The Mechanism (2018) s01e02 Episode Script


SOCIAL SECURITY [bell over loudspeakers] [over loudspeaker] Number 47! José Aparício.
Identification card.
Social security card.
Work record.
Employment identification number.
Proof of residence.
Is it recent? Yes.
[she clears throat] Were you collecting disability benefits? No.
But it says here, "retirement due to mental illness.
" Is it a recent diagnosis? It must be.
I didn't even know about it.
- Did you bring the medical report? - Excuse me? Medical proof that you are unable to work.
[inhales deeply] Well [clears throat] As far as being crazy or not if I am crazy, it's not my job to prove that I'm crazy.
Whoever said that I'm crazy needs to prove that.
To have your case processed, you need a medical report.
Otherwise you won't receive financial assistance.
I just broke two fingers from my already broken hand in front of my daughter.
I can wreck your office.
Will that help me get the money? I'm sorry, but I require a medical report.
[Verena] Twenty years as a police officer.
[Verena] What did he get out of it? [Verena] Nothing.
[doctor] You suffer from BPAD.
BPAD? What's that? Bipolar affective disorder.
[Verena] He used to dream of arresting corrupt politicians.
[Verena] Now he gets welfare from a government run by them.
My last mood swing was when they released Ibrahim.
- Who is Ibrahim? - A cancer.
[doctor] I don't get it.
You don't need to.
I just want my fucking report.
What's the amount? Two thousand, nine hundred and fifty.
Two thousand, nine hundred and fifty reais? Yes.
[he coughs] My daughter has special needs.
Are there any additional benefits for that? Yes, sure.
If so, your case would need to be reviewed.
You would have to bring your daughter to be examined, re-submit all the paperwork, and then it all goes to Brasília.
[Ibrahim] Check if he's armed.
- [Ibrahim] OK, send him up.
- [Kitano] Who is it? Guess who.
[elevator bell rings] [Verena] First, he was disgusted by his own destiny.
[door opens] [Kitano] May I help you? [Verena] Then he suffered a chronic inability to let his past go and move on.
[door closes] [Ibrahim] Welcome, dear friend.
What can I do for you? [Verena] Lastly, there was the longing to take the law into his own hands.
How much does he make per month fueling political parties? Two, three million? My pension.
That's what I make per month.
That's 2,950 reais.
Ruffo, I think you're here for a reason.
Am I right? Sometimes I want to put a bullet in your face.
I know.
But that's not you, right? [Verena] Ruffo endured it all.
[Verena] What fucked him up was the humiliation of facing defeat in front of his family.
And his inability to do what he wanted.
[breathing heavily] [Verena] Putting a bullet in Ibrahim's head.
No one fights cancer and gets away with it.
No one.
Least of all Ruffo.
[gunshot] [dogs bark outside] [Verena] Regina often complained about Ruffo, but deep inside she believed in him.
She believed he would turn things around.
[siren] [Verena] To me, it was a huge defeat.
[siren] Dimas told me, but I had to see for myself.
If the plea bargain works, you're good with it.
If not, that's fine too? Yes, that's right, Verena.
Too bad Ibrahim didn't say shit! It was our bet.
[Verena] What bet? - We did everything we could.
- We lost the "bet.
" We lost Ruffo.
Sometimes we lose, Verena.
What about us? What about us? It didn't mean anything? What do you want me to do? You packed your bags, Cláudio.
Is it over? Should we insist on it? Going away is a cowardly act.
What do you want? That I stay here and pay for Ruffo's fuck-up? That's what you do.
I'm out.
[motor starts] [Verena] My mentor was fucked, and the man I loved didn't give a damn.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [Verena] Ten years later.
[Verena] The Lebanese was back in the game and I wasn't going to let it slide.
FEDERAL JUSTICE [Verena] It was Verena Cardoni versus Roberto Ibrahim.
- Good evening, Verena.
- Evening, Liana.
Judge Rigo is busy.
[Verena] There was only one problem.
To get that son of a bitch, I needed Rigo to lend a hand.
May I come in? You already did, Verena.
It's OK, Liana.
Is Roberto Ibrahim's case already closed? No, that will happen in two months or so.
Can it be closed? - Why? Is he at it again? - Yeah, full force.
- I need to tap his phone.
- That's impossible.
I'll arrest him if he broke his plea.
If you arrest him, we can't investigate.
Rigo, we know Ibrahim is not a common currency dealer.
We owe it to Ruffo.
I played on his weak spot.
I appealed to his guilt.
But it wouldn't be easy.
To begin with, Roberval became Paraná's police headquarters superintendent.
Not trustworthy.
Besides, our staff was minimal.
Me and one other person.
- Vander? - [Vander] Yes.
Can you get me Chebab's bank statements, please? Just a minute.
[Verena] Vander was born in a favela in Rio.
He's street-smart.
But lacked experience.
I couldn't proceed with an operation that size with just a rookie.
Can you sort through them for me? I had to ask for back-up.
Roberval came to me with a crazy-ass story.
He said that some hick had volunteered.
Good morning.
May I help you, sir? Agent Verena Cardoni? Yes.
Federal Agent Luís Carlos Guilhome.
I'm here to join the Financial Crime Division.
- If possible.
- [Verena] OK.
Where are you coming from? Rondônia.
Make yourself comfortable.
Leave your stuff here.
Excuse me.
This is agent Vander.
Nice to meet you.
[Verena] He's been working with me.
For now, it's just the three of us on Operation Jet Wash.
You came at a good time.
If you're good with numbers, it will be helpful.
Here are all bank statements from Solidez Contractor, K.
, PGD Invest and TOZ Software.
Find the origin of these deposits to figure out what the currency dealer is laundering.
Take your time.
It's a whole lot.
One more thing.
When you're done, don't input the data in our system, OK? Show me your report first.
Just to me.
[Verena] Erm That's it.
Could you help him? Welcome.
Thank you.
Just to her? Anything wrong? Never mind.
Let's move on.
You like numbers, right? Because we've got numbers.
[Guilhome] Operation Jet Wash? [Guilhome scoffs] - [Vander] Do you need a calculator? - [Guilhome] No, I don't, thanks.
[Verena] While I was getting fucked over, Ibrahim was enjoying the high life.
The son-of-a-bitch ratted every currency dealer and was all alone in the market.
PETROBRASIL HEADQUARTERS [Verena] He made friends with a guy named João Pedro Rangel, CEO of Petrobrasil, the biggest state-owned company in the country.
[Ibrahim] What's up, Pepê? I gave the campaign 600 grand.
I need to cover it.
What does he want? We need to make him smile, right? There was always a project for him.
Apparently, there's some slack on Antônio and Lima's budget, right? Antônio and Lima? Can't help you there.
We already went too far on that one.
Of course not, Pepê.
There's still a lot to be done there.
Let's make it worth your while.
Thirty-five years doing this.
It's time I retired.
- Soon enough.
- You can handle it.
You know the deal.
You can do it.
I'm not as classy as you, Pepê.
It will be tough for me to go to São Paulo this week.
[Ibrahim] I think you'll like it.
[Verena] Together they operated bribery schemes within state-owned companies for their allied politicians.
Miller & Bretch was the biggest contractor in the country.
‎And like any other ‎big construction firm, ‎it was deeply involved in the scheme.
João Pedro Rangel was a master at bridging politicians with the private sector.
We solved the logistical problems.
There's a suitable loophole under Item 2578B.
Gomes did his homework.
[he laughs] - For example, foundation piles.
- And metal structures.
How can we justify that? Soil moisture! Moisture, in Pernambuco? It's a fucking desert.
Say the soil is soft.
It's a matter of semantics.
How about, "Soil resistance at the refinery construction site was lower than that indicated in the original project with substantial indication of soft soil and excessive moisture.
" "According to the auditors.
" Always the auditors.
And conclude like we always do "Therefore, the quantity of foundation piles and metal" That makes 18 amendments.
That's enough, isn't it? Gentlemen.
[Verena] This is Ricardo Bretch.
I spoke to Gomes.
We'll review the percentage.
[Verena] The Nobleman, heir and CEO of the company.
The campaign barely started and we're being hit from all sides.
[Verena] He paid bribes but always bitched about the amounts.
Want to save money? Give it to Janete.
This election is in the bag.
Nobody can predict the next one.
We always contribute to both sides.
Family policy.
Add in the amount for the amendments and together we can review the campaign contribution.
I'm not authorized to deal with that.
I'll talk to the people who are.
I'm just letting you know.
If you are going to negotiate, I'm going to ask you to review the overseas deposit-only policy.
It won't happen.
When should we schedule our next meeting? I'll call you to schedule it.
[Rangel] Is this the Nobleman father, or the grandfather? This is the Nobleman father-of-the-whole-shebang.
[Ibrahim] Once, he was at a governor's inauguration ceremony.
The governor met him and said, "Good to see you here," and Grandpa Nobleman replied, "I'm always here, Governor.
You're the ones who come and go.
" Got it? [both men laugh] What a terrible joke.
You should stop telling them.
"You come and go.
" It's not a joke.
It's all true.
[Ibrahim] Hey, Pepê, did the carpet match the drapes? [Rangel] She's called Cinthia and she studies Architecture.
[Ibrahim] I'll bring you more exotic material next week.
- Yumi.
You'll like her.
- [Rangel] I'm going to miss my flight.
Samira is going to bust my sac.
Bust your what? Your sac? - Stay, Pepê.
- No.
Kitano is delivering the money and she never comes alone.
She's like a Cracker Jack box.
There's always a surprise.
[Rangel] Really? Look.
See that? Look at that car.
- [Ibrahim] The Defender? - No, the Evoque.
The Evoque? That car is badass.
Let's buy it.
- Are you nuts? - You'll miss the flight anyway.
- Juliano, make a U-turn.
- Are you serious? [Ibrahim] Pepê, you work a lot.
You deserve it.
- A gentleman like you.
- [Rangel] I actually do.
[Ibrahim] Let's think it over.
[Rangel] Think again.
[Ibrahim] You deserve it.
- How much to bulletproof it? - [Rangel] No need.
[Ibrahim] Rio is such a safe place.
- Bulletproof it.
- There's no need.
I recommend doing it.
Can I take this one right here? - What? Are you driving to Rio? - Yes.
Why not? - Grab and go.
- [Ibrahim] You're nuts, Pepê.
Do you have one with beige leather seats? - Certainly.
I have it in stock.
- There you go.
[Verena] Ibrahim mastered his art.
He's quite excited.
Loureiro, can he take the car now? Paid in full.
Ibrahim, you're the boss here.
How much? [Verena] But political campaigning is always chaotic and sometimes even he would leave a trail.
In full, I can let it go for 2-5-1 grand.
So it's 2-5-1.
Where I'm from, we write it like this "Two hundred and fifty one thousand reais.
" [Verena] Eager to impress JPR, he fucked up.
It's under Mr.
João Pedro's name and under Mr.
Ibrahim's address, correct? We live together.
- What the fuck? Are you nuts? - Come on, sweetie.
- Stupid joke.
- Loureiro is one of us.
[Verena] Bad fucking luck.
Screwed up, right when Rigo approved the operation and I started investigating currency dealers' accounts.
[she shouts] [Ibrahim] Stupid.
You didn't go to school.
No right to complain.
[Verena] Ibrahim had the brilliant idea of combining business with pleasure.
He brought a former pimp on board, Kitano.
You see? See how much trouble you are? [Verena] He used prostitutes to distribute laundered money throughout Brasília.
Next time, buy decent tape, Juliano.
This one is ruining her skin.
[Verena] What a night! While I was investigating JPR was enjoying his new car.
[motor revs loudly] [Verena] And Ibrahim was receiving cash from the Nobleman.
A happy ending for everyone.
["Bichos Escrotos" by Titãs] [motor revs] NEW VEHICLE SALE JOÃO PEDRO RANGEL [tires screech] [he laughs] [Verena] By the end of the night, only Ibrahim came.
But I was the one who was ready to fuck with them all.
[music playing over car stereo] [beeps horn] Hey, gorgeous! Want a ride to the pool? Whose car is this, João Pedro? Come check it out, babe.
It's something else! Something else? Where did you get this car? It was a gift.
[he laughs] A gift from whom? From Ibrahim.
I didn't want to take it.
I had no choice.
Ibrahim insisted.
He paid cash, right? No, he paid by check.
Damn, João Pedro.
Registered under whose name? Mine.
And the receipt? Mine.
[she sighs] Should I return it? You shouldn't have accepted it.
But I like this beige leather so much.
You knew that, right? Come on in, honey.
Let me drive you to the pool.
[he laughs] [Rangel] Let's go.
Are you ready? [Samira] You know how to back up? Did you learn? [Rangel] It drives like a spaceship.
[both laugh] - [Verena] Look.
- What is it? A receipt for a car costing 250,000 reais.
Look at the name.
"João Pedro Rangel.
" - Do you know him? - João Pedro? No.
- He's CEO of Petrobrasil.
- Are you kidding? So, what now? Why is this receipt on Ibrahim's email? On Ibrahim's email? JET WASH TASK FORCE [Vander] This is everything we were hoping for.
CONTRACTOR SOLIDEZ What's this? All the money that went through Ibrahim's accounts recently.
[Verena] It turned out the hick was an accounting genius.
[Guilhome] I know, it's full of gaps, but I need more authorization to complete it.
I'm taking it to the Prosecutor.
- But it's missing some stuff.
- It's enough for me.
Sort it.
I want to do this as soon as possible.
IBRAHIM'S SCHEME Take a look at this.
[Guilhome] Nice car! [Verena] The tide was turning in my favor.
So I decided to dive in.
We found deposits for 4.
8 million dollars from the IOV contractor between March and August 2013.
For 5.
5 million from Garcez Netto, 4.
2 million from Prosperminas, and 3.
2 million from Estruturax.
All deposited to Ibrahim's companies? Yes, and for PGD, KW, TOZ and Solidez, there's no evidence of services rendered nor of any registered employees.
There's no way Ibrahim's companies could hire contractors this size.
- They're shell companies.
- I'm sure of it.
- Does Rigo know? - [Verena] Yes.
He authorized the bugs.
Best of all, I've found a receipt in Ibrahim's email for an Evoke under the name of João Pedro Rangel, CEO of Petrobrasil.
- What's that doing there? - That's what I want to know.
How? By requesting arrests for Ibrahim, Chebab, and Kitano, search warrants for their homes and offices, and a bench warrant for João Pedro to explain the car.
Verena, it will get messy, won't be easy It won't be quick.
- Everything's set for my PhD.
- Forget it.
I want to get things done somewhere else.
If the system doesn't change Don't give me the runaround.
We're very well equipped.
- [Dimas] The system's flawed.
- You're flawed, I'm flawed.
Fuck it! - Calm down.
- Rigo authorized the investigation.
He'll issue the arrests.
[Verena] Four targets in three different cities.
Ibrahim in São Paulo, Chebab and Kitano in Brasília, and João Pedro Rangel in Rio.
I requested the arrests of the first three.
No big deal.
- [Dimas] Your Honor.
- Dimas.
[Verena] But JPR, CEO of Petrobrasil, he was a big deal.
If Rigo authorized JPR's bench warrant the shit would hit the fan.
[Rigo inhales deeply] [Verena] Petrobrasil wasn't just any company.
With investments worth 70 billion and an annual profit of 23 billion reais, Petrobrasil was the jewel in the government's crown.
Not only that.
Petrobrasil was already one of the major energy producers in the world.
[Verena] It was also the pride and joy of corrupt politicians and contractors.
And, of course, of anyone else in their entourage.
Our maid is useless.
I have to be in court tomorrow.
Look at this dress.
[she sighs] The Antônio & Lima refinery, which starts operating today will be the largest diesel producer - This one or this one? - [Ibrahim] The dark one.
It's more professional.
[Verena] Everyone knew there was thievery going on, but no one had the guts to address it.
one wish for Petrobrasil and the other companies hired They could have done it with half the budget.
Yeah, they could.
Because Brazil will be as big as we want to build it! It's better to have a refinery than not.
They had enough for two refineries.
Not quite.
There wouldn't be any "political will.
I needed to know if Rigo would be brave enough to join me in the fight.
If the answer was yes, my war would begin.
STATUS: OPERATION AUTHORIZED [rattles knuckles] "Operation authorized.
" "Authorized.
" - Authorized.
- [Guilhome] Authorized? [Verena] João Pedro was an uncommon target.
Register the warrants.
Roberval needs to approve them.
- How many states? - Two.
- São Paulo and Brasília.
- What about Rio de Janeiro? Rio is out of the requests for now.
What do you mean? Chebab and Kitano in Brasília, Ibrahim in São Paulo.
Check the teams available in each city.
Boss, what about that Evoque on Ibrahim's email? - And JPR in Rio? - Rio stays out of the request.
Let's do this.
You may start.
[Verena] If Roberval knew we were bringing in Petrobrasil's CEO for interrogation he would bring the entire operation to a halt.
So I decided to hide JPR's bench warrant.
For Roberval, we were arresting currency dealers only.
[Verena] Kitano and Chebab in Brasília.
Ibrahim in São Paulo.
I'll stay at the base here.
You go to Brasília.
I'll go to São Paulo.
That's where Ibrahim is.
Send Vander and Guilhome to Brasília.
You're going to Brasília.
Two targets are there.
- Roberval - Verena, I won't say it again.
I'll set up São Paulo with a local unit.
Guilhome stays here with me.
You coordinate the units in Brasília.
We can send Vander and Guilhome.
I want to arrest Ibrahim personally.
We barely have a crew.
Don't make things more difficult.
[Verena] It was a risky move.
If I interrogated him, tore down his house, and still couldn't find enough proof to attach JPR to the scheme, Roberval was gonna fuck me over.
And there was also the hick.
No one shows up to join a team with a reputation as bad as mine.
If the hick was there, it was because someone was really interested in finding out what I was up to.
[Guilhome] Hey! Operation authorized.
But listen, she held back Rio.
[Verena] Operations with multiple targets demand attention.
You either get everybody at once or you get no one.
If a target figures out he's going down, he tells everybody else and they begin destroying the evidence.
Roberval stayed in Curitiba.
He managed the teams from there.
We had China on watch at Ibrahim's place.
Ibra arrived at 6 p.
and won't leave any time soon.
We're watching him.
What's this? Hey! [Ibrahim] Mmm! But Dad, what about the pizza we ordered? I can't.
We'll get another when I'm back.
[phone rings] [Verena] I was in Brasília, following Kitano and keeping an eye open for Chebab.
[phone rings] - Roberval.
- Everything OK? [Verena on phone] Chebab still hasn't shown up.
[Verena] As far as Roberval knew, there was no one in Rio de Janeiro.
The plan was simple.
As soon as the targets in São Paulo and Brasília were arrested, Vander would go for the big fish.
I just needed to know if I would find the evidence I needed.
Did you take your seat belt off? Here.
Come with mommy, come.
[dog barks] [boy's father] Good night, kiddo.
- [Rangel] Where's my grandson? - [Sheyenne] He's here! One, two, and three! Here's your grandson.
[car motor starts] [Sheyenne] Spray some repellent on him.
Last time he was covered in bug bites.
Rangel] Yes, ma'am.
[Samira] Let's run! Go! [phone rings] Hi.
Boss, all good here.
The target is at home.
- He's not going anywhere.
- OK.
I'll be here waiting.
Be right back.
I love you.
- Don't forget our deal.
- I won't.
Take care.
- Love you.
- You too.
[phone beeps] Hey! Get me a coffee.
[Verena] I don't know if it was deliberate, but Roberval's São Paulo crew was crap.
[motor revs loudly] NOVA CONCEIÇÃO NEIGHBORHOOD [GPS machine beeps] [Verena] I bet all I had on Operation Jet Wash.
‎[Verena] ‎All I could do now ‎was pray God would be on my side.
We lost Ibrahim's signal.
Out of coverage.
He must have left the apartment.
[phone rings] [phone rings] [Roberval] China, what's going on? The target's signal is gone.
When, boss? Fuck, China! How did you miss that? [soccer commentator on TV] [machine beeps] [Roberval sighs] REFRESHING Nothing yet.
Call them back.
I'm canceling the operation.
THE SON OF A BITCH LEAKED THE OPERATION [motor starts] [Verena] Brasília, target number three on the move.
Ibrahim warned Kitano.
We don't know yet.
I'm on her.
It's either all three or none of them.
Roberval, we've come this far.
Let's go for it.
[Roberval] This is a mistake.
I'm calling it off.
Ibrahim is on the run, Kitano is too, and Chebab probably destroyed the evidence.
Give me another hour.
Pain in the ass.
[tires screech] [Roberval mutters] - Coffee? - I'll have some.
[Verena] I was pushing the limits, but with Chebab missing and Ibrahim on the run, it was going to be hard to complete the operation.
[phone beeps] ROBERVAL IS CALLING OFF THE OPERATION [Vander breathes heavily] WHAT SHOULD I DO? VERENA: STAY THERE AT ALL COSTS! [machine beeps] REFRESHING Hey! He's back.
The target's signal is back.
Where? Congonhas.
The airport.
He can fly anywhere.
I'm going to call the Congonhas station and tell them to detain him at the screening.
[Roberval] It's useless, but you can try if you want.
CONGONHAS AIRPOR [Verena] I couldn't accept it.
After everything that happened to Ruffo, the son of a bitch was getting away.
[machine beeps] Fuck.
REFRESHING We lost Ibrahim's signal again.
He must have taken off by now.
He didn't go through screening, right? He doesn't fly commercial.
Those guys have private jets.
He could have gone anywhere.
You could have told me.
I'd have got him on private boarding.
Yes, but with an operation this size, I'm not risking it.
Ibrahim fled.
It's over.
I'm calling it off.
China, I'm calling off the operation.
I'll tell Brasília.
[Guilhome sighs] [phone vibrates] That prick.
Verena isn't picking up.
Who else is on her team? [phone beeps] Deputy.
Look at this.
Your boss called off the operation.
[Verena sighs] [airplane engines roar] ["Bichos Escrotos" by Titãs] BASED ON THE BOOK LAVA JATO BY VLADIMIR NETTO