The Marked Heart (2022) s01e12 Episode Script

La cicatriz

1 [both breathing heavily.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
Camila? Camila? Did you have heart surgery? [dramatic music plays.]
Camila, I'm asking you if you had a heart transplant.
Camila? Hey.
I'm asking you if you had a heart transplant.
Hey, hey.
Camila? Camila? When did you get it done? Please answer me.
Was it a transplant? [Camila groans.]
Hey, hey, hey! Camila! Hey, hey.
Hey, Camila.
Camila! A NETFLIX SERIES ["In a Heartbeat" by Cavendish Music playing.]
[song fades out.]
- Samantha! - [Sam.]
What happened? Get the car keys now! Let's go.
Dad, shouldn't we call an ambulance? No, I'll take her to the hospital.
Hurry! - Be quick! Go! - Going! - The keys! - [Lucas.]
What's going on? Nothing, buddy.
It's okay.
Go back to sleep, please.
- Is she dead? - [Simón.]
No! She passed out, Dad's taking her to the hospital.
Back soon.
Put her in the back room.
What happened to her? She got really upset, and then she just passed out.
The doctor's going to see her now.
Wait out here, please.
BED 3 Get me Dr.
She needs a cardiologist.
- And hook her up to an IV.
- [nurse.]
Yes, Doctor.
[cell phone ringing.]
[cell phone vibrating.]
What is it, Marcelo? Hey, finally.
I've been trying to reach you.
I don't want to hear anything about Cárdenas.
Well, you might want to know you're off the campaign.
Zac, did you hear me? Cárdenas fired you from the campaign.
I heard you.
You should call him, man.
Come back.
You know what, Marcelo? Tell Cárdenas he can go and shove it up his big, fat ass! Cárdenas and the whole bloody campaign! Your wife wasn't randomly chosen.
[jazz music playing.]
Sorry for the photo.
[camera shutter clicks.]
I have this strange feeling that I've been here before.
[jazz music continues.]
Strawberries make me happy, you know? Well, according to Valeria, strawberries are as close to heaven as a fruit can get.
They remind me of her.
Lots of things do, I imagine.
- [Simón.]
Yeah, too many sometimes.
- [Camila chuckles.]
Something strange happens to me when I'm with you.
Like what? I feel at peace, a sense of calm.
Like I found something I lost.
You're telling me my wife was kidnapped and murdered because they wanted her heart for someone else? It's a possibility.
Your wife's heart could be inside anyone right now.
[jazz music fades out.]
- [elevator dings.]
- Boss, good evening.
You okay? Sir, there's a visitor.
Not a good time, Tirso.
I hope my son-in-law will make an exception for me.
Camila's not here.
And if you've come to talk about Braulio, there's no use.
I'm not here to talk about politics or to see Camila.
I'm here for you.
[Greta sighs.]
- I know everything.
- [dramatic music plays.]
[classical music playing faintly.]
Goddamn, will you look at the body on this one.
Best damn part of coming to see you.
I swear.
The gorgeous women you paint, Sarmiento.
We are in urgent need of a liver.
The client wants it for his daughter.
He has requested young and clean.
Go talk to Montejo.
See what we have.
Well, what if we don't have the type of liver we need, huh? Then we track down another one.
Talk to the lab if we have to.
Or do I need to remind you how things work around here? No, of course not.
I understand.
And on that note, I'd I'd like to ask for something.
I was hoping Well, I would very much appreciate it if you could give me a different job in the organization.
I I think there's other work I could be doing for a bit.
Fermín, are we beginning to feel guilty? Lately, I'm finding that the sight of blood and the organs are making me queasy.
Weak constitution.
Guess I'll never be a doctor.
Well, this is your calling, Fermín.
Talking to imbeciles and bullies.
And you're good at it.
[dramatic music plays.]
I just can't understand why you would want a change.
You see, no one here is indispensable.
In this organization, we can be quickly replaced.
Tell me about Troya.
How is she? The two of you still wanting to have children? [gulps.]
I'll talk to Montejo.
This is an urgent matter.
Hmm? Yes, sir.
[dramatic music plays.]
[indistinct chatter on TV.]
Lucas, stop eating so fast, you'll get a stomachache.
Can you phone Dad? What? Again? We just called him half an hour ago.
Please? [cell phone vibrating.]
Hi, honey.
Hi, Dad.
How are you? - And how's Camila? - I want to listen.
Lucas is bugging me to put you on speaker.
Hold on.
- Kay.
- Hi, Lucas.
Camila's doing fine.
Did you hear me? Are you sure, Dad? I'm very sure.
Yeah, a doctor looked at her.
She fainted.
That's all.
See, squirt? Everything's fine.
- She'll be just fine.
- Yeah.
Take this to the kitchen.
Then we'll go upstairs.
Dad, you sound weird.
Are you sure everything's okay? Yeah.
Yes, everything's okay.
You both should get some rest.
Lucas has school in the morning.
I'll be back soon, all right? Yeah.
I love you.
- [rock music playing.]
- [indistinct chatter.]
So, was Checo good for the job or not? [Garabato.]
Nah, man.
He drives way too slow.
Respects all the rules of the road, never passes.
A real stand-up guy.
Son of a bitch.
Hey, watch it, Pájaro.
I see you staring at my girl, man.
You wanna jack off, I bought this one for you.
I'm going for a ride.
Need anything? - All right.
- [Mariachi.]
Don't mess this up, Garabato.
You got it.
[rock music continues.]
[man chuckles.]
Hey, my man! You're late, Doc.
Look who it is, Doc! Hello.
Get out of here.
Go on.
Good thing I said it was an emergency.
I wonder how long I'd be waiting otherwise.
Never on time.
Zacarías I want to thank you.
Thanks to you, I have two children instead of one.
I can't even imagine how much courage that it must've taken to do it.
If only Camila agreed with you.
She hates me, Greta.
It was in her eyes.
The terror.
She was scared to look at me.
[Zacarías sighs.]
She just needs time, Zacarías.
I can help you.
And besides, what's her plan? Give it back? Call the police? Report it stolen? She'll never forgive me.
You're giving up, Zacarías.
That's not like you.
I figured you were never one to quit on us.
Today wasn't the best day.
I lost my wife and my biggest client.
She'll come around.
And Braulio will be his usual self.
I'll deal with his tantrum.
And besides, he needs you more than you need him.
If you'll excuse me, Greta.
I need to be alone.
The debt I owe you I can never repay it.
What the hell are you even talking about, Doc? Get to the point already.
So tell me, do we have, right now, the part the client requested? No, we don't have a specimen that's an appropriate match for the recipient.
But that doesn't matter so much because the most important thing is that the organ is functioning.
And it is.
You must know the organization checks everything.
Sarmiento has got a big nose for sniffing out lies, and he does.
He gets mad when our work gets sloppy, Doc.
You haven't forgotten Robles, have you? I remember Robles perfectly well, thanks.
Well then, go out there and find us a girl who's healthy, who's functioning, and compatible.
Let's do this job well, and we'll get paid.
My darling.
The keeper of my heart.
Oh yeah.
Did you like that dance, baby? You were on fire, babe.
Hey, Mariachi, you gonna introduce us? [Mariachi.]
Yeah, yeah.
Montejo, this here is Dallas Texas.
Good to meet you.
- I've never slept with a doctor.
- [gasps.]
Ah! Well, I wouldn't hold my breath.
I don't know, but I I think the good doctor gets off more on prostate exams, don't you? [Troya.]
Oh, that's too bad.
Yeah, I know it's short notice, but you guys are real badasses, okay? - I know you all got this.
- Hey, Moncho, you seen my guitar? What's wrong with you, man? Why'd you come back here? I almost got killed because of you.
What? How? Some guys came looking for you.
And I said you would be here today, but I didn't think you'd show up.
Those guys are inside, man.
[upbeat music playing.]
[dramatic music plays.]
Hey! Let's go, let's go! Get him! - You fucker! - [grunts.]
What the fuck? [Garabato.]
Don't move, motherfucker! Show's over, rocker boy.
Who's this guy Mariachi? [Zacarías.]
I have no idea who you mean.
It was you, Zacarías.
You told them to murder Valeria Duque.
Valeria Duque.
Married, with two children.
Musician, marathon runner.
That one.
You just picked out a terrific heart for Camila.
[breathing heavily.]
Is she stable, Doctor? We've given her some medication that will keep her sedated for a few hours.
Tell me something, is her scar from an operation? I wanted to talk to you about that.
Do you know the name of her cardiologist? No.
I don't know who he is.
You're not the patient's relative? No, we're just, uh I'm just a good friend of hers.
If you could call her family or her cardiologist, we'll need them to come down as soon as possible.
They may have information we'll need about her medical history.
What happened tonight might, in fact, be related to the surgery she underwent.
So then she had a a heart transplant? - Correct.
- [ominous music playing.]
Which is why we need to make sure that her body isn't trying to eject the organ.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
- Hey, Sam.
- [Sam.]
How is she? Did anything happen? No.
No, Sam.
She's fine.
She's okay now.
- But I need a favor.
- Sure.
What is it? Upstairs, in my room, see if you can find Camila's phone for me.
But you're sure she's okay, Dad? Do you know if her phone is locked or needs a password? I've got it here.
I don't know.
Yeah, it's locked, Dad.
Don't you know anyone? Her family, a friend, someone we could look up online? I don't know.
I don't know.
Just let me know if you find anything out.
- [Garabato grunts.]
- [Tomás yells.]
Okay, you bastard.
You ready for another? Two more strikes before we open this piñata.
Now, you tell me where your bitch of a girlfriend is.
I told you she's not my girlfriend.
- We were just hanging out that day.
- [Garabato.]
Lower him.
Come on.
- [Tomás sighs.]
- Yeah, that's it.
[Tomás yells, grunts.]
Get talking! - I swear.
- [Garabato.]
Hmm? I haven't seen her since the day she [Garabato.]
Killed Rojo.
Right? Murdered Rojo.
Of course.
[Tomás yells.]
Let's see You're a singer - Sing.
- [Tomás gasps.]
Tell me where is she.
Hmm? - Sing! - I don't know.
Get him to call her.
Tell her you have a romantic evening planned [Tomás gasps.]
and get her here.
- [Tomás gasps.]
- That's a good idea.
A great idea.
Call her.
Where's your cell? Let's call her up.
- I don't have it.
I swear.
- What? - I lost it.
- What? I lost it.
- This son of a bitch.
- [Tomás mutters.]
- All right, boy.
- [Tomás breathing heavily.]
- [Tomás exhales.]
- [Garabato.]
Here's mine, call her.
Come on.
[Tomás breathing heavily.]
I don't know her number.
I swear I didn't memorize it.
I really don't know her, man.
- You know me.
I was in it for the sex.
- [Garabato.]
All right, little Tomás.
It's all good.
I'll give you some time to think it over.
Maybe you should spend the night like this, huh? Might help make things clearer for you.
Hmm? Listen to me.
If that girl doesn't pay, you will.
Rojo's death won't be for nothing.
[dramatic music plays.]
Come on.
[Tomás breathing heavily.]
[metal creaking.]
Hey, man.
Hey! Douglas? Douglas? Hey, can we talk? Hey! Don't leave me.
Hey! [cell phone ringing.]
This is Rentería.
- [dramatic music plays.]
- [indistinct chatter.]
[crowd chanting.]
Not going back! Not going back! Not going back! Not going back! NO MORE SOCIAL INJUSTICE - Not going back! - My camera! Not going back! My camera! Please! My camera! Not going back! Not going back! [officer 1.]
Someone's here for you.
I spent five hours in that rathole! Now, would you explain to me what my crimes were? Impatience seems to be one of them.
[officer 2.]
This is Mr.
I know.
- I'll get your belongings.
- And my camera.
You better! [sighs.]
So you're a risk taker with a temper and an excellent eye.
That almost sounds like you're giving me a compliment, you know? I admit some of your photos have made my life difficult.
Oh! Really? You didn't like me photographing your governor buddy when he was watching porn in the middle of a congress session? Excellent angle.
Terrible consequences for my client, though.
Maybe next time, he'll watch porn in private.
But I'm confused here.
What's a powerful man like yourself doing talking to me in a place like this? You don't like me? I have no comment, sir.
I've been looking for you for days.
I was hoping I could offer you a job.
Why, hmm? You trying to neutralize me? Maybe I want you to get paid what you deserve.
Contract's right over there.
With expenses, benefits.
Look it over, Camila.
We have a lot of work ahead of us.
Your camera didn't make it, but I hope you like the new one.
CONTRAC [electronic beeping.]
Hi, you've reached Camila.
Leave your message after the beep.
Camila, my dear.
Come on.
I know where you are.
[electronic beeping continues.]
You don't want me to make a scene.
You don't.
Please come back home.
Come back to your husband! [sniffles.]
[poignant music continues playing.]
[cell phone vibrating.]
Hello? Hello? Hello? Why haven't you answered me? Where are you? Did you get my messages? [Sarmiento.]
I imagine you were expecting a different call, Zacarías.
But nothing would make me happier than a message from you confirming dinner with the candidate.
[Zacarías chuckles.]
Well, I hope you're prepared to wait, Sarmiento.
Our deal is off, I no longer work for Cárdenas.
I'm afraid I cannot assist.
There's nothing I can do.
[phone thuds.]
Help! Help me! [breathing heavily.]
[chuckles nervously.]
Too many coincidences, right? First the marathon photo, then she kept asking me questions about Valeria.
Plus, she didn't once mention to me the fact that she had a heart transplant.
Simón, what you have is pure conjecture.
Understand? You have no proof whatsoever.
No, I believe we have the proof.
In Camila's chest.
You're agitated, Simón.
Relax? Really? So what? What do I do with this information? Maybe it's all just a coincidence, huh? She might've gotten the transplant somewhere else.
There's absolutely no guarantee that Valeria's heart is in Camila.
How is she? Well, she's been sedated.
I hope the police are doing their jobs now.
[ominous music plays.]
Nice photo.
I was never so alive as the day I was murdered.
I understand.
You know my story, don't you? Of course.
My heart is in you.
[dramatic music plays.]
It's my heart now.
It's yours, and everything inside it.
My husband, my children.
Was your life so pathetic you needed to steal mine? [Camila.]
It wasn't me.
I had nothing to do with any of this.
I swear.
- I didn't know that - I don't believe you.
That heart inside you, Camila should not be yours.
Make sure you take good care of the ones in our heart.
See you.
[dramatic music plays.]
[electronic beeping.]
[inhales deeply.]
Camila? Darling? Camila? [sighs.]
Hon? Cami? Camila! [dramatic music plays.]
[breathing heavily.]
SUCCESS À LA CARTE Hi, you've reached Camila.
Leave your message after the beep.
Please answer.
Listen, if this man has hurt you at all Call me, please.
Call me, please! Camila! And I said no! I don't want his name mentioned again.
Darling, if you become president, you're going to have to weather many storms, you know? Concede, negotiate.
Accept the unacceptable.
You still need Zacarías.
Honestly, my sweet, you've ruined my breakfast.
From now on, Marcelo is in charge.
And if anyone here believes we can't win the election without help from that buffoon, well, speak up.
I'll go to the States and hire someone else.
Oh, so the captain is abandoning the ship just before he reaches shore.
I'm sick of this! Braulio, my mom has a point.
It's a mess.
Braulio, we could go on without Zacarías, but let's make one thing very clear.
He's a genius, and you hired him for a reason.
- Look, we know he crossed a line.
- [Cárdenas.]
Crossed a line? If I were president right now, Marcelo, I'd have him arrested for disrespecting me and for being an asshole.
I swear I would.
I think you're both going to have to do some conceding.
And it wouldn't hurt for both of you to work on your patience.
The amount of money I'm shelling out and he insults me? But no, I need to apologize? Go to hell.
All of you! [slams table.]
Honey, you still need Zacarías.
And that's why you're so upset because I'm right.
[sighs deeply.]
But I want him begging, you hear? Want him to grovel with his tail between his legs.
And we'll see if it's enough.
[slams table.]
Braulio? [Cárdenas sighs deeply.]
Braulio? I know my brother-in-law.
He won't apologize.
Zacarías just has a lot of pride in his veins, not blood.
You know him very well.
Yes, I'm uncommonly good at reading people, you know? It's like a gift.
I can read you too.
[suspenseful music plays.]
There's more to you than meets the eye.
Almost like you have a hidden side.
Am I wrong? [chuckles.]
Your gift is obvious to me.
You could be a fortune-teller.
You're my wife, Greta.
So you tell me.
You on his side? Yes, you're right.
I am your wife.
And I'm telling you to end all this drama with Zacarías.
[Cárdenas inhales.]
My love, when you're the president, you can have your revenge.
But for now, you need him.
Okay? [Cárdenas sighs.]
[cell phone vibrating.]
Talk to me.
Have you heard from Camila? She call you? No, what's wrong? She didn't sleep at home last night.
And now she won't even pick up her phone! What about Tata's house? Álvaro's? Something could have happened to her.
I don't think so.
But something bad might.
- I think she died there.
- Huh? That's why Dad didn't come home.
Something happened to Camila.
No, Luqui.
Look, not every story is gonna be as bad as Mama's was.
Okay? Camila's just fine.
- She's okay.
I promise.
- [knocking on door.]
Camila! - [bangs on door.]
- Camila! - Who is that? - I don't know.
Stay put for a sec.
Yes? Looking for someone? [Zacarías sighs.]
You must be, uh [dramatic music playing.]
I'm looking for a guy.
Your dad maybe.
 Simón Duque.
Can you ask him to come out? No, my dad isn't home right now.
And so, who are you? I'm a buddy of your dad's.
So, what do you want? I'm looking for Camila Duarte.
I know she spent the night here.
I know that.
- Look, I don't know you are, but - I'm Camila's husband.
Camila was over here last night, but she wasn't feeling well.
- My dad took her to the hospital.
- She what? Which hospital? - Which one? - Central Hospital.
[electronic beeping.]
Good morning.
Where is Simón? [nurse.]
Sorry? Simón.
Simón, the man who brought me.
No, I just started my shift.
I don't know about that.
Your doctor will be in shortly.
[Camila sighs.]
[metal clanking.]
[breathing shakily.]
Wait, come back! Nurse, come back! Hey, why why am I handcuffed? Ma'am, just take it easy.
The doctor will explain.
The doctor? Since when do hospitals just imprison their patients? Get it off me! [breathes heavily.]
Nurse, please, can Please let me borrow your phone for a minute.
Let me make a call, please.
Just one minute.
Okay, but be quick.
What happened to you? Are you okay? And whose phone do you have, Camila? I'm at the hospital, please come and get me.
I'm on my way.
Don't go anywhere.
Just don't move from there.
Step on it! I'm not going anywhere now.
I'm handcuffed here.
What? Please, Zac.
I told you I'd greet the press after the meeting, not before.
Well, you know how they can be.
I'll take care of it.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
The candidate, Ms.
Moncada, will be available for comment after the meeting with her team members.
So in the meantime, please enjoy these refreshments we've prepared.
Go ahead.
[indistinct chatter.]
Excuse me, sir.
- You're not hungry? - [ominous music playing.]
On the contrary.
I'm almost always insatiable.
For information.
As I said before, the candidate will only be able to respond to questions after her meeting.
I'm not looking for information.
I'm offering some.
I have some fantastic news that will change Julia Moncada's entire campaign.
Fuck! Wakey-wakey, Tomás, buddy.
I've got a surprise for you.
Guess who found your phone? Pájaro.
[Tomás grunts.]
You know what? Call the girl.
You woke up thinking about her, and you really wanna see her.
She won't come.
Two more days.
[dramatic music plays.]
I'll get her here for you.
Huh? She won't suspect.
Trust me, Douglas.
You're bringing her here today, Tomás.
In one hour, or I'm gonna make sure you never see again.
What's it gonna be? What happened? - Zacarías.
- My love, what happened? Are you okay? What's going on? Who did this to my wife? Detective Rentería.
My wife's been handcuffed? Remove them immediately.
I'd like to ask her a few questions.
All right, what about? I need the doctor's authorization to confirm some information before I can do so.
And you cuffed her for that, Detective? I don't get it.
Is she a criminal? That's what we're wondering.
Whether Camila Duarte or someone close to her was party to a crime.
Wait, Detective.
It's been a rough day.
It's been complicated.
Could you maybe We took these precautions to make sure that she couldn't escape.
In case the thought crossed her mind.
Why would I run away? Give me a second.
Just give me a second here to work this out because this detective is making a mistake.
He doesn't wanna hear from my lawyer, who'd make him pay for his abuse of power.
You have no idea who you're messing with.
Miss, could you bring my wife her clothing, please? We're leaving now.
She showed up in a bathrobe.
Zacarías, good to see you.
[clears throat.]
The pizza guy's coming up in the world, aren't you? More than the guy who's going to explain Camila's transplant? What are you I don't follow.
- [Rentería.]
Simón, back off.
I got this.
- No.
Get off.
It's fine.
It's cool.
- Sorry, I don't understand.
- I want to know when they operated, when the transplant was.
You remember the exact date? - I don't know what's going on.
- Let me explain it to you.
You stole my wife's heart from her, and you murdered her.
And then her heart was transplanted into Camila.
[dramatic music playing.]
[music ends abruptly.]
["In a Heartbeat" by Cavendish Music playing.]
[song fades out.]

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