The Mechanism (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

False Wall

Breakfast time.
[Ibrahim sighs.]
Coffee with milk? [Ibrahim.]
[pours coffee.]
Here's some bread.
Mind if I ask your name? "Agent.
" Will that do? [Ibrahim.]
Agent, do you know if we'll get sun today? I wasn't told about it.
And lunch will be the usual? Rice, beans, macaroni, water.
Who knows? You might get a surprise.
Hmm! [guard laughs.]
Have a good day, agent.
You too.
The director of Petrobrasil, João Pedro Rangel, was questioned yesterday by Federal Police.
The 52-year-old engineer had a bench warrant against him [Samira.]
I brought you some tea.
debt launch.
An investigation into alleged government corruption.
Rangel has held his position as Vice President of supply at Petrobrasil since 2013.
That's enough of that.
You know, I think we should take a trip somewhere.
We'll just let everything settle down.
I'll talk with Shayenne.
Let's all go together.
Far away.
FEDERAL COUR The search warrant for the son-in-law’s house, correct? Yes, sir.
Judge, look at the pictures.
Sir, these images are extremely eloquent.
I'm not authorizing a search warrant for their home.
I'm ordering an arrest warrant for Rangel.
Dimas? Agent Cardoni? Was there something else? Sir, the scope of this is immense.
A well-grounded order for preventive detention.
That's the scope of this.
OK? - Certainly.
- [Rigo.]
Listen to this.
"When visiting Japan, set aside some time to visit the beautiful cherry trees.
" Doesn't that sound nice? What is it? Did I say anything? Pepê, Japan! We've never gone there and it's far away.
Japan's out.
It's the most technologically advanced country in the world.
- Yeah.
So? - How does South Africa suit you? - In the middle of the savanna.
- South Africa? No.
Will you tell me what's going on here? It's gonna look like we're running.
We're not running away, are we? - Dad, are we in trouble? - There is no problem at all.
What? If you really want I'll do a search on South Africa.
Do it.
What's the big hurry? We cleaned out the office.
Ricky even made me take old phone bills.
And pay cash for everything.
- Just a second.
- I'm just saying to pay in cash.
Will somebody tell me what the hell's going on here? You're not gonna tell Roberval? [Verena.]
You have to request a budget? No.
I'll put it on my card and get it reimbursed later.
I'm not gonna lose JPR because of a budget.
I really think I should go with you.
Can I cover your plane ticket as well? Not a chance.
I already requested a Rio unit.
That means you'll be using Rio agents.
Why risk it? - Where are you from again? - Raised in Rio.
Trained by Verena Cardoni.
Yeah, best damn unit on the force.
- Then I'll take the bus.
- No, Vander, you are not taking the bus.
By the time you get there I'll already be back.
Boss, I'm going nuts doing math all day.
Seriously, I think I might have overlooked something.
Need to work on your tan, do you? [Vander.]
Tan this.
Please, take me with you.
I have to get into that house.
Let me go back.
Guilhome, the kid is coming with me.
You keep the fires burning here.
Here, but not "here.
" Work from the hotel.
Grab your stuff.
Let's go.
Now, what do you say? [police sirens.]
[tires screech.]
[dials number.]
Take the call.
Fuck! Pick it up, Ricky.
[phone rings.]
OK, let's do it.
Damn it, Ricky.
Where the hell are you? I thought we agreed to bring only carry-on bags aboard.
Yes, honey, but they're so small.
Nothing fits in them.
Besides, we always end up buying things once we're there.
- Here you are, ma'am.
Your pants.
- Thanks.
Anything else? - [Samira.]
- [doorbell rings.]
- Shayenne.
Get the door, Isabelle.
- Yes, ma'am.
You answer when I call, Ricky! You understand? You get over to my parents' house now.
And hurry.
[door opens.]
Federal Police.
Financial crimes unit.
Who gave you authorization to come into my house? This is private property.
You know? So, you going on a trip? To the country.
We always go to the ranch.
Is there a law against it? Where is the ranch of yours? Look, it's actually simple.
We're going on a vacation, a family trip we've been planning to South Africa.
Is there a problem here? You won't be going.
Give me a good reason why we can't.
I have a preventive arrest warrant for you, sir.
Issued by the 13th District Court of Curitiba.
Warrant? But you can't arrest João Pedro Rangel.
Director of Petrobrasil? - Do you have any idea - Watch your tone.
I appreciate the cooperation.
- And what is he accused of? - Concealing evidence.
- [phone vibrates.]
- Vander? Be there in a second.
Apparently, we found something downstairs.
You might wanna come.
[loud smash.]
Count it.
[phone rings.]
Hey, Guilhome? Yeah.
Request some backup there in Curitiba.
- [Verena.]
And a lead car.
- Sure.
A lead car.
I'm on it.
Do you think you might need an armored truck as well? Right.
I know.
Everyone thought I was dead.
But it wasn't my time.
The bullet ricocheted off a little bone called the sphenoid.
Swerved down at a sharp angle, and exited the base of my jaw.
The surgeon said that when it comes to suicides, this happens once every 3,000 times.
It was a fucking miracle.
He'll get through it.
Nobody knows what the damage will be if he does.
His hearing, speech, reasoning, movement [Verena.]
He was alone.
[heart monitor beeps.]
I didn't fight it along with him.
I left him all alone.
[ventilator blows air.]
They called him crazy and got rid of him as quick as they could.
[muted conversation.]
[machine beeps.]
The first person I thought of when I got out of the coma unfortunately wasn't my daughter.
It was that rat-fuck bastard, Ibrahim.
[door opens.]
Let me throw this shit away.
I'll help you.
Tell her to count the money.
Tell her to count the money.
Tell her to count it in front of the target.
Verena, don't forget to count it in the target's presence.
Ok? [Ruffo scribbles with pencil.]
What did she say? - "Go fuck yourself, Guilhome.
" - I knew it.
End of it.
[both laugh.]
I knew it.
Guilhome wasn't exactly an accounting genius.
No, never was.
I planted him into Verena's team so I could work in the background.
- Whose is this? - It's mine.
Why? Where did you get it? I worked for 17 years at Petrobrasil.
João Pedro, more than 35.
Why do you keep all this cash hidden in the house? - Don't tell me holding cash is now a sin.
- No.
It's not a sin to not declare any income.
It's criminal.
Have you actually spent any time looking at my tax return? No, I haven't looked at it.
But I will.
I keep my money wherever I like.
Of course you can.
But I think you should consider keeping it in a bank.
- Got that right.
- [Verena.]
Oh, yeah.
Much safer.
Every family keeps a reserve fund.
- A reserve? - [Samira.]
You call that a reserve, huh? You have the guts to call this a reserve fund in front of us? What if we have an emergency? Boss, there's more than three million here.
So, you're telling me that more than three million reais is a normal amount? Absolutely, perfectly normal amount.
- Absolutely normal? - [Samira.]
Absolutely [Verena.]
Stop yelling at me right now.
Don't fucking talk to me.
Respect the police for once.
Are you crazy? Go ahead and bag this shit and let's get out of here.
Turn around, sir.
Put out your hands, please.
- Is this necessary? - Yes.
It's for your own safety, sir.
If you'd like to say goodbye to your wife, now's the time.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Watch your head, sir.
[motor starts.]
[police siren.]
Mom! Mom! For God's sake, mom, what was behind that wall? - Tell me why was Dad arrested.
- Call Ricky, Shayenne.
Why was Dad arrested? Please, tell me.
I'm begging you.
- Tell your husband to come.
- I already did.
He's on his way.
Please, mom, tell me the truth.
- [Shayenne.]
Why was Dad arrested? - Just stay calm.
I am calm.
But you have to tell me, ok? Why? [Shayenne.]
Why? Tell me, damn it! For what possible reason would they arrest my dad? Calm down.
[door opens.]
[Shayenne cries.]
What happened? What happened? Samira.
[Shayenne cries.]
- How did they know about the money? - [Samira.]
Someone snitched.
You knew about it.
And so did you.
Ricky, what did they arrest my dad for? What are they saying he did, Samira? Concealing evidence.
I think they know you went into his office.
- Oh, shit.
- You're kidding me.
The police know? Mom, you sent me to the office.
You're the one who told us to go.
You put me there.
You brought me there, Ricky.
You took me with you.
Well, I'm not in it with you guys.
- I'm going to get my son and leave.
- Calm down.
I am calm.
I know what I have to do.
I'll get Paulinho and go far away.
Fuck, Samira! [Shayenne.]
Ricky, let me go.
How long will I be in here? [over phone.]
I've already alleged a chronic heart condition.
I'm not sure how long that will take.
Two or three weeks.
Too long.
You're gonna have to do better.
I'll see if I can make things better for you here.
The food is taken care of.
- You'll get a mobile phone, too.
- I want to switch cells.
I don't think that comes under the "friendly agent" umbrella.
If I talk, I bring the house down.
They know, believe me.
They know, Ibra.
Motta, pressure Brasília.
There's no way I'm gonna take the blame alone.
They're under pressure now, Ibrahim.
And I'm in prison.
They're under pressure.
Senators, they're all in it.
My phone never stops.
- So, for now, we'll be ok.
- "For now"? You see, we have to follow your stocks.
See if it goes up or down.
[Ibrahim laughs.]
Our only problem now is to figure out what your worth to them really is.
My worth? What? Are you kidding? Well, there's JPR.
What? That's absurd.
They're bluffing.
I don't think so.
If they arrest him and he talks, his value doubles and yours drops like a rock.
They can't arrest him.
Hey, Vlade.
Did you get my message? Yeah.
There's a big fish coming a little later to the Federal Police.
Director of Petrobrasil? There's no way they'd arrest him.
He won't be sorry.
Believe me.
If he talks, you're not worth shit.
[paparazzi clamor.]
[paparazzi shout.]
There are a lot of people in Brasília afraid of what you might say.
You're some kind of time bomb.
You could bring down the government.
What do you have to say about it? [Roberval.]
It's a routine investigation.
Simply, a new phase of Operation Jet Wash.
Our station is specialized in financial offenses.
We're committed to giving you the answers this investigation is bringing to light.
[on TV.]
Will any other executives be charged? [Roberval on TV.]
I don't have any additional information yet.
Give us a couple of days and we'll answer more of your questions.
That jerk has got to be kidding.
Why, papa? Nothing, sweetie.
Don't worry, sweetie.
[Roberval on TV.]
with his cooperation we'll have a much clearer picture [guard.]
Rangel? This way.
I'm staying in here? Uh-huh.
Why not an empty cell? Why here? They assigned you this one.
[elevator whirs into action.]
You thinking about taking my job, Verena? - No, I like my job.
- Really? JPR's three million behind a fake wall was a bit too much to sweep under the rug in my opinion.
[elevator bell rings, Verena scoffs.]
Up to then, we'd only grabbed currency smugglers.
But JPR was different.
Besides being director of Petrobrasil, he was also the front man for political parties.
If he opened his mouth, a lot of big shots would go down.
It was like a tsunami had hit Brasília.
The government named the ex Supreme Court Justice Mário Garcez Brito to command the cover-up.
No wonder the old guy's nickname was "the Wizard.
" Now, about this JPR business.
It's really gotten out of hand.
I'm sure we'll find a way, Mr.
We have to give him a hand.
Get him out of Curitiba quickly.
This judge is too damn cocky.
Conceited bastard.
It's about time somebody had a word with him.
The Wizard could sanctify a criminal with a snap of his fingers.
As long as the criminal paid the bill.
But money was no problem for the government.
Meanwhile, Lucio Lemes, the Senator opposition leader, was happily grinding his knives.
He was ready to decapitate anybody JPR might snitch on.
There's some great potential for doing very serious damage to Janete's candidacy.
More later.
Right now, I have a meeting I need to go to.
Even the Vice-President, ex-congressman, Samuel Thames, decided to step out of the shadows.
Because if Janete's administration tanked, he might just get to be president.
If they don't, we'll have to ban it in Congress.
- It mustn't even get that close.
- If it does, we'll be ready.
It's a great opportunity.
How are we supposed to get through this? We haven't got the man power.
And Roberval hasn't got the balls to do anything.
I've asked the Attorney General for help.
It's too much for you to handle alone.
[door opens.]
We started out with just three currency smugglers.
Actually, Chebab and Kitano work for Ibrahim.
Their setup is really very similar to a typical banking clearing house.
We noticed the size of some deposits by contractors to companies.
He's hanging around with the CEO of Petrobrasil.
Who fell apart when they showed up on his doorstep.
Well, JPR's preventive detention is up in 30 days.
Send me what you've got so far.
We'll see if I can figure out a way to beef up the charges.
Blitzkrieg! Disorganize your enemy.
We're disorganized, Cláudio.
And the task force is what you see in front of you.
If we want even the tiniest chance, everyone will have to dive in.
That includes you, Cláudio.
Looks like this is going places.
- Gonna get interesting.
- [Rigo.]
If they don't screw it up first.
It's gonna work out great.
We can finally It will only work out from here, Vanessa.
I want to go back to Brasília.
I can't stand this place anymore.
[she kisses him.]
Our house was better, my job was better.
The school was much better.
Curitiba is in the middle of nowhere.
In the middle of nowhere might be just the thing right now.
Are you stalking me now? [Cláudio.]
How are you? OK.
Just OK? And you, Cláudio? All those years in São Paulo? And a little in Macapá.
I went to Sâo Paulo after.
- [Verena.]
Was it good there? - Macapá? - São Paulo.
- [Cláudio.]
São Paulo is OK.
Nothing special.
And Ruffo? [Cláudio.]
Do you see him much? No.
How's he holding up? He's out.
That's how he is.
You really blame me for everything that happened to him? No.
Ruffo can get in trouble by himself.
- [Cláudio.]
You blame me.
- No, I don't.
You know, I was happy that you got what you wanted.
Heading up a big investigation.
An important one.
I gotta go.
You know, I'm glad I'm back.
[motor starts.]
[tires screech.]
Did it mean anything? What do you want me to do? I think you're a coward.
What do you want? [Cláudio.]
That I pay penance for that pile of shit Ruffo created? I'm out.
Did you sort the documents? [Dimas.]
Seventy 500 224 - Eight-thirty? - Eight-thirty.
Six-fifty Here, Guilhome.
Here are some more statements for Kitano and Chebab.
And for Ibrahim.
- [Guilhome.]
Is this all of it? - Yeah.
- See if you can find a way - [Cláudio.]
Huh? Deposits for Luís Rebouças.
And these are deposits for Antônio Borelli.
- The Congressmen? - Yeah.
This is bad news, huh? It's never good news.
Good work.
[Cláudio sighs.]
Two congressmen are involved.
Yeah, we've got no jurisdiction.
Could we refer to it as discovery by fortuitous event? Because if this goes to Brasília, we both know how it'll end.
Thank you.
Sir, any judge in Brasília will sit on this case for ten years or more.
OK, Verena.
You can go.
The deadline is the end of the week, OK? [Verena.]
Liana, I'm gonna head out.
Thank you for squeezing me in.
You sure don't need me for that, Verena.
Everyone here needs you for everything.
You know that.
That's what they say about you.
So, do you think he'll end up sending it to Supreme? [Liana.]
We'll know that when he makes up his mind.
You know him.
He only does what he wants.
Yeah, I know.
So, thanks.
Guess what? I quit smoking.
Yeah I tried a patch for a while but it made me jump like a kangaroo.
I think No.
It's for real this time.
I quit.
Same old story.
How is everything there? Three little ants versus the world, and it looks like the world is going to win.
You fucking arrested JPR.
You're the shit.
I wanted to see you sooner.
I wanted you there with me.
They're going to send everything to Brasília.
Same old story.
It can't go to Brasília.
You know what happens there.
- [Ruffo.]
You owe me.
- I don't owe you.
You owe me nothing? - No, not a thing.
- [Ruffo.]
You don't? You think you don't.
Honey, take something to sleep.
You won't solve anything now, anyway.
Take something, Paulo.
[he switches on computer, then types.]
Never in the history of Brazil had a federal district judge overturned a decision made by the Supreme Court.
Why the fuck should that change now? The Wizard knew that if the case moved to Brasília, JPR would get away with it without denouncing a soul.
You should call home.
Let them know you're OK.
How'd you get a cell phone inside? Tell them that you're sleeping well.
That you're OK.
The food's better than you thought.
They'll get used to it.
It's harder in the beginning.
Believe me.
I won't stay in here.
You're a family guy, Pepê.
You're in here, but that doesn't mean that you're gone.
Go to the corner, below the camera.
- How are you guys doing for cash? - [Samira.]
OK, João Pedro.
I ran to the bank first thing and the manager helped me out.
So, we're good so far.
At least they can't touch our retirement account.
Although I don't know how long it will last, João Pedro.
Ask him if they asked about us.
Mom, ask him.
I've got to think about my son.
The nanny can't go to jail.
No one said, "You're doing this, if it goes wrong you're in trouble.
" - [Ricky.]
Easy to say now.
- It's what I can use in my defense.
- Your defense? - I didn't know about it.
It's different.
João Pedro, be sure to ask how much this lawyer wants from us.
I want a good one.
OK? Premature? Are you out of your mind? Our accounts are blocked, they took our cars, they took the house, they took the Evoque, you're in jail.
I'm asking again.
How much is this damn lawyer going to cost? Because who has to come up with the money is me.
And if you think I'm pawning my Afonso Renato jewelry, forget it.
Fuck! You've got to help me get hold of some tranquilizers.
- I know you can do it.
It"ll be easier.
- She'll calm down, you'll see.
She's angry now, but it will pass.
Everyone has their own focus, you know? That's all.
Her focus is to save as much money as she can.
Yours is to be quiet.
They want to break us to get to the real guys.
So, if we crack The big fish lose, but we're the ones who drown.
Just keep quiet.
Got it? We'll get through.
Don't worry.
We'll get through.
Well, anybody with three million at home sure as hell has a bunch more out of the country.
We just need to discover where.
If this guy cracks, Ibrahim will stay in jail forever.
How we get him to talk is the problem.
Go to the station and get me everything you can.
I'll find a way.
It's not exactly a walk in the park getting data out of there, you know? If it were I'd ask your dumbass brother.
That's why I'm asking you, Mr.
Go at night, take some pictures, make some copies Dump it on a drive.
I'm going to break him.
[knocking on door.]
Marco! Open the damn door! - Why lock this stupid thing? Jesus.
- [Ruffo.]
I was working.
- [Guilhome.]
- I didn’t know you were here.
- [Guilhome.]
Long time.
- Good to see you.
Something to eat? - No, really.
I'm gonna be going.
- No? Liana, come in here for a sec.
Would you? Yes, judge? Separate the materials on the Congressmen.
We'll send it to Supreme.
Only theirs? Yes, I'm going to order a severance.
The rest will stay here with us.
Is there a precedent, sir? There's never been a precedent.
But it's well founded.
Brazil is not for amateurs.
Why does Brazilian history keep repeating itself? It's what happened with the National Bank.
It's what happened in all the other scandals.
And now it's going to happen again.
Those old vultures in Brasília always find some way to shut us up.
He doesn't know it, but Judge Rigo has already lost the battle.
More than half of those judges were nominated by this government.
If the case is transferred to Brasília, we're done.
JPR will get away scott free.
They make our lives hell.
So, we'll make theirs hell, too.
Yup, this is my game.
I'll find a way to incriminate JPR before that.
He can't handle prison.
He's too weak.
He will break.
And if he talks when he talks Brasília will fall.