The Marlow Murder Club (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

(mysterious music playing)
(pencil sharpener whirring)
(birds chirping)
(ducks quacking)
(indistinct chatter)
Stefan? Are you sure I can lock up?
Of course.
It's too hot to be indoors.
- Go to the river. Have some fun.
- Thank you.
(winces, groans)
(camera shutter clicks)
(music concludes)
(clock chimes)
(perky music playing)
(water splashing)
(music concludes)
MUSIC: "Cello Suite
No. 1 Prelude" by Bach.
(birds chirping)
(tense music playing)
No. Get away!
- Dear God, no!
- (gunshot firing)
Mr Dunwoody? Are you all right?
I'm coming!
Mr Dunwoody?
Stay there, I'll get help.
(operator) Emergency Services.
Which service do you require?
Police. It's my neighbour,
Stefan Dunwoody.
He lives on Ferry Lane,
about half a mile west of Marlow.
(operator) We'll get someone sent
straight away.
(Judith) Oh, please hurry!
I think someone's just shot him.
(music concludes)
(theme music playing)
(theme music concludes)
- (church bell tolling)
- (birds chirping)
(mysterious music playing)
(music concludes)
(food processor whirrs)
Oh, morning, Chloe.
Can you give me a lift
to the Red Lion later on?
- Darling, that's a pub.
- I'm 17. It's legal.
- It's not, you know.
- It is!
(Sam) Mum, can I use your phone?
- Good morning, Sam.
- I'll get the bus.
- (Becks) What are you doing?
- (phone chimes)
I need you to authorise a purchase.
- What of?
- The new Hell Slayer game.
- (phone chiming)
- (Sam) Thanks.
(Becks) How much
have you just spent?
(Sam) Forty quid.
You cannot spend that kind
of money on a game!
(Sam) I didn't. You did!
(door closes)
(indistinct arguing)
Oh, hey, quickly,
I just wanted to check
that you've ordered the flowers
for the confirmation?
Of course.
And you're able
to pick up the orders of service?
I'm due at the printers at ten.
Oh, and Mrs Eddingham wants you
to, erm, help set up Lisson Hall
- for the reception with the Bishop.
- Mrs Eddingham?
Oh! I don't know how you know
what I need before I do.
Thank you. You are the best!
- (Chloe) You're unbelievable!
- (mellow music playing)
- (sighs)
- (dial tone)
- Come on, girl!
- (Zeta) Hi. It's Zeta.
- Leave a message.
- (phone beeps)
- Hi, honey.
- (dog panting)
I just wanted to make sure
you check-in online today.
Oh, and you'll need to choose
the option for hold luggage
- Go on girl, up you go!
- (dog whimpering)
because it doesn't come
as standard.
Good girl.
And you will definitely need
hold luggage
for all the presents
you're bringing home for your Mum!
(chuckles) But seriously,
I cannot wait to see ya. (sighs)
One more sleep. Love you!
(car engine starts)
(music concludes)
(indistinct chatter)
Thank you, Jason.
Okay, everyone, is that everything?
Alice, you're liaising with the CPS
on the Hudson case?
I'll talk to them
by close of play today.
(Tanika) Thanks.
And while DI Hoskins is off sick,
bring it to me.
Okay, that's all for now.
(phone vibrating)
- (indistinct chatter)
- (Tanika) Hmm.
Oh, Jason, I saw there was
a suspected firearms incident
in Marlow yesterday.
Seems unlikely,
but please
can you bring me the report?
- (Jason) Yeah. Will do.
- (phone beeps)
- (Tanika) Tanika here.
- (Rebecca) It's Rebecca Phillips,
Shanti's teacher.
She's feeling unwell again.
(sighs) Okay,
thanks for letting me know.
We phoned your husband
but got no answer.
No, you did the right thing,
Shamil works nights, it's fine.
(Rebecca) Will you be able
to collect her?
Tell Shanti I'll be with her
in ten minutes.
- (Rebecca) Thank you.
- (phone beeps)
(Tanika) Okay
(light-hearted music playing)
(music concludes)
(Suzie) Iqbal?
Oh, God! Sorry.
Bloody hell, Iqbal,
I thought you were dead!
- I'm so sorry, Suzie.
- You nearly give me a heart attack.
Yeah, I'm really sorry.
My fare wanted me
to go to Birmingham.
Nah, that's too far.
You should have said no.
Yeah, but work is work,
and I couldn't say no.
I thought I'll come home
and close my eyes.
- (Suzie giggles)
- I was gone. But I promise you,
I'll be well rested before I pick
Zeta up
- from Heathrow, okay?
- I should hope so.
Seriously, I couldn't let you down.
- Where's my girl?
- (Luna whining)
Who's a good girl?
Who's a daddy's girl?
- (Suzie) Hello! Hello, lovely Luna.
- (Luna pants, barks)
Hello. I'll drop her off tomorrow.
- Come on.
- (Iqbal) Go.
(Suzie) In you get.
Good girl. Good girl.
- Good girl. Go on.
- (Luna barking)
- Oi, you! Get to bed!
- I will.
- (Luna barking)
- (car engine starts)
(birds chirping)
(phone ringing)
(Judith) Hello?
(Tanika) Good morning. This is
Detective Sergeant Tanika Malik.
Is Mrs Judith Potts there?
(Judith clears throat)
I'll just get her for you.
(slurps, clears throat)
Hello, Judith Potts here.
Mrs Potts, I wanted to ask you
a few questions about last night.
- (Judith) Is Mr Dunwoody okay?
- We've not spoken to him just yet.
You mean you haven't found him?
(Tanika) It's why I wanted
to speak to you.
- Are you sure you heard a gunshot?
- (Judith) Yes.
(Tanika) You were swimming
at the time?
Is it possible
it was something else,
like a nearby car backfiring?
I know what I heard.
And it was preceded by a kerfuffle.
And Stefan didn't reply
when I called out to him.
- (Tanika) A kerfuffle?
- (Judith) Yes, a kerfuffle.
Well, then we have a bit
of a mystery,
because my
Detective Constables checked
Mr Dunwoody's property last night
and there was no evidence
of any kind of altercation
or shooting.
(Judith) I saw them searching
by the house,
but they seemed
to have just stopped there.
And didn't look
around the whole grounds.
In fact, they weren't there
very long at all.
(Tanika) You don't think
they carried out a thorough search?
- (Jason) All clear.
- (Judith) I know they didn't.
Someone shot Mr Dunwoody.
(Tanika) Mrs Potts,
this is Marlow we're talking about.
I think that's very unlikely.
Look, I'm sure we'll make contact
with Mr Dunwoody soon,
and the moment we do,
I'll let you know.
Now, I've got to go.
Have a good day.
(Alice gasps) Detective Shanti!
- (chuckles)
- I'm not very well.
She's not very well.
She'll be with us
until Shamil can get here.
Oh, great! Working hard?
- Yeah.
- (giggles) Wow, that's good.
(thrilling music playing)
The problem is,
we're empiricists
aren't we, Jasper?
To investigate,
we will need the right tools.
Knowledge can be derived
by what is observed and measured.
And I know what I observed.
(music concludes)
(tense music playing)
(dial tone)
- (Tanika) DS Malik.
- I've found him.
- (Tanika) Judith?
- Stefan Dunwoody.
- (siren wailing)
- (car door opens, closes)
(police officer)
She's down here somewhere.
- (music concludes)
- (Jason) Mrs Potts?
Mrs Potts?
(camera shutter clicks)
(Jason) Mrs Potts? Are you there?
- (Judith) Just here.
- Are you okay?
Yes. (chuckles)
Now that you're here.
- (helicopter blades whirring)
- (indistinct radio chatter)
(Brendan) Okay, so,
according to forensics,
the powder burns found
around the entrance wounds,
and the imprint the muzzle left
on the skin,
suggests that the gun was held
against the victim's forehead
when it was fired.
Like an execution.
(Tanika) An execution?
Will DI Hoskins
be leading the case?
As you know, DI Hoskins
is still signed off sick.
Until he returns, I'm Acting SIO.
Well, I'll let everyone know.
(Judith) I think I will have
another cup of tea after all.
- Coming straight up.
- (Judith) Thank you.
(Tanika) Thank you, Jason.
What a lovely young man.
He tells me
he's getting married next month.
Mrs Potts, my name's
Detective Sergeant Tanika Malik.
- We spoke this morning.
- We did.
Can I ask, what made you return
to Mr Dunwoody's property?
Oh, well, that's easy,
the gunshot I heard last night.
If you weren't
going to take it seriously
- Did you know Mr Dunwoody well?
- Just to say hello to, really.
I only moved to Marlow
a few years ago
when I retired as an archaeologist.
But tell me, what was
that thing I found on the grass?
Was it a bullet casing?
- It was.
- (Judith) Gosh!
So, he was shot in the garden,
and his body fell
into the tributary
and then drifted downstream
in the night.
How very interesting!
Mrs Potts,
I can't have you interfering.
- This is a police matter now.
- Of course.
And I'm sure you'll do
an excellent job.
(pensive music playing)
(phone chimes)
(music concludes)
Well, that's just about the most
shocking thing I've ever heard.
No, thank you for letting me know.
- Speak soon.
- (phone beeps)
Well, aren't you going to ask?
- No.
- That was Major Lewis,
the bursar of the Rotary.
He was just talking
to the secretary
of the Phyllis Court luncheon club.
Her nephew's a police officer,
and it looks as though
Stefan Dunwoody shot himself.
Or worse.
What's worse
than shooting yourself?
Being shot by someone else,
of course!
(quirky music playing)
(Mrs Eddingham)
There she goes again,
- all high and mighty.
- (Mr Eddingham) Who?
(Mrs Eddingham)
The new vicar's wife.
She hasn't invited me around
for a cup of tea, not once.
Mrs Starling?
Lovely morning!
Sorry, Mrs Eddingham,
I've got to get these arranged.
Yeah, I'm so sorry.
I can't look after Wally
and Evie next week,
my daughter
Zeta's coming home. (chuckles)
Yeah, Dave, I know, what am I,
your marriage counsellor?
(police officer) Get away
from the window, please.
- Thank you.
- It's just for a week.
I'm clearing all my decks,
Zeta's coming tomorrow.
All right, come on, girls, come on.
(tense music playing)
(music concludes)
(Judith) I'm so sorry
for your loss.
I'm Judith Potts,
Mr Dunwoody's neighbour.
(Antonia sobs)
(Judith) I can't imagine
how hard this must be for you.
He was such a good man.
I always got that impression.
And interested in me, you know?
- He was interested in you?
- (Antonia) Not like that.
What I thought about politics,
or the environment.
He was just an old man.
That's how he always
described himself.
An old man living alone
with his art.
Did Stefan collect antique pistols?
- Not that I know of.
- (Judith) In particular,
Second World War
German guns and ammunition.
He was only interested in art.
Do you have any idea
who might have done this to him?
That's what the police officer
was asking.
Everyone liked Stefan.
I see. But perhaps
he'd argued with someone.
A customer
with a grievance, perhaps?
- (mysterious music playing)
- (indistinct chatter)
There is something, isn't there?
I'm sure it's nothing, but
I was at the Marlow Regatta,
a few weeks ago.
(all laugh)
(Antonia) Stefan asked me along,
he thought I'd enjoy it.
(indistinct chatter)
(Antonia) It was a lovely day
and everyone was having fun.
Famous faces from the rowing world.
Stefan invited me
to the members' enclosure.
(indistinct chatter)
(Antonia) It was a great atmosphere
and everyone seemed relaxed,
then there was this man
who was really drunk.
Stefan said his name
was Elliot Howard
and he owned Marlow Auction House.
Thing is, he came for Stefan.
(Elliot) They'll let anyone
in these days.
- Not today, Elliot.
- (mimicking) "Not today, Elliot."
Steffy? Eh? Eh? Come on,
come on, Steffy! Come on
Please get off me, you're drunk.
Better a drunk than a fraud, eh?
Huh? Hear that, young lady?
The great Stefan Woody is a fraud.
(Antonia) Like, totally unprovoked.
He called him What was it?
He's a fraud,
he's a liar and he's a crook.
A crook, aren't you? Stefan? Huh?
(Antonia) A fraud,
a liar and a crook.
(Elliot) Big crooky Steffy.
Eh, eh, eh, eh? Come on! (laughs)
(Antonia) It was so embarrassing.
Poor Stefan tried to ignore him.
- (mysterious music playing)
- It's not true, obviously.
Stefan was
none of those things, but
if you're asking me
if Stefan argued with anyone,
that's all I've got.
Elliot Howard.
Marlow Auction House.
Thank you, you've been such a help.
(music concludes)
Yes, it's a unique opportunity
to own a very
special piece of history.
(Elliot) Yes, that's right.
Erm. Howard Carter found it
in Tutankhamen's main chamber
in, er, November, 1922.
No of course not,
take take as long as you need.
Okay, thanks, bye-bye.
Elliot. Judith Potts to see you.
I'm sorry for arriving unannounced.
Well, thank you, Daisy.
And please shut the door.
- (Judith) Are these all of you?
- (Elliot) Yes.
Goodness, how young you are!
- (Elliot) Can I help?
- (Judith) Oh, I hope so.
May I?
It's a rather delicate business.
A few weeks ago,
I was at the Marlow Regatta,
where you behaved quite
disgracefully, I'm afraid,
haranguing poor Stefan Dunwoody,
and then spilling a glass
of red wine on my blouse,
as you left. So, yes,
I'd like you to help
with the cost of dry cleaning.
Travel sweet?
I spilt wine on your blouse?
This blouse, as it happens.
Just after you accused Stefan
of being a What was it?
A fraud, a liar and a crook.
Well, Stefan was
all of those things.
Why are you talking about him
in the past tense?
Oh, haven't you heard?
Stefan died last night.
Oh, he didn't just die.
He was shot.
The Marlow Regatta
was over a month ago.
And you wait until the day after
Stefan died to tell me about this?
How was he a crook?
He stole hundreds of thousands
of pounds from his clients.
You have any proof of that?
Do you know what?
I think you're one of those
who has nothing
to fill her days with.
- (grunts)
- Who lives on her own,
with a cat, if I had to guess?
Knowing that I once argued
with Stefan,
you've decided
to have a little poke around,
thinking yourself
the amateur sleuth.
- How am I doing?
- Where were you yesterday at 6:30?
Are you really doing this?
Yesterday. 6:30 p.m.
I was at choir practice
at All Saints Church,
in front of about 30 witnesses,
including the Mayor of Marlow,
our vicar, three town councillors,
and the High Sheriff
of Buckinghamshire.
Ah! The perfect alibi.
If you were involved,
that's very clever of you.
(tense music playing)
- I'd like you to leave, at once.
- Don't worry, I'm happy to.
Oh, by the way, Howard Carter
found no offertory statues
in the main chamber
of Tutankhamen's tomb.
Well, that's basic knowledge.
Your Anubis is a fake.
(music concludes)
(mysterious music playing)
- (knocking)
- (Judith) Anybody here?
(Becks giggling)
(music concludes)
(Judith) Good heavens. Hello?
(woman) like a sexy cupcake
and wanted to eat me!
Hi. I'm Becks Starling.
Sorry about hiding in a cupboard.
Judith Potts.
- (Becks) Do you mind if I come out?
- Not at all.
It's a chance to get away
from the kids.
Well, Colin and his congregation.
I'm the vicar's wife, for my sins.
You don't worship here, do you?
- No.
- (Becks) Thank God for that!
Not that it's good
you don't worship.
I mean, what grown woman hides
in cup Can I help you?
Well, I was looking for a list
of people who sing in the choir.
I'm looking
for Elliot Howard's name.
Well, I think Elliot
shot my neighbour, Stefan Dunwoody,
last night
just after half past six.
I'm sorry,
you think Elliot did what?
So, you know him?
Well, not really,
but I also sing in the choir
and he was very
definitely here at 6:30 p.m.
- (suspenseful music playing)
- (choir vocalizing)
(Judith) Are you sure?
(Becks) He was there
the whole time.
He couldn't have
slipped away at all?
We're not allowed
to leave during rehearsals.
- Maybe he had an accomplice.
- (Becks) What?
(Judith) Well,
I spoke to Elliot just now,
and, for a moment,
a split second, really,
he let his guard down.
I think he's involved.
Do you think that's possible?
- (Becks) I'm sorry.
- Mrs Starling?
- It's really none of my business.
- I've already established
that Elliot thought Stefan a fraud,
a liar and a crook,
but his assistant told me
that he was entirely honourable,
which is my experience of him.
What do you think?
What do I think? I think
it's a matter for the police!
Oh, I wish
people would stop saying that.
But it is! That's their job.
They catch criminals and murderers,
whereas I make sandwiches,
that's my job.
I serve tea and biscuits,
I help my husband,
and I hide in cupboards
from women like Mrs Eddingham.
Who's Mrs Eddingham?
Chair of the Marlow Parish Council.
A terrible gossip.
Now, it's been lovely meeting you,
but I really have
to get back to the vicarage.
Perhaps you should ask her
about Stefan Dunwoody.
(Becks) I really don't think so.
"Whomsoever knows what is right
to do and fails to do it,
for him, it is a sin."
That is a low blow,
quoting the Bible at me.
(door opens, closes)
Our victim is
Stefan Dunwoody. Sixty.
Owner of the Dunwoody Art Gallery
in Marlow.
- What have we got on him? Brendan?
- Oh, yeah. Erm
Er. He lived on his own,
no close family.
Er. Digital Forensics have got
his computer, laptop and phone.
And I've run some background checks
on his name,
address and past addresses,
but, er,
no obvious flags so far.
Alice, what did you get
from the victim's place of work?
I spoke to his assistant,
a young woman called
Antonia Webster.
But she's got no idea
what could have happened to him.
Okay. Ballistics say the bullet
that killed Mr Dunwoody
was manufactured in Munich in 1942.
Is that for real?
So, where did our shooter get
a Second World War German gun from?
And why did they use it
to do the murder?
Good point. Anyone?
Could it be a ritual thing?
Or political?
Maybe a far right thing?
Alice, tell Digital Forensics
to look out for Mr Dunwoody
belonging to any far-right groups.
(Tanika) A weapon like this can't
have been easy to get hold of.
Brendan, can you contact the local
antique shops and auction houses
within, say, 20 miles?
Have they ever sold
a Second World War German gun?
- And if so, who to?
- (Brendan) Of course, ma'am.
(crows cawing)
Who was that woman?
- Who?
- You know who I mean.
- Really, I don't.
- Mrs Potts.
(Elliot) Oh Oh, her. Erm
She was just enquiring
about a house clearance.
Can you pass the mustard, please?
(cutlery clinking)
(scoffs) That's rather petty,
even for you.
(mysterious music playing)
(man) Come on, Spiro,
catch the water. Come on
(music concludes)
(suspenseful music playing)
- (glass smashes)
- (Judith gasps)
(dial tone)
DS Malik? It's Judith.
Judith Potts.
(music concludes)
We need to meet.
(mysterious music playing)
(music concludes)
(Chloe) Mum,
Sam's not tidying his room.
(Becks) Well, can you tell him to?
- (Chloe) Sure.
- (Becks) Dishwasher.
Are you still okay to pick up
the Bishop of Worcester tomorrow?
I've set an alarm.
(Chloe) Sam!
Bring your plates down!
(Sam) I am!
I thought a fresh start would help
them get on.
Do you think he'll be okay getting
a taxi back to the station?
(phone ringing)
Good morning. Reverend Canott.
- (Becks) Thanks. Dishwasher.
- (Colin) Yes, no,
we're all ready this end.
Very excited.
The, er, the candidates can't wait
to meet the Bishop.
- (Becks) Can you put it in the
- No, the only question is,
how long he'd like to stay
at the, er, reception afterwards.
And does he have transport
to get back?
Yes, no worries at all.
My wife will be on hand.
Anything you need
(cutlery clattering)
- (mug smashes)
- (sighs)
(light-hearted music playing)
(telephone ringing)
(Mrs Eddingham) Coming.
What on earth
do you think you're doing?
- (music concludes)
- Hello.
Mrs Eddingham. It's Becks Starling.
Oh! Good morning, Mrs Starling.
I wondered if you might be free
for a cup of tea,
maybe later this morning?
You'd like me to come
to the vicarage?
Perhaps you've heard
of the death of Stefan Dunwoody?
I have.
Such a terrible tragedy, of course.
It is. Colin will have
to deliver the eulogy
and we're still so new here.
I wondered if you had any insights
into Mr Dunwoody's life?
- I'd be delighted to help.
- (Becks) That's very kind of you.
How about half eleven?
(Mrs Eddingham)
That suits me perfectly.
- Okay, see you then.
- Lovely.
I've gone through
Mr Dunwoody's contacts,
his phone, his web history,
I can't find any links
to any far right groups.
(sighs) Then why was he killed
with a Nazi pistol?
What about auction houses?
Have we found anyone
who's ever sold a Luger?
Brendan's still compiling
a list, so
- A word?
- (Tanika) Of course, ma'am.
- Tell Brendan it's a priority.
- Yes, boss. Boss.
I just wanted to check in with you
on the Marlow shooting.
The investigation's
in its early stages.
Are you bringing in another
DI to head up the case?
Do you want me to?
No, ma'am.
Well, then it's yours,
Detective Sergeant.
You will remain acting SIO,
until further notice.
So, please stay
in this office, for now.
Although you might want to take
that Denzel
the Dinosaur sticker off.
- Oh, that's
- (door opens)
Sorry to interrupt.
Mrs Potts is in reception,
says she has an appointment
with you.
I'd better Sorry.
- (dogs barking)
- (light-hearted music playing)
(music concludes)
- (Zeta) Hey, Mum, I have some news.
- Why aren't you on the plane?
I'm staying with Dad,
just for another week.
Or a bit longer, but don't worry,
we'll still have a few days
together before I go to uni.
Yeah, but I bought you your flight.
(Zeta) I logged into the website
and changed the date.
- Oh. You can't do that.
- I'm having the best time.
It's like I'm supposed to be here.
You don't mind, do you?
- No, I mean, whatever you want.
- Love you! (chuckles)
- (Suzie) Love you.
- (phone chimes)
(Suzie) Iqbal?
(suspenseful music playing)
- (knocking)
- (Suzie) Iqbal?
Your door's open!
(Tanika) Why "Stay away"?
I've no idea.
After I spoke to you yesterday,
what did you do?
Erm. Well, it it's possible
I went to have a quick chat
with Antonia Webster,
Stefan Dunwoody's assistant
at his gallery.
You told me you'd stop
poking around.
Yes, but I was lying,
we both knew that.
I thought Antonia might have
an idea why Stefan was shot
- with a Nazi bullet.
- You know about that as well?
Well, there was the eagle
on the casing.
The point is, Antonia told me
that Stefan had recently argued
with a man called Elliot Howard
at the Marlow Regatta.
She heard Elliot call Stefan
a fraud, a liar and a crook.
- Who's Elliot Howard?
- He owns the Marlow Auction House.
Of course
the German pistol
must have come from somewhere.
As it happens,
I think Elliot's involved somehow.
But he couldn't have
pulled the trigger
because he was
at choir practice at the time.
- And you know that because?
- I spoke to the vicar's wife,
- a woman called Becks Starling.
- Of course you did. (sighs)
So, what I'm wondering is,
what if he got someone else
to pull the trigger?
- You mean like a hit man?
- Exactly! A hit man!
- Travel sweet?
- No, thanks.
I've lived in this area
my whole life, Mrs Potts,
and I can tell you categorically
there are no hit men
operating in Marlow.
(Jason) Excuse me.
Ma'am, there's been
another shooting in Marlow.
(suspenseful music playing)
(music concludes)
(man over radio) This is 9-9,
over Marlow high street,
north-west bound. Approaching
A-4-1-5-5. ETA two minutes.
(helicopter blades whirring)
Can I get you something to drink?
A hot tea or something like that?
Yeah. Sweet.
(suspenseful music playing)
(Tanika) Hold on. One here.
Bag it.
- (Luna pants)
- (music concludes)
Suzie Harris?
- (Suzie) Yeah.
- Detective Sergeant Tanika Malik.
- Can I ask you a few questions?
- Erm. Yeah.
Can you take me through
what happened?
Well, I came to drop Luna off
That's Iqbal's dog,
a German shepherd.
I'm a dog walker.
Iqbal works nights.
He's a taxi driver.
I come most days
but today his door was open,
which is not like Iqbal.
So, I went inside
and that's when
- I'm so sorry.
- (Suzie sobs)
(sombre music playing)
(sniffles, sobs)
Was there anything else you saw
that seemed different
or out of the ordinary?
(Tanika) Nothing comes to mind?
(Luna whimpering)
Poor Luna.
This is so bad for her.
Can I take her home
with me, please?
Sorry. Erm. Sarge,
DCI wants a word.
(Tanika) Sure.
That would actually be
a great help.
Thank you.
Hello. Sorry to interrupt.
- Judith Potts.
- Suzie Harris.
Would now be a good time to finish
taking your witness statement?
No, it would not.
Ms Harris has been through
quite enough for one day.
I suggest you contact her
again tomorrow,
when she's had a chance to recover.
- how can I help you get home?
- (sighs, sobs)
(music concludes)
It's so lovely being back
in the vicarage.
It's lovely to have you here.
- We must do it more often.
- Next time at my house. I insist.
Thank you.
(quirky music playing)
Colin's so grateful
you can share what you know
about Stefan Dunwoody's life,
for his eulogy, of course.
(Mrs Eddingham)
Well, there's plenty to say,
not all of it good,
I'm afraid. (chuckles)
- Sugar?
- Thank you.
(chuckles) Lots!
(music concludes)
(Judith) Your daughter's beautiful.
- Thank you.
- Does she live with you?
Yeah, but she's spending the summer
in Jamaica, visiting her dad.
- (Judith) How lovely.
- (scoffs)
Yeah, he walked out on us
while she was still in nappies,
and now, after I've raised her,
done everything for her,
- he rocks up for the fun bit.
- (Judith) I see. (chuckles)
- Anyway, er
- (Luna pants)
Thanks for your help. I'll be fine.
Do you know who could have
done this to your friend?
(Suzie) No idea.
- He had a good soul, you know?
- You liked him?
You see Luna?
She belonged
to Iqbal's neighbour, Ezra,
a really nice guy.
When Ezra died, Iqbal took her in,
no questions asked.
That's the sort of bloke he was.
Why are you asking?
I'm trying to find out
who killed my neighbour,
- Stefan Dunwoody.
- (pensive music playing)
- You think there's a link?
- (Judith) Very possibly.
(Suzie) Is that
what the police think?
If you think of anything
that might help in any way,
I'm at The Old Manor House,
on the way to Hurley Lock.
No, no, no, don't get up.
(music concludes)
- (customer 1) Cheers. See you.
- (customer 2) Thank you.
Thank you.
(news reporter) Good Evening.
Breaking news from Marlow.
We're now going over live
to the Buckinghamshire Police
press meeting.
(Tanika) I can confirm
a man in his late forties
was shot dead this morning
at his home.
We're asking
for the public's cooperation.
(suspenseful music playing)
If you saw anything unusual
or anyone suspicious
near the Wycombe Road in Marlow
between the hours
of 5:00 and 6:00 a.m.,
please contact
the Buckinghamshire Constabulary.
- Thank you.
- (overlapping chatter)
(reporter 1) Is this linked
to the murder of Stefan Dunwoody?
(Tanika) I'm sorry,
that's all I can say
(phone locks)
(music concludes)
- (Suzie) I've got it.
- (doorbell chimes)
- Hi.
- Oh, hello.
I'm Becks Starling,
the vicar's wife.
Suzie Harris.
- Yum, yum! (chuckles)
- (chuckles)
- (Suzie) Wow.
- (Becks) Yeah.
(door opens)
(pensive music playing)
Oh. You came.
Both of you.
You'd better come in.
- (Suzie) Thank you.
- (Becks chuckles)
(Becks) I baked a cake.
(Judith) Oh,
that's very kind of you.
(Becks) It's nothing, really.
I had some spare lemons.
(Judith) Well, thank you.
(Becks) You're not vegan, are you?
There's butter in it.
No. The more butter, the better.
Or a coeliac? It's made with flour.
- (Judith) Nope.
- This place is something else.
Erm. It belonged to my great-aunt.
I was lucky enough to inherit it.
- (Suzie) And it's just you here?
- (Judith) Yes. Just me.
Must get lonely.
No, not at all.
I've always liked my own company.
I think it's wonderful.
I crave peace and quiet.
Most days, my house feels like
Piccadilly Circus.
Which is why you hide in cupboards.
(Becks) Guilty as charged.
So, Suzie, I take it
you're here about Iqbal?
Well, if you're still interested?
(Judith) Yes.
You could say I'm interested.
(Suzie) Okay
Someone's been busy.
(music concludes)
Where did you get this?
This is ten years old.
Mm. So, what have you got for us?
Well, it's something I remembered
after your visit.
A few months ago, Iqbal said
he was coming into some money.
- He wouldn't say how or why.
- (pensive music playing)
- (Suzie chuckles)
- Thank you, again.
What are you looking
so happy about?
Oh, I had the best news, the best.
(Suzie) What?
I just don't want
to tell you just yet.
- (Suzie chuckles) Okay.
- Soon, though. Soon.
- All right. Bye! Come on, girl!
- (Iqbal) Thank you. Bye!
But a few weeks later,
I asked him about it,
shut me down!
Iqbal, are you a millionaire yet?
I really don't want
to talk about it, Suzie.
I got the impression
that he'd been cheated
or lied to or something.
Also, the police asked me
about some sort of medallion
that they found on Iqbal's body.
That's very interesting. Thank you.
(Suzie) And how about you,
Mrs Starling?
(Becks) Oh, please, it's Becks.
Or Rebecca.
No, not Rebecca. Only my mother
calls me that. Just Becks.
You've got news?
- I had a chat with Mrs Eddingham.
- The gossip?
She couldn't wait to tell me that
Stefan Dunwoody used to run a scam
at the Marlow Auction House
with Elliot's father,
a man called Alec.
Elliot's father was a horrible man.
(Becks) If this Alec found someone
who had a good painting
that was worth something,
and the owner didn't know anything
about art
- It's worth almost nothing.
- (Becks) he would scam them
by getting Stefan
to give a really low evaluation.
Can you believe it?
Sometimes Stefan would buy it
from them at a knocked down price.
The greener they were, the better,
and then sell it in London
for a huge profit.
But always giving Alec
a cut of the money.
- (Stefan) Very profitable.
- (Alec) Yes!
- (Alec) Cheers!
- (Stefan) Cheers!
Or sometimes Stefan would keep
the painting for himself.
So, Elliot was right.
(music concludes)
Stefan was a crook.
He seemed quite upstanding to me.
Although Mrs Eddingham said
the scam was with Elliot's father,
- not with Elliot.
- (Suzie) Well, who's to say
it didn't carry on after his death?
Hmm? Like father, like son.
- What do you think?
- Me?
Well, you know Elliot.
Do you think he's capable
of running a scam with Stefan?
Oh, God, yes. I'll be honest,
I don't trust him one bit.
He's one of those types.
You just know.
(Judith) So, we've got Iqbal,
possibly cheated out of money,
and Stefan, the sort of man
who cheated people out of money,
and Elliot Howard,
who could be a crook.
But that doesn't mean
that Elliot's a killer.
Oh, I spoke to him. He's involved.
The same day I met him,
this brick came
through my window with a note.
And remember, Stefan was killed
with an antique pistol,
and where do antiques come from,
if not auction houses?
- (pensive music playing)
- (Becks) But he has an alibi.
Elliot and I were
at choir practice together.
Hold on. We can sort this out.
We just need to get a sample
of Elliot's handwriting
and see if it matches
that handwriting.
And, Judith, you just need
to stay out of sight.
(music concludes)
(indistinct chatter)
(pensive music playing)
(music concludes)
Okay, ballistics say the bullet
that killed Mr Kassam was fired
from the same gun
that was used to kill Mr Dunwoody.
This isn't two cases,
it's one case.
One shooter, two victims.
Jason, sort out
the document management.
- (Jason) Yep, got it.
- (Tanika) Thanks.
So, what links have we found
between our two victims?
Did Mr Dunwoody ever use
Mr Kassam's taxi service?
Er. Not as far as we can tell
from his logbooks.
What about communication?
Well, I've looked into
both victims' emails,
phone records, messages,
everything I could find, but
I can't find any links
between the two of them.
Then what about the Nazi pistol?
Is it possible Mr Kassam
had any far-right links?
(Brendan) No, no, not even close.
No, Mr Kassam donated
10% of his salary
to a refugee charity
in Wycombe every year.
What did we get
from door-to-door enquiries?
He only has neighbours on one side
and the house is empty.
- The owner died earlier this year.
- What about calls from the public?
Weeding out the cranks,
we've not found anyone
who heard or saw anything
between 5:00 and 6:00 a.m.
when Mr Kassam was murdered.
Okay. How about the medallion?
Tell me
we've made progress on that.
As far as we can tell, Mr Kassam
didn't know anyone called Hope.
What else could it signify?
(Jason) I was thinking,
what if it's a ship?
Like, the SS Hope?
Okay, see
if Mr Kassam had any links
to the Navy or any other boats.
Brendan, how are you getting on
with the auction houses?
Oh, er, yes.
I contacted everyone
within your 20-mile radius,
but so far, no one's sold
any kind of German gun
in the last ten years.
But, as I was saying to Jason,
personally, I think we need
to be looking in London.
What about
the Marlow Auction House?
Well, they haven't got back
to me yet.
Alice, go to
the Marlow Auction House.
Speak to the owner, Elliot Howard.
I want to know
why he's dragging his heels.
- (Alice) Yes, boss.
- And ask him about his alibi
for the time of Mr Kassam's murder.
(Alice) Yes, boss.
(mysterious music playing)
(Judith) Okay, team,
our first Special Ops group chat.
What's he up to now?
(Becks) He's still writing
in his catalogue.
Maybe one of you
should lure him away.
Oh, that should be easy.
Just need to create a diversion.
(Judith) Oh, that's a good idea.
- (Becks) Judith?
- (Suzie) What have you done?
(Becks) You're a giraffe.
(Judith) How are you going
to do that?
(Becks) Judith?
- What're you doing?
- (Judith) What? Why am I a giraffe?
I must have pressed something.
Oh, this is ridiculous!
How do I change it?
- Go to the bottom of your screen.
- (Becks) Change the setting.
(Suzie) You should see a giraffe
or some other animoji.
What's an animoji?
I've done it again!
This is preposterous.
- How do I change it?
- (Becks) Tap it, Judith.
No. Try swiping up.
(Suzie) He's looking. He's looking.
He's looking at us.
No, no, this is hopeless.
I'll call you back.
(Suzie) Quick, Judith!
(phone vibrating)
I think I've sorted it.
(siren chirping)
- The police are here.
- They are?
(Alice) Hi, erm, I'm DC Hackett.
Find out why.
- Let's go.
- (Daisy) I'm not sure
Can I help?
Oh. The Detective Constable
is asking if we've ever sold
a Second World War German Luger.
Oh, of course. Yes.
I'm I'm sorry, I was, er
should have got back to you sooner,
because, er, we did, actually,
last year to a local collector.
I have the receipt right here.
(Suzie) Oh, no! (groans)
(Elliot) What on earth
are you doing?
- Elliot!
- (Suzie) It's not my fault!
(Alice) I'm a police officer.
Are you okay? Are you hurt?
- (camera shutter clicks)
- (Suzie groans)
I think it might be
Yeah, I think I'm all right.
But you need to be more careful
where you put those things.
Excuse me.
- (door closes)
- Right, where were we? (chuckles)
- That gun receipt.
- (Elliot) Yes.
(music concludes)
(Judith) Well? What happened?
Turns out the auction house
sold a German Luger last year,
and guess what, the receipt for it
is written in Elliot's handwriting.
- How can you know that?
- Because Becks managed
to get a photo of it.
Only because you created
the most brilliant diversion.
- Yeah, I did, didn't I?
- (laughs)
- Up top! (chuckles)
- Yes! (chuckles)
- Oh, this is very interesting.
- Is the handwriting the same?
No. No, it isn't.
The A and Y in Appleby don't match
the A and Y from the brick.
And the W in "working"
is nothing like the W in "away".
But if it wasn't Elliot
who threw the brick, who was it?
Well, maybe it was the person
who bought the Luger.
It says here
the man's name is Chris Bott.
- Chris Bott?
- You know him?
- I sing in the choir with him.
- Does everyone sing in the choir?
Sometimes it feels like it.
Should I give him a ring?
And say what?
"Are you the murderer?"
Stop it!
I think we can do better than that.
(thrilling music playing)
(music concludes)
- (doorbell ringing)
- (groans)
Mrs Starling!
What are you doing here?
Sorry about calling unannounced.
Do you mind if we ask you
a few questions?
Of course. How can I help?
- Judith.
- It's a matter of some importance.
- We would be most grateful.
- Well, why don't you come in?
- (Judith) Thank you.
- (Becks) Thanks.
(Chris) Do take a seat.
I thought you collected
World War II memorabilia.
- Who told you that?
- (Judith) I've a collection myself.
(Chris) I don't keep my collection
out in the open.
It's more
for the discerning viewer.
Mine's Greek,
from the fifth century BCE.
Oh! Ancient history.
From Naxos,
following Pericles' invasion.
- You collect weaponry?
- Well, of course.
You can learn so much
about a people by how they fight.
I've always thought so.
The Greeks were fine warriors.
Still are.
"The Greek soldier, above all,
fought with the most courage."
Adolf Hitler, his address
to the Reichstag, 1941.
As an archaeologist,
I've always thought it a travesty
that society says some artefacts
can be displayed and others can't.
To my mind,
all history is equally valid.
Hard agree.
May I see your collection?
(door opening)
MUSIC: "Tannhäuser"
by Richard Wagner.
You like it?
What a fascinating collection.
You are quite the connoisseur.
- (Chris) Thank you.
- (Judith) Even the grenades.
No one's ever matched
the Germans for engineering.
- (gun clicking)
- (tense music playing)
Is this legal?
what jurisdiction you're in.
(Judith) Well, I think it's
- fascinating.
- (chuckles softly)
With a collection this extensive,
you must have a Luger pistol.
Let me show it to you.
It's in excellent condition
and really quite rare.
No. No! Someone's stolen it.
(officer) Armed police!
Armed police! Nobody move!
(officers shouting indistinctly)
(officer 1) Show me your hands!
- It's not as bad as it looks.
- (music concludes)
This is really unnecessary.
I do not need to be handcuffed.
There's been
a complete misunderstanding.
Look, someone must've broken in
and stolen my Luger.
What are you doing here, Mrs Potts?
And you, Ms Harris?
We met at Iqbal's house.
Oh, you did, did you?
- We want Stefan's killer caught.
- And Iqbal's.
So do I.
I'm sorry. Who are you?
Oh, sorry. No, of course.
I'm Becks Starling.
And you're Shanti's mum,
aren't you?
Our children do
Chiltern Music Academy together.
- Oh!
- (Becks) Mm.
(Tanika) Look,
I need you to listen to me,
because every time I see you,
there are more of you.
And we're even more successful.
But we're dealing
with a double murder here.
I was right.
Stefan and Iqbal were killed
- by the same person.
- I didn't say that.
And the same gun
must have been used.
(Tanika) Mrs Potts,
this is police business.
If I find any of you
anywhere near either case again,
I'll arrest you
for obstruction. Okay?
- (phone alarm ringing)
- Oh, God! The Bishop of Worcester!
(dramatic music playing)
(Luna pants)
(music concludes)
So, what have you ladies
been up to today?
(mellow music playing)
- (bells tolling)
- What a pleasure.
Hello! Welcome! Come in.
(Suzie) Look at her. Eh?
She's like an angelic rottweiler.
- She's good.
- She is.
- She is in her element.
- (Suzie) Everyone loves her.
What a natural!
(Becks) There we are. All done.
- How on earth do you do it?
- Do what?
(Judith) Put people you don't know
so at ease.
It's not that hard.
You just have to be friendly.
No, it's more than that.
You care about every person
you speak to.
I've never thought about it
like that. Thank you.
(music concludes)
(whispers) We're not going
to stop investigating, are we?
- No way.
- Not on your Nelly!
- "Not on your Nelly?"
- What?
(both laugh)
(light-hearted music playing)
(children laughing)
(Danny) Turn around.
Let's get all your life jackets on.
Although we are going to try
and stay out of the water, okay?
- (music concludes)
- (Danny) Great! You look okay.
All right. Let's have a look.
Let's just do this a bit tighter.
Yep. Angus, you all set?
Good man! I'll see you in a minute.
That's kids club ready.
- Liz? You okay?
- Yeah. Of course I'm okay.
Why wouldn't I be?
(indistinct chatter)
(birds chirping)
Why didn't you give the police
that receipt?
What's that?
The officer said
they asked for it days ago.
Well, it wasn't a priority.
I do have a business to run.
Why are they even asking?
I suppose they're trying
to work out
where Stefan's killer
got his gun from.
- He was killed with a Luger?
- It would appear so.
(remote beeps)
She also wanted to know where I was
when that taxi driver was killed.
Yes, she asked me the same thing.
It was 6:00 a.m. I told her
that we were in bed together,
So did I.
Well, that's you in the clear,
and me.
I suppose that's the last
we'll hear from the police, then.
(thrilling music playing)
(door opening)
- (clattering)
- (groans)
(music concludes)
- (sighs) Oh, hey, you're up.
- Can't sleep. How was your gig?
(Shamil) Er Yeah,
yeah, it was good.
Er. You know, good for midweek.
How about you?
I can't find anyone or anything
that links the two murders,
except the murder weapon.
You will.
You always get your man, eh?
Our shooter could be a woman.
Oh, there's a whites wash
that needs putting on
and Shanti's got to take in
two pounds for a charity cake sale.
(Shamil) Yeah. Got it.
Er. Good morning.
(chuckles) Morning.
You'll catch your killer.
(church bell tolling)
(Colin) We remember
the mighty deeds of the covenant.
Blessed is the Lord our God.
Almighty and ever-living God,
remember the mercy
with which you graced
your servant Stefan in this life.
Receive him, we pray,
into the mansions of the saints.
As we make ready
our brother's resting place,
look also with favour
on those who mourn
and comfort them in their loss.
Grant this through
Christ our Lord. Amen.
(all) Amen.
(mellow music playing)
(Suzie sighs)
For Iqbal?
He meant a lot to you.
What's it feel like?
Having all this?
(music concludes)
When I first met Colin,
he was the executive
of a big music company.
He was in A&R, I was HR.
And we had the kids,
and then he got his calling
to the priesthood.
- Wow!
- I wanted to support him.
So, how old are your kids?
Oh, Sam is 15
and Chloe is 17. (chuckles)
Oh, so she knows absolutely
everything about everything.
You have a teenage daughter?
- (laughs)
- Yep, Zeta.
She left school this summer.
What are her plans?
I don't know any more.
It's like being crushed
by 800 years of stone.
That's what it's like.
(Judith) You've got to see the book
of condolence for Stefan.
(suspenseful music playing)
Come. Look at this entry here,
written by Daisy Howard,
the roundness of the As,
the slant of the Ys.
It's the handwriting on the brick.
- (music concludes)
- (indistinct chatter)
Colin will need me for the wake,
vicar's wife.
- Of course.
- Knock 'em dead, girl.
Oh. Well, maybe not that.
(Judith) Er. Mrs Howard?
Might I have a word?
(pensive music playing)
- Why?
- Hi.
I believe
it was you who threw
that brick through my window.
You shouldn't have signed
the book of condolence.
- Not here.
- No.
(music concludes)
- I don't know what to say.
- How about the truth?
It's us or the police,
and we're much nicer.
My husband has affairs.
He thinks I don't know. (chuckles)
Of course, I do.
When you visited that first time,
I asked him
what you'd been talking about.
He lied.
- You thought he and I were
- I was so angry with you
for daring to come
to my place of work.
I wrote that message
and threw it through your window.
I was lashing out. I'm so sorry.
You're trying to find out
what happened
to Stefan Dunwoody, aren't you?
Did you know him?
Not really. But Elliot did.
(scoffs) He hated him.
He did?
(pensive music playing)
Elliot's dad had a painting
by Stanley Spencer,
worth a small fortune.
Elliot always loved it
when he was growing up.
It's what made him go
to art school.
- He went to art school?
- (Daisy) Mm-hm.
He's a good painter.
But when his dad died,
he didn't leave the painting
to Elliot.
- He left it to Stefan.
- Mm. Harsh.
My husband is a proud man.
And he's got issues,
God knows he's got issues,
but whoever shot your friend,
you need to look elsewhere.
(music concludes)
My great-aunt always said
that I should take up knitting.
You said this was her house?
I was an archaeologist
for many years. Lived abroad.
I didn't think anything would
make me come back to the UK.
Until you got left a house
on the Thames worth millions.
- (both laugh)
- (Suzie) So,
where's this Greek collection
you told Chris Bott about?
Oh, that was just a story
to try to get him to open up.
(Suzie) Well, you fooled me.
- Can I ask, your wedding ring?
- (Judith) Yes?
Er. Vicar's wife. I notice rings.
- I used to be married.
- Wow. What happened?
Goodness, this really is
a night for questions!
- (glass shattering)
- (alarm blaring)
- (Becks) What was that?
- (Suzie) Where's it coming from?
(tense music playing)
(alarm stops)
(Judith) There's someone
in Stefan's house.
- (Becks) Are you sure?
- (Suzie) What?
(Judith) I can see torchlight
in the windows.
(Suzie) What the hell?
Call the police.
Tell them there's been a break-in.
And meet me there.
(Suzie) Judith? Wait,
I'm not sure you should
(Judith) Who's there?
I'm making a citizen's arrest.
(sirens blaring)
(Tanika) Police!
- (Suzie) Hello?
- (Becks) Judith?
- (Tanika) Mrs Potts? Mrs Potts?
- (Suzie) Judith?
(Tanika) Mrs Potts?
Are you in here?
- (Suzie) Where are the lights?
- (Becks) She's in here.
(Tanika) Mrs Potts? Are you okay?
- (Suzie) Jesus Christ!
- I'll be fine. And it's Judith.
- You could've been killed.
- (Suzie) Oh, my God!
What on earth were you thinking?
- Did you see who it was?
- No, it was too dark.
Then did you see
what they were doing?
No, they were up there.
- That's all I know.
- (Suzie) Come here.
- (Judith) Ow! (groans)
- (Suzie) Oh Oh, my God.
- All right, come, let's get you up.
- (Tanika) Easy Easy.
(Suzie) Take your time. Steady now.
Let's sit you down over here,
come on.
Okay. Ow!
This room is very orderly.
Every painting under its own light,
positioned to the inch,
- and not a spot of dust.
- (Suzie) So?
(Becks) So, how come there's dust
on that wall?
- Wow!
- I notice dust.
- Don't ever come to my house.
- What are you suggesting?
There was a bigger painting here
until recently.
(suspenseful music playing)
(Becks) So, where has this picture
come from?
There has to be
There it is. Look.
Yes, the dust on the wall
fits it perfectly.
- So, what was here?
- A painting by Stanley Spencer.
- (Tanika) How do you know that?
- Because Daisy Howard told us
that Stefan inherited
a prize Stanley Spencer
from Elliot's father.
I see no Stanley Spencer painting
in this room.
- It was Elliot, wasn't it?
- We don't know that.
I think we need to check his alibi,
as a matter of some urgency.
No! When are the three of you
gonna get it?
You're in danger,
the killer's already struck twice.
If you get in the way,
do you think this person's
gonna stop at killing any of you?
(music concludes)
- I'm staying at yours tonight.
- Yeah, me too.
I'll be all right, thank you.
You asked about my ring.
My husband was not a good man.
But I survived him.
And I'll survive this.
(pensive music playing)
- Judith?
- Hmm.
If anyone asks
where I was last Tuesday night
say I was here with you.
Last Tuesday.
I was home
most of the night anyway.
Why would they ask?
Last Tuesday?
(kisses) Love you.
(breathes heavily)
(tense music playing)
(Suzie) Also, the police asked me
about some sort of medallion?
- (Young Tom) Morning, Mrs Potts.
- (Old Tom) Hello, Mrs Potts.
Morning, Old Tom, Young Tom.
(Young Tom) There she goes.
Regular as clockwork.
(music concludes)
- Haven't seen him, mate, so
- (officer) I'll come back to you.
All right, take care.
Good morning. I'd like to see
Detective Sergeant Tanika Malik.
The name's Potts. Judith Potts.
- Let me see if she's free.
- Thank you.
DS Malik, there's a Judith Potts
in reception to see you.
She says
Sorry, you want me to say what?
You're to go home.
- I beg your pardon?
- You're to go home.
Nope, she's still here.
Well, if she's going
to be like that, tell her I'll go.
Yep, she's going. Okay, thanks.
(mysterious music playing)
- Good morning, Mrs Potts.
- Good morning, Jason. Thank you.
Mr Dunwoody had
a list of paintings, for insurance,
and you're right.
Only one was missing,
a Stanley Spencer.
Who spoke to Mr Howard last night?
(Alice) That was me.
He was at home the whole evening.
(Tanika) Was anyone with him?
His wife was at the cinema
when the break-in happened
- and he was on his own.
- So, no one can confirm his alibi?
Er. What about Chris Bott?
(Alice) Oh, after we released him,
he got straight on a train
to Amsterdam, visiting friends.
What about forensics?
What did we get from the scene?
- Brendan?
- Oh, not much.
Erm. Although we were able
to lift a fresh set of prints
from the door handle to the house
and we found new prints
smudged on the window.
- And do they belong to
- (Brendan) They're not a match
for Elliot Howard, or Daisy Howard,
or anyone else involved
in either investigation.
Then what about
the "hope" medallion?
Mr Kassam had no links to the Navy
and never took a trip
on the SS Hope either.
Then why did the killer leave this
at the second crime scene,
- but nothing at the first?
- (Judith) I know!
Oh, how did she get in here?
Come on, guys!
We are literally the police
and we've just been broken into.
Well, not a bit of it.
That nice young man let me in.
(Tanika) When Jason gets back here,
I want a word.
And I know why that medallion
has "hope" written on it.
That's not possible, love.
I think you'll find it is.
And I've had a thought,
what metal is it made from?
(mysterious music playing)
(Judith) In the 1920s,
a man called Leonard Woolley
uncovered a series
of royal tombs in Iraq,
even though there was no known city
nearby to support them.
And you can't have royalty
without a city,
the one implies another.
That's how he discovered
the ancient city of Ur.
- I don't understand.
- Yeah, what she said.
Everything about these two murders
is identical,
the same gun, the same bullets,
the same shot to the forehead,
except in one detail.
A medallion at one scene
implies a medallion at the other.
Oh! Hello! What have we here?
- It says "faith" on it, doesn't it?
- (Tanika) Yeah.
"And here abideth faith,
hope and charity, all three."
"But the greatest of these
is charity."
- One Corinthians.
- Oh, my God!
- Faith, hope and charity.
- (Judith) Indeed.
There's going to be a third murder.
We're dealing with a serial killer.
(theme music playing)
(theme music concludes)
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