The Marlow Murder Club (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

- (birds chirping)
- (pensive music playing)
(vehicle engine rumbles)
(indistinct chatter)
(Tanika) Okay, everyone.
The killer left a medallion
at the first crime scene after all.
This one has "faith" written on it.
Process it, please, Alice.
- I want it fast-tracked.
- Okay.
The first murder was "Faith".
The second, "Hope".
The next would be "Charity".
There's going to be a third murder?
No. We're gonna catch
the killer first.
All planned leave,
training, annual reviews,
it's all cancelled.
And I want a full update
on both murder cases,
in my office, in ten minutes.
- Yeah.
- (Tanika) And
- (blows raspberry)
- the medallion was found
by some civilians.
I've decided to hire them
as advisers.
- Not that woman that was here?
- No.
Oh, thank Christ for that!
- (laughs)
- (indistinct whispering)
I thought you'd lost the plot then.
I mean her and her two friends.
- (door lock beeps)
- (door opens)
(dramatic music playing)
Becks Starling,
Suzie Harris and Judith Potts,
reporting for duty.
(theme music playing)
(theme music concludes)
(indistinct chatter)
(music concludes)
(breathes heavily) Good luck.
I can't believe we get to do this.
For big cases like this,
we can bring in civilian advisers.
I'm just asking you
to go over these.
- See if anything jumps out for you.
- Don't worry, something will.
- We won't let you down.
- (Becks) We'll do our best.
(Suzie) Hmm. (sighs deeply)
"Faith, Hope and Charity"
from the Bible.
But it's also the motto
of the Freemasons.
I'll get my team to put together
- a list of Freemasons in Marlow.
- Thank you.
Oh, and you'll wanna know
about Chris Bott.
We had to release him
without charge.
He was in the United States
at the time of both murders.
He's in the clear.
Even though it was his gun
that was used?
We think it was his gun.
(breathes deeply)
There's an old door
at the back of his house.
Anyone could have picked
the lock, got in, stolen it.
(exclaims) This is mad.
Every time we find someone
that could've done it,
they've got an alibi.
(Judith) Well,
that's not what's worrying me.
Why? What's worrying you?
What if the killer's
someone else entirely,
we haven't even considered yet?
(tense music playing)
(birds chirping)
(indistinct chatter)
(door opens, closes)
(footsteps approaching)
(indistinct chatter over TV)
- (Becks) Hi, everyone.
- (footsteps approaching)
(Chloe) Where have you been?
You wouldn't believe me
if I told you.
(pan sizzling)
- (Becks) What are you doing?
- Oh, there you are!
- He thinks he can cook dinner.
- It wasn't just gonna be that.
What do you mean,
"I won't believe you"?
I've been helping the police.
With those two murders.
No, no, of course. (chuckles)
You're the whole reason
this family works.
I'm sure it will be the same
with the police. Hmm?
- How about a takeaway?
- (Sam) Yes.
- (birds chirping)
- (reflective music playing)
(traffic whizzing)
(touchpad clacking)
(dial tone ringing)
(birds chirping)
- Hello?
- (Jeremy over cell phone) Ah.
just wanted to pick your brains.
(Elliot) Jeremy, lovely to hear
from you. How can I help?
Well, I'm sure it's nothing,
but I've had a call
from the police.
They wanted a list
of all the members of the Lodge.
They did?
(Jeremy) You don't think
it's got anything to do
with these terrible murders,
do you?
Oh, God, no! No, no,
of course, not. No. Al although,
I don't suppose my name
was on that list, was it?
Oh, no, no. Don't worry,
it was current members
they were after.
I didn't tell them
you left last year.
Worry? (laughing)
Why would I worry?
Yes. Indeed.
(cell phone beeps)
- (car lock beeps, opens)
- (reflective music playing)
(birds chirping)
- How's Luna settling in?
- (huffs) She misses Iqbal.
I feel so sorry for her.
- Tell me about Zeta.
- (chuckles) Zeta?
Well, she's amazing.
She's also a pain in the
(both chuckle)
You know what teenagers
are like.
It's always just been
the two of us.
I don't know what I'm gonna do
when she goes to uni.
That sounds hard.
At least I'll be able to watch
what I want on the telly.
(both chuckle)
You said the other night
that you survived your husband.
What did you mean?
I'd rather not talk about it.
No, I get it,
but if he was so bad
why do you still wear
your wedding ring?
To remember.
- (birds chirping)
- (car horn honking)
(indistinct chatter)
Ma'am? Er,
the list of Freemasons in Marlow.
- Oh, great, thanks.
- Oh, you should know,
there is no Stefan Dunwoody,
or Iqbal Kassam,
or Chris Bott for that matter.
There's no one who's connected
to either case?
- Not that I could find.
- Not even Elliot Howard?
He's not on the list.
Bit of a dead end, Sarge?
(breathes deeply) Not to worry.
Our civilian advisers
will come to the rescue.
That's what I reckon.
(sighs) Sorry, ma'am.
(papers rustle)
Who's got the case files?
They should
(sighs deeply)
(Judith) Right.
Did Tanika say
you could take these?
Er. Not exactly, no.
But I worked through them
last night, and I must say,
she's very good at her job.
I couldn't find a single lead
she didn't follow up,
she didn't follow up,
or a clue, or whatever.
- Well, that's good to know.
- (Judith) But, Suzie,
I did find Iqbal's bank statements.
They don't show any large deposits
in the last six months.
So, it's like he said.
(pensive music playing)
Are you a millionaire yet, Iqbal?
I really don't wanna talk
about it, Suzie.
- Sorry. Come on in, Luna.
- (Luna huffs)
(Judith) Well, whatever happened,
he didn't end up getting
a lot of money,
but there is this loose end.
In Tanika's report,
she says she saw a red-headed woman
at Stefan's funeral,
sitting on a nearby bench
in the graveyard.
But the woman left
before she had time
to speak to her.
(Colin) Receive him, we pray,
into the mansions of the saints.
Look also with favour
on those who mourn.
Yes. Yes, I saw her, too.
She's someone I know from yoga.
- Her name's Liz Curtis.
- (clock ticking)
Hold on. Liz Curtis
was at Stefan's funeral?
Well, not exactly.
But she was watching.
- Why? Is that a surprise?
- Damn right it is.
- That woman is a killer.
- What?
If we're looking for someone
who could've carried out
these murders, well, then
(breathes deeply)
Liz Curtis has killed before.
(intense music playing)
We can help you here, Tanika.
The woman you saw
at Stefan's funeral is Liz Curtis.
She runs the Marlow Rowing Centre
with her husband, Danny.
- How do you know that?
- I used to dog-sit for her
- a few years ago. Anyway.
- (breathes deeply)
There was a really bad flood,
loads of damage to the centre.
They had to put it up for sale.
I mean,
the whole town rallied around
and got it back up on its feet,
but let me tell you,
Liz never wanted to sell it
in the first place.
(breathes deeply)
And then one day,
out of the blue,
Liz stopped using me.
I mean, whatever, it happens.
But the next time I saw Liz,
Rollo wasn't with her.
She said
the vet had to put him down.
But but was being really weird
about it,
so I asked around
and I found out,
there'd been nothing wrong
with Rollo.
- So, that is what I mean
- (Brendan exhales sharply)
(Suzie) when I say
she has killed before.
- (Tanika) A dog?
- It's still murder!
- (indistinct chatter)
- (Tanika breathes deeply)
Okay. Er, let me see
what we can dig up
on Liz Curtis this end.
Oh, and check any links
between Liz Curtis
and Elliot Howard.
Are you at the rowing centre?
- (breathes deeply)
- What's that?
(Tanika over cell phone)
You mustn't speak to Liz Curtis.
I want you all to come
to the station at once.
Sorry, the reception's very bad.
You're breaking up.
Ooh. Do you think they bought that?
- Ssh. We haven't turned it off.
- (whispering) No, no, no.
You haven't turned the phone off?
(Suzie over cell phone)
You didn't turn it off!
- (Judith speaks indistinctly)
- (Suzie) Give give it to me.
- Where is it? All right.
- (indistinct whispering)
- (Tanika sighs)
- (Brendan) Jason?
I reckon we need to do
a background check
on Elizabeth Curtis
from the Marlow Rowing Centre,
and any links she might have
with either of the victims.
Oh, and Elliot Howard as well.
If Mrs Potts says he's involved,
then, er.
Well he's involved.
Isn't that right
(breathes deeply) Sarge?
(indistinct whispering)
- (insects chittering)
- (indistinct chatter)
(Suzie) Morning, Liz.
Suzie, Becks.
You looking to go out on the river?
(Becks) Not exactly.
We wanted to talk to you
about Stefan Dunwoody.
Stefan Dunwoody.
No, I I don't know the name.
Then why was you at his funeral?
Excuse me, erm, sorry.
I've really gotta get back
to work.
- You can't just walk away, Liz.
- Please don't follow me.
- But she Becks saw you there.
- It's true.
I was taking a break
in the cemetery.
And these people
came out the church,
and I I didn't know
whose funeral it was.
Okay. So, what about Iqbal Kassam?
He's the.. he's the taxi driver
who was who was shot, right?
Just like Mr Dunwoody was shot.
- I didn't know him.
- (Judith) Are you sure of that?
Excuse me. I really need to get on.
See you at yoga on Tuesday.
(chuckles softly)
Does that look like
an innocent woman to you?
- Has anyone got a bag on them?
- Poo bag?
(Judith) That'll do nicely.
After the break-in at Stefan's,
the police found fresh fingerprints
on the door handle.
(Becks) You think it was Liz
who stole the painting?
(Judith) Well,
she's guilty of something.
Look, that's Liz's husband, Danny.
We should talk to him. Come on.
- (door knocks)
- (Suzie) Hi, Danny.
- (Danny) Hey, Suze.
- You all right?
Have you got a minute?
Sure, what's up?
Wow! Is this all Liz?
(chuckles) Certainly is. Yeah.
I used to row once, too,
that's how we met.
(breathes deeply)
But then, she won a gold medal
at the Sydney Olympics,
so compared to her,
I was nothing. (chuckles softly)
So, erm, how can I help?
We're here on a police matter.
- (chuckles) No way!
- Yes, way. (chuckles)
Just wanted to ask you
about Liz and Stefan Dunwoody.
Well, what do you wanna know?
Well, did Liz know Stefan?
Sure. Er, sorry, who are you?
Oh, of course. Er, Judith Potts.
And I'm Becks Starling,
although it says Rebecca on here.
I do yoga with your wife.
Erm, you were saying
that Liz knew Stefan?
Yeah, had done for years.
Ask her yourself.
She was pretty shaken up
when he died, mm.
It's not my thing, art.
(breathes deeply)
But Liz is into all that stuff.
I mean, they weren't close
or anything, but, er,
she was definitely upset
about his death,
no question about it.
What about Iqbal Kassam?
You you mean the other guy
that got shot?
Yeah. Did she know him at all?
(sighs) You're asking
'cause she used him
- the other day, aren't you?
- No.
I mean, yes. Yes, we are.
(breathes deeply) Look, er,
the car was in for a service,
so Liz said she had to get a taxi
to do the weekly shop. That's all.
I mean,
she could've used any taxi firm,
she just happened to use his.
- (cell phone ringing)
- Oh, sorry. (breathes deeply)
I've got to be in, er,
Nottingham later on,
I'm coaching
the GB Under-19s kayak team.
Well, that's amazing. Congrats!
Thanks. Erm, I'll talk to Liz
and, er, if she's got anything
to say about that taxi journey,
I'll get her to call the police,
let them know.
Yeah, that'd be great.
Thanks, Danny.
- See you around.
- Bye.
- (Becks) Bye.
- (Danny) Nice to meet you.
Well, that's a turn up
for the books.
- Everything Liz told us was a lie.
- She knew Stefan Dunwoody.
And she used Iqbal's taxi,
assuming he's telling us the truth.
I wonder if there's a way
to find out.
Maybe there is. (inhales sharply)
A dog walker has many keys.
But Tanika said we had to go
straight back to the station.
We're not going to do that, though,
are we?
No. (sighs deeply)
(reflective music playing)
(car engine whirrs)
(music concludes)
Are you, okay?
I've still got Liz Curtis' number
in my phone.
- Could you look it up for me?
- Of course.
- Here's Liz's number.
- Great.
All Iqbal's bookings
-came through this landline,
-(telephone beeps)
(Suzie) So,
if I can see his call register.
(telephone beeping continues)
There. Okay.
So, Iqbal's register says
that Liz Curtis
called him last week,
just like Danny said.
I don't understand.
Why would she lie to us?
No, Judith. You've not opened
Iqbal's post, have you?
- (scoffs)
- Well, it was just lying there.
- (Becks) It's against the law.
- Ah, but is it?
- (Becks) Yes.
- So, what have you got?
It's a letter from Wahab
and Rahman, Solicitors.
- You're incorrigible.
- Oh, good.
I'd hate to be corrigible.
Solicitors writing to Iqbal?
(Judith) They've got hold of a copy
of Iqbal's neighbour's will
from the Probate Office.
He was a man
called "Ezra Harrington".
Ezra. That's the man who died.
Luna's original owner.
They're saying
that Ezra's old will
left his estate to Iqbal.
Is this the reason
that Iqbal thought
he was gonna be rich?
- So, why didn't he get the money?
- Erm, they're saying
that two weeks before he died,
Ezra drew up a new will
that replaced the old one.
Or rather,
Ezra's solicitor drew it up,
a man called "Giles Bishop".
He was also sole executor
Oh, hold on.
Giles Bishop
was also the sole beneficiary.
His solicitor inherited
his whole estate?
I think we need to find out
who this Giles Bishop is.
(tense music playing)
(birds chirping)
(breathes deeply)
The PCC's breathing down my neck,
the press are saying
we're incompetent.
Now, I can handle all that,
but there's been a formal complaint
from one of your team
about your handling of the case.
(indistinct chatter)
I've followed correct procedure
at all times.
Being SIO is about more
than following correct procedure.
- (door opens)
- Er, Miss Potts to see you.
(Vicky) Go on.
Excuse me. Erm
The prints on this notebook
belong to Liz Curtis.
You need to see if they match
any of the fingerprints you found
on the door handle
at Stefan's house.
- Is this a poo bag?
- Yep. Correct.
Ah, Tanika.
We've just spoken to Danny,
Liz Curtis's husband,
and he says
that Liz used Iqbal's taxi
last week (breathes deeply)
a fact that we've been able
to confirm for ourselves.
- (Tanika) How?
- (Suzie) She called Iqbal
on the 3rd of July
at 2:31 p.m. Boom.
(Alice) It's true. Look,
this is Iqbal Kassam's
taxi logbook,
and afternoon of the 3rd,
"Liz. Local pick-up and return.
Eighteen pounds".
- That's amazing.
- Thank you, Jason.
And you should know that Liz
denies knowing Iqbal Kassam,
or, indeed, Stefan Dunwoody,
even though she knew both of them.
Alice, can you pull the GPS data
from Mr Kassam's sat nav
- for the afternoon of July 3rd?
- Got it. Yeah.
Well, we'd better be off.
Er, where are you going?
I need to speak to you.
Er, sorry. We need to see a Bishop.
- That's what you said last time.
- (Judith) Don't worry.
We'll be back as soon as we can.
Come along, chaps.
(pensive music playing)
(birds chirping)
(indistinct chatter)
- (cell phone vibrates)
- (munches)
Yep. What is it?
(secretary over cell phone)
Mr Bishop, sorry to interrupt.
There's a woman here
that says she needs to talk to you.
I'm having lunch.
(secretary) She says, it's about
the Ezra Harrington will?
(Giles tuts) Okay. Erm
(breathes deeply)
Yeah, okay. Well, tell her
I'll be there in five. Okay.
- Rich, put it on my tab, yeah?
- (Rich) Yeah. No worries, Giles.
(intriguing music playing)
The chess piece has left
the building.
I repeat, the chess piece has left
the building.
(birds chirping)
(Becks over cell phone)
He is now proceeding
down the high street
in a westerly direction.
And he very definitely
looked shocked
when he heard
about Ezra Harrington.
Becks, could you just shush.
Say less.
I'm doing my best work here.
(indistinct chatter)
(dramatic music playing)
(Suzie) Yeah, he's crossing
over the road. Now.
- (car horn honks)
- (Suzie) What!
(clears throat)
Yeah, the chess piece hasn't spoken
to anyone, or used his phone.
Judith, he's gonna be
with you in five, four, three.
- (Judith) There you are.
- Erm I'm sorry?
You're Mr Bishop, aren't you?
- Yes. What of it?
- Er, Judith Potts.
May I have a word? You see,
I have an elderly aunt,
she hasn't long left with us.
But she's just appointed
her solicitor,
executor of her will.
And also
left her entire estate to him.
Well, don't you think
that's rather odd?
It seems rather odd to me.
Why don't you contact
my secretary, hmm?
But of course, it wouldn't seem
odd to you, would it?
Because that's what you did
with Ezra Harrington.
You drew up his will,
you executed it
and you were also sole beneficiary.
I think the Law Society
would find that very interesting.
Look, I don't know who you are,
but you're right.
If you have any issues,
contact the Law Society.
Now, I really must get on.
(dynamic music playing)
(Judith) Okay, team. I'm going in.
I need to give
Mr Bishop his pen back.
(indistinct chatter)
(paper shredder whirrs)
(birds chirping)
(indistinct chatter in distance)
(music concludes)
(Danny) All right, I'm off, then.
I'll, er,
I'll be back tomorrow evening.
Are you, okay?
- I'm fine.
- (papers rustle)
(breathes shakily)
(touchpad clacking)
(breathes shakily)
(birds chirping)
(Suzie) Okay,
on the solicitor's office plan,
- there's a fire exit here
- (Becks) Mm-hmm.
at the back of the building.
(breathes deeply)
But only one entrance here,
at the front.
Oh, surely,
we can't just march in there
and steal the contents
of his shredder.
Well, we're not going to do that.
We're going to sneak in,
and then steal it.
- (chuckles)
- I don't feel good about this.
No, the front entrance is no good.
We'll never get past
- the receptionist here.
- No.
(gasps softly) Maybe,
we could get in through his window.
Oh, good point,
he is on the ground floor.
Yeah, but we'd need to get him
out the office first.
- (door opens)
- (Colin) Oh, sorry, darling.
Didn't know you were in here.
Oh! (chuckles)
Oh, you're the friends helping
with the police.
How lovely!
Sorry to interrupt. (chuckles)
(door closes)
You're right.
The only way into the building
is through the window.
And I know exactly
how we can get him out.
(chuckles) Boom.
(complex music playing)
(Becks) Sam's old hamster cage.
- Dead.
- (Suzie) Shame.
(Becks) Yeah.
(birds chirping)
You never know what we might find.
- She kept everything in here.
- (light switch clicks on)
- (Suzie chuckles)
- (Becks) Wow. Perfect.
(Judith) Good old Aunt Jess,
everything we need is here.
(Suzie) Wow! We've even got wheels.
- Yes!
- (Becks) Perfect with the hat.
(intense music playing)
Okay. Let's do this.
- (birds chirping)
- (wheelchair rattles, squeaks)
Hello. I'd like to see
Giles Bishop.
- Do you have an appointment?
- I'm happy to wait.
It's a rather delicate matter.
Let me see if he's available.
If you'd take a seat?
Actually, do you have a loo
that I could use?
Yes. It's down the corridor
and up the stairs.
(Becks) Thank you.
(secretary) Is Mr Bishop available?
(birds chirping)
(whispering) Go away.
(whispering) Shoo!
(music rises)
(Becks breathes deeply)
(kitchen utensils clatter)
(Becks gasps)
- Oh. (chuckles) Hello.
- Hello.
Giles Bishop, er senior partner.
May I help?
I'm fine. I'm just, erm,
wanted a glass of water.
- (Giles) Sure.
- (chuckles) Oh!
- Hmm.
- Coffee.
- (Becks) Oh. (giggles)
- (chuckles)
(intense music playing)
(cell phone vibrates)
We're on.
All right.
(fire alarm blares)
- What's that?
- Fire alarm.
Aren't we gonna clear the building?
- It's probably just a test.
- (sighs deeply)
(Giles) Okay,
everyone out the front.
There's smoke upstairs.
All right, this isn't a drill.
Come on, everyone out.
Erm, (hesitates)
Sorry, where are we going?
- The muster point is out front.
- But the fire exit's at the back.
The muster point is out front.
Come on, everyone, let's go.
- (fire alarm continues blaring)
- (pensive music playing)
(whispering) Okay, here goes.
- (Judith) Careful.
- (Suzie grunts)
- (Judith) Go on.
- (Suzie) I'm trying!
(grunts, groans)
(indistinct chatter)
- Oh, God.
- What?
- What if the fire is out here?
- How could the fire be out here?
I I don't know.
That doesn't sound very likely,
does it?
(breathes heavily)
(Suzie groans, grunts)
(breathes heavily) Okay.
- (alarm beeps off)
- So, if there was
Okay, I've found it.
It was the toaster.
Who did this?
- You can all go back in now.
- (Becks) Now?
All right. Yep, come on, everyone.
Back inside.
Back to work, please.
(indistinct chatter)
(Giles) Come one everyone.
Back to work, please.
- My Coffee is gone.
- (breathes deeply)
(Giles) Can somebody get me
another cup of coffee, please?
Thank you.
Mr Bishop. Erm, sorry if I was,
erm, a bit odd just now.
I've got a family problem
that, erm, I need to talk about,
but outside.
I could do with the fresh air.
You've just had some fresh air.
- I love fresh air.
- (Giles chuckles)
Let's get some fresh air. Hmm?
(sighs) What a trouper.
Really taking one for the team,
Becks. Good girl.
(grunts, breathes heavily)
It's my husband.
He takes me for granted.
Right. So, you want a divorce?
Er, well, it's just, er
He expects me to be his cook
and bottle washer,
and I know he's got
an important job but, erm (tuts)
(breathes deeply) Well,
whenever he does anything
he always announces it,
- like he deserves a prize.
- (Giles scoffs)
"I've taken the bins out".
"All, right, wow".
Or, "Don't worry,
I've tidied the shoe rack".
- The shoe rack?
- I don't want the shoe rack tidied,
- I want the kids' bedrooms tidied.
- (Giles) Right.
Do you know, the other day
he actually said,
"I've picked a newspaper up
off the floor"? What even is that?
- (wheelchair squeaks)
- So why do you wanna see me?
Erm, just to grumble, really.
Thanks for listening,
I feel so much better.
(uplifting music playing)
- (Becks) Did you get it?
- Did we get it?
- Yes! We got it.
- (laughs)
- Whoop, whoop!
- (Becks laughs)
- (Suzie) The women!
- (Becks) Yes! (laughs)
- (birds chirping)
- (indistinct chatter over radio)
(indistinct chatter)
Is this the sat nav data
from Mr Kassam's car?
Yeah, this is the taxi journey
that Mr Kassam took
just after Liz Curtis phoned him.
Mr Kassam's house is here.
And the Rowing Centre's here.
But where does he take her?
I don't believe it.
Zoom in where it stops.
(system beeps)
That's Chris Bott's house,
right there.
It was Liz Curtis who got the gun.
And used Mr Kassam's taxi
to take her there. (huffs)
(choir music playing)
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la, la, la,
la ♪
(birds chirping)
(reflective music playing)
(breathes deeply) So
how do we do this?
I imagine it's like a jigsaw.
We sort the pieces
into different colours.
Quite so.
First, we have to work out
what's general office paper.
- (Suzie) Yeah.
- And then what's the paper
- that Giles shredded.
- (Suzie) So, what's the plan?
Well, the page
I saw Giles holding was shiny,
like from a magazine.
So, let's start with sorting
the shiny from the plain.
(Suzie sighs) Right. Let's go.
The evidence suggests Liz Curtis
is our prime suspect,
but it's circumstantial.
We don't have enough
to arrest her yet.
She broke into Chris Bott's house
and stole his Luger.
We don't know that for sure.
We just know she took a taxi there.
Why else would she go there
while he was in the States?
Sarge. Forensics have matched
the fingerprints
we lifted from the door handle
and the window
of Mr Dunwoody's house
after the break-in.
- And?
- They belong to Liz Curtis.
Well, at least,
they belong to the prints
that we lifted off the notepad
Mrs Potts brought in.
We need to arrest Liz Curtis. Now.
(indistinct chatter)
It's like a needle in a haystack.
There's writing on both sides.
We just have to be methodical.
Work through this
one piece at a time.
I can't read anything this small
at the best of times.
(tuts, huffs) Oops. Sticky fingers.
Oh, this is impossible.
We're never going to be able to put
this back together. (tuts)
(telephone ringing)
(Becks) Oh,
I think I've found a shiny one.
- Hello?
- (Tanika over telephone) Judith?
Are you anywhere near Liz Curtis?
No. Why? Oh, hold on. Go on.
(Tanika) We've credible evidence
that links her to both murders.
You think Liz Curtis is the killer?
(Tanika) We're bringing her in
for questioning.
Oh, what links have you found
between her and Elliot Howard?
Well, none so far, but
(Judith over telephone)
And what about Giles Bishop?
(Tanika) Who's Giles Bishop?
We think he's involved
in Iqbal's murder.
Liz can't be a Freemason,
she's a woman.
The medallions are unlikely
to have come from her.
Look, we're heading
to the Rowing Centre now,
I just wanted to make
sure you were safe. Speak later.
(police siren wailing)
(Judith breathes deeply)
We're not gonna miss this, are we?
- (birds chirping)
- (police siren wailing)
(tense music playing)
(indistinct chatter)
Okay, secure the area,
I'm not having her get away.
- Hackett, those huts over there.
- (Alice) Yes, Sarge.
Jason, check out reception.
(Alice) You check out reception,
I'll check the huts.
(indistinct clamouring)
(Suzie) It's like I've been saying
all along.
Forget Elliot Howard.
Forget Giles Bishop.
Liz Curtis is the killer.
She has always been the killer.
No, no, no, no, no.
You three are staying right there.
Who put him in charge?
(Tanika) Oh, no! Brendan!
- (Brendan) What have you got?
- (Tanika) Over here.
- (Suzie gasps)
- (pensive music playing)
(Suzie) Oh, my
(breathes shakily)
She's not the killer.
She's the third victim.
Nobody can find Mr Curtis,
and he's not answering his phone.
- He's our man, isn't he?
- He's in Nottingham.
- What?
- Mr Curtis coaches
a youth kayaking team.
A uniform
just broke the news to him
in his hotel,
over a 100 miles away.
Well, then
Well, maybe he shot his wife
before he left.
Paramedics say Mrs Curtis
has been dead less than an hour.
Any other theories?
(hesitates, sighs)
This is our fault.
We were messing around
in Giles Bishop's office,
when the murderer came for Liz.
No, we weren't messing around.
Well, what if it was Giles
who shot her?
You think he had time
to come down here
- and do that after I left him?
- It's possible.
But his problem's with Iqbal,
not with Liz.
Why would he wanna kill her?
Where's Judith?
(intense music playing)
(bicycle squeaks)
(indistinct chatter)
Excuse me. Sorry.
Where is he?
Where have you been this afternoon?
(exclaims, sighs)
I asked you a question.
We've been holding an auction
for clocks and watches.
- And when did that start?
- (Elliot) At 10:00 this morning.
Since which time,
I've been in front of
at least 50 people at all times.
- Why?
- There's been another murder.
Well, it can't have had anything
to do with me, then.
It's true.
We've both been in front
of witnesses the whole time.
(clock ticking)
(pensive music playing)
Get out.
Before I call the police,
the real police.
(cell phone beeps)
(breathes deeply) We need to meet.
(birds chirping)
(water rippling)
- (Tanika) Mr Curtis. I'll get that.
- (sighs)
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Where are you going?
We need to find out
what's going on.
We don't. Suzie,
we shouldn't be here.
This is wrong.
(Danny) I still can't believe it.
(Tanika) I can't imagine
what you're going through.
(sobbing) Everyone liked her.
- Loved her, you know
- (Tanika) Of course.
(Danny) I'm the difficult one.
The one who loses his temper.
She just got on with things.
She's a she's a doer, you know.
I'm sorry to ask, but, erm,
when did you last see her?
- Before I left for Nottingham.
- And how was she?
(breathes deeply) Oh, I don't know.
A bit out of sorts, maybe.
(Tanika) In in what way?
Distracted. (chuckles softly)
Snappy, you know.
I wanted to ask her what was wrong,
it's too late now.
(chuckles wistfully)
(breathes deeply)
Do you have any idea
what was upsetting her?
These murders really bothered her.
She's been acting
(breathes deeply)
strangely, withdrawn.
She's been out of the house a lot.
Wouldn't tell me what was going on.
(cell phone ringing)
(breathes shakily) Hey, Zeta.
Yeah. (chuckles)
Oh. News travels fast.
No, no, no, no,
your mum's nowhere near any
Zeta. No!
Look, er, there's no need for that.
You don't have to
All right. Well,
if you're coming home,
let me know when you land,
and I'll come and get you.
All right? I can't wait to see you.
- (footsteps approaching)
- Yeah.
I've got to go.
- Suzie?
- (Suzie exclaims)
Yeah, I was just
I was just checking these tyres.
Ooh. (chuckles)
They're super fine.
This isn't a game.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
(intriguing music playing)
(birds chirping)
(Shamil) Yeah, well done.
- Where do you think this one goes?
- (door opens)
(Shamil) Yeah.
(chuckles) And this one? Oh.
(Tanika breathes deeply)
(Shamil sighs) Hey.
You, all right?
I can't do this.
Hey. You can.
(both breathe deeply)
- (Shanti) Mummy!
- (Tanika) Oh, hello, you!
- (Shamil chuckles)
- (Tanika) Hi.
- (birds chirping)
- (dog huffs)
(pensive music playing)
(keys jangling)
(door lock rattles)
- (Chloe) Hey, Mum.
- Hi.
(door opens)
- Mum, what's for dinner?
- (door closes)
- (breathes deeply)
- (keyboard clacking)
- Hey.
- Hey.
How was your day?
Jean Percival says she wants
to stand down as churchwarden.
So (breathes deeply)
pretty tough.
Thank you for asking.
(crickets chittering)
(clock ticking)
(reflective music playing)
(in Greek)
If it wasn't you, who was it, hmm?
- Who had access?
- (Judith sobs)
(translator, in English)
This is a criminal investigation.
(in Greek) Everyone tells me
you know everything.
(translator, in English)
And you have no friends
on the island. Not now.
(in Greek)
This is a criminal investigation.
And you have no friends
on the island. Not now.
(translator, in English)
Was it your husband?
- (sobbing) I don't know.
- (in Greek) Was it your husband?
(translator, in English)
You're covering
- for him?
- (in Greek) I'll find out.
(translator, in English)
I'll find out everything.
(Judith sobs)
(in Greek) So, you might as well
tell me now.
Look at me when I'm talking to you!
(translator, in English) Look at me
when I'm talking to you.
(in Greek)
You might as well tell me.
(translator, in English)
You might as well tell me.
- (Judith breathes deeply)
- (clock bell strikes)
(birds chirping)
(rowing instructor) Lengthen.
(rowers grunt softly)
(rowing instructor)
Watch the form! Watch the form.
(intense music playing)
(rowing instructor) Stay on track.
Good. Stay on that.
Swimmer ahead!
Swimmer ahead on left!
Backing down. Backing down!
Ease the oars!
(Judith) Are these all of you?
The perfect alibi.
(breathes shakily)
(shredder machine whirrs)
(Stefan) Dear God, no!
(indistinct chatter)
- (birds chirping)
- (music concludes)
(indistinct chatter)
(Brendan) This is a joke, Jason.
We need proper leadership.
(Vicky) And the medallions?
(Tanika) I don't know
why those medallions
were left in the victims' mouths.
(Vicky) You found no link
to the Freemasons?
(Tanika) None.
(Vicky) Then what about
the murder weapon?
We think we know
where it came from.
But its owner was in the US
for the first two murders.
- (Vicky) And this one?
- He's in Amsterdam.
(breathes deeply)
What about other suspects?
We've found links between
a local solicitor and Mr Kassam.
Could they have killed him?
On the morning Mr Kassam died,
Mr Bishop was in Windsor Hospital,
from a gall bladder operation.
- So, he's in the clear?
- He's in the clear.
(Vicky sighs)
This is it. What you asked for.
The reason I chose you is
because you've got good instincts.
I hired three untrained women
as civilian advisers.
And they've been getting results.
You should back them.
You should back yourself.
(Jason speaks indistinctly)
(birds chirping)
(officer over radio)
If you or anyone you know
has been personally affected,
or you have any information
about these terrible crimes,
- do call us at m
- (radio clicks off)
You've got to stop.
You're right.
You should make
your own cups of tea.
(Colin) Becks, please.
It's too dangerous.
- (cell phone beeps)
- (Becks sighs)
(intriguing music playing)
(insects chittering)
- (Becks) You, okay?
- Yeah, I dunno. Zeta's coming home.
- Oh!
- Yeah, she thinks I'm in danger.
Colin's the same.
We can do this.
(breathes deeply)
- (door opens)
- (Becks) Judith?
In here.
- (chuckles)
- Oh.
Okay. Wow, you've really been busy.
(chuckles softly) You think so?
Look at this.
No! You've put it back together?
(Suzie) Oh, my
How long did that take?
(Judith) Oh, you don't wanna know.
It's a page from the old boys
and girls magazine
for Borlase School,
with sporting results on one side.
- But on the other
- It's a list of obituaries.
Why would Giles Bishop need
to shred a list of obituaries?
I draw your attention to two names,
Spencer Chapman and Faye Kerr.
It says they died last year.
But if they died last year,
how did they manage
to witness Ezra's will
this year?
Giles Bishop
forged their signatures
using the names of dead people?
Well, so that
they couldn't pop out later on,
and say it was a fake.
Well, this is the proof
we've been looking for.
Iqbal must've found out the truth,
and that's why Giles killed him.
Unfortunately, Tanika told me
that Giles Bishop
was in Windsor Hospital
when Iqbal was murdered.
He's in the clear?
Er, so,
if Giles didn't kill Iqbal,
- who did?
- (Becks) And why?
There's something
I need your help with.
(complex music playing)
- (Becks gasps)
- (exclaims) Bloody hell.
Oh, my God.
(Suzie) What on earth
(Becks) Fire hazard.
(Suzie) Jeez,
ever thought of recycling?
So, this is where you got
all your old articles from?
- You're a hoarder.
- (Judith) Well, not me.
My great-aunt. This is all hers.
But now, thankfully, she kept them.
I've never seen anything like it.
(Judith) Er, Suzie, not in there.
(Suzie) So, what's all this, then?
Erm Er (breathes deeply)
This is me.
(Suzie) And your great-aunt
is the hoarder?
This is your Greek collection?
I thought you said
it was just a story.
Look, er, this isn't important.
What we need to find out
is who Elliot rowed with
when he was at school.
You think your great-aunt
has that sort of information?
Well, the local papers cover
the regattas.
The results and the names of rowers
will be listed.
Now, the regattas take place
in June and July,
so we only have to worry
about the papers
for those two months.
From the 1980s,
when Elliot was still at school.
- Come on. Shall we make a start?
- (sighs)
(dynamic music playing)
(Judith) Hold on.
I think I've found it. (grunts)
No. I think I've found it.
I guessed there was a reason
you kept your past hidden away.
How could you?
You stole from your own dig?
No. (breathes deeply)
My husband did.
Tell me it wasn't you.
How can you even say that?
I need you to tell me.
- They dropped all charges.
- I lied for you!
It wasn't a lie!
(diminishing music playing)
You are my wife.
I would never betray you.
(Becks) What did he steal?
Erm, a rare statue.
(breathes deeply)
Dedicated to Artemis,
the goddess of hunting.
We discovered it.
We found it together.
And then he sold it
for a fortune to whoever.
(breathes deeply)
And it's not been seen since.
Was he caught?
By the time I knew for sure
that it was him
and I'd gone to the police,
he'd skipped the country.
Left me.
I wasn't able
to shake the scandal.
It followed me
for the rest of my career.
It was a long time ago.
- You were young.
- Yeah.
That's no excuse.
Sounds to me
like you did nothing wrong.
(Judith) I lied. (breathes deeply)
And, if I'm being honest,
I knew what I was doing.
But I was in love and
I was stupid.
It wasn't your fault.
You don't understand.
- But it was your husband who
- I'd like you to leave.
- Both of you.
- Judith, please.
- Go.
- I'm so sorry. Th this is on me.
- Er, I shouldn't have
- (Judith) Now.
We should go.
(pensive music playing)
(Judith breathes deeply)
(dramatic music playing)
"Mr Dunwoody laughs
when I ask him about it".
"'I can't swim, ' he confesses".
"'As long as you never make me
get in a boat I'm happy'".
- (Stefan) Dear God, no!
- (gunshot)
(Stefan groans)
(clock ticking)
(birds chirping)
(grunts softly)
(cell phone vibrates)
(Judith over cell phone)
I think your husband's involved
with these murders.
You know it, and I know it.
- Who is this?
- (Judith) Oh, you know who I am.
The Stanley Spencer painting
you told us about.
It was Elliot who broke
into Stefan's house
- and stole it back, wasn't it?
- No.
- (tailgate closes)
- (Daisy breathes shakily)
I don't know.
Daisy. (breathes deeply)
I once stood by a man
I knew was lying.
You don't want to carry that guilt
for the rest of your life.
I think he's got something hidden
in the house.
- (Judith) Thank you.
- (Elliot) Thanks for your help.
(Daisy) Look, I've got to go.
He's about to leave.
(Judith) What's that?
Elliot's off to Wales.
He's going fishing.
- Well, when was this decided?
- (Daisy) What?
Daisy, this is a matter
of life or death.
Was the trip planned
or last-minute?
(Daisy over cell phone)
It's a last-minute thing.
"Spur of the moment", he said.
(Elliot) Bye, then!
(intense music playing)
(receptionist over cell phone)
Foster Perkins. Good evening.
Oh, hello. I'd like to speak
to Giles Bishop, please.
Oh, he's just left for Manchester.
Oh. Erm
- When will he be back?
- (receptionist) Tomorrow.
Do you want me
to leave a message?
No, don't worry.
By tomorrow it will be too late.
- Thank you.
- (receptionist) Goodbye.
There's going to be
a fourth murder.
(dramatic music playing)
- (insects chittering)
- (thunder rumbling)
(rain pattering)
(keys jangling)
(cell phone vibrates)
Judith. I'm so sorry.
(Judith over cell phone)
You have to promise
- you'll stay away from me tonight.
- What?
(Judith) Promise me you won't come
to my house,
- or try to contact me in any way.
- (sighs) Of course.
(Judith) And tell Suzie the same.
(breathes deeply)
(thunder rumbling)
(cell phone ringing)
(Suzie) Hi, Becks.
I'm on my way to Heathrow.
(Becks over cell phone)
I'm worried about Judith.
Yeah, so am I. She threw us out.
She just rang and said we had
to stay away from her tonight.
What? Why?
(Becks) She didn't say.
But she was really weird about it.
I think she's gonna do
something foolish.
(breathes deeply)
(pencil sharpener whirs)
(cell phone vibrates)
(Judith) Not now.
(airplane engine rumbles)
(operator over PA)
Welcome to London airport
- (indistinct chatter)
- Mum? Where are you?
- Zeta, I'm needed elsewhere.
- (Zeta over cell phone) What?
Look, my friend needs me.
Can you get a cab home?
(Zeta) I guess.
(Suzie) All right,
I'll see you later.
(intense music playing)
(pencil sharpener whirrs)
Okay, yeah. Thanks.
Sarge, that was the hotline.
Someone's seen a guy
on Temple Bridge,
outside Marlow,
throw something in the river.
Apparently, it
it may have looked like a handgun.
- Did they get a description?
- Not in this rain, but he ran off
in the direction of Hurley.
Look, if we move fast,
- we might be able to intercept him.
- (door beeps, opens)
I'm sorry to interrupt.
But it's Judith.
- I think there's something wrong.
- Why?
I've been calling her landline,
there's a not-in-service message,
and she's not picking up
her mobile.
I think she's in danger.
Sarge, the handgun!
He could get away.
Your caller said it could be a gun,
or it was a gun?
Look, he might get away!
(Becks) Tanika, I'm really worried.
(Brendan) We need to act.
We're going to Mrs Potts' house.
- Jason, Alice, you're with me.
- (Alice) Yes, boss.
What are you doing?
We've got a killer to catch!
- I know! Stay here. Man the phones.
- (indistinct clamouring)
You're backup.
(grunts) Ow.
- (glass shatters)
- (pensive music playing)
(glass crunches)
(rain pattering)
- (Judith scoffs)
- (receiver clatters)
(floorboards creak)
(operator over cell phone)
Which service do you require?
Which service do you require?
(breathes shakily)
(operator) Are you still there?
- (breathes shakily)
- (operator) Hello?
Hello? Are you there with me?
Hello, Danny.
(intense music playing)
(chair scrapes)
(police siren wailing)
(Becks) I can't get through to her!
- (exclaims) This is bad.
- (indistinct chatter over radio)
- Come on, come on. Quick.
- We're nearly there.
- (Tanika) Oh, God.
- (tyres screech)
(Becks) Oh, no! What the hell?
- (wind whooshing)
- (thunder rumbling)
(Tanika) Come on! How bad is it?
- (Becks) What are we going to do?
- (Tanika) We need to get it moved.
- (Becks) How?
- (Tanika) I don't know.
This is the only way
and we're still a mile away.
We need to get
a tow truck down here.
- (Jason) Okay.
- See if you can get hold of anyone.
- What can we do?
- (bell tolling)
- The church is nearby!
- What?
The church!
No, Becks. Becks!
(Judith) I can't imagine how hard
life must have been for you.
Sharing a passion with your wife.
But Liz was a gold-medal winner.
One of the best in the world.
That can't have been easy for you.
And then, the Rowing Centre.
Despite terrible floods
she still wouldn't sell up.
Even though, as my good friend,
Suzie, reminded me,
riverside properties
are worth a fortune.
You don't know the first thing
about my life.
It must have been so frustrating,
Liz not understanding
that you were sitting
on a gold mine,
not sharing your vision.
(Danny) She always thought
she was better than me.
But I didn't kill her.
(Judith) Oh, I know.
Let me tell you what happened.
How she died.
(choir music playing)
La, la, la, la, la, la,
la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la ♪
- (door creaks)
- (cutlery clatters)
(indistinct whispering)
Becks, what's going on?
What are you doing? Becks?
There's a tree blocking the road.
We've got to move it.
We need to tow it!
(dramatic music playing)
(thunder rumbling)
(Colin) Becks!
What're you doing up there?
(breathes heavily)
(bell tolling)
(Becks grunts, pants)
(Colin) Becks!
Just tell me what's going on.
Colin, watch out!
(Colin exclaims)
you had to get hold of a gun.
But you had to get hold of one
without revealing yourself.
Which is why
you booked Iqbal's taxi
using your wife's phone,
and in her name.
(Iqbal) Good afternoon.
- (Danny) Hi.
- How are you?
(Judith) And then,
when Iqbal was dead,
and your wife, too.
No one would know
that it was really you
behind the whole thing.
That's just a story.
It's what happened.
I was in Nottingham when Liz died.
Ask anyone. I've got an alibi.
Yes. I know. That's right.
I agree.
When your wife was shot,
you were 100 miles away.
But then you didn't kill Liz.
You killed Stefan Dunwoody.
Colin, we need to get this rope
to Ferry Lane.
- Darling
- (Becks) The police are there.
I can explain everything later.
I need you to help me!
Mrs Starling,
this is criminal damage!
(breathes heavily) Mr Eddingham!
Can I borrow your four-by-four?
Certainly not.
- (Mrs Eddingham) Lesley!
- Thanks.
(indistinct chatter)
(reporter over radio)
As Storm Isla moves in,
a severe weather warning
for torrential rain has been issued
in the Buckinghamshire area.
- Marlow Bridge has been closed
- Come on.
(reporter) and the public
have been advised to stay
- (tyres screech)
- (Suzie exclaims)
- (screams, groans) No, no.
- (metal clangs)
(Suzie) Luna, you, okay?
I was a fool.
I should have worked it out sooner.
Especially as it was there
in black and white
that Stefan hated rowing.
So, how come there was a blue kayak
at his house when he was killed?
A kayak, I might add,
that wasn't there afterwards.
Shut up.
(breathes shakily)
How are we gonna get across?
(Judith) Really,
it was an oversight from me.
For who has access to kayaks
and lives on the river
if not you?
- I said, shut up!
- (gunshot)
(Suzie yells) No! Judith!
Come on, come on.
Pick up the phone.
Pick up the phone!
Pick up the phone! Come on!
(exclaims) All right, Luna.
There's a footbridge.
We're gonna have to run for it.
Come on, girl!
Liz was the one that knew Stefan.
She was the one
who was acting suspiciously.
You're right.
Attending Stefan's funeral
and hanging around his house.
But, Danny
that's not because Liz
was the killer.
It's because
she was worried you were.
Did she see you return
from killing Stefan?
Or maybe
she saw you with the lugar.
She didn't see anything
because there was nothing to see.
We can't take off in this,
and Marlow Bridge is down.
We're stuck.
Hey, guys! I've got this. Here.
- (Alice) Oh, yes, that's perfect.
- Becks said you needed it.
Yes. Okay, everyone,
wrap the rope around
the trunk of the tree!
- (Jason) Let's go, let's go!
- (Colin speaks indistinctly)
- (Tanika) Quick!
- (Jason) You go around this way.
(indistinct chatter)
- (Tanika) You've got it!
- (indistinct chatter)
There's a tow bar on the back!
I did not kill Stefan Dunwoody.
I didn't even know him!
And that's precisely why
you killed him.
Because you didn't know him.
You had no motive.
But we both know someone who did.
Elliot Howard.
- (Stefan) No. Get away.
- (gunshot)
(reflective music playing)
- (Judith) Mr Dunwoody?
- (gasps)
(Judith) Mr Dunwoody?
- (Danny breathes shakily)
- (Judith) Stay there!
I'll get help!
You killed Stefan Dunwoody
for Elliot Howard.
Elliot killed Iqbal
for Giles Bishop.
(Judith) And Giles Bishop
went to the Rowing Centre,
- and killed your wife for you
- (Giles breathes deeply)
to complete the deadly triangle.
It was all so clever.
Each of you killed someone
they didn't know
so that the person who benefited
would have the perfect alibi.
Elliot was in choir practice
when Stefan was killed.
La, la, la, la, la ♪
(Judith) Giles was in hospital
when Iqbal was killed.
(EKG monitor beeping)
And you were in Nottingham
when Liz was killed.
then dig through the water.
Josh, show us a stroke.
Very nice.
(Judith) As Elliot said to me
the first time I met him
how am I doing?
- (thunder rumbling)
- (Luna barks)
(breathes heavily, grunts)
(exclaims) There it is.
We're only halfway.
(breathes heavily)
All right. Come on, Luna.
Let's go, let's go.
(Luna barks)
(Tanika) Keep coming.
- (officer) Right, we're all set.
- (Tanika) Okay, we're good to go.
Becks. Oh, Mrs Eddingham.
Reverend. If this car gets so much
as a scratch on it
- (Colin) It won't.
- I'm sending you the bill.
- (Colin) Absolutely.
- I need you to step back.
I really don't know what I'm doing.
(officer) Right,
we've got to get moving!
- (dramatic music playing)
- (car engine rumbles)
(Jason) Go in easy!
- (officer) Right.
- (Tanika) Keep going.
- (exclaims)
- (Mrs Eddingham) Careful!
- (officer) Keep going.
- (Tanika) It's moving!
(Becks) Let's go, let's go.
Come on, come on, come on!
Come on!
I don't know any of those people.
(Judith) Well,
there's some truth in that.
You hadn't seen each other
for decades,
but you were all
at the same school together.
Sir William Borlase.
And you were top rowers.
You, Elliot Howard
and Giles Bishop.
Bishop was too short to be a rower.
I agree.
Giles is too short to be a rower,
but he wasn't a rower, was he?
He was your cox.
As this race report
from 1987 proves.
You rowed together
at the Marlow Town Regatta,
and were reunited there,
coincidentally, 35 years later.
(scoffs) Elliot was always
so full of himself.
Hmm. Go on.
We lost touch over the years.
Until the Regatta.
- (guard) Come on, mate.
- (Elliot) Stop it!
- (guard) Out you go.
- (Elliot) God.
(Judith) Where Antonia saw Elliot
haranguing poor Stefan Dunwoody.
(Elliot laughing)
Oh, my God. Oh, my God!
- Elliot. It's been years.
- (Elliot laughs)
- (Danny) He wasn't in a good state.
- Good to see you
(Danny) And pretty angry
with some art dealer.
- I'm so angry right now.
- Why don't we go in
- I'm so angry!
- Come on.
Come on, let's go. Let's go.
- Then we saw Giles.
- (all laugh)
(Danny) It was the old crew
back together again.
We had to celebrate,
but Giles had troubles.
I am going to sue
(Danny) He was going to prison,
all because he'd made one mistake.
(Judith) He hadn't known
that Iqbal Kassam
had also gone to Borlase.
(Danny) That's right.
(Judith) Meaning, he got
the same school magazine as Giles.
(complex music playing)
(Iqbal) You're a liar
(Judith) It's how Giles ended up
with a torn page
from the Borlase magazine.
It was Iqbal who gave it to him,
demanding to know
how Ezra's will could be legal,
since two dead people
had witnessed it.
(Iqbal) There's no way
(Danny) He said he needed to make
the problem go away,
before Iqbal went to the police.
And then, I imagine,
you explained that your wife
was standing between you
and a huge pay out.
Whose idea was the medallions
and the German Luger?
Elliot. (breathes deeply)
He said we each had to use
the same gun.
And leave a calling card behind
at the murder.
To make it look like
it was just one person. (chuckles)
It so nearly worked.
Oh, it worked.
Only one person worked it out.
- (gun cocks)
- You.
But you've been stupid enough
to tell me.
Oh, you think you're so clever.
I am.
- (Danny grunts)
- (gunshots)
- (grunts, screams painfully)
- (Judith grunts)
(Danny) No. (breathes heavily)
- (Judith) No!
- (Danny) No, you don't.
Not clever enough.
- (Luna barks)
- (Suzie) Luna! Go on, girl!
- (Danny screams painfully)
- (Luna growls)
- (Danny) Get off!
- (Suzie grunts)
- Go on. Go on.
- (Danny) Get it off me!
- (screams)
- (Luna growls)
- Good girl.
- (door crashes open)
- (officer) Police! Police!
- Oh, thank God.
- (indistinct clamouring)
- (police siren wailing)
- (Suzie) Luna!
- (Jason) Hey!
- (Becks) Judith! Judith!
- (Jason) Don't move. Come on.
- Come on, get up.
- (Tanika) I've got the gun.
(officer) Come on! Come on!
- (Danny) You're making a mistake.
- (Jason) Oh, yeah?
You're about to see
what we'll do to you.
I've got a watertight alibi.
(pensive music playing)
My alibi
(birds chirping)
Get out the car!
Put your hands on the bonnet!
- Put your hands on the bonnet!
- (Elliot laughs) Gentlemen,
I haven't done anything wrong.
What's what's? Ow!
- What's going on?
- (officer 1 speaks indistinctly)
This is absurd. Why
why are you arresting me?
(officer 2) Steady.
You have the right to
(police siren wailing)
(officer) Can you step
out of the car, please, sir?
- (officer 1) Here it is. Sir.
- (officer 2) Okay.
(indistinct chatter)
It's a Stanley Spencer.
(officer 1) Thank you, Mrs Howard.
- (insects chittering)
- (birds chirping)
(smooth music playing)
(indistinct chatter)
(Tanika) Hey team!
We've just arrested Elliot Howard
- and Giles Bishop.
- (Becks) Great!
We've also searched
Mr Howard's property
and recovered
the Stanley Spencer painting.
- Thank you.
- (Suzie) Hmm.
You couldn't have just started
a book club, could you?
- (Judith chuckles)
- Not on your nelly!
(all chuckle)
Seriously, I don't know
how you did it. Thank you.
What was that anonymous tip-off
that you got at the police station?
I assume that was Elliot
or Giles tryna send us off
on a wild goose chase,
so we wouldn't be around
to intercept Danny.
Are you sure you're gonna be okay?
I will.
We will.
- We will.
- (Tanika chuckles)
Thank you for trusting us.
Didn't doubt you for a second.
You, too, Luna. (laughs)
(uplifting music playing)
(keys jangle, clatter)
(Shamil) Hey.
Dinner's in the oven, yeah?
Oh, and just so you know,
your dad's on the warpath.
(Tanika) Okay. Be down in a minute.
I think he thought you were going
over to his to cook him dinner.
And I did try and explain
you were at work, but
(breathes deeply) Well,
you know what he's like.
How was your day?
(reporter over TV)
On the Marlow murders,
- three arrested today
- (purrs)
(reporter over TV) for
the murders of Stefan Dunwoody,
Iqbal Kassam and Elizabeth Curtis.
All are believed to be linked.
- Ta-da! (chuckles)
- (laughs)
- Oh, wow.
- (chuckles)
You're lucky I came home
when I did.
You need looking after.
(reporter speaks indistinctly
over TV)
(cell phone vibrates)
(reporter over TV)
The residents will be breathing
a huge sigh of relief,
now the police
Oh, Mum,
I'm going to the pub tonight.
- Okay.
- (indistinct chatter over TV)
With a load of boys.
- You know what you're doing.
- (cell phone vibrates)
I'll be there in ten minutes.
- Colin?
- (Colin) Hmm?
I'll be out until this afternoon.
Oh, be as long as you like.
I can always do tea.
Don't worry,
I'll be back in time to do tea.
- (Suzie) Yeah.
- (Becks) Ah, bliss.
- (Suzie) This is the life.
- (Becks) Isn't it?
- (Suzie chuckles)
- (Becks laughs)
- (Judith) Mind your heads.
- Oh, a branch.
- Whoa! Branch coming.
- (laughs)
Mind, Judith.
- (Judith) Oops.
- Uh-oh. (laughs)
- Let's try this again.
- (Suzie) Lots of shade
- (Suzie laughs)
- (Becks laughs)
I was gonna bring sausage rolls,
but a certain furry friend
scoffed the lot. (chuckles)
- (chuckles)
- (Suzie) Oh.
Plenty of cucumber sandwiches,
Mm. There we go. What fun.
(Becks) Judith, this is lovely.
- (Judith) We so deserve this.
- (chuckles)
You know, I'll never look
at your travel sweets
in the same way again.
- Me neither. (chuckles)
- (Becks) Thank you.
Not forgetting
the only person I know
who can run a mile
in four minutes flat.
It was so much further
than a mile.
- (laughs)
- Thank you.
I'm sorry
I didn't include you more.
I didn't want to get you
into danger.
So, you knew Danny was gonna try
and kill you?
It's the way they operated,
making sure that two had alibis,
so the third
could pull the trigger.
As soon as I knew that Elliot
and Giles were out of town
You laid your life on the line.
I saw no other way.
What is it? No, go on.
Maybe you've made amends
for what you did
or didn't do in the past.
Damn right.
I reckon you've settled that score
for good.
(sentimental music playing)
Did you ever see
your husband again?
I suggest we look to the future.
- Champagne, anyone?
- (Becks cheers)
- Yes, please.
- (cork pops)
(all laugh)
(Becks) Just a little bit.
(sighs) I've said it before
and I'll say it again,
- this is the life!
- (Becks laughs)
- (all laugh) To us.
- (glasses clink)
(joyful music playing)
(music concludes)
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