The Marked Heart (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Ese corazón nunca debió ser tuyo

1 [ominous music playing.]
[girl echoing.]
Mom! Mama! [screams.]
- [grunts.]
- [girl screams.]
 Mom! [engine turning over.]
A NETFLIX SERIES ["In a Heartbeat" by Cavendish Music playing.]
[song fades out.]
[jazz music playing faintly.]
Really something, don't you think? I know.
I'm buying this one.
No [chuckles.]
you're not serious.
You don't have to do that.
I'm flattered to hear that you appreciate my work [whispers.]
It's expensive.
I don't care.
Why did you take that picture? What a race.
I took so many photos of so many runners, but this woman's photo, in particular, just stood out from all the others.
Like, I mean, look at her face, it's so full of life, and that perfect smile.
- [Camila chuckles.]
- Know what? Bet you'd be friends.
You know who she is? She was my wife.
The picture was taken one week before she was killed.
[dramatic music plays.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
[electric beeping.]
[Valeria coughs.]
Simón! - [horn honking.]
- [Simón yells.]
Valeria! Valeria! [ominous music playing.]
Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy, Daddy, wake up! Daddy! I keep dreaming about her! [Simón.]
Hey, hey, hey, it's okay.
Come here, buddy.
The two of us are going to dream of something nice, yeah? - Okay.
- Hey.
[Camila chuckles softly.]
Water? I thought you'd want to celebrate.
[Camila chuckles.]
A full gallery, and you deserve nothing less.
You should be ecstatic, not [chuckles.]
drinking alone.
I'm thrilled.
But I have to pace myself.
[gentle music playing.]
Then why are you all alone? - I have tachycardia.
- Mmm.
Being there was overwhelming.
[Zacarías sighs.]
Almost like my heart was outracing the rest of me, you know? That make sense? [Camila sighs.]
Yeah, I feel it.
You know what I suspect? What? You're turned on by my scar.
[Camila moans softly.]
And how was your day? [Camila gasps.]
Did you hear that the first poll was a disaster? - Seriously? - Yeah.
You don't say.
A disaster.
Oh, why? - [Camila moans softly.]
- So we made a decision.
[Zacarías groans softly.]
We're gonna get Cárdenas a wife.
A wife? Are you serious? Yes, I'm serious.
[Camila grunts.]
- Come on.
- [Camila breathes deeply.]
[both moan softly.]
[upbeat romantic music playing.]
Because it's my job to make him into a family man.
[Camila gasps.]
With a wife.
[Camila moans.]
With kids.
[Camila moans.]
A picket fence.
Oh, yes.
A dog.
Ooh, yes! Babe, you're so good.
[Camila moans.]
- Oh, yeah? - That's what I love most about you.
What? You never give up.
[moans intensify.]
[glass shatters.]
- [both breathing heavily.]
- [Camila moans.]
You didn't have to break it though.
I said I tripped, okay? - [Sam.]
- [Lucas scoffs.]
The eggs! You're burning the eggs! [Sam shrieks.]
- [Simón.]
What's going on? - Nothing, the fucking oil burned me.
- Okay.
Come on here.
Run it under water.
- [Sam grunts.]
- [Sam.]
It's not that bad, okay? - Put your arm under that.
- [Sam grunts.]
- [Simón.]
Ugh! You're going to be having some delicious burned eggs, squirt.
- Sam.
- What? You'll take him to soccer? - What? Why is it always me? - Yeah, Sam, just do it, okay? Enough.
Put this on a plate.
I'll get some juice.
Thank you.
[dramatic music playing.]
Honey, I'm going jogging with your dad before breakfast, okay? - [kisses.]
- Okay, Mom.
Unless maybe you'll come with us? - Wow! - [Valeria.]
Just one time? - Come on, try it.
- I really want to say yes, but but no.
It's so boring.
Simón, honey, let's get a move on! Hurry up! - [Sam.]
Is there juice? - Yes, baby, in the fridge.
Honey, I'm gonna make a delicious breakfast.
A guy can't even sleep in on a Saturday morning? [Valeria.]
Simón, honey, hurry.
- Bye, see you soon.
- You're the best! [Lucas.]
Bye, Mom! Bye, Dad! - Have fun.
- [Simón.]
Samantha, I need you to use your head when you do your chores and not make a mess, yeah? I'm sorry for not frying an egg properly, or knowing how to cook, or put laundry away, okay? I'm sorry, Dad.
I'm sorry, but I'm nothing like my Mom.
I can't be her, Dad.
- [camera shutter clicks.]
- [Camila.]
What would you do? [Álvaro.]
I'd go on with my life.
I can't.
It's driving me absolutely insane all the time, you understand? [camera shutter clicks.]
Álvaro, it's important.
Just help me get in touch with her, please! [Álvaro.]
What if Zac finds out? [Camila.]
He won't find out.
He won't.
I swear.
Cami, this stuff is bad news, okay? [scoffs.]
But you know I've been in danger my entire life.
My entire life, you know that.
It's something that's happening inside of me right now, and I It's impossible to ignore.
- [Álvaro clears throat.]
- [Camila.]
Okay, fine, but let me make some phone calls first.
Cami, I am not making any promises.
Excited to be here or what? - The files you - Bracho, you get the tape? - [Bracho.]
Got it here.
- You can sit there.
This one's yours.
Bracho, you want this one for later? - Show me.
- Thanks.
What'd ya find? [woman.]
I know where the woman is that you're looking for.
[bowling pins clattering.]
She's at the lake.
Just past the Guamal Bridge.
Those sounds in the background, that's a bowling alley.
You told me the person who made the call might've been a nurse, or or somebody there who might've seen what happened to Valeria, no? That's right.
And now she might also work here.
- Yeah, this is, uh - It's a clue, Simón.
In my line of work, there is nothing in the world more valuable than a clue.
And not to mention, there are very few bowling alleys in this city.
I'm going to talk to the manager.
I'll see if I can get employee records, names of frequent customers Would you mind watching my son for a moment? Yeah, of course.
Honey, listen to this.
It's for you.
[music continues over phone.]
You like it? [chuckles.]
I wrote this one to be as beautiful as you are, darling.
- [trumpet continues playing.]
- [Sam cries.]
You don't have to be alone ♪ You don't have to be perfect ♪ You say there's pretty little things ♪ [boy.]
Yeah? You don't have to be sweet ♪ I'm much more into bitter ♪ Go ahead.
I dig candy sometimes Some sugar is fine ♪ No, hang on.
Like this.
Be strong.
And have fun.
You go round the room With your jealous eyes ♪ [grunts, cries.]
What to say to you ♪ Thank you.
I'm only here just to play some blues ♪ Third wrong bowling alley.
"Patience is the art of hope.
" Have you ever heard that? Dad, I'm starving.
Yeah, I know.
We're getting food soon, okay? I'll have my people check the other bowling alleys on Monday.
Relax, it's all good.
We're gonna be okay, Simón.
- What do you want to eat? - [son.]
Hamburgers again? [woman singing opera.]
LA VICTORIA BOWLING Hey Karla, if you don't mind, would you put these back when you're done? - Yeah.
I'll do it in a sec.
I got it.
- [man.]
[rock music playing.]
[pins clattering.]
- [Karla.]
Hi there.
- Oh, hi.
What can I get you? - Could I get a really cold beer, please? - [Karla.]
A beer.
Sure thing.
[dramatic music plays.]
Your tattoo, what is it? Nothing.
It's personal.
I'll get you that beer.
[pins clattering.]
I can't appeal to everyone, Zac.
It's impossible.
First it was the poor, my people.
We gave them medicine and food, fuel, everything.
Then it was the rich, your little friends.
I had to go to all those shitty concerts with shitty music dressed like a penguin.
Now you want us courting the middle class.
You solve it! We'll find a solution.
You need a wife, Cárdenas.
A what? I've got two perfect fantasies.
Why would I need a wife? I need somebody fat and annoying? [scoffs.]
Let's pretend you didn't just say that.
Ha! And I'll pretend you didn't just suggest it, Zacarías.
[exhales sharply.]
A wife, Zac? How? You want me on Tinder? How would you get me one? Ah, ah! You'd put out the call, "Hey, uh, are you a bitch?" "You're hired then.
" Come on.
You wouldn't be the first presidential candidate to have an arranged marriage.
Hey bro, I'm not giving up my two bunnies for anybody.
Get out of here.
[rock music playing.]
[ringing tone.]
[cell vibrating.]
Excuse me.
What's up, man.
You miss me? [Zacarías.]
I told you I never wanted to hear from you again.
It's the big boss, man.
He wants to see you.
What's he want? No idea, my brother.
I'll send the instructions.
[music continues.]
Whoo! Oh yeah, look at that! Hey baby, you like that? - Ah, no.
No touching.
- [Mariachi.]
Hey, watch it! - Asshole.
- [man.]
What the hell? - [man.]
It's cool! - Get the fuck out of here.
You want some? I dare you, you son of a bitch! Troya, what the hell? The fuck you thinking, Mariachi? [breathing heavily.]
[Troya sighs.]
No one gropes you, especially not right in front of my face.
I'm a stripper, not a prostitute.
And your jealousy makes the customers too scared to stay.
[Troya scoffs.]
We said you were gonna be like a ghost.
They can watch all they want, but no touching.
Yeah, well, I bet it's great that I don't go around blabbing to everyone about how you butcher people and sell their parts.
Hey, you watch yourself now.
You and your big mouth need to cool it.
My job is sacred.
Don't talk about it.
You hear me? Listen to me, I'm not losing my woman.
Huh? [Troya breathes shakily.]
I just want to be able to work in peace, Mariachi.
You can let me have that, can't you? [dramatic music playing.]
[Troya moans.]
[music ends abruptly.]
Of course.
[Simón exhales.]
What's that? No idea.
I was hoping you'd be able to tell me.
And there's no note, hmm? [poignant music playing.]
[Simón inhales.]
He's been waiting for you for a while.
- [Camila.]
- Oh, hey.
[Camila chuckles.]
So, look.
I said I wanted to buy the photo.
Hmm? Right.
You told me, yes, but what happened was we ran out of sold tags, so [Simón chuckles.]
You don't think I'm serious, do you? Simón, the photo belongs to you.
There's nothing more to say.
Well, let me, I don't know, return the favor.
- No, no, no.
- Why not? Why not? No, because I didn't do it to get something back.
I know.
Maybe you'll find I'll ask again, and again, and [Camila chuckles.]
How could we Got it.
Teach me to make pizzas.
[Simón chuckles.]
- For real.
- You serious? I want to know how you make the dough, it's perfect.
Is there a trick, or? Teach me like it was passed down for generations.
What's the secret? Please.
- Oh, okay.
- You serious? - Yeah.
- Well, it's a deal then.
- Yeah.
- Great.
When do we start, boss? Hmm? When do you start teaching me your secrets? - Oh, anytime.
- Really? - Sure, whenever.
- Great.
[Camila chuckles.]
- Gotta run.
- Bye.
Ah, my dear mother-in-law.
- [Greta.]
How are you.
- [Zacarías.]
You? Luchín.
- Same old, same old.
- [Greta chuckles.]
- How are you? - I'm good, good.
I need your help with something.
- A vodka, and I'm all yours.
- I'll get you one.
Hey, you gotta tell me what shampoo you use, huh? You bet, Zac.
How's my daughter? [Simón.]
She's off photographing the country.
Thank you.
I need you to look at this.
It's a bit unusual.
Are you opening up a brothel or something? No, too much competition.
[Greta chuckles.]
I'm on the hunt for a president's wife because Cárdenas is sinking.
I'm sorry? Hmm.
Isabel Maldonado, oh, what a whore.
Forget it.
Marta Gracia, corrupt girl.
Learned it all from her crooked husband.
Ah, Diana Reyes.
I competed against her.
Ha! Almost dumber than Cárdenas.
I think you'd find that your ears would start bleeding if you had to listen to her for the rest of your life.
[both chuckle.]
You're really not making this easy.
I think I can make it better for you.
I know the perfect woman for him.
[sighs deeply.]
I present this country's next first lady.
What? No? Have you just lost it? How did you dream up wanting to marry him? [Greta.]
Why not? Arranged marriages are often the most successful.
Mama, he's a bastard.
He's insufferable.
You know he's screwing twin sisters? He calls them Fast and Furious.
He's that kind of guy.
Well, at least he's original.
Mom, come on.
- [Greta.]
- [Camila scoffs.]
You may not know this about me, but the last few years of my life I've been in your shade.
I've lived for you.
For your broken heart, that at any moment could've been the end.
But that's all over.
I had to put my own life aside because - Because of me.
- Yes, because of you.
I had to stay with your useless father.
I died every time you died.
And I came back to life alongside you.
But my daughter has a new heart now, don't you? And it's time for me to live.
I want to shine.
To meet presidents, to be on the news, and kiss all the babies.
That's what I deserve.
My turn.
I'm sorry you never had the life you wanted.
In that case, let me have the life I'm owed, Camila.
I mean, Cárdenas is a nobody.
He can sleep with whoever he likes.
I'll make him over.
I don't care one bit about being his wife.
I'm gonna be the country's first lady before long.
[Camila sighs.]
This is a mistake, Mama.
Camila, I don't need your permission.
[rock music playing.]
Excuse me, Miss.
Can we get some help over here? One minute.
What? Are you sick of being a waitress, girl? Why don't you smile? Yeah, smile and who knows? Hmm? Maybe somebody will catch your eye, you know, with all the Adonises in here.
I don't get swept off my feet that easily, Teresa.
"I don't get swept off my feet easily, Teresa.
" - [dramatic music plays.]
- [Teresa chuckles.]
[Karla echoing.]
Mama! Mama! Stay there! Stay there, Mama! No, help! No! Mama! Mama, help! Please, help me, Mama! - [Karla crying.]
- [sirens wailing.]
Where's my order? [Teresa.]
Yo, chill out, girl.
[trumpet playing.]
You have the best taste.
Ah, well, this here, piece of art.
This photo right here is incredibly valuable.
I mean, you have no idea how much this bad boy cost.
You know that Saturday is the day people usually have pizza, right? Oh, well, I'm not much of a follower.
[both chuckle.]
You all set? - Yeah.
- Yeah? - First, we stretch the pizza.
- Uh-huh.
That's good.
Exactly right.
This here is the key to authentic pizza.
It's the elastic dough that's very thin.
It's the closest you'll get to what they serve in Naples.
- Like this? [chuckles.]
- Very good.
But now, we put it down.
All right.
And now we let it rest for an hour so the yeast can go to work.
Okay? Something that Valeria would say is that it's two laps of Central Park.
More or less.
And press down.
The other day you said that Valeria was She was killed.
What happened? [inhales sharply.]
I'd really rather not talk about that right now.
Especially when we've got a couple of pizzas sitting right in front of us that are getting a little lonely.
I'm sorry.
Forget I ever said anything.
You know what? I'm ready to start putting on these toppings.
Oh, no, no.
You're missing the most important thing.
We have to add herbs to the pizza dough.
It's my father's secret recipe.
Hmm? Wow, this is gonna be spectacular.
So now I have a question.
Isn't life better when there's a pizza in front of you? - [chuckles softly.]
- Okay, so now, one hand on top, and one on the bottom.
You need to remember we're dealing with a Neanderthal here.
- [woman.]
That's an insult to Neanderthals.
- [Marcelo.]
Yeah, you're right.
This decision you're making will undoubtedly save Camila's life, but it might end up destroying yours.
I'm used to having to deal with my conscience, doctor.
A conscience is not so easily pushed aside, Zacarías.
Zacarías? Zacarías, do you want us to reschedule? No.
Remember, in politics, the most important thing is not being right, it's perception.
Write that down.
We should put our heads together.
Braulio Cárdenas is an immature idiot that we need to convert into the country's most powerful man.
- Isn't that a fascinating challenge? - [Marcelo chuckles.]
[cell phone dings.]
Big challenge.
- [Sam.]
Hmm? Do you know where the batteries are for this remote? Yeah, they're in the cutlery drawer, Dad.
Oh, of course, that's where the batteries are, obviously.
In the cutlery drawer.
They've always been there.
What are you doing? [scoffs.]
It's for school.
So much fun.
[suspenseful music playing.]
Wait, what's that? What does that mean? [Sam.]
That's the nursing symbol.
Why? [dramatic music plays.]
No, nothing.
I have some stuff to do.
Could you take Lucas to your aunt and uncles and cover me at the pizzeria? - But Dad, I have to finish.
- [Simón.]
Sam, please.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[ominous music plays.]
This is insane.
Álvaro said you can trust this guy? [Camila.]
Of course, we can.
Mmm, no.
I don't like it.
Since when have we been cowards? Come on.
Cami, wait a second.
Camila, wait.
What if something bad happens to you? Camila.
I've been feeling very strange.
I've had thoughts that aren't mine, sensations, strange dreams too.
You need to help me understand this.
You require death's rope.
What the hell? Death's rope? This is weird, Camila.
Let's get out of here.
The ayahuasca will take you deep within yourself.
Answers are there to be found.
In your heart.
Someone told me that this ayahuasca is unpredictable.
Please, come on, Cami.
In my heart, you said? [Tata sighs.]
Hey darling, I'm late for a meeting, but I shouldn't be home too late, okay? Love you.
Where did you leave her this morning? At Tata's place.
[Zacarías sighs.]
[heart beating.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
[music intensifying.]
[music abruptly stops.]
[Simón's father.]
I love that when your dad makes his life complicated, he sends you.
Where did this come from, Grandpa? [Simón's father.]
Life can be very, very strange, Sami.
Your dad met a young photographer.
No idea where.
She invited him to her exhibit, and there he found your mama.
Miss ya, Ma.
[Simón's father.]
Rentería, it's Simón Duque.
Call me back when you get this.
It's important.
[phone disconnects.]
[phone dings.]
[man on TV yelling.]
[man 2 on TV chuckling.]
[man 1 yelling.]
- [pins clattering.]
- [upbeat music playing.]
- [Teresa.]
- Hey.
- Need help finding a table? - No, no.
I'll sit here.
- But can I get a beer? A bottle.
- Yeah.
Anything to eat? We've got chicken wings No, no.
Yeah, I already ate.
Hey, actually I'm looking for a young woman with red hair, she's got a tattoo.
You know her? - [Teresa.]
Ah, Karla with a K.
- Yeah.
No, she's not in today.
Uh, do you have any idea where I could find her? Are you police? [Simón.]
No, no.
No, it's just I met her here, and I felt like we really hit it off, you know? I was just hoping she'd be here.
Oh, really? It's always the quiet boys, yeah? Mmm.
She works at another club on Tuesdays.
- [upbeat music playing.]
- [crowd cheering.]
Whoo! [crowd chanting.]
Yo, what's up? Hey, uh, one beer for me, and a tequila for her.
- [bartender.]
The DJ? - Yeah, thanks.
Whoo! - Yeah? - [man.]
It's from the guy at the bar.
Over there.
- Thanks.
- [man.]
No worries.
Your tattoo, what is it? [Karla.]
It's personal.
[music fades out.]
[sinister music playing.]
[Camila breathing deeply.]
[cell phone ringing.]
Uh, yes, hello? No, I'm sorry.
We're not doing delivery tonight.
- No, sorry.
There's no driver tonight.
- Take this.
- Grandpa, I'll go.
- Hang on, please.
Just a moment.
Let me go.
I'll do it.
No, your dad would murder me if I sent you out on a motorbike.
You think it would be the first time? Of course not.
And besides, we're not gonna tell him, are we? Grandpa, please.
Please, let me do it.
Please! Yes, we can deliver.
Yes, I'll make a note.
Two pizzas [trumpet playing.]
- [upbeat music continues.]
- [Karla.]
Whoo! [crowd cheering.]
Whoo! [music continues in the distance.]
[engine turns over.]
Karla! Hey, Karla! [engine accelerates.]
[engine turning over.]
[engine accelerating.]
[dramatic music playing.]
[sinister music continues.]
[Camila whimpers.]
No! [cries.]
No! [grunts, breathing heavily.]
[cries out.]
[breathing shakily.]
Keep the engine running.
[tense music playing.]
- [Zacarías exhales.]
- What's up, big shot? How's it going? I'm here to talk to your boss.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[rock music playing from inside.]
Hello? Pizza! [rock music amplifies.]
Hello? Your pizza's here.
[Sam knocking on wall.]
Hello? Anyone here? [Sam gasps.]
[dramatic music playing.]
Oh my God.
Shit! [ominous music plays.]
[gun cocks.]
[breathes shakily.]
I just want to talk.
Just relax.
Okay, let's talk.
[breathing heavily.]
No! [whimpers.]
Get it away! Get it away! Get it away! [cries.]
Get it away! Get it away! Cami.
No, no, no! No, no, no! [Camila shrieks, grunts.]
Camila, stop! Camila.
I don't know what this trip is, but my friend is in trouble.
This is bad.
Please, just get her out of this.
Please, sir, get her out! Please, sir, please, I'm begging you! Just look at her.
Camila? Camila? Camila? Camila? [ominous music playing.]
[Camila grunts.]
No! [gasps.]
That heart inside of you should not be yours.
[music intensifies.]
[music fades out.]
["In a Heartbeat" by Cavendish Music playing.]
[song fades out.]

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