The Mechanism (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Red Eyes

[keys rattle.]
It leaked.
Check if it's all there.
[clicks computer mouse.]
It's a tip.
[Ibrahim whispers.]
[cell door slams shut.]
COPYING [cell door unlocks.]
[unbolts cell door.]
COPY COMPLETE Is there any fresh coffee? [Guilhome.]
I don't know.
How's it going? [radio plays "Alma Gêmea," Fábio Jr.
[Ibrahim whispers.]
Sophia? [Ibrahim whispers.]
Sophia Loren? [Sophia.]
Mmm! How very romantic! [cell door closes.]
I'll fill your glass.
[she moans with pleasure.]
So precious.
What a treat.
[she moans with pleasure.]
[he laughs.]
[he laughs.]
Having fun? Hey, Guilhome.
It's not what you think.
I got nothing to do with this.
You've got to believe me.
- Come on, man.
You kidding me? Pictures? - You got nothing to worry about.
The kind of thing I like.
This is how I get my kicks.
Nice figure.
There's a bunch of stuff in there.
Flash drive.
I need coffee.
Is it hot? [Ruffo.]
This coffee is colder than Ibrahim's wife.
Just kidding.
It's great.
How about some cognac? Where is it? No cognac, dude.
I don't drink on the job.
- I haven't been getting much sleep lately.
- [Ruffo.]
Join the club.
I brought you a little something.
Holy shit.
It's cognac time.
[Guilhome laughs.]
- Get the cognac.
- So, do I get it? [Guilhome laughs.]
Oh, my God.
This is fucking pure gold.
Ibrahim's wife was an ambulance chaser, but she was far from stupid.
Remember the plea bargain that freed Ibrahim? That was her idea.
When her man was released, she laughed at me.
But now that his ass was back inside, it was my turn to laugh.
Visiting day? - They let you go? - [Ruffo.]
Well, they never arrested me.
I watched you destroy a hearing room for God's sake.
Yeah, bipolar.
Sometimes I get a little under the weather and break things.
I imagine so.
- What have you brought him? - [Stella.]
None of your business.
Cookies and stuff? Does he deserve it? It's like those late night jailhouse porn movies, remember? I do.
Do you? [over telephone.]
You son of a bitch! - Stella! - [Stella.]
With Kitano? [Ibrahim.]
Do you believe this? [Ibrahim.]
It's a ploy.
They set me up! You aren't worth shit.
It's fake.
It's photoshopped.
I'm going to finish you.
Fighting in custody? - What do you make of it? - Good morning, guys.
Good morning.
What have you got? [Vander.]
Looks like a domestic disturbance.
- [Stella.]
I'm going to finish you.
- [Ibrahim.]
It's photoshopped! I'll nail your ass to the cross and tell the cops everything.
- [Stella.]
Do you hear me? - [Ibrahim.]
What's the matter? You gotta listen to me.
Stella, wait! Where the fuck are you going? [Verena.]
What's that paper? Can't tell.
Can't see from here.
She's really pissed.
Stella! [Ibrahim sighs.]
Ibrahim was a thug in grade school.
A thug in high school.
Then he dropped out of school so he could go on being a thug in life.
The fucker always laughed at me.
Now, it's time to turn the tables.
Twenty-nine years of marriage.
It's bullshit.
They destroyed my family.
I know, Judge Rigo almost handed my life in the National Bank case.
But now, though I don't admit it, I have to give the guy some credit.
- [Rigo.]
Morning, Liana.
- Morning.
This just came in.
Even with two federal agents involved in the case he asked the authorities to leave JPR with him.
It was a brave move.
[knocking on door.]
Judge Rigo? I'm sorry, sir, but something important just came up.
Any other judge would have just passed the buck.
What is it, Liana? The appeals court denied the recommendation, sir.
They require the matter be sent to the Supreme Court.
They are ordering the release of João Pedro.
Better do it.
But Rigo was way too vain.
He wasn't going to back off that easily.
The best thing I could do was give him the right ammunition.
[Guilhome sniffles.]
What do you make of this? [Guilhome sniffles.]
Are you sick? I'm just tired.
Take a look.
- JPR's sending money overseas? - [Guilhome.]
"Money"? [Guilhome.]
It's US $23 million! [Verena.]
It's too faint.
I can't make out these last numbers.
Foreign banks, illegal deposits, almost 60 million reals.
It's all there.
There must be millions of banks with these numbers.
We can figure it out.
But it's highly complex is what I'm saying.
You sure this is it? - I'm no wiz kid at finance.
- Yeah, well, we need to make sense of it.
- I could take a look.
- Knock yourself out, Vander.
We got nothing better? It beats nothing.
He's sending money abroad which is illegal.
- We can use it.
- [Vander.]
It's insane.
Like we don't have enough on our hands already? And a bunch of numbers are missing.
- It's a ton of work.
- There are 24 hours in a day, Vander.
If you don't wanna work become an artist.
The case has been suspended.
It's up to the Supreme Court to decide whether the severance is valid.
You mean, we just drop it? Until the Supreme Court votes, the case is suspended.
Judge Rigo, the Supreme Court never reconsiders.
- Let's wait and see.
- Can I at least question JPR? - I have something to go on.
- Rangel is to be released soon.
- You're kidding.
- I don't believe it.
It's an insult.
The Supreme Court will issue the release order.
Well, that's it for now anyway.
Thanks, judge.
The Supreme Court accepted the Wizard's theory.
Rigo made a mistake.
The Wizard took advantage of it.
It's the beginning of the end.
You're going to wake up from this nightmare.
- They're gonna let you go.
- That's brilliant.
I can't wait to get out of here.
God bless you.
I'm leaving this hell hole.
Ibrahim! Hey, Ibrahim! Hey, we're getting out of here! Yes, we're all on our way out! The case was kicked out by the Supreme Court! [Ibrahim.]
Ha! [Rangel.]
We're all going home! - [Kitano.]
What? What? - [Rangel.]
We're free! We're free! Everyone pack your bags.
We're getting out of here.
The case went to the Supreme Court! We're getting out of here! [Kitano.]
Ibra! I knew it guys.
We're getting out.
Freedom! Home sweet home, here we come.
I'm getting out! I'm going home! [Kitano.]
I'm leaving! Goodbye! Bye! I'm going home! I can't believe it! - [Kitano.]
Suck it! Yes! - Wanna go buy us some liquor? - Spend away.
- Champagne? You decide.
[Kitano screams happily.]
Woo-hoo! [Verena.]
How do they all know? [Vander.]
Beats me.
No idea.
- [Verena.]
Do you know that officer? - [Vander.]
Just in passing.
But he seems OK.
Why? He's too accommodating with the prisoners.
It's strange.
Jet Wash suspended.
Do you have anything to ask? No sir, I'm fine.
I don't have anything to ask.
Seriously? Drop the investigation? What about all those foreign banks you want me to look at? It's gonna have to wait.
That guy's always watching me.
Verena, it's a lot of banks! Well How I spend my time at home is my business.
The Supreme Court's decision to suspend Jet Wash made it party time for the criminals.
They suggested the entire investigation be moved to Brasília.
And that everyone be released.
That piece of shit JPR, who had been in temporary custody, went home.
The same home Ibrahim helped him build with honest citizen's money.
Fucking hell.
I'm not a religious man, but I guess it was time I started praying.
It was so cold in there.
And as anticipated, the Supreme Court will rule today on the severance or separate trials for Operation Jet Wash as requested by Judge Rigo.
Judge requested separate trials when people with parliamentary immunity were found to be involved.
The inquiries in Curitiba will avoid that suspects are favored by delays caused by the large number of people involved.
What are they all contesting? It's a ploy to have the investigation moved to Brasília.
Who's behind it? [Ruffo.]
In Brasília, it's easier to find a giraffe than an honest man.
If the Supreme Court decided to go ahead and suspend the case the fate of JPR would have remained in Rigo's hands.
But if they decided to transfer the entire investigation to Brasília, then Jet Wash would be dead and buried.
Six judges, one sentence.
It was judgment day.
[Judge on TV.]
Without wishing to delay matters, and having taken a great interest in the natural course of the inquiries, I hereby abide by the severance decision suggested by the honorable judge of the 13th Federal Court, Rigo.
Ah! Hey.
Come on in.
- My wife, Júlia.
- Júlia.
- [Júlia.]
- Nice to meet you.
- Hey.
- How are you? It's one zero to us.
My forecast: no way of knowing.
In Brazil, political disputes of any kind are like gang warfare.
of the involvement with currency dealers, Come on.
I vote for the continuation of the investigation in Curitiba.
Makes it two zero.
Some of the judges were appointed when the opposition was in power.
And the opposition wanted to see the whole deal go up in smoke.
The main question was how many judges did they have? [on TV.]
my vote must be to deny severance.
Two to one! It's turning.
- You're too optimistic.
- Right.
Yes, I am.
it is my opinion that severance is the right course of action.
And therefore, I also vote for the continuation of the Curitiba inquiries.
That's it.
Three, one.
Just one vote left.
based on fully supported legal grounds, with evidence obtained before the deadline, I fully agree with and accept the committee's deliberations.
And therefore, vote for the continuation of the Curitiba inquiries.
[Dimas sighs loudly.]
Let's have a drink? [Regina.]
Ah! Congratulations, sweetheart! Better get used to Curitiba.
What did I say? [Ruffo.]
The Jet Wash victory was a sign that there was blood in the air.
The voters were at each other's throats.
But sooner or later, they would realize that Jet Wash was going to blow them all away.
We had to move fast.
- Five to one! - One for the good guys.
Cooked yet? The book said 40 minutes.
Forty have gone by.
Forget the book, Dimas.
Me? I use my instincts.
Yeah, but you are the "Incredible Cláudio.
" No, not really.
- Hey! - Verena! How's it going? - Good to see you! - Great.
- [Dimas.]
Hey, Verena.
How are you? - [Verena.]
How are you, Dimas? - [Verena.]
I brought some wine.
- [Dimas.]
Thank you! - May I? Hi, there.
- [Dimas.]
Hey, Vander! - [Dimas.]
How are you? Welcome.
- [Vander.]
How are you? I parked down the street.
- Thanks.
- [Dimas.]
My wife, Júlia.
- [Vander.]
Pleased to meet you.
- [Julia.]
- It's nice to meet you.
- Thanks.
- [Vander.]
- Hi.
- [Dimas.]
Would you like a beer? - Yeah, thanks.
So, how have you been? A toast, my friends.
To Curitiba! [Júlia.]
And to five to one.
And to who brought us all together.
Ok, but, I miss Ruffo.
I haven't been here before, but I am now.
We didn't take on anyone from Rio.
Where are you from? Made in Curitiba.
[Dimas coughs.]
And here's to our honorable friend from Rondônia.
- Actually, I come from Londrina.
- [Dimas.]
Londrina? [Guilhome.]
I've traveled a lot, but yes.
- It's a beautiful city.
- [Guilhome.]
Who'd like some lasagna? [Vander.]
Oh, please.
[intercom rings.]
[intercom rings.]
[intercom rings.]
It's me.
Open the door.
Let me in, Verena.
[knocking on door.]
[knocking on door.]
[she pants.]
[she pants.]
[telephone buzzes.]
[telephone buzzes.]
[telephone buzzes.]
[he sighs.]
[he sighs heavily.]
Don't you ever stop investigating? I did good, huh? You really think those people are gonna help you? How'd you get this list? Um Guilhome found it.
It's a good lead, but it's complex.
It's gonna take a lot of hard work.
Want some help? [Ruffo.]
Money makes things so much easier.
The DA's Office had more people, more resources and total access.
What the federal police did in a month, they did in a day.
No, Renata.
No, I disagree.
- [Cláudio.]
The situation keeps changing.
- This decision sucks! I'm fed up with my life.
What am I supposed to do? Wait around? Renata, let me explain something.
Look, I I have no way of knowing.
The case was suspended.
We had the five one vote, it's back on.
Anything can happen.
I think it's foolish to decide before we know if I'm staying.
Foolish because it isn't your life.
You better decide, Cláudio.
Gotta go.
We'll talk later.
- Right.
- Love you.
Here, boss.
Mission accomplished.
Found the bank.
- Afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
Can I help you? He's expecting me.
- How are you? - Good, thank you.
US $23 million in Switzerland.
Statement, full report from the bank manager It's all there.
[tires screech, police sirens.]
FEDERAL POLICE [she zips bag closed.]
[Samira sobs.]
I love you so much.
Let's go, sir.
[motor starts.]
[car door shuts.]
[police siren.]
I took you off the inquiry.
You disobeyed a direct order.
I was just doing my job! I got a call from the chief asking me why he wasn't told JPR was being sent back to prison.
- What? Come again? Why wasn't I told? - Come on, Verena.
Weren't you investigating his money in Switzerland? That he'd stashed the fucking $23 million in Geneva? That's right! I was investigating! [Roberval.]
Go to hell! - [Verena.]
I didn't know, Roberval.
- Enough, Verena! Enough! [Ruffo.]
JPR knew so much that even the ex-president, "The Boss," got involved.
With the Wizard's support, things would flow so much better.
I don't know what they're playing at, Mário.
Rangel in the hands of these people in Curitiba.
It's madness.
It's more than madness.
It's dangerous.
Yeah, damn right.
I'm worried about the pressure.
People react differently to different situations.
He might crack.
We mustn't allow that.
- We need a good game plan.
- We take them all out with one blow.
No, we don't take anyone out.
We join forces with the contractors and coordinate a plan to stop the investigation.
Then we take the blame for the corruption involving Petrobrasil and we agree on a fine that leaves everyone crying victory.
Something symbolic.
Yes, I I see what you're getting at.
Violence would get us nowhere.
I trust you.
- Ten years later and you do it again? - What are you talking about? I don't know if it went to your head or if you're just trying to trash me and claim credit.
Verena The National Bank, Cláudio.
He made a deal with Ibrahim.
- The DA's office.
- We fucking slept together.
- No Not again, Verena.
- I was investigating the banks.
- I was on it.
- I was helping you.
He was arrested, OK? You got what you wanted.
I found out this morning about the arrest.
This is ridiculous.
You realize what you're inferring.
You guys got rid of Ruffo.
Now you're trying to get rid of me.
[Cláudio scoffs.]
You're paranoid just like he is.
I don't want anything from you at all.
I wanna work in peace.
So, go to Roberval and tell him I had nothing to do with JPR's arrest.
It was all your idea anyway, wasn't it, Cláudio? Why is it so important who had the idea? [door slams shut.]
It's US $23 million.
Did you take a look at the office building security cameras? - [Verena.]
Where are you from? - Rondônia.
- [Dimas.]
To our friend from Rondônia.
- Actually I come from Londrina.
[gun loads.]
Don't shoot, Ruffo! It's me.
[she sighs.]
You never quit.
Did you think I couldn't do it on my own? Roberval keeps sabotaging me.
Guilhome is your mole.
Cláudio fucked me over again.
And here you're in a garage, playing detective.
You could have fucked up an operation that's way bigger than Ibrahim.
Say something! Answer me! I just wanted to help.
Am I authorized to question JPR? - It's a waste of time.
- Do you authorize it? I want to be informed of every step of the investigation, is that clear? That's what I'm doing here.
They're all crazy.
Sexist pig, son of a bitch.
No one ever gave me a car.
I don't have money hidden in a wall, much less overseas.
How exactly do these things function? Look, I know you're not like Ibrahim.
Ibrahim was born a criminal.
You worked long and hard to make a career.
I don't know how you got to this point, but in this context, there are certain circumstances that could be considered extenuating.
But you have to tell me what went on, sir.
I don't have anything to say.
Verena! Everyone has their weakness.
We'll find his.
We'll make him talk.
He'll talk.
You'll see.
There's no "we," actually.
Ruffo may trust you, but I don't trust anyone who gets onto my team without saying who it is.
Go back to Londrina, Bahia, Rondônia, fuck off to where you crawled out of.
Go back to Ruffo.
Get your ass out of here! [he makes popping sound.]
Did you hear? Rigo's authorized Jaraguara.
Jaraguara is an appalling idea, Cláudio.
Put the man in hell for a while.
It'll make him see things differently.
- [Rangel.]
Where am I going? - [Vander.]
You're being transferred.
- OK, but transferred where? - State penitentiary.
- The man could be killed in there.
- Or something else.
Serves him right.
That's gotta be illegal.
Who authorized the transfer? Was my attorney informed? All you can take is the Bible.
Tonight, JPR sleeps in Jaraguara.
After a day in there, he'll contact us and beg to be heard out.
You went to Switzerland on your own.
Got JPR busted.
And now Jaraguara? - But you asked me too.
- I asked you here because I don't agree! Ought to go back to my PhD and let you play "Super Cláudio.
" Sorry, Dimas, but Getting the body of a Petrobrasil CEO out of Jaraguara in a body bag won't make us any friends.
[police sirens.]
2 MILES [men arguing.]
You're the political prisoner? We heard that you're filthy rich.
Wanna share it around? [jeering and shouting.]
[excited shouting.]
[whistling and shouting.]
[Rangel gasps.]
[loud shouting.]
I'm staying in here? - You wanna stay in the collective cell? - No.
[loud rattling.]
[Rangel gasps.]
[Rangel whimpers.]
[noise grows loud.]
[he gasps.]
[noise grows loud.]