The Mechanism (2018) s02e03 Episode Script


A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES You invited me to this pagode And warned me "There's no poor people in here" You even asked me to tread lightly Because I've got some color I'm a bit dark Here we can really find The cream of the crop Doctors, gentlemen, even magnates With all the drinking and the talking I came to a conclusion If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left, brother If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left, brother If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left What's happening here makes no sense at all, but we've come here in good faith to clarify anything you want us to.
Good faith is important.
My client has nothing to say.
My sister is innocent.
- Your sister was wired $20,000 from - My client.
Your "client" was wired $20,000 from an account investigated by the DA and the Federal Police.
That makes roughly 60,000 reais.
Why would Ricardo Bretch give you 60,000 reais? - Who? - My client has nothing to say.
Do you work for Ricardo Bretch? - [Verena.]
You never have? - Never.
- He's your friend, then? - [Luz.]
Why would he give you 60,000 reais? [Stella.]
She is unaware of that fact.
Luz Maria, money entered your account and I need clarification on its origin.
I don't know.
It's from the Del Este account.
What can you tell me about this account? - We don't know anything.
- Then she's staying until we find out.
What do you mean? [Stella.]
Calm down.
You can't do that.
- I can't stay here! - Calm down.
We're going to look into your finances meticulously.
Right, Guilhome? - Any properties in your name? - No, she doesn't have any.
We'll do some research and see what comes up.
- It was a clerical error.
- Clerical error? [Stella.]
It's the only possible explanation.
- The bank has to explain it.
- The bank has nothing to do with this.
Let me break it down for you.
You were used to cover up financial crimes.
I can't say how many, other than this one.
- This is witness tampering.
- You will go to jail and you won't see a dime for covering up for them.
- We're leaving now.
- [Verena.]
You can go.
Your sister stays.
- It was a gift.
- Easy, Luz.
- The money was a gift? - She's done talking.
Was it a gift from Ricardo Bretch? Do you do know him? No, I don't.
Where did we find Del Este? In the Miller & Bretch search and seizure operation.
- The offshore account belongs to Ibrahim.
- Luz It's Ibrahim's money? The money, the account It's all his.
I loaned him my name and he paid me an allowance.
That's all I know.
[Luz trembles.]
[she throws down keys.]
What's up? - Is there a team at Ibrahim's door? - We have people all over the building.
- Any sign of the ankle monitor? - I know how to make an arrest.
This is weird.
Rigo authorized it? The sister-in-law spilled the beans.
He had no choice.
Well, we should have had this guy locked up since 2013.
- It's all we got, right? - Right, but I wish I could be there.
- [Verena.]
You've done enough already.
- [Ruffo.]
But I wish I could be there.
Take some pictures and send them to me.
I will.
I've only got three hours to get some sleep.
- [Verena.]
Are you crashing here? - [Ruffo.]
No, I won't [Ruffo.]
I'm seeing Beta tomorrow.
Send them both my regards.
- [Ruffo.]
Good night.
- [Verena.]
Good night.
- [beeping.]
- [Vander.]
Everything is in order.
The Lebanese must be asleep, the signal hasn't moved.
Copy that, my boy.
Let's get him out of bed, then.
[chicken squawks.]
[rock music plays over stereo.]
[rooster crows.]
[Regina laughs.]
[Regina laughs.]
I dropped by unannounced, but brought some dulce de leche, I know you like it.
- [Regina.]
I love it.
- I know.
[Regina laughs.]
Let's go inside and have some coffee.
Coffee with dulce de leche.
Yum Marco Ruffo [Ruffo clears throat.]
Where's Beta? Horseback riding.
What? On her own? You let her? No, of course not.
She's with Laurent, a neighbor.
With who? The son of a neighbor who used to raise horses nearby.
Laurent? [Ruffo.]
I don't remember anyone raising horses nearby.
Yeah, his father did, but then I guess he died, and Laurent came to sell his father's land.
Oh, yeah? Smells good.
Coffee from the countryside.
Listen [Ruffo.]
Are these chairs here new ones or [Regina.]
They're the old ones, I gave them a fresh coat of paint.
- Marco, let's talk money? - [Ruffo.]
We can talk about that, but let's talk about us first, right? [Regina.]
No, we've discussed that already.
Can we move on? Right, move on.
I'm making ends meet by renting the house.
Beta is great, I'm fine too.
Enjoying the countryside.
Why don't you use your retirement money to find some place to live? [man singing in French.]
The little horse that slowly goes The friendly little horse [man.]
That's it.
[man laughs.]
[man, in French.]
This little horse is amazing.
Come on.
[man, in French.]
Go on.
Very good.
Perfect! [in French.]
Sensational! [man.]
Upsy-daisy! [man and Beta laugh.]
Go ahead.
- [Beta gasps.]
- Go, it's your dad.
Hi, Dad.
Pleased to meet you.
Pleased to meet you.
[doorbell rings.]
- Good morning.
- Can I help you? Where's Ibrahim? Where does he sleep? Upstairs, in the TV room.
[dog barks.]
[dog barks.]
[cell phone rings.]
[cell phone rings.]
[cell phone rings.]
Ruffo, Ibrahim got away.
Ruffo? Are you there? Alberto hasn't even finished the detox process.
He's at the most critical stage.
You do remember what happened last time he relapsed? Of course I do, but I can't afford the treatment.
The board can give you up to two months.
I'm sorry, Doctor.
There's no way I can take on this kind of debt.
It's up to you.
I just need you to sign this liability waiver if you're going to pull him out before completing the detox program.
Thank you.
Keep close to her and keep me posted.
OK, I'm leaving.
You can give me directions.
- She got her son out of the clinic.
- Bring that woman here, Eva.
[she gasps.]
- What is it, Mom? - They're following us.
- Who is? - Sir, could you go a bit faster, please? [Alberto clears throat.]
Give me the pills.
Don't even start, Alberto.
You've got to help me.
- Why did you get me out of there? - There's a lot going on.
What's happening, Mom? Tell me.
I got mixed up in some things that I shouldn't have.
I Well Here.
- Give me two.
- No.
- Please, give me two.
- No! There's only one left.
I helped a company in some shady business, then a Federal Police Chief showed up.
I didn't realize he was a cop! He was at the bingo, after all.
- A cop, Mom? Police? - Yes.
A Federal Police Chief.
He told me, but I didn't believe him.
But they're right there.
There's no one following us.
You're crazy, dammit! You're paranoid.
[Alberto sighs.]
[Alberto sighs.]
- You're paranoid, Mom.
- I think they're trying to kill me.
Who's trying to kill you? Mr.
He sent those people after me.
[Maria Tereza fills kettle.]
Your boss wants to kill you? No.
International agents.
[gas stove clicks.]
- [Maria.]
Ever heard about Krug? - What are you talking about? [Alberto.]
You're off your rocker, Mrs.
Maria Tereza.
[lighter sparks.]
[running water.]
[Alberto breathes quickly.]
[running water.]
Alberto! [knocks.]
Alberto, open the door, please.
[shakes door.]
Eva, the boy has run away.
Should I go after him? Let the son go wherever he wants.
The woman is the one we want.
OK, I'm on my way.
[cell phone rings.]
[cell phone rings.]
Hello, Marco? [Ruffo.]
Maria Tereza? Hi, it's me.
Alberto, my son, he's disappeared.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know who else to call.
[Maria Tereza.]
He's a drug addict.
Miller & Bretch stopped paying for the clinic.
I had to get him out.
Slow down.
[Maria Tereza.]
Alberto, my son, he's got the money, credit card, everything He can't be alone, he's a drug addict.
He needs to be supervised 24/7.
Listen to me.
Your son Does he have your cell phone with him? [Maria Tereza.]
He has the phone, the money, everything.
He can't be left alone.
Is it the number you gave me? Yes.
Bring him to me, please.
OK, I have it here.
Calm down.
I'll find your son, but we're making a deal.
I bring him back and you tell me everything you know back in Curitiba.
Curitiba? [Ruffo.]
Curitiba Federal Police.
I'll have a deputy come pick you up.
Her name is Verena.
You can trust her.
Bring Alberto back to me.
Tell me your address.
Monte Alegre 18 Magnolia Street.
OK, I'll find your son.
[breathes heavily.]
[ringing tone.]
- Hi.
- Verena, are you still in São Paulo? [Verena.]
I'm on the road.
On my way back.
Stop wherever you are.
Maria Tereza will talk.
Go pick her up.
She's in Monte Alegre.
Have you done something crazy? Not yet.
Not yet today, but I do feel like it.
She decided to talk? [Ruffo.]
Because I made a deal with her.
I'll go after her son that has run away and she'll tell us everything she knows.
That woman is worth gold to us.
[dog barking.]
[car approaches outside.]
Hi, Maria Tereza.
Thank God I found you.
I can only imagine what you're going through.
- May I come in? - Of course, ma'am.
Thank you.
If I may.
You should have trusted us.
I'm an honest person, ma'am.
We all are, Maria Tereza.
- [Maria Tereza.]
- [Eva.]
Thank you.
You stopped paying for the clinic.
I took it as a sign.
No, we needed to find you.
It was something of a desperate act.
- And my son ran away.
- I know.
What do you mean, you know? Well he's not here, is he? Why did you send these men after me? They're there for your protection.
It was Ricardo who sent them.
- For my protection? - Yes! Mr.
Ricardo stopped paying for Alberto's clinic! - I just want my son back! - Calm down! - I want to go away with him somewhere! - We'll find your son.
Don't worry.
I promise you, don't worry.
OK? [beeping.]
[cell phone vibrates.]
What's up, Ruffo? - Still got Maria Tereza's phone signal? - Affirmative.
Same towers? OK, I'm on my way.
The boy is a bit of a head case, I'll hit the bars first.
If anything changes, let me know.
We're in the middle of nowhere.
That's where people usually go to hide, isn't it? [tires screech.]
Stay in the car.
- Good morning.
- [man.]
Good morning, ma'am.
What are you doing here, ma'am? I'm meeting with my client.
What are you doing here, Deputy? Are you her client? It's fine, Maria Tereza.
You haven't done anything wrong.
The police can't barge into your house and take you against your will to testify.
That's abuse of power.
Did you hire this attorney? [Eva.]
I represent Miller & Bretch.
She's Maria Tereza, not Miller & Bretch.
She's representing the company.
Their interests aren't your interests.
Quite the opposite.
It's not up to the Police to say what her interests are.
Well, we have a deal.
No, you don't.
There's no deal! You know who sent me.
You don't have to answer her.
Don't say anything! [Eva.]
This is witness tampering, Deputy! [Verena.]
We'll honor the deal.
What about you? Hey, Vander There's a little dive here, but you never know, right? I'll check it out and get back to you.
- [Ruffo.]
Hey, boss.
- [man.]
Got a shot of the white stuff? Strong enough to raise the dead? - This is the good stuff.
- Nice.
[clears throat.]
I'm looking for a kid who's a bit crazy, not really right in the head, you see Not right in the head is what we see the most of around here.
But this guy is a young boy who's a little weird.
- Haven't you seen him? - No.
- Ah! Mind if I use this? - Be my guest.
Yes I'll leave you my phone number.
If you find this boy, - please give me a call.
- Sure.
- All right if it's a collect call? - Yes, all right.
That will do.
[Brazilian pop music plays over stereo.]
- [pool balls rattle.]
- [laughing.]
[excited chattering.]
Want a drink? Oh, good call.
[Alberto inhales deeply.]
I came to get you.
Your mom asked me to.
To us.
He didn't sink it, but he didn't die either.
We have to call your mom.
We can't.
I've got her phone.
See? When you least expect it [clicks tongue.]
[Alberto sighs.]
[cell phone vibrates.]
Hi, Ruffo.
Could you put Maria Tereza on the line, please? What do you want with my mom? I I just want to help.
Why? Because she's going to help me.
Bretch? You got him? Not yet, but we will.
[Alberto laughs.]
- Who would have thought? - When you least expect it.
[they laugh.]
[Alberto inhales deeply.]
[Alberto sighs.]
[Alberto sighs.]
Hi, Mom.
Hello, son? My son, are you all right? Oh, thank God.
[she breathes heavily.]
Trust him.
You can trust him.
Are you a cop? Um Hmm No but I used to be.
- Not anymore, but still on the hunt? - Exactly.
- You can't let it go, can you? - [laughing.]
On the hunt.
Wanna shoot some pool? Mind telling me what that is? I'll escort you safely.
What? Escort her safely? Do you have a subpoena by any chance? [Verena scoffs.]
No, of course you don't.
- [Eva.]
Let's drop this charade? - What charade? This is a list of codenames and expenses paid.
This is gold.
Even so, my client would have to attest to the veracity of the contents, which she hasn't and she won't.
This is far from a confession.
She works in a department with 14 executives.
They all left Brazil in the same week.
Was that a coincidence? No, it wasn't.
Except they left her behind.
A loose thread in an otherwise very tight scheme.
I'm coming with you.
I gave my word.
You're using that poor woman.
Oh, me? Better me than you.
[Brazilian pop music plays over stereo.]
- [Alberto.]
Boom! - See that? Goddamn! [exhales slowly.]
Woo! Ha-ha.
That one [Alberto.]
Where are we going? Well, I'm making good on my end of the deal.
I'm taking you back to your mom.
Cops make good on deals? Uh-huh.
Former cops do too.
[Ruffo chuckles.]
My poor mom.
This really sucks.
[ringing tone.]
- [man.]
Hi, Eva.
- Hi, Ricardo.
- [Ricardo.]
Is something the matter? - Yes, something came up unexpectedly.
Maria Tereza dismissed me.
She went away with Verena.
What do you mean, she dismissed you? [Eva.]
She handed over the planner.
They have the planner, then? [kettle whistles.]
Are you sure about that? [kettle whistles loudly.]
[whirring noise.]
[breathing quickly.]
[treadmill slows down to a stop.]
I know cops make good on their deals, but it's a bad thing you are doing to my mom.
You should have let me disappear, man.
- It was her chance to get rid of me.
- [Ruffo.]
Maybe she got unlucky.
But I doubt it.
Moms are moms.
She'll be happy to see you.
Regina is the unlucky one, actually.
- Who's Regina? - [Ruffo.]
My wife.
She can't get rid of you? [laughing.]
She can.
Yes, she can.
[Alberto laughs.]
And Maria Tereza just showed up in Curitiba out of the blue? Yes I think the pressure got to her.
Her son is an addict, and it looks like Ricardo stopped paying for his rehab clinic.
- Right.
- Good morning.
Good morning.
- Vander.
- [Vander.]
Morning, Dimas.
Starting today, Prosecutor Renata is going to work with us.
This was your appointment? Yes, it was.
- Welcome, Renata.
- Thank you, Verena.
I studied everything I could find.
Let's take it slow, she's a bit shaken up.
I think you two have got it covered.
I'll be waiting at the DA's office.
- Let's go, everyone.
- [Renata.]
Let's go.
Maria Tereza Assunção, you are here today as an eyewitness and, as such, you are legally required to answer any questions that are presented to you.
Should you make any false statements, you will be subject to criminal charges.
- Do you agree to those terms? - [Maria Tereza.]
Our department was in charge of bribes and was created during Mr.
Ricardo's management.
And what exactly was your job in that department? I managed the company's money transfers.
The directors would send me a spreadsheet with a list of financial obligations.
They gave me the name of the operative handling each transaction.
Then, I'd call these operatives with the right password, all that was left was to set the dates and locations to deliver the acarajés.
And what were the "acarajés"? "Acarajé" was the money.
That's what we used to call it in the department.
And do you know who are the people behind the codenames in this planner? No.
I don't know their names.
I never did.
The directors would send it to me like this.
And there were too many to memorize.
Yes, but can you confirm that these codenames refer to politicians? [Maria Tereza.]
Look I believe they were, but I never saw anyone at the office, so I can't confirm that.
[Renata sighs.]
What about the payments made through offshore accounts? No, that wouldn't go through me.
I only handled the internal operations, the ones that dealt with operatives here in Brazil.
The rest was done abroad.
Alberto! My son! Are you all right, Mom? [Maria Tereza.]
How are you? Thank you.
Let's go? Where to? [Guilhome.]
Witness protection program.
- Witness protection? - [Maria Tereza.]
Is that really a thing? [engine starts.]
[tires screech.]
Well We're arresting Ricardo Bretch.
- Yes, we're arresting Ricardo Bretch.
- [Verena laughs.]
Ibrahim is still out on the streets.
Oh, he'll be back soon enough.
No, he won't.
You'll have to hunt him down.
- I'm swamped with work.
Let me get back.
- [Ruffo.]
But Ibrahim is still on the loose.
Any coffee left? It worked, huh? Just the way you wanted.
[Verena sighs.]
It did, sure, but I overdid it again.
We really want things to work out, you know? To get there by any means possible, but we end up making a mess of things.
I don't know, I'm acting like Ruffo.
[Verena laughs.]
It's not supposed to be like this, right? That's not why I'm here.
Right, Verena.
Someone has to walk the line.
Oh, and that's you, is it? Walking the line, of course.
- I'm tired, I don't know.
- I can imagine that.
But we did it, right? We got Ricardo.
It took us a while, but we did it.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Oh, and I'm sorry, of course.
I've got your back, right? [Verena.]
Good morning.
You are under arrest.
What's going on, Ricardo? Preventive, search and seizure.
Preventive? What does that mean? Custody without a time limit, Pia.
We'll collect whatever is deemed necessary.
You two can go upstairs, the rest can spread out.
Ricardo, your cell phones, please.
The other one? The one with the area code 71, where is it? I don't have it on me.
Let's go get it.
Mom - [boy.]
What's going on? - Everything is fine, son.
I don't want to go to school.
- But you have a German exam today, Doca.
- [Doca sighs.]
I'll drive you to school, OK? OK? Wait here.
Negative, sir.
He means me.
We're finished downstairs.
Have you finished? Where are you taking him? Curitiba.
May I pack him a bag? I've already packed a bag, Pia.
It's in the walk-in closet.
Follow me, both of you.
[cell door slams shut, then is locked.]
Ricardo Bretch behind bars sent a very clear message to our country's motherfucking wretched oligarchy.
"You may be powerful and perverse, but we're not fooling around.
" [Ruffo.]
"If Ricardo talks, a lot of people will go down.
" Everyone is shitting bricks.
[Pia sobs.]
[Verena sighs.]
- [Vander.]
What a day, huh, Deputy? - God, what a day.
Well, want a ride? - That's mine.
- You're kidding! - I bought it.
- [Verena.]
- Do you know how to drive it? - You doubt it? So, want a ride or not? - I'll take a cab.
- Oh, Deputy Don't tell me you're scared.
- Hop on.
- Give me that.
- Need any help? - [Verena.]
[engine starts.]
[engine revs loudly.]
[engine revs loudly.]