The Marked Heart (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Un momento crucial

1 A NETFLIX SERIES What we've been through has been very difficult, and it lingers here like a ghost sharing the house with us.
Poor you.
But I don't think that's what we should discuss, do you? What I want to talk about is what's going on between us.
That it's rather mysterious and I I'm thoroughly confused and surprised, aren't you? I don't get any of it.
But there's clearly something going on.
You all right? It's so emotional.
With whatever is going on between us.
And what we did in the park.
It's like you found a place in here the second I saw you.
What I feel for you when we're when we're almost touching like this.
When we're apart it's worse.
And now you tell me this story.
I just needed to tell you.
It goes through my head 24 hours a day since the day it happened.
I can't let it go.
I thought I would never be able to feel something like this again.
Then you drop in out of nowhere, like a miracle.
Understand? I have a husband, Simón.
This shouldn't be happening.
I lost my wife.
That shouldn't have happened, and it was more than wrong.
Tell me more.
- I want to hear all of it.
- I'd rather not right now, Camila.
Please, it's very important to me.
You said that they they think that someone paid someone to kill Valeria so they could steal her heart? Hey.
Please, tell me what happened.
- You have proof of that? - Official evidence, not yet.
But yes.
I found the nurse who worked for them that night.
They murdered Valeria, then ripped her heart out.
They hand it over to some thugs like a piece of meat from the butcher.
Are you all right? I didn't eat.
It's just low blood sugar, and - This whole thing is just so awful.
- I don't wanna talk about it.
I told you.
Simón, thank you again for hanging on to my camera.
I'm sorry for stirring up such a painful memory.
Don't apologize.
I don't normally share the details, but you You're different.
What I feel for you, I can't even explain it.
No, don't try to name it.
I just Don't put it into words, Simón.
Thank you.
Thank you for making me feel alive again.
Why were you in that house? Zacarías.
Yeah, the guy you married.
You recall? Now, tell me.
Why were you in that house? What's going on? Are you spying on me now? If you won't look after yourself, darling, I will.
Who lives here? A fortune-teller who will help you channel the spirit of your mystery donor? No, this is where the person who found my camera at the park yesterday lives.
I told you.
You left your camera at the park? You love your camera more than your mother.
Zacarías, I swallow 17 pills a day.
I'm not very focused.
It's difficult.
And you know what? I'm gonna have to go now because I have work.
I would invite you to come along, but since you seem to like following me, well I wouldn't wanna ruin your fun, sweetheart.
I want you to find out who the hell lives in this place.
Right away, sir.
It's one or the other.
Either this asshole Cienfuegos is really an idiot or he doesn't respect us.
Fermín, he's a strategist.
He's stalling for time because he needs room to maneuver.
They're announcing Cárdenas's engagement this afternoon.
We should pay him our respects.
Of course.
It's done.
Thank you, sir.
Are you really going to marry this guy? Do you like him? I can't stand being alone.
You know that.
You don't know him.
In my experience, we never really know anyone, Lucho.
I just need a man.
I like having one around.
I want someone who kills cockroaches, gives me hugs on Sunday mornings, and who snores like a freight train.
Reminds me that I'm alive.
Because every day, I am creeping towards middle age.
"Loneliness has no scruples.
" Your words, not mine.
And to top it all off, we all know he's corrupt.
That's politics.
He plays the game.
He's so vulgar.
So ordinary.
This country is vulgar and ordinary, Lucho.
And I'm not holding all the cards here.
Braulio smells like the sea.
And minerals.
I enjoy that.
And he knows all my secrets.
Secrets that you and your sister can't imagine.
You slept with the guy from the pizza place? TOGETHER FOR CHANGE How? I mean, when exactly did you get together? If it were me, it wouldn't be shocking, but you I know.
I have no idea how it happened.
But ever since I met Simón at the concert that night, something inside me was attracted to him like a magnet, I swear.
It's almost It's almost like we know each other from a past life.
Never would I have thought you'd cheat on Zacarías.
I mean, never.
Although, I've always said you're not in love with him.
Come on, of course I love him.
You know that's not the same thing.
Yes, Zacarías is marvelous.
He's smart, generous, good-looking.
He adores you.
There's love there.
But he's not the love of your life.
Now, when you talk about Simón, you light up like a Christmas tree.
How was the sex? Really good, I suspect.
I've never felt like that, Tata.
You're in love, Camila.
That's not the worst of it, though.
So? Do you have some news on Valeria's case? No, it's not about Valeria.
It's someone else.
What? You mean another woman? Are you pulling my leg? No, Julio, I'm not.
I ran into I kinda met this woman by accident, and I can't stop thinking about her.
But I don't know.
I don't know how to explain what's happening.
Where'd you meet? Who is she? She's a photographer.
She's gorgeous, charming Mm-hmm.
She has There's something intangible.
It's It's got you babbling like an idiot.
She's married.
Actually, her husband is Zacarías Cienfuegos.
- Cárdenas's strategist? - Yes, the candidate.
Well, she has to be extremely good looking for you to even go there.
No, it's got nothing to do with her looks.
It's like we've always known each other.
- So have you done it? - What? - You know? - Yes, we did.
Only, I still can't get Valeria out of my head.
Enough of that, Simón.
Valeria isn't here.
Valeria's not here, but I live in the house we shared together.
There's Sam and Luqui, who talk about her all the time, there's her music When I was with Camila and we were I was looking right at Camila, and, bang! All of a sudden, I'm staring at Val.
Totally normal.
It's going to happen again.
It's normal.
If you want to move forward, you need to put yourself out there.
You're still a young guy.
Not too ugly.
This was bound to happen eventually.
I told you Simón is a widower, right? And as a strange coincidence, you took a picture of his wife.
Tata, his wife was murdered.
They harvested her heart and sold it to someone needing a transplant.
Do you think he could be lying? - It's too much of a coincidence.
- Yes, it's a monster coincidence.
And no.
He's not lying.
You don't actually think Zacarías? No.
God, no.
Zacarías? He couldn't be involved in something like that.
- Did you tell Simón you had a transplant? - No, I couldn't.
It's too much.
Oh, thank God.
Now what? What are you thinking? I need to find out.
I think you should shut the door on the whole crazy business forever.
Cami, if he finds out you cheated, Zacarías will not take it well.
He'll kill Simón first and then you.
Tata, he isn't Zacarías isn't a murderer.
You're not helping.
I'm warning you.
Anyone whose been cheated on is a potential murderer.
Camila, your mother and her fiancé are ready for you.
Thank you, I'll be right there.
I'm almost finished here.
You see now? I need a wife who always makes me look good.
And makes the press stop trying to say that Cárdenas is a measly rich.
Would you like to marry the future president of this country? I do.
Whoo! Did you get the ring? Congratulations, both of you.
Thank you, honey.
Please, try to find a sincere smile in time for the wedding.
How do you feel? Nervous, petrified, excited.
How's everything? - Great.
- Great.
Just give me one more minute, yeah? - I need to switch my lights.
- Sure.
- She said yes? - You bet she did.
A little skimpy on the carats.
Why were you so late? Your mother needs an army of support here.
Why? To navigate this circus? Mm-hmm.
Well, lucky for us, you were here to step up as the perfect son.
Everything okay? Everything's perfect.
Who the hell told you that I had anything to do with those criminals? I told you everything I know.
I won't say another word until you let me talk to my lawyer.
I want to talk to a lawyer.
We're asking for your full cooperation so we can protect you.
Talk to Dr.
He's the one who organized it.
Robles is dead.
He was murdered.
Where? When? Are they coming for me next? - Door.
- Inspector.
I'll do whatever you want.
Just get me out of here.
Out of the country.
We can only help you, Karla if you're willing to tell us everything you know.
Who else was there that night? Robles didn't work alone.
All this? This is a lot more than There's a bonus in there for you from Dr.
For your discretion.
How do you know each other? Him? He's a genius.
He's one of the best cardiovascular surgeons in the country.
He's also my mentor.
All I know is Robles is dead.
I was just as surprised as you are.
An unfortunate accident, I hear.
But try not to let it distract you, Montejo.
Life goes on, and there's work to do.
BODY OF RENOWNED SURGEON FOUND IN STRANGE CIRCUMSTANCES Today is not the day I tell you how awful the country is doing and how I'm going to fix it for you.
I called you here today because I want to present a very special woman.
My future wife.
The most beautiful Miss Universe the planet ever created.
The woman of my dreams.
Greta Volcán.
Thank you.
- Questions? - When did you meet? I'd say we've known each other not that long.
It was love at first sight.
Seriously, it's only been a few months.
We just wanted to be discreet and get to know each other better.
Not only have I had the good fortune to become engaged to such a magnificent man, but also, a warrior of social justice.
And to be at his side as he embarks on a new era is undoubtedly life's greatest honor.
- Your mother-in-law's a natural.
- Why would you ever doubt me? Congratulations! Get used to the attention, my lady.
Get used to sharing it.
Hi, how are you? Yeah.
I appreciate that.
Thank you.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
They're lovely.
The organization wishes you success in your upcoming nuptials and elections.
Which organization? It doesn't matter, my queen.
The people, their organizations.
WE SEE EVERYTHING WE KNOW EVERYTHING What's more beautiful? The feminine body or my body of work? Sorry, do you actually know these people? What are they doing here? I don't know, but look at the beautiful flowers I got.
It's personalized.
- Ready? - What's going on? I have no idea.
Let's just get out of here.
All right.
Let's go.
Thank you.
Keep going, keep going.
Karla? Hey.
Rentería promised me he wouldn't get you involved.
So you still trust the police? Are you okay? Hey.
When death comes knocking on your door, you're never okay again.
Karla Montenegro.
You're free to go.
Tell me everything you know about them, and why they were there today.
I'd like to know what we're up against.
It's not important right now.
What's important is getting rid of them quickly.
Zacarías, what we need to do is go to the police.
I've never seen you like this.
Are they threatening you? Do they have information that could put you in danger? What is it? And don't try to tell me the less I know the better.
I heard about our candidate's engagement.
You know how to get attention, Cienfuegos.
It's a quality we both have, apparently.
A small gesture to celebrate the happy couple.
Now, have you got an answer for us? It's not that simple.
I have to discuss it with Cárdenas, and there hasn't been time.
There are three things I just can't stand.
That's stupidity, lousy cooking, and those who make me wait.
You have 24 hours and not a minute longer.
You'll have officers to watch over you.
Two measly officers? Good one.
Look what they just did to one of their own.
It's clear someone knows something.
I could be next.
Or you.
They're they're looking for the other doctor too.
You mentioned you have a son and a daughter? Be careful.
Valeria was murdered.
Some really bad guys who sold her heart, and it ended up with some piece of shit who used it for a transplant.
Someone out there has Valeria's heart.
Because that heart was never meant to be yours.
Do we know who the donor is? You know they don't give out that information.
Just try to be thankful that a heart became available, Camila.
As you know, the odds of that happening were pretty slim.
So your photographer, is she joining us? What are you asking me for? Samantha told me she was over at your house She came to pick up the camera she forgot, and And? And nothing.
She's just a friend.
Just friends.
You know stalking's kind of creepy, right? Here you are.
The pizza I owed you for and the beer you just brought over.
Don't put your garbage on the tablecloth.
Garbage? No.
Why be so harsh, pretty angel face? I have something else for you, but I'm sure it won't interest a boring little waitress like you.
But you never know.
Why give it to me if you think I'm boring? Because I wanted to know if I was wrong.
But I don't think so.
Boring is just how you were born.
Tell me.
Are you always this annoying or only when you open your mouth? I think it's worse when I'm quiet.
We finally agree on something.
Hasta la vista, baby.
Sami, why did we come here? You don't even like rock.
Don't tell me you're into him.
Hmm? Is he the guy who OD'd? You're kidding.
You actually like him? Can you shush? Since when are you attracted to the bad boys? - Because he looks really dangerous.
- Yes! We are Piel Camaleón! So, I guess the boring little waitress isn't so boring after all.
Actually, the little waitress is next-level boring.
Two, Willy.
It's on the house.
Thank you.
I'm Oriana, the best friend with better manners.
Nice to meet you.
The, uh slightly acquainted with this rude girl.
I don't think so.
I saved your ass.
Remember? Oh, hey, "I saved your ass.
" Get over it.
- Want a medal? - So You like the band? Mmm Uh She's just messing with you.
She loved it.
Listen, it's not mind-blowing.
But at least you're all in tune, and you have great harmonies.
We enjoyed those.
What are you? Some kind of music critic? Beethoven? My mother played trumpet in jazz bands.
You two keep talking.
The bathroom's calling.
I was really surprised to see your grandfather here.
He always comes.
He used to play here with his own band.
And you? Are you here to steal that kiss back from me? Not even close.
You're dying to kiss me.
You are a bore.
And also, above all prude as hell.
You got it bad for the bad boy.
Can't sleep either? What are you thinking about, sweetheart? You scare me sometimes.
It's like you have eyes everywhere, you know? That's one of my secrets.
I've been thinking we could use a bit of a romantic getaway.
Just us.
No, baby.
You can't leave in the middle of a campaign.
Two or three days is fine.
Well, I can't go.
I have way too much work I have to turn in.
You hiding something? Of course not.
All the not being able to sleep right, the crazy nights, the bad dreams.
I can't stand it anymore.
I'd rather go to the studio and get some work done instead.
Boy, you're so cute.
- What happens if I die before you? - Don't say stuff like that.
I have to.
Otherwise, there won't be any more family pictures.
- You never take them.
- I don't know where you get the idea that you can be the first to go when you know that we signed a prenuptial agreement that explicitly prohibits such a thing.
- Well, let's suppose such a thing happens.
- Uh-huh.
- Promise me a few things.
- Oh, yeah? Like what? No junk food for the kids, or I will come back to haunt you.
Okay, okay, okay.
You have to keep listening to my music.
And lastly find someone to love quickly.
Fall in love with a woman who's beautiful inside and out.
- Mmm.
- And extremely intelligent.
A smart, beautiful woman with a good heart.
I already found one.
If it weren't for me, you wouldn't even be alive.
You'd be nothing.
Carrion! Sweetheart.
I didn't know you were there.
You wanna come in with me? It's a bit much coming to this kind of conclusion, don't you think? Álvaro, the dates coincide.
This woman's heart was stolen the same day as I had my operation.
Yeah, but that doesn't automatically mean that you were given Valeria Duque's heart.
But it's a possibility.
No, no, Camila, no.
Did you ask Zacarías? Of course, I didn't.
He'd laugh it off, say it's the ayahuasca or something.
That's how it comes off.
Now more than ever, I need to find out exactly where this heart came from.
Please, Álvaro.
So if we're following this scenario then an eminent surgeon like Dr.
Carrasco would actually be operating with black market organs? Well, maybe he doesn't know.
Camila, that's not how it works.
You're not that naive.
I feel bad, I feel desperate, and I'm terrified.
Please, help me with this.
What do you need? The donor information is in Dr.
Carrasco's computer.
I need a hacker.
Do you know one? Not here.
They live here? Álvarito, honey, it's been ages.
This is my friend Camila.
Aren't you a lovely one? You're sweet.
Thank you so much.
Your parrot's so cute.
Don't get too close.
He woke up in a horrible mood.
Luis Alfonso Parra, the squawker.
- Coffee? - No, uh, next time.
Today we're in a bit of a hurry.
What kind of trouble are you in now? Hmm? He only shows up when he needs a favor trying to get into someone's computer or trace their phone.
Are you kidding? You're the hacker? Ms.
The most badass hacker I know.
Well, I don't like to brag.
Now, tell me.
What is it you need? Well, basically, what I would need from you is to get information from someone's computer.
Information that's very important.
Ah, poor things.
I won't be able to help you today.
I have too much work already.
And I'm behind on knitting my granddaughter's sweater.
I'm available next week for sure.
Please, Ms.
If it weren't urgent, I wouldn't have come here.
Young people are always in a rush.
Give me the IP address.
Sorry, the real problem is we have no information.
The computer we're hacking is actually at the hospital.
Any luck? This Dr.
Montejo hasn't practiced medicine for several years.
At least, not official.
He lost his license following a serious case of malpractice, and he has no known address.
I don't get how you can't find him.
I don't.
But we will.
We will.
You've known for a while.
I told you this dinner was important.
I don't decide when I'm not gonna feel well.
I can't help it.
It's curious.
You only seem to be under the weather when we're supposed to do something together, not when you prance around with shamans or with strangers in the rain.
DINNER? Fine, I'll get changed.
- You don't care how I feel anyway.
- Forget I asked, honey.
If you don't feel well, stay here.
I'll reschedule.
Okay? I'll work on things for the campaign.
You rest.
- No silliness.
- Right.
Good evening, sir.
Reservation? - Cienfuegos.
- Cienfuegos.
You've gotten very good at walking with that cane, Ms.
Occupational hazard, honey.
It's down there.
Camila, I hope you're not looking for Dr.
Is he free? Uh, no.
He had to go in for emergency surgery, I'm afraid.
- Oh.
- Was he expecting you, though? No, no.
It's just that we were visiting a friend who's recovering here and I had a question for him, but I'll call him tomorrow.
All right, have a good evening.
Let's go.
Over there to the right.
- You wait outside and watch the hallway.
- Yes.
Sounds good.
You tell us if anyone's close.
Don't worry.
CALLING CALLING Is Camila still at home? Okay.
Drop that and go find her.
You're a smart man.
I knew you'd make the right decision.
We're gonna do great things together, my friend.
Okay, I got it.
The door's pretty heavy.
Let's see.
Are we ready? - Yes.
- Ready, Doctor.
I left my phone in my office.
I'm expecting a call from my wife any minute.
And one of the kids is sick.
I won't be long.
Any luck? Be patient.
It's a lot like knitting.
Patience and know-how.
MY LOVE Is that? Oh, for Christ's sake.
He forgot his phone.
Son of a bitch.
I need to hustle.
Hey there.
Got it.
You're in? Your turn.
Here it is.
Donor list.
Carrasco is headed this way.
We need to leave.
Come on, Camila! Did you hear me? Come on, let's go.
I know whose heart I have.
It's Valeria Duque's.

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