The Marked Heart (2022) s01e13 Episode Script

La próxima víctima

1 - Simón.
- Don't say my name.
- All I want is an explanation.
- Get out of here, Simón! Enough.
Duque, I understand your anger.
We men tend to express our pain as rage.
I can't begin to imagine how you and your family have suffered.
- Calm down, Simón! - The tragedy that you've Easy, sir.
Don't put your hands on me.
Don't aggravate things.
I would lose my mind if someone took my wife from me.
I'd do anything for revenge.
Exactly like you are.
But you must understand, your accusations are wrong.
When it comes to transplant recipients, it is completely prohibited for anyone to reveal a donor's identity.
And you're aware.
Am I wrong? So, this is totally absurd.
It's reckless and irresponsible of you to accuse my wife and me of having somehow been involved in your wife's murder.
I'm sorry, put things in perspective.
Eight thousand transplants - I know the stats.
- take place every year, sir.
Eight thousand.
That you and Camila ran into each other at that concert is an unfortunate coincidence.
I don't believe in coincidence.
That's unfortunate.
We're done.
I'm not gonna stand here and be accused of something I didn't do.
And get these handcuffs off.
Thank you.
A NETFLIX SERIES Put it down, girl.
You don't know Tomás? What happened? Why haven't I heard from you? Can you come over? I need to see you.
Not right away.
My dad's not here.
I'm watching Lucas, and I can't leave him all alone.
You sound upset.
What's wrong? Nothing's wrong, Samantha.
I just miss you is all.
Run, Samantha! Your boyfriend needs to learn to keep his mouth shut.
You remember me, don't you, sweetheart? Don't listen to him, Samantha! You and I have a little bit of unfinished business.
Your friend was gonna shoot me.
I only wanted to protect myself.
He was looking right at me, and he pointed the gun You have one hour to get your ass here, or the next time you see lover-boy, - he'll have maggots in his mouth.
- No, Sam! Don't even think of calling the cops.
If you do, I'll kill your whole family.
Much appreciated, Dr.
Thanks so much.
- You're welcome.
- Take care.
We've organized everything for Camila's transfer to our hospital.
- The ambulance should arrive soon.
- Right.
But the real problem we have isn't solved, Zacarías.
Our number one priority is finding a solution quickly.
- No shit.
- Mmm.
What you're sharing with us is quite troubling, Mr.
Do you have proof? In your possession? You don't think Ms.
Moncada would act on supposition, do you? "In the kingdom of ends, everything has either a price or dignity.
" According to Kant.
His philosophy is pure genius.
I have in my possession the proof that will end Cienfuegos and his little puppet's run.
And will open the door for you to win the presidency.
So we're here today to negotiate the price you're willing to pay to rule the kingdom.
If you insist on interrogating her, please wait until the patient is stable.
I also have some questions for you, Doctor.
Of course.
Ask me anything.
My mission is to save lives, inspector, not to destroy them.
Everything's ready, Dr.
Just because I've dedicated my life to politics doesn't mean I've checked my conscience at the door.
We're heading into the final stretch of this election.
This could cinch it.
What's your price for this information? Just some tiny privileges for the organization I represent.
You politicians can walk with God and dance with the Devil.
Speaking of the Devil CELL PHONE Why don't you sit down, Ms.
Moncada? Or do you prefer "Madam President"? AMBULANCE The trouble is, I'm in love with you.
I want to protect you.
Well, this isn't it! This isn't right! I'd die if something happened to you.
Something already happened.
What is it? I need to go somewhere.
It's an emergency.
Gaby and Julio are on their way.
If they find me here alone, you're gonna be in big trouble.
You can be on your own.
Ten minutes at the most.
Yeah? Tell me yes.
And? The ultrasound doesn't show any evidence of rejection going on.
- Camila's all right? - Yes.
Nothing indicates that we'll have to proceed with a biopsy of her heart.
My feeling is we'll be sending her home today.
Motherfucking Checo never answers his phone.
What's his deal? Asshole comes begging for work, and now he's too busy for us? Something's off.
Mariachi's on his way.
We've got something else to take care of.
What am I supposed to do with pretty boy? Wait for the girlfriend to show up.
Don't worry, you won't suffer much longer.
You're not worth my time.
Unless she doesn't show.
Then I'm gonna find time.
How is she doing? What did the doctor say? He said there's nothing indicating rejection.
I told you.
Can we see her? Of course, we can see her.
Your wife sure likes attention.
I'm really starting to think she prefers hospital food.
Or else, the heart Carrasco gave her was too primitive, huh? You must be too preoccupied to humiliate me some more.
Or is it that we both know you're fucked.
Braulio you're right to call me out for what I said, and I want to apologize.
I was under a lot of pressure, lost control.
I like you humble.
Beaten, regretful, submissive.
With your tail between your legs.
I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't want to work together any more.
Huh? And be at the mercy of Miss Universe? That woman pulled out all the stops for you.
In her eyes, they should declare you a saint.
But, you know what? That's life.
These things happen even in the closest of families.
Apology accepted.
How about a hug between son-in-law and future president, huh? Bring it in, Zacky.
Come on.
Good boy.
Hello, Sami.
How's my girl? Hey, you think you can walk by without giving Grandpa a kiss? Sorry.
Your dad? - Where is he? - No clue.
I came to see if you need any help with deliveries.
Take a look.
They should be by the register.
Want me to take them? Yes, I would.
Douglas, don't do anything to her, please.
Let's talk.
We can settle this between ourselves, brother.
What do you think this is? A shrink's office where you can talk? Shut it! Garabato.
What is this bullshit? I'm using this asshole as bait, boss.
His girlfriend's the one who shot Rojo.
Good plan, right? We're up the fucking creek and this is your plan? Didn't I tell you to drop your fucking side gigs, you dumbass motherfucker? - Get him the fuck out of here! - But the girl is on her way.
I'm not asking, Garabato.
How old's this asshole? Twenty-something.
And the girlfriend? Eighteen maybe.
She looks pretty young.
Change of plans, boys.
We just got an order for a nice, young liver.
Mariachi, you're a monster.
When she gets here, you get a blood sample and get it to Montejo.
If the lab work shows this girl's compatible, they can take what they want.
And since she killed Rojo she suffers.
Now, get a move on.
Got it? - Get up! - Get over there.
Go on.
Camila, what is this? I thought you weren't going to do this to us anymore.
Do you really need the attention? Spoken like a true mama's boy.
I'm the problem child, and you're the favorite.
- Lucho.
- Hmm? Maybe you could try to find some decent food for your sister, sweetheart? Mm-hmm.
She wants to lecture in private.
I'll go 'cause I'm the favorite.
Zacarías asked me to bring some clothes for you.
I'm wondering exactly how my daughter ended up in the hospital with another man in nothing but a bathrobe.
Don't pretend, Mama.
It's worse than you can imagine.
You're playing with fire.
Since I know you'll find out anyway, I'll give you the details.
It was Simón.
And he was married to Valeria Duque.
The one they killed for this heart.
You had an affair with the widower? He knows.
He senses it, Mama.
Valeria was brutally murdered to save me, and he knows it.
I'm sure the police are gonna question me later.
You know I can't lie.
Then what, Camila? Will you turn on Zacarías? If you have to pretend, pretend.
If you have to hurt someone else, so be it.
Why can't you be like a normal mother just once in your life? Don't you realize I need your support? What you need is a little common sense.
And to forget about Simón.
Zacarías saved your life, sweetheart.
Now you need to return the favor.
Camila, it's simple.
You remember which day you performed the heart transplant? Yes, March 15th.
The same day that Valeria Duque disappeared.
A tragic coincidence, no doubt.
Please, Dr.
We're too old to play games, aren't we? I'm afraid I'm not gonna tell you there was some unorthodox dealing with Camila's transplant.
I refuse to believe it because transplant procedures have strict protocols that prevent wrongdoing.
Who told you there was a compatible donor? Who's the surgeon who worked on Valeria Duque? My colleague, Dr.
However, if you need to get more information regarding the origins of that heart, you'll need to speak directly with him, inspector.
Do you know where we can find Dr.
Montejo? Dr.
Carrasco? Yes.
You're the other butcher who took my wife's heart - and put it in Camila? - Please.
- Do you know what you took away from us? - Let me go.
- Get off of me! Get off! - Simón! What the hell? What are you doing here? I want to know what you talked about with this butcher.
You are forbidden from coming anywhere near him or anyone else related to this case.
Is that clear? Go home.
Let us do our jobs.
Let's go, Bracho.
I want to get to that other doctor right away.
Who? Dr.
Montejo? I know exactly where he is.
I see you're feeling better.
Yes, I'm ready to go.
What's going on with you and Simón Duque? You wanna know the most humiliating moment in my life? It was when the nurse told me you came in wearing a bathrobe.
I felt like a fool.
Why did you sleep with that guy? I asked you a question, Camila.
Did it ever cross your mind that I'm not the one who did it, Zacarías? That it was her.
Don't underestimate my intelligence.
It's no time for jokes.
It wasn't meant as a joke.
Well, I'm not going down that road with you.
I refuse to accept your convoluted hocus-pocus.
You're not getting off with your metaphysical shit.
Why were you unfaithful to me when all I ever did was put you first? By respecting you, adoring you, and bloodying my existence for you.
Sorry, but you did that for someone who no longer exists.
I'm different.
Don't try to use that woman to excuse your actions.
It was your actions that killed that woman.
The only reason you still exist is thanks to me.
Is that not enough for you? It should've been my choice.
You had no right to that decision.
Why, Zacarías? Why did you make that decision without asking your wife? Tell me why.
You think it was easy? Just like deciding which restaurant to go to, or buying an apartment? Don't trivialize this.
You made a decision that should've been mine.
That life didn't belong to you, Zacarías.
Who do you think you are? God? You decide who lives and who dies? - Me.
- Is that it? If I'd involved you in the decision you would be dead now.
Not standing here acting all high and mighty.
To make a decision like that, you have to be cold-blooded and selfish.
And then accept the guilt it unleashes.
All the vile stuff, the nightmares.
My love why were you unfaithful? Tell me.
Did you stop loving me, Camila? Tell me.
Did you stop loving me and fall for someone else? I'm pretty sure that doesn't matter now, Zacarías.
Tell me what you think might happen to us now.
I'm thinking we end up in prison, right? There's no proof that you and I had any idea whose heart you received.
Really? And if the police catch Valeria's killers, what happens then? I'm sorry I couldn't take your call earlier, Cienfuegos.
I was in a very important meeting.
Valeria Duque's husband's sniffing around, and the guy knows too much.
Then it's time to bring out the big gun, sweetheart.
After all, wasn't it you who ended our relationship? I don't see how your situation is a problem for the organization's interest.
Because I might let a name or two slip under questioning.
Shine some light in the shadows.
What would be in our mutual best interest, Sarmiento A truce.
I'll expect you here shortly to work out the details.
López, Jiménez, up there with Bracho.
Patrols one and two, secure the perimeter.
I repeat, patrols one and two secure the perimeter.
Sorry, boss, no one's in there.
Did that son of a bitch get away? Huh? Who's applauding? Your conscience? You're not the only victim, I'm afraid.
But you're still alive.
How's my heart looking out for you? This is a dream, isn't it? Could be a nightmare.
Simón hates me.
But he loves you too.
Are you all right? Relax.
Don't be scared.
I'm honestly incapable of ever hurting you.
I know.
I'm here because I need you to tell me if that heart, your new one, came from the love of my life.
Or maybe what I need you to tell me is at what point did you decide to barge into my life, huh? I mean your plan is so fucked up.
No, Simón.
Please don't think that of me.
What kind of person would insinuate themselves in our lives like you did? Then make me believe I could fall in love again? And that my life could be turned completely upside down.
What's the matter with you? When I first ran into you, I knew none of this.
I need you I need you to believe that, Simón.
When I found out what happened the horror of our connection, I swear, I tried a million times to tell you.
And once you found out, what happened? Everything that happened between us is absolutely genuine.
From the day we met, I've wanted to know you, be with you, go to the restaurant, hear you talk Because when we're together, I feel at peace.
And that is the problem with this entire situation.
I am so lost.
Because at this very moment, I don't know if what's going on between us is us.
Or you and Valeria.
What the hell does that mean? It means I haven't stopped thinking a single minute since the transplant that everything I'm living right now and everything I feel, what I go through, when my heart suddenly wants to jump out of my throat is Valeria asking me to send a sign.
Making sure you know she misses you.
The sign is that this heart wasn't meant to be yours.
Is that clear? No.
I beg you not to judge me for something I didn't do.
Don't condemn me.
I didn't ask for this, I swear.
Oh, no? Who's gonna pay for this then? Huh? Who gets the blame for this? Your husband? You're going to tell the police that your husband murdered my wife? Is that it? It's not that straightforward.
Nothing about you is straightforward, Camila.
Nothing is more straightforward than death, though.
It is interminable and definitive.
If you want, I can ask my children to come here right now and you'll explain the horror and the hurt of how they lost their mama.
I'm sorry.
Leave here immediately, or else I'll call security.
Take care of it.
Simón! Simón! The accusations Mr.
Duque is making are absurd.
There's not a shred of evidence that suggests that anything he told you is true.
Don't you think it's a bit of a coincidence that Valeria Duque was abducted and killed the same day that your wife underwent her operation? Dr.
Carrasco already confirmed that he complied with all the standard protocols.
And if such an eminent surgeon as Dr.
Carrasco had no knowledge of what you're suggesting, then my client couldn't have either.
All I want now is for Mr.
Cienfuegos to tell us about what Inspector, listen.
My client told you everything he knows.
What's more Unless you have a warrant for his arrest, Mr.
Cienfuegos is actually free to leave.
We're done here.
You're not authorized to travel outside the city.
Got it? That's fine.
I have a great view.
What can I do? Leave.
Get out of here.
- Hi, Pa.
- Hi, squirt.
How are you? Fine.
Is Camila feeling better? Camila is feeling better.
She's fine.
Samantha? She had stuff to do.
- So, be my super salad helper? - No.
My sweet Luqui-shmookie.
- You chop.
- I'll watch you chop.
What's going on? Camila had a heart transplant.
- What? - Guess whose heart she has inside her? Valeria's.
What? Where did you Simón, where's this coming from? She told me when I went to see her.
And she's obviously not going to say it in front of anyone because of her husband.
That son of a bitch Zacarías is responsible for Valeria's murder.
You know the drill.
What did I cook, huh? Grilled chicken and rice.
- What else? - Lots of vegetables.
Good job.
What is it now, Consuelo? Simón Duque.
Did you get Montejo? No, uh, he wasn't there.
Oh, how convenient.
Plenty of time for Zacarías and Camila to buy tickets to Alaska.
You know that without proof, there's no way for me to accuse either of them of having paid someone to steal your wife's heart.
When I have new information, I'll call you.
He wants proof? I'll get him proof.
- I'm sure I know who did this.
- Where are you going? Watch the kids! Wait? Simón, come on.
Hey, baby.
I was just thinking about you.
Real good.
What about you? Hmm.
Glad to hear it.
Get out of here.
It's not safe, Samantha.
It's a trap.
Tomás, what did they do to you? - I can't believe what they did to you.
- Leave, Samantha.
Please, get out of here.
Quiet, Tomás.
I'm not leaving you here, okay? Yeah, yeah.
I get it.
Okay, I got one.
Almost done.
Let's go, let's go! Tomás.
Okay, where are the keys? They're here somewhere.
- Come on, Sam.
- I don't remember where I put them.
Hold on.
Hold on.
If we get caught, we're both dead.
You need to work a little faster.
Got 'em.
We're good, we're good, we're good.
You do it.
Were you leaving without saying goodbye, buddy? And with the guest of honor.
They're not putting you in prison for a crime you didn't commit.
But the evidence is inside my body, Álvaro.
The only one responsible for murdering that woman is Zacarías, not you.
Camila you really have to consider your next move.
Revealing everything you've learned comes with risks.
We know there's an entire mafia at work here.
And if you expose the network, you'll be in danger.
I don't think I have what it takes to turn against Zacarías.
Maybe you should ask yourself if you have what it takes to stay.
Can you live with him? How can I go on with my life if I leave the man who sold his soul because he was desperate to save me? And Simón? Simón despises me.
He thinks I'm an accomplice.
That when I realized I had Valeria's heart, I still acted innocently.
I spent time at his house, I played cards with his son.
He thinks I'm a monster.
And it's true.
But you're an innocent victim in all of this, Camila.
I want to get away from all this.
Far away.
Unfortunately, you're stuck here.
A crime has been committed, Camila.
And you're the principle beneficiary.
Let them put me in prison.
- Take my heart out so - Hey, hey, hey, Camila.
I can't take this anymore, I swear.
Cami, don't.
Here I am, the expert, the genius with all the answers to everything.
But this thing I have no answer.
One step at a time, all right? First, we take care of Camila.
The police are breathing down our necks.
I don't know if she can handle the pressure.
The most important thing is to put off the investigation until after the election.
And if Cárdenas wins, you're guaranteed "When" Cárdenas wins.
Not if.
When Cárdenas wins, you'll have a free ticket that offers you protection.
Get assigned to an embassy, and you two start over halfway around the world.
That's why I apologized.
To ensure our future.
The number one priority for the next 24 hours is keeping a lid on Camila.
Because she's the weak link.
When does she get out? After the debate, I'll bring her home.
Everything's under control.
I'll make sure they cut out what they want with the same knife you brought.
What'd he say? What does he mean, Tomás? I mean, you're saving a life.
Donating your liver.
What? What? Cool, right? What? What? No, no, no, no, no.
No! Please, don't do this.
No, no.
Please! Shut it! Remember, you only have two talking points.
- And you do not deviate.
- Okay.
It's wrong to be rich, and we need to take away the privileges from the powerful.
But being rich is fun as fuck, Zac.
We'll laugh about it after the debate, okay? I know how to fight.
I'll take that intellectual, pretentious, frigid witch and crush her like a bug.
Insulting women on national TV will not win you any votes.
- You catch more flies with - Honey.
Good girl.
Anyway, she doesn't turn me on.
- Good.
Good to hear.
- I only argue with women who do.
- Less danger of provocation.
- Mm-hmm.
Moncada's gonna highlight her education, you're gonna flex your street-smarts and two ideas.
Don't flinch, okay? What do doctorates mean to you? Oh, well, uh - Privilege.
- Go on.
The educated elite are driving our country down the drain.
You seem a little wound up, Zac.
What's wrong? You worried about your wife? I just have a few things to clear up.
Doctor Julia Moncada, what a pleasure.
You're as beautiful as ever.
Ugh, Cárdenas.
Flattery will get you nowhere.
I even got one without thorns.
- Too bad.
- Come on.
Something wrong? Do you still smoke? Such a filthy habit.
We should quit.
Filthy things are being said about you.
Things that could jeopardize your entire career, end the run for you and Cárdenas, ruin your whole life.
You don't become the future president's right-hand man without attracting criticism.
Can't expect compliments and flowers.
I think, this time, you might've bitten off more than you can chew.
Don't you? Here's fine, asshole.
You stay.
Okay, Checo? You stay.
Keep an eye out.
What do you need, liver or kidneys? From that one, we'll take the kidneys and the corneas.
Yeah? Yeah, I'll take her.
Your girl's a match, dude.
Your lab work was perfect for the little extraction we need to do.
- No.
- Time to say goodbye, lovebirds.
- Help! - Samantha, it's all right, it's all right.
What an honor to welcome the great strategist again.
I watched the debate between Braulio and Julia Moncada.
He was surprisingly good for an idiot.
You worked your magic, and I have to say, it borders on genius.
I don't give a shit about any of that right now.
We need to put our heads together and fix this.
What do you propose exactly, Zacarías? We have to prevent the cops from tracing this back to us, and stop them from making the link between the organization and the surgeon.
You're suggesting that I get rid of Dr.
It's best for all of us, Sarmiento.
Eventually, everyone's expendable.
I need Montejo for an operation today.
Then we can discuss.
What a shame that you weren't more careful with all involved, darling.
I don't know how that guy got to my wife, Sarmiento.
No one's more surprised, but we need to resolve this issue now.
Am I to take your cooperation as a sign that the plans with our future President Cárdenas are on again if he wins? Someone told me you had a little chat with Moncada's team.
Zacarías, the art of good negotiation is to have all your options on the table.
Be careful, Sarmiento.
Right back at you, Cienfuegos.
Look, we'll do whatever it takes.
But no matter what, my wife and I have to be out of this investigation.
Why don't we eliminate the troublemaker for starters? Simón Duque.
Son of a bitch.
There's nothing more frightening in a game of chess than the silent threat of an innocent-looking pawn.
Do what you have to.
But do it without attracting even the slightest suspicion.
Simón just happens to own - A pizzeria? - Yes.
How do you know? I told you there are very dangerous people behind all this.
I didn't know anyone.
All my instructions came from Dr.
Jacinto Robles.
We found Robles.
In a field.
Robles was found dead and his body was completely destroyed.
That's an order.
Let's not do that.
I'm going to have to ask you to step back.
Karla was a loose end for them to tie up, Simón.
Do you really not know where Zacarías is? It's unlike him not to come and pick me up.
True, but then again, you were desperate to be released early.
He must be trying to control the situation so it doesn't ruin everything.
Of course.
Now I'm supposed to get used to being married to a lying, thieving murderer? Show some gratitude.
He's attempting to protect both of you.
Well, he's wasting his time on that one, Mama.
I already decided.
It's too much to ask me to stay quiet.
Is it too much to ask you to live with that heart? For God's sake, Camila, be thankful.
I'd tear it right out of my chest, Mama.
I'll say it again.
When I go talk to the police, I'll leave nothing out.
What the hell, asshole? Checo's with us.
You can't just rough up my guys just 'cause you feel like it.
He was snooping around.
Control your dog, big shot.
You're the one who needs to control your dogs, Mariachi.
Why the hell is he snooping around here? Let's go.
Take this idiot inside, Garabato.
I don't appreciate asshole motherfuckers telling me what to do.
How much longer until we can give the go-ahead? The client is getting rather anxious.
We actually found a match, sir.
And it just so happens, it's the same little bitch who killed Rojo.
She's in outstanding condition, you'll see.
Pájaro's bringing her now.
Dismiss this imbecile.
Yes, sir.
- Take the day off, Checo.
- I need the money, boss.
Get out of here before I fire your ass.
I'll call you.
Anyway, I've got dibs on this girl.
Get lost! Here she is.
What's the matter? You don't know what "get lost" means? Go.
The little bitch is donating her liver.
Move it.
You're done.
Please, just let me go.
I swear it was self-defense.
He pointed his gun at me, I panicked.
I'm sorry.

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