The Mechanism (2018) s02e06 Episode Script


Ricardo Bretch tried and failed to screw Verena and Guilhome over at Internal Affairs.
But I managed to do what Ricardo couldn't.
Guilhome died in an illegal operation in Paraguay.
An operation I came up with.
And he came after me in Paraguay because Verena authorized it.
If Internal Affairs found out about this, there wouldn't even be an investigation.
Verena would be kicked out of the force on the spot.
I should have put a bullet through that son of a bitch's head.
I had the chance, but I let the witness live.
Now, Verena was at his mercy.
Whatever Ibrahim asked for, she would have to provide.
[they moan happily.]
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES You invited me to this pagoda And warned me "There's no poor people in here" You even asked me to tread lightly Because I've got some color I'm a bit dark Here we can really find The cream of the crop Doctors, gentlemen, even magnates With all the drinking and the talking I came to a conclusion "If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left, brother If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left, brother If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left [Ruffo.]
Guilhome's glasses.
Guilhome's poetry books.
Guilhome's boyfriend.
He wasn't quite like the image I had of him.
He was a much more sensitive guy than I'd taken him for.
Very educated.
Much more well-rounded than me.
I didn't wear glasses but I should, because I was the one who couldn't see.
Augusto dos Anjos? Guilhome? "It is like a profound requiem in a heartbreaking flat key" "Her voice is but the voice of all of the world's woes.
" [Jorge sighs.]
Do you mind? [Jorge.]
Not at all.
I'll take one too.
Jesus Christ, what kind of cigarette is this? It's from Paraguay.
Paraguay What the hell happened in Paraguay? There was no need for Guilhome to go to Paraguay.
He died because I screwed up.
[Jorge snorts.]
Dear God [Jorge sighs.]
[Jorge sighs loudly.]
I've never been a stranger to anything related to pain.
Augusto dos Anjos was one hell of a poet.
- [Jorge sighs.]
- [Ruffo.]
The poet of anguish and death.
His poetry stirred something in me.
The words that he used.
One hell of a guy.
Except that Augusto dos Anjos wrote poetry, and all I did was screw things up.
[Dimas sighs.]
No one here believes that Ibrahim turned himself in at the border.
Tell us the truth, Verena.
What went down in Paraguay? A federal agent was killed.
You didn't even know him, Renata.
This story of yours is hard to believe.
Ibrahim wanted to turn himself in at the border.
And he called you up to say that? He got in a gang dispute in Paraguay.
They were going to kill him.
And who shot Guilhome? I don't know, I wasn't with them at the time.
Who are "they", Verena? Who else was in Paraguay? Ruffo? I'm not Ruffo's boss, Cláudio.
If Ruffo is involved, you can forget about the DA's Office.
What did you guys do? Ibrahim wanted to turn himself in on Brazilian soil.
Vander, Guilhome, and I went to where he said he'd cross the border.
Ibrahim turned himself in, there was gunfire from the river, and Guilhome was hit.
That's all.
- [Dimas.]
What about Ruffo? - I don't work with Ruffo, goddammit! [Cláudio inhales deeply.]
Ibrahim is willing to open up about Ricardo's operation.
If Ricardo talks, a whole new world is opened to us.
We just need to set the terms.
And how credible would Ibrahim be as a whistleblower? Ibrahim knows their entire scheme.
He knows how Miller & Bretch's kickback money flows abroad.
The offshore companies.
[Cláudio inhales deeply.]
I don't know what Rigo will say.
I think we'd better wait for the Americans to crack his laptop password.
It's taking too damn long, Dimas.
- We have to be patient, Verena.
- Patient my ass! Be patient.
It's all we've got.
[door slams shut.]
[cell phone rings.]
[phone ringing.]
MOM [Verena sighs.]
- Hi.
- I called, dear.
I noticed.
I e-mailed you a bill that's due in two days.
Did you see it? No, I didn't.
I'm busy here.
What happened? - Nothing.
- Don't "nothing" me.
A friend of mine died.
Died how? He got shot.
And you were with him.
Look, frankly, I don't know what's so great about that job of yours.
My job is great for paying bills Yours and your damn cat's.
I didn't even want to go, and you make me wait? I can go by myself instead.
You made me buy tickets and now you want to go by yourself? No way in hell.
Remember this scarf? No.
You gave it to me.
Would you look at that Your husband actually has good taste.
Verena has one just like it.
Then she has good taste too.
[engine starts.]
With Ibrahim in jail, the pressure was building up on the contractors.
Ricardo! [Ruffo.]
Ricardo knew that, sooner or later, Ibrahim was going to squeal.
And if he told them everything, there wouldn't be much left for further plea bargains.
The contractors were in a tight spot, and Ibrahim knew it, of course.
Does anybody believe Ibrahim? That's the point.
He's in such a weakened position that he'll sign anything.
A solid line of defense for you to use and destroy that scumbag's plea bargain.
- That's not how it works.
- You like being a lawyer? They have it streamlined here: you snitch, you're out.
Ibrahim is going to turn you in, and my hands will be tied.
We would have a problem if they'd hacked into my computer, but that's not going to happen.
If you talk before he does, you'll have your choice of what to say.
You will protect crucial territory.
We need to think of the future.
Don't burn any bridges with the new administration.
- What new administration? - The one that's coming! Don't you see what you're doing to your wife, to your son, to your father? I'm locked up.
My father can go fuck himself.
[Eva sighs.]
Well, if he doesn't want to help, he'd better not get in the way either.
Sooner or later he'll have to talk, but it won't be now.
Let's find another way.
What time is your flight? All right, then.
I'm staying at the Inter Plaza.
I'll see you there.
The currency dealer will turn in whoever Curitiba tells him to.
I think it's going to be Ricardo.
Stopping Jet Wash before it reaches Ricardo is the best-case scenario.
- It's the necessary one, Penha.
- I'll have to step in, then.
I'll have to drop some bombshells in Congress.
I don't know, ramp up spending, throttle the revenue - That could take a while.
- What do you want? Impeachment? I have 14 petitions sitting on my desk.
Yeah, policy bombshells and impeachment proceedings are a good combination.
We can't impeach on grounds of corruption.
That's a flimsy argument.
No corrupt politician will convict a corrupt politician.
To make this work, we need to base it on something else.
Hmm Total lack of political acumen? [Maximiliano.]
Chronic moodiness? [they laugh.]
Is there anything she does that we don't? We're idlers.
The President pedals every day.
Fiscal backpedaling.
The lady spends too much.
Wait, Janete is not the first.
Everybody knows that you can always fit one more amendment in the federal budget.
That's not the issue.
She took out a loan.
Dipping into your overdraft is one thing, but maxing out your limit and continuing to spend is another thing altogether.
We need someone who can file a petition on those grounds.
I'll accept it and then I'll wrangle up the votes.
I think I know who could file the petition based on fiscal backpedaling.
I'll take care of the rest.
Well, there's a session waiting for me at the Chamber.
Thames might look and act like a chump, but he was no fool.
If Janete was sacked for fiscal backpedaling, then as her Vice President, he could be sacked as well.
All Penha needed to do was include him in the filings.
After all, he was part of her administration.
It would be a coup within a coup, and Thames couldn't let that happen.
If Penha serves Janete's head on a platter the opposition will want to retaliate.
Penha is ambitious and has the representatives in his back pocket.
Conducting the impeachment proceedings will make him even more powerful, Thames.
And he's right after you in the line of succession.
We'll decapitate Janete and Penha in one fell swoop, then? [Lúcio.]
I'll take care of Penha.
I have some red-hot material for the Prosecutor General's Office.
Where did this come from? [driver.]
I don't know.
It was on the windshield.
[Lúcio snorts, sighs.]
[woman speaks on TV.]
[Ruffo laughs.]
It's fucked up.
Brazil is not for beginners.
- In Brasília - [doorbell.]
alligators who sleep on their backs are turned into handbags for rich ladies.
Eva [Renata.]
- The Prosecutor General? - Yes.
[clears throat.]
Sir? - Dimas? - Yes, sir, this is Dimas.
[Prosecutor General.]
I want to hear what Roberto Ibrahim has to say.
Fix the date and let me know, I'll send one of our prosecutors.
Now, I don't think he'll talk without a deal.
Dimas, I'll be handling that deal from now on.
[Prosecutor General.]
Speed it along.
Good day.
Good day to you, sir.
The Prosecutor General is sending a prosecutor from Brasília to interview Ibrahim.
- Interview him about whom? - [Cláudio.]
I still don't know.
Certainly a bigshot with privileged jurisdiction.
- That doesn't help us with Ricardo.
- [Cláudio.]
Dimas is taking care of that.
If the Prosecutor General's Office is willing to make a deal with Ibrahim after all that's happened, it's got to be worth it.
Must be some big-time politician.
Ibrahim is getting himself another deal, then? The Supreme Court ratifies it, Ibrahim hands them the politician they want, without having to lay a finger on Ricardo.
And then the damage is done.
Not necessarily.
Let's see what he has to say about Ricardo.
Verena was under pressure, but she was cool-headed.
She knew how to play the game and wouldn't squander the opportunity.
Forgotten my requests? I got you something better.
Oh yeah? [sniffs.]
What? Jog your memory, clear your throat, and get ready to sing, Ibrahim.
I convinced the DA's Office to cut you another deal.
No kidding! When do I get out? Much earlier than you deserve.
Ibrahim was going free because Thames fucked Penha over, be he didn't know that.
So Verena seized the opportunity and led him to believe that he was being released because of her.
She learned that from me.
[cell door opens.]
[Rigo inhales deeply.]
Very well, may we begin? Mr.
Roberto Ibrahim do you confirm having participated in the kickback payment scheme operated by Miller & Bretch, funneled through a network of offshore companies? I do.
Would you please elaborate on how these payments were carried out abroad? Well, they took place through a system of offshore companies that Ricardo designed.
- Could you please be more specific? - [Ibrahim.]
Of course.
Uh It was an intricate network of offshore companies.
Some belonged to Ricardo, and others were created abroad by the final recipients of the kickbacks.
But there's the trick.
Before the money found its way to the lucky account holder, it traveled through two, three, sometimes four offshore companies serving as buffers.
Uh Ricardo, by the way, went as far as buying a bankrupt Caribbean bank to have better control of the operations.
So the money was funneled through these buffer companies to scramble any tracking attempts? Yes.
It was a triangulation effort on Ricardo's part, right? Uh One offshore company laundered the other's money, and the money flow, it was practically random.
Each kickback payment followed a unique route, its own route.
And sometimes they needed guys like me and offshore companies like Del Este.
- Your own Del Este, right? - No.
Not mine.
The one owned by Ms.
Luz Maria your sister-in-law and front woman? Yes, that's how Del Este came into being, just like that.
Do you have documents to substantiate your claims about this scheme? I do, I do.
I do.
Bank statements, contracts, e-mails.
What is the source of this money, Mr.
Roberto? [inhales deeply.]
Well, there's Ricardo's second trick, right? This money came from Miller's foreign construction projects, and the payments were also made in this manner.
Well, I now hand the floor to the superintendent of the Prosecutor General's Office, Ms.
Josefina Castro Meneghetti.
Roberto Ibrahim, the Prosecutor General's Office would be interested in learning about any participation of the Speaker of the Chamber, representative Carlos Henrique Penha, in corruption schemes.
[Ibrahim sighs.]
[sighs loudly.]
Carlos Penha.
Carlos Penha.
Well, he's quite a guy, isn't he? [Ibrahim.]
Penha had the final say in the PMDB Party's nominations for upper management positions at Petrobrasil.
Then The sky's the limit, right? [Ibrahim laughs.]
Then all He demanded a kickback from any construction project the company did.
He had four or five offshore companies like Del Este.
Not to mention his Swiss bank accounts.
Feel free to look them up.
And Well, he was a tough negotiator, because we offered five, and he wanted ten.
We offered ten, he wanted twenty.
When the payments were made in Brazil, he would only take cash, and at the same time, he didn't want any middlemen.
It had to be me.
And they happened every month.
Eh? [Ibrahim.]
It's Penha's fault that I got hooked on that lemon lollipop they sell at the Brasília airport.
It cost me a fortune in dentist's fees.
He was really hard to please, that Penha.
I have records of all of that, just so you know.
[Ibrahim inhales deeply.]
Penha What a slimy creature.
[Ibrahim chuckles.]
Well, that wraps it up for the contractors, right? Rigo convicts Ricardo, we go after Brasília.
Whoever we're allowed to go after.
We can't catch Penha, he's got privileged jurisdiction.
The Prosecutor General will handle it.
If the Supreme Court doesn't step in.
Bye, guys.
- How are you? - What's up? [Cláudio sighs.]
[engine starts.]
[engine revs.]
Let's go grab a beer? I'm going home.
[Cláudio sighs.]
[Cláudio snorts.]
Looks like your approval ratings have taken a downturn.
Ricardo was behind the eight ball, and the eight ball was teetering at the edge of the corner pocket.
We just needed someone to push it in.
"According to the filings for this criminal action, Miller & Bretch executives made use of secret bank accounts held by offshore companies in order to carry out payments of kickback money, and to conceal and dissemble the proceeds from the crimes of corruption, price-fixing, and bid rigging in public procurements.
There are multiple counts for the crimes of corruption, money laundering, and racketeering, for which reason the penalties, altogether, amount to 19 years and four months of imprisonment, which I deem definitive for Ricardo Bretch.
" [Ruffo.]
That crazy son of a bitch was fucked.
He'd have to rat out everyone and their mother if he wanted to get out of jail.
Except that Ricardo wasn't the only one with access to the Olympian gods.
Besides, he was way crazier than me.
Nineteen years is longer than our marriage, Ricardo.
You can still try to get a deal.
- [Ricardo sighs.]
- Tell them everything you know, do it.
Even 18 years is better than 19, Ricardo.
Any reduction is.
You have to move on.
How? [Pia, crying.]
Tell me how.
Go back to Portugal with Doca.
Start your lives over again with your family there.
Portugal? What other choice is there, Pia? You want to send me farther away? Ricardo, isn't this enough? Pia, I'm in prison.
That's the hand we've been dealt.
I I'll have Eva draft the divorce papers and she'll deliver them to you.
Going down alone doesn't make you stronger.
It's what's best for the two of you.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
[electric shaver buzzes.]
It wasn't me and it wasn't Augusto dos Anjos; Einstein was the one who said time is relative.
Nineteen years eating overcooked pasta, rice and beans, and third-grade meat Nineteen years is a length of time, and time is relative.
It depends upon the state of the observer.
[electric shaver buzzes.]
Ninety what? I'm 71.
Nineteen years in jail I'll be 90 by the time I get out.
[Tom sighs.]
Ricardo is young.
I don't have 19 years to waste in here.
I can bring down a government with everything I know.
If Penha chose this place for the meeting, he's suspicious of me.
- He has no way of knowing.
- [Lúcio laughs.]
Penha knows everything, that son of a bitch.
[knocking on door.]
[knocking on door.]
[Penha sighs.]
The Prosecutor General wants my head.
Who turned me in? Must have been Ibrahim.
He'd turn in his own mother.
If I go down, there'll be no impeachment.
You're being paranoid.
Nobody in this room is going down.
- I don't see any looming danger.
- [Penha.]
I'm not going to risk it.
I need Janete.
All you've been doing is make her life difficult.
She must have understood by now that she needs me.
Forget about Janete, Penha.
You don't need her anymore.
I sent you the impeachment petition with grounds on fiscal backpedaling.
What are you waiting for? Move on with it.
I'll take over, and we'll settle it just between us.
That's right.
Premature celebrations are bad luck.
[Penha sighs.]
[door unlocks.]
I held up my end of the bargain.
I hope you do the same.
What happens in Paraguay stays in Paraguay.
It's been a pleasure doing business with you, Verena.
Try not to end up back here, OK? [Ibrahim.]
Oh, I'm not coming back.
These people are amateurs.
All you've done so far is toy around with these amateurs, opportunists.
The professionals have yet to set foot on stage.
- I'm ready for them.
- [Ibrahim laughs.]
I don't think you are, Deputy.
[engine starts.]
Ibrahim was free again, and I found myself more and more alone in the world.
I had a vacation house but it was no longer mine, and I wasn't the one paying the bills.
Have a seat.
I was having dinner at the home I bought after a lifetime of work in the Federal Police.
But I wasn't the host.
I was the guest.
[talking in the background.]
Worse I was the party crasher.
Is there some? Yes, sauce.
Very good.
[Laurent speaks indistinctly.]
Yes, that's it.
[in French.]
Very good.
And then Ah! - [Laurent.]
- [Regina laughs.]
[Regina and Laurent laugh.]
[doorbell rings.]
[doorbell rings.]
[doorbell rings repeatedly.]
- [doorbell rings.]
- [Ruffo sighs.]
I can't tell if I destroyed Ibrahim, - or if it was Ibrahim who destroyed me.
- [doorbell rings repeatedly.]
This time it was by the skin of my teeth.
I'm sorry.
[Ibrahim sighs.]
Stella I'm going to be cooped up here for a long time.
But you You're free, right? - You're free to go.
- [Stella.]
Go where? I have nowhere to go, Ibrahim.
To the streets, Stella! You know how to make some money, Stella dear.
Don't you? [Ibrahim breathes deeply.]
Got any food here? [Ibrahim.]
I love you too.
He was getting out one way or another.
Then Rigo and the DA's Office decided to hear him as well.
Ricardo was sentenced to 19 years.
Then Tom Carvalho decided to squeal as well.
You get where this is headed.
- You traded Guilhome for Ricardo.
- No.
- You promised.
- Guilhome wasn't supposed to be dead.
He shouldn't have died, should he? But he did.
I'll make his death mean something, because it was his investigation as well.
And I'm seeing it through, and you should to the same.
It's the least we can do.
[door slams shut.]
Verena was right.
There was nothing left for me, except to try to understand the fucking country I lived in.
As Augusto masterfully translated "To deflower the labyrinth that is the ancient, metaphysical Mystery, I feasted on my raw eyes in the cemetery, in a ravenous anthropophagy.
" [Dudinha.]
Janete, Carlos Penha is waiting outside.
He's got some nerve.
- He wants to talk to you.
- That man doesn't talk, he just bargains.
That son of a bitch has us in a chokehold, Janete.
At least hear him out.
Let's get on the same page.
These policy bombshells must stop.
He's a rat.
I don't negotiate with rats.
He has a pile of impeachment petitions on his desk, ready to bring to vote in Congress.
I refuse to be held hostage by Penha.
He has Congress in the palm of his hand, Janete.
Penha can't afford to accept the impeachment petitions.
He needs us much more than we need him.
He's right outside.
It doesn't hurt to hear him out.
- [footsteps approach.]
- [Penha.]
Excuse me.
[Penha breathes heavily.]
[Penha sighs.]
We need to talk, Janete.
In private.
Dudinha can stay.
I'm the last ally you have.
Ally? If I go down, I'm not going down alone.
Are you threatening me? Dudinha, please, see the representative out.
I have better things to do.
"Take a match, light your cigarette.
The kiss, my friend, is the prelude to spittle.
" "The hand that soothes is the same that stones.
" The decision to accept the petition for impeachment of President Janete Ruscov, with grounds on fiscal backpedaling Penha accepted the petition to impeach Janete.
And this House will discharge its duties.
We will begin proceedings for - Are you satisfied? - No, sir, this brings me no joy at all.
In fact, I am not doing this out of any sort of political motivation.