The Marked Heart (2022) s01e14 Episode Script

La confesión

1 Please, let me go.
I swear I didn't mean to.
It was self-defense.
I'm sorry.
Life is ruled by cause and effect.
And so, the consequences that you're about to suffer were caused by the decision to murder one of my men.
- Please, let me go.
- You seem nervous.
It was self-defense, okay? I didn't want to kill him.
Hey, that's enough.
Easy, easy.
- Soon, you won't feel a thing, yes? - I didn't want to kill him! Please! Tie her up.
No! No! Hey, I told you not to bring that stupid guy.
You deaf or something? Dad? Get out of here.
Now! Samantha's got nothing to do with this.
You should just kill me.
Oh, love.
It's senseless, impulsive, unconditional.
It leads you to make bad decisions.
But who am I to get in the way of love? Hmm? We don't want any loose ends, do we? Get rid of him.
No! Garabato, wait.
Hold on.
We mustn't let our donor get upset.
You know that fear can seriously damage their organs, right? Let go of me, you fucker! Relax, please.
Deep breaths.
You won't feel a thing.
I promise.
A NETFLIX SERIES I can't be known as the mother of a traitor.
Or a killer's mother-in-law? He did what he did to save your life! What part of that do you not get? If I say nothing, well, that makes me an accomplice to murder.
What part of that do you not get? Oh, so you know better? Your actions could cost Zac's career and the election for Braulio.
You're fucking over my whole life again.
Is that it, Camila? I'm sorry.
But I can't live like that, Mama.
Who are you calling, mother? Someone who needs to deal with her.
No! CELL PHONE Stop, Zac! Come on, man.
Stop it.
Please, don't do it.
I won't tell anybody.
Yeah? Just let me go, okay? Come on, man.
It's not personal, man.
So you're my daughter's boyfriend? Come on, get up.
Come on.
Hurry up, let's go.
- No.
No, hey.
Calm down.
Don't do it.
- No, let go of me.
Let go.
- Let go! - These guys will fucking kill you.
Hey, hey, hey, we gotta be smart, man, okay? Just hang on.
Chill, okay? We'll get her back.
We'll get her back.
Go, go, go, go, now! I'm here to give a statement about the transplant.
- We co - I've got this.
Come with me, Camila.
CELL PHONE Do you know whose heart you received in the transplant? Yes.
It's Valeria Duque's.
How do you know that? That's supposed to be confidential information.
I've discovered that the night I received my transplant Valeria was kidnapped and murdered.
They stole her heart.
Perhaps it was only a coincidence.
I thought so too.
But, detective, isn't it too much of a coincidence to just have a match appear out of thin air like that when there were people ahead of me on that donor list? The person who did this was trying to save my life.
The person who did what? Who paid to have her killed.
Then who is this person? My husband.
Zacarías Cienfuegos.
What makes you think it's him? I know because I found some texts on his cell that prove he paid for it.
But he wanted to save my life.
He didn't want me to die.
Do you know the person who was communicating with your husband? A Mariachi.
Darling, I hope you're ready to become the First Lady.
What makes you so sure I will? Well, you wanna see? Results from the latest polls are in.
I absolutely kicked Moncada's ass in the debate.
For me not to become president now, there'd have to be a catastrophe.
And that won't happen.
Come on.
Hey, check out the gorgeous girl we brought you, Doc.
Won't even have to disinfect her.
- Let's prepare her for anesthesia.
- No, no.
No anesthesia, Doc.
I'm sorry.
No, I promised this bitch she'd suffer, and I'm keeping my word on that.
And you're gonna listen to Garabato.
Just do it, Doc.
That's an order.
Be a good girl.
- No! No! - Go.
No! Help! Go ahead, Doc.
Impress us.
Let me go! No! Let me go! So I didn't know if adoption was a good move, but Troya convinced me.
They say children are a blessing, don't they? - I'll check.
- Sure.
- No! No! - Hold her! I can't.
I can't work like this.
- Anesthesia now! - Yes, Doctor.
- Stop moving! - No! No! No! Hold still.
We told you, Doc.
No anesthesia.
That's enough! - Let her go! Back off! Now! - Whoa! Hey, hey.
What the hell? - What is this? - Dad? Don't touch my daughter.
Let her go, or I'll blow your head off.
That's my daughter, okay.
Are you high? What the hell? Put that down.
Do you remember Valeria Duque? You little bastard.
She was my wife.
You killed my wife and she was pregnant.
This is your daughter? Doctor, do it now! Stay still! Stop it! Scalpel.
Dad! No! Stop moving! Don't let them get away! - Move, move, move! - Come on, we gotta go! Dad! Stop or I'll kill you.
Put the gun down or she dies.
- You have no idea how much I want this.
- I'll do it.
Dreamed of meeting the guy who killed my wife.
You think this is about me? This is so much bigger than you think.
You're messing wi I got it.
Come here.
I got you.
You okay? You're okay now.
That's what's gonna happen to all of you assholes! Hey, I'm out of bullets, Mariachi! Hang on! Hang on! Son of a bitch.
- Freeze! - Ah, you son of a bitch.
Hey, buddy.
What's up? You doing good? I told you not to mess with Samantha, asshole.
Yeah, okay.
Kill me.
Yeah, do it.
You've got no balls.
Haven't got the balls to kill me, Tomás.
What are you gonna do? Now, you'll see! This is for my men, you asshole.
It's over.
Where have you been? You didn't answer your phone.
I went to the police to give my statement.
What did you want me to do? What did you tell them? The truth.
That the heart I have belongs to Valeria Duque.
And that my husband paid for it.
How could you? I'm not tough like you are.
I can't live with this guilt.
One day until the elections! Did that occur to you? What a great idea! You two are peeing on your life, my life, everyone's! Because of your goddamn guilt! It was you! You destroyed our lives because you fucking killed someone! Because of love, isn't that right? But I don't want to be your accomplice.
I can't be, Zacarías! You did all of this because you want to be with that fucker, Simón Duque.
Right? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I wish it was that simple.
I really do.
Because you have no idea how damn confusing my life is right now, Zac! Poor little girl.
You're just so confused.
And because you're confused, you have to screw everything up for us! This is the ultimate betrayal! And yes.
I am a killer now.
Because of you, Camila.
You and I are bound forever.
It's impossible to get rid of me, Camila.
And it's impossible to remove your heart.
So get used to it.
Because I'm all you've got.
You should've told me that you got involved with these guys.
I could've done something.
What Samantha did was self-defense.
You should blame me.
Listen to me for a second, okay? Hey! Don't feel bad about what's happening to these bastards, okay? They killed your mother.
These guys, they deserve all of this.
They are animals.
Understand? Hmm? Your wife was an animal too.
She cried and begged for her life like a fucking pig, you know that? Hey! Hey, stop! Simón! That's enough! - Hey! - Stop it! Enough! Hey! Why didn't you call me? Chief, you were busy.
We couldn't waste any time because of Simón.
- Just stop.
- Put them in the car.
Good work, Bracho.
Wrap this up and get me a report.
And you could've been killed in this stunt.
But thanks to you, we're gonna get to the bottom of this as soon as they talk.
You wanna get to the bottom of it? Zacarías was working with them.
Why don't we just get rid of Simón Duque then? Take it.
When you get promoted, just buy me a coffee, yeah? Come here.
Pull over, I have to take a piss.
POLICE Jiménez.
Come here.
Damn, man.
Took you long enough.
Ah! Okay, fuck this.
We should make it look believable.
Okay, get up.
Come on.
You got it.
Up you go.
Come on.
That's it.
That'll make it real.
Give my regards to Santiago and Consuelo, man.
What'll you do now? Can we just remember? Just be my pretender ♪ Find my grandpa and disappear.
Staying's too risky.
Those guys may be in jail, but I feel like they could still find me if they want.
It's like playing hide-and-seek ♪ We sure picked the worst moment to introduce you to my father.
I'm sorry, Sam.
I'm gonna miss you.
A whole lot.
I just wish that things were normal.
I just want a boring day with you.
goodbye ♪ I can't find the words No matter how hard I try ♪ I know we'll find each other again.
I've got a real weakness for pizza delivery girls.
And bad boys do it for me.
Just like you.
Forget about all this, Samantha.
You need to.
Turn the page and start anew.
Hmm? I'll never forget everything you did for me, Tomás.
Listen to me.
Don't say this to your dad.
But one day, no matter where you are we'll find each other.
I'll find you.
Hmm? How am I ever gonna say ♪ Hey, hey.
Hey! Did you know Freddie Mercury never ate pizza? no matter how hard I try ♪ Be careful.
Take care of him.
And I know there's no way ♪ To bring back yesterday ♪ Hey.
I love you.
I love you.
How am I ever gonna say goodbye? ♪ Just give it some time, hmm? Hey.
You'll feel better soon.
You deserve a nice relationship.
Say goodbye ♪ to bring back yesterday ♪ How am I ever gonna say goodbye? ♪ Jiménez! Jiménez! Ugh! Dammit! I need help.
Hey, help me! Bracho! - I need help.
- Okay.
- Bracho.
- What the What happened to you? Those animals are gonna pay for what they did to Jiménez.
I swear they will.
I swear.
I can't believe what happened to Mom almost happened to me.
Dad, look who came to visit.
What are you doing here? Gaby, take the kids.
I want to stay with Camila.
Hey, sweetheart, listen to your dad, okay? - We have to talk.
- Let's go.
Come on, Lucas.
What happened, Sam? Want to explain why you're here? Hmm? I talked to the police.
- I told them everything.
- Oh, you did? And why? Because I just can't take this anymore.
Because Valeria needs to see some justice.
What'll your husband think? Won't he be angry with you? If he did this out of love for me, I'm scared to find out what more he could do out of hate.
He'll hate me.
- Like you do.
- Hmm.
You cannot even imagine how hard it was for me to hate you.
I swear that I never meant to cause all of this pain for you.
Take a look, Camila, just six months ago, this place, it was a family's home.
The family was happy.
Right up until they took Valeria from us.
And I just murdered a man because of your husband.
Hey, what about my daughter? What about Samantha? Samantha now has blood on her hands because she had to escape someone Zacarías sent.
This house is painted red with blood, Camila.
And we can't change that.
Even if they imprison Zacarías and me, it won't bring your wife back.
- But you will have justice.
- Hey.
Look, I know you were a victim in this.
But I don't know how I should feel for you.
I feel the same, Simón.
But I know it's impossible for us to find our happy ending.
Do me a favor.
Let me talk to your children.
I want them to know the truth.
I want them to hear it from me.
Your wife revealed everything to the police.
We can handle that.
As I've told you before, Zac, we see everything and we know everything.
Surely, Camila's little guilt trip helped her wash her conscience clean.
So I have nothing to worry about? It would be best if Camila didn't say anything anymore.
Will that be an issue, Zac? My issue is with Simón Duque.
What do we do about him? This might be the most difficult thing I've ever had to say in my life.
I know that you've been asking yourselves lots of questions about your mother.
What? What is she talking about? A while ago, they told me I had a sort of well, a heart condition.
It's called cardiomyopathy.
I only had a few days left to live.
And with no donor, I was The only thing that could save me was a miracle.
Or something criminal.
What? My husband was desperate for me to live.
He found some criminals who were willing to do anything so they could find a compatible heart.
You have my mom's heart, don't you? Is that what you're trying to say? That your husband had my mom murdered to save your life? I swear to you, Samantha, I swear I had nothing to do with what happened.
I swear I had no idea what my husband was doing.
I didn't know.
I swear.
I swear to you.
The only thing I knew is that I would've died.
And if I was able to tear this heart out of my body, I would.
I would, Samantha.
I swear.
I knew that my life was over and that my days were numbered.
One day, they told me that they had found a donor for me.
A donor, huh? That's so good.
They took me there, and the next day, the operation was done.
I had a new heart.
And I was so grateful.
So many feelings that I wanted I wanted to share them.
I wanted to know.
I wanted to meet her family to tell them.
So I started looking into it to try to find her to find out what had happened.
I found this evil story instead.
I found this nightmare.
This horrible thing.
But you do know it's your fault that my mom's dead, right? - Samantha, please could - Just a second, Dad.
Because she's sitting there.
Like nothing happened at all.
And my mom, she's dead and buried.
Why does she have to be dead, and you get to still be alive right now? Why? - Samantha - You can shut up.
No! No! Lu What she did is unforgivable.
And yet, you have to forgive her.
Is she in love with that guy? I don't know.
And I don't believe she does either.
Zacarías, how will you get out of this? If all goes according to plan, Greta, your husband will be president in the coming 24 hours.
There's no better insurance than power.
The way I fell in love with you, it was so incredibly strange.
Because I thought that I was in love with someone else.
When I first saw you, it was as if my heart was leading me to you.
When I met Lucas that incredible connection we had.
Getting closer to Samantha, standing in this room, in this house.
It was frightening to me, you know what I mean? I know.
I know what you're feeling in this moment because I feel the same.
It's been happening for a while now.
I'd never be sure which one of us you'd need to be with.
Which one of us you were really in love with.
Camila, I fell in love with you too.
Camila, is it true you've got my sister's heart? May I offer you a drink? No, thanks.
I hear that you've been asking many questions about the efforts of the people in the organization.
We strive to provide some measure of hope for those nearing the end of their lives.
I see a murderous ring of thieves.
I'd be disappointed if you believed that a pawn as insignificant as yourself could ever hope to stop us.
You trade in carnage.
No matter what you tell yourselves and the public, you're basically just thugs.
Hear me out.
Let me show you some of our other business ventures, which may be a little more up your alley.
Is that all right? - That one's nice.
- That one there? - Yeah, that one.
- It's so big.
What an awesome time mini Santiago is having with Uncle Fermín.
Having fun, Santiago? Uh-huh! There goes the ball.
Quick, get it, get it! Catch it! What'd you do with his mom? Here she is now.
This business agreement I'm proposing will not only ensure your family's safety you'll also be able to give them the life they deserve.
Which a cop never could.
- You talk to Cárdenas? - He's waiting for us to vote.
The exit polls are already coming out.
Today is the election.
Your little guilt trips are not my only priority.
- We have to talk.
- Are you listening? Sir, how's our future president? It's a very important day for Zac.
Get ready.
Wear a smile.
You know, husbands love it when their wives look impeccable.
And smiling like a woman who's satisfied.
Don't forget.
Call the elevator.
We have a problem, son.
Don't worry about it, Dad.
Go ahead, lay it on me.
With no motorbike here, we've got dozens of deliveries just waiting to go out.
We'll get some new bikes soon.
- Hey, assholes, don't move.
Got it? - Don't shoot! Don't move! What the hell are you doing here? Checo? - You son of a bitch.
- What the fuck are you doing here? Just ask your cop friend, buddy.
I'm looking for the girl who drives the bike.
She's not in the country anymore.
- Oh yeah? - Yeah.
Hey man, let's bounce out of here.
People are filming.
Put your fucking phones down! You're dead, fucker.
How come they're still free? That's impossible.
Weren't they arrested? I need you to pack light.
Just the important stuff.
Things have changed, Samantha.
And I need you safe and far away.
- Yeah? - Hurry up.
- Lucas! - Go! Breaking news! According to exit polls and current projections, Braulio Cárdenas has won the presidency - with a predicted 85% of the vote.
- What? Yeah! While many polling stations are still recording, it appears to be a landslide for Cárdenas.
This isn't my triumph, it's a triumph that belongs to the impoverished, to the humble.
I didn't win today, no.
The forgotten people have the power.
They are the winners today.
From today This guy's a disgrace.
until the year two thousand and forever.
We did it, Zac.
We really did it! Damn! You're the best ever! - I told you to trust me, Mr.
- Yeah.
Did you hear that? "President.
" I knew we would win, hon.
What a bunch of crooks.
It's awful.
Well, Dad, congratulations.
Hey, it's true.
You're not just my stepson anymore.
- Bring it in! - That's right.
Son! I can't believe this farce.
Your husband will have much more power than before.
I told you it would be easy, didn't I? You wanna knock like a normal pizza delivery guy? Hey.
What's up? Nobody told me I was hosting a party tonight.
Want a drink? No parties for you for a long time, I'm afraid.
Jiménez is awake.
Jiménez? He's dead, Bracho.
I saw him get shot, remember? When you shot him, actually.
Jiménez is still alive.
Don't make this harder than it has to be.
You happy? And relieved.
Thanks for being there for me.
What's going on with Camila? You've been so brave.
I don't get why the police haven't called me, though.
I guess they're busy with other things probably.
I bet Zacarías isn't making it easy.
You know what he said? That I'd never be able to get rid of him.
So? What are you gonna do? It's been about six decades since we've had a president as handsome as Braulio Cárdenas.
You wanna do me a favor and smile? You're supposed to be happy, sweetheart.
I'm just not great at pretending, Zac.
Some time abroad might be nice.
I'll arrange a trip for us.
You just have fun at your party.
Well, now, this is a surprise.
I'd like to congratulate the president elect, Zac.
An olive branch.
That's nice.
Shall I take you to him? No, thanks.
That won't be necessary.
You didn't come here to wish him well, did you? Intelligence really saves so much of my time.
Zacarías, Cárdenas is going to have to give over a lot of power if he doesn't want a massive scandal of biblical proportions.
Oh, a scandal? You mean like the intimacy between you and Julia? The country wouldn't be able to handle the shock of that.
Zac, do you know what year it is? A relationship between two women, that's nothing.
At least not compared to the new president's main advisor getting caught up in organ trafficking.
You have no proof of that.
We don't yet.
But you and I are both cut from the same cloth.
You'll receive my list of requests tomorrow.
Hey, wait, wait.
Lucho, I can't do this.
I'm married.
It's okay.
Just relax.
I can be very discreet for you.
Hmm? Stay in the closet for as long as you need to.
You'll have to let me come visit you once in a while.
- Police! Get down! - What? Ah! Yo, what the hell? Hands in the air! I want your hands where I can see them.
- On your knees! Drop the gun! - Take it easy.
- On your knees! - We're clear.
- On the ground.
On the ground.
- Get down.
So, you think we'll miss Mariachi? Don't worry about it, boss.
No one is irreplaceable.
Congratulations, Zacarías.
Excellent work.
President, this is Juan Carlos Sarmiento.
I'm thrilled to be able to work alongside you, Mr.
Get this motherfucker out of my house now.
You just made the worst mistake of your life, Zacarías.
When the truth unfolds You close your eyes to hide away ♪ Secure the perimeter on that side.
- Get this report to forensics.
- Camila.
Stop him.
Take it easy, Zacarías.
I get it, but - Camila! - Back off.
This is a crime scene.
- Camila! - Get him out of here.
What happened? What did they do to her? Camila! It was Sarmiento! It was Sarmiento! I can not escape the ways ♪ Good afternoon.
From our darker days You're love has been a weight to hold ♪ Have a nice trip, Mrs.
- Thank you.
- Sure thing.
- You remember your wedding day? - Mm-hmm.
Valeria told you that she would love you even beyond death.
What are you getting at, Dad? Well, what if Camila is the incarnation of her promise, huh? So it went well? Yes.
Thank you for helping me.
Well, all my friends at the theater were more than happy to help you out.
Bracho too.
Take care of your dad for me.
And you take care of my mom's heart, Camila.
That's what I'm planning to do.
I promise you.
Hmm? Bye, Camila.
Have a good trip.
- Take care.
- You be safe.
Have a good flight.
If I asked you where in our bodies we feel, you'd all say the heart.
It's the home of all the emotions that make us human.
Love, happiness, fear, sadness, pain, hatred, etcetera.
In the 30 years that I've made my living as a cardiothoracic surgeon, I've heard so many stories, Hundreds.
Tales, and urban legends, about persons whose emotional formation change when they receive the heart of another.
It's almost, you'll agree, as absurd as the people who whisper of some mythical traffickers of organs.
It's simply absurd.
Welcome to you.
Thank you.
Carrasco referred me.
He said you would be able to help me.
Depending on how desperate you find yourself, sir.
Cienfuegos sends his regards.
When a heart transplant is performed, we are essentially moving a hydraulic engine from one machine to another.
It's an incredible muscle, but only a muscle.
Its purpose is to circulate blood through the body.
Nothing more.
And yet, the heart is a symbol.
Undeniably a powerful one.
You might even say the heart is at the heart of our species.
Within its image lies all the mysteries of our lives.
And of our loves.
That was the day I decided to get to know my guest better.
My heart and I had had a good start.
We fell in love with the same man.
And now it's time to move on so that my heart and I can find each other again.
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