The Marked Heart (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

¿Mi esposo es un asesino?

1 [ominous music playing.]
[breathing heavily.]
[Karla grunts.]
A NETFLIX SERIES ["In a Heartbeat" by Cavendish Music playing.]
[song fades out.]
That's her.
[dramatic music plays.]
It's really her.
You think? Hey, we've gotta go.
Come on.
Let's go.
[intense music playing.]
What's going on here? [coughing.]
What's the meaning of this? Camila? Thank goodness you're here, Doctor.
I had no idea what to do.
- What's happening? Are you all right? - Yes, Doctor.
Yes, I'm fine.
- It's It's my - [coughing continues.]
It's my friend's aunt, she's really sick.
I'm Álvaro.
Good to meet you, Doctor.
- Yeah, good to meet you.
- How are you? [coughs.]
Down in emergency we were waiting forever.
It was only supposed to be another few hours, but I figured instead, I'd find you to help us.
But I don't understand.
My office was locked.
Who opened it for you? A nurse did.
She, uh She saw how badly she was doing.
She decided to help.
So she opened up your office so we could wait.
And then we Well, we've been waiting for you to finish your surgery.
I understand, but I'm gonna have to ask you to leave my office now.
I'll call down to emergency, and we'll have someone examine her right away.
Thanks so much.
Come on.
Well, thank you, Doctor.
Thank you so much.
We're sorry to have bothered you and, well, for everything.
Are you all right? I don't know, you look - [Camila.]
I'm completely fine.
- [suspenseful music plays.]
Thanks for helping us.
Have a great day.
[door closes.]
[suspenseful music plays.]
I'm sorry, I My cousin Ezequiel apparently lives here.
No, there's no one named Ezequiel here.
You've got the wrong house.
That's really weird.
My mother said she saw him here a couple of weeks back.
- Mmm, I'm sorry, Mr - No, your mom was not here.
My name is Simón.
And if you'll pardon me, you should go.
Uh, Simón, sorry, do you happen to know the person who used to live here? You okay? Yes, everything's fine.
We're good here.
If you're looking for someone named Ezequiel, hire a private investigator to help you out, okay? Thanks.
Excuse me.
Who was that, Dad? No idea, but I've got a bad feeling about it.
If you see him again, please let me know, okay? Yeah.
I want Cárdenas out of our negotiations.
This is between me and you.
That was masterful.
Having Cárdenas marry Greta, which, of course, also makes you the future president's son-in-law.
Get on with it.
"Greta Volcán is the breath of fresh air that the people have been waiting for.
" - Beautiful.
- [both chuckle.]
- What else are they saying? - Ah, let's see.
- Ah, oh, listen to this one.
- Ah.
"Braulio managed a perfect triumph today.
" "Our Miss Universe was radiant next to her love bird.
" [both chuckle.]
My Zac is worth every penny out of the whopping millions that I pay him.
I told you, right? Maybe [exhales.]
I'm thinking we should try to find out how much of a perfect triumph this is.
[Greta chuckles.]
You certainly don't waste time, do you? [Cárdenas grunts, breathes heavily.]
I can't wait to meet Ms.
[Greta grunts.]
[Cárdenas grunts.]
[Cárdenas breathing heavily.]
[grunts, exhales.]
Our organization can start working tomorrow if you want us to move those polls in your favor.
And in exchange? We want the Ministry of Foreign Commerce.
[Zacarías chuckles.]
Sarmiento, you're asking for access to the country's ports.
And access to borders, to customs You see, our activities, most of them anyway, they require a certain fluidity.
We've been spending too much money having to bribe the authorities.
I'm afraid I can't help.
[Sarmiento chuckles.]
You've got quite the balls, don't you? You're just a perfect little angel.
"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here," Zac.
You know that's Shakespeare? But you're not a fan of literature, are you? I find it boring.
I figured.
How can you assist my candidate? [inhales.]
We've got information, my friend.
We can help you ruin Julia Moncada.
[Zacarías scoffs.]
Come on, Sarmiento.
Digging up people's shit is my specialty.
But what we have is gold.
Not just shit.
[cell phone vibrating.]
Excuse me.
Why'd you take so long to call me back? I was sleeping.
Feeling any better? You don't sound like yourself.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Don't be worried, just do your thing.
I'll talk to you later.
I'm so tired.
I can't do it.
Honey, it's important that we evaluate what we know, Cami.
"Evaluate"? "Evaluate"? I just found out this woman was targeted and was murdered for her heart.
And now it's in me.
Zacarías might be involved.
Did he know all this would happen to her? So many questions, Cami, and because of that, you need to talk to him - and tell him everything.
- No.
Tata, I'm scared.
I'm freaking out.
Cami, you already told me, "Zacarías is capable of many things but not this.
" I can't be sure.
I need to find out what happened to her.
I just can't go on like this.
I feel so awful for Simón.
He deserves to know the truth about his wife.
Same as you.
It's all so confusing because because I don't know if my feelings for him are real, or or maybe his wife is trying to manifest through me.
Camila, no.
Don't just freak out.
We both know there are accounts like yours, but they're not They're just myths, Cami.
That's all.
Yes, but I actually had a transplant, remember? So maybe it's not a myth.
[jazz music playing on TV.]
[camera shutter clicks.]
There, sent.
You gotta see the stupid face you make.
- [Simón.]
What? - Did you just call my dad stupid? [Sam.]
Not him.
Just the face he makes.
That tiny little smile.
You were dreaming of that photographer.
You want me to send you an itemized list of all my thoughts to make sure they're okay? Hmm.
Dad, can we see her again, please? She's bad at painting, but I like her.
No, Lucas.
Don't say that.
If you say that, she'll move in with us.
And if you won't respect Mom's memory, Dad, I have to at least try.
[TV turns off abruptly.]
What? Your mother is the love of my life, and nothing's going to change that.
[sentimental music playing.]
But Yes, I'm having feelings towards Camila.
And I was just as surprised as you.
Yeah, but feelings for her? It's too soon for that, Dad.
Is it bad that I'm feeling something again, though? [inhales.]
It's just that if you fall in love with somebody else, my mom will really be dead, you know? Come here.
They murdered this woman in the prime of her life.
They paid to steal her heart.
And my body carries all of that now.
[Camila sighs.]
Is it possible he bought it? Or did he just pay to get you further up the list without knowing? What am I supposed to do? Tell me.
Is Zacarías involved in this or not? Was my life given back to me at the cost of this woman's? Is my husband a killer now? Maybe he was tricked.
- Maybe he doesn't have a clue.
- Hey, Cami! - I have no idea! - Camila, stop it.
Stop jumping to conclusions.
You're hurting yourself.
It's possible that there can be an explanation.
Are you going to talk to him? [door opens.]
What is it my wife has to tell me, ladies? That my phone call was with a gallery in New York who wanted a sample of Camila's work.
Great, right? And I bet the news made you feel better? Yes, well, I had to look over some materials.
You know that I'm indecisive.
I was asking for my friend's opinions.
I wish she cared about my opinion.
She does.
She trusts you completely.
[Zacarías exhales.]
Well, it's getting late.
Excuse me.
- [upbeat dance music playing.]
- [crowd cheering.]
Whoo! [man 1.]
Whoo! Whoo! [all chanting.]
[all cheering.]
[man 2.]
Hey! Are you blind, asshole? Shit.
Yeah, nobody ever taught these kids manners.
[dramatic music plays.]
- [upbeat music continues.]
- [crowd cheering.]
[music continues faintly.]
[man 2.]
Come on.
Let's go.
[tires screech.]
[man 2.]
All right, we're following her.
Copy? [engine accelerates.]
[electric whirring.]
[metallic clatter.]
- What the Son of a bitch! - What's going on? - We're out of gas or something.
- Are you serious? The tank was full.
Central, send backup to the witness's address.
Someone drained the tank.
Repeat, send backup to the witness's address.
When I called you before, you told me you were asleep, but the bed hasn't been slept in.
So you're keeping track of that too? [Camila scoffs.]
I'm only asking because I'm curious, okay? That's it.
I called you several times and you didn't answer.
Why? You know what it is.
It's all the pills.
They knock me right out, Zac.
When I call you.
But not when your friends call you.
Oh, tell me something.
Who was it who recommended Dr.
Carrasco? Sorry, why are you asking about him? No reason.
You just never told me.
I was curious.
[Zac inhales.]
Listen, Camila.
Knowing people, making connections, that's my job.
I asked around for the best cardiothoracic surgeon in the country.
It's that simple.
I'm asking you because Well, I just never found out and I wanted to know.
I miss you.
We've been strange lately.
You're right.
We're distant.
I feel distant now.
Maybe it's my new heart.
It's just not the same.
[Zacarías sighs.]
[gentle music playing.]
[engine turns off.]
[door hinge creaks.]
[car engine revving.]
[tense music playing.]
[Karla breathing heavily.]
[dramatic music plays.]
- [gunshots firing.]
- [glass shattering.]
[breathing heavily.]
[gunshots continue.]
[tense music plays.]
I never thought I'd fall in love with a man like you.
It sounds to me like you've got regrets.
You represent everything that I hated in a person.
But it's true what they say.
Life's full of surprises.
[sentimental music playing.]
When I was young, I wanted to be a magician.
That was the only thing I liked at the circus.
What you did to me wasn't magic.
It was sorcery.
[sentimental music continues.]
[dramatic music plays.]
That bitch is getting away.
[gunshot fires.]
[Karla shrieks.]
[engine revving.]
[Karla breathing heavily.]
[engine revs.]
[Karla yells.]
[Garabato and Mariachi breathing heavily.]
Go and get the gas we siphoned from the cops.
We're gonna burn all this.
[fire crackling.]
So what'd you find? The man lives with his two kids.
A boy and a teenage girl.
He seemed on edge, even nervous.
He was having problems for sure.
Eh Camila and her talent for choosing bad company.
What else? The guy owns that pizzeria place that Camila likes to go to with her friend Tata and [sounds distort.]
Sorry, sir.
[ominous music playing.]
[Simón breathing heavily.]
[trumpet playing.]
You seem to be in a better mood.
Hey, just let me explain.
I like that my kids get to see their father laughing again.
Are you serious? You're a lovely couple.
[music ends abruptly.]
[indistinct chattering.]
HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON! Thanks for coming up with the gallery in New York thing.
Did you talk to Zac? No.
[Camila sighs.]
I just can't think.
I'm completely lost.
[cell phone beeping.]
[Camila sighs.]
It's Simón.
He wants to see me.
Look at you after one simple message.
What if it's her though? What if it's Valeria's heart that wants to be with him? Oh no.
Just give me a break with that stuff.
What do you want to do? I don't know.
I don't know, but I'm so crazy for him.
But if I was worried about all of my feelings before, imagine me now.
I mean, how am I supposed to tell him that I have his wife's heart? You need to be cool about this, Camila.
[Camila sighs.]
Maybe maybe you and him should take some time apart.
[Camila sighs.]
This morning I was doing some research about organ trafficking.
It's unbelievable.
There's no way Zacarías or Dr.
Carrasco could get involved with something so horrifying.
- It's impossible.
- You need to talk to Zacarías.
I'm sure that he can, well, explain it to you.
- Where are you going? - To do what I have to do.
- [Rosa moaning.]
- [both breathing heavily.]
[Rosa moans.]
[Rosa moaning.]
[both exhale sharply.]
[both breathe heavily.]
[cell phone vibrating.]
Get me a coffee.
[breathing heavily.]
[cell phone beeps.]
Hello, Zacarías.
To what do I owe the pleasure? Something wrong with Camila? Not necessarily, but then it does concern Camila.
You see, last night she was here in my office with an elderly woman.
And a man.
What did she want? Supposedly, she was bringing the woman in for an emergency visit.
But I'm not sure.
There was something strange going on.
Did Camila tell you? [suspenseful music playing.]
Hi there.
I'm sorry for not calling first, for just showing up.
- Am I interrupting? - No, no, no.
Please, come in.
I wanted to say sorry for not responding to the messages.
Don't worry about it.
I know you have a husband.
I get it.
And your children? Lucas is at school, and Samantha's working at the restaurant today.
Actually, Lucas was asking when we'd next be seeing you.
I was wondering that too.
That's why why I sent those messages.
Camila, I couldn't stop thinking about you.
Wait, Simón.
What's wrong? [Camila sighs.]
The two of us can't see each other ever again.
- You're wrong about that.
- No.
- How? - I know I'm right.
It's the best decision for both of us.
[Camila sighs.]
[knocking on door.]
Oh, good.
You're here.
You eating this pizza all by yourself? [Tomás.]
No, that pizza's for three.
And the third is you.
God, you'd just love that, wouldn't you? Look.
I deliver the pizza.
Not my job to just eat with the customers.
But I'm your favorite customer.
- [Sam scoffs.]
- Are you telling me that that you go around kissing everyone who places an order? [Sócrates.]
So? [whispers.]
Sócrates will be hurt if you don't stay for dinner.
Please join us.
The world needs beauty.
It's lacking in it.
Especially in a place like this.
[both chuckle.]
But I can only stay five minutes.
Then I have to get back.
[cell phone ringing.]
[dramatic music plays.]
What? Slow down.
Just Okay, okay.
On my way.
Be right there.
I've gotta say, your pizza One of the best I've ever had.
My grandpa's a genius.
My father too.
He takes after him.
Your dad clearly knows what he's doing.
- Me? - [Sócrates exhales.]
No, no, no.
Never smoked marijuana.
Hey, it's cool.
It's easy.
It helps to relax.
Makes you forget.
Because we all have something to forget.
Don't you? More than you could imagine.
[rock music playing.]
It's okay.
I want a full report by the end of the day.
Don't leave anything out.
They emptied the gas tanks on my guys' cars.
I told you to look after her.
Huh? They killed her mother.
- Didn't I say to watch Karla? Huh? - [Bracho.]
You just let them kill her! Watch it, Simón.
Remember, you're talking to an officer.
An officer who did nothing to Robles or Montejo.
And now Karla's dead, you prick! [Simón grunts, breathing heavily.]
Who are they gonna come for next? Huh? While you're doing nothing.
[both grunt.]
Release him.
What's wrong? Who's next? Me or my children? Huh? Karla was a loose end for them to tie up, Simón.
You A guy came to my house and asked a bunch of questions.
I'll fight for my children.
Because I know you're not gonna do anything.
You're so useless.
[exhales sharply.]
[rock music continues playing.]
You see it? It's like a cookie.
- [both chuckle.]
- [Sam.]
Right? [chuckles.]
What? Didn't I say that I've never done this before? No.
Well - [Sam.]
No? - Only 30 times.
[both chuckling.]
You know something? [Sam.]
What? [sighs.]
Having sex while you're high is incredible.
Petrified when I've been so neglected ♪ If you try to turn the page I'll throw it away ♪ Blame myself When I can't seem to make it right ♪ Hate myself Living in hell I can't swallow my pride ♪ Take one breath And I'll see you on the other side ♪ Break myself Till I'm down on my knees ♪ How could I be so ♪ Blame myself When I can't seem to make it right ♪ Hate myself Living in hell I can't swallow my pride ♪ [cell phone ringing.]
DAD - CELL PHONE Break myself till I'm down on my ♪ Teo.
Teo, Teo, Teo, where's Samantha? [Teo.]
Delivering a pizza.
She's not back yet.
Why is Samantha delivering pizzas when Teo's right there? I don't want her on the motorcycle.
I didn't send her to deliver it.
Samantha offered to go.
And you just let her walk out of here? Simón, what's wrong with you? Huh? Your daughter's delivering pizzas.
Like she's done hundreds of times.
I've been calling her phone nonstop, and she doesn't answer.
Well, she could have her headphones on.
She's in her own world maybe.
None of us have any idea what you're going through.
- You want to know what I'm going through? - Yes.
That girl Karla is dead.
You mean, the nurse? Yeah, they hunted and killed her like an animal.
And they could be coming for you, or me, or my children next.
[knocks on door.]
[rock music playing.]
[knocks on door.]
[sighs gently.]
[knocks on door.]
Coming! [grunts.]
[door slams shut.]
Something to drink? [man.]
What do you have? [Tomás.]
Uh, water? [man.]
Just water? [Tomás.]
Sparkling water.
Oh, hey.
How you doing? Perfect, can't you see? [Tomás sighs.]
I thought I heard you talking.
Is someone here? Uh, yeah.
It's my friend Douglas.
But we all just call him - [dramatic music plays.]
- [snaps fingers.]
- Oh, hey.
- [Garabato.]
What's up? - Uh, so, I gotta go.
Like now.
- Yeah? No.
Come back.
I'll make you a coffee.
Just stay for a bit.
- No, it's okay.
- Hmm? No.
Hey, man.
Watch how you look at my girlfriend.
"Your girlfriend"? Seriously? - [Tomás.]
I didn't say that.
- Yeah? No.
I'm your girlfriend now? You're funny, aren't you? I spoke with Julio and Gaby.
They both said they were fine with it.
It's no problem for the kids to stay at their place.
I'm only asking, Simón, that you please stop taking risks.
It's enough knowing what happened to poor Valeria.
Is that Samantha? Yeah, she's on her way.
That's good.
You thought about what you're going to tell them? What will you say? Uh [Bracho.]
Nobody's come to claim the body.
Her only known family was her mother.
She has no one.
[Rentería sighs.]
Simón Duque's taking care of the burial.
Handle the paperwork.
What are we up against here, boss? The body of the deceased woman was found only meters from where she lived.
Still unknown are the reasons for the crime.
This is Diego Quintero reporting for News 24/7.
The real reason is that we're completely surrounded by maniacs.
It's all bullshit.
They make this crap up to scare us.
It's bullshit.
[TV turns off.]
Hey, I was watching.
We're leaving right now.
Let's go! But but Dad, why do we have to go right now? It's not fair.
Why are we running away? When someone comes home high on drugs, they lose their right to an explanation.
But Dad, I'm It's still me.
I'm not different.
Really? You don't smell the alcohol on your breath? Just look at your eyes too.
Explain to me who you were with, and what the hell you were doing.
With no one.
I'm telling you, with Oriana.
And besides, I'm not leaving, Dad.
This is my house.
If Samantha's not going, I'm We're all going now! Go and get packed already.
You just want the whole house to yourself so you can have that photographer over.
I don't owe you any explanations.
Now go and get yourself cleaned up before we leave, Samantha.
You're gonna have to drag me out.
I'm not moving.
Oh yeah? You don't seem to understand what I want is to protect this family.
- Protect us from what, Dad? - From the people who killed your mom! What? [gentle music playing.]
But why? Why? Did we do something bad? And if you stay here, they're gonna come for you.
I don't want anything bad to happen.
- Hey, Samantha, listen.
- I don't want them to come.
I'll be fine.
You have to trust me.
But don't ever do something like that to me again.
You promise? - Okay? - Yeah.
[Simón exhales.]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry too.
I'm so sorry.
Please, can you forgive me? [Zacarías.]
We need to be more self-reliant as a nation.
There's the capacity and the talent to be exporting more.
Yes, but how will we do it? Offering tax benefit packages to our entrepreneurs will kick-start growth.
And we've been in negotiations for ages with other countries Our dear son-in-law's really pulling out all the stops.
I know that you're all excited to be part of the prosperity that is coming.
That's the reason we've invited you here today.
[dramatic music plays.]
They found a match.
I thought I was still too far down the list.
Your mother was right.
- Miracles do happen.
- [Camila.]
How did she die? Please don't do that.
You'll drive yourself crazy.
[all clapping.]
Just try to be thankful that a heart became available, Camila.
As you know, the odds of that happening were pretty slim.
I am a man of the people.
And a man of the people keeps his promises.
And that is why It's important to remember that we must all stay together.
Together for change.
Thank you.
[all clapping.]
[camera shutter clicks.]
The speech went well.
A lot better than we hoped.
Very nice job.
You okay? Or are there still problems with that organization? No.
But I feel a storm brewing.
- [chuckles.]
- Hey, are you good? Excuse me, I'd like to offer you my congratulations.
From now on, you can consider me a fan.
It's quite surprising to learn you're not the candidate.
You've got the wits for it, the charisma, the right instincts.
Think about it.
I would certainly support you.
Don't let Cárdenas hear you.
Besides, I know Zacarías likes to work behind the scenes.
An underrated virtue.
- [indistinct chatter.]
- Yeah.
[Zacarías sighs.]
- [Gaby and Julio.]
- Hey, guys.
- [Julio.]
Hey, buddy.
You bring the games? - Yeah.
- I'm about to beat the fourth level too.
- [Julio.]
You kidding me? Well, tonight then, I'll take you down.
- [chuckles.]
No, you're so bad.
- Come on.
It's impossible.
We'll see about that later, hmm? [chuckles.]
- How are ya? - What's up? [Simón sighs.]
[Julio groans.]
You shouldn't be at home alone.
It's crazy.
What if those guys show up If any of them show up at my house, well, I'll be there.
 I'll be waiting.
- Oh, sure.
- Yeah.
- Rambo.
- Huh? Superman.
You even told me yourself, "They burned that woman's house to the ground.
" I need to ask you a favor.
Now, if the absolute worst were to happen Are you serious? No.
Don't even say it, Simón.
[Julio sighs.]
And Camila? Camila told me we won't be seeing each other anymore, and she meant every word.
That makes sense.
She's married, right? No.
I don't get it.
There's more going on.
There's something else.
What are we celebrating? I was just thinking we could play a truth game together.
[Zacarías sighs.]
[Zacarías grunts.]
[sucks teeth.]
What's going on with Simón Duque? [suspenseful music plays.]
[Camila sighs.]
I told you, he was holding on to my camera.
You left the camera in the park? And Simón kept it safe at home.
So what were you doing with him in the park? The man is teaching me how to cook.
He had to go to the store for ingredients, and I went with him to buy vegetables and spices and all that.
[dramatic music plays.]
Why does it feel like you're lying to me then? Oh, and also, what were you doing last night at Dr.
Carrasco's office like some criminal? [sighs deeply.]
So you want to play the truth game? Is that it? Yes, I do.
I wanted information.
Information you've kept hidden from me.
And guess what? I found it.
[dramatic music plays.]
I saw it.
Whose heart I got in the transplant.
Her name is Valeria Duque.
She was killed in cold blood, and her heart was stolen.
[dramatic music intensifies.]
[music ends abruptly.]
["In a Heartbeat" by Cavendish Music playing.]
[song fades out.]

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