The Mechanism (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

Del Este

[doorbell rings.]
Hey, Verena, I parked your car behind the building.
Thank you.
[inhales deeply.]
Well, I want this day to end soon.
- [Ruffo.]
Was it rough? - It was.
Yeah I haven't brought you Maria Tereza.
No, it's fine.
I'm toast at Internal Affairs anyway.
It doesn't matter.
Regina has put the house up for rent.
She's living with Beta at the ranch.
Can I stay here? Yes.
Come on in.
Where did all the mud come from? [Ruffo.]
Good question.
Mud a viscous substance.
The sludge of decomposing organic matter.
Teeming with evil and dishonor.
Where it comes from, I don't know.
But I do know it was a sea of mud and I was bogged down in it.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES You invited me to this pagode And warned me "There's no poor people in here" You even asked me to tread lightly Because I've got some color I'm a bit dark Here we can really find The cream of the crop Doctors, gentlemen, even magnates With all the drinking and the talking I came to a conclusion If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left, brother If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left, brother If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left [alarm clock rings.]
[ringing tone.]
- [woman.]
Hello? - Hi, Eva.
Any news? [Eva.]
Huh? News? Good morning, Eva.
Any news? [Eva.]
It's 6:30 a.
, Ricardo! And I didn't get a report on yesterday's activities.
Any contact? Any activity at the clinic? - [Vander sighs.]
- [Eva.]
I'll check and get back to you.
[birds tweeting.]
[treadmill beeps.]
[treadmill beeps.]
[treadmill speeds up.]
[treadmill whirs.]
[cell phone rings.]
Hi, Eva.
Have they found Maria Tereza? Did they check her son's rehab? - [Vander sighs.]
- [Eva.]
I talked to one of the agents.
Maria Tereza hasn't been to the clinic or to her house.
Any news, call me on this number.
[Ricardo breathes heavily.]
[cell phone rings.]
DAD [cell phone rings.]
[doorbell rings.]
Hey, buddy.
I didn't call the pharmacy.
Oh, it's mine.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Verena, we have to talk about today.
- I'm late.
I have to get changed.
- I'll go to the Internal Affairs Office.
We'll tell them I took the documents and you knew nothing about it.
Terrible idea.
Forget that.
You You can't pay for something I did.
This doesn't help at all.
I'm going to get changed, excuse me.
Ruffo, Operation Jet Wash is over.
[cell phone rings.]
Hi, Dad.
I'm on the treadmill.
The fourth time.
Why won't you pick up when I call, Ricardo? [Ricardo.]
I'm on the treadmill, Dad.
Listen, I've been talking to Tom Carvalho's lawyer.
Tom has a cool head for now, but that guy is a ticking time bomb.
What would you do if you were locked up and a deal was your only way out? I'm not locked up and never will be.
Listen, I want to know about that pair of Feds, about their trial.
Did you sort that out? Everything is under control.
Control? What control, Ricardo? I did what had to be done.
Today, Internal Affairs give their final verdict.
The evidence is robust.
They'll be convicted, I'm sure of it.
I hereby declare open the investigative activities of the Internal Affairs Office, concerning Agents Verena Cardoni and Luiz Carlos Guilhome.
Agents Forensics found no evidence that the photos were doctored.
We never claimed that the pictures had been doctored.
The pictures indicate that both you and the investigative material were at the same location.
That is sufficient evidence for both your dismissals.
What I don't understand is why we have to stop being Ruffo's friends.
Stop being so stubborn! I can help! [Plínio.]
I don't know why you insist on acting alone.
You're not alone.
Those two are done.
Curitiba is not a threat anymore.
Everything is sorted out, let me work out.
We remained friends with the family.
We kept on visiting his house.
He has a wife, Regina.
He has a daughter, Beta.
Regina is my friend.
Whenever we had time, we dropped by their house.
[Vander pants.]
[elevator bell rings.]
Good afternoon.
Uh I'm here to give a testimony.
- [officer.]
Your name isn't on the list.
- I don't work with lists.
You can't go in! It's a restricted area of the Federal Police! Twenty years as a Fed, lady.
No area is restricted to me.
Security! I really don't see myself or Guilhome as the enemy.
I think you're shutting down the operation.
And whoever is behind this must be thrilled.
[Vander pants.]
Deputies, the evidence against you is robust and irrefutable.
All that's left is to fill out our report and your resignation papers.
[door opens.]
[Vander pants.]
Excuse me, gentlemen.
Inspector, I'd like to present new evidence concerning this case.
What is this, Agent? Please.
[Ruffo breathes heavily.]
This is terribly wrong and I must say something.
Ruffo! Ruffo! I have key evidence to present.
Please, Deputy, sit down.
Agent, show us the evidence that you have brought.
I did what had to be done.
Stop being so stubborn! I can help! [Plínio.]
I don't know why you insist on acting alone.
You're not alone.
Those two are done.
Curitiba is not a threat.
Everything is sorted out, now let me work out.
I know, the wiretap was illegal.
But fuck it! In order to get out of the mud, anything goes.
I thought Ricardo was more careful than that.
So did we, right? Anyway [Verena.]
I'm glad everything worked out.
Water under the bridge, right, Dimas? Now it's just getting started.
With this recording, Rigo will authorize the arrest.
Yes, it's just getting started.
Yes, man.
Regina has had enough, you know? But, maybe, it's best for you to give her some time, right? Yes.
I'm crashing here.
That's my bed.
Verena doesn't say anything because she's being polite.
I know when I'm being a nuisance.
She's a woman, she's got her things Likes to be alone - Does he know about the recording? - No.
First thing tomorrow morning.
Ricardo just took things to a whole new level.
That extra bedroom you have at your place.
Any chance that I can? [Guilhome laughs.]
Back at my place? You can.
Yes, you can.
You just can't right now because I have a problem there, I'm fixing it, right? - Fixing what? - Water damage.
Oh, boy My neighbor is taking care of it.
- Complicated He's complicated.
- Oh, boy.
[doorbell rings.]
[doorbell rings repeatedly.]
I thought it wasn't a good idea to talk about Roberval.
- What's up, Sheriff? Everything OK? - [Ruffo.]
Hey, good evening.
Are we out of beer? [Dimas.]
No, there's beer.
Everyone brought some.
Except you.
[Cláudio laughs.]
- Help yourself.
- Come on.
I'm feeling thirsty.
- [Dimas.]
How are you? - [Renata.]
[someone sighs.]
Let's go.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Renata, Cláudio's wife.
- Verena.
How are you? - Fine.
I went to pick up Cláudio the other day and I saw you saying goodbye to him.
- Well, this is Guilhome, my partner.
- Hi.
You've already talked to Ruffo.
Vander - How are you? - [Vander.]
- Would you like anything to drink? - No, I don't drink.
Oh You're a prosecutor as well, aren't you? - I am.
- Right, Dimas mentioned it.
I was working in São Paulo, then Cláudio moved here, and I came along.
- Bad move.
- What? Curitiba or Cláudio? - Forget about it.
- [Cláudio.]
A toast! Guilhome.
- [Vander.]
Guilhome? - [Guilhome.]
Me? [Ruffo.]
Come on.
To the Feds.
- [Cláudio sighs.]
- Who would have thought? - Arresting Ricardo Bretch - [Cláudio inhales.]
That would have been unthinkable not that long ago.
Arresting him is one thing.
Dismantling their operation is another.
We'll have our hands full.
I'm here.
- You can't handle all of it.
- [Cláudio.]
- I'd like to work with you.
- Oh, Renata Why not? [Cláudio sighs.]
Because things will get messy.
What's the big deal, Cláudio? For me? None.
But I think it's weird to push it on Dimas.
"Push it"? What if he doesn't want this? He'd be embarrassed to say it because you're my wife.
Ask in a way that leaves him at ease.
Oh, I don't know how to do these things, baby.
You know that.
- [Renata.]
You do know how to do it.
- I'll show you what I can do, OK? - [door buzzes.]
- OK.
[they laugh.]
- [Plínio.]
What control, Ricardo? - [Ricardo.]
I did what had to be done.
Stop being so stubborn! I can help! I don't know why you insist on acting alone.
You're not alone.
Those two are done.
Curitiba is not a threat.
Everything is sorted out, now let me work out.
We could order Ricardo's arrest on grounds of obstruction of justice.
Right? The Miller & Bretch operation yielded excellent material.
Excellent and hard to crack, but Guilhome is mapping out the offshore accounts.
Now, Ricardo commissioned a dossier to disqualify our task force and raise suspicions about our work This area code is for Salvador, right? It's the area code for Ricardo's phone.
What's this number? Does he use more than one line? It's a Miller & Bretch direct line.
That's "Mr.
I don't remember authorizing any wiretaps for a Salvador number on the Ricardo Bretch case.
- It was in another case.
- What do you mean? I thought it was from one case and put it into another.
You included this number in a different case? - Were you misleading me? - [Verena.]
Ricardo wanted to get me fired Deputy, wait a minute.
You were just facing disciplinary measures for using illegal methods and you're trying this on me? The operation is on hold.
Soon the contractors [Rigo.]
Do you have any familiarity whatsoever with criminal procedure? It's a process, Deputy.
Each step of the operation will be scrutinized.
Wait a minute.
You were suspended when this request was filed.
Who are you covering for? Deputy, I can find this out with a phone call.
Just an agent.
He did it by accident.
By accident or was he protecting you? - He has a clean record.
He would never - Name? Vander Santana.
[Rigo sighs.]
Who will report the agent's mistake to the superintendent? - Me or you? - I will.
I'll inform the judge about this "mistake".
We're shutting the wire down.
Will you bring Ricardo in for questioning? Have a good day, Deputy.
Verena and Ruffo.
Ruffo and Verena.
I taught her everything she knows about police work.
I taught her the right things and the not-so-right things.
At first she was able to tell them apart, but over time things get blurry.
Verena Cardoni.
So, are we arresting Ricardo Bretch? No.
Rigo figured everything out.
The Salvador area code caught his attention.
He also realized it couldn't have been me.
- I'm sorry.
- [Vander.]
But it wasn't you.
It was me.
- To help me, right? - Because I wanted to.
Man, that woman back there That huge ass Damn, she's fucking hot! [laughing.]
- She smells like, man - Jesus Christ.
[Paraguayan folk music plays over the radio.]
Hey, what's up man? We're screwed.
We're screwed.
Get that shit out of here.
HIGHWAY POLICE Are these boxes empty? No.
Do you have an invoice for them? [Vander.]
I know I made a mistake.
It won't happen again.
I'm sorry.
No one's going to buy that, Vander.
You were protecting Verena.
Roberval, I was alone and had so much work to do.
Verena and Guilhome were suspended.
It happens.
You'll be given a formal warning.
May I go? [Roberval.]
And Verena is doing to you the same thing Ruffo did to her.
[truck back-up beeper.]
What the fuck is this? What the fuck is this? Seized by the highway patrol.
What about the money for bribing them, where is it? Well, I paid the first ones.
I had to bribe the other ones with merchandise.
- Merchandise? - Yes.
All of it? [Pablo.]
The Brazilian Highway Police is heartless.
If we were in Paraguay, we'd be fine.
Goddamn it Fuck this.
[Ibrahim inhales.]
Ha! Fuck! [sizzling.]
What a show of incompetence, huh? You used to be much better at this.
You lost everything, Ibrahim? Well Not everything, right? We're still here.
That's good, right? Wonderful.
A little issue with the Highway Police.
It will take a little longer than I thought.
Longer? Do you remember how old I'll be next June? - 102? - [Luz laughs.]
Then you'll be 107, right, honey? I actually stopped counting, because it's a bit depressing.
But everything's fine.
She's older.
[Ibrahim laughs.]
What the hell? Are you going to advertise it? Nonsense.
I'm just kidding.
- [Ibrahim laughs.]
Advertise it! - [Juliano.]
I know.
You look great.
Don't be silly! [quietly.]
You'll have to do the wire transfer.
The what? The wire transfer.
I can't take any more of this.
- I'm not doing it.
- [Stella.]
You are.
I'll get the worst of it.
The ankle monitor is enough.
- [Stella.]
Yes, Luz.
- He'll know it was me.
Of course not! You'll do it little by little.
We'll take a little at a time, he won't even notice, get it? - The shit's going to hit the fan.
- Trust me.
This is going to turn to shit.
They have 43 offshore accounts where they keep the money.
Forty-three, but what comes out of one doesn't go into another.
- Where does it go? - It disappears.
No way to track it.
Perhaps they fraction the amounts, or there are other offshore accounts not on our list.
But we follow the trail, and then it's gone.
We need to understand the cash flow.
The cash flow is impossible to track.
Right, we need Ricardo's computer.
- No, we need Ricardo.
- [Verena.]
- [Plínio.]
Why won't you pick up the phone? - [Ricardo.]
I'm on the treadmill, Dad.
I've been talking to Tom Carvalho's lawyer.
Tom has a cool head for now, but that guy is a ticking time bomb.
- [Ruffo sighs.]
- [Plínio.]
Tom will end up talking.
Anyone would talk to get out of that place.
The guy will eventually break.
Put yourself in their shoes, Ricardo.
What would you do if you were locked up and a plea deal was your only way out? [audio rewinds.]
Put yourself in their shoes, Ricardo.
What would you do if you were locked up and a plea deal was your only way out? [audio rewinds.]
Put yourself in their shoes, Ricardo.
What would you do if you were locked up and a plea deal was your only way out? - [Verena.]
Hello? - [woman.]
Hello? Renata? It's Verena.
Is Cláudio there? [Renata.]
Verena? Hi.
Cláudio? [Renata.]
He is.
Come on up, Verena.
I'm running late.
I'll come up some other time, OK? Could you ask him to come down, please? [Renata.]
Oh, OK.
I will.
Verena? What's up? Has something happened? - I want to let JPR go.
- [Cláudio.]
What? We have to shake the jailbirds to get to Ricardo.
Send them a clear message.
- Hmm.
- Releasing a whistleblower is quite clear.
- It sure is.
- They have to talk.
They know enough to get to Ricardo.
Club 13.
- Twelve plus Ricardo.
- Shake them up, release JPR.
That's it.
And how do you plan on letting JPR go, exactly? [Verena sighs.]
I'm toast at the 13th.
Rigo doesn't even want to hear my name.
I thought that maybe you could go talk to him and suggest the idea.
[Cláudio sighs.]
What about the racketeering case? I don't know, Cláudio.
Come up with something.
Dimas won't agree to it.
I wouldn't be asking you if I had any other option, I swear.
[Cláudio sighs.]
- I'll deal with Dimas.
- [Verena.]
I'll make it happen.
Thank you.
Verena, I I didn't know if I was supposed to bring Renata to your house.
- I wanted to talk to you beforehand, but - It's perfectly OK.
[Cláudio inhales deeply, exhales.]
I wanted to explain how things happened.
Things happened, Cláudio.
[woman sighs loudly.]
Renata? Hi, I'm sorry, I just let myself in.
- Are you looking for Cláudio? - No Cláudio doesn't know I'm here.
Did you want to talk to me? Yes, I do.
[clears throat.]
Well, Dimas Uh I left a great team in São Paulo to moved here for Cláudio's sake.
Yes, I know.
I can't just sit around while you guys are in the eye of the storm.
- Mm-hmm.
- I really want to be a part of this.
Right Look, Renata, I I'd love to but I can't go behind Cláudio's back.
Do you think it would be weird to work with a couple? No, it's not that.
I just think you should talk to him first, you know? The two of you.
And then, if that's OK, we'll talk again.
I don't want to trample things over.
Hmm? [cell phone rings.]
Just a It's Júlia.
So, it's I'll be there at 3:30 p.
, all right? Wait for me in the lobby.
[to Renata.]
Talk to him.
How's the fever? - [Cláudio.]
Rigo? - [Rigo.]
Have a look at this.
The DA's Office has instructed the case, collected the evidence and is ready to move against JPR and his family.
I don't think there's enough reason to keep him detained.
His release is not a threat to these legal proceedings.
In fact, it even looks promising.
What looks promising? Releasing JPR.
We'd be sending a message to the other contractors.
They need to believe that, if they talk, they'll be released.
It would put some pressure on Ricardo Bretch.
- Have you been talking to Deputy Verena? - No.
This came from the DA's Office? DA's office.
From me.
Why? The deputy was intent on arresting Ricardo, but an agent made a mistake that compromised the recording.
It's a shame, because the recording was very clear.
An agent? Which agent? [Rigo.]
That's none of your concern.
I'll take a look at this.
- [Luz.]
256 - [Stella.]
- [Luz.]
QRW - [Stella.]
Son of a bitch! What? He's got 35 million.
- I'll transfer just a tiny bit.
- [Luz.]
How much? Twenty.
We're going to fuck it up.
Twenty thousand dollars A drop in the ocean.
It seemed meaningless, but, to us, it was the key to everything.
[laptop beeps.]
Whoa [Vander.]
What's up, Guilhome? That offshore account, Del Este.
A withdrawal was flagged.
Twenty thousand dollars.
What is 20 grand to Ricardo? [sighs.]
It's what his wife spends on her credit card every month.
And it gets better The money was transferred to a Brazilian account.
- Whose? - That's what I want to know now.
- I'll take care of this.
- I'll forward it to you.
We won't unravel Ricardo's scheme like this.
Oh, but we will.
There'll come a time when things will fall into place.
Ricardo is light-years ahead of us.
We have to figure out the account holder who received the 20 grand from Del Este.
[keys jingle.]
JPR? [door unlocks.]
You're showering at home today.
[JPR chuckles.]
Straight ahead.
I'm leaving.
Do you want me to take any messages for Sandra? For the kids? What is up with you? You're my daughter's godfather.
That's right.
Someday you'll understand.
We had made sense of this world.
And I believed in it.
And I'm the problem? [Tom laughs.]
How will you live out there, João Pedro? [JPR inhales deeply, exhales.]
Isn't it dangerous? Can I shower with this thing? No one's ever died from it.
Flávio will take you to the airport.
If you need to talk to your wife, borrow his phone.
Have a good trip.
[Verena inhales deeply, exhales.]
What's up? - [Vander sighs.]
- [Verena.]
Tell me.
- It's nothing.
- Tell me, Vander.
Letting this guy go, just like that? I don't like it either, but they do far worse, funneling millions Oh, it's a competition? Released on a plea bargain after turning in the largest corruption scheme in the country, João Pedro Rangel, former CEO of Petrobrasil, left the Federal Police HQ in Curitiba and arrived in Rio de Janeiro.
Recognized by some of the passengers, the whistleblower was harassed upon leaving the airplane.
[man shouts on TV.]
Wow, that's awful.
[people shout on TV.]
Thief, scoundrel! Film the criminal, do it! Thief! Son of a bitch! [man on TV.]
Go back to prison! [cell phone rings.]
CLINIC - ALBERTO Hello? [man.]
Maria Tereza, I'm calling from the Maria Efigênia Clinic.
Is Alberto all right? Yes, he's fine.
We're just calling to let you know that the monthly bill payments have been cancelled.
Cancelled? [man on phone.]
Yes, cancelled.
I'd like to know if you're going to rectify the situation or if you are picking up your son.
No, I'll pick him up.
Just tell me one thing Does he know that he has to leave? - [man.]
Not yet.
We will - No.
Don't say anything.
Let me tell him myself.
OK, thank you.
[she inhales deeply, exhales.]
Listen up, love, the logic here is simple.
It's a quota system, do you understand me? Ibrahim is the money man, Pepê is the state-owned CEO.
And you You have a big chance of being the contractor.
You're the richest guy, the one with the most connections.
You are the one with the most to offer.
Fuck, Tom, you're the man.
You're the man right now.
Well, but would you snitch on the ones who built their lives with you? [Kitano.]
Fuck, even my mother.
But Ibrahim didn't even leave me that.
[Tom laughs.]
What are you feeling? What's up? [man breathes heavily.]
[indistinct talking.]
It worked.
What's happening? [Verena.]
Fleeting turbulence.
They'll settle down.
[men talk worriedly.]
[man shouts.]
He's not feeling well! [Kitano.]
Someone has to call a doctor.
- [man.]
I can't bear it.
- [Kitano.]
What's wrong? [man.]
Lie down.
Are there any doctors there? - Where's the agent? - He's having an attack! [Kitano.]
The doctor's coming.
What am I supposed to do if a big shot croaks under my custody? Come with me, Verena.
They have nothing on us.
We aren't the ones who made the rules.
We build.
Each and every one of us here is a builder.
Airports, power plants, stadiums The ones who destroy are the guilty ones.
We aren't guilty of anything.
Vander, get in there and take Tom's blanket.
- Guantanamo? - [Verena sighs.]
It's more like a country club.
I'm sorry, Deputy, but I won't do that.
Guilhome, go and take it.
They kill people by denying social services, they kill the poor by not providing basic plumbing, they kill people in this endless urban war.
And then they play the victim, as if Brazil's problem was having too much justice.
[Tom shivers.]
It's a dirty game, but it's their game.
It shouldn't be ours.
Verena was being too tough.
But it was my fault.
I was the first one to set a bad example.
Lorival, wake up! [whispering.]
Here, look! Give this to Tom.
Hey, Tom! [Dimas.]
What's your problem, Cláudio? - What do you mean? - JPR was released and I wasn't informed! [Cláudio inhales deeply, exhales.]
- Verena used me.
- Right, Verena used you.
She came looking for me with this idea and asked me to talk to Rigo.
She said she wasn't welcome at the 13th, that Rigo had caught her red-handed, and that Ricardo's wiretap was illegal, but Rigo told me it wasn't her, it was an agent.
Anyway I didn't get all of it.
- But it was a play by Verena.
- And it didn't occur to you to clue me in? Dimas, she came by my place at 10 p.
She called me and I went downstairs.
Renata picked it up and was on my case, asking questions - That's your problem! - [Cláudio.]
OK, Dimas I did what I felt I had to do.
Oh, so everything's fine, right? Every man for himself? [inhales deeply.]
Good to know.
[door slams shut.]
[Cláudio sighs.]
[elevator bell rings.]
Here to ask me out to lunch? Why did you convince me to release JPR? Why didn't you go straight to Rigo? I told you.
Rigo wouldn't see me.
I don't have a lot of time for lunch.
I have to go.
Uh Rigo told me one of your agents slipped the wiretap into another case.
- Oh, he told you? - Mm-hmm.
- Hmm.
It must be true then, right? - Was it Vander? [elevator door opens.]
I don't know.
Did you use me, Verena? It might have worked.
It didn't.
At least Rigo doesn't think it was my idea.
Boys' night! - How's it going? - What's up? Man, the less I sleep, the less I sleep.
Are you like that too? - [Guilhome laughs.]
- [Ruffo.]
Yeah [Ruffo.]
- [Guilhome.]
Ruffo, Jorge.
- [Ruffo.]
- [Guilhome.]
Jorge, Ruffo.
- Nice to meet you.
Ruffo is a deputy for the Federal Police.
Former deputy.
- Jorge is a pilot.
- Dangerous stuff.
His route brings him through Curitiba.
Does it? I think it's dangerous.
Those things weren't meant to fly.
- [Jorge laughs.]
- Drink it up.
Thank you.
[Ruffo coughs.]
Yes! [Stella gasps.]
Well, a royal canasta.
Stella [Ibrahim.]
Little sisters playing cards That's lovely! [Stella.]
Boys! - Good, now we can play doubles.
- [Ibrahim.]
Has the madam been shopping? [Juliano.]
Many fancy stores.
Japanese food Come be my partner.
I'm getting my ass kicked by Stella.
You playing with mixed canastas? [Stella.]
Did you get it sorted? Mm-hmm.
I had some credit there.
Old friendships, right? Nothing spectacular, but we're in the game.
- [Stella, in English.]
Back in business.
- [Ibrahim.]
Come on Whisky, shopping, Japanese food Do you have money to spare, Stella? Have you by any chance been messing around with money that you shouldn't Or did you get a sugar daddy? A millionaire Italian baron? Jealousy, at this point, Ibrahim? Go on, Luz.
Your turn.
Where did you get the money, Stella? - Luz? - Huh? - I wouldn't mess with your money.
- No, right? "But then my sister told me to" So? It wasn't much.
[Ibrahim inhales deeply, exhales.]
How much? [Ibrahim.]
How much? [Ibrahim breathes deeply.]
Twenty grand.
[Ibrahim sighs.]
What about the water damage? Is it fixed? What water damage? [Guilhome.]
The damage in the spare room.
It's fixed.
- [cell phone rings.]
- Great.
That can be a pain.
What's up, Vander? Wait a second.
Go on.
Luz [Guilhome.]
Maria Damiani Caligari.
Thank you.
Luz Maria and Stella Maris.
A country music duo? Luz Maria is Stella Maris's sister.
- The sisters from Londrina? - [Ruffo.]
That's it.
Ibrahim's wife and sister-in-law.
The Del Este offshore account.
It was in Ricardo's things.
None of the accounts showed any movement.
Only that one.
I tracked where the twenty thousand ended up.
In Luz Maria's account.
[Ruffo laughs.]
Ricardo and Ibrahim Together.
I'll die a happy man now.