The Masked Singer (UK) (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 'TV's most surprising singing show continues.
'Each week, your favourite celebrities perform undercover '.
leaving you and our panel 'guessing who is behind the mask.
' This isn't a case of who dunnit.
This is a case of who sung it.
Whoo! I know who this is.
Really? Who? 'In each show, one performer is unmasked' Oh, my God.
and their identity revealed.
' It's Patsy Palmer! The right honourable Alan Johnson! It's Justin Hawkins from The Darkness! 'Last week, Tree was unmasked.
' AUDIENCE: Take it off, take it off! Teddy! It's England football legend, Teddy Sheringham MBE! 'Tonight, for the very first time, 'all eight remaining masked singers 'compete to stay anonymous.
' Come on, everybody! 'Plus, music legend Donny Osmond joins the panel.
' Yes! 'Get ready' Who is that? '.
to play' Who are you? '.
the craziest guessing game on TV.
' I'm here to tell you, that's not a man.
That's a woman.
Oh! Yeah, that's what I said.
# Who are ya? Who are ya? Who are ya? Who's that behind the mask? APPLAUSE AND CHEERING 'Together on stage for the first time, 'your masked singers!' APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Welcome to The Masked Singer! Give it up for our fantastic celebrities.
APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Tonight, all of them will be performing in their extraordinary disguises, but who are the famous faces behind the masks? AUDIENCE: Whoo! When it comes to spotting celebs, I reckon it takes one to know one, which is why we've got our star-studded panel! APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Ah! Whoo! He's one of Britain's biggest stars, and the loudest.
It's Jonathan Ross! Hello, everyone.
Whoo! Her number one hit, Hot Right Now, is exactly how our celebs feel in their costumes.
It's Rita Ora! Hi.
Guessing one of our celebs correctly would be a huge relief.
It's Davina McCall! Just one! We just wanna get one right.
APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Now, Ken can't be here tonight, so he sent us this little message.
Hey, guys.
Sorry I can't be with you, but I'm in Hollywood.
But in my place, I've sent you someone who placed first in the US Masked Singer.
Sorry? SECOND in the US Masked Singer.
LAUGHTER He's a living legend, and my best friend, so you better take care of my little boy.
It's Donny Osmond! CHEERING Yeah, baby.
Donny, Donny, Donny, Donny, Donny.
Donny, Donny, Donny.
Oh, oh, oh! One second, one second.
In the American version of The Masked Singer, it wasn't "Donny".
It was, "Peacock, Peacock, Peacock".
ALL: Peacock, Peacock, Peacock! How is it, singing inside one of those costumes? It's difficult.
LAUGHTER But what's fun is that you have a whole different identity.
You can just be whatever you wanna be.
It's so great, honestly.
It's an absolute pleasure to have you on.
Donny Osmond, everybody.
Thank you.
APPLAUSE AND CHEERING I feel like Davina's gonna have him all to herself, over there on this corner, and then I'm left with this one.
What do you mean?! LAUGHTER I don't even know how I'm gonna rely on you.
You love being next to me.
I do, Jonathan.
You guys, I love you.
Our panel, everybody! APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Well, tonight our studio audience will vote for their favourite performance.
The two celebrities with the least votes will find themselves in the bottom two.
Our panel will then decide which one of them will be unmasked.
Now, tonight, every single song will give you clues about the identity of its famous performer.
AUDIENCE: Ooh! There are also clues in the VTs.
In parts of these films, we've used stunt doubles because our celebs needed to just rest and save their strength.
Poor little loves.
LAUGHTER Up first, let's get some more clues from Monster.
OK, here we go.
In my last performance, I gave my best Elvis.
# Falling in love With you The panel couldn't help falling in love with me.
The range that Monster has is so exquisite.
The panel thought they had me figured out.
Maybe it could be Nile Rodgers.
Noel Fielding.
I am convinced that it's CeeLo Green.
Jack Black, School Of Rock.
But now, they're not so sure.
Yes, I'm a monster, but I once was a giant.
Oh, Calvin Harris? Yeah.
People might think, as a monster, you're more likely to be alone, but that's not true.
I come from a big monster family, and music was always a huge part of my life.
We'd all gather around in the lounge and do talent shows for each other.
It was a relative who encouraged my gift, when they heard me singing in the shower.
Daddy cool I guess they liked the sound of my voice.
Now I'm blessed to have a big family of my own.
I got little monsters that belong to me, and they got little monsters that belong to them.
He's a grandfather.
Yeah, so he's older.
There's a big, blue, beautiful bunch of monsters.
# Daddy, daddy cool Daddy, daddy cool.
OK, so the song is a clue.
The song is a clue? OK.
SONG: 'Don't Cha' # I know you like me (I know you like me) # I know you do (I know you do) # That's why whenever I come around She's all over you Why are they singing a Pussycat Doll song? # I said, don't cha wish Your boyfriend was hot like me? # And don't cha wish your boyfriend Was a freak like me? # Hey, don't cha? # Don't cha, don't cha Don't cha, baby # Don't cha # And I know he loves you # (I know she loves you) # I understand (I understand) # I'd probably be Just as crazy about you I am only a man Falsetto.
# Oh, maybe next lifetime (Maybe next lifetime) Possibly Wow, that's high.
# Until then, old friend # Your secret is safe with me # Come on, everybody! # Don't cha wish Your boyfriend was hot like me # Don't cha wish your boyfriend Was a freak like me # Yeah, don't cha # Don't cha, don't cha Don't cha, baby (don't cha) Oh, oh, oh.
APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Oh, what a start to the show.
Yes! AUDIENCE: Monster, Monster, Monster! Yes.
I wanna give Monster a big squeeze and see if I can get any noise to come out of his trumpets.
LAUGHTER I don't know if he's got any kids or grandkids, but I still think that it's CeeLo Green.
But CeeLo's not old enough to have grandkids, is he? But CeeLo's, what, 40? Could be 40? You can have grandkids at 40.
I'm here to tell you, that's not a man.
That's a woman.
Oh! That's what I said.
Oh! What an immediate shake-up from Donny Osmond! Because I was listening to the voice.
That was a female voice, I think, in there.
AUDIENCE: Yeah! The studio audience seem to agree.
Was there any clues in the song? Cos there's clues in all of the songs tonight.
In the lyric, it said, "Your secret is safe with me.
" It could be a girl pretending to be a boy.
On the earlier songs, yeah.
APPLAUSE Donny's completely thrown a curveball in there He really has.
and really freaked me out.
But that was the most dancing we've ever seen Monster do.
I mean, Monster was channelling his inner Pussycat Doll.
Her, her Pussycat Doll.
His, Donny.
I mean, listen, I have loved you all my life, and I can't believe I'm disagreeing with you.
That's a woman.
But I'm sorry, I am.
Whoever's in there is completely messing with everyone right now.
I remember, last VT you said you had a song with Calvin Harris, was one of your hints.
There's a male artist who sang with Calvin.
His name is Rag'n'Bone Man.
So maybe Oh, that is a good shout.
Because he had a song with Calvin, and the song was called Giant.
And that was a clue, wasn't it? And that was a clue.
CHEERING The audience really agree with you.
But, Rita, isn't Rag'n'Bone Man HE GROWLS: "Are you only human".
It's not high, like, "With my girlfriend.
" But, you never know.
He might be putting it all on.
I dunno, the clues are taking me towards that direction.
When I was listening, I was kinda going your direction, Donny.
I was thinking, I think it's a female vocalist.
Who? So then I was thinking maybe Nicole Scherzinger, but she won't thank me for saying she's a grandmother.
LAUGHTER There was a star who had hits in the '70s.
I know she's a grandmother.
Sheila Ferguson, lead singer of The Three Degrees, I wonder if you're in there.
That's a good shout.
That takes a very soulful, strong voice, to pull off that song, and SHE did a great job.
LAUGHTER Oh, love this.
The clues said there's grandchildren.
I'm gonna go with Angela Bassett.
I think we're about the same age.
If you are Angela, I love you so much.
Yeah, me too.
And I really would like to hang out with you after the show.
Donny, you've thrown an absolute bomb into the mix.
It's crazy.
What I'm here for, baby.
Well, the first time we'll see who Monster really is, is when their mask is removed.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Monster! APPLAUSE AND CHEERING I love you, Monster.
I love that guy/girl.
I'm gonna have such a surprise when I actually see who it is.
Are things starting to get hairy for Monster? Do you think the panel's worked out who's under the mask? What did I think of the panel's comments tonight? Total confusion means total domination.
I love it! LAUGHS We've still got seven performances to come tonight in our marathon of masked mysteries.
APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Welcome back to The Masked Singer, starring we don't know.
But we're all trying our best to work it out.
We've still got seven amazing performances to come, and remember, all the songs in tonight's show provide clues as to who is singing them, so listen carefully.
Up next, lock up your chickens, cos it's time to learn more about Fox.
APPLAUSE AND CHEERING In my last performance, I definitely topped the charts.
# On the radio, whoa, oh On the radio I listened to the names being thrown out there.
Kim Wilde? Tamzin Outhwaite? Catherine Zeta Jones? Arlene Phillips.
LAUGHTER Nope, you haven't got the Fox just yet.
Cos you're filthy Clothes have always played a big part in my life.
I do love a bit of glam.
There's nothing like dressing up for a night out with the girls.
Girl band.
Yeah, possibly girl band.
And I'm always the last one on the dancefloor.
Cos you're filthy It's murder on the dancefloor.
I used to model clothes, too.
It was a broken heel that led me to my big break.
Ooh, and you're gorgeous It's quite an East End accent, which makes me think she's a stage school girl.
Foxes are known for being crafty animals, by design, and I'm no exception.
Tonight, I'm going out there on my own, and I hope it won't be my final curtain.
APPLAUSE AND CHEERING SONG: 'On My Own' # On my own # Pretending he's beside me # All alone # I walk with him Till morning Definitely a stage performer.
# Without him # I feel his arms around me # And when I lose my way I close my eyes # And he has found me # And I know # It's only in my mind That I'm talking to myself And not to him This is extraordinary.
It's a beautiful performance.
# And although I know That he is blind # Still I say # There's a way for us # I love him # But every day I'm learning # All my life I've only been # Pretending # Without me # His world will go on turning # A world that's full of happiness That I have never known CHEERING Whoo! # I love him # I love him # I love him But only on my own.
Oh, no.
Oh, it's upside down.
APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Fox, everybody! Yay! You're not on your own any more, Fox, don't you worry.
It was so great.
Thank you so much.
I think we've got a thing going on.
AUDIENCE: Ooh! Davina, this was incredible, right? I don't know about you guys, but just as you hit that high note, Donny and I both went, "Oh, we've got goosebumps.
" Yeah, goosebumps all over.
It was absolutely beautiful.
Yes, Fox.
Particularly, Joel's upside down picture at the end was fantastic.
CHEERING It was the icing on the cake.
I feel bad, though, cos, like, we've asked Donny to come over from Las Vegas, and then you recreate on stage one of the worst corners of London, in front of him.
Looking at your VT, you had success.
You said you had some hits under your belt.
So, it's murder on the dance floor.
Sophie Ellis-Bextor.
Look at you, all smug there, like Davina, did the song choice help at all? It was quite a serious, theatrical piece, and I figure that this woman has appeared in many West End musicals.
APPLAUSE If she hasn't, she should.
She should.
Yeah, absolutely.
APPLAUSE AND CHEERING I'm gonna throw out there Denise van Outen.
RITA: That's a good shout.
It's a good shout.
She's been in stage here.
She might have been over to the States.
I think you're wrong, Davina, cos that was a song from Les Mis.
I've seen this person, not doing that part, but I've seen this person singing beautifully on stage in Les Mis.
It's Matt Lucas, ladies and gentlemen, from Little Britain.
Right there.
Matt, you did an amazing job.
See who I'm left with? I told you guys, this is what I'm gonna get all night.
Donny's gonna solve this for us, though.
Yes, Donny.
That's a girl, by the way.
LAUGHTER I think she's from a girl band.
I'm gonna go for somebody in Atomic Kitten.
So, here's where I'm gonna need a little bit of help from the panel, cos I don't know the girls' names.
I think it could be Liz.
APPLAUSE I am gonna go with Liz, Atomic Kitten.
And there was also Matt Lucas, was in Atomic Kitten for a little while.
LAUGHTER Now, we'll only find out the true identity of our foxiest character once their mask comes off.
Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Fox.
APPLAUSE AND CHEERING You've got me so confused.
It gets harder and harder, yeah.
Has the Fox outfoxed the panel? Or could one of these celebrities really be behind the mask? Just like a fox, I was feeling slinky and sneaky tonight.
I hope the audience get behind me, and I don't have to leave on my own.
Time to get some clues about our next celeb.
It's oh, my Daisy.
APPLAUSE AND CHEERING The panel loved my last performance, and I couldn't be blooming happier.
# I can't make you love me If you don't They're still not quite sure who I am.
Mary J Blige.
Kate Hudson.
Fleur East.
East! Maybe there's too many flowers in the garden to choose from.
# I do my hair toss, check my nails Baby, how you feelin' Food and music have always gone hand in hand in my life.
They do say, "If music be the food of love, play on.
" Fleur East had a single about a sax, didn't she? She did.
My musical flavours are certainly something that have tickled my taste buds from an early age.
I have my dad to thank for that.
Maybe her dad is a famous chef.
Music is just like food: different tastes and different flavours.
If I had to put my music on the menu, you could say I definitely served up some bangers.
That's British, right? APPLAUSE AND CHEERING I would wear that outfit.
JONATHAN LAUGHS APPLAUSE AND CHEERING SONG: 'Unforgettable' # Unforgettable # That's what you are # Unforgettable Tho' near or far She knows how to sing, doesn't she? She's got a great voice.
# Like a song of love # That clings to me # How the thought of you # Does things to me # Never before # Has someone been more # Unforgettable # In every way # Unforgettable # That's how you'll stay # That's why, darling # It's incredible # That someone # So unforgettable Thinks that I am unforgettable Unforgettable.
AUDIENCE: Daisy, Daisy, Daisy! Daisy, let me just Daisy, everybody! APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Oh, my Lord.
Jonathan, what did you think? That is interesting, cos that's a very different sort of song to the songs that Daisy's done for us previously.
And from the clues in the VT package - you're talking about bangers, but I feel that maybe this isn't the sort of material you're normally associated with.
There was another clue in there, sax, and we were saying Fleur East.
And Fleur had a song out with "sax" in the title.
I mean, you are a tough one to figure out.
Yeah, you are.
You know, I really thought I had it last week.
You know, I was like, "This has to be Kelis.
" But the jazz reference really threw me off because you just seem so much younger than your references.
So I'm just really torn.
I actually don't have a name.
I can't give you a name.
Jonathan's giving you one.
It's definitely not that.
LAUGHTER Mick Jagger! Why would you not pick that up? LAUGHTER I wrote down here, Alyssa Milano.
Alyssa is a singer, right? But I don't know who else You've got me so confused.
LAUGHTER Was there any clues in the song, Jonathan? Well, Unforgettable was a hit for Nat King Cole, originally.
And Natalie Cole, his daughter, did an album of duets where she sang with him.
It could possibly be Natalie Cole in there.
APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Davina, what do you think? I am going with this father, daughter.
She's got a very husky, lovely voice, and her father was a jazz musician called Don Cherry, and she's called Neneh Cherry.
And Neneh Cherry has cooked as well.
She loves food.
Neneh Cherry loves to cook.
Daisy, who are you? LAUGHTER If only it was that simple, Donny.
Well, we'll only know the face behind the flower once the mask comes off.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Daisy.
That was nice.
Could Daisy really be one of these famous faces, or are our panel completely off the scent? I had a really good time performing tonight.
I love performing as a daisy, so I'm gonna keep giving it everything I've got so I can stay in the competition.
APPLAUSE AND CHEERING We've still got five performances to come, so keep those thinking caps on.
Welcome back to The Masked Singer, the show that has you second guessing your second guesses.
Whoo! Yeah.
Time to find out more about our next celeb.
Honey, I'm home! It's Queen Bee.
My last performance left me feeling truly majestic.
# And now the day bleeds Into nightfall And you're not here To get me through it all Beautiful.
The panel's guesses were hilarious.
SHE GIGGLES Maybe Victoria Harvey? Jesy from Little Mix.
Nadine Coyle.
Amal Clooney.
I couldn't believe how off the mark they were.
Using my voice has always been something I've loved, but I am naturally shy.
But surprise, surprise, I won a contest and my career was launched.
So it would be a talent contest.
X Factor.
Pop Idol.
I was so young, I felt like I was being swept along with the tide, like I'd been thrown in at the deep end.
What is that accent? Is she from Scotland? She's from, I think, Newcastle.
But I learnt fast, and before I knew it, I was centre stage at some pretty big venues.
With tonight's song, I'm gonna enjoy every moment.
These wings are made to fly.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE SONG: 'Girl On Fire' # She's just a girl And she's on fire # Hotter than a fantasy Lonely like a highway # She's living in a world And it's on fire # Filled with catastrophe So far she can fly away Oh What's this song? Girl on Fire, Alicia Keys.
# She's got both feet On the ground # And she's burning it down # Oh # She's got her head in the clouds # And she's not backing down # This girl is on fire CHEERING # This girl is on fire # She's walking on fire This girl is on fire That's a singer.
# Everybody stares As she goes by # Cos they can see the flame That's in her eyes # Watch her When she's lighting up the night # Nobody knows That she's a lonely girl # It's a lonely world But she gon' let it burn, baby Burn, baby Sing it, girl! # This girl is on fire # She's walking on fire # This girl is on fire She's just a girl And she's on fire.
Yeah! Yeah! Wow, look.
That's a singer That's a singer.
right there.
Oh, my Lord.
Queen Bee, you continue that, you're gonna win this competition.
Oh, wow.
So who is behind the mask? Have you got any idea at all? Davina, I think Well, can I go before you? No.
I'm not gonna steal your guess.
Jonathan, Joel gets to decide who goes.
That is so much pressure.
LAUGHTER What do you think? I think I know whose voice this is.
I think it is Nicola Roberts.
From Girls Aloud.
She was found on a TV show.
What was it, Popstars? Davina, you hosted that, didn't you? Popstars: The Rivals.
Can I just say, song choice, fire, flame-red hair.
Red hair.
Oh! You've had your fun, but you're wrong.
Now, here's the thing, OK? You're not far short of the mark.
There was definitely a strong accent, even though it's disguised in the beginning there.
I'm wondering whether it could be another member of Girls Aloud.
Whether it could be Nadine Nadine Coyle.
under there.
Do you think it could be Nadine Coyle? That is a good shout, but I was thinking Jade from Little Mix.
Very popular choice in the studio.
And she was in a show, X Factor.
Oh, absolutely.
That's what I'm going with.
Yeah, Donny's going with that.
Yep, going with Jade from Little Mix.
Although, here's the clue.
She said she was a little bit shy.
The letters give you the clue.
I'm treating this like a crossword.
Put a few more in there, Shirley Bassey, ladies and gentlemen.
Right there, it could be Shirley Bassey.
HE LAUGHS Well, we'll only know who our royal honey-ness truly is once their mask comes off.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Queen Bee.
Amazing performance.
Do you agree with the panel? Could one of these celebrities be behind the mask? Tonight was a real buzz of who I may be, but only time will tell.
I am just Queen Bee.
SHE GIGGLES Over the last few shows, we've learned a lot about our, er, next celeb, apart from the little things like, you know, their real name.
Here's Octopus.
In my last performance, I really made a splash.
# Splish splash, I was taking a bath Long about a Saturday night You got the party started, Octopus.
This competition is so crazy.
SHE GIGGLES My gut is telling me it's Kylie.
Heidi Klum.
Holly Valance.
Tyra Banks, hi.
Am I Tyra Banks? Er, we'll see.
SHE GIGGLES It's always amazing what you can find washed up on a beach.
There is trinkets, gizmos, and sometimes even treasure.
From London.
Is she English? She's American.
As an octopus, I don't always spend time in my natural habitat.
So it's a good job I have my wellies.
These boots Are made for walking They're perfect for all kinds of places.
I can wear them on the beach, in the Dales, and even in the city.
What's a dale? The Dales in Yorkshire.
On the Dales.
Emmerdale Farm, you wear wellies to.
She's from Emmerdale.
I've been known to visit some very dangerous locations.
It's a jungle.
I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.
It takes some serious fish guts to do what I've done.
But honestly, I'm just a regular octopus, a real sweetheart.
walk all over you.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE American or not? You think not? You think American? I don't know.
I was trying to listen for a British a slight British accent in there.
SONG: 'Diamonds Are Forever' Diamonds Are Forever, come on.
That's a big'un.
# Diamonds are forever # They are all I need to please me # They can stimulate and tease me # They won't leave in the night # I've no fear that they might # Desert me # Diamonds are forever # Sparkling round my little finger # Unlike men, the diamonds linger # Men are mere mortals # Who are not worth Going to your grave for I don't need love Whoa! # For what good will love do me? Diamonds never lie to me Who is that? # For when you're gone # They'll lustre OPERATIC: # On CHEERING Diamonds are forever, forever That was operatic.
# Diamonds are forever Forever, forever # Forever # And ever OPERATIC: # Ever.
She's happy.
She nailed it.
That was incredible.
Jonathan, I mean, a Bond theme tune? I expected them to do Octopussy.
LAUGHTER Loads of clues in the film, though.
You were talking about your wellies on the beach.
You said you could wear them anywhere, including in the Dale.
That must be an Emmerdale clue, surely.
And there were references to eating fish and that kind of thing, which of course you do if you go in I'm A Celebrity.
I think Am I right in thinking Gemma Atkinson went in one? RITA: That's great.
And she can sing as well.
But then what threw me off was the opera flourish she's using.
Yeah, but it sounded like a real operatic.
You think it's a proper opera singer? Whether she's a professional singer or not, I'm a little confused there, but she has definitely worked on her voice.
Yeah, maybe you could be somebody that used to do opera, like a Charlotte Church type of vibe.
DAVINA: Oh, Charlotte Church! That's so good.
Great guess.
Did the song choice help? I've been thinking about this, and I honestly believe this octopus was a Bond girl.
Oh! I thought she was English.
Really? She's trying to throw you off the scent.
Is that what she's doing? I wrote down Gemma Arterton, cos she was in Quantum Of Solace I believe, right? Yeah, Gemma Arterton's a good guess, cos she's got a terrific voice.
So it could well be her.
Well, Gemma's got a great American accent as well.
Someone who hasn't been a Bond girl, but should be, another veteran of the jungle, I'm A Celebrity, Myleene Klass, who I believe was traditionally trained as a singer as well.
Well, we'll only know who our deep-sea diva is once their mask comes off.
Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Octopus.
I think it's someone with a sense of humour.
Adding the opera as well is quite funny.
Could one of these celebrities really be behind the mask, or are the panel all suckers? The panel have always questioned whether I was really American or not.
All I have to say about that is I've always told the truth.
We've still got three celebrities left to perform tonight, before our studio audience votes for their favourite.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Welcome back to The Masked Singer.
I still can't believe we've got Donny Osmond in the house.
CHEERING Donny Osmond in the house.
We've still got three performances to come tonight, before one of our celebrities reveals their true identity.
Remember, all of tonight's songs provide clues to who is performing them.
Time to get some clues from our next celeb.
If they were in an orchestra, they'd definitely be in the horn section.
It's Unicorn.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE My last performance was full of juice.
Blame it on my juice Ya-ya-ee I love being able to express myself anonymously.
Maybe you might be Matthew Morrison.
Peter Andre.
Frankie Grande.
Neil Patrick Harris, welcome to The Masked Singer.
The panel's guesses are all over the place.
Some a little closer, some a lot farther away.
I'm having a blast in this competition because I get to come out and perform, which is a huge passion of mine.
He's American.
But another passion I have is to write.
So write music? Maybe he's an author.
I especially love fantasy and horror.
WHINNYING That's one of the reasons I've become The Unicorn.
I'm a fantastical beast, and a beauty.
Fantastic Beasts.
Who's the guy in that film? Eddie Redmayne.
I don't write just for myself.
Some pretty big names have used my writing.
Even Sarah Jessica Parker's spoken my words, which definitely brought me some glee.
Sarah Jessica Parker.
So he's written screenplays.
I may have written for some big names, but tonight, I hope I'm the "mane" attraction.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Loads of clues there.
I know, I'm completely overwhelmed.
SONG: 'Sharp Dressed Man' What song is this? Sharp Dressed Man.
# Clean shirt, black shoes # I don't care where I'm going to Black suit Yeah! # Silk tie # I don't need a reason why # They come running Just as fast as they can Cos everybody's crazy About a sharp dressed man Whoo! Yeah! Hey! # Top coat, top hat # I don't worry cos my wallet's fat # Black shades, white gloves # And pressed sharp Cos I'm lookin' for love # They come running Just as fast as they can # Everybody's crazy About a sharp dressed man Whoo! # Clean shirt, new shoes # I don't care where I'm going to # Black suit, silk tie I don't need a reason why Get it, Unicorn! # They come running As fast as they can Everybody's crazy About a sharp dressed man.
Oh, smashed that.
That was so rocking.
What did you think? What I love about you, Unicorn, I was watching you as you walked out, you are always Unicorn, you're always in it.
And you keep that attitude, you could win this thing, buddy.
I mean, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm just gonna I'm gonna walk home like this.
LAUGHTER So, any names that are springing to mind? There was a big clue in there when you said the word "glee".
That's what I heard.
You must be something to do with the amazing television show Glee.
You've been saying Matthew, haven't you? I've always been saying that you're Matthew Morrison from Glee.
CHEERING Yes, guys.
DAVINA: Audience is with you there.
You said you're a writer, and I know Matthew writes, and obviously he's an actor.
But at the same time, it's either that or another one I've been thinking.
Maybe Zac Efron, cos Zac Efron can sing.
Zac's more like me, very buff, you know what I mean? That is a big physique.
He is buff.
He's not as buff as Zac.
Davina? You have such unbelievable energy, and when I heard the falsetto, I thought Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters.
I got three claps there, thank you.
Davina, if that is Jake Shears, I will eat one of those feathers.
AUDIENCE: Ooh! OK, well, I will look forward to watching that.
Donny, did the song choice help at all? I have no idea.
We admire your honesty.
No, I love the theatrics that you did, and there's been some clues about the LGBTQ community.
The colours, the rainbow and that stuff.
Who do you think it is? It could be John Barrowman.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Yeah, I've been thinking all along that it might be.
But can I just throw someone else in out of left field? Yes, please do, Jonathan.
I think the audience are gonna go nuts, because I think I've hit it on the head.
Are you ready to go crazy? Yes, Jonathan (!) Alan Carr, ladies and gentlemen.
Alan, welcome to the show.
Alan Carr, of course it's Alan Carr.
CHEERING Very popular choice in the studio.
Don't flatter him.
We'll only know who this fabulous creature truly is once their mask comes off.
Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Unicorn! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE MUSIC: 'Horny' by Mousse Unicorn! I think you could be right with Morrison.
He's about that size.
Yeah, and he's so fun.
Barrowman's a lot bigger.
Our panel think one of these men are under the mane, but who do you think it is? I'm not worried about them guessing, because I am gonna be the last mask standing.
I am in it to win it.
Let's find out more about our next celeb.
They can certainly sing, but they're terrible to spoon.
It's Hedgehog.
I think I gave a strong vocal in my last performance.
Let it shine Just let it shine Oh! Let it shine You may be Michael Crawford.
Jason Manford.
Eddie Izzard.
Michael Ball.
The panel occasionally get close, but they'll have to wait to find out who is under this mask.
I don't think I ever imagined I'd be a performer.
Honestly, I'm just a normal guy.
Sometimes, I stop and think to myself, "Who do you think you aria?" Aria, though, isn't that an opera? Yeah.
Over the years, I've played to a variety of people.
Variety performance.
Royal Variety Show.
And I've always looked up to people as heroes.
Billy Connolly.
So is he a comedian? Here's one of my favourites.
This wasn't cheap, mind.
It cost me a tenner.
A tenor vocal.
Singing eight times a week can really strengthen your voice.
It's like any muscle.
Eight shows a week Is theatre.
Being on this show, I can't believe the places my career has taken me.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE I think it's an actor.
Yeah, I think so.
I'm so confused.
What is this track gonna be? SONG: 'Don't Look Back In Anger' # Slip inside the eye of your mind # Don't you know you might find # A better place to play # You said that you'd never been # But all the things That you've seen Will slowly fade away I love this song.
# So I start a revolution From my bed Cos you said the brains I had Went to my head I think it's someone older, from the dancing.
# Step outside The summertime's in bloom # Stand up beside the fireplace # Take that look from off your face Cos you ain't ever Gonna burn my heart out Maybe it's one of the Gallaghers.
# And so Sally can wait # She knows it's too late And she's walking on by # Her soul slides away # So don't look back in anger # I heard you say # So Sally can wait # She knows it's too late As she's walking on by Jonathan, Don't Look Back In Anger was a play.
JONATHAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Her soul slides away I think it's Michael Ball.
# So don't look back in anger # Don't look back in anger I heard you say.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Boom! Boom! Boom! Whoo! It's him.
I know it's him.
Yes! Hedgehog! I know it's him.
Good work, Hedgehog.
That was definitely, maybe a great performance.
GROANING Donny, what did you think of that? I think this song tried to get us off the path and kind of trick us a little bit.
I do think you have a rock-and-roll voice, but mainly a theatrical voice.
And in the clues, you said eight shows a week, that's theatre.
I am friends with Michael Ball, and Michael Ball does theatre.
CHEERING Oh! Michael, you did a great job.
Maybe you could be somebody that actually sings alongside Michael Ball, who also has a lot of experience in the theatre.
You may be Alfie Boe.
JONATHAN: Yeah, that's a good guess.
DAVINA: Yeah, that's not a bad idea.
Davina, you thought it was Michael Ball last time.
I did, but I have to say, the hero being Billy Connolly has slightly threw me off the scent.
Jason Manford was a name we threw out there earlier.
He sings in the West End, but he's also a comedian.
I think you said Jason Manford, didn't you, Jonathan? No, I'm changing my opinion.
I know some comedians who are also actors, who have also been on stage.
Rufus Hound is about the same build as you.
He can sing.
Oh yes, Rufus Hound is a great idea.
CHEERING He's definitely been on stage a lot.
Did the song give you any clues? I mean, it can't be one of the Gallagher brothers.
I don't know if they'd dress up as a hedgehog.
Davina, you picked up on a clue.
Don't Look Back In Anger is a play.
Yeah, it's a play by John Osborne, and John Osborne also wrote The Entertainer.
And I happen to know The Entertainer toured the UK recently, with Shane Richie in the lead role.
Shane, I've seen on stage.
He's a great singer.
I saw him in Grease, way back when.
Oh, my That is such a good guess.
We'll only know who our prickly friend is once their mask comes off.
Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Hedgehog! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Definitely moves like an older man.
I wonder if they're gonna be much older than we think.
Our panel think one of these people are beneath the prickles, but who do you think it is? I thought the panel's comments were very interesting, actually, and it was lovely to see Donny again.
There's only one masked celebrity left to perform before we find out who will be unmasked.
AUDIENCE: Ooh! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Welcome back to The Masked Singer, the show that's a lot better at keeping secrets than your mum's friend Sue.
There's only one celebrity left to perform before our studio audience votes for their favourite, and it won't be long before another famous face is revealed.
Here to give us some clues, next on the bill, it's Duck.
In my last performance, I rocked out.
Whoa-oa, living on a prayer Mel B from the Spice Girls.
Baby Spice.
Posh Spice.
Mel C.
But I found myself in the bottom two.
The masked singer staying in the show Duck.
This duck is a fighter, and I'm loving being here too much to have to take my mask off just yet.
MUSIC: 'Surfin' Bird' by The Trashmen I like to think that what I do is a labour of love, and I like to be liberal with my talents.
Labour, liberal.
It's politics.
Throughout my life, I've used my voice to help others.
It's nice to be able to take people under your wing, or stand up for something you believe in.
The way I see it, everything's political.
Music and the arts have always been a lifeline for me.
As a duckling, I saw Judi Dench perform, and it was her that got me into Shakespeare.
A Shakespearian performer? It's nice to be inspired by strong women.
Tonight, I'm gonna show you a different side of me, and another one of my outfits.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE She's definitely in politics, but a young political person.
SONG: 'Blinded By Your Grace Pt 2' JONATHAN: Stormzy, innit? Great song.
# I'm blinded by your grace # I'm blinded by your grace By your grace # I'm blinded by your grace # I'm blinded for your # Lord, I am broken # Although I'm not worthy # You fixed me # And I'm blinded by your grace # You came and saved me # I said a prayer this morning I prayed I would find a way There's soul in there, baby.
# To another day I was so afraid # Then you came and saved You came and saved me # And the rain was dawning # And the clouds faded away # Now I'm in a better place # No longer afraid # Blinded by your grace # You came and saved me # Oh, Lord, I was broken I was blinded by your grace Come on, Duck! # You fixed me Oh, you saved me # I'm broken You came and saved me Oh, Lord Yeah, come on.
DAVINA: Come on, Duck.
# Oh, you fixed me # And you saved me # By your grace You came and saved me.
Duck, everybody! Oh, Duck.
Jonathan, that was Duck's best performance by far, right? Amazing, amazing performance.
Loads of clues.
You mentioned "labour" and "liberal".
You're definitely involved in politics in some way.
Could it be Diane Abbott is here? Who knew she could sing? What a twist.
Could be.
Could be.
Rita? The Shakespeare thing got me.
I feel like you might have been in a Shakespeare movie, like maybe Romeo and Juliet type of vibes.
You could be Claire Danes.
Oh, that's a good guess.
The Judi Dench thing could just be I mean, we'd all be inspired by Judi Dench to love Shakespeare, I think.
So I still think that it's Mel C.
You still think it's Mel C? You're still going with her? I still think that voice.
I still No, Davina.
She's done nothing to dissuade me.
She's sporty, she's athletic, but I can imagine her being political.
She had 850,000 people sing Happy Birthday to her.
I don't think it's Mel C at all.
AUDIENCE: Ooh! Mel C's got a cleaner sound to her voice.
Don't just agree with him cos he's an Osmond.
That's true.
I'm melting every time he looks at me.
But the politics.
All the political clues.
Mel C could be very politically passionate.
It's a tough one, isn't it? But Blinded By Your Grace, there's a clue in that choice of song.
There's a good friend of mine, she's a radio host, also was dating Stormzy, Maya Jama.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE If you are her, that is amazing cos she's so fun.
You've got good vibes.
You've got good energy.
You're dressed as a duck.
It's major, it's great, it's fabulous.
You just gotta have fun with it.
CHEERING Every week, I feel like Duck's got better and better.
ALL: Yeah.
You're coming out of your shell.
GROANING Give it up for Duck, everybody.
APPLAUSE We'll only know who our feathered friend is once their mask comes off.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Duck.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Duck, Duck, Duck! Come on, Ducky! Are the panel absolutely quackers, or could one of these celebrities really be behind the mask? I love this so much, because the panel have been guessing politicians and pop stars and athletes, and they really have no idea who I am.
I still feel like I'm incognito, and my duck outfit is working well.
We've now seen all of tonight's performances.
After the break, the studio audience will vote and one of our celebrities will be unmasked.
Who's that behind the mask? CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Welcome back.
All eight of tonight's masked celebrities have now performed, and it's time for our studio audience to vote for their favourite performance of the night.
The two celebrities with the least votes will find themselves in the bottom two, and it'll be up to our panel to decide which one of them will be unmasked.
AUDIENCE CHEER While our studio audience vote, here's a reminder of tonight's performances for you guys at home.
# Don't cha wish your girlfriend Was a freak like me? # Yes, don't cha? I've only been pretending.
# Unforgettable That's how you'll stay # This girl is on fire They'll lustre on.
CHEERING AND APPLAUSE # As fast as they can Everybody's crazy 'bout A sharp dressed man.
So don't look back in anger, I heard you say.
# Oh, lord, I was broken I was blinded by your grace.
and I can reveal that, in no particular order, the masked singers going through are AUDIENCE CHEER AND SHOU .
Octopus CHEERS AND APPLAUSE Duck! Yes! CHEERS AND APPLAUSE So, that leaves Daisy, Unicorn, and Monster in danger.
The final celebrity definitely remaining the competition is .
Unicorn! CHEERS AND APPLAUSE Congratulations, Unicorn.
Off you go, guys.
Who's that behind the mask? Monster and Daisy, that means your places are in jeopardy.
Panel, this is crunch time.
Please decide which celebrity you would like to see again.
Whichever masked singer the panel decide to save will continue in this competition.
The other will be removing their mask very shortly.
You ought to know something, that we're not in agreement up here.
No, we're not.
It was not unanimous.
It was a very, very difficult decision, but we have made a decision.
The masked singer that we would like to see again .
CHEERS AND APPLAUSE Monster congratulations.
Your mask is staying firmly on for now.
That was so tough.
Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Monster! CHEERS AND APPLAUSE Who's that behind the mask? Let's hear it for Daisy, everybody! Yeah! Let's hear it for Daisy.
I'm sorry, but your time on The Masked Singer has come to an end, and very shortly, you will be removing your mask.
But first, panel, who do you think is behind the mask? Jonathan, I'm gonna come to you first.
I think you're professional.
I think you're the top of your game.
I'm gonna go with Fleur East, as you sang beautifully.
CHEERS AND APPLAUSE Davina? I was thinking about the seed, and maybe the pip in a cherry, so I am going to stick with Neneh Cherry.
CHEERS AND APPLAUSE Donny, who do you think it is? I said Alyssa Milano, and I'm gonna stick with that.
APPLAUSE Rita? I'm sad cos I was championing Daisy, but I'm still gonna go with my soul sister from another mister, Kelis.
APPLAUSE Right, we're going with four completely different names.
This is so exciting.
Let's see if any of you are right.
It's time to find out the identity of our masked singer.
Daisy, who's behind the mask? ALL CHANT: Take it off! Take it off, take it off! Take it off, take it off! Take it off! Take it off! Take it off, take it off! Take it off! Take it off! Take it off! Take it off! Take it off! Take it off! Take it off! Who's that behind the mask? CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Kelis! It is Kelis! It's Kelis! It's Kelis! I got it right! I got it right! Oh! Hi! The multiplatinum selling Kelis! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Rita figured it out! I'm the first person to get it right out of all the panellists! You did, from the beginning.
From the beginning! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE, KELIS LAUGHS Can I just say, one of the most important artists of when I was growing up, ever.
You really were.
Thank you, I really appreciate that, thank you so much.
And, like, you have the most iconic music videos, and, like, and I just love you That's so true.
I mean, Rita even said to me, "I'm convinced it's Kelis, "cos I know the way she breathes," which LAUGHTER I know, sorry! I think, if I were you, I'd get a restraining order.
LAUGHTER What was the whole name with the seed? It's because my name is half my dad's name and half my mum's name.
Oh, got it! Aw! Kelis.
Why The Masked Singer? Well, people have just been telling me my voice was distinct my whole career, really.
You know, I was like, "Let's see how distinct it is.
" I'm just so happy they got you on the show because you are such a talent! And this is the coolest thing ever! Rita, we've got to give it to you.
It's sick! Yes! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Next week, the masked mystery continues, but before we go, performing for us one final time, unmasked at last, ladies and gentlemen, it's Kelis! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE # Unforgettable # In every way # Unforgettable # That's how you'll stay # That's why, darling # It's incredible # That someone so unforgettable # Thinks that I am # Unforgettable Too.
Next week It's a double elimination.
As seven masked singers compete to remain anonymous.
Plus, joining the panel for one night only, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne.
She's a cheat! LAUGHTER Get ready Yes! I genuinely think I've got this one.
So excited! .
as TV's wildest guessing game returns.
It's gonna drive me bonkers.

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