The Mechanism (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

They Knew It All

[tap squeaks.]
Hey! Is anybody there? Take it easy, politician! What's going on? Are you lonely? [Rangel.]
There's no water.
I'm thirsty.
Better get used to it, pal.
Room service gets really bad on weekends, if you know what I mean.
Few employees around Almost no one's here to pick up after you.
Can you imagine if something nasty was to happen to you? It'd be a long time before they found you.
[he laughs.]
At that moment, the destiny of the entire country was in the hands of one man: João Pedro Rangel.
If he opened his mouth Brasília was fucked.
Rigo and the Prosecutor's Office played their first card.
They sent the guy to hell to see if the devil could convince him to accept a plea bargain.
It was a good try and it scared a lot of people.
Agostini, if you don't get my husband out of jail, I'm going to be the one who blabs.
Is that clear enough for you? Do we understand each other? I'm not the one who needs to understand, Samira.
Ah! Then exactly who has to understand it, Agostini? Explain it.
The state penitentiary? [Agostini.]
And the worst one there.
Hand-picked, too.
That's a low blow.
They want him to crack.
There's nothing I can do about it.
João Pedro doesn't have the strength for it.
He's not prepared for Jaraguara.
No one is prepared for Jaraguara.
If they break him, it will all go to hell.
[Mário breathes heavily.]
In Jaraguara he will either break or he dies.
Rigo couldn't leave the guy in Jaraguara too long.
Someone might kill the prick.
A dead man of that magnitude would be a huge damn problem.
Nothing will lead back to you.
Relax, I'll be the one who takes the heat for it.
Verena won't give me another chance in the future.
I was kind of enjoying this mess we have going here.
I'll have to go back to Rondônia.
- [knocking.]
- Go on.
Give her a bath and tuck her in.
What if What if Verena went after JPR's family? To make him talk without cutting any deals? [Ruffo.]
I never waited so long in my whole my life.
I waited for the news that JPR was going to talk.
And I waited for my wife to come home.
I know.
I turned her life into a living hell.
I had no right to bitch about it.
In Regina's case, there was nothing else I could do but wait.
In JPR's case, the situation was a little different.
If he kept his mouth shut, I still had one last card to play.
I just needed to know if Verena was still open to suggestions.
I hope one day you'll be able to forgive me.
I wasn't exactly straight with you, I know.
Ruffo is an old friend and he asked me to help him.
And you know how difficult it is to say no to him.
I realize I disrespected your command and I am sorry for that.
Ehh This is an idea Ruffo thought might help you get JPR to talk without using a plea bargain.
You might be able to use it.
Best of luck then.
[boiling water.]
[door unlocks.]
Where were you? [Ruffo sighs.]
Regina left for three days.
I never knew where she went.
[Beta breathes erratically.]
[door unlocks.]
Rigo kept JPR locked up for the same amount of time.
He'd had three days, and nothing.
Get up.
Let's go! - [Rangel.]
Where? - [guard.]
None of your business.
- [guard.]
They said to get you.
- But where are you taking me? [Ruffo.]
The Devil always sides with the corrupt.
[banging and cheering.]
The guy was a pencil-pusher, but he held out.
[jeering and shouting by inmates.]
PENITENTIARY INMATE [jeering and shouting by inmates.]
[police siren.]
I know what JPR was feeling as he left Jaraguara.
First, relief just to be alive.
Then, nostalgia.
He missed his wife, his daughter, his grandchildren.
Even his son-in-law.
It's so hard staying away from the people you love.
But what's worse is to know that, because of you those loved ones can end up fucked forever.
I want an authorization to go after his family.
Jaraguara was the Public Prosecutor's whole card and they got nothing at all.
Now it's up to us to pick up the ball.
And JPR is gonna have to talk, with or without a plea bargain.
He's gonna have to tell us.
Give me the authorization to speak to Rigo.
That's all.
OK, Verena.
You got it.
Go ahead.
Excuse me, judge.
Verena Cardoni wants to speak with you, sir.
Law 12850/13.
- Intent to conspire? - Uh-huh.
I can go after his daughter and son-in-law.
The law changed last year.
It went from a minimum of four down to three to form a conspiracy.
I'm aware of the law.
I need a warrant to search his daughter's home now.
He endured Jaraguara, huh? How could you authorize something like that? I'm not responsible for the Brazilian prison system.
I feel responsible for the life of the man I arrested.
Will you give me the warrant to search his daughter's house? [Ruffo.]
Would JPR keep his mouth shut even if his family was being threatened? The path was clear.
Verena and Rigo knew that damn well.
[doorbell buzzes.]
[doorbell buzzes.]
[doorbell buzzes.]
[doorbell buzzes.]
[she gasps.]
Ricky? [breathing loudly.]
Baby! The police are at the door.
- What? - [Shayenne.]
The police are here! - [Ricky.]
We have to open it.
- No, don't open it.
We can't let them in.
- Baby, we have to.
- We can't open it.
Go put some clothes on.
I'll get dressed and we'll open it.
- No.
- It will be OK.
Don't worry.
- Good morning, sir.
- [Ricky.]
Good morning.
Ricardo Cordeiro Neto? [Ricky.]
Would you follow me? No, wait Can they just come in like that, Ricky? Where's the safe? - We don't have a safe in this house.
- Nothing like that.
We don't have anything.
What are you looking for? - Calm down.
- What are they doing here? - They're looking around.
- Can they just barge in like that? - They can because they have a warrant.
- A warrant? What did we do? - They have a search warrant.
- What did we do that's so wrong? - [Verena.]
Conspiracy, ma'am.
- Conspiracy? The documents you took from your father's office.
Where are they? Call Agostini.
Go, now! Why the hell are you doing this to us? FEDERAL POLICE [Vander.]
The articles of organization say the company is involved with management consulting, executive training, and professionalizing family business.
[Verena laughs.]
Professionalizing family business means laundering dad-in-law's money.
The company has about 30 clients.
Oh, you'll like this one.
Check it out.
JPR's son-in-law does consulting work for Petrobrasil? He lent over $1.
9 million to his father-in-law.
Isn't it marvelous how they do accounting for this stuff? - Son of a fucking bitch.
- Son of a fucking bitch.
Well, Time to show the DA how it's done, isn't it? [Rangel sobs.]
Hi, honey.
How are you? [Shayenne.]
Hi, Dad.
They told me to make it quick.
You ruined my life forever.
[Rangel sobs.]
But I have a son.
Confess to everything immediately.
It was all your doing.
Me and Ricky my mother, we didn't know about anything.
[Rangel sobs.]
We just followed your orders.
Put an end to this.
[Rangel sobs.]
I'll take care of my mom.
[Rangel sobs.]
Honey [Ibrahim.]
Pepê? [Rangel.]
My daughter was here.
They let the information get to my family.
Some times stuff slips through, but you're back here now.
We're alone here, Ibrahim.
They've totally forgotten us, like we don't exist.
Yeah, like always.
I'm going to talk.
If they forget about my family, the hell with it, I'll give them what they want.
[Rangel sighs.]
One, it could be dangerous.
What are they going to do? Kill me? Who cares? It involves a lot of people, you know that.
And we're the only ones in here.
Ibra, I'm sorry.
I know you could hold out much longer, but for me that's it.
I'm done.
[Ibrahim sighs.]
I don't have to tell you it's foolish.
You already know that.
But since you've decided put a fair price on it.
You're going to call your attorney and ask him to arrange a plea bargain.
That's exactly what the Prosecutor is asking.
- Although Agostini didn't like it.
- Of course he doesn't.
A plea bargain for you kills off his entire clientele, come on! Pepê! We're going to have to make a deal with them, a good one.
The two of us.
- The two of us? - If you talk, I have to talk too.
The first one negotiates high.
Then we come down.
You might ask, "How we get out of this?" You make out okay because you know the theory.
And I have the experience.
The two of us together we can blow open the whole thing.
Pepê you gotta be ready.
You'll be dead to the world.
I'm not kidding.
It won't be easy.
You think we could get them to release my daughter? Even my son-in-law? We could even get a reduction of sentence? [Ibrahim sighs.]
Look, Pepê, I don't know about you, but I don't want to do any time at all.
- Give me your phone a second? - You wanna call home? I'm firing Agostini.
Go on.
He'll probably thank you.
Who do you think comes first for him? You or Club 13? [Ruffo.]
The Wizard had gathered the lawyers of the 13 richest and most corrupt contractors in the country.
If he could convince them to admit their crimes and repay the nation, at least symbolically, then JPR would explain everything and the operation would be buried before it ever reached the politicians.
So, if that's the price of halting the investigation, I find it fairly reasonable.
And take the blame for what? I don't believe you! The Nobleman pays my fees and he's not even on the same page as you! Rigo is turning out to be very persistent and persuasive.
Tom's authorized it and I'm pretty sure the rest of the group is in agreement.
We do.
How did this investigation, a minor local thing, manage to get this far? Let's reach a consensus on a number for restitution that could be at least viewed as symbolical.
I'm in for whatever.
Excuse me.
If it's a restitution that's symbolic and split between everyone, I can try.
But I doubt Ricardo will agree to it.
Let's try to reach a figure that's at least correct in the order of magnitude.
Careful about that magnitude.
The figure's got to be low.
Yes, and no names released to the public.
Restitution is for those who owe something.
Well Plea bargain in Curitiba.
João Pedro and Ibrahim are going for it.
Isn't João Pedro one of your clients? He was one of my clients.
He just fired me now.
We must come to an agreement.
I'll check with the Attorney General's office.
If you think he'd be receptive to an agreement, we can arrange a meeting and make sure everybody will be there and finalize the deal.
I'll check with him.
I'll go now.
I'll inform the Attorney General's office.
[Mário breathes heavily.]
Restitution to be divided by you all.
I don't know which bastard was worst.
The Wizard or Ibrahim.
Ibrahim is a son of a bitch of the highest order.
He wanted to avoid prison by piggybacking on JPR's plea bargain.
This is a peace mission.
The Prosecutor's Office values peace.
Whenever possible.
You're looking for some kind of agreement, correct? That's what we all want.
You're the one who requested this meeting today.
Very well.
Cards on the table.
I'm here to propose a joint agreement for the two of them.
- What do you mean "the two of them"? - A double collaboration.
A plea bargain for João Pedro and Roberto Ibrahim.
What do you think? - Two divergent.
It won't work.
- [Motta.]
Actually it will.
They're the same.
One's information complements the other.
They both confirm each other.
So those are my terms.
It's both plea bargains or none of them.
Well that's not how we work here.
Thank you, sir.
What are you proposing? - [Dimas.]
Cláudio? - Let him talk.
What's going on? Where'd they send JPR this time? It's worse than that.
The plea bargain.
Dimas called.
They made a deal with both JPR and Ibrahim.
- Together? - Together.
I'll be right back.
This is my operation! I found the evidence and I arrested those guys! - [Dimas.]
It's the judicial system's.
- This way it's gonna be screwed.
I just got back from JPR's daughter's house, with a truckload of proof.
We don't need to make a deal! Can't we bust their asses? This will bring the investigation to a whole different level.
I didn't arrest them for you to release them.
We let the little fish go to get the big fish, you know that.
Ibrahim has over 100 years sentence to do still.
We have no clue how deeply JPR is involved.
They'll give back the real estate, they'll pay fines Bullshit! That's crap and you know it.
We don't even know how much they are stealing yet.
It's a mistake, it's too soon.
Plea bargaining is a perfectly acceptable resource these days.
Yeah, sure.
Like he honored the agreement last time? - He'll make you look like a fool.
- [Cláudio.]
Financial crime! You gather evidence for years and there's no guarantee.
That's how it works.
[Cláudio inhales sharply.]
It's out of our hands.
I've already told Rigo.
So, it's done and that's it? I'm not your enemy, Verena.
No, Cláudio.
You're much worse than that.
I knew exactly how Verena was feeling.
JPR and Ibrahim would soon both be released.
But would they talk? Damn Being a cop in the land of corruption is fucking hard.
It's a huge burden.
Nobody can carry it alone.
[Verena gasps.]
Hey, Ruffo.
[Verena laughs.]
It never even occurred to me to give it all up.
This shit is tiring.
I have this feeling that everyone's rooting for me to say that I give up, that I'm just too tired.
Yeah They hate the ones who don't get tired.
- You never do.
- You don't either.
Yeah So They hate us.
Cheers! [Verena laughs.]
I'm sorry.
It's not that.
I didn't do it because I don't think you can do it on your own.
It's because you can't stay away.
It's a problem.
It almost worked, too.
Always the fucking DA's office.
- It's always Cláudio.
- Yeah, always.
[doorbell rings several times.]
- I'll get it.
- No.
- No problem.
I'll get it.
- You sure? I'm better.
- [Verena.]
What's up? - [Vander.]
Are you OK? I'm OK, and you? Hey.
Make yourself at home.
Figured you could use them.
I didn't want to leave, you know.
You should choose your friends better.
Come on in.
- [Guilhome.]
He bosses me around.
- [Verena.]
He bosses me around, too.
I don't boss anybody around, not even at home.
- I just try to help.
- [Verena.]
This is Vander, my right hand.
- You know Ruffo.
- The Great Ruffo.
- [Guilhome.]
Here you go.
- Thanks.
Master! Guilhome [jazz music plays over stereo.]
Do you think they're gonna release those rats or not? Yes, sooner or later.
Seems like sooner.
Well a toast to all of us, fucking crazy enough to do this job.
- You'd rather work for the DA's office? - [Ruffo.]
Not at all! Mr.
João Pedro would you tell us how this whole thing came to be? How it all came to be? Well [Rangel laughs.]
It all began in 1808, when King John VI first came to Brazil.
I'm serious, really.
At the time, it was the merchants and slave traders that ruled the country.
All the money was theirs.
And there was one, the richest one, his name was Elias Antônio Lopes, I believe.
Realizing that the city had very little to offer the visiting monarch, he ceded the Quinta da Boa Vista Estate for the King and all his family.
That's how it started, really.
In exchange, he received the Military Order of Christ.
He became Notary Public and Clerk of Paraty.
The Lord of Tiradentes, Knight of the Royal House, Governor, and more.
Even more important, he became broker and provider of the Court's insurance, and responsible for the collection of taxes in several locations.
That's the long tradition that brought us here now.
Actually, that's the part I'm already familiar with.
Perhaps you could tell me something I don't know? [Rangel.]
Perhaps I could tell you that nowadays the courts in Brazil are financed by the major contractors.
Yes, there's a Supply Department, but JPR isn't the only director involved in the scheme.
There are other departments, too.
And which departments are involved? Well, there's Services who feeds the majority party.
Were you operating for them as well? No.
That's the treasurer of the party.
Anyone else? - [Ibrahim.]
of International Affairs.
- They also fed the government's party? No, that department feeds the coalition party, the party of the vice-president.
Every company contracting with Petrobrasil pays 1% to the Supply department and 1% to Services.
There are three divisions taking an active part in the scheme.
They feed directly into both the government and the coalition parties.
I'm not the mentor of this thing, nor the head of the scam.
There are much bigger names.
What do you mean by "bigger names"? [Ibrahim.]
People above Petrobrasil's board of directors.
Who? Top bureaucrats, politicians.
Did you attend any gatherings where these politicians were present? Sure, politicians, builders.
[phone ringing.]
There were meetings all the time.
It was very organized, everything was registered.
we kept minutes.
- Minutes? - [Ibrahim.]
We kept detailed minutes of all business.
That way everybody had the information, even those who couldn't make it.
Who's everybody? Oh the presidency of Petrobrasil, Planalto Palace.
What do you mean by the "Planalto Palace"? Chief of Staff, Mines and Energy, the president of the Republic.
[phone ringing.]
The number you have called cannot be reached.
Please leave a message after the beep.
[voicemail beeps.]
Verena, I'm trying to reach you.
Call me, it's urgent.
There were plenty of power struggles between all the parties to see which one would get the department they wanted.
And it was the Planalto that settled the disputes.
The Planalto Palace? Can you give me some names? Ex-President João Higino, President Janete Dudinha.
The Secretary of Sorry, are you affirming that Janete and Higino knew everything? [Ruffo.]
Roberto Ibrahim cooperating with the authorities? Fuck, I should have seen it coming.
Higino and Janete knew about it all.
They knew everything.
That prick never made a move without a reason.
But in that moment, the Prosecutor's tactic was working.
The guys were talking.
Even I was in the mood to celebrate.
But celebrating meant applauding Cláudio.
Nope, not in this lifetime.
- Been a long time.
- Yeah, long time.
Ever since you released Ibrahim.
You're gonna do it again, right? You mean the plea bargain? It's been a very effective tool, hasn't it, Verena? I bet it is.
For the bad guys.
They love it.
Our deals turned out really well.
Ask Verena, she'll tell you.
You're the bad guys' hero giving autographs and shit? Let's go over here to talk.
You're exposing me! What's going on? Nothing, he's still out of his mind.
Things have changed.
Times are different now.
- You've changed.
- The laws have changed! - [Ruffo.]
You've changed.
- The agreement is in our favor.
You were convinced by Cláudio.
They are giving in.
It's way bigger than we thought.
I'm going.
They can deal with each other.
- I thought you wanted to get a drink? - I'm tired, I'm going home.
All right, fine.
- Ibrahim says they knew about it all.
- Who? - Ruscov and João Higino.
- Ibrahim told you? It's in his testimony.
They both knew.
[man laughs, woman pants.]
Hey! Go on - Admit it.
- What? Admit that I was right.
- [both laugh.]
- [Cláudio.]
Say it.
- [Verena.]
Admit it.
- [Cláudio.]
What? [Verena.]
You're in love.
- [Verena.]
Cláudio! - Keep it down! Keep it down! [kissing.]
[brakes squeal.]
Good morning.
[Ibrahim laughs.]
Fucking hell! Who could've leaked it? [Cláudio.]
If it wasn't you, Dimas or me [Verena.]
Are you sure it wasn't you, Cláudio? I set up the plea bargain.
What would I gain? It was Ibrahim and his lawyer.
What's he gain by it Mess with the evidence, screw the operation, fuck the police.
[Ibrahim laughs.]
This is too good! It's right before the elections.
They want to sell it like the whole operation is biased.
That we're against the government.
There's far too big a lead.
There's no way for us to turn it around Will you please just shut up, Andrea? This will have a big impact on the elections for sure.
Of course it's desperation! It's clearly ideological.
They lost their bearings and we're gonna turn it around on our favor.
I love this magazine.
And this magazine loves me.
The tables have turned.
I'll have to call and thank the managing editor.
He's a great man! [Ruffo.]
The plea bargain leak exploded like a bomb.
And the opposition candidate, who was dead in the water, started swimming.
Breakfast of the bravest.
Infallible recipe.
He pounced like a lion.
accusing the government of corruption.
But he was corrupt, too.
I, like every other Brazilian citizen, demand exemplary punishment for all those involved.
The more he talked, the more the government sold the idea that Jet Wash was politically motivated.
I find it strange and appalling that this kind of disclosure is coming up now, trying to discredit the government right in the middle of the electoral season.
This freak show was just what Ibrahim wanted.
To put the Federal Police under suspicion so the government could happily bury the investigation.
So, Mr.
President what do you think about this apartment? You know I'm not the one who makes the decision of this kind of thing.
[on phone.]
Mário Garcez? The deal has to go through.
There's no reason.
Tom Carvalho is here too and he agrees with me.
We need to speed things up.
I will.
But you also need to speak to Janete.
It's an opportunity to change the head of the Federal Police.
These leaks are a serious situation.
Remember, we don't get a chance like this every day.
Making the Feds look responsible for the leaks was all Higino needed to bury the operation.
You need to make her understand that.
The Wizard got that.
But I got that first.
FEDERAL POLICE [bangs table.]
Bingo! [Ruffo.]
Remember the guard Guilhome caught helping the rats? He was the one supplying cell phones to Ibrahim.
So guess who supplied the cell phones to the guard? Yep.
The little smart ones always fuck up.
They ended up being useful.
At least it proves we didn't leak the information to Read It Magazine.
Read it but don't believe it.
[Ruffo laughs.]
Good job.
The next day Boom! It was in all the papers: BETTER THAN PLANNED "Roberto Ibrahim leaked the plea bargain to sabotage Jet Wash.
" The investigation was saved.
[door opens.]
Shame I couldn't say the same about my marriage or my country.
[loud banging noise in the distance.]
Sometimes, at night chills run down my spine.
As if something sinister was hovering over me.
Fucking hell.
Brazil is a machine that grinds people to dust.
And it's from where you least expect that's where the real shit storm comes from.