The Mechanism (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

One Last Breath

It's a busted pipe.
- [Ruffo.]
My patience is busted, my friend.
- You gonna fix it? - [man.]
I'll see if I can schedule it.
What do you mean "schedule"? Just fix it, right? No, can't do that.
Report the problem.
Request the pipe, see if it's in stock, and then they send out a crew.
- Are you psychic? You didn't even look.
- Experience.
How long will it take? - My best guess is two, three weeks.
- Christ! Are you kidding me? With this stuff leaking out for three more fucking weeks? - By the book, it's quite some time.
- [Ruffo.]
What do you mean? Is there some other way besides the book? Oh, I know some people.
Could I meet these people? [man.]
Take this.
Call Seu João.
He's very fast.
- Seu João? - The best and fast.
Tell him Alfredo sent you.
- Alfredo is you? - Mm-hmm, that's me.
Some angels have wings.
Some, have a mustache.
Take care.
I can't fucking believe it.
They call it Club 13, but in fact it's a cartel.
The 13 biggest contractors in the country shook hands with the politicians.
Together, they earned billions in contracts from Petrobrasil.
Billions and billions of dollars funneled from public accounts.
Our first move was to arrest the contractors.
Everything was well documented in JPR and Ibrahim's plea bargain.
For Miller & Bretch, we still need to understand how they funnel the money back into the system, how they pay bribes.
What else? Ricardo Bretch is overpricing budgets and getting one contract after the other, but they don't use currency dealers' shell companies to pay the bribes.
- [Verena.]
I haven't figured it out yet.
- [Rigo.]
Still not enough.
That's why I ordered 12 detentions and only a search and seizure.
If I can get in there, I'll find what I need to bust him, too.
Thirteen search and seizure warrants.
No detentions.
That's all you get.
With everything that we learned from the plea bargains? Neither Ibrahim nor JPR participated in any of those contractor cartel meetings.
But they were aware.
They were part of the scheme.
They gave exact details! Everything matches.
It's all there.
I can't order an arrest based on hearsay.
If the informers' claims are invalid, I don't know why we deal with them.
I didn't say they're not valid.
Just need to be proven.
We know all the major government contracts went to Club 13.
- It's a fact! Why doubt it? - A fact does not make it a crime.
- What about the money going between them? - Build on it.
Not sufficient enough.
How can I tell what's sufficient to you, Rigo! Get sworn testimony of somebody who participated in a meeting with the cartel.
So, a confession.
That's it then? [Verena.]
A mega-contractor who's willing to testify against himself and his partners in crime.
That's "all" Rigo wants.
What do we do? I guess we start all over again.
Yes, let's check everything over.
Each piece.
São Paulo's Police might help if we stick close to them and wait for a slip.
- There's no time for this.
- [Guilhome.]
It'd take too long.
They'll get rid of it all.
[Verena sighs.]
But I suppose there's no better option, you know.
Oh, man, I'm in a lot of pain.
What's going on? I wanna be by myself.
I'll be OK.
It will pass.
Verena? [phone ringing.]
- Did you shit your pants? - Just get going! - Buckle up.
- When I'm good and ready, you prick.
Arresting Brazil's 13 biggest contractors was not going to be easy.
Verena was gonna need my help.
Guilhome could open all the doors and convince corrupt employees to collaborate with us.
But the dirty job was on me again.
Cell five, I need the key.
A retired cop couldn't be punished by the Force.
There was no need to follow the rules.
[quiet movement in the background.]
You smell like shit.
You ought to know.
- Are you alive? - Hell, yeah.
Alive and kicking.
And you're dead in jail.
Ah, short stay.
Yeah, I know.
Happy you're getting out? Oh, yeah.
Very comforting to have money.
The best.
Yeah, but it's dangerous out there.
Crazy motherfuckers all around.
You don't scare me, Ruffo.
I remember you, from high school.
- The pudgy kid, right? - Yeah.
To me, you were always the rat.
A rat.
Fucking rat.
Did you come here to talk about our childhood? [Ruffo.]
The contractors.
Club 13.
Who's the coward? Who's the biggest weasel? Ruffo, back off.
You're retired.
- With a bipolar disorder, yeah? - Yeah.
You know the story about the bipolar bear? Someone asked the bipolar bear if it liked snow.
He replied, "I do.
" "I don't.
" [Ruffo laughs.]
"I do.
" "I don't.
" "I do.
I do.
" - Who's the pussy? - I'm not part of that club, you know.
But you carried money for them.
- Suitcases of money for them.
- I haven't done that in a while.
- Who's the weakest? - A long time.
You used to be a lot more careful.
It was you, right? You son of a bitch.
You son of a bitch.
- I've been researching your love life.
- [Ibrahim.]
Piece of shit.
- Pretty wild.
- [Ibrahim.]
Piece of shit! You look like a porn star.
Sugarbaby here, a car for the blonde, penthouse for the redhead, health care for the big tits.
It's a lot of work.
When your wife finds out, she'll suck you dry.
- Even your grand kids will be fucked.
- Silvério Anunciato.
You want the weakest of all? The pussy is Silvério Anunciato.
Silvério from Estruturax? A fucker and you always fuck up.
It's meant to be.
May you enjoy yourselves.
Now, let me sleep.
And leave my wife alone.
You've got your own to worry about.
- [Ruffo.]
Sweet dreams.
- [Ibrahim.]
Move it.
[keys rattle, cell door opens.]
[Ruffo, singing.]
Hush, little baby Don't say a word Papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird And if that mockingbird don't sing Papa's gonna buy you [Ruffo.]
Ibrahim and JPR's plea bargains left Club 13 fucking terrified.
It was the night before the presidential election.
The last thing the contractors wanted was to be in the spotlight caught in the middle of a political dispute.
The only way out for them was Mário Garcez Brito, the Wizard.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
If the agreement he proposed to the Attorney General went through, Jet Wash would go down the drain.
Let's go.
Is everyone here? - Shall we begin? - Ricardo isn't here.
But, still, he didn't confirm, so [Wizard coughs.]
Silvério, I implore you, don't smoke in here tonight.
The meeting with the Attorney General proved to be very productive.
And he is disposed to negotiate.
We finally arrived at closing a fine of one billion reais.
- R$ 1 billion? - Wasn't that amount symbolic? We have to keep up the impression that the amount is truly significant.
One billion is a thousand million! R$ 1,000 million.
It's an incredible amount! If we get out of this unscathed, maybe we'll consider it.
We'll divide it 13 ways, right? - About 75 each, maybe more.
- R$ 76,923,000, gentlemen.
And why? Foolishness that makes no sense whatsoever.
Who's the madman who allowed half a dozen feds to topple the country's economy? That cockamamie president.
She's letting it go.
She thinks it won't affect her.
- No, but this - And say she loses the election? - That's tomorrow.
- So no sleep tonight.
It's a pretty tight race.
It may very well happen.
Read the article Say Lucio wins this, he blocks the investigation! Or he gets caught, too.
That idiotic president is, for all intents and purposes, still ahead.
We can't wait until tomorrow.
This issue should be resolved.
We need to know what we're doing.
A minute, please.
Let's not lose focus.
Ricardo nobody knows exactly what João Pedro and Ibrahim put forth in their plea bargains.
The world's seventh economy doesn't go under because someone got caught.
- If only it was that - What's 70 million anyway to you? If you were careless, why is it my problem? I shouldn't pay for it.
- We're all in the same boat.
- My boat is different.
It's designed different from all other boats and it sails on a different sea.
Sorry but you have been completely incompetent, amateurs I don't care what you do.
It's your problem to solve.
Let's divide the billion by 12.
[Wizard coughs heavily.]
I'm going on a trip.
I can't say I'll be here when you get back.
When it came time for the second round elections, the voters would choose much more than the next president.
Without knowing, they would decide the future of my investigations.
Janete Ruscov thought Jet Wash would never reach her or the former president.
To her, the two of them were above that.
If she won the elections, Jet Wash would carry on.
[machine beeps.]
On the other hand, Lúcio Lemes was much more cunning.
A master scumbag, he knew that Jet Wash would reach him.
The most powerful businessmen in the country understood that, and joined forces with the right wing and the press.
They didn't want to be investigated.
Regardless of the election results, no contractor would ever speak voluntarily.
Cigarettes are bad but good, huh? Pacifiers for adults.
I quit that shit, my lungs, you know.
- Shall we? - What the fuck! Your wife got a cab.
Let's go for a ride, us three.
Get your car.
Pull over.
Club 13.
They're all going down.
The whole Club.
Here's my advice.
Go to Curitiba, help them and they might help you.
I'm giving you the gold.
You're a lucky man, don't fuck it up.
- I don't know what you mean.
- [Ruffo.]
You do.
What's this about? I came form far away to give you this advice.
By bus.
If you don't listen to me, you'll end up in Curitiba anyway.
But in handcuffs.
And those things hurt like shit.
Don't you dare tell your buddies the Club is going down.
I'd know it was you.
[male on TV.]
Janete Ruscov has been reelected as President of Brazil with 51% of the votes in the closest presidential race in the country's history.
[Janete, on TV.]
I'd like to thank my running mate, my longtime partner and colleague, vice-president, Samuel Thames.
Together, we've endured a long and difficult campaign, but here we are.
Thank you, Thames.
Our second term will be marked by a renewed stand, a full comprehensive overhaul to combat corruption.
The country was totally divided.
While half the population was celebrating the left wing's victory the other half was slamming pans in anger.
[Janete speaks on TV.]
If the Brazilian people would slam pans every time something's wrong with the country carnival would never end.
[pots and pans banging, people shouting on the street.]
Who? Whose lawyer? Who's that? OK.
All right.
See you later.
- Why all the pills? - What did he say? A lawyer for one of the contractors wants to set up a meeting.
- From the 13? - Mm-hmm.
Dimas wonders if they want a plea agreement.
- Has there been a leak of the operation? - No.
Rigo hasn't authorized anything.
[cellphone vibrates.]
Hey, Dimas.
Oh, yeah.
From Estruturax? It's on? What time? Yeah.
I'll be there.
See ya.
He says hello.
[Cláudio scoffs, Verena laughs.]
Championship rules.
They're called Club rules.
By "club," do you mean cartel? We call it a club.
Can you state the club rules, sir? - I could really use a smoke.
- Unfortunately, you can't in here.
- However, if you need to step outside - [Verena.]
The rules.
We are notified of meetings via text message.
There are never any cameras where any of the meetings take place.
- Tom Carvalho is the organizer.
- [Verena.]
From OSA Engineering? [Anunciato.]
From OSA.
The 13 companies or "teams" all participate together, as a group.
And how are the construction contracts distributed among you? We list all the Petrobrasil contract opportunities and each team ranks in order from one to three, their preferences.
- [Cláudio.]
Each contractor? - Yes.
Then we make a chart with each team's preferences.
How do you decide? We negotiate until we all agree.
If we don't the majority rules.
Then there's another rule for pricing and another in case someone leaves.
Keep going.
The team chosen to carry out the construction must present its prices and the others just bid as cover.
Like in every cartel.
And the last one? If the chosen team Would you stop calling it a "team," please? OK, if the if the chosen contractor doesn't succeed in carrying out the project, it goes to the end of the line.
Do you confirm attendance at several of these meetings? I only missed two.
And are you able to prove that you attended those meetings? I have the minutes.
Minutes? The minutes of the meetings.
The names of those present.
You drew up minutes? I have copies of everything.
We're going to need those minutes.
Anunciato, could you repeat the names of the members of the club? [Dimas.]
And talk about their activities? Tom Carvalho from OSA, a company from Bahia.
Engineering and infrastructure, present in Brazil, in Latin America, and also, Africa.
There's Décio.
Décio Correa from Carvalho Correa.
A family business, they work with cement, but also with infrastructure.
Marcelo Rocha from TVC.
An oil company, also gas and energy.
Lourival Bueno from Bueno Engineering.
Heavy duty.
Luís Menezes and Pedroso from Pedroso Gonçalves.
The biggest.
You know who the biggest ones are.
And, of course, Ricardo Bretch.
- But Ricardo is completely different.
- [Verena.]
Why? He's fearless.
He isn't worried about the investigations.
Why? He benefits from the cartel as much as the others.
He's fearless and absolutely sure nobody will ever get to him.
His scheme is just very sophisticated.
According to him, it can't even be traced.
What's his scheme like? If I knew that, well, I wouldn't be here today.
May I smoke now? [Verena.]
He confirmed the names of the 13, the cartel, payment of bribes to the Petrobrasil divisions.
Everyone under the same currency dealer scheme.
Except Ricardo Bretch.
Nothing that a visit to Miller & Bretch won't solve.
Going in, we'll find what we need.
And then we'll arrest Ricardo.
If he doesn't flee the country.
It's always a risk we take.
Anyway, these 12 are done.
Half of Brazil's GDP sleeping in a cell.
- [Vander.]
When do we hit the streets? - Everything's in place.
Rigo only needed to authorize it, and Operation Doomsday would hit the streets.
They' started to empty the cells.
Do you know where they sent Chebab? [Motta.]
Probably Jaraguara.
Poor guy.
Silvério's plea bargain was the final nail in the coffin.
- I don't know how many are going down.
- You need to get me out of here, Motta.
I don't want to run into any of them.
I've expedited your house arrest.
Problem is, I don't have a house.
- But it's OK.
- You can buy any house you desire.
Family, on the other hand [Motta laughs.]
Stella will calm down with time.
She won't.
And Pepê? [Motta.]
Since his family is involved, he has a higher price to pay.
But he's getting out.
He is.
Not everyone is as relaxed as you are, Ricardo.
Structured Operations alone has 14 executives.
If we consider those in command, today there could be 70 people exposed.
Everything has been planned.
I heard I was complicating things.
Being too demanding.
No one is exposed here.
If anyone is uncomfortable, with the investigations, we'll cover it.
Some are truly frightened.
I was more demanding of myself and of you.
I don't regret it.
Our situation here has nothing to do with the other contractors.
- What do we know for sure? - We know nothing yet.
JPR and Ibrahim's lawyers don't know what their own clients are saying? - Who's not monitoring it? - We are.
But we don't have access to the plea bargains.
What they said doesn't matter.
This is local, restricted.
A few contractors, the careless ones, may eventually get some turbulence.
That's all.
We won't.
No turbulence for us! [Ricardo.]
No turbulence.
There are no tracks, no loose ends.
The scheme, gentlemen, is absolutely secure.
100% safe.
Despite all this, gentlemen, I am here to provide for whoever wishes the possibility, to move to another country, at any time, so if you're uncomfortable, the company will pay for all the transfer costs for you, and for your families also.
Maria Tereza is at your disposal, in case you're interested.
Gentlemen, it is your decision.
My family and I will not be moving.
Good night, everyone.
Silvério gave everything to the Prosecutor's office.
What imprudent! We're in your hands, sir.
[The Wizard breathes heavily.]
[The Wizard.]
At times like these, loyalty is expected.
- [The Wizard.]
Silvério - We're going to Curitiba, master.
I only hope that they will see you.
But these things don't get sorted out in Curitiba.
- Do you think you're up to it, sir? - [woman.]
Absolutely not.
Maybe, in a couple of days, I'll feel well enough to travel.
My plane and my pilot are waiting for you at the airport.
Ruscov's reelection and Silvério's plea bargain complicated things for the contractors.
They knew it was just a matter of time.
[breathing heavily.]
Call Dr.
Raul and move my appointment.
Jet Wash was going to reach them.
The agreement the Wizard had proposed to the Attorney General was about to go down.
Rigo needed to approve Operation Doomsday before it all happened.
Is everything ready? Are you supervising our work, now, Deputy? No, I'm just making sure it gets to Rigo today.
Not today, Verena.
Just be ready with your operation.
- The attorneys again? - Why are you talking to these people? [Cláudio.]
We're not to anyone.
We've denied several requests.
It's just a desperate wave of plea bargains.
You know what? - Let's meet with them already.
- On the eve of their clients' arrests? If we don't see them, they'll suspect something.
And the operation might leak again.
Well, see them, but Ibrahim is about to be released.
I'm not going to arrest him just so you can release him.
Keep an eye on him, so he doesn't set an agreement.
That will be best.
[door closes.]
[The Wizard.]
Put an end to it.
The Curitiba prosecutors [breathing heavily.]
have good intentions.
But they are much too young.
They don't understand the country.
A big agreement.
A way to wipe the slate clean of corruption.
It's standard operating procedure in the United States.
Pragmatism is natural for them.
Understand, the risk at play here is hardly small.
Yes, we're talking about breaking Brazil.
The sector we represent is the main spring for the national economy.
Destroying the country's economy? What an idea.
- Who'd benefit from that? - Nobody here wants that, right? No, of course not.
We brought a draft of an agreement for your review.
I have with me a draft already.
- [Dimas.]
There's no need.
- It's a This is absolutely irregular.
It's just a draft.
See? [The Wizard.]
"The contractors admit to have been in a situation of potential conflict with legal ramifications, and manifest an unequivocal disposition in collaborating with the administration to elucidate the facts.
" "The contractors commit to cease the practice of acts of corruption, are obliged to fully cooperate with the assessments, and indemnify all damages to the Treasury in order to continue to be hired by the government.
" I'm sorry, but that's not how we work.
Any kind of extrajudicial agreement is out of the question.
That goes against the interest of the country, the population, the hundreds of thousands of employees who may be affected.
This is a first conversation.
I think we have extra ground to cover.
I trust there's a solution that reconciles all the interests at play.
A consensus.
An agreement is obviously the best thing for all, that's the belief of the country's best legal minds.
Mário Garcez Brito, has even talked to us extensively about this approach.
Mário Garcez? - Is he someone's lawyer? - No.
He's been more like a kind of counselor to the group.
He's been talking to the Attorney General.
A man who was the Minister of Justice knows the importance of maintaining a cohesive country.
"to be able to continue to be contracted by the government.
" [he breathes heavily.]
A most honorable solution for everyone involved.
[The Wizard coughs heavily.]
To make the most of our meeting, we propose the following: you commit not to taking any more decisive action - until we find common ground.
- We cannot make such a commitment.
- Talks with the AG have been evolving.
- [woman.]
Calm down.
We came here in respect to you, but the Attorney General will call you.
All that we are asking you is for a truce.
A promise that nothing will happen until we can safely find a way out.
- Unfortunately, that's not possible.
- Yes, you have our word.
[The Wizard.]
In the end, it's a financial issue.
Millions of jobs.
Billions invested in infrastructure.
And, yes, we all want the very same thing.
A fund to build prisons throughout Brazil would be quite welcome.
Exactly so.
Luís let's go.
How could you give your word? - [Cláudio.]
They saw right through you.
- Me? - They were going to leak the operation! - [Dimas.]
You're always getting ahead.
- I'm trying to get things solved! - Cláudio the great solver! Say it's true.
You think the AG would accept any agreement? With Mário Garcez behind it.
He could have convinced the AG to accept almost anything.
Look at this! It's ready.
If it's true, that's the end of Jet Wash.
Rigo must get the requests today.
It was one thing to authorize Ibrahim and JPR's prison release.
It was another to authorize an operation to arrest 13 of the biggest contractors in the country.
Please don't wake me when you come to bed, baby.
No bed tonight.
So much stuff? It's not the quantity.
It's who they are.
There's no turning back.
Well? [Dimas.]
It's a lot of requests.
Rigo is fast, but he can't work miracles.
- [Dimas.]
We need reinforcement, Cláudio.
- [Cláudio.]
Have some coffee.
Do you have any idea what's gonna come in? It's us up against the biggest law firms in the country.
We need a bigger crew.
There's no other way.
Email from the Attorney General.
ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE - What is it? - He wants us to go to Brasília.
The agreement is settled.
Brito must have convinced him.
What are you doing? [Cláudio.]
Writing my resignation letter.
If he accepted that agreement I'm not staying here a day longer.
Make it two.
The Wizard had enough influence to convince the Attorney General to accept this agreement, save Club 13, and stop Jet Wash.
Dirty alliances and schemes give off a rotten smell that hangs in the air.
The stink was in my nose for a long time.
- Is this number 603? - Yeah.
Right here.
Are you Seu João? [João.]
- It's an easy job for us.
- Great.
How long will it take? A day, if we get started early, my grandson and I.
Sounds good.
Can you find the same pipe to replace it? It's the most common one.
It's a standard pipe.
- So what's your fee? - Six hundred.
What do you mean? Six to fix a pipe? That's the way it is.
I have high costs, friend.
Yeah, but it's only a day.
Of course.
But the material, I have to pay my grandson.
How much for the pipe? Somewhere around 80.
And you're charging me 520 for a day? I wish! Seu João, I don't understand your math.
Fifty for my grandson.
One hundred and fifty is my daily rate.
That's 200.
Right, 300 left.
That three hundred is for the service provider fee.
Who's that? Didn't you get my card? So you mean Alfredo? The guy with the big mustache? Well, Alfredo Alfredo, poor guy he doesn't keep it all to himself.
He takes his cut, and then he has to pay his boss, right? So he does.
But it's better to get it done than not get it done, know what I mean? So, will we do it? [Cláudio.]
No, the attorneys weren't bluffing.
Mário Garcez cut an agreement in Brasília.
The Attorney General called us in.
Yea, they did it.
They're going to kill Jet Wash.
Rigo okayed it! Operation Doomsday is hitting the streets.
Not if we're faster than them, Cláudio.
Cláudio! - Where are you? - [Cláudio.]
Did you hear me? The Attorney General called us in.
It's over, Verena! [woman.]
Can we drop by the apartment before you go to the airport? [Cláudio.]
No, honey.
I'm running late.
You didn't look at the photos.
Are you even curious? Why should I? You signed the contract.
Left to you, we'd live in a hotel room.
I get here and you leave? You never said you were coming.
Just a day, OK? [Verena groans.]
Are you OK, Verena? [Verena.]
It's just the worst cramps ever.
Can I help? What can I do? - [Guilhome.]
What's wrong, Verena? - [Verena.]
No, nothing.
Are you sure you should drive? [Vander.]
Where are you going? [technician.]
I'm doing it again.
Don't move.
What do you see? Your uterus.
And? I'm going to write it up for your doctor.
Why? What did you see? The doctor will discuss it with you.
You can see what's wrong.
Why don't you just tell me? Because that's not my job.
- Oh, really? Is it that hard? - That is your doctor's job.
Look, you already know what's wrong.
So, tell me, please.
That's not how we handle the procedure.
"Procedure"! Is that it? [doctor.]
Yes, that's it.
Can I call someone? No.
What are you doing? Well, fixing it my way.
- Temporary permanent.
- [Regina.]
Didn't you call Sanecur? [Ruffo.]
I did, but it takes two or three weeks.
- Seu João only takes a day.
- Who's Seu João? [Ruffo.]
Seu João, Alfredo, Ibrahim, JPR, the Wizard All sick.
Cancer is a disease caused by the body's failure to control its own cells.
Most are caused iby environmental factors.
It can spread out from the source and affect the entire body.
That is what's called metastasis.
Even with treatment cancer fights to stay alive.
And most of the time, it wins.
When there's no understanding of how a disease works and where it spreads there's no way to find a cure.
That is my mission to stop the mechanism.