The Marked Heart (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

La organización

1 Come on.
She's there.
- She's there.
- Camila, calm down.
- Calm down.
You almost drowned.
No more.
- Go get her, Tata.
- She's there.
- Camila, no more.
Come on.
- Come on, hug me.
No, there's no one.
- She's there.
I saw her.
Come on.
Knock it off! Stop! Stop! That's enough! Freeze! - Hey! - Don't move! Hey.
Go ahead, shoot, motherfucker.
- See if you kill me this time, asshole! - I only want to talk to you, okay? Huh? Guns don't talk.
We're both dead, you bastard! Easy.
I won't hurt you.
See? See? Easy.
- Easy! Hey! - Let me go, asshole! Look at me.
My name is Simón Duque, I'm I'm the husband of the woman they threw in the lake.
The one you called before.
Karla, please.
It's me.
How do you know my name? And where I work? Your co-worker at the bowling alley.
I need some information.
Only you can help me with that.
You're not gonna like this.
Comes with the car.
What can I do for you? Give me that.
No one touches my phone.
You come with us, but the bodyguard he has to stay here.
Take small breaths.
Oh crap.
Come on.
Ah! Sorry.
Cami, we're good.
We're good.
Zacarías, come on.
Where are you? Fuck.
- This is Zacarías - Son of a bitch.
Just breathe, Cami.
Just breathe.
It's all right.
Give me that.
Could be an emergency.
Listen, bigshot.
People can't depend on you to fix everything all the time because you're here today, but tomorrow who knows? - Let's go.
- After you.
Get a hold of Dr.
- Cami.
- Call Dr.
Stay with me.
Come on! No! Dammit.
Don't you do this to me.
Camila! Don't be mad, Grandpa.
I think I saved his life.
Samantha, you've done your good deed for the day.
Now bring back the scooter, and I'll get you home.
Come on.
Relax, would you? I'm going home, and I'll bring the scooter tomorrow, okay? I love you.
Excuse me, miss, are you a friend or a relative of the young man who just went in? Yes, sort of.
We know each other, but is is he all right? Is he better? Not yet.
We're gonna do everything in our power to save him from what seems to be a cocaine overdose.
So, what I would recommend you do is get hold of his family.
Tell them it's urgent.
I need to find them, Karla.
You want people to keep dying? So, why did you make that call and tell me all this then? I can't get it out of my head.
Okay, but did something change? They burned down our house.
With my mother in it.
I had to create a whole new existence.
I had to give up my career.
And come live like a fucking animal.
- Welcome to my world.
- Uh-uh.
I'm not finished living.
Just so you know, I'm not leaving until I know exactly what happened.
Zacarías Cienfuegos.
The grand strategist.
Manipulator of the masses.
The mastermind behind so many crooks.
Why the invitation? I'll be very disappointed if this day means nothing to you.
Care for a drink? No, thank you.
Worthy of serious discussion, huh? What is more beautiful? The feminine body or my body of work? Can one create beauty on top of beauty? I have plans with my wife, I've had a long day, and I find art very boring.
It makes my skin crawl to be in the same room as people like you.
One more reason for me to get out of here.
You and I are more alike than you would imagine.
Oh yeah? You traffic in people's hopes and dreams.
Our organization traffics in corneas, kidneys, livers, healthy hearts, that are also the hopes and dreams of many.
The difference being we give real hope.
- Not the bullshit politics - Your point, Sarmiento? How's Camila enjoying our merchandise? Do tell her I thoroughly enjoyed her exhibition.
She's an exceptional photographer.
A great eye.
Get to it.
Does she know that art bores you? What is it? Our organization wants to forge an alliance with you.
And, by extension, whatever idiot you make the next president of our republic.
Hands up.
I'd like a cigarette.
May I? Sorry, darling.
You have no idea how bad that is for your lungs.
That damage could prevent them from finding a second home.
Somehow, I don't think compatibility's in the cards here.
Our organization is much bigger than you realize.
It has connections, a wide-reaching radar, and a list of clients DEVICES who are ready to do anything as long as their secrets don't come to light.
Like you.
What exactly are you proposing? Once Cárdenas is elected president, the work that we're doing gets the respect it deserves.
He cancels the projected legislation sanctioning organ trafficking for starters.
Now, I'm not asking for us.
Imagine how many people will benefit if we can be left alone to make their second chances happen.
They called me at the last minute because the usual person couldn't go in for some reason.
So, did you, or did you not work there? No.
When I got to the place and saw it was a clandestine setup, I knew something wasn't right.
The entire experience was strange.
The donor was brought in in very rough shape.
But even more surprising was when she woke up.
She looked at me scared.
The doctor had said that she was brain-dead, but she wasn't.
She had a bullet wound.
A serious one.
But she was alive.
And when the doctor noticed that he basically killed her with an injection that caused brain death.
It was as if she died twice.
We need to hydrate her immediately.
She needs a complete blood workup.
- And get a hold of toxicology.
- Yes, Doctor.
Where's Zacarías? I've called a million times, and I don't know why, but he's not answering.
I need you to step outside.
And keep trying to reach Zacarías.
He's always near his phone.
She'll be fine, won't she? Please, wait outside.
What's the rush, pretty boy? Crashing the party without an invitation.
Let's teach him some manners.
It's nothing.
This place is crawling with filthy rats.
My guys have fun hunting them.
Not all alliance's are successful.
And you want to know what the consequences of failure are? Catastrophic for yourself and for your candidate.
Never mind the very difficult situation of Camila finding out how you methodically went about choosing the heart that saved her.
If there's one thing I really loathe, it's blackmail.
And I've dealt with it before.
I know who your people are now.
I know your crimes, so guess what? You don't get to push me around.
Take the time you want.
We're not the ones with a deadline, you are.
Cárdenas's poll numbers, they're a disaster.
But we can be of assistance on that front.
We're really good at clearing obstacles.
You have one week.
Then my boss is gonna start to get annoyed.
Your boss? Our organization is like Hydra.
Does mythology bore you as well? A little.
In Greek myth, the serpent-like Hydra was a multi-headed monster.
When you cut one off, two would take its place.
So instead of each cut making the monster weaker, it's making it all the more deadly.
And there are heads that don't like to be exposed.
That prefer operating from the shadows.
What the hell? WE SEE EVERYTHING - WE KNOW EVERYTHING Who are you? What? What's going on? I don't know.
It might be divine punishment for ordering pepperoni pizza with extra pineapple.
You ordered pizza, I got to your house, and you were in a pool of blood.
So I called an ambulance.
"Thank you"? You overdosed on cocaine.
And you fell down.
That's why you cracked your head.
The doctor said you're lucky you made it.
Thank you.
Just pay for the pizza, and we're good.
As soon as I'm out, I'll pay you.
Is there someone I can call? Your family? A friend? My grandfather.
All right.
I'll let the nurse know you're awake now.
I need you to take me to that place.
Are you nuts? I told you there are very dangerous people behind all this.
Yes, but you still called to help us find her.
- Right? - I told you why.
They actually tried to burn me alive.
Don't go in deeper.
Because you'll drown.
- You and your family.
- I don't give a fuck.
I'll find the motherfucker who killed Valeria and stole her heart.
Understand? Then I guess your days are numbered.
Why don't you go to the police? Because I don't give a shit about the police.
She was my wife.
Gaby, I'm just in the middle of something important.
Can I call you back when I'm done? Is it more important than your son? He's right here with me crying his heart out.
He fell asleep after lunch, and he had a scary dream about Valeria.
It was horrible, Pa.
Listen, squirt.
She's watching over us, remember? I told you she's taking care of you from heaven.
Then how come she sends me these dreams? She doesn't, Luqui.
If it happens again, here's what we do.
Remember her.
Remember her voice.
Think of her music and I love you.
I'll show it to you.
It's late.
You can come early tomorrow.
After that, I never wanna see you again.
Where is he? - I don't know.
- His clothes are gone too.
He escaped.
What happened? Can you hear me? Yes.
I can hear you.
Everything's fine.
That's true.
The danger's passed.
She came in with a severe case of nausea, dehydration, high blood pressure.
From what? What's going on, Camila? What brought this on, honey? What brought this on is called ayahuasca.
You actually took that poison? I thought you were at Tata's house.
Do the words common sense mean nothing to you? You put that crap in her? Come on, Tata had nothing to do with it.
I wanted to.
So just calm down.
What you need to know is that there's a risk that the hallucinogens in that plant might not react well to the medication Camila is taking.
How could you be so irresponsible, Camila? We should've transplanted your brain, maybe you'd understand how idiotic this was! Zacarías, lower your You say nothing.
You're an accomplice to her stupidity.
You're being incredibly rude.
Stop it.
How about we all take a deep breath and regain our composure? Look at her.
Yes, there's no doubt what Camila did was quite careless.
We all agree on that.
But everything is under control, Zacarías.
Of course, she has to spend the night here under observation.
- I do? - Of course you do.
Listen, Camila.
The biggest obstacle you could encounter is that your system starts rejecting your new heart.
And that danger is permanent.
Your little adventure turned the risk factor up a few notches.
Hey! You're still here? I told you come back tomorrow.
Karla! The answers are in the cosmic memory.
You were there.
Don't forget what you saw.
There's someone living inside you who wants to manifest themself.
This is a battle between your emotions, your feelings, and your new heart.
You should know that organs have their own memories.
- But - Yes.
You need to know who that heart belongs to.
It wants to reveal itself.
Why do I feel so strange sometimes? Like I'm not myself.
Wandering around.
Because that heart was never meant to be yours.
- Hello.
- Hi.
I brought coffee.
Then we go.
Thank you.
So What comes after? What do you do after you avenge your wife's murder? Did you get that far? Yes.
Yeah, I got a plan.
And? Done? I can't wait any longer.
- He didn't come home last night? - Mmm.
He called to say he was helping a friend with an emergency or something.
- A friend? - Mm-hmm.
Did he say who it was? I've tried it all morning, but it just keeps ringing.
This is where everything happened that night, okay? Like I told you.
You Simón! You're sure it was here? Yes.
I came here with the police.
So this is where they murdered Valeria.
The operating room was set up in a container like this one.
But they moved it using a tractor-trailer so the police wouldn't find us.
After the lethal injection they proceeded with the extraction.
They gave her heart and her body to some guys.
I don't know why I followed.
But I saw them throw her body in the lake.
That's done.
Who wants a drink? The person who ended up with her heart, who is it? I don't know.
But you do know the name of the man who killed her.
Give me the name.
I didn't know anyone.
All my instructions came from the one doctor.
Jacinto Robles.
I deleted his number because I wanted nothing to do with him again.
But I know where his practice is.
- Ah, Camila, how are you feeling? - Mama.
Zacarías, you should have told me.
I'm still her mother, you know? I specifically asked him not to worry you.
I'm perfectly fine.
Do you hear that? She's perfect.
After taking hallucinogens nearly drowning in an icy lake, convulsing, and throwing up every ounce of that shit she put in her system, she's perfect.
Did you have some vision that made you suicidal? - I'm not suic - You hit the nail on the head.
If you really want to be done with it, tell me.
I'll help you.
I'll organize a wonderful wake.
You know I live to make you happy.
You talk to her.
Good Lord.
Your husband loves you so much, it's scary.
No, the doctor won't be coming in to the clinic today.
What's the best way to get an appointment? It's urgent.
He's busy.
He has two operations scheduled for tomorrow.
If I'm being completely honest, I don't think you can see him without an appointment.
I'm really in a bind.
Is there a number to call? Of course.
The card has all the numbers to book a consult.
You can call and schedule something.
- Right.
- Or go through the website.
- Got it.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
How could you be so selfish, huh? You're obsessed with this stupid idea of finding out who your heart belonged to.
I'll add it to the long list of stupid things you think I do.
You want me to tell you whose heart it is? All right.
It's yours.
It beats inside your chest, so it's yours.
You know what the shaman said to me? Who? The scam artist who nearly killed my wife? I don't believe you.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hold on.
Don't touch me.
Go on.
He said, "That heart was never meant to be yours.
" Those were his exact words.
Only I never said anything about the transplant at all.
It's incredible that someone so brilliant can fall for such amateur bullshit.
Come on.
Do you not get what's going on? I can hardly keep myself together.
All you care about is whether I can behave like some robot so you can keep playing the guru.
Manufacturing presidents, finding them wives.
- Right? - Oh come on, I'm not enjoying this.
Why bring Cárdenas into this? It's irrelevant.
Cárdenas, the presidency.
That's the only thing that matters.
My problems don't register with you.
If it weren't for me you wouldn't even be alive.
You'd be nothing.
Carrion! Wow, Simón.
You're already having shots? This early in the morning? She was still alive.
She was alive, but, uh but unconscious, and Then, unexpectedly, she she opened her eyes, and the nurse saw terror when she looked at her.
And those motherfuckers decided to inject her with something that caused her brain death.
They threw her in the lake after.
They murdered Valeria and our child.
No! Stop playing! Do you understand? Hey, hey.
Whoa, come on.
What happened to your driver? An accident.
He's recovering.
Is that her? You're about to meet the future First Lady.
Greta Volcán the supreme symbol of beauty in this country.
- Our very first Miss Universe.
- Very first.
But can I tell you, really, the most impressive thing about this woman is her mind.
This is such an honor.
Cienfuegos finally came through.
With a woman this beautiful, I can conquer the world.
Now, Mr.
Cárdenas, you have to convince me first.
You're going to have to earn my vote.
The vote matters.
Believe me, Greta.
When you have ridiculous amounts of cash like I do, no one refuses you anything.
Yes, but there's always someone with more cash than you, right? That's why I want the presidency.
I think this is a dangerous combination.
Are you ticklish? - They're made for each other.
- Slow down, cowboy.
If they work out a good prenup, they'll be the perfect couple.
It's a strange concept treating life like a transaction.
Everything you requested.
All her medical history, her most recent tests.
Everything on Camila's there.
You and I seem to speak the same language.
Another thing.
I'm willing to pay whatever it takes so that Camila doesn't get the heart of a killer.
I don't want her heart coming from a prisoner.
Of course.
Since you already have the heart of a killer.
Two of those would be overkill.
I want you to find a female donor.
Luxury of choice in life is expensive as you know.
Money's no object.
We'll do our best to satisfy all your criteria.
They're challenging.
Go door to door if you have to.
As long as you get it done.
I know you.
What's eating at you? Oh.
I have to revisit a situation I thought was resolved.
Am I wrong, or are you a woman who can handle her liquor? Hi.
- Ready to teach me? - Ready to learn? - Yes.
- Hold on, I'll get it.
Don't be afraid, it has to get messy.
Please, a little Now, it gets translucent.
Almost so you think you can see through it.
Kind of blurry, but I do see you're a very, very good student.
- Good? - Mmm.
Much better.
What do you detest most in life? What do I detest most in life? Is finding out that real hatred exists.
So profound, Simón.
You? Oh.
To be told what to do.
You don't want anyone trying to control you or your free spirit.
- Yeah, I guess so.
- Yeah? Then why is a free spirit married then? - I ask myself that quite often.
- Mm-hmm.
God forbid my mother hear this conversation.
She's addicted to weddings.
Why? Who is this woman? Let's just say she's someone who glories in her past life.
Glories in her past life which was? Greta Volcán.
- Huh? - Miss Universe.
I'm sorry.
I don't know why I'm laughing.
I know who she is, but I never She's my mother.
- Well, you do take after her.
- Thanks.
She is a striking woman, but it hasn't always been easy for me to live in the shadow of her beauty.
Surrounded by the pictures, reliving the whole thing, regretting all the things her life could've been.
But no matter what, she is my mother.
Oh! No, no, no, no, no! Doris Valera, 28, professional biologist, competitive swimmer, animal lover, single.
Isabel Zabala, 30, artist, and painter, vegan.
Has a boyfriend of three years, but ridiculously healthy.
Valeria Duque, 36, married with two children, musician, marathon runner.
You just picked out a wonderful heart for Camila.
Tell me what you think of this.
The rain always, or almost always, ends up blending perfectly with the trees.
- Well - Uh-huh.
I have a theory that wine is the perfect blend for watching rain, - admiring trees, enjoying good company.
- Okay.
Honestly, I am really starting to like this.
You too, huh? - Yeah.
- Good.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
This is so good.
Isn't it? Why don't you tell me what else it is you do, besides cook like a fiend.
Ah, thank you.
Theater? No.
- You're an actor, aren't you? - No, I'm not an actor.
Not really.
A real actor who makes a living out of it? No.
I don't have time anymore.
Call it my, um dirty, little secret hobby.
So impress me with a monologue.
- What? You want a monologue? - A monologue that brings the house down, that has applause just bouncing off the rafters.
Please, I love drama.
Just a little.
- Mmm, okay.
Are you ready? - Go.
No, I can't do it cold.
I have to be completely drunk to recite a monologue.
And look, the answer's in my hands right now.
- You got me.
Let's go.
- Finish it off.
What? Watch out.
My camera.
I wasn't expecting that.
It's really pouring.
Well, nature knows best when to take a break.
It's nice to feel carefree.
Yeah? I have a little confession.
It's been a while since I had this lovely sensation.
Of peace? Lightheartedness? Serenity? Yeah, all of those rolled into one.
You'll think I'm copying you.
I'm feeling exactly the same.
This connection, it's rare.
It was stronger than us.
Beyond what is right and wrong.
In that moment, we walked right into the ambush of our destiny.
'Cause I'm bleeding for you ♪ 'Cause I'm bleeding ♪ Bleeding for you ♪ Oh, I'm bleeding for you ♪ - Hey ♪ - 'Cause I'm bleeding for you ♪ Come on and wash these sins away ♪ Come on and wash these sins away ♪
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