The Marked Heart (2022) s01e09 Episode Script

Estamos aquí para cambiarle la vida

1 You think your donor was murdered? Where the hell did you get this crazy idea, Camila? Right here.
Where? That's what I found so far.
Including the very disturbing detail of her heart getting ripped out.
What? No.
Hold on a minute here.
What does this woman have to do with you? That's her.
Is that her? She was my donor.
Valeria Duque.
That's what appears in my medical history.
You don't believe this, do you? - I don't believe you.
- Camila.
You've been feeding me bullshit since the operation.
There was never an unfortunate person who had an accident or a family that wanted to donate their heart to me out of compassion.
They murdered that woman.
Killed her on purpose.
A happy, healthy person with two children and a husband and a whole life.
I need you to tell me if you were involved in this.
A NETFLIX SERIES Excuse me? You pretended it was policy, so I wouldn't find out who my donor was, right? Not true.
- Yes, it is.
- Walk me through it, would ya? In your words, what did I do? You think I hired someone to kill that woman and take her heart? You believe I'm capable of killing? It's all so awful.
But I have her heart inside of me now.
In here, Zacarías.
It was hers.
Who did it? Who stole it from her? Is it Dr.
Carrasco? Camila, come on.
Carrasco is an eminent surgeon in this country.
You can't be questioning his reputation.
I'm sorry, Zacarías.
I'm extremely confused.
I don't know what to think anymore.
Don't touch me.
I can't think straight.
It's all swirling around in my head, but with nowhere to go.
I can't believe anyone or anything right now.
This is very upsetting and serious.
Very serious.
Don't worry.
I'll go talk to Dr.
I'll take care of it.
We're gonna find out exactly what happened, all right? We'll find the truth.
I promise.
I'll get it for you.
How could a doctor do that? - I don't know.
- Give me the heart of an innocent woman, a heart that was handed over to him by such a horrible act? - Sweetheart.
- My God.
- Sweetheart.
Look at me.
- She was murdered for this.
I know there are monsters out there.
I know.
I know! It's horrible.
But I can't even imagine Carrasco involved in something like this.
He would never do this.
Never! - We have to go to the police.
- No, no.
That's the last thing we should do, honey.
And the worst.
- We're talking about a murder.
- Calm down.
- They're criminals.
- Yes, I know there are criminals involved in this woman's disappearance.
I do.
But your emotions are clouding your judgment.
You have to think how far things might go.
What the consequences could be of reporting this to the police.
This would involve all of us, sweetheart.
All of us.
Including you, honey.
You and I would be the principal suspects if they investigated.
- What? - You would be a suspect.
Because you benefit most from this.
The operation saved you.
Now, don't get upset.
- Please, don't be upset.
Calm down.
- No, no! Nothing bad's gonna happen.
I'll take care of you.
I won't allow anything bad happen.
No one touches my family.
I'll protect you.
I'll protect you.
Hey, hey.
Come here.
TOGETHER FOR CHANGE BRAULIO CÁRDENAS FOR PRESIDEN The one I sold you a while ago wasn't enough? Are you turning into an outlaw? Do you know how to use it? Of course.
It's not going into a museum.
Simón Duque has right to fear for his life, Boss.
Wouldn't it be wise to get him a security detail? Why? So we can protect him like we did Karla? These people are always one step ahead of us, Bracho.
There's something that we're not seeing.
We agreed that you go get him today.
I get him tomorrow.
Sure, because you're the only one with emergencies.
I have to get Santi at school.
Call me if there's anything.
It's under control, boss.
We offer the same services as most clinics, including pregnancy tests, HIV testing, blood tests, thyroid, diabetes.
But I don't understand why you're here.
I'm looking for information on a patient.
Valeria Duque.
I already talked to Mr.
Duque and gave him the results from her last visit here.
And besides this clinic, who else has access to the information? I guarantee you we follow all the government's recommendations for protecting clients' medical records.
That information is confidential and is only shared with our providers.
Do you think I could get access to that information from your providers? Absolutely.
But you need a court order.
Any other questions, officer? BE A DONOR - SAVE LIVES Thanks.
It's her.
It's her.
Is that money? Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up! There's some over here.
There are checks with Cárdenas's face on them dropping all over town.
Is it you? I have like seven.
No, but I know whose idea it is.
Cárdenas? Come on, Marcelo.
Don't start overestimating our candidate.
The mysterious organization? I have to take care of something more urgent.
Come on.
This is so fucked up, Tata.
How am I supposed to live like this? Start by seeing where Zacarías goes with it, I guess.
What does your gut tell you? That it's all lies.
Sure, he's as horrified as I am, you know, but you can't imagine his reaction when I said I thought he might've been involved.
Mmm, how'd you leave off? He'll investigate it and straighten everything out.
But there's no way I'm sitting around doing nothing.
I'm sorry everything is so awful, but all of this stress, it's bad for you.
I have to go confront Dr.
I know you, Camila.
You're going to go over there and accuse your doctor of murdering people to steal their body parts.
Don't you dare try to talk me out of this.
If I'm walking around with this heart after finding out where it comes from, I can confront anybody I want.
Why on earth do you have such sensitive information sitting on your computer? I would like to first remind you that it was Camila and her friends who broke in here, Zacarías.
And they broke the law and hacked into my private files.
We need a solution.
Okay? I don't know if I convinced Camila.
I'm sure you'll agree that the organization can't be made aware of this fiasco.
You've seen it.
They're very, what's the word exacting in resolving issues.
Explain what I discovered in your files.
Doctor Carrasco, she refused to wait outside.
It's all right.
Thank you, Mercedes.
You can go now.
I told you I would take care of it, didn't I? Why do you have to be so stubborn? Listen, Camila, I'm just as concerned by all this as both of you.
I've requested an evaluation by a medical committee to assuage any doubts.
The protocols for transplant procedures are exceptionally rigorous.
Really? So now what? I'm not sure, but everything's pointing to the other surgeon who was working on the transplant from the other end.
I'd be extremely surprised to find out if he was involved in wrongdoing, but it's all I have to go on.
No doubt, this guy's a criminal.
What we're discussing is a very sensitive matter.
So I would humbly ask you not to jump to any conclusions.
I want to show you one of our resources.
I believe you should know about it.
This woman, Valeria Duque, her name is on the list of registered voluntary organ donors.
When someone on that list has a life-threatening event, ends up in a coma, or anything serious, it automatically gets reported in the system.
This was all cross-checked with the other surgeon, according to protocol, and was in perfect order.
Sad but ideal.
A fatal accident with the patient suffering clinical brain death, but whose heart was still beating strong.
Only it wasn't an accident, Doctor.
I know she was murdered! They killed her to harvest her heart.
Camila, calm down, sweetheart.
Do you two realize that what we're dealing with here is organ trafficking? I Do you realize the magnitude, Zacarías? Of course, I realize.
So does Dr.
Take a breath.
The stress isn't good for you, Camila.
We're talking about something very sinister.
But I give you my word, there will be no stone left unturned to find the truth.
You'd better because if you don't do it, then I will.
I give you my word.
I want to be alone.
This is happening to both of us.
No, it's happening to me because you aren't carrying evidence of a murder inside of you.
I'll be honest with you.
For someone whose never done this before, that wasn't bad.
But it wasn't good, either.
I want you to teach me the quickest way possible.
Hold on, Simón.
You sound like you might start robbing banks or something.
No, I just don't want my kids to be orphans.
What the hell's going on? Someone after you? Did you piss someone off? I don't have time to waste explaining.
Hey, how about after the test we go to my house? My parents are gone.
I'm in.
I could use some fun after this.
I know a place where we can get some really cheap beer.
I think I have to pass.
I'm staying at my aunt's place, and she's a little controlling.
Too bad.
Hello? Hey, little waitress.
I studied all night.
Who gave you my number? Cause I didn't.
That's true, but you gave me something better.
I'll come get you.
I want to take you someplace you're gonna love.
Not happening.
I have a big exam later.
Tell the teacher you have an emergency and take it another day.
I finish in two hours.
If that works, great.
Otherwise, keep looking.
What came over me choosing a girlfriend who's so studious, huh? I am not your girlfriend.
But I'll meet you.
I know where you can get help with that cough.
They'll give you some medicine to make it better.
Where do I have to go? Lift up your shirt, please, sir.
Take a deep breath.
Once again.
Don't worry, it's nothing serious.
Take one of these every 12 hours for 7 days and you'll feel much better.
No one's ever given me such a complete physical, Doctor.
Thank you.
I think he even looked your eyelashes over.
Wait for me outside while I have my blood pressure checked, would ya? - Of course.
Thank you so much, Doctor.
- You're welcome.
So? Did he pass? I have to say, you've gotten much pickier lately, Mujica.
Obviously, we have to wait for the results of his blood tests, but he, uh, seems like a prospect.
If everything pans out, we'll proceed with this business by this afternoon.
Three of a kind.
Poker! I win.
Once again.
Whoo! My goodness, look who's here.
My future missus, huh? How's my queen? Fabulous.
Wonderful as always.
You know each other, friends of the party, and, um And, uh, Lucho.
This is my future stepson.
I didn't invite you because I assumed you didn't like poker.
You assume that because I'm gay? Weasel! You are exactly like your mama.
Sharp-tongued and feisty.
Ladies, one of you get Luchito a whiskey, would you? And your little, uh, playthings, why are they still here? Remember that I'm technically still a bachelor.
When we're officially married, I'll find a little hiding place.
Huh? I'm thinking you could do that right away.
We have a session with Camila to take more pictures of us.
Ay! No.
We have to take more damn pictures? Yes, lots more.
Then a writer for an entertainment magazine, she wants to interview us together.
I'll be on the cover of the upcoming issue.
And only me, darling.
I suggest you start packing your suitcases because the countdown has already started.
What? You sure he said here? - These people already look dead.
- Shut your stupid trap and drive, asshole.
- Whoa, easy.
- Easy yourself.
Hey, cut that shit out.
Slow down.
Here, here, here.
There he is.
Poor fucker.
Hello, sir.
How are you today? We're here to help.
We're an international humanitarian association that helps communities in need.
Today's your lucky day.
We've come to change your life.
Hungry? No, thank you.
I better go Ungrateful son of a bitch.
We're changing your life.
Help! You guys have the wrong person.
I don't even have any money.
Don't worry.
The inside is what matters to us, idiot.
Jesus, if he stinks as much on the inside as he does on the outside, we're screwed.
No! Please! Let me go.
Hi, this is Camila.
Leave me a message after the beep.
From what I can tell, you don't plan on taking my calls anymore.
I don't know what you've done to me, but the fact is, I can't stop thinking about you.
And I'm sure the same goes for you.
I find it terrifying that the feelings I have for Simón might not be mine.
But hers Valeria's.
I've lost confidence in Dr.
Carrasco, in Zacarías, and myself.
You know what? I started looking into organ trafficking.
It's rough.
Doc, don't let the smell throw you off, eh? He's alive.
He just looks like he's dead since we had to shoot him up with a tranquilizer.
- All right.
- Tried to run.
Ah, please, give him a shower, I don't want any infection.
Go on, go on, go! In China, there are the so called urgent cases.
If a person needs an organ transplant and they have the money to do it, they use their own resources to hire someone to harvest the organ.
I read something about that.
It's terrible.
It's a sophisticated organized network.
They take advantage of desperate people who've been waiting for over two or three years on a list hoping for a kidney or a liver.
Or a heart.
I was on several of those God forsaken lists.
There wasn't much hope, Álvaro.
That's why it's suspicious.
How is it possible that this heart came to me just when I was on my deathbed? I'd say somebody's copying the business model.
They abduct people whose medical history they've studied, who they know are viable donors.
And if that doesn't work, they snatch a homeless person.
Someone with no relatives, who's invisible.
And they harvest their organs.
It becomes a race against time, because the life span of an organ outside the body is very short.
I know that Zacarías's professional reputation is merciless.
But I really can't see your husband choosing to have someone murdered for a heart.
And another thing.
I also doubt that a network that is that sophisticated could operate here.
All of this is terrifying.
It's too much to think about.
I'm coming, Mama.
I'm heading over right now.
Don't worry about it.
MOTHER, SISTER, WIFE, WE'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU I think the most important thing is to be amazed every day like we are today.
I would love for you to invent every day with your own hands.
I pledge that I will wander any road as long as my feet know it leads me back to you.
I want our children to turn out to be better people than we are.
From this day forward, I swear, every day and every morning will be truly unforgettable.
And our love is so strong that the only option will be to love each other.
Even after death do us part.
You got it.
My husband? Eh, my wife.
- Bravo! - Whoo! You did it, Simón! Something wrong, honey? No, I'm fine, Mama.
You? I couldn't be better.
Let's talk about the session.
So I want to look like royalty, but down to earth, like Barack and Michelle.
You know, the Obama's are the most fabulous duo of all.
Yes, Mama.
Only I'm a photographer, not a miracle worker.
And your boyfriend is no Barack Obama.
Don't be sassy.
I want that presence and that image of the victorious.
Why are you in such a huff, Camila? It's hypocritical.
It's just too much, this whole show.
It's ridiculous that you'd marry that bastard in a vain attempt to get another 15 minutes of fame.
- The whole thing is pathetic, you know? - Uh-huh.
It's four years, if Cárdenas is elected president.
And if he doesn't make it, I divorce him.
You must be extremely proud of your life goals.
Give me that.
Why is it so hard for you to be happy for me? I am going to stop holding my breath for the day you realize the world doesn't just revolve around you, and that we exist as much as you, Cami.
Mama, I really don't have time for speeches today.
I just want to get the pictures done and get out of here.
I knew you were the best of the best already, but this stunt with the checks? Through the roof.
The entire country is talking about it.
The entire country! I even heard some sucker got 100 checks.
We owe that guy about, uh, 24, 26 A bunch of cash.
Clearly, first we need to win the election, then we get rid of the moochers and losers.
How was the photo shoot? Camila had the same gloomy face you're wearing right now.
What happened? You two fighting? My private life is not your concern.
But we're almost family, Zaquito.
You know what? Go on.
Go and work on my beloved step-daughter's mood, so those damn pictures come out top-notch! What is it? I'm curious to know if you appreciated the little popularity booster we created for our candidate.
I can't stand surprises.
From now on, ask me first.
The best things in life, in my experience, arise from spontaneity, my darling.
I need to see you in the next few hours to discuss our mutual interests and how to serve them.
Not today.
I have other issues.
I'll find time tomorrow.
Transplants and organ donation can save up to 28,000 lives a year.
One individual can save up to eight others.
Which organs are used most often in transplants? Liver, kidneys, lungs, heart, followed by pancreas and intestines.
How does someone sign up to be an organ donor? The process is quite simple and done on a voluntary basis.
Anyone can sign up in person, or fill out the online form on the official registry.
They can even choose which organs they'd like to donate.
What happens to the information once it's registered? All of the information is contained here in our secure database.
I'll require your collaboration for something then.
I'd love to help you, officer, but donor records are 100% confidential.
Well, basically, all I really need from you is to corroborate if the person I'm looking for is actually registered.
Valeria Duque.
This is excellent, Bracho.
If you want the details, you can read them right here.
I'm gonna look it over carefully right now.
Of course.
The rumor mill is saying that you're together purely for show.
You want a show? We'll give you one.
Starting with our impeccable fashion.
I'm not going to look like a slouch when I'm next to a Miss Universe.
The old saying "opposites attract" really applies to us.
All we can show is how much we love each other.
One thing I'd like to know, Mr.
Cárdenas, were you looking for a wife? Sweetheart, here's a life lesson.
Wives are not something men look for.
Wives are something that happen to us.
They knock us out.
And my situation is even worse.
My love broke every bone in my body.
Do you understand? I had no choice but to marry him since I have to heal all the fractures that this prince suffered.
Camila, are you okay? - What's the matter? - I'm not I'm not feeling good.
Come on, we're almost there.
I can't breathe.
Give me a minute.
Come on.
I can't.
It's your heart, Camila.
Your left ventricle.
It's only working at 20% capacity.
What does that mean? That the mountain is gonna have to wait, I'm afraid.
It's more complicated than that.
You have a condition called dilated cardiomyopathy.
That sounds serious.
It is.
Your daughter urgently needs a new heart.
A transplant.
A transplant? Or else? Without it, your life expectancy is reduced to no more than three years.
I'm sorry.
Camila, the fact that you're married doesn't matter.
It makes no difference.
I know I might get hurt if I see you or talk to you again, but I won't give up until I do.
Bring your sweet love, honey Straight to my lips ♪ Bring your sweet love, honey To my fingertips ♪ Bring your sweet, good honey Down on my soul ♪ Whoo! Bring your sweet love, honey ♪ Whoa! Whoo! Give me that.
I love the way you walk ♪ Coward.
But you still win the prize.
For me? So is this how you conquer all the girls? By insulting them? Maybe.
It worked with this one girl I know.
Sam Samantha.
Nice to meet you.
You didn't get me that way, though.
You gave me drugs and took full advantage.
- Me? - Don't act innocent.
But I am innocent.
You're so full of yourself.
I can't stand you.
I dislike you more and more.
That's too bad.
'Cause each day, I like you more.
You do? - Hey.
- Hi.
What's with the gun, Simón? The other day, a guy came around asking questions, and I thought it was kind of suspicious.
Is that why you sent the kids to stay with us? Simón, what's going on with you? - I'm not in the mood for an interrogation.
- Or for taking care of your kids.
You're not present.
What went on with Valeria is terrible, but you have children who need their dad.
If it bothers you to keep them at your house then send them back.
- It's no bother.
- Then what is it? You know it's not that.
I love them.
But you're not the only one who's having a hard time here.
Simón, Lucas is not okay.
He's having those awful nightmares.
Last night he wet the bed.
He needs you.
- Val died, but - No, Valeria didn't die.
Valeria was murdered.
Well, I lost her too, remember? I lost my only sister and best friend.
But life goes on.
Revenge is never gonna bring her back to us.
Julio told me that you met someone.
Why don't you focus on trying to live again? Hello? What's up, Tomásito.
You know who this is, don't you? I'm busy.
I don't have time to talk to you.
Let me guess, you're with that sweet little thing I saw at your house, huh? I told you not to mention her, look at her, or think of her.
The only thing I'm thinking about is the money you owe me.
I suggest you get rid of the girl and get on it.
If you know what's good for you, asshole.
I'll get it, Garabato.
Have a drink or two.
Relax, all right? I told you I'm busy right now.
Who are these guys? What do they want? Tomás.
- Who are they, Tomás? Come on! - No one.
No one.
- Stay in the car.
I got this, okay? - What is that? Stay here.
- What's going on, brothers? - Tomás.
Want a cup of tea with sugar or sweetener? Funny.
People don't hang up on me unless they have a death wish, you got that? Now, where's my money? Don't you trust me anymore, partner? Give me three days or so, then we'll be square.
Three days? Three bullets is what you're gonna get, you stupid fuck.
Stop it.
Let him go! Aw, look.
It's the girlfriend to the rescue.
- She's hot.
- Three hours.
That's it.
Figure out how to get it.
- Go on.
- Let her go, man.
We're out of here.
The hottie stays with us.
What? Sorry? This isn't about her, shithead.
- I'll kill you! - Words, asshole.
Big words.
Get going.
You already wasted a minute.
Go on, pretty boy.
Clock's ticking.
You better move.
You know, Camila really came close to dying a few months ago.
She was on a waiting list for a heart transplant and a compatible heart wasn't available.
So I got one.
On the black market, Marcelo.
That only means you skipped around the protocols at the hospital.
You cut the line.
That's no big deal.
It was all done through that organization.
They sourced a person whose heart was compatible with hers.
They abducted a healthy woman, Marcelo.
They murdered her.
They took out her heart and my wife was saved because of it.
Now they're using it as blackmail to influence the campaign.
As soon as Cárdenas is president, they'll call in some favors to change policies that affect their business.
And if that wasn't bad enough now Camila knows what happened to her donor.
She asked me if I had anything to do with it.
- What did you tell her? - I'm not an idiot, Marcelo.
Our relationship's on life support already.
That bastard isn't helping either.
- Who? - The guy from the pizza restaurant.
At first I was convinced he was harmless, but now I'm sure he has other ideas.
I know something's going on.
I'll tell you one thing, though.
I've risked too much for Camila.
I'm not gonna lose her.
Come here.
Come here.

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