The Mechanism (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

The Great Illusionist

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES You invited me to this pagode And warned me "There's no poor people in here" You even asked me to tread lightly Because I've got some color I'm a bit dark Here we can really find The cream of the crop Doctors, gentlemen, even magnates With all the drinking and the talking I came to the conclusion If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left, brother If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left, brother If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left Ibrahim is kind of like Houdini, you know, the magician? You can chain him up, put him inside a box, swallow the key, toss him into the sea, and he still finds a way.
That's Copperfield, isn't it? Yeah.
Anyway, you get the idea.
Take it slowly.
I'm old, partner.
Can't handle it.
That prick wasn't going to be held back by an ankle monitor.
I told Verena.
If we had Ibrahim, he'd pressure Ricardo, but without him, it's a no-go.
He's not going to talk.
Eleven others already didn't.
He's a lot smarter.
He's the cerebral type.
Verena got Interpol to issue a Red Notice for Ibrahim.
Who knows? Maybe it'll work Interpol.
Climbing the social ladder, son of a bitch.
Sly old fox.
Use these to put your mind to rest.
- Kind of soft, huh? - Yeah But I'm grateful to you.
The mattress is kind of soft, too.
It won't be good for your back, but If it comes to that, you get another one for me.
You'll have my eternal gratitude.
If you were Copperfield, and then after you wiggled out of the chains, you had to disappear, where would you go? The sister-in-law fronting for him, Luz Maria.
Get me her taxpayer ID.
Ibrahim was out of money, but he needed somewhere to hide.
I was going to find him, and when I did, I wouldn't be pulling a rabbit out of my hat, much less a dove.
TAXPAYER ID STATUS It'd be Ricardo Bretch himself.
FEDERAL POLICE How's your VIP guest? He writes, he works out; he works out, he writes.
- He doesn't complain about the food? - He doesn't complain at all.
An unbending spirit.
Did you come by to talk about Ricardo Bretch's spirit? No, I came to let you know I'm taking some time off.
"Management specialization.
" Angling to be the head of the Federal Police? No, Verena, I'm just taking a management course.
Now that we have Ricardo Bretch? - And who are they sending? - You'll take over while I'm away.
I'm bending over backwards to find evidence.
Careful, Verena.
I won't be here to keep an eye on you.
What do you mean? "Bending over backwards to find evidence.
" We know where that leads.
Verena What happened was a mistake, and it won't happen again, all right? We work together, and I'm always under a tight watch here.
It's Ricardo's laptop.
Guilhome asked me to give it to you.
He says he can't access it.
"In an execrable misapplication of preventive custody, Ricardo Bretch appears to have been incarcerated in order to send a message of some sort.
Something along the lines of, 'no one can escape the clutches of Jet Wash.
'" This highly publicized arrest, sold as the symbol of a new era, is little more than a reproduction of the most ancient and arbitrary demonstrations of power.
The reason for having the arrestee in custody is a grotesque democratization of punishment, as if, in a country still plagued by displays of authoritarianism, democracy could be constituted via the mass anticipatory incarceration of entrepreneurs in our correctional facilities.
The need for preventive custody is a fallacious pretext, lasting only while the suspects fail to cooperate with the prosecution.
And the sole urgency of this measure is to induce the suspects into corroborating the charges against them.
In light of the above, it becomes clear that the "medieval-like measure" of "maintaining preventive custody as a mechanism to extract a plea bargain from the arrestee" is exactly the kind of subterfuge that brings shame to Operation Jet Wash.
What's he writing so much about? Judging by how long he's been here, it's no "Memoirs of Prison," is it? He must be snitching on everybody, man.
Ricardo? You don't know the man.
Yeah Not personally.
What are you writing so much about? Look, I know that you know me, that you know who I am.
I'm also well aware of who you are.
We just never crossed paths, right, outside? And, well that could never have happened.
But, now, we're in here, right? Maybe we could I don't know Mr.
Ricardo, your lawyer is here.
Go ahead, Eva.
Hi, Ricardo.
We're filing a habeas corpus petition.
I'm almost done writing it, and you'll want to have a look.
This is the petition we're filing.
- How am I supposed to get that? - Work it out with your friend.
What are you doing here? I'm concerned.
Oh, right.
With you it's zero sugar, zero Zero everything.
Ricardo, what's the plan? My plan is to get out of here.
They have nothing on me.
We should've cut a deal before we ended up here.
Not now I never had a deal to make, and I still don't.
Your sense of community is touching.
I'm holding out, you hear? With each new arrival everybody wavers.
Oh, I know.
That's none of your concern.
But it could be.
Before it does, it becomes the government's problem.
But what if the government can't put a stop to this? - What if they can't? - They have to.
It's the seventh best economy in the world against some two-bit judge from Curitiba.
THE BRETCH DYNASTY IN BRAZIL Found the book? - You know what they built? - Yep.
Ibrahim's sister-in-law has a lot of things under her name.
You fucking startled me Why are you sitting in the dark? There are a lot of apartments under Luz Maria's name.
Four just here in Paraná.
I can't look into that now, Ruffo.
Ricardo encrypted his whole computer, no one can get in.
Ibrahim must be in one of the apartments.
We need to check this out.
Ibrahim could be anywhere in the world.
I helped you out with Ricardo.
You will help me out with Ibrahim.
Thanks for the couch.
Guilhome has better food.
Well, no token, no access code.
That's garbage.
Spreadsheets, emails, receipts We don't have jack shit.
The DA's office screwed it up.
No, you guys should have brought the token when you got Ricardo's laptop.
If only the feds knew what a token was We could send the laptop to the US.
They crack codes there.
It'll take decades.
I like the idea.
Send me their contact info.
I'll send it right now.
Any news on the offshore accounts? I can't figure out any kind of pattern.
The money comes in, goes round and round, and then it vanishes.
Verena, I want to take some files home.
There has to be a pattern to this.
Feel free, there are lots of boxes there.
Can't you tell who the account holders are? If we could, they wouldn't be tax havens, would they, Cláudio? If we had Ibrahim, he could clarify a lot of things.
Yes, but we don't have Ibrahim.
But we do have Ricardo.
Turn up the heat on him, Verena.
Ricardo is a fanatic.
Just like you, right, Dimas? The fact is that we're at Rigo's mercy.
Maybe he can find a way.
I'll find a way.
What do you see on the computer screen? Kilimanjaro.
- You like Asia? - I do.
- Been there a lot? - A few times.
- Did you go up Kilimanjaro? - Climbed.
I climbed Kilimanjaro a few times.
And how do you get out of this screen and into the system? Because we haven't been able to.
Yes, I imagine you haven't.
I need the token that generates the password.
Is this how you're going to behave during this investigation? I don't recognize the legitimacy of this investigation.
- Where's the token? - On Mt.
Which is located in Tanzania.
A little overdramatic, but it's a well-founded petition for habeas corpus.
It's hard to believe he wrote it on his own.
Ricardo wrote this? Yeah, MBA in Switzerland, doctorate in England Ricardo could write an international commerce treaty if he wanted to.
How's the sweep of the laptop coming along? We haven't been able to break in.
We're sending it to the US.
Without solid evidence, I'll have to grant him a writ of habeas corpus.
You're releasing Ricardo Bretch? Hi.
Hi, Pia.
How are you holding up? Are you getting enough sleep? You look the same.
You look healthy.
This thing is It's Kafkaesque, Pia.
Oh, my God, Ricardo The food - Everything is filthy.
- Can't I bring you food? What about Doca? He doesn't want to go to school.
You are all over the news.
But he has to go to school.
- It's difficult.
- I'm telling him to.
Tell Doca I'm telling him to go.
What are we going to do, Ricardo? These people here They have no idea what they're doing.
They don't know Don't know a thing.
You can't stay here.
They'll have to let me go, Pia.
- Really? - Tell Milton the following.
Write it down.
Tell him to take over, got it? Tell him to take over as CEO of Miller and Bretch.
Not my father.
Tell him I told him to take over.
Item one: take over as CEO.
Two: focus on Engineering.
Three: close down Oil.
Four: delete the devices.
Zoom in on the visiting room camera, please.
Six: destroy personal token.
Verena, come here, please.
Maria Pia? I'm going to have to search you, ma'am.
Again? I was searched when I arrived.
You are in a Federal Police building.
I'm police chief, and I can intervene when I suspect any irregularities.
Hand me your purse.
Hand me your purse! You're free to go.
Thank you.
You're clear to proceed.
I made only one change.
Please take a look at this.
Have you scheduled an appointment? Maria Pia's checkbook.
Look at this list.
Ricardo dictated it to her half an hour ago.
The Nobleman tells her to destroy the token I asked him to turn over.
- Did you confiscate this checkbook? - It's clear obstruction of justice.
He just blew up his own petition.
Anyway, he has quite the nerve.
He still thinks we're a bunch of hicks.
So, am I out of the doghouse? Have a nice day, deputy.
Doca, go up to your room, son.
Judge Rigo has dismissed the petition for habeas corpus.
It's my fault.
What was on that list? - You have to remember.
- I can't.
Make an effort.
He wanted the Oil division closed, I think.
The token was to be destroyed.
And he wanted Milton to take over as CEO of Miller.
Ricardo wanted Milton as CEO? He was sure he was getting out, Plínio.
Ricardo was sure.
What now? What happens next? The lower court dismissed it.
If we appeal, there are people higher up that could help us.
They're alleging obstruction of justice and concealment of evidence.
If you won't listen to me, I won't be able to represent you.
What you did was a show of schoolboy recklessness.
- I'm going to file a complaint - No, focus on the Supreme Court.
- They won't dismiss the petition.
- They can't dismiss it! Eva Convince Maria Pia to stop coming here for a while.
She can't handle it.
My son can't be kept in custody.
Of course not.
That son of his is an insufferable prick, isn't he? But he really can't be kept in custody.
Haven't you taught that boy anything, Plínio? You taught Janete.
Did she learn anything? Can it be taken care of, Torrone? Piece of cake.
Everybody will vote for it.
The court will grant your son's writ of habeas corpus.
You can rest easy.
Now we need to meet up and iron out the details, right? I'll take care of it.
I have to hang up now, I'm going into a meeting, okay? Okay.
All right.
Minister, if you please.
Leaving cellphones at the door? Really? Yes.
Better safe than sorry.
Abusus non tollit usum.
"Abuse does not hinder use.
" Has Your Excellency secured the necessary votes? Because if that writ of habeas corpus isn't granted, and Ricardo talks, - the world will end.
- Yeah.
The plea bargain that will end the world.
There may be life after the end of the world.
What's the idea? If Ricardo only rats out Gino, Curitiba lands the biggest trophy it could ever hope for.
Tear Gino's head off, then that contemptible woman, Her Excellency the President, won't be able to hold on to her position.
Is that your idea? Who's to say that Ricardo won't rat us out? If he rats everybody out, who will get him out of jail? I think I can help make this happen.
I have a back channel to Ricardo, and he'll only say what we agree on.
We block the habeas corpus, Ricardo rats on Gino, Janete falls, and I keep things together afterwards.
Want to be president, Thames? Aren't you a sly dog! You really think we can get the votes to dismiss the habeas corpus petition? I don't believe in the end of the world.
And now I cede the floor to His Excellency, Minister Miguel Cunha Gonçalves.
There is evidence that Ricardo Bretch may be guilty, and thus, we're on solid ground in keeping him detained.
It is not in the nature of the judiciary branch to resort to - So, how is it going? - Yeah, looks like Ricardo is ours.
to convince society.
It behooves us to act with transparency and objectivity.
The Supreme Court will dismiss it, then.
They're denying the writ of habeas corpus.
It is a measure to ensure public safety, because if released, he would be free to commit further crimes.
Incredibly, the Supreme Court is dismissing Ricardo's petition.
It's weird to see Brasília turning its back on a contractor, isn't it? Anyway, are you using it? Can I use your car? Sure, but don't bring it back with an empty tank.
What are we to expect if the defendant is released? Given the facts gathered here What's going on? Do they think they'll come out unscathed, damn it? Hey, Tadeu.
Tadeu! Lend me your Yes.
With all votes tallied, this session is now adjourned, and the petition for writ of habeas corpus in favor of Ricardo Bretch is dismissed.
Hello, Gino.
I'm watching.
It's going back to the Curitiba judge? This judge has it out for you and is dragging my son along.
This guy is going to sink Miller and Bretch.
This is a bottomless pit, my friend.
I already know that the Curitiba judge has it out for me.
What I don't get is what the Supreme Court wants.
They wouldn't keep Ricardo in custody without a reason.
We have to understand what the reason is.
Good morning, friend.
I work with Mrs.
Luz Maria.
She's asked me to drop by here and see how the new tenant in 703 is doing.
You good? Where's Mr.
Juliano? He had a little problem with his spleen and had to have a little surgery, but he's fine.
Didn't the tenant show up? There are no new tenants here, buddy.
That's weird.
Ibrahim said there would be.
Did he drop by, Mrs.
Luz Maria's brother-in-law? I didn't even know Mrs.
Luz Maria had a brother-in-law.
- I've actually only seen her once.
- Right.
Well, I'll take the mail then, okay? Right, hold on.
- Here, here you go.
- Thanks.
Tell Mr.
Juliano the Palmeiras fan from the reception sends his regards.
Palmeiras fan? Sure.
Palestra Italia, nice.
There are several potential buyers.
The owners are loaded, you know? They don't need to unload it.
Right, they're in no hurry to sell.
But what about renting it? Look, right now everything's on hold.
I wasn't even supposed to show you around.
They asked to put things on hold, but it won't hurt to hear your offer.
They put it all on hold, you said? Yeah.
The order came down a few days ago, but make your offer.
Can I take a picture here to show the guys at the office? Take it from here, I think you can get a better idea.
All right.
People get curious, right? - I'm in the telemarketing business.
- This is a great place for that.
It's great.
They found out about the properties under Luz Maria's name.
I just got an envelope with pictures, deeds, bills What do I do? Stella, slow down.
Whose pictures? Who took them? Who sent them? Ibrahim, they're hunting us down.
They're hunting us down, get it? If they want to take the apartments, let them take them.
Things are tight here, but I'll get the money.
There's money coming in, okay? Let me just Stella, kisses, okay? Hello! He's going to ask questions, and you'll answer however suits you.
Sure, there are your interests and Miller's to consider.
- There are short-and long-term interests.
- I know that.
You don't.
There have been some developments.
You're going to have to draw a line, determine what is and what is not worth discussing.
Say enough to bring down Janete.
After that, things will fall into place.
- They denied my petition.
- They did it on purpose.
Everything is fine, you're covered.
Just don't go too far, limit yourself to the ruling party.
You don't want to cross the ones who will remain in office.
Well, the inquiry of Ricardo Bretch is now underway.
Criminal action number 506.
Ricardo, may we begin? Before we begin, I'd like to make it clear that the complexity of the charges that stand against me require clarification of a different kind.
I've drafted 60 questions and answers that cover, respond to and vehemently deny all of the accusations that have been leveled against me.
Question number one: Talk about your education and career at Miller and Bretch.
Answer: I graduated as an engineer at Federal University of Bahia in 1992, got a master's in finance at PUC-Rio, finished with an MBA in 1996 in Geneva, Switzerland, and earned a doctorate in petrochemistry in England.
- Question number two.
- Mr.
Ricardo Question number two: What were your roles in the Miller and Bretch Group? Answer: At the time of my arrest, I was CEO of Miller and Bretch Inc.
, a holding of the Miller and Bretch Group.
Question number three: What is the role of a CEO at Miller and Bretch? Answer: The role of a CEO at Miller and Bretch is outlined in the governance bylaws - which guide the group's - I promise I will read all of it.
- Question - There is no need for that.
I understand your need to make these statements in order to best defend yourself, but I need to move forward with the inquiry.
We can't be here all afternoon, out of respect to everyone present today.
Very well, moving on.
Question number four: What was Nilson Laport's role in the company? Answer Question number 14: What was the organizational structure of Miller and Bretch? Question number 29 Are you acquainted with Sávio Elias? Have you ever discussed issues concerning construction works for Petrobrasil, about public tenders involving Petrobrasil and about contractual amendments with him? Answer I did not know him prior to my arrest.
I have never discussed any matter with him, and, quite frankly I fail to see why the DA's office, with no commitment to the truth, would claim there were countless contracts, meetings and agreements between myself and Petrobrasil executives whom I do not even know and who have already confirmed not knowing me.
Question number 47 Question number 60 The charges state that it was Miller and Bretch Construction Company and Miller and Bretch Foreign Services Ltd.
that made the deposits in accounts held by Petrobrasil employees.
What do you have to say about that? Answer: I know nothing about that.
Well I've listened closely to all your questions and answers, Mr.
Could you explain how contracts are distributed among the select group of construction firms? The explanation is in the answer to question 36.
Could you answer that orally, please? That has already been properly addressed in the documents.
You need only check item 36, sir.
Could you explain the flow of payments carried out by Miller and Bretch via the offshores? That has already been explained.
The answer is in item 59.
What do you have to say about the note that read "destroy token" included in the filings by the Federal Police? Answered under item 54.
This session is adjourned.
How did it go? It went smoothly, Tom.
What did they ask? I was the one who asked questions.
What did you answer? What I wanted to.
Good morning.
Good morning.
It'll be quick, okay? You need to take care of this.
I know.
He'll be gone soon.
Didn't mean to wake you up.
No problem.
Hey, I can take the car, right? - Again, man? - Yeah.
Where are you headed? - What's with the suspense? - There's no suspense.
I'm going after Ibrahim.
That's not working out, is it, partner? But it will, and you'll have to thank me for it.
Write it down, you hear? I didn't know where else to look for Ibrahim.
That was the last property his sister-in-law had under her name.
The smell of Paraguayan cigarettes The taste of Paraguayan cigarettes One never forgets.
Ibrahim needed a place to start over.
And I knew where he was.
The prodigal son returns.