The Masked Singer (UK) (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 'Welcome to the sensational singing show 'with a twist.
' Welcome to The Masked SING-ER! 'Every week, your favourite celebrities perform in disguise.
' We've got everything, from comedians, sports stars, Grammy winners.
'While you and our panel' Amazing! '.
try to guess who' You have thrown me off with those clues.
is behind the mask.
' David Beckham.
Jason Statham! Mel C! It could be Posh Spice in there, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh! 'One by one 'each performer is eliminated' CHEERING '.
and their mask removed.
' 'Last week 'Chameleon was revealed.
' AUDIENCE CHANTS: Take it off! Take it off! Take it off! Take it off! CHEERING JOEL: It's Justin Hawkins, from The Darkness.
'Tonight' MUSIC: 'Big for Your Boots' by Stormzy Who's behind that mask?! '.
these masked singers will try to keep their identities secret: When I look at you Splishing and a-splashing And I'll feel the power Falling in love 'And' On the air, on the radio.
You have a voice of an angel! 'Get ready' I feel like I got it.
for TV's wildest guessing game.
' DAVINA GASPS # Who are ya? # Who are ya? Who are ya? Who's that behind the mask? CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Oh, hey, guys.
Oh! CHEERING CONTINUES Yeah! # Who's that behind the mask? # Welcome to The Masked Singer.
I'm Joel Dommett, the ringmaster in this circus of crazy.
Nine celebrities remain in the competition.
Tonight, five of them will perform in full disguise, then, at the end of the show, one will be gloriously unmasked.
You do not wanna miss the big reveal.
AUDIENCE: Ooh! I also have no idea who our celebrities are, which is why I'm relying on a particular group of private investigators.
It's our wonderful panel! CHEERING Hello, thank you.
It's great to see you dressed as a picnic, coming over here.
LAUGHTER Ah, he's my favourite Ken in the world, after Barbie's boyfriend, it's Dr Ken Jeong! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE She puts the divine into Davina, it's Davina McCall.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Our very own superstar singer, who, luckily for us, isn't wearing a mask, it's Rita Ora.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Ouch! Ow! And he's my favourite Ross in the world, apart from Kemp and also the Ross from Friends, it's Jonathan Ross! Hello, everybody! Welcome to the show.
Thank you for coming.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Guys, really, I'll be honest, you haven't done brilliantly so far with the guesses.
Oh, thank you, Joel.
I'm sorry! So sweet, isn't he? You haven't done brilliantly.
How are you gonna up your game, Davina? I'm trying to look for the smallest of clues.
Sometimes, I just shut my eyes when they're singing and think, "Can I recognise the voice?" Yeah! Because are they disguising their voices? The weird thing is, we get convinced we've got it, and then we're not even close.
Not close.
Although, tonight, I'm pretty sure I've got all of 'em.
Oh, right.
Oh, right.
Absolute rubbish.
Er, Rita, what's tonight's tactic? I've gotta be honest with you guys, I'm actually still really heartbroken from the last episode.
We should explain this, because Rita had a thing for the person who was dressed as a chameleon.
You can just say it, I fancied a chameleon! LAUGHTER I was very distracted, but I kept it professional.
Unfortunately, he didn't make it.
She didn't.
She didn't keep it professional.
She didn't keep it professional at all! So, I'm gonna try and focus a little bit more.
Yeah, focus, use your head.
No, but all honesty, it's so hard.
I didn't think it was gonna be this difficult.
Ken, you are the most experienced of us all.
Yes, yes.
Like, you would've thought you would've guessed somebody by now.
Yes! Well, I just don't wanna crush these spirits on their home soil.
Thank you.
That is why I'm getting every guess wrong, and that is why, in my mind, I am undefeated.
That's right.
CHEERING Thank you.
Well, good luck, guys.
Thank you.
Magnifying glasses at the ready! Our panel, everybody! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE I'm pretty confident tonight.
I'm confident.
I am, too.
Tonight, our studio audience will vote for their favourite performance.
The two performers with the least votes will then compete in a face off, and one will be removing their mask at the end of the show.
Remember, there are clues everywhere, especially in the VTs.
In parts of these films, we've used stunt doubles, as our real celebs were busy doing celebrity things, whatever that is.
AUDIENCE CHUCKLES First up, there's something fishy about this character it's Octopus.
CHEERING DISTORTED VOICE: I was so pleased with the comments on my last song.
# When's it my turn? # Wouldn't I love? Love to explore The shore up above You completely melted me.
APPLAUSE Well done.
The panel said quite a few names.
Tyra Banks.
Cara Delevingne.
Nicole Scherzinger! They have no clue.
LAUGHS World OCTOPUS SIGHS, CHEERING AND APPLAUSE I got bills I have never considered that something I loved could be my job.
I'm always learning, but I'm certainly no apprentice.
Maybe she's been on The Apprentice.
The TV show.
And that could be the UK one or the American one.
Could be.
To get ahead in this game, you need to have a plan.
I got bills And let me tell you She got, like A ã1 million deal? .
I mean business.
LAUGHS Hey, hold it, that's Jason Donovan! In fact, I used one of my eight hands to shake on a record-breaking deal .
which you could say left me "squids" in.
Tonight, I just hope everything goes "swimmingly".
LAUGHS CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Is swimming a thing? I'm dying to know who this is.
JONATHAN: Did you notice that photograph? Yes, Jason Donovan.
Jason Donovan.
Too tall for Kylie! MUSIC: 'Splish Splash' by Bobby Darin # Splish splash I was taking a bath # Long about a Saturday night # A rub dub Just relaxing in the tub She's good! # Thinking everything was all right She's a good singer.
# Well, I stepped out the tub # Put my feet on the floor # I wrapped the towel around me And I opened the door AUDIENCE CLAP IN RHYTHM # And then a splish, splash # I jumped back in the bath # Well, how was I to know There was a party going on? # They was a-splishing And a-splashing # Reeling with the feeling # Moving and a-grooving # Ro-ocking and a-ro-olling! INSTRUMENTAL # Bing bang, I saw the whole gang # Dancing on my living room rug # Flip flop, they was doing the bop # All the teens had the dancing bug # There was Lollipop With a Peggy Sue KEN: She's a pro.
She is so used to this.
She's a pro, yeah.
She's performed a lot.
# I forgot about the bath # I went and put My dancing shoes on, yeah # I was a-splishing and a-splashing # Reeling with the feeling # Moving and a-grooving # Ro-ocking and a-ro-olling.
CHEERING # Come on, you're the leader # The water is bea-utiful! It's definitely Kylie Minogue.
It has to be.
No! # I was a-splishing and a-splashing # I was a-moving and a-grooving # I was a-rolling and a-rocking # I was a-reeling with the feeling # I was a-moving and a-grooving # Rocking and a-rolling # Splish splash, yeah Splish splash, yeah! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE CROWD WOLF WHISTLES Really good! That was really good.
AUDIENCE CHANTS: Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Octopus! Yes! Wow! Octopus! What a great start to the show! Wonderful.
Jonathan? What a great performance.
Wasn't that a great performance? You got the party started, Octopus, we loved it.
Hard to know who's in there, though.
Good voice, strong voice.
I think possibly a professional singer.
And looking at those clues, we all saw there was a photograph in that bag of a very young Jason Donovan.
So, you've probably got a connection to Neighbours, maybe.
I was thinking, "Who are the singers that come from it?" Obviously, Kylie.
CHEERING No, it can't be Kylie.
She's too short.
I think, in there, we've got Kylie AND Dannii Minogue on each other's shoulders.
LAUGHTER Another singer came out of Neighbours, Holly Valance.
It could be Holly Valance, ladies and gentlemen.
Yes! Oh! My gut is telling me it's Kylie.
If it is Kylie, I can't believe I'm in a bath with her.
LAUGHTER Look, if you are in there, I love you so much.
LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE Do you remember last time we saw Octopus, and we saw her sashaying up and down the pier, and I thought maybe she was a model.
And Tyra Banks JONATHAN: Ah! .
was on The Apprentice.
Ah, yes, she was.
She was! She was on the American one.
Oh! Oh, yeah, and that would be the height.
And what I love about Tyra is, she does seem to really Have fun.
She has a lot of fun.
A lot of energy.
All that energy.
And I watch Octopus, and when she comes out, you know, she's like that.
There she is! She's so excited about life, and living, and she's so happy.
LAUGHTER I love her.
I love her! Tyra Banks, hi.
APPLAUSE Tyra Banks.
I think you might be right.
I bet Ken knows who it is.
I've got a feeling that Ken knows who it is.
I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure.
I know exactly LAUGHTER .
who this is.
Lot of red herrings being thrown out HE CHUCKLES .
pardon the pun.
Someone who's definitely a $1 million model.
Maybe someone who's just big fan of Neighbours and watched The Apprentice.
This is someone I clearly know.
This is someone I have a connection with.
Octopuses are married to seals.
Heidi Klum APPLAUSE .
she is a singer.
Look it up, she is a singer.
When I see Heidi on other shows, she waves with two hands and it was just like Exactly, that's how Heidi waves.
That's a Heidi Klum double wave.
Heidi, welcome to the TMS UK! APPLAUSE It could be.
I think, for once, he might actually be close.
OK, Octopus, now it's time to get some clues from our celebrity in a game I like to call "Two lies and one truth".
So, it's up to us to work out which is which.
Over to you, Octopus.
I was discovered on a cruise ship.
LAUGHTER Another one, Octopus.
I've used an accent coach to prepare for this show! I told you.
She's putting it on.
JONATHAN: You did say that.
I did say she was putting on an accent.
But that might not be the truth.
I need a third one, please, Octopus.
I made my first million in the cosmetics industry.
JONATHAN: Ooh! Ooh! Heidi Klum! LAUGHTER Jonathan, er, any other names? I'm confused now, I-I don't think it can be Kylie.
No, I'm gonna change my guess.
Someone who's doing very well in the fashion and I think, possibly, the make-up industry.
She appears alongside Davina in commercials sometimes, Holly Willoughby, ladies and gentlemen.
APPLAUSE Ooh! Well, the first time we'll see who Octopus really is is when the mask is removed.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Octopus! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Who's that behind the mask? Our panellists thought it was one of these celebrities behind the mask, but who do you think it is? The panel had so many guesses tonight.
Um, they were a little close, er, but not close enough! GIGGLES After the break, the musical conundrums continue, as another masked singer takes to the stage.
Who's that behind the mask? Who's that behind the mask? CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Welcome back to The Masked Singer, the most literal title since About a Boy.
We've still got four celebrities left to perform tonight, as we attempt to work out who is behind the mask? After all of our celebrities have performed, the two with the least votes will compete in a face off and one of them will reveal their true identity.
AUDIENCE: Ooh! Up next, you can climb them, but cats find them very stressful.
It's Tree.
APPLAUSE The last time was pretty nerve-racking.
Every night, every day You were so entertaining.
Yeah! Yeah! The most joyous performance we've seen all night, great job! There's nothing like a team talk to enhance your performance.
It must be love, love, love Are you a Peter Crouch type of person? Chris Kamara maybe? Alan Shearer.
The panel do not have a clue who I am at this moment.
David Beckham! David Beckham! LAUGHTER Why does it always rain on me As a tree, I'm used to withstanding pressure.
There can be a lot resting on your branches.
He's in goal.
OK, so he's a goalie.
And even tree fans can be tough on you, if you don't get the right result.
Throughout my career, it's been important to keep myself firmly rooted to weather any storm.
That accent is like an East End.
It's a London accent.
I get the strangest feeling You belong Trees might stand solo, but they're part of a forest.
Why does it always rain on me So, it's nice to know there's always someone nearby who's got your back and I've got theirs.
Why does it always rain He might not be an actual footballer.
Maybe he's a coach.
Tonight, my game plan is to sing like I'm winning.
He's a tall boy.
I still think it might be Peter Crouch.
Go on, Tree.
MUSIC: 'Lovely Day' by Bill Withers # When I wake up in the morning Love # The sunlight hurts my eyes AUDIENCE CLAP IN RHYTHM # And something without warning Love He's not entirely on tune, is he? He's having a good time, I love it.
# Bears heavy on my mind He's spirited for a tree.
# Then I look at you # And the world's all right with me # Just one look at you And I know it's gonna be Yes! He's gaining confidence, I feel like.
# A lovely day HOLDS NOTE CHEERING # Lovely day, lovely day # A lovely day VOICE CROAKS Oh, whoa! Woo, ho-hoo! # Day # Lovely day, lovely day # Lovely day # Then I look at you # And the world's all right with me Just one look at you KEN: Uh-oh, Davina.
I've pulled.
You've done it! # And I know it's gonna be # A lovely day HOLDS NOTE # Lovely day, lovely day # Lovely day # A lovely day # Day Oh! Wow! # A lovely day # Lovely day, lovely day A lovely day.
This was a lovely day! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Great job.
AUDIENCE CHANT: Tree, tree, tree! RITA CHANTS: Go, Tree! Go, Tree! Go, Tree! Let me just nestle in here, behind you.
I'm over here, I'm over here.
Hello! LAUGHTER That was great.
Jonathan, what did you think? There's an old Buddhist conundrum LAUGHTER .
if a tree fell in a forest and there was no one there to hear it, did it actually make a noise? If that tree was singing in the forest, unfortunately, I think we would hear it.
LAUGHTER Still a great, spirited performance though, wasn't it, ladies and gentlemen? APPLAUSE There seems to be a lot of clues there about being in goal.
I thought David Seaman, ladies and gentlemen.
Yes! KEN: I see that.
Could it be? Or if it's slightly younger, then maybe John Terry.
I think I got the vibe from him in there.
No, he doesn't wanna be John Terry.
LAUGHTER Rita? Hi! I think you're definitely physical and fit.
I do not know my football AT ALL.
I thought you were Peter Crouch because you're, like, tall, and you're a tree and Peter's tall.
He's taller than that.
Hey, Rita, it could be Crouchy on his knees in there.
LAUGHTER I'm wondering whether it might be a manager that was a player.
Harry Redknapp.
Too young for Harry Redknapp.
But I'm thinking maybe Ooh, Jamie? APPLAUSE Jamie! LAUGHTER I know exactly who this is.
LAUGHTER Here he goes! This is a hard one for Ken.
Spirited performance, you had so much fun.
I love dancing trees.
Clearly a goalie, from the clue package.
As a kid, watching the World Cup, in 1986, in the World Cup, the infamous Hand of God spot.
This could be Peter Shilton.
APPLAUSE Forget Hand of God, Peter Shilton, you have a voice of an angel! LAUGHTER Peter Shilton, welcome to The Masked Singer.
That's a good shout.
Now, it's time to get some clues from our celebrity.
Tell us two lies and one truth about yourself.
My biggest regret is not catching a ball.
HURRIED SPEECH: Oh! Ooh, I know.
RITA: You might be right! Oh, my God, I finally won one.
LAUGHTER I won! Oh my God, I won.
I'm undefeated! It took me two continents to get one right.
DAVINA: Well done.
I'm not a loser, Mom! I'm not! LAUGHTER Another two, please, Tree.
Kevin Keegan once called my playing style wooden.
" Oh.
One more.
People always want to speak to me about one particular moment.
KEN SCREECHES EXCITEDLY, DAVINA GASPS LAUGHTER This is the happiest day of my life.
My God LAUGHTER All pointing towards Ken.
The audience seemed fairly sceptical at the start, but now, they seem to be clapping and going along with Peter Shilton.
This is your moment, Ken.
SOBS: Oh, my gosh, I'm a winner.
LAUGHTER OK, so who is barking up the wrong tree? AUDIENCE GROANS We'll only find out who Tree truly is once their mask comes off.
Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Tree! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Congratulations.
DAVINA CHANTS: Tree! Tree! You know who does do karaoke, is Wayne Rooney.
Have the panel scored the winning goal with their guesses? Who do you think is behind the mask? I was really pleased with my performance tonight and hope I've done enough to stay in the competition.
The panel have had a few guesses and I don't think they're close at all, no.
CHUCKLES CHEERING We've still got three performances to come and I cannot wait.
'Still to come' Something in love '.
Daisy!' Take my hand CHEERING 'Monster!' HOLDS NOTE 'And Fox!' On the radio.
CHEERING 'Plus, one famous face is revealed.
' AUDIENCE SHOUTING I can't believe we didn't get that! Who's that behind the mask? APPLAUSE Welcome back to The Masked Singer.
The show that's a celebrity's worst nightmare, nobody knows who they are.
On every show, a famous face will lose their mask and their true identity will be revealed.
Time to get some clues and whoopsy Daisy.
APPLAUSE I think the panel were very complimentary about my last performance and they sprinkled me with praise.
I'm absolutely obsessed with the Daisy, it's speaking my language.
I can't feel my face when I'm with you.
I felt their comments were really funny.
Came over here, start a new life, Meghan Markle.
SHE GASPS Beverley Knight.
I thought, for sure, Rita Ora was gonna figure me out.
SHE GASPS Another light bulb moment for Rita.
Lulu? Tonight, I'm stepping out of my pot and I'm hitting that stage in full bloom.
Food has always been a huge part of my life.
I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mom growing up.
So I learned from the best.
American voice.
Speaking of the best, I'm no amateur.
No, no, no.
I trained at one of the most prestigious schools in the world, to grow my culinary game to the next level.
A celebrity chef? My cooking is just like my character, loud, colourful and really in your face.
Onions on the Eiffel Tower.
She learned cooking in France.
So, I hope you're feeling hungry tonight, because I'm about to dish up a tasty treat.
APPLAUSE Hi, you look amazing.
MUSIC: 'I Can't Make You Love Me' # Turn down the lights Turn down the bed Wow.
# Turn down these voices # Inside my head # Lay down with me Tell me no lies She's so soulful.
Do you think it is a soul singer then? Definitely.
# Just hold me close and don't patronise # Don't patroni-i-ise me # Cos I can't make you love me # If you don't # You can't make your heart feel something it won't # So here in the dark # In these final hours # I will lay down my heart # And I'll feel the power # If you don't, no you won't # Cos I can't make you love me # If you do-o-o-n't No, you don't.
APPLAUSE Daisy! Daisy, everybody! Wow.
Forget a power ballad, that was a flower ballad.
LAUGHTER It was beautiful.
So beautiful.
What a voice! That was extraordinary.
Jonathan, that was so incredible, wasn't it? It was, she's singing I Can't Make You Love Me, but singing like that, you can make us love you, cos we all fell in love with you, Daisy! APPLAUSE What a beautiful version of a beautiful song.
You nailed it, but it's hard, looking at those clues, to work out how you might be.
There was definitely There's a link to France, we saw there was the Eiffel Tower.
I'm wondering whether some of your family's from America, some from France, or whether you're all French.
I'm pretty confident you're a professional singer, but maybe you are someone who is just a great cook, who sings in the kitchen.
Rita's had a light bulb moment.
I feel like I got it.
I actually do.
Your voice sounds so pure and so soulful and husky and the VT really convinced me with the diner and the American flag and everything.
And she cooks.
She has a cook book.
# My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard And they're like it's better than yours.
I think it's Kelis.
I don't think you're right there, you know who I think it might be, having heard her sing then? I think it might be Mary J Blige.
CROWD: Ooh! I've found Daisy the hardest to decipher, with all the clues.
Davina, you'd thought it was Beverley Knight last time.
Are you going against that one? I'm going against that one, because I think she's American.
And soulful and I felt, like, a maturity to your voice.
Maybe someone like Macy Gray.
But I'm not sure.
Is she American? She is American, isn't she? I know exactly who this is.
Oh, of course he does.
OK, this is clearly an American.
Amazing actor, not known for her voice.
She's eaten at restaurants, I'm sure she's cooked meals.
Kate Hudson is an amazing singer.
This all makes sense.
Kate Hudson, welcome to The Masked Singer Britain.
Look at the way she's looking at you.
She has that look like she's bored of me.
That's classic Kate Hudson when I see her at a party.
LAUGHS Daisy, it's time to tell us two lies and one truth about yourself.
Ah, yes.
Over to you, Daisy.
Well, I put my arm in an Australian hell hole.
Celebrity, I'm A Celebrity.
Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.
OK, let's go for the second one.
My favourite sport growing up was ice hockey.
Kate Hudson loves ice hockey, look it up.
LAUGHTER Last clue, please.
I've performed at Glastonbury.
Everyone's dressed like that at Glastonbury.
But what's really thrown me off, is that she was named after a real flower The seed.
She said my name is .
and I feel like.
DAVINA GASPS You got a Rita light bulb.
Fleur East.
Fleur East.
Yeah, fleur is a flower in French.
You've got it, Davina must have that, surely.
Oh, man.
Surely she's got that.
We're both winners.
We're winners.
We win.
Well, we'll only ever see Daisy's real identity, when the mask comes off.
Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Daisy.
APPLAUSE CHANTING: Daisy, Daisy, Daisy, Daisy.
So Davina thinks she's picked the right flower, but who do you think it is? I really think the panel's close.
They're divided, but they're close.
My game plan moving forward is just to keep rocking it and having a great time.
APPLAUSE Let's find out the beauty in our beast, it's Monster.
I was over the moon with my last performance.
The panel's comments couldn't have been any better.
That was a great start to the show.
I was thinking that that looked like a Grammy.
Grammy's on his head.
They think they've guessed who I am.
CeeLo Green.
Andre 3000? Jamie Foxx.
But I think they've made a monster-sized mistake.
All of Run-DMC, cos that suit's big enough.
MONSTER LAUGHS When I think about it, I've always tried to be a bit of a showman.
Life in the spotlight lets you create your own reality.
You could create characters for your own story.
As a child, I had a hunger for books.
I was a real bookworm.
Oh, maybe very literate.
Not a lot of these celebrities read.
But I can also be a real little monster.
It was in my little monster years that I discovered my love for rock and roll.
A rock and roller.
My mom bought me an amp and a bass.
It made me feel so cool.
I've always wanted to be an individual.
Glam rock inspired me.
I didn't wanna be another cookie-cutter monster.
I like to do my own thing.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Glam rock? That's from the '70s.
Glam rock? MUSIC: 'Can't Help Falling In Love' by Elvis Presley # Wise men say Only fools rush in That's beautiful! Wow.
# But I can't help # Falling in love with you # Shall I stay? # Would it be a sin # If I can't help Falling in love with you? Is that a mouse or a cat? This is a clue.
# Just as a river flows # Surely to the sea # Darling, so it goes # Some things are just meant to be Take my hand Come on, come on.
# Take my whole life, too # For I can't help # Falling in love With you.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Monster, everybody! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Ah, it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.
The voice Davina, it was so soulful.
When that voice came out I mean, that was a surprise.
The range that Monster has is so exquisite.
And to be able to deliver that kind of performance in a Monster costume, is extraordinary.
I have to say, I am convinced that it's CeeLo Green.
APPLAUSE He's singing to a mouse.
CeeLo recorded with Danger Mouse.
Yes! So, maybe that is a clue right there.
Monster likes that.
LAUGHTER RITA: I originally said CeeLo, but what threw me off was the rock reference with the bass.
Maybe it could be Nile Rodgers, because he plays amazing bass.
Yeah, that's a good one.
And, you know, he loves music, obviously.
He's very experienced.
I think it's a left-field person.
Oh, OK.
I think it's someone with showbiz credentials, knows how to perform, maybe hasn't shown off his singing in the past.
I know someone who loves glam rock.
He's big on TV at the moment.
Noel Fielding, on The Bake Off, often dresses like a glam rocker.
Could be him.
A slapping of applause for Noel Fielding.
I know exactly LAUGHTER .
who this is.
Based on the clues of, like, the guitar and everything else, could be someone that is an amazing musician, an amazing singer.
Might be an actor from the States.
Someone who I have worked with Jack Black, School Of Rock! That all makes sense.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
School, rock, has an amazing falsetto voice And they're like, "Well, does he read books?" Little known fact, he has three library cards.
LAUGHTER Look it up.
I really, really hope this is Jack Black.
Yeah, that would be awesome.
I'm just saying, it really could be.
APPLAUSE That would be amazing.
Guess what? Try and find out some clues.
OK, Monster, can you tell us two lies and one truth about yourself? Well I have an identical twin.
GASPS Jack Black has an identical Zack Black! Are you making that up? Look it up.
LAUGHTER Look it up.
I had a monster hit with Calvin Harris.
A monster hit with Calvin Harris.
And a third one, please, Monster.
WHISPERS: The third one .
I AM CeeLo Green! LAUGHTER Ooh.
Ooh! I think that that is the truth.
Oh! No They're laughing, I think that's the double No, he's calling your bluff.
He's mocking us with that.
Rita, which one do you think? You look very perplexed.
My mind's just gone blank.
Erm Davina, I feel like if I speak to you, Rita will have a lightbulb moment.
Yes, just give me a minute.
I'll divert it to Davina.
Have any of those clues helped? Yes, because you know when he said the first two quite quickly? Like, he remembered them really well.
Don't tell me you'd forgotten the third one.
He knew exactly what he was doing there.
It was a pregnant pause to pretend that he'd forgotten the third one, and that it was a big joke.
You know like, "Ha-ha, I'm CeeLo Green, I'm being so ironic.
" But he's not.
It's a double bluff.
It is CeeLo Green.
APPLAUSE People are agreeing with you.
People are agreeing with you here.
Rita, have you had that lightbulb moment yet? No.
No? LAUGHTER It's a real toughie.
But until Monster's mask comes off, none of us will know who's really hiding under this gigantic fur ball.
Ladies and gentlemen, Monster! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE I've got a feeling we are not gonna see who's behind the mask for a long time, because he's so great, and it's gonna drive me nuts.
Our panel think they're taking giant steps towards the truth, but who do you think is behind the mask? The panel's comments were so amazing.
No wonder they're the best in the business.
They've got great taste.
My game plan is to sing from my heart and the bottom of my big blue belly.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE After the break, our final masked celebrity takes to the stage.
And one celebrity will be removing their mask at the end of the show.
Who's that behind the mask? Who's that behind the mask? CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Welcome back to The Masked Singer.
We asked Elton John to be on the show, but he said the costumes weren't elaborate enough.
Or did he? We've already seen four incredible performances, and we've still got one to go.
It's time for our fifth and final celebrity to take to the stage.
Let's get some clues, and try not to be out-foxed by Fox.
I had the best time slinking around the stage in my last performance.
# Call me, on the line # You can call me any, any time Call me A good voice.
This is a performer, not a reality star.
Call me any I love her! Call me.
And the best part is, they have no idea who the silver fox really is.
Helen Mirren.
Joanna Lumley.
Kerry Katona.
What if it's Sam Fox? I had the most fun out there.
I can't wait to do it all again.
They say you don't really know someone until you've taken a walk in their shoes.
And playing this game certainly means being nimble and thinking on your feet.
Look, professional tap.
Oh, like, tap dancing? To survive, I'm prepared to foxtrot with the best of them.
But I'm not going to let the pressure get to me.
Maybe she's someone from Strictly, like Darcey Bussell or Arlene Phillips.
Ever since being a little fox cub, I've always followed my own path, wherever it may lead.
Spent time in America.
Oh, in America.
I've even broken records.
She's broken records, like, hit records.
Tonight, I'm going to be bigger and bolder than ever, and blow everyone away.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE She's got a great presence about her.
MUSIC: 'On The Radio' by Donna Summer Someone found a letter You wrote me on the radio Wow.
# They told the world Just how you felt # It must have fallen out of a hole In your old brown overcoat # They never said your name But I knew just who they meant # Whoa-oh-oh # I was so surprised and shocked And I wondered, too Whoo! # If by chance You heard it for yourself # I never told the world Just how I've been feeling over you # But they said it really loud They said it on the air # On the radio.
Whoa-oh-oh On the radio Come on, Fox! # On the radio # Whoa-oh-oh # On the radio # Now, don't you find it kinda sad # When you hear our song? Hey! # Things are not the same Since we broke up last June She's a stage performer.
Someone from the stage here, and in America? # That I wanna hear Is that you love me still So good.
# And that you think You'll be comin' home real soon # On the radio.
Whoa-oh-oh THEY SING ALONG # On the radio.
Whoa-oh-oh # On the radio # Whoa-oh-oh On the radio.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Yes! The silver fox is in the house.
KEN: Who is the Fox? CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Yes, please.
Fox, everybody! WILD CHEERING Wow.
I took the liberty to stealing some of your dancers' glasses.
That was incredible.
The whole thing was so wonderful, Rita.
Oh, yeah, on the real, one of my favourite jams.
You brought it down, honey.
It was like a disco party.
I loved it.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE It's gonna be in my head forever.
I really love your song choices.
I think that you are a dancer, obviously, according to your VT.
You are a singer.
I do think you had, maybe, like, a hit in the past.
Kim Wilde, maybe? APPLAUSE It could be.
Good guess.
Jonathan, have you got any ideas? I can't put my finger on your age.
I think you're right.
I think it's someone who has, maybe, had hits.
You're used to being on stage.
Could it be, even, Arlene Phillips from Strictly Come Dancing, maybe? APPLAUSE She's still got the moves.
I feel like everyone's, kind of, a bit all over the place with this one.
It's so difficult.
We're thinking pop star, or we're also thinking stage performer.
I mean, I think that they are, in fact, maybe a musical theatre actor, and that's where the connection is between London and Broadway.
Yeah, that sounds good.
I'm thinking, maybe, Tamzin Outhwaite.
Tamzin Outhwaite? She's an amazing singer.
She must have learned how to dance, in one of her appearances on stage at some point.
Ken, I've got a feeling you're gonna know who it is.
Here we go, yeah.
I know exactly All right, Ken.
who this is.
I thought so.
Yes, please.
This is by far the easiest one to figure out.
This is someone who had success in the States.
Someone who has so much experience.
Someone who is a multi-threat.
Someone who is an actress, singer, dancer.
Maybe, I don't know, an Academy Award winner.
Maybe, I don't know, Catherine Zeta-Jones.
APPLAUSE Oh, maybe.
Maybe someone like that, who is an amazing performer.
Amazing voice, commands the stage.
Catherine Zeta-Jones, welcome to The Masked Singer.
APPLAUSE Your Highness.
Your Highness.
Show some respect! LAUGHTER I can't tell whether the audience agree or disagree with that.
They agree, the way they're not nodding, I can tell.
OK, Fox, I think we need some help.
Can you tell us two lies and one truth about yourself? Considering how sly foxes are, something tells me you're gonna be pretty good at this.
Go for it.
What's your first clue? I have an award-winning body.
Catherine Zeta-Jones! She won an Oscar.
Look at her body of work! Yeah.
Award-winning body.
Second one, please, Fox.
I've been on tour with The Rolling Stones.
On tour with The Rolling Stones.
And our third one, please, Fox.
I was one of the first stars of reality TV.
First stars of reality TV.
Which one do you think was the truth out of that one, Rita? I actually think it might be the award-winning body.
I mean, look how great she looks.
She looks fantastic.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE I'd say you look fantastic, but then, I'm just looking in the mirror and I can see myself.
LAUGHTER So, I look pretty good.
I look pretty good.
JONATHAN: Fox, you like that one.
Been on tour with The Rolling Stones.
That's plausible, cos she could've been a backing singer Yeah, or a dancer.
They have had a lot of great singers with them over the years.
Or supported them.
Or supported them, even.
If we go with your guess of Kim Wilde, there's a chance that's true.
"I was one of the first stars of reality TV," I don't think that's the truth.
Oh, wait! Steps had their own reality TV show, where we followed them around.
They did.
Maybe H.
LAUGHTER Ken, which one do you think was the truth out of those clues? Oh, definitely the award-winning body.
Award-winning body of work.
She won an Oscar.
I nailed it.
I love it.
LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE Well, Fox's identity remains a mystery until their mask is removed.
Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Fox.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE We love Fox, don't we? She's a great performer.
Really good performer.
Very good.
Our panel thought one of these celebrities was behind the mask.
But who do you think it is? I always love being a fox, but tonight was extra special, with all those foxy dancers and I had a bit of disco going on.
I loved it.
APPLAUSE All five celebrities have now performed.
Coming up, we'll find out which two masked singers will be competing in tonight's face-off.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Who's that behind the mask? Who's that behind the mask? CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Welcome back.
All five of tonight's masked celebrities have now performed, and it's time for our studio audience to vote for their favourite performance of the night.
The two celebrities with the least votes will perform again in the face-off, and one will be unmasked.
AUDIENCE: Whoo! Before our studio audience vote, here is a reminder of tonight's performances for you guys at home.
APPLAUSE # Well, how was I to know There was a party goin' on? # I was a-splishin' and a-splashin' # Reelin' with the feelin', Movin' and a-groovin' Rockin' and a-rollin' # Just one look at you # And I know it's gonna be A lovely day # I can't make you love me # If you don't # You can't make your heart feel Somethin' it won't # I can't help Falling in love with you # On the radio # Whoa, oh-oh-oh! # On the radio # Whoa On the radio! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Remember, you are voting for your favourite performance of the night.
Studio audience, vote now! This is tense.
The results are in.
CHEERING AND WHOOPING And I can reveal that, in no particular order, the first masked singer to go through is AUDIENCE MEMBERS SHOUT OU .
Fox! Who's that behind the mask? CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Fox is through.
Congratulations! The second masked singer to go through is AUDIENCE MEMBERS SHOUT OU .
Monster! Who's that behind the mask? CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Monster's through! Oh! Monster! Look at the feet! Look at the feet! AUDIENCE CHANT: Monster, Monster! People are lovin' Monster! I love Monster.
Now, joining Fox and Monster is AUDIENCE MEMBERS SHOUT OU .
Daisy! # Who's that behind the mask? # CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Wow! That means, Tree and Octopus, you will be performing again in tonight's face-off.
Everyone, give it up for Fox, Monster and Daisy! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE # Who are ya? # Who are ya? Who are ya? Who's that behind the mask? Octopus and Tree, after each of you have performed, the panel will decide which one of you stay in the competition and which one of you will be removing their mask at the end of the show.
Good luck to the both of you.
Up first to perform, it's Octopus.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Imagine if it actually is Kylie Minogue.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE SONG: 'One Last Time' Feel like a failure I love this song! # I know I should've fought it # At least I'm being honest # Feel like a failure Cos I know that I've failed you # I should've done you better Cos you don't want a liar # And I know, and I know, and I know She gives you everything # But, boy, I couldn't give it to ya # And I know, and I know, and I know That you got everything # But I can't give it to you # So one last time # I need to be the one Who takes you home # One more time # I promise after that, I'll let you go Baby, I don't care If you got her Come on, Octopus! # All I really care Is you wake up in my arms # One last time I need to be the one Who takes you home CHEERING # I know I should've fought it # At least I'm being honest, yeah! # So stay with me a minute # I swear I'll make it worth it, Babe Cos I don't wanna Be without ya Here we go.
# So one last ti-i-ime I need to be the one Who takes you home What was? What, was that opera? # One more time I promise after that, I'll let you go That was opera! # One last time I need to be the one Who takes you home.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Did you hear that? Wow! Give it up for Octopus, everybody! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE # Who are ya? # Who are ya? Who are ya? Who's that behind the mask? Up next to perform, it's Tree! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE CHANTING: Tree, Tree, Tree! I really wanna know who this is.
SONG: 'Evergreen' # Eyes like a sunrise Like a rainfall down my soul Aww, Tree! # And I wonder # I wonder why You look at me like that # What you're thinking, What's behind # Don't tell me, But it feels like love I'm gonna take this moment CHEERING # And make it last forever # Gonna give my heart away And pray we'll stay together # Cos you're the one good reason # You're the only girl that I need # Cos you're more beautiful Than I have ever seen # Oh, yeah # I'm gonna take this night And make it evergreen Gonna take this moment CHEERING # And make it last forever I'm gonna give my heart away And pray we'll stay together Look, he's really getting into it! # Cos you're the one good reason # You're the only girl that I need Cos you're more beautiful Than I have ever seen Yes, Tree! # Oh, yeah! I'm gonna take this night And make it evergreen CHEERING # Gonna take this night And make it Evergreen.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE AUDIENCE CHANT: Tree, Tree, Tree, Tree, Tree, Tree, Tree! Give it up for Tree! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Well done, Tree! Well done, mate.
Well done, mate.
Give it up once again for Tree! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE # Who are ya? # Who are ya? Who are ya? Who's that behind the mask? OK, panel, it's your decision who gets unmasked.
This is a huge, huge responsibility.
After the break, find out what the panel's verdict is.
Whose mask will be staying on and whose will be coming off? CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Who's that behind the mask? Who's that behind the mask? CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Welcome back.
Daisy, Monster, and Fox have secured their places in The Masked Singer.
Octopus and Tree were not so lucky and their places are in jeopardy.
This is crunch time.
AUDIENCE: Ooh Ken have the panel made a decision? Yes, we have, but it was a difficult decision, and in fact, it was a split vote.
So it was incredibly hard, but Argh, this is so difficult.
The Masked Singer we would like to see again is CHEERS AND SHOUTS .
CHEERS AND APPLAUSE Octopus! Congratulations! Your mask is staying firmly on for now.
Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Octopus! CHEERS AND APPLAUSE He's so happy.
CHEERS AND APPLAUSE Guys, let's hear it for Tree! CHEERS AND APPLAUSE Oh, Tree.
I've really enjoyed being in your branches.
I'm sorry, but your time on The Masked Singer has come to an end, and, very shortly, you will be removing your mask.
But first, who is behind the mask? RITA SIGHS It's so hard.
Cos I don't know my footie.
So You might not even be a football player.
That's crazy.
So I'm still just gonna just go with my Peter Crouch guess.
APPLAUSE You did a great final performance, Tree.
You really won me over.
It's these three.
I just don't know what they're thinking.
LAUGHTER Wow, you really threw them under the bus there, Rita.
I have got no shame.
Oh, Tree, you know what? We thought you did great, and we thought the song you just did then to stay in, it was close, it genuinely was close.
There wasn't much in it at all, but we're so excited to find out who you are.
I'm sticking with my guess.
I think it's David Seaman.
David Seaman for Jonathan.
Peter Crouch for Rita.
Davina, who do you think is behind the mask? It's a really tough one.
I think I'm gonna go with Jamie Redknapp.
APPLAUSE Ken, who you saying? I see no reason to change my guess.
I believe this is Peter Shilton.
Forget hand of God, you're a voice of an angel.
Big fan, undefeated.
Masked Singer.
Love you, Peter.
OK, let's see whether any of you are right.
It's time to find out the identity of our masked singer.
Tree who's behind the mask? Take it off.
ALL CHANT: Take it off! Take if off! Take if off! Take it off! Take it off, take it off! Take it off! Take it off.
Take it off.
Take it off.
Take it off.
Take it off! Take it off! Take it off! Take it off! # Who's that behind the mask? # CHEERS AND APPLAUSE It's England football legend Teddy Sheringham! Teddy! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Ledge! I can't believe we didn't get that! No.
You was round and about, but not close enough.
One of the greats of English football right there on the stage, ladies and gentlemen.
Legend! I wasn't far off.
You did play with David Beckham, didn't you? I did, I did, yes.
Just take off the Teddy mask, show me that you are Peter Shilton, we'll be fine.
I'm not Peter Shilton.
OK, OK, got it.
I'll just confirm that.
LAUGHTER For somebody who plays football, you've actually got a great voice.
I really have to give it to you.
Oh, stop it! You do! You do! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Absolutely.
Thank you.
We all sing quite a lot at home, and I thought my best shot was a little bit better than what I performed, but Oh, mate.
No, you were great! You've done so great.
You were so entertaining.
Teddy, your kids must be super proud of you.
Yeah, they're gonna love it! I've had sleepless nights trying to remember these words.
Me and my wife, going over it together.
She's not in the fox costume, is she, Teddy? LAUGHTER The one thing that everyone asks you about, is that the goal against Bayern? Yes.
1999, 20 years ago.
Still get asked about it once a day.
You should ask your wife to stop asking.
LAUGHTER The good thing is, from now on, people won't you ask that, they'll say, "Weren't you that tree?" Yes! Yeah.
Well, you are a legend, and it's so weird to see you in a tree, and I love it! Thank you very much.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Next week, the masked mystery continues.
But before we go, performing for us one final time, unmasked at last, ladies and gentlemen, it's Teddy Sheringham! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Go, Teddy! # Eyes # Like a sunrise # Like a rainfall # Down my soul # And I wonder # I wonder why you look at me Like that # What you're thinking # What's behind # Don't tell me # But it feels like love # I'm gonna take this moment # And make it last forever # I'm gonna give my heart away # And pray we'll stay together # Cos you're the one good reason # You're the only girl that I need # Cos you're more beautiful Than I have ever seen # Oh, yeah # I'm gonna take this night And make it evergreen Yes, Teddy! I'm gonna take this moment CHEERS # And make it last forever # I'm gonna give my heart away And pray we'll stay together Whoo! # Cos you're the one good reason # You're the only girl that I need # Cos you're more beautiful # Than I have ever seen # Oh, yeah # I'm gonna take this night And make it evergreen.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Yeah! Yeah! Next week, for the very first time, all eight remaining masked singers compete to stay anonymous.
Monster Fox Daisy Queen Bee Octopus Unicorn Hedgehog and Duck.
Plus, music legend Donny Osmond joins the panel.
Yes! Get ready Who is that? Who are you? .
as the craziest guessing game on TV returns.
I'm here to tell you, that's not a man, that's a woman.
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