The Mechanism (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

Where Does the Mud Come From?

Truth be told, I suffer from voluntary amnesia.
I spend my days trying to forget the price I paid to get where I am.
I know.
It hasn't been all losses though.
I got it, darling.
I showed the world that Roberto Ibrahim was a goddamned crook.
The man's an artist.
Ibrahim? We have a warrant for your preventive custody.
- On what charges? - Capital flight.
I locked him up.
If only temporarily.
You never went to college, and now you get 15 years.
Maybe 20.
- Step on it, Nogueira! - Amen, Nogueira! - Don't leave me in here with this lunatic! - [both laugh.]
I helped Verena rise in the police ranks.
If it hadn't been for my backstage intervention and Guilhome's help Good morning.
Federal agent Luis Carlos Guilhome, Financial Crimes Division.
This is the money that flowed into Ibrahim's account.
she'd never have caught JPR.
- [Samira.]
Where did you get the car? - [JPR.]
It was a gift from Ibrahim.
And he paid in cash, didn't he, João Pedro? We have a warrant for your preventive custody issued by the 13th Court of Curitiba.
JPR's arrest was a landmark.
You're a living time bomb who could blow this country! [Ruffo.]
The money Vander found at his home and the records Verena uncovered connected Ibrahim's dealings - [Ibrahim.]
Would 500 cover it? - Try 600, honey.
to Petrobrasil, along with Janete, Thames and Gino's campaign.
Never before in this country's history [Ruffo.]
My persistence changed Brazil.
Without it, Rigo wouldn't have locked up 12 of Brazil's biggest contractors.
I don't know if it was worth it for me.
I was kicked out of the force.
I lost what little money I had.
You're proposing a plea bargain, then? Precisely.
If the parties agree, the plea bargain is official.
I faced Rigo.
[computer smashes.]
You're under arrest for defacing public property! [Ruffo.]
A hardheaded judge.
I put a bullet in my head [gunshot.]
[dogs barking outside.]
and put my wife and daughter through hell.
[heart rate monitor beeps.]
I put Verena and Guilhome in the crosshairs of Ricardo Bretch, the 13th contractor.
The most dangerous of all.
- [Ricardo.]
The core of their task force.
- How many federal agents? [Ricardo.]
Vices, lovers, debts I want their bloody guts.
The bastard put them in the crosshairs of Internal Affairs.
It was a lot of pressure.
Verena was strong-willed, but her body couldn't keep up.
She caught a uterine infection and had to go under the knife.
And now, in trying to get to the son of a bitch [bingo caller reads numbers.]
I was lying to his secretary, the sole witness to his crimes.
What's your name? Maria Tereza.
You? [Ruffo.]
Yeah, it was a shitshow in the making.
None of this had to happen.
Do you get now why I suffer from voluntary amnesia? [someone coughing.]
Brazil is very weird.
If I say a leftist politician is a criminal, I'm a fascist.
If I point out a crooked right-winger I'm called a champagne socialist.
Ideology [he laughs.]
makes you blind, believe me.
But I'm not blind.
In order to follow me, you have to be less of a loser than this fellow who is constantly checking his phone.
Or than the guy that looks down every time I run into him.
[conductor announces next station over PR system.]
[brakes screech.]
Do you know anyone who gets off the train one station before the last stop and gets on another train headed in the same direction? Exactly.
Aside from me, no one would do this.
[train hisses.]
But that blonde woman and those two guys have just done that.
And you can bet they will also board the next train.
A train on the same line that is going to the same station as the train they were just on, as if they were crazy.
As if I was crazy.
But I'm not crazy.
And they aren't either.
None of them believed they could fix Brazil on their own.
[brakes screech.]
They were agents hired by Miller & Bretch and they were there to follow me.
[train accelerates.]
[conductor announces next station over PR system.]
And the worst part is that I was leading them to Maria Tereza, Ricardo Bretch's secretary and sole firsthand witness to the crimes.
I know.
I could leave her waiting at the bar and go somewhere else, but I decided to take a risk and make it all or nothing.
Hello, Maria.
- How are you? - Great.
If it gets bad, I'll let you know.
[Ruffo clears his throat.]
It got bad, I'm letting you know now.
What happened? Look at the door behind you.
Behind you.
A blonde lady is about to walk in.
Tall and attractive.
Yeah Lethal.
- That one is Lethal.
- What is this? Right after, a fellow will come in, wearing a gray T-shirt, glasses, his T-shirt reads "Maine".
Backpack, probably filled with explosives.
We call him Menace.
After him there's another guy wearing a light-colored shirt and dark coat over it.
Looks like a good-natured guy from the countryside.
But he isn't.
His nickname is Slow Death.
- What's going on? - They are here to kill you.
- Kill me? - Structured Operations.
We both know what that means, and so do they.
- What do we do? - Come with me.
It was a risky idea that could go wrong, but you can't face the fauna that inhabits Brasília without taking a few chances.
[Maria Tereza.]
What is this? A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES You invited me to this pagode And warned me "There's no poor people in here" You even asked me to tread lightly Because I've got some color I'm a bit dark Here we can really find The cream of the crop Doctors, gentlemen, even magnates With all the drinking and the talking I came to a conclusion If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left, brother If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left, brother If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left [dramatic music.]
Where are we going? To your house.
It's going to be fine.
- I'm a police officer.
- Police officer? [Maria Tereza.]
Ricardo wouldn't do something like that to me.
Yeah, but he did.
Everyone hightailed it out of Brazil, you're the only one left.
You're the only witness, he sent his men to get rid of you.
- What do I do then? - You come with me to Curitiba.
- Curitiba? - You tell me everything you know.
- OK.
- I'll help.
No! Stay there, I have to use the bathroom.
[Ruffo sighs.]
Plínio Bretch, Ricardo's father.
A fucking scumbag.
And yet, Maria Tereza had his picture in her dining room.
That's when I realized that it wouldn't be easy to win her over by scaring her.
After staying a week in São Paulo, - I'm not one to leave empty-handed.
- [camera shutter clicks.]
[Maria Tereza.]
But what are you Get out of my house! Mr.
Bretch did a lot of bad stuff.
You know that, and he knows you know.
He pays for my son's rehab.
Do you have any idea what it's like? You can't get arrested.
Your son needs you.
- [Ruffo.]
You have to listen to me.
- Get out! [Ruffo.]
Listen to me! [she sighs.]
Listen to me.
- Get out.
- [Ruffo.]
Listen to me.
[Ruffo inhales and exhales deeply.]
You have my number.
When you figure out that I'm the only one who can help you, give me a call.
At least that bastard Ibrahim was wearing an ankle monitor, under house arrest, with nothing to do except watch soap operas and daytime TV.
[dog whimpers.]
[classical music plays.]
[in Spanish.]
The professional is here.
The tech guy! [Ruffo.]
But Ibrahim had his beginnings in Paraguay, flying planes for a guy called Pablo, a cigarette smuggler.
Let's get rid of this crap.
What do you think, Doc? [Pablo inhales and exhales deeply.]
With aluminum foil, huh? Paraguayan technology.
It blocks the signal, see? [Pablo.]
So whoever is controlling it thinks the signal was lost.
How many boxes are you smuggling? - We're still doing the math.
- [Juliano.]
That's up to Pablo.
Retail is fickle, am I right? But we have to start small.
About 6 or 7 thousand in the first month.
Packs? - No, boxes, of course.
- And since when is that retail? What kind of money is that? Can I have some? This is "pocket money.
" It's not for sharing.
Leasing the riverbank got expensive.
Right, Pablo? - [in Spanish.]
Very expensive.
- Very expensive.
- Where is the real money? - [Ibrahim.]
We can't touch that.
The bank is on the other side of the world, Ibrahim.
The money isn't even under your name! No way the Feds are in on it.
Yes, but the DA is, right? - This itches, doesn't it? - Itches - And vibrates.
- [Ibrahim laughs.]
The son of a bitch was even more cunning than I thought.
He took all the money that he had left.
This wasn't included in the package.
He put his ankle monitor on Luz Maria, his wife's sister - [Stella.]
How long is she staying? - [Ruffo.]
and went to work.
She will be keeping you company.
Her daughter is studying abroad.
A daughter who's away is impossible to replace, but an exiled husband is much easier.
Oh, baby, our thing here, you and me This here is forever.
It's a saga, isn't it, my little cutie pie? Love you.
[Stella groans.]
- I love you.
- [in English.]
Show me the money.
- [Luz.]
- Bye, Meatball.
[Stella sighs.]
There are a bunch of pictures of us going in and out of the house.
They had an eye on us the whole time.
It is Ruffo's house.
He can have as many visitors as he wants.
Antônio? It's Diva.
Is everything all right? Water heating, pressure? [Guilhome.]
Ricardo got what he wanted.
Let's sort this out.
Keep the hearing on the same date.
I've already rescheduled.
You need to recover.
If you need anything, call me.
He could have offered to stay the night, couldn't he? I didn't ask you to come, Mom.
If my house wasn't being renovated, I wouldn't mind staying, OK? - [Verena.]
- Are you in pain? [keys jingle.]
No, I'm fine.
- What are you doing? - [Verena groans.]
- I have to get back to work.
- No, I can't discharge you.
You risk aggravating your condition.
It's all right, Doctor.
Nobody has to have children.
Look, I can sign a liability waiver.
The truth is that Operation Jet Wash was a war, and like any war, it had its death and injury toll.
Verena lost her uterus.
She would never be able to have children.
She was hurt and the child that she hadn't yet had was dead before it was even born.
[doorbell rings repeatedly.]
[Verena sighs.]
- Verena Cardoni? - [Verena laughs.]
May I? I don't know if it's the best one, but I know you like it.
I do.
- May I? - Slowly.
- [Vander.]
Ouch - [Verena.]
Thank you.
There's either been a hurricane here or the party last night was amazing.
[Verena laughs.]
[cell phone beeps.]
I should have realized that Verena couldn't fight that war anymore But I suffered from voluntary amnesia and wouldn't let it go.
[cell phone rings.]
- Ruffo? - [Ruffo.]
Maria Tereza's planner.
Did you see the figures? They're politician payoffs, right? And the cell phone number? "Mr.
R" must be Mr.
"2" is a second line.
Local area code from Salvador.
You could bug it, couldn't you? As if Rigo would approve a wiretap request from me.
He won't approve anything before the Internal Affairs hearing.
Sneak it into another case.
I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
Ricardo got you suspended by Internal Affairs.
Turn the tables on him! - Wasn't the secretary going to talk? - [Ruffo.]
I don't think so.
Your best shot is this Mr.
I think you should wiretap him.
I'm going back to Curitiba.
Regina is acting weird.
I'm going back home, right? OK, bye.
Has anything come up from the wiretap on Ricardo's office? He's very smart, Verena.
Nothing gets by him, nothing at all.
He saves the dirty stuff for a different line.
Look at this.
His secret phone number.
Ruffo found it in the secretary's planner.
And he wants you to wiretap it.
He's asking you to do the same thing that caused you and Guilhome to get busted.
I asked him to go after the secretary.
I needed to have surgery, so I asked him.
He did me a favor.
An illegal wiretap? - You'll get caught by Internal Affairs.
- So what Ricardo did was right? Are you asking me to wiretap a number illegally? Of course not, Vander.
- Like I would ask you to do that.
- [Vander laughs.]
What about this number? [man.]
He's hiding something.
He's been meeting a woman.
Isn't that the Police Chief? No, not the Police Chief, no.
A lover, maybe? [knocking on door.]
- Why aren't you picking up my calls? - I'm in a meeting.
Have they scheduled the hearing with the two feds at Internal Affairs? I'm looking into it, Dad.
Even if they get sacked, others will take their place.
I know that.
- Who will take their place? - Later, Dad.
I'm busy.
- [Emílio.]
Later may be too late.
- I'll take that chance.
Ricardo Bretch was hard to catch.
The son of a bitch was obstinate and meticulous.
He knew that if Maria Tereza talked, the shit would hit the fan.
Lover or not, that's Maria Tereza from Structured Operations.
He's with Maria Tereza.
But where is she? We have to find that woman.
- [Eva.]
What is 342, Ricardo? - [Ricardo.]
Extension 342.
He wouldn't let her roam free for too long.
[dials number.]
[ringing tone.]
- [woman.]
Hello? - Who is this? Good afternoon.
- Where is Maria Tereza? - [Regina.]
She hasn't come to work today.
Do you want to leave a message? [Ruffo.]
The question was, which one of us was going to find her first? FEDERAL JUSTICE CURITIBA With Ricardo's investigation on hold, we can't have anyone out in the field.
I can't extend the contractors' stay indefinitely.
The solution is preventive custody.
- They won't talk in just one week.
- I have to keep them under pressure.
They have to talk.
We know this isn't a conventional request.
But what is the basis for that? The guys are loaded and have the politicians in their pockets.
If we can't bring them down, they'll bring us down.
- That's not an argument.
- But it's true.
Besides Ricardo, 12 other contractors were also behind bars.
The rule was to put pressure and see if one of them spilled the beans.
Did the judge request preventive custody for everyone? Eleven preventive orders? I don't like the way things are headed, you hear, Agostini? What matters is that they have nothing on any of you.
The extension is to see if something comes up.
But what if it does? Keep it together, Tom.
And keep everybody else in line, because if one of them talks, you all go down.
Fuck, Tom, what do you mean indefinitely? Fucking arbitrary crap.
This is bullshit! Preventive detention is normal.
We'll appeal it.
- It's best to take a deal.
- [Tom.]
No, we can't take a deal.
We'd have to rat out on everyone and everything, bring Brasília down.
Brasília doesn't give two shits about us.
Look where we are.
Fuck them.
Let it crumble down.
Listen Do you see any politicians under arrest here? [Tom.]
You don't, and you won't, they're all slick bastards! We have to get out of here with our heads held high and keep on doing business the way we always have.
[man 1.]
Fuck business.
- I want to see my grandkids.
- [man 2.]
I vote for a deal.
Take a look.
Look there.
He's taken a plea bargain.
He's still sitting there, under arrest, same as we are.
Look there.
The sons of bitches are looking at me.
They aren't looking at you.
They're looking at me.
The money man got out.
JPR didn't get out only because he's been charged with racketeering - otherwise he'd be out as well.
- Eleven contractors working together.
What do you call that? [Ruffo.]
In Brazil, it's better to steal alone.
According to the Constitution, more than three criminals working together is a racket, and racketeering means jail time.
Janete never listened to me.
I can't get a word in.
It's the most complete case of ineptitude in the history of this country.
Of humanity, isn't it? Well, if you had voted for me We'd have lost the election.
Yes, it might have been better.
Good morning, gentlemen.
I won't eat anything because I'm already late.
[he exhales.]
Very well.
What can I do for you? [Ruffo.]
Just do the math.
Vice President Thames, Senator Lúcio Lemes, Representative Penha, and His Excellency Maximiliano da Fonseca, from the Supreme Court.
According to Brazilian Law, that's racketeering.
We want to make sure the Supreme Court will stop the bleeding.
Can you assure us of that? [he inhales slowly.]
Public opinion is also an important factor.
The best action would be to nip it in the bud, before it gets to us: cover our asses with the Police and the Prosecutor General.
Janete can't do that.
So we let it bleed up to the point where the sludge swallows her party whole.
Then you take charge, get everything under control The new president dismisses the case.
And throws Curitiba into confusion.
- Buries it, rather.
- [glasses clink.]
The country will have a First Lady again.
A lovely one, at that.
Will you excuse me? I need to talk to a colleague.
It was a pleasure meeting you.
Thames's racket wanted the contractors in jail to bury Janete once and for all.
But it wouldn't be easy.
There were some powerful people who wanted to get them out - Your Excellency! - [Ruffo.]
and keep Janete in power.
- How are you? - Fine, thanks.
How are you? And you gentlemen? - We still need to talk.
- Of course.
- I'll be waiting.
- Sure.
- If you'll excuse me.
- Please.
Minister Dudinha, Plínio Bretch, the lawyer Pedro Agostini, and His Excellency Torrone, from the Supreme Court.
Racketeering again.
I don't trust my colleagues.
It would be best if this didn't reach us.
I agree.
There's no need to take chances.
Tom is holding the fort in Curitiba.
Not everyone would keep a cool head like him.
Extending temporary arrest, getting preventive prison without evidence Curitiba has free rein.
It's turned into a rogue court.
Well, there's only one way out You have to politicize the investigation, bring in the left-wing media, denounce this preventive detention order as a violation of human rights.
Torture, even.
A modern-day rack to force them to talk.
Will you talk to her? She won't listen to me.
It has to be Gino.
It's OK if she won't meet with me, but you're her minister! [Dudinha sighs.]
It has to be Gino.
Damn it, Janete, you won't even listen to me? Have you forgotten that I'm the one who put you on this chair? [Ruffo.]
Now, Gino and Janete are only two people.
Not racketeering.
What is Dudinha doing with Plínio Bretch? - Does he work for him or for me? - [Gino.]
Dudinha is negotiating.
Torrone wants you to denounce the preventive prison of the contractors.
Call it torture, violation of human rights, say that Rigo is pulling bullshit.
Negotiating with contractors, Gino? Not just any contractor.
These ones have always helped us.
- They have nothing to complain about.
- That's not the point.
You can't play the game by yourself.
If you do nothing, it will all fall apart.
But the President is right.
An extension of temporary custody followed by a preventive detention order That is, indeed, an instrument of coercion into a plea bargain.
Under such conditions, the contractor will say anything that Judge Rigo wants him to say.
What judge Rigo is doing is judicial torture.
We're back to a dictatorship.
What the hell? [man on TV.]
It's a violation of human rights.
[man 2.]
Violation of human rights is embezzling resources from public health, education and safety.
That kills people.
But that doesn't justify disregard for due process.
- That's your opinion.
- It's happening.
[woman on TV.]
Throughout this week, a lot has been said about Judge Rigo's actions.
He has proven himself strict.
[man 1.]
Strict is an euphemism for tyrant, isn't it? [woman.]
That's the big question: is he politically motivated or is he simply following the law? Roundtable will be right back.
What does "tyrant" mean? It's someone who rules arbitrarily.
[he sighs.]
Who places themselves above the Law.
They talked about you in school.
Good or bad? About me? Yes, I couldn't understand.
FEDERAL POLICE HEADQUARTER Federal Police Chief Verena Cardoni and Federal Agent Luis Carlos Guilhome do you confirm that these pictures are undoctored? - [Verena inhales.]
I'm not an expert.
- Do you recognize yourself? [inspector.]
Recognize yourself, Agent? That's me.
And this one over here? Never seen it.
This diagram was attached to the former police chief's garage wall.
I cannot attest to that.
- [scoffs.]
Have you ever been there? - Yes, but I've never seen that.
Have you granted access to any investigative material to former Federal Police Chief Marco Ruffo? No.
Do you or the Agent know how this material may have arrived at the former Police Chief's hands? I see adhesive tape, magazine clippings A stationery store, maybe? A newsstand? [inspector.]
Do you frequent the former Police Chief's house? The one who is still investigating even after being dismissed from the Federal Police for mental health issues? [Verena.]
You gave me two pieces of information.
I can only confirm one of them: we frequent Marco Ruffo's house.
Now, whether he's investigating something on his own, that I don't know.
But if anyone wanted to destroy an operation, they could merge those details and accuse the command of leaking intel.
Are you saying that's what I'm doing? That Internal Affairs has an interest in impairing the task force, is that it? - I'm answering to an anonymous accusation.
- [Cláudio.]
Inspector about the evidence, Deputy Verena hit on a crucial point.
The burden of proof.
Prosecutor, you're here in a listening capacity.
What's at stake here is a clear attempt to dismantle an operation.
- Please restrain yourself, Deputy.
- [Guilhome.]
Inspector why were these pictures even taken? The investigated are trying to kill our investigation! Internal Affairs is duty bound to investigate the matter.
- And we just sit and wait? - We are not waiting.
Let the record show that the accused have attacked the reputation of the inspectors and disrupted the proceedings.
Session adjourned.
[indistinct muttering.]
Ricardo Bretch's plan was simple: use my connection with the Jet Wash task force to pressure Verena, and that asshole Cláudio was evidently not helping.
- [Cláudio.]
Verena - [Ruffo.]
Verena was on edge.
Verena! [Ruffo.]
Sooner or later, she was going to fuck up somehow.
Verena! [bangs door.]
Fuck, Guilhome, that's bullshit! This isn't right.
There's a lot of money involved there, kid.
Do you think Ricardo Bretch would let it slide? Fuck, the son of a bitch must be celebrating by now.
Like, laughing at us, damn it.
I'm sure he is.
And we're here drinking coffee with our arms crossed.
I still have that number that Ruffo got from the secretary's planner.
- That smells fishy, you know? - I know.
You think I should wiretap it? Slip it into some other case? Don't even think about it, kid.
It's one thing having the chief in the hands of Internal Affairs over unauthorized leaks.
An agent in the hands of a judge over a wiretap is something else.
You could go to prison.
Don't do it.
Verena! - [Verena sighs.]
- Ruffo needs to come in.
That was paid for, Cláudio.
That's a pro's work.
Get Ruffo to own up to what he did.
Ruffo helped me.
- They are going to end you.
- They'll try, Cláudio.
It won't be the first time.
- You like playing the victim, don't you? - Victim, huh? Victim is whoever's playing house with you.
[car horn beeps.]
And the cherry on top of Verena's karma, Renata, that asshole's wife, showed up.
[pop music plays over car stereo.]
Hey, honeybun.
Hey, how are you? Well [sighs.]
It's hard dealing with the Feds.
Who is she? - The Police Chief? - Yes.
So that's Verena.
[she laughs.]
- Yes.
- I thought she was older.
Did you miss me? I missed you, Cláudio.
It's beautiful, isn't it? What are we doing here, Pablo? [in Spanish.]
You wanted to know where we're smuggling the cigarettes.
Are they coming through here? - [Pablo.]
No! - Where's my port? Just around the river bend.
- Three kilometers away.
- Three? [Pablo.]
There's your port.
Thirty feet wide.
It's the best riverbank on the whole river.
It will bring us big money.
My friend, I can only see rocks here.
Yes, but it's very relaxed.
No need to worry.
I've been doing this for 20 years.
You'll feel the adrenaline rush.
I prefer this spot.
Police will never suspect a port near the Friendship Bridge.
But if we're expanding to arms and drugs, - it will be small.
- We're not expanding to arms and drugs.
I'm a family man.
I'll stick to the basics.
Buy cigarettes in Paraguay and bring them to Brazil, OK? [Juliano.]
You gonna wait for us at the warehouse? Yes, I can look after the distribution.
Don't forget the money to pay off the Brazilian cops.
Are you teaching grandma how to suck eggs now? [Ibrahim.]
That's the basics, Pablo.
Smuggling 101, Pablito.
Humility is a beautiful virtue.
Let's begin at the bottom.
Ibrahim came from nowhere.
He knew how to deal with hardship.
But his wife, Stella, was used to abundance.
- How much does he have in his account? - I have no idea.
But it's under your name.
- I only lent him my name, Stella.
- [Stella.]
Leased it.
- Get a balance statement.
- Just let it be.
[Stella sighs.]
How does the bank manager treat you? - They all but roll out a red carpet.
- [Stella.]
It's big money.
Let's find out.
Luz, Ibrahim is investing his last few pennies on that Paraguayan cigarette racket.
If it fails, he and you are fucked, do you understand? - OK, I'll talk to a lawyer.
- What lawyer? I'm your lawyer! [Ricardo.]
How could you let Maria Tereza get away? [man.]
I have people at her door 24/7.
She hasn't come back home.
- She must be with that crazy Police Chief.
- She isn't with him.
He flew back to Curitiba on his own.
If she were with him, you'd have been called to Curitiba - Where is she, Eva? - I don't know, Ricardo.
Set a watch on her son's rehab clinic.
Get the payment suspended.
The right thing to do, concerning a police investigation, would have been to keep tabs on Maria Tereza, but I had a wife and daughter and the fact that I was obsessed with justice didn't change what I felt.
I simply couldn't live without them.
FOR REN [he rattles the door.]
Good morning.
How are you? Here's part of our file.
Not everything is here.
And here's our coffee.
What's up, Vander? This is Mr.
Luiz, our candidate for Verena's position.
- Verena hasn't been dismissed yet.
- But she will be, Vander.
Right Come on, let me show you, here's the little room [Ruffo.]
In his rush to dismiss Verena, Roberval gave Vander what he needed to do the wrong thing, which was actually the right thing.
Illegally wiretapping Ricardo Bretch's secret phone.
After years at the Federal Police, I was finally able to buy a ranch in the São Paulo countryside.
It would be ironic if, at the end of this story, the ranch ended up being the place where my wife and daughter went to live away from me.
Regina? [Ruffo.]
That sucks, what would I do? Playing Don Quixote is one thing.
Being retired with no rights and no family is an entirely different thing.
And I wouldn't bear that for long.
[he sighs.]
Hi, Regina.
Why here? Everything is neglected, we didn't even take care of it properly.
[she sighs.]
I had to come.
Who paid for everything there? - You vanished, didn't call - I didn't.
- Five days.
- Six.
- Fine, six.
- What about next time? There's no next time, I was helping Verena.
There's the speech therapist, Beta's school - [Regina.]
Who pays for this? - [Ruffo.]
I'll figure out a way.
Your way doesn't work anymore, Marco.
Go away.
Go away.
Marco Go away! Beta.
Daddy will give you a kiss and then he's going.
[he kisses her.]
I love you.
[Ruffo sobs.]
I'm sorry [Ruffo sobs.]
[Ruffo sobs.]
[Ruffo sobs.]
I'm sorry [sobbing.]
[Ruffo gasps.]
[heavy breathing.]
[Ruffo coughs, sobs.]
I'm sorry [Ruffo breathes heavily.]
[car's open-door alarm beeps.]
[engine starts.]
[tires screech.]
[tires screech.]