The Mechanism (2018) s01e08 Episode Script


Celeste - Are you OK, sir? - My medicine.
Garcez Brito? Sir? Hello? It's an emergency.
We need an ambulance right now! [Reporters.]
It has been confirmed by Sírio Libanês Hospital Mário Garcez Brito, lawyer and former Minister of Justice, died today aged 82.
He was Minister of Justice between 2003 and 2007.
A criminal lawyer, he was defending the companies involved in Operation Jet Wash.
FORMER MINISTER OF JUSTICE DIES The Wizard was renowned for his legal knowledge.
He sold scams better than anyone else.
Without his endorsement, the Minister of Justice wouldn't have the guts to protect the contractors.
Thank you for coming.
I know you are overwhelmed, but I thought it best to talk in person.
The potential arrest of contractors may have consequences somewhat - Profound? - Precisely! But they could take the operation to another level.
A level that's not often visited.
Not visited at all.
- Untouchable.
- Political agents.
They've learned to protect themselves.
Political forces have always been a part of this scheme but until today From here on, we're in uncharted territory.
- The financing of the electoral system.
- Yes.
Timely don't you think? The Minister of Justice Office will stand by you.
Excuse me.
The idea of putting behind bars the most corrupt contractors in the country pleased me.
Because it meant something rare here.
But in Brazil the dictionary definition of justice doesn't include the words "balance" or "impartiality".
Much less "order and progress".
The death of Mário Garcez Brito dissolved the deal and opened the door to a new stage in the operation.
I didn't celebrate the Wizard's death because Ibrahim fulfilled his plea bargain and was released the day after.
Pull up your pants.
Pretty useful, huh? An interesting invention.
You can monitor me, know where I am at any time.
It must be uncomfortable at night.
I wonder if it'll shock me in the shower.
Anyway, sleeping at home is more comfortable.
Guilty and free to go, huh? Just like in 2003.
Don't worry too much about me, Deputy.
There's bigger fish in this pond.
Do you want me to thank you? Is that it? I handed you the biggest contractors in the country.
That doesn't make you any better.
It makes you worse.
Are you done? Thank you.
Hey, boy, can you fetch me a cab? Wow.
No sense of humor around here.
PETROBRASIL - CONTRACTORS CURRENCY DEALER - POLITICIANS Currency dealer Roberto Ibrahim has left prison in Curitiba.
He will be wearing an ankle monitor and will do his time in semi-open conditions.
He was entitled to this through a plea bargain agreement in Operation Jet Wash.
JOÃO Regina, I want to show you something.
Come with me.
The fractals! The fractals Beta's always watching.
That's the mechanism.
The mechanism has the same pattern as the fractals.
POLITICIANS An operating mode that feeds itself and expels, spits out, what doesn't belong.
The mechanism is in everything.
Do you understand? In everything.
From the government to Mr.
On the macro and micro levels.
It's a pattern.
The economic power and the public agents work together.
Politicians appoint boards that apportion projects among the same contractors.
They overbill the projects and give back some of the budget to the politicians, the board, in the form of a bribe.
It's a self-perpetuating system.
Get it? From Petrobrasil to Sanecur, Miller & Bretch to Mr.
João, Ibrahim to Alfredo, the mechanism is in everything.
Workers cheating parking meters, fake IDs to get into places bribing the police officer so he won't give you a ticket.
The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
There's no political party.
There's no ideology.
There's no left or right wing.
Whoever is in charge must keep the wheel turning.
It's a pattern.
And that's what's elected every single president so far.
Those who don't participate are spit out.
Everything is the mechanism.
And what can you do with this? Nothing.
You won't stop.
I'll stay with you two.
I'm tired.
NOVEMBER 14TH, 2014 DOOMSDAY OPERATION Doomsday, the new phase of Operation Jet Wash.
Judge Paulo Rigo authorized the arrest of 11 members of Club 13.
Silvério Anunciato beneffitted from the plea bargain, and we still don't have enough evidence to arrest Ricardo Bretch.
For now, only search and seizure.
We're 300 federal officers working simultaneously in seven states.
Here in São Paulo, we'll enforce six arrest warrants and 16 search and seizure warrants in homes and offices.
Targets have been monitored since yesterday.
We'll leave together.
Each team will leave at 5 a.
for its target mission.
At 6 a.
everyone is authorized to approach the subjects.
Any doubts? Let's get fucking rolling.
The sun Will shine again The light Will reach our hearts From evil BUENO ENGINEERING HEADQUARTERS RECIFE Love will be eternal again TCV ENGINEERING HEADQUARTERS It's doomsday The tale of good versus evil I want to have eyes to see MENEZES NETTO ENGINEERING HEADQUARTERS Evil disappear The sun Will shine again The light Will reach our hearts The seed of evil Will be burned And love Will be eternal once again It's doomsday The tale of good versus evil I want to have eyes to see Evil disappear The sun Will shine again MILLER & BRETCH HEADQUARTERS, SÃO PAULO The light Will reach our hearts The seed of evil Will be burned And love Will be eternal once again And love Will be eternal once again And love Will be eternal once again And love Will be eternal once again Good morning.
Tom Carvalho? Federal Police.
Don't say a thing.
We'll get to it right away.
Take your things, some clothes, your medication.
Listen to me, Agostini.
Am I on my way to Paraná? Is that it? Unfortunately.
Are you listening to me, Eva? It has to stop.
They're searching headquarters.
They have to be stopped! How the hell did you not know? What am I paying you for? Call Higino, the minister, whoever, but sort this out.
Now! CONGONHAS AIRPOR Vander! I brought you some more friends.
Please take a seat.
Before boarding, you're going to go through a strip search.
Standard procedure.
You may stand up.
We can do this the easy way or the hard way.
Up to you.
Today is a republican day.
The Prosecutor's Office and the Federal Police are here together to state that the republic is blind to fame and fortune.
Have fun.
Everyone is equal.
And anyone who commits a crime must answer for it.
The contractors who formed the cartel have around R$ 60 billion in business deals with Petrobrasil.
It's important to remember that today's operation wasn't based solely on the information provided to us by JPR and Ibrahim.
New material and testimonial evidence supported the Prosecutor's Office charge.
It has been made clear that the contractors signed deals with shell companies that simulated consulting services, and false invoices were issued to justify the deposits.
Between 2009 and 2013, we identified deposits amounting to more than R$ 500 million.
And we expect this number to grow.
We won't have beds for everyone.
Settle it among yourselves.
You can go that way, sir.
This is Cláudio Amadeu, I am not available right now.
Please leave a messa Dimas, have you seen Cláudio? Has he left already? Yes.
He didn't talk to me.
You guys need to talk, Verena.
What do you mean? - Tell me! - It's between you two.
Talk to him.
This new phase of Operation Jet Wash is aimed at the contractors who had business deals worth R$ 59 billion 300 federal agents and 50 tax auditors The first and biggest action by the Federal Police involving major contractors in the country Judge Paulo Rigo authorized the lifting of bank secrecy today of all Petrobrasil CEOs.
The crimes revealed in the investigations show a systemic pattern of corruption.
Rigo? May I have your autograph? Thank you for everything, Judge.
MILLER & BRETCH HEADQUARTERS I'm tired of saying it.
And I want to see you all doing it right now.
How long before they talk? They can figure it out! That's their problem.
I'm not lifting a finger.
- Morning.
- What's up? Here are those who accepted your offer.
- What offer? - The offer to relocate abroad.
Fourteen, Maria Tereza? That's the entire department.
- I'm not going.
- Good to know, but I need more help.
- Contact Krug.
- Krug? Krug, Ms.
Maria Tereza.
Set up a meeting at my place.
- And buy the tickets.
- What tickets? For those who decided to leave.
But they've already left.
- Who authorized that? - You, sir.
Call Krug.
There's nothing here! I brought what I could from Miller & Bretch.
I cleaned the place out.
That's impossible! What is Ricardo Bretch's secret? Someone has to talk.
I don't know, an employee, a director.
Guilhome, let's focus on the executives.
I want to know how many and which departments.
Get me an organizational chart of Miller & Bretch, please.
Who does what in there.
Someone must know where this money is going.
It's still a mystery how Bretch reinjects the money.
But I'll figure it out.
What's your request, Deputy? The wiretapping of Ricardo Bretch.
The Club had 13 members.
I've only caught 12.
That's the main core of the task force.
They're all federal agents.
There are public prosecutors as well.
What level of information are you after, sir? Addictions, lovers, debts.
I want to know everything.
I want it yesterday.
- You're in a hurry, so I'll need a team.
- Whatever you need.
Son? - Aren't you at school? - No, I don't want to see anybody.
Are you forgetting who you are? So, how's it going? Trust yourself.
- He's talking to his son.
- Nothing? Nothing.
Stay here for a while.
What's up, Guilhome? Any news? Out of the 75 executives from Miller, fourteen left the country a day after the operation started.
- They left with their families.
- What? Fourteen executives left with their wives, children, in-laws.
They fled.
No one would take their in-laws on a business trip.
- Right.
- Nor on a leisure trip.
I've talked with the guys in Guarulhos and 67 people left the country one day after the operation started.
67! All 14 executives are from the same department.
The Structured Operations department.
- What does that mean? - I don't know yet.
What I do know is that everyone left, except the executive secretary.
- Name? - Maria Tereza Assunção.
- São Paulo? - Yes.
Get me a ticket to São Paulo.
Let's talk to Maria Tereza about this department The Structured Operations department.
I'll get your plane ticket.
Hello? Yes, it's me.
Yes, ultrasound and CAT scan.
Why did they send you the results, not me? Right.
I'm in the middle of a big work thing right now.
I can't just I need to go to São Paulo.
I can't have surgery now.
- What happened? - Nothing.
- Can I help? What's up? - Nothing.
This is Cláudio Amadeu, I am not available right now.
Please leave a message.
Something's happened to me and I need to talk to you.
Call me.
PUBLIC PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE I'm after a criminal.
Last week, I was after another criminal.
Last month, last year Ten, fifteen years ago, I was after a criminal.
And right now, there's someone doing something very wrong.
It's hurting another person.
It's hurting several people.
And I keep wondering if this person knows about it.
About what's being done.
Or if that person's pretending not to know.
Or just doesn't care.
Ibrahim has been released again.
We already know.
- Sorry, I shouldn't have come.
- Verena.
What's going on? I think they have to take out my uterus.
And Cláudio is with another woman.
There were 13 people in the Club.
But I've only caught 12.
I need to arrest Bretch, but I can't.
There's no end to this.
It might kill us.
I'm done.
And I think you should stop too.
How many days in hospital? I don't know, I can't.
I can only take two days.
Two days maximum.
You can schedule it.
I don't know.
Tomorrow? Verena? Open up.
Verena? Verena, open up! Verena, what happened? I've called you a thousand times.
Did you get my message? Verena, open up! Verena! Verena! That's former Deputy Ruffo.
A former federal deputy retired due to mental health issues.
He deals with Deputy Verena and Agent Guilhome.
Several boxes of Operation Jet Wash papers were found in his garage.
What is a former deputy with mental health issues doing with that? Fucking it all up.
Fucking it up, as usual.
What's the next step? - Get the lunatic's disciple suspended.
- Any ideas how? Send these to FP Internal Affairs.
Anonymous tip? They'll have to investigate.
Creator and creature.
Ruffo's protégé.
It was bound to happen.
Internal Affairs will handle the disciple, who will handle the master? Will you? No one will miss this asshole.
With the deputy suspended, the lunatic out of the way, my executives out of the country you're the only one left.
- I said what I had to.
- You said too much.
I was pressured.
That's the problem.
Resisting pressure, how much can one take? - You don't need to worry about me.
- Only time will tell.
Internal Affairs have asked me to suspend you and Guilhome.
To investigate you.
Verena, how did those archives end up with Ruffo? The Federal Police punishes those who seek the truth.
It punishes those who break the law You'd have to be born again to understand people like me and him.
Excuse me.
Things have cooled down, but they could heat up again.
PRESIDENTIAL OFFICE The important thing now is to replace the Minister of Justice to assure I can't do that! Very well.
Keep him if you want.
But he'll need to change the Federal Police Chief.
I can't.
- It's just too obvious.
- Obvious! Of course it is! But leaving things as they are will cost you much more than this temporary embarrassment.
Janete, listen to me for once in your life.
Curitiba is practically neutralized.
That's what we hope.
The most dangerous core of the Federal Police got thrown out.
Why did it take so long? They only got thrown out because Ricardo Bretch pulled some strings.
- It wasn't her.
- She doesn't listen to me.
She doesn't understand that if she doesn't stop She won't stop.
She won't.
And if she doesn't stop, we'll need to stop her.
It's not a difficult thing to do.
We need to lure Penha in.
We'll get Penha, no problem.
And Penha gets everyone else.
The media will help.
- Warn your friend at Leia magazine.
- Leia is already with us.
But to do that now, we need the entire media.
Radio, TV, newspapers.
We've got to sell the idea that they are the problem.
Fine by me.
Are you OK with this? It's what a vice-president must do.
Did you come to propose? Yes.
- Did they give you that drug? - What drug? That one that makes you drowsy and puts you to sleep.
I like the one they give you after that.
You like the one that wakes you up, right? I looked up the doctor.
The guy's good! It's going to be fine.
I never really had that maternal instinct anyway.
Ruffo Silvério's plea bargain It was you? - If I must confess - And that Diário Paulistano article? That leak - Was it you? - Yes.
I didn't do it because you couldn't do it yourself, you know that.
You did it because you can't keep away.
They suspended me.
- What do you mean? - I think someone was following me.
There are pictures of me at your house, of the documents in your garage.
They're doing to you exactly what they did to me.
They can suspend me, Ruffo.
But I can disagree.
I know.
Can you do something for me? - Verena - No, listen to me.
There's a secretary at Miller & Bretch, Maria Tereza.
No, I've quit.
I've quit.
This is a mechanism, something - An unstoppable turning of gears.
- Yes, but we can't let it go on.
Ruffo, they are 13.
I caught 12.
There's one left.
The biggest one.
We don't give up.
We help each other.
That's what we do.
Rest up.
Rest up.
This surgery will be OK.
You will get out of here.
You'll be fine.
Because you rock.
I'm very proud of you.
We'll talk about it when you get out.
You can let go of the mechanism but the mechanism won't let go of you.
Asshole! I was just telling Regina that Beta is looking great.
She looks just like Mrs.
Julieta, her grandma.
She looks just like her grandma.
What are you doing in my home? Common interests.
Such as? Such as a person who is afraid of you.
And of me, as well.
- Who? - Marco! - Who? - Marco! - Dad! - Who? - Ricardo Bretch.
- Dad! Stop! You're scaring the girl.
You scared the girl.
I'm going to arrest both of you.
That is not going to happen.
I mean, you can kill me but you won't arrest me.
I can help you get Bretch.
I don't need your help.
I'll give you Bretch.
And you forget about me.
That way, I get rid of both of you.
I don't make deals with criminals.
That's rather close-minded.
In Brazil, nowadays Ruffo Ricardo Bretch is way bigger than me.
I'm just I'm just a retailer.
One steals a lot, the other a little.
Both steal.
They're both criminals in my book.
That's debatable.
But it's simple.
You won't get Bretch without my help.
If there's no deal, he'll get away.
And I don't know if that's a good thing for you.
I'd say not.
I'm going to arrest both of you.
You and Bretch.
You're going to share a fucking cell.
- He didn't stop? - Get out.
- He promised? - Out.
Regina Give Beta a kiss.
She's gorgeous.
MILLER & BRETCH ORGANIZATIONAL CHART 2014 The mechanism is a cancer, Regina.
It's a human meat-grinder.
It has no soul, no limit and no ideology.
We struggle to survive and it adds insult to injury.
It laughs to our faces.
It shits on our heads.
Sometimes, I think all this effort is in vain.
That it'll lead to nothing.
I am not able to quit, Regina.
I'll keep on fighting, even if it means losing you.
I promise I'll come back.
Wait for me, if you can.
If you can't don't forget I love you.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Mark it on your cards.
I'm sure a lot of people will take a little cash home.
Another number.
A lucky number! Mark it on your cards.
Number 66.
Mark it.
Mark it horizontally, vertically.
Mark your lucky number.
Another number - Did you call number 31? - Not yet, ma'am.
But mark it away because your lucky number will come! Another one came out! 75! 7-5! Mark it on your cards.
Mark it horizontally, vertically.
Another number is coming up.
Number 13! Anyone got it yet? And one more.
Someone will be taking this money home.
Excuse me.
Is this seat taken? - No, be my guest.
- Thank you.
Two, seven! What's your name? Maria Tereza.
And yours? Nice to meet you.
Marco Ruffo.