The Marked Heart (2022) s01e11 Episode Script

El infiltrado

1 That's a very serious accusation.
It's barbaric.
But it all fits together.
The night I had my transplant is the day they murdered Valeria Duque.
And all those messages between you and Mariachi.
You don't need me to explain all the skeletons a professional hacker can uncover, do you? I did it for you.
For you, and me.
I won't deny it.
If you die, I die, Camila.
The very first day we met life all started finally making sense.
I understood that the success and the money weren't what was going to make me happy.
The only thing I needed was you here.
With me.
That's why I was so terrified, absolutely terrified, that you wouldn't make it for the simple reason that a donor match never appeared.
I became a murderer because I couldn't stand living without you.
No! Valeria Duque was completely innocent, for God's sake! She was a mother with two amazing children! She was a perfectly healthy woman! She was married to a husband who loved her, Zacarías! It's awful! You think I don't know? My life has never been the same since all this started.
I'm no longer able to sleep unless I'm completely drunk.
The guilt, Camila The worst poison on this whole damn planet is guilt.
I was beyond desperate, sweetheart.
So desperate.
I tried everything in my power.
I contacted the hospitals.
Where did I not look? The United States, Australia, Canada, Spain.
You were on every waiting list everywhere! Everywhere! But a donor never showed up for you.
- Zacarías - I'm talking, Camila! Your last episode would have killed you.
That was it.
You can ask Dr.
They said you had two months to live.
Two months.
And then suddenly, I found a solution.
Extreme? Yes.
Odious? Yes.
But watching you die? Absolutely not.
- Why? - I cannot lose you.
My decision was evil.
Pure evil.
I debated it a thousand times.
But what you should know, and don't forget it, if I had not done what I did, there would be no more you.
You would be a bunch of ashes in a fancy jar.
With a tombstone in the cemetery.
If you want to go ahead and call the police, I won't stop you.
No, no, no! Why, why? Why did you have to save my life? Why? Why? Why did you have to ruin both of our lives to save me? Tell me why? No, no, no, no, no! Why? A NETFLIX SERIES - What the fuck were you doing? - I wasn't doing anything.
Just talking.
Wanna go to hell, asshole? Is that it? - What the fuck? - Calm the fuck down, Mariachi! I don't know him, and I don't wanna know him either.
But I won't let you kill some poor asshole just because you're jealous! He's the fellow Mexican who's looking for work that I told you about.
That's right.
Nothing's going on here.
A round of tequila for everyone! On me.
Shots all around.
Good work, boss.
What a hook.
Where'd you learn to fight like a girl? Valeria.
- Hmm? - Huh? Culiacán, Sinaloa.
I worked for the cartel.
Anybody pissed us off, I sent them to hell in bite-sized pieces.
- Why are you here? - I need work.
My old boss had it in for me.
Now I have no money, no job, and I'm far from home.
I get it.
I know what it's like to be far away from the place your people come from.
- You too, huh? - Relax, I'll buy you a drink.
- Fine by me.
- Let's go.
She was an accomplished musician.
She had all these projects, and aspirations.
All these dreams.
Camila, I didn't want to have all that information.
To have known personal details or information about her family, my decision might have been different.
How'd you find them, anyway? It doesn't matter now.
It matters that I know the whole truth.
Every detail.
Tell me how you found her killers? Did you pay cash to buy me Valeria's heart? What made Dr.
Carrasco agree to get involved in such a disgusting operation? You can't do this, Camila.
Don't do this to yourself.
It leads nowhere.
It's too much for you.
Don't go there.
They went after her.
They shot her.
They killed her with an injection.
They extracted her heart, and then they threw her body in a lake.
As easy as that.
And life went on as if nothing ever happened.
None of this was easy, Camila.
You went on with your life.
And I'm plagued by the monster I am now.
But I won't try to play the victim.
Not at all.
That's too cynical even for me.
You have no idea how many times I wanted to tell you.
But every morning, when I saw you with your smile with your grand plans I knew I couldn't spoil everything for you.
How am I supposed to live with all this? Tell me.
I begged you not to try to find out.
For your own protection.
It wasn't worth it.
I don't know if my life is worth it.
What's up, asshole? What took you so long, Garabato? - Did you take care of Rojo and Bagre? - Yeah, all good.
Let me introduce you to a fellow countryman.
This here is Checo.
What's up, man? I gotta piss.
What's with this guy? Came from Mexico.
Says he doesn't mind dirty work.
And she is vouching for him.
Aren't you, Dallas? CELL PHONE We'll test him out, asshole.
Something simple.
What are we risking? Nothing.
The worst that could happen if he doesn't pass the test, two more kidneys and whatever else sells.
Know how to drive? Yeah, I do, but I don't have a car.
No problem.
We just got an extra one from one of our guys who got killed by a girl.
Did she take his balls before or after? Watch your fucking mouth.
Rojo was the real deal.
- Ooh.
- It was a lucky shot.
The bitch will pay.
Ah, take it easy.
Right now it doesn't matter.
He's dead, poor bastard.
Can't change that.
This thing.
Guns, drugs, cleanup crew? The less you know, the longer you live.
No more questions.
Good deal.
No! No, no, no! Are you having breakfast with me? Are you sick? So about Montejo, could I get his number from you? Yeah, I'll give it to you, but you can't tell anyone where you got it.
Don't worry.
I'm not surprised that my husband owes you money.
The only thing he does is travel around with that whore.
That's how I found out.
Trips to Paris, the Caribbean, New York.
I apologize.
My impression of your husband was of an upstanding surgeon.
I was wrong.
Thank you.
Is it a big amount? Yes, significant.
He basically stopped answering my calls and e-mails, so I got worried.
I really need to get in touch with him.
I'm sorry.
I don't know where he's living right now.
I don't care either.
What I do know is that he plays dominoes with one of my cousins a lot.
I know the place.
She hacked my phone.
I'm sure it was at the wedding.
When we were having problems with the connection, she logged me in to another network.
You can't deny her that.
However, I still believe that this is a complete violation of your privacy.
So you think I should complain about my privacy? Really? Don't be an idiot, Marcelo.
Camila is holding all the cards.
My future depends entirely on her.
Zacarías, Camila knows that turning you in would do a lot more harm than good.
It'd be disastrous.
For your career, the campaign, and Cárdenas.
Which means a lot of negative attention for her mother.
Not to mention, that if the organization finds out that Camila has information on where her heart came from, they'll kill her without giving it a second thought.
And apart from this ode to cholesterol, I'm hoping there's yogurt.
Breaking my balls at breakfast? This isn't even fattening.
Stress is fattening.
If you don't start being careful, in three years, I will be the president's widow.
That's why you snore like a pig, you know? Last night, I didn't sleep a wink.
I'm sure we have a whole bunch of earplugs in the bedroom.
Fast bought them for her sister.
Otherwise, she would live up to her name when she didn't get enough sleep.
I miss my twins.
You mention those whores to me at breakfast? A little respect.
Good morning.
Are you enjoying your honeymoon? We are.
Thank you.
Cárdenas, this is your agenda for today.
I know you just got married yesterday, but the campaign is in the final stretch.
Unfortunately, that means we can't let our guard down.
I'm only scheduled for a cocktail? That's more than enough.
Now that we're married, I'm your best PR.
The latest numbers show that my being present alone boosts your standings in the polls.
That's very astute.
Don't team up against me.
It won't work.
I don't need a ball and chain 24 hours a day.
In my opinion, Greta is the perfect addition to the campaign.
- Sausage? - No, thank you.
Samantha, I have a delivery for you, honey.
Why the long face? What's wrong? Hmm? Love.
Hey, young love, no matter how old you are, you act like an idiot.
But for teenagers, all this is new, huh? Yes, Grandpa.
The address? On the ticket.
This is Checo.
Who the hell's this? The Easter Bunny, moron.
Mariachi wants to see you.
We have a job to do.
See if you fit in.
Tell me where to go.
I'm there for you, man.
One hour.
And if you don't make it, there's always another guy who will jump in.
Hey, I told you.
I'm in.
Give me the directions, all right? Did you find anything yet? Nothing.
These people took off.
That fucker.
Hello? Are you insane? - Shh.
It's all right.
- I can't How did you know that that I would deliver the pizza? You keep trying till you get it right.
Calm down.
Isn't it enough that you almost got me killed? - That I almost got raped because of you? - Listen to me.
I feel terrible, Sam.
I couldn't sleep last night worrying about you.
You poor thing.
I slept like a baby all night.
Killing people is my favorite little hobby.
Shh! It was self-defense, Samantha.
Those guys are all dead.
No one saw you.
No one knows you were there.
I killed that man, Tomás.
I did it.
I saw the life draining out of his eyes.
Then there was just emptiness.
And now, I'm majorly fucked forever.
Damn you! Samantha, I know this whole thing's a disaster.
Huh? But I have an even bigger problem than those guys.
What? That's bullshit.
Nothing can be worse than this.
How much trouble are you in? Trouble is I'm in love with you.
Are you kidding me? You think this is the time to feed me more shit? I want to protect you, and I just don't know how yet.
Well, this isn't it.
This isn't right! I'll die if anything happens to you.
Something already happened.
It already happened.
Don't you get it? It already happened.
And you happened to me.
You must be scared ♪ But you will be tender ♪ So please, don't give up ♪ I'll stay by your side ♪ Leave, won't surrender ♪ What will you do? I don't know.
It's hard to process the fact that your own husband turned into a criminal to save your life.
I don't know.
Do I send Zacarías to prison? You're innocent.
You didn't know a thing.
But I do now.
If I stay quiet, am I still innocent? I want to know why Tirso is following me around? I already uncovered your deep, dark secret.
I don't get this, Zacarías.
Sweetheart, with everything that's happened, I'd feel better Can you tell your gorilla to stop tailing me? Hmm? You're on speaker.
Say it.
- Tirso.
- Yes, sir, I'm listening.
You heard the lady.
Leave her alone.
Come on back to the office.
I'm on my way.
What the hell? What is this? Shh, shh, shh.
We're doing a survey, faggot.
- Where's that motherfucker Tomás? - I don't know anyone named Tomás.
He says he doesn't know a Tomás? Tell me where I can find Tomás, or I'll burn this shithole to the ground.
Hmm? Hmm? Tomás comes to sing here twice a week.
When's his next gig? It's tonight.
They're playing tonight, man.
Save us three spots in the VIP lounge.
You think it's funny? Get up! Shh, shh.
Let's run away.
Where no one knows our names.
Where we can both invent a new life for ourselves.
I can't.
I just can't.
I can't leave my little brother.
I can't abandon my dad.
They wouldn't make it if another one of us disappeared.
I'm in danger here, Samantha.
Understand? They won't come after you, but they will me.
So this is the end of our story? And I insisted that all the pictures had to be yours.
It wasn't hard to convince the editor who already admires your work.
Camila, are you listening? I'm trying to concentrate, Mama, but it's impossible.
- I know.
- Strike a pose.
You know what comes next? You'll say something rude, we have an argument, and you leave.
Camila, I know you.
This pattern is your way of dealing with bad news.
What happened? Enough with the psychotherapy.
Let's do this.
I know something's wrong.
I know you better than anyone else in the world.
Even you.
What's the world coming to if you can't confide in me? Oh, Mama.
Mama! What happened? Our fellow voters will have two options on the ballot in the upcoming election.
TOGETHER FOR CHANGE On the one hand, an uneducated populist, despot, and misogynist who will bring nothing but deterioration to our country.
Those aren't just my words.
It comes from all the experience gained from fiascoes throughout Latin America.
If your wish is to see our currency devalued, to wait in line for a chance to buy gasoline, to wait in line for bread.
If you want to endure problems with our services such as water, electricity, and internet, without a doubt your candidate is Braulio Cárdenas.
If, on the other hand, you want a bright future for your children, you have in me a true ally.
What the hell? You have nothing to say? We have to break that tiny witch's soul.
She just insulted me on live TV! Say something! Calm down, Braulio.
You've publicly criticized her.
What'd you expect? That she wouldn't hit back? of hiring Zacarías Cienfuegos as his advisor.
Politics can be a dirty game.
We all know that.
But Cienfuegos, he is rotten to the core.
Their partnership is a ticking time bomb, and we all have an obligation to deactivate it with our vote.
We'll still demolish her when it counts.
Gaby, this isn't a good time.
Can you Something wrong? No.
No, no, no, no, no.
I'll go.
No, no.
I'm on my way.
It's a heartbreaking situation.
Getting cheated on would be heartbreaking.
But this is pure horror.
A nightmare so dark I can't even put it into words.
I don't know what to do.
No, no, no, no, no.
You do know.
Look at me.
Your husband turned into a killer for you because you would have died.
It's a grand gesture.
His sacrifice is spectacular.
So the only thing you need to do is shut it.
Stay quiet, make me a grandmother, and show that man gratitude forever.
Okay? Weren't you listening, Mama? If this was about someone else But we're talking about my daughter.
Do you know what I hear through all of this? Is that my daughter's alive thanks to Zacarías.
And that every day you're still breathing is a miracle.
For us both.
What are you doing? What I should've done from the beginning, Mama.
This is the evaluation from the school psychologist.
Lucas is acting very aggressive.
He has those He's been wetting the bed every night.
Samantha can barely keep it together.
I hear her crying her heart out in her room.
They need you, Simón.
Valeria couldn't help it, but in their eyes, it's like you abandoned them.
No, I had things to do.
I didn't abandon anyone.
I did.
I let everyone down.
And I abandoned you too.
What's the plan, Zacarías? We sit around twiddling our thumbs? Hell no! Julia Moncada needs to be taught a lesson and respect who wears the pants around here.
Got it? I want you to challenge her to a debate.
Pow! A debate.
When I get her in front of me, they'll laugh in the four corners of the country when I destroy her.
Good, right? The best thing you can do for both of us, Braulio, is to give me space.
Hey, hey, hey! No way in hell I would let you debate her because Julia Moncada is nothing like you.
She's actually intelligent and clever.
It would take less than five minutes for her to demolish your entire campaign.
What will you do on that stage? Tell jokes? Talk about Fast and Furious? Huh? There's only one reason Braulio Cárdenas is even in the running.
And that's because of my ability to trick voters into thinking you're even halfway coherent, when you're nothing but a backwards, primitive idiot with cash.
I have enough problems to handle, Braulio, Not to mention, I will forever be blamed for electing the worst president in history! So spare me the whining and your outdated macho bullshit, and let your advisor, the one with the neurons, the one who's gotten you this far, decide what we're doing.
Go get your backpacks put away and then we'll celebrate being back home all together.
Okay? No, Luqui, come on.
That's torture.
- Yeah? - I really don't like it when you're sad.
I'm going to try to do things better from now on.
I know, Pa.
And I know I haven't been quite myself lately.
I'm here for you.
No matter what you do, no matter what happens.
I want you to know that you can come to me with anything.
Deal? Deal.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I really need to talk to you.
I know the other day was upsetting, me running away like I did.
Almost like you were escaping.
When you collapsed, I tried to help you, of course, but that guy told me not to come near you.
Zacarías is getting suspicious.
Simón, I've been thinking that you might be just as scared as I am because of the feelings we seem to have for each other.
Scared? You're saying a woman like you gets scared? What is it, Camila? I'm so at peace here in your garden.
It's so beautiful and inviting.
Valeria loved to sit right over there, next to that stone, practicing scales on her trumpet.
She would lose herself for hours out here.
She loved taking care of this garden.
How long have you guys lived here? A while.
We were renting it and got along with the landlord.
After a lot of work and penny-pinching, we bought it.
It was a real labor of love.
- Sorry, I have to take this.
- No worries.
Don't you understand I don't want to talk? Camila, come on, honey.
Everything that's happening is bigger than us.
We can't move forward together if we refuse to talk.
Please, come back.
Tell me what the secret is for washing the blood and fear out of your mind because I'm not able to.
Come home to me.
This is one of those make-or-break moments for a marriage.
Oh, so you think what might be in danger here is our marriage? Come on.
You want to book us some couples counseling? Camila.
Stop calling me.
It exhausts me.
Cienfuegos owes me a fucking apology, hear me? The future president of this country.
Zacarías has a very difficult personal situation to attend to.
But he's looking out for us.
He works for me.
And Marcelo, I have zero interest in his problems.
With the millions I'm giving that bastard, he needs to comply with my every order.
He will comply.
First thing tomorrow, he'll schedule a debate with Julia Moncada.
All will go as planned, and the presidency will be ours.
You're taking over.
Because Zacarías is off Team Braulio.
This is beautiful.
Mama made it for me.
She did? Well, it's magnificent.
Over here is my room.
Sit down.
This was a trip we took to Cartagena.
We saw tons and tons of dolphins.
Wow! This one is of when my parents got married and I wasn't invited.
This is when I was a baby.
I was horrible, just like your drawings of giraffes.
How can you say that, Lucas? You were so cute.
My mom was a bit crazy.
She said my drawings were like works of art, and that we should hang them up so we can see them.
Why are you crying? Because you're the best.
Because, mmm Because you're the cutest boy ever.
Because you're very sweet, and because you are the most spectacular kid on the planet.
I can hear your heartbeat.
Smells delicious, Pa.
I haven't seen him laugh so much in a long time.
- Make you skip a turn! - No, no, no, no! You like her? Maybe.
I don't know yet what's happening with us, but we, uh I like her.
I'm exploring, but I don't want it to seem like I'm cheating on Mama.
I'm not.
Mama isn't here.
- I got one! Wild card! - No! I'd love to see your smile again.
I miss it.
You know it's contagious and can light up a room.
The truth is, she works miracles.
You're so predictable.
Valeria's album is wonderful.
That was her last one, literally.
Did you enjoy dinner? Delicious.
And the wine is too.
You're an excellent host.
You manage to avoid talking about Valeria, you know that? I hear it's called the survival instinct.
I hear it's better to talk about the things that make us suffer.
Simón, I wanna I got it.
I'll tell you the whole story.
I'm ready.
It was one of those perfect evenings.
Valeria and I were driving back here.
We'd been drinking a little.
We were singing our heads off.
When suddenly one of the tires exploded, and the nightmare started.
I was knocked out.
When I came to, Valeria wasn't there anymore.
They took her from us for good.
Valeria was killed on her actual birthday.
Do you know anything about the killers? What we know is that there's a gang dedicated to the "noble" cause of illegal organ trafficking.
And as luck would have it, a millionaire magically appeared looking for a new heart.
And somehow they found out my wife's heart was compatible.
And the rest The children? Do they know what happened to Valeria? Samantha.
Lucas is still too young to hear such a barbaric story.
It'd be too traumatic.
It's hard enough for us.
I feel for you.
Everyone involved in her death are monsters, Camila.
That's why I haven't let myself calm the hatred I feel.
The guiding principle of my life at the moment is to get revenge for Valeria's murder.
Because right now, there is someone somewhere in the world who's alive thanks to Valeria's stolen heart.
And that someone is ultimately guilty for killing my wife.
Is it possible that that person is oblivious to to the fact that their heart was harvested by criminals? That person's a monster to the same degree as all the other murderers involved.
I I think we need to talk about us, not just Valeria.
I don't want to keep dancing around the issue, do you? I think we're over that.
There's nothing to discuss.
Really? So we're just gonna pretend you and I don't have a connection? - Aren't you forgetting Zacarías? - Zacarías? You're not in love with your husband.
That much is obvious.
If we'd met under different circumstances, we could have been amazing.
Crazy in love.
I have no doubt.
We could've been very happy together in another life, but not this one.
Do you actually believe what you're saying? The best thing is for us to go our own ways.
You mean that? It's too late.
We can't do this.
You're leaving? Hmm? Is that from having heart surgery? Camila, is that scar from you undergoing a heart transplant?
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