nasty business.
You expect we could pretend none of this happened? What the fuck do you want, Rentería? To avoid your children losing their father too, Simón.
If you keep playing detective, you could get yourself in serious trouble.
Her heart could've been given to a thousand different people, and that person might not even be in the country.
Don't do this.
It's not worth it.
Thank you.
For all the statistics.
It isn't that easy.
Not that hard either.
You know what is though? The possibility of losing out on a good amount of money.
And it hurts.
Especially when you could really use it right now.
I can't afford to lose this job either.
Carrasco isn't going to find out.
You know what else? If you're worried about money it's not a problem.
So? Meet me at the newspaper building 9:00 tonight.
See you.
Hey, are you still having those crazy dreams? I think it's a message.
I'm serious.
It's like my new heart is trying to communicate something.
Only I don't understand what it's trying to say.
ÁLVARO - CELL Ah, thanks.
I hope you're calling with good news.
I am.
Because tonight, we'll find out who the donor is.
Hold that thought.
You lost or you looking for your daughter? No, I need to buy something.
What? Molly? Cocaine? Acid? Oxy? - No.
- No? No.
I have a brother who needs a kidney, and I want to buy one.
- Just one? - Yes, and I have money.
I'll show you.
Listen up.
This guy wants us to set him up with a kidney.
Making fun of us, asshole? - You know where you are, man? - Are you serious? You said you had the money, let's see what you got! Yo, settle down, brother.
Let me give you some free advice.
You set foot in my neighborhood again, I'll kill you.
You got that? Go! Ciao, sweetie.
Bar Milonga downtown, man.
That's where the guys who sell what you're looking for hang out.
I wanted to apologize in person on behalf of Dr.
Carrasco's assistant.
It was a great offer that she had the good sense to turn down.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I don't see this young lady committing a crime, do you? No, no.
Really, man.
I have no idea what the hell you're talking about.
Camila's very anxious.
It will only get worse if she finds out who the donor was.
In my opinion, it's pretty sad when a journalist with your experience and stature, has to resort to bribing an innocent assistant.
- Camila's my friend.
- Álvaro.
Transplant recipients are not supposed to know who the organ donor is, because they run the risk of confusing their identity with the donor's.
They become obsessed.
Their life becomes a shit show.
They wind up searching for the most minute details to give them meaning.
It can get to the point that they don't even know who they are anymore! Zacarías If we were to hold on to the Camila that we know and love we cannot let her find out who the donor was.
Do it for her.
Convince her that accepting not knowing is better for her.
Thanks, man.
Oh, no! Your dreams sound awful, sweetheart.
It's obvious your subconscious is trying to absolve you of the guilt you feel for claiming someone else's heart.
Ah, you just love to show us up with those two semesters of psychology, don't you? Three semesters.
Show some respect.
It was three.
You just need to let it go.
Don't listen to your subconscious or your brother.
Look at me.
You have a job that you love, a husband who adores you Most people would kill to have what you have.
The only thing you might be missing is a little perspective.
I'm missing more than just perspective and my wish is probably gonna come true with this phone call.
What do you know? I'm sorry.
The woman changed her mind and didn't come.
She backed out, Cami.
No, she refused.
I called her and she told me not to bother her again.
Camila I think it would be better to move on.
One Napoletana and one quattro formaggi on six.
With haste and good intentions we go.
- Hi.
This is Tata, my very best friend.
- Hello.
Now the two of us have a tradition of going out for pizza every Thursday.
So we said, "Let's have pizza at my hero's.
" At your hero's? - Really? - Yes.
He did tell me his pizzas are delicious, so we'll see.
Give me a second to have you seated, and I'll bring drinks on the house.
Before you rush off, just tell us which pizza's the best on the menu, and then you won't even have to bring one.
If I only get to recommend one pizza, I'm gonna recommend that all your pizza nights from now on be here.
Ah, a cocky boy.
Are you that good in the kitchen? Well, if I'm being honest, no.
But my father, yes.
I'm a good apprentice.
- Mm-hmm.
We'll see.
- It's funny.
I'm having déjà vu.
Like, this place is familiar somehow.
Since when does jazz have that effect on you? Great question.
Pizza and beer with my best friend.
My favorite Thursday night ritual.
Cheers to us! Mmm! Don't let me stop you if you want to cry What's the verdict? Thumbs up or no? Tata is the harsher critic.
Let me put it this way, Simón, I'm afraid my nutritionist is in danger of losing a client.
I agree.
I'll burn off a few calories on my way to the car.
César's around the corner.
Oh, no, no, no.
Poor Caesar.
That man of yours is the most boring husband on earth.
Pardon? You're one to talk.
Zac is very uptight.
- It was a pleasure.
- Yeah, same here.
- Have a good evening.
- Gotta go.
- I actually should be getting home myself.
- I think that's a terrible idea.
- You know what, Simón? - What? That's a brilliant observation.
Thank you.
You do like beer, don't you? One more? It's the first I've seen my son crack a smile in quite a while, Alex.
I have to bring Zacarías here.
He'd really like it.
- Mmm.
- Or not.
No, he could just ruin it for me.
He's so critical.
And a little boring? - That's what your best friend said.
- Yes.
I don't know.
 Zacarías He gives off an air that he's forgotten the joy, like the devil, is in the details.
And it can disappear just as easily and quickly as it came.
I don't know where I read I think I read it.
That joy is the key to life's success.
But happiness is dangerous.
Something always ruins it.
"You know, Valeria, joy is dangerous.
" "Something always ruins it.
" Hmm? But - Simón? - Hmm? - Why are you staring like that? - Sorry.
- Did I say something? - No.
It's nothing.
- Are you sure? It was kind of intense.
- Everything's fine.
- No, you didn't do anything, honestly.
- Okay.
I do have to go.
What do I owe you? No, tonight I'm buying.
It's on the house.
The beer and all the food we ate, come on! You have to.
In honor of our long history as besties? - Ancient.
- Yes.
Well then, we'll trade.
A free lunch for a free lunch, my friend.
Next week I'm having an exhibition of my latest works.
- Mmm.
- It's at night.
I'd love to see you there.
I don't get out too much at night because this pizzeria pretty much owns my time, but I'll try.
That's a yes.
- What? - That's a yes.
Just invite whoever you want, really.
That trumpet is absolutely gorgeous.
Well, thank you again for everything.
Good night.
You got no place left to run to ♪ Maybe you should put The blame on yourself ♪ But I ain't the one To make no false promises ♪ Didn't I say I was bad for your health? ♪ Yeah, baby.
Whoo! That's it! That's what I like to see, baby! A hundred more.
Yeah, yeah, yeah! You got it! You got it! "The strong destroy each other, while the weak go on living.
" - Let's go! Yes! - Bernard Proust, he's a famous author.
Very, very famous.
I teach my students about it at the high school Here we go.
Let's do it again! I was told this is where I could find help with what I'm looking for.
Hmm? We don't sell drugs here, man.
I'm not looking for drugs, I want to Yes, yes, yes! Let's say I need to buy something more complicated, hmm? Let's go! My wife is basically going to die in six months if she doesn't get a heart transplant that could save her.
I was told this is a place where someone might know someone who could Hmm? You heard wrong, old man.
I have money to pay.
Hey! I don't know what you heard, but you need to get lost.
You want some company, honey? - No, thank you.
- We'll take good care of you, sweetie.
- Just for a little.
- No, I can't.
Thank you.
Hey! Hey! Shh, shh, shh, shh! What is this? What? Hey, hey, hey! Hold on.
Don't shoot! What is this? You're dead.
- What about this? - Luqui.
- Here.
- Get off of there.
Now I know why Val would hide the controllers.
I know, it drives me nuts.
This smells delicious.
It's for carnivores, so you don't complain about my eggplant.
- Are you serious? - Yes.
- Lucas! Lucas! - Luqui.
- Coming! - We have meat! - The house looks great.
- I'm starving.
- Thanks.
I needed it.
- What's your dad doing tonight? Mmm.
He said he had an audition, I think? - An audition? - Uh-huh.
Must've forgot to mention it.
Hey! Take it easy! Hey, hey, hey! You think you could just show up asking fucked up questions? - Huh? - Hmm? Who told you about us? Nobody.
This guy smells like a pig.
No! Pigs get slaughtered.
I'm not a cop.
What the fuck is so important? At the bar, this guy started asking if someone could sell him a heart.
I think he's a pig.
- Hold on.
Hey! - You think? - Hey, hey, hey! No, no! - Let him go, asshole.
One bastard isn't worth a bullet.
Do you think it's suspicious he shows up asking questions like that? Did you fucking hear what I said, asshole? You a heart expert? Hell no.
Neither am I, dumbass.
So now, beat him good - so he stops asking stupid questions.
- No, please! - No.
- Have fun, boys.
How was? - What happened? - Nothing? Who did that to you? I got jumped by a few guys.
And I made the mistake of trying to fend them off.
Is that makeup, Pa? No, it's not, Lucas.
He's hurt.
Get me the first aid kit.
Hurry! Going! Going! - We should take you to the hospital.
- No, it looks worse than it is.
Tomorrow I'll be fine.
Lucas, forget it! - No, you need it! - Hurry.
Come on! Got it! At least let me clean it up, huh? Mama always said you wash it with soap and water first, then you put the disinfectant.
- Yes.
- You're doing it backwards.
- I know, but it's urgent, Lucas.
- Jeez! I do have some good news.
I'm sorry.
It's in my pocket.
- I managed - What is it? to save the phone.
Who cares? - Stay still.
- Hey, hey, gently.
GAZES Hey, you made it.
Fantastic! Great crowd.
Thank you.
Mama, try to alternate with water, okay? Don't worry.
Tonight, all eyes are on your pictures and you.
I will have the good sense to remain invisible.
Can you really stand sharing the spotlight? Please, I know that my favorite mother-in-law will have the decency not to ruin the evening.
I love it that you're all afraid of me.
All I hear is that your show's marvelous.
I certainly hope so.
With what I've spent on champagne, she'll have to sell it all.
We're so lucky to have you here this evening, Mr.
You can't imagine how much smooth talking I did to disinvite his illustrious candidate.
It's her show, so she gets to choose.
It's her guest list.
- Excuse me a minute.
- Sure, sweetheart.
- Hi.
- You made it.
Yes, I did.
I really wanted to see your work.
Thank you.
I hope you enjoy the exhibition as much as I did your pizza.
- Oh, yeah.
- But if not No, thanks.
then just pretend and lie to my face.
I'm so nervous.
I hate it.
And who do we have here? You met before.
He's the one who saved my camera and escorted me out of that disaster at the Carlos Vives concert.
And you were so grateful that you invited him to your exhibition.
- Yes.
- Of course you did.
Simón just happens to own A pizzeria? Yes.
How did you know? - You mentioned it.
- I did? - Camila Duarte? - Yes.
Carlos Pulveda, from The Spectator.
How are you? - Great, thanks.
Can we talk? - Of course, that's why we're here.
- Enjoy the show.
- Yes.
- Gentleman.
- I will.
You make a Hawaiian? No, we make every pizza except for Hawaiian.
- May I ask you something? - Sure.
What does a pizza guy know about art? I have several responses to that kind of question, but tonight, I'm going to answer with silence.
How bold ignorance can be when you own it.
Well, I'll go educate myself then.
Please do.

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