The Mechanism (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Cold Winds from the South

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES The guy canceled the operation.
Ibrahim knows and will destroy the evidence.
I know.
Verena's fucked.
CURITIBA - FEDERAL POLICE Guilhome was right.
I was fucked.
But he didn't count on the love of a father for his daughter.
Dad? - Alice.
- Did you get in OK? Yes, sweetie.
Go back to sleep.
I'll be back Wednesday.
Pick you up at the ballet class.
- OK.
- I love you.
I love you too.
Bye, honey.
The sfiha salesman was betrayed by a noble sentiment.
Fuck him.
- Hey.
- Where are you? I'm at the car.
I followed Kitano to a club and I haven't left yet.
I have good news.
- I found Ibrahim.
- What? Where? In Brasília, North Wing.
Nobody flees to Brasília.
He has no clue about the operation.
List all five-star hotels in the area.
Call them until you find him.
- Yes, Verena.
- China! It's back on.
Ibrahim showed up and he's clueless.
Roberval canceled the operation.
- What time is it? - Wait.
He did, but I just reinstated it.
Search and seizure, 6 a.
at his house.
Tear the place apart.
I'm sorry, but we have no one by that name staying here.
OK, thanks.
Vander! Wake up.
Go back to JPR's place.
We're back on.
I never left.
Even better.
I'll send you back-up.
Go in at the agreed time, OK? Sure.
- Verena? - Roberval.
The operation is back on.
What do you mean? Ibrahim escaped.
Ibrahim turned up in Brasília.
I'm on his tail.
Verena, it's 4 a.
! That's not how it works.
We need an official statement for the units! Already done.
Wait, Verena! Jerk.
We need three more units.
One goes for Chebab, another one arrests Kitano, and two more with us.
Where are we going? Good evening.
Do you have a guest named Roberto Ibrahim? The administration is changing secretaries to strengthen their chances of reelection by gaining new voters.
Opponents are also working on their strategies Hello.
Bingo! fundamental matters among financial policies facing the ghost of inflation and the assurance of investments are essential to reestablish the confidence of businessmen and allow for the country to grow again.
To comment on this, I've invited reporter Gabriela Rufino from Politics Today and Lucas Frias from Good evening.
Someone just called my room but the call dropped.
Could you please tell me the number that called? Go ahead.
OK, thank you.
Good night.
You have reached Paraná's Federal Police Regional Superintendency.
Nilsinho! Champagne on ice at my table, please.
A beer, please.
Found him.
Write it down.
North Wing, block - I'm getting busted.
- What? I'll be arrested in the morning.
I need you to deliver the money tomorrow.
Forget the money.
The plane is here.
Where would I go? I have a family.
It's alright.
Just deliver the money, OK? - Hello.
- I'm being arrested.
There's a cold wind from the South.
Stay calm.
We'll take care of it.
I'll think of an attorney for you.
I'm calm and I do have an attorney.
Try to stop this circus they're setting up in Curitiba.
Wilma Kitano? You are under arrest.
You've got a strong grip.
Chebab, you are under arrest.
Out of the car.
I have a warrant.
You, come with me.
Roberto Ibrahim.
You don't look a day older, Deputy.
Still single? You're under arrest.
Go in.
Good morning.
What about your pal? Couldn't make it this time? Is the madman still alive? - Obsessed? - Quiet, please.
Bring everything in.
Cell phone too.
OK? Verena caught her currency dealers.
Congratulations, sir.
That was good.
Go, get my purse.
It's in the living room.
Yes, ma'am.
This number is currently out of service.
I'm a lawyer.
You can't come in.
Stella, we have a search warrant.
I need you to come with us, please.
Excuse me.
Just a minute.
No! Alice, go back to your room.
We'll search here first.
Please stay calm, ma'am.
We'll go upstairs after.
What's going on? Was Roberto arrested? It's all there, ma'am.
Good morning, Mrs.
Samira Rangel? - That's me.
- I'm Deputy Bastos.
We're here to serve a bench warrant.
- What's that? - We have a warrant against your husband João Pedro Rangel.
How many people in the house? Me, my husband and my grandson, who is staying over today.
What are you doing here? What do you want, for God's sake? If you let me know, maybe I could help.
- What's your name? - Cibele.
Can you please bring the kid here? Wait.
Why can't I go? Mrs.
Samira, is there anyone else at home? No.
- Are you sure? - I am.
- What's going on? - Look! - Mr.
João Pedro Rangel? - Yes.
Good morning.
We have a bench warrant against you.
And the Evoque? - In the garage? - Yes.
Would you take us to the car, please? We need its papers.
This way.
Would you come with me? - Is there a safe in the house? - We've never had a safe.
Valuable items? Where do you store them? You can see all we have.
So everything is here.
I have nothing to hide.
Then follow me, please.
I don't know what you want with all this.
The papers are all in order.
In that case you won't have any problems.
Nice painting.
It's a photograph.
- Mom? - Shayenne.
Let me talk to Ricky.
- What's going on? - Now! I don't get it.
- Pass it to Ricky! - Mom! Talk to me! Did something happen? Talk to me.
Did anything bad happen? OK, Mom.
Calm down.
I'm passing the phone.
Ricky? Something's up at my mom's place.
She will only talk to you.
Take it! - Samira.
- Was it a robbery? Ask her.
They're raiding the place and asking about the car.
Samira! Calm down.
- Is Paulinho hurt? - No.
- Is he OK? - He's fine.
Calm down.
- And my dad? - Go to João Pedro's office.
That is not a crime.
- Tell me, Ricky! - Calm down! Clean it up.
Take everything from there.
- A new car is no crime! - Ricky? JPR ENERGY CONSULTING With this type of lock, we would have to knock it down.
He's Petrobrasil's CEO.
We better get the key.
No plea bargain this time.
Maybe this time I won't need one.
Hey! You got JPR? You did? Good.
When we have JPR, who's going to need you? Maybe this time you'll pay the years you owe us.
- Don't you answer your phone? - Did you hear about Ibrahim? Are you insane? Not here.
Fuck! If they get to me, I'll kill that fucking Lebanese.
Did you bring everything? What a shit-show.
There's not much to do now except wait.
- All here.
- Euro, dollar and real? All mixed.
It's all here.
I got you, JPR! Vander! Vander, let's go.
Ricky, tell me the truth.
What happened to my mom? Nothing happened.
- No? - It's just work stuff.
Some auditors are demanding documents.
What auditors? We have to go to your dad's office right now.
What will I do there? I'm getting our son.
Honey, I need your help now.
What about Paulinho? Will come with me? Mr.
João Pedro? I need your office keys.
I need you to come with us.
Why can't the deputy come over here? He'll be welcome.
That's not how it works.
How, then? What does he need to know? He just wants to ask you a few questions.
Questions about what? The car? Is that it? Sir, he'll talk to you at the superintendency.
Pepê, stay calm.
I'll contact Agostini and he'll sort everything out.
João Pedro, let's go.
Follow me.
GATE This way.
Fuck! Ricky, what do you need from here? - Come on, Shayenne! Hurry up! - But what do you need? Dump in the bag every paper you see.
I'm doing it! Every piece of paper.
That's it! Let's go.
Hurry up.
I even grabbed some old phone bills.
Throw it all inside.
Hurry up! Come on.
That's it.
Get the elevator.
JPR ENERGY CONSULTING Be careful, honey.
Calm down, Ricky.
Let's go.
João Pedro, as Petrobrasil's supply CEO, are you aware of the existence of a money laundering scheme run by Roberto Ibrahim and involving the corruption of public officers? No.
Are you aware of a pool of contractors enjoying privileges in bids for construction work at Antônio & Lima's refinery? No.
João Pedro, have you ever been arrested? Never.
Is that it? Can I go home now? Sure.
You're free to go.
What the fuck was that operation against a Petrobrasil CEO? - How was I not aware of it? - I wasn't aware of it either.
Verena's fucking cell phone goes straight to voicemail.
- What's wrong with her? - She's probably flying back.
The unit got to JPR's Office and there was nothing there.
Serves them right! Of course they wouldn't find anything there.
That's not how things work, damn it! She didn't inform me about this.
She made it all up.
A fucking disgrace.
Now it's on her to explain this fucking mess.
- Want a glass of water, boss? - Please.
No ice.
Excuse me.
Leave it here.
There are more boxes coming in.
You can put them on the shelves.
Leave them by those bags.
There, with him.
Leave them by those bags.
Thank you.
Good afternoon, everyone.
Well done.
Three currency dealers and a nice, big haul.
Good work, China.
Everything worked out in the end.
I'm proud of you.
Now I need a word with Deputy Verena in private.
You too, Vander.
- You don't have custody.
- The operation was authorized.
You dragged João Pedro Rangel to testify and you have nothing on him.
I will have, soon.
You made this warrant up and acted behind my back.
- You messed up.
Big time.
- I don't think so.
I'm removing you from the case.
You're like Ruffo and you'll end up the same way.
See all the documents we seized? I took a look at it.
It's scary.
If you really do remove me, you had better get rid of all that.
Or it could be embarrassing for you.
Excuse me.
Relax, old man.
Now they will have nothing against us.
I believe in our justice system.
Better than your hotel room.
Ibra! You here? Vander! Why didn't they leave a guard at the office? That's unacceptable.
Beyond incompetent.
- They couldn't do both.
- What? It was either one or the other! I went to the target's house.
Stayed with JPR and sent the Rio agents to his office.
How was I supposed to know? Do you know how much evidence they had there? - Yes.
- No, you don't.
We still have the Evoque.
It's not enough.
I should have known something was off about Guilhome.
Every time there was a crisis he took a bathroom break.
As if he had urinary incontinence.
What now? How can I go after JPR? Did you look at the building's security cameras? But how could I complain? He was too good to be true.
Not only did he organize Ibrahim's accounting in two days, he also figured out JPR's case.
How could I mistrust a guy like that? Here.
See? His daughter and her husband.
What does JPR have to hide? Two suitcases and a few bags.
Well done.