The Mechanism (2018) s02e07 Episode Script

The Ends and the Means

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES You invited me to this pagode And warned me "There's no poor people in here" You even asked me to tread lightly Because I've got some color I'm a bit dark Here we can really find The cream of the crop Doctors, gentlemen, even magnates With all the drinking and the talking I came to a conclusion If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left, brother If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left, brother If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left BRASÍLIA - FEDERAL DISTRIC SEAT OF GOVERNMEN [man.]
Attention, everyone.
Silence, please.
The headphones, please.
Thank you.
Let's go? - Ten seconds.
- Ready, Madam President? - Give me a minute.
- Whenever you're ready.
Three, two, one Rolling.
I'll make this statement of clarification to every Brazilian.
Earlier today, much to my indignation, I was notified of the decision issued by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Carlos Penha, to accept a petition for impeachment, undermining this mandate that was democratically entrusted to me by the Brazilian people.
The reasoning outlined as the basis for this request, the so-called "fiscal backpedaling", is utterly unfounded.
Listen to this.
Fiscal backpedaling was never a reason for bringing anybody down.
I have no offshore accounts nor have I concealed any of my assets.
My past and my present attest to my commitment to the rule of law and to public affairs.
[Janete sighs.]
I'm late.
I have to hear what Tom Carvalho has to say.
- A bombshell for sure.
- [Verena.]
- It's all bombshells from now on, right? - Good luck.
The justification given in the impeachment petition was absurd, but it was clear why it had been filed.
The Worker's Party and PMDB, who stole together, were now at war.
And, in a war between criminals, anything goes.
President Gino wanted to check out the triplex apartment, so we went there.
But he wasn't happy with the kitchen, it required renovations.
Same with the stairs.
So we decided to install an elevator.
How much did these renovations cost? Um 2.
2 million.
And who paid for it? We did, OSA Engineering.
- Is it in the former president's name? - Pardon me? Is the triplex apartment in the former president's name? No, no, it's in the company's name.
The deal was that, at an opportune moment we'd be given the information to transfer ownership.
And to whom would it be transferred? To whomever the former president told us to, or someone in his family.
But that never happened, right? No.
How did you communicate with the former president? In person.
Or over Tadeu's phone.
That's his personal bodyguard.
Did you also renovate the ranch in Mambucaba? Yes, but there was a problem with the lake there.
Did you manage to solve the problem? Partially, because later Miller & Bretch did the waterproofing.
And how much did that cost? Oh, about 500,000.
Is the ranch in Mambucaba in the former president's name? No, it's in the name of a friend of his.
And why did OSA pay for these renovations? [Tom.]
Market rules.
One percent of the total budget of each project we did for Petrobrasil went to the ruling party.
That means OSA was part of the cartel known as Club 13? Yes, the renovations were made with this money that went into the party.
It was a checking account.
OSA had a checking account with the government? No, no, no.
My client has already shared valuable information.
Now it's up to the police to investigate and the DA's Office to appraise this information and work out the terms of a deal for my client.
It's much too early to talk about a deal.
Early? Yes, early.
But we want a large reduction of the sentence and immediate transfer to house arrest.
We'll have to verify this information.
Verify? [Tom hesitates.]
For for how long? [Dimas inhales deeply.]
As long as is necessary.
You'll be notified, sir.
There's nothing in Gino's name.
We have a testimony, but I need to check this information.
Why would a contractor that builds airports, subways, stadiums, and power plants renovate a ranch in the São Paulo countryside? [Renata.]
Makes no sense.
It's another Petrobrasil scheme.
Clear as daylight.
Rigo will argue it's hearsay.
There are no facts.
I have to investigate.
If they suspect anything, they'll destroy all the evidence.
If they haven't already.
Yes, the issue is the timing, you know? The impeachment petition? - [Verena.]
That changes things.
- That's not my problem.
Depending on what comes up, it will change things.
So what, Verena? What do you want to do? Cross your arms and let it end here? [Verena.]
- [door closes.]
- [Cláudio sighs.]
"I, child of carbon and ammonia, monster of darkness and rutilance, suffer, from the epigenesis of my childhood, the malicious influence of the signs of the zodiac.
Profoundly hypochondriac, anxiety crawls its way up to my mouth, analogous to the anxiety which escapes from the mouth of a cardiac.
" [doorbell rings.]
My life has always been hopelessness.
It was as if Augusto dos Anjos had written that poem specifically for me.
- Are you working on the case again? - No, no, this This was Guilhome's, I'm organizing it to take to the Federal Police.
It's amazing how you always come back to this, right? - No, no.
I'm just - No, it's fine.
This is none of my business.
It's your call.
It always has been.
This is Beta's stuff.
I'll leave it here.
At least fix up a room for her to sleep in, OK? Take good care of her.
Of course.
She can sleep in my room.
You're really going to São Paulo? - I am.
- [Ruffo.]
It's dangerous, isn't it? I don't know, this This impeachment I don't know what the streets will be like Demonstrations? I'll be there if it happens.
This impeachment thing is absurd.
There's no way this vote should pass, right? - [Regina inhales deeply.]
- Is Is Laurent downstairs? [Regina.]
No, he's running some errands.
I have the car, I'll go get him.
Are you staying at a hotel? At someone's house? Stop.
[Ruffo sighs.]
It's difficult.
[Regina sighs.]
It's difficult, it's sad.
- We'll manage.
You'll manage.
- I don't want to manage.
[Regina sighs.]
Oh, Marco, I've wanted to stay so much before [cell phone rings.]
[cell phone rings.]
[cell phone rings.]
Pick up.
It's Verena.
[cell phone rings.]
[cell phone rings.]
- [Ruffo sighs.]
- [door closes.]
Hey, hello? Hi, Verena.
Tom Carvalho has given us Gino.
- It has to be proven.
- [Ruffo.]
You have to investigate.
I know, but I'm thinking.
Penha, of all people, accepted the impeachment request! - [Ruffo.]
Penha, Penha, a gangster.
- I know.
But look, the Prosecutor General asks to hear Ibrahim.
Ibrahim gives Penha up, Penha accepts the impeachment request and, out of the blue, Tom decides to give us Gino, you see? I'm supposed to be the paranoid one, OK? If I investigate Gino now, Janete's impeachment will be a sure deal.
Both Gino and Janete on the line? I'm a police officer, not a politician.
Verena, Verena It's always better to know than not to know.
Verena was in a tight spot, because an honest cop doesn't choose sides when there's a gang war.
Operation Jet Wash had entered a very delicate phase.
If the plea deals were to be fast-tracked, it was game over for the Worker's Party, and the PMDB Party would take over as the cartel lord at Petrobrasil.
Now, if the Federal Police and the DA's Office dragged their feet, the Worker's Party would remain in power and bury the ongoing investigations.
It's that old "Damned if you do damned if you don't.
" Want to play? - What, honey? - Want to play? [Ruffo.]
Hmm [Ruffo.]
Which game? [Beta.]
You choose.
"Like a ghost taking refuge in the solitude of still life, behind the isolated graves, I once sought refuge at your doorstep.
But you never stepped outside to watch my disgrace, and I left as one who repels everything.
An old coffin containing broken remains.
" [Ruffo.]
I was alone in the world.
All that was left was to try to understand the rigged game that is Brazil.
Each party was a card suit, and on top of each suit, there were the jokers.
Jokers can finish any canasta and help you win the game.
Gino was the head of the suit of hearts.
Ibrahim was one of his Jokers.
The one that connected the Worker's Party to OAS, in this case.
The suits had been working together before.
But now, they were on opposite sides.
If he has nothing in his name, even if you find anything at the ranch or in the apartment it will be hard to connect the properties to the former president.
The risk is that, as soon as we set foot on the ranch or the apartment, they start destroying evidence.
They could be doing that as we speak.
I think all actions have to be coordinated.
Search and seizure on the properties and a bench warrant.
- For Gino? - Yes.
Shouldn't we subpoena him and wait for him to come? He's a former president with a lot of power.
Gino can mobilize crowds.
And crowds make collecting any testimony impossible.
But a bench warrant right off the bat? How can we be sure anything will even turn up in the searches? What do you have in mind, Deputy? Wiretap Gino's bodyguard's cellphone.
He sometimes uses his phone.
It could yield a good trail for us before we expose ourselves.
It's a gamble, like any other.
For a week, so be it.
These lawyers talk among themselves.
By now, Gino must already know that Tom snitched on him.
[inhales deeply.]
This is what we'll do Search and seizure at the properties.
Both the ranch and the triplex apartment.
Wiretap the bodyguard.
HIS TIME HAS COME And a bench warrant for the former president.
I think doing everything at once is too much.
Search and seizure, wiretap, a bench warrant [Vander.]
I don't understand the need for all this.
Rigo went too far this time.
The DA is afraid they'd make it into a circus so that Gino doesn't testify.
So we're staging a circus ourselves first, is that it? Mwah.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
What Gino did for this country is something no one had ever done.
Gino was the man.
Barack Obama himself said it.
Yes In fact, I'm the only one of my mom's kids that got a college degree.
My older siblings couldn't even dream about it.
My mom has more pictures of Gino than of us in her house.
- No way.
- Way.
[they laugh.]
If she finds out what I'm doing, Verena - she'll be disappointed in me.
- You're a cop, Vander.
She hates cops.
She doesn't like anyone who wears a uniform.
Not even firefighters.
Do you know anyone who doesn't like firefighters? [they both laugh.]
My mother always loved cops.
She married two of them.
My father and his best friend.
Hey, now.
[he laughs.]
She buried both of them, too.
Moving on Gino now will only be another nail in Janete's coffin.
And many people will appreciate that.
Penha was something of an ace: an important and valuable card in the deck.
He was always busy backstage, furthering his own interests - [Penha.]
- and those of the coalition party.
- Not yet.
- [Penha.]
This is merely a formality, you know? But we'll have to be more discreet.
The doorway is too exposed.
- Outside? - Yes, too exposed.
We have to add, I don't know, some big plant vases The media will soon be camping out there, and no one needs to know who you've been meeting with.
Well [clears throat.]
I started tallying the votes we can count on so far.
In Congress, you can rest assured that I will secure the votes.
But I need to know how many you can assure us.
[Thames inhales deeply, exhales.]
While the ruling party, the suit of hearts, fought to remain in power, its allied party and the opposition coordinated Janete's impeachment.
Congressman, your party has 46 representatives.
I want to know how many votes you can guarantee.
Some will vote gladly, others just need a little push.
How much and how many? [Ruffo.]
It was a war of suits.
Of course.
Representatives and senators are valuable cards in a canasta.
To remain in power, an administration needs support in Congress.
But support always has its price.
In this case, a price paid in corruption shares.
I was neck-deep in Guilhome's documents and was learning with him.
Guilhome had done an archaeological dig and organized chronologically all of the major corruption cases that the Federal Police tried to investigate and was never able to.
The Budget Dwarves, Bloodsuckers, State Bank Suits come and go but the game [laughs.]
remains the same.
Electoral campaigns financed through slush funds, government support bought and paid for with public positions and agreements with private sector giants.
Another cycle of systemic corruption to finance the next electoral disputes.
The suit would change, but the game remained the same.
Deep down, there was only one constant: a Joker who went by the codename of "The Turk" regardless of the suit in power.
Ibrahim [laughs.]
was always there making the money flow.
Brazilian democracy is a rigged card game.
But now, for the first time, something was amiss with the order and progress.
The plea deal threatened one of the kings in the deck.
And if a king falls he brings the whole suit down with him.
Bringing Gino to Curitiba would be too complicated.
We'll take him to the Federal Police at Congonhas Airport.
How many cars do we have at our disposal? Let me check.
What's up? Let's settle on the questions? Where's the paperwork? In my office.
[Vander sighs.]
Leo! Did you get anything? No, the bodyguard only talks about soccer.
- No Gino? - Nothing.
Let's keep it simple.
We don't need these first two.
Well, then "Are you friends with Mr.
Tom Carvalho?" That's too direct.
He'll simply deny it.
"Have you ever been to the ranch?" Nice.
"Which room did you use to stay in?" "Did you always stay in the same room?" [Cláudio.]
Right? Mm-hmm.
- Where's the coffee? - In the thermos over there.
Could you get me some coffee, Renata? And then, "Have you ever been to the triplex apartment?" Right.
Remember that lunatic we interrogated in the State Bank case? The one who answered "no" before even hearing the question? - Yes.
- [laughs.]
What an idiot.
[elevator bell rings.]
CONGONHAS AIRPOR I want ten officers watching the perimeter.
And position two of ours here at the door, please.
Walk them through it, OK? Rogério, will you park a police car here, please? - Good morning, Deputy.
- Let's go? Let's.
- I changed some things.
- OK.
[cell phone rings.]
- Hi, Vander.
- [Cláudio.]
You got any coffee? EX-PRESIDENT GINO'S APARTMEN SÃO BERNARDO DO CAMPO [elevator bell rings.]
All good, Verena.
We're here, we're going in.
[Vander sighs.]
- Is everything all right? - [Vander.]
Everything's fine, it's all right.
- I'll meet you at the airport.
- I'm waiting for you.
See you.
[knocking gently.]
Good morning, Mr.
Good morning.
Excuse us.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
They worked on the lake.
Emptied it all out, then covered it in thick, black rubber.
That's the waterproofing, isn't it? Follow me.
[camera shutter clicks.]
President, I'll need to take your phone too.
That isn't my phone.
Tadeu, here.
This is the bedroom.
He left those there the last time he came.
[Ruffo sighs.]
All done with this party, honey.
Shall we buy another deck to keep going? Can we eat something? [Ruffo.]
The Faithful Nation is faithful indeed.
The Faithful Nation.
Twenty-three years without a title.
Yet look at the fanbase it has.
No matter what happens, they're always there.
We value our team.
Are you a Corinthians supporter? [Vander.]
I'm a Flamengo fan.
I'll need you to come with me to a safe location, sir.
Isn't my house a safe location? The people from the DA's Office would like a word with you, sir.
Let's go.
But the other suits wouldn't stand by watching as everything fell apart.
Thames, Penha, and Lúcio Lemes needed to eliminate Janete in order to seize power.
The objective: destroy Operation Jet Wash.
- You got playing cards there, buddy? - Yes, I do.
I'll take as many as you have.
Halt the investigations and keep the mechanism going.
But taking Janete down would be pointless if Gino was free.
They attacked Gino and Janete at the same time to kill two birds with one stone.
This is a big mistake.
[cell phone rings.]
We're at the Federal Police at the airport.
I have the boss here right beside me.
Yes, Congonhas Airport.
Come over here soon, I'm going in the room with him.
[Cláudio sighs.]
Do you know Mr.
Tom Carvalho? I do.
- [Cláudio.]
Are you his friend? - No.
Have you ever been to the Mambucaba ranch? Yes.
Are you the owner of that ranch? I don't have any ranches, sir.
Are you the owner of a triplex apartment in Camburá? Sir, do you know where the Real Estate Registry is? Are there any properties in my name? So, the apartment isn't mine.
For it to be mine, the deeds would have to be in my name, right? I didn't buy it, I didn't pay for it, then it isn't mine.
- Whoever says it is has to prove it.
- Have you ever been to the apartment? Unless somebody is planning to give me the apartment or the ranch Maybe that's what's going on and I don't know.
That wasn't the question.
What's going on in there? What's going on? [hubbub of people talking, shouting.]
[protests grow louder.]
- [officer.]
Please step back, sir.
- [man.]
He's in there, isn't he? Have you ever been in that apartment? Yes, once.
Can you describe that visit to me? I went there to have a look at the apartment.
[loud commotion outside.]
To see it I didn't like it, it's [Gino.]
I found it too small.
Around 200 square meters, and I'm getting old too.
Too many stairs [people shouting and chant loudly.]
- [crowd chants.]
There won't be a coup! - [knocking on door.]
Who would invite you for a weekend at a ranch? [knocking.]
Your friends or your enemies? Open up! Get your hands off me! [crowd chants.]
Our flag will never be red! Our flag will never be red! [shouting and chanting.]
[crowd chants.]
There won't be a coup! PUT GINO IN JAIL There won't be a coup! [loud shouting and chanting.]
There won't be a coup! [chanting.]
There won't be a coup! There won't be a coup! Carlos, tell everyone to get here.
Congresswoman, this is totally out of hand.
He's alone with his lawyer.
- [Dudinha.]
We need to call the Feds soon.
- [woman.]
Calm down! This is a damn mess.
Tell everyone to get here.
Not even I can talk to Gino.
A bench warrant, this is preposterous! The media is here, yes, but Gino is alone in there with his lawyer.
OK, I'll call you later.
Excuse me! [Dudinha.]
Excuse me, I'm going in! Get your hands off me! Don't touch me! These are this country's most convoluted legal proceedings.
I'm being charged with having property that's not mine but they say it is.
Our flag will never be red! - [knocking on door.]
- [Dudinha.]
Open up! - [knocking.]
- You know what bothers people? [knocking more loudly.]
I'll tell you what it is.
Excuse me.
I'm going in.
Get your hands off me! I'm a government minister! Everything I did for this country is what bothers them.
I got Brazil out of the Hunger Map, I provided basic income, homes, I got poor kids into college And that bothers the elite, the media, some sectors of the Judiciary, and, by the look of it, it also bothers you.
There won't be a coup! [chanting.]
Gino! Gino! Gino! Gino! [crowd chants.]
Gino! Gino! Gino! Gino! Gino! The president isn't safe.
You can't guarantee his safety here.
I have to get him out of here.
Cláudio, this is getting dangerous.
[Cláudio sighs.]
You're free to go.
Thank you.
There won't be a coup! There won't be a coup! Lock him up! [tires screech.]
[Cláudio sighs.]
A judge can't act like a vigilante.
[man on TV.]
Article 218 of the Code of Criminal Procedure states: "A witness shall only be issued a bench warrant in the event that they refuse a subpoena.
" As that wasn't the case for President Gino, what judge Paulo Rigo carried out today was a show, a media stunt.
Today will be remembered as the day the former president of our country was illegally arrested for a couple of hours.
It's a disregard of the rule of law in a democratic state, and leaves us with a suspicion: are judge Paulo Rigo's actions politically motivated? [reporter.]
This has been News at Ten on Friday, March 4th.
You want to be a politician, Dad? [reporter.]
Former president Gino was taken by police No, honey.
There were clashes between demonstrators for and against the former president.
[reporter 2.]
The investigators want to know [reporter3.]
The police were called to prevent a clash between the demonstrators for and against former president Gino during his interrogation at the Federal Police office at Congonhas Airport.
God bless the Federal Police! Hmm.
You think? Gino told them nothing and on top of that left as a victim.
A former president inside a police car? Gino is a dead man walking.
"Gino is a dead man walking" equals "Janete gets knocked out.
" - And we have the media on our side.
- They have always been on our side.
For the media, all of Brazil's problems are the fault of Gino and his party.
And it's good that the people keep thinking like that.
It will be easier to take down this party.
But Gino is like egg whites.
The more you beat him, the more he grows.
If we're turning Gino into a villain we're going to need a superhero.
Time for the judge to be on magazine covers.
Your specialty.
Good evening.
Anything from the wiretap, Vander? - [Verena.]
Well? Nothing? - [Vander sighs.]
Nothing will come out of this.
OK, file a request asking Rigo for another week.
Are you serious? Yes.
How long will the silent treatment last? [Renata sighs.]
- Renata, what's your problem? - What's up between you and Verena? - What do you mean? - What's up between you and Verena? Verena is a pain in the ass.
Uptight and a pain in the ass.
Why? Wasn't there anything going on between you? [Cláudio sighs.]
Tell me, Cláudio.
It was nothing.
A long time ago.
Back when I first lived here.
We worked together on the State Bank case.
Centuries ago.
Renata, it's not important.
I left my whole life in Rio and went to São Paulo because of you.
Then I left São Paulo and came here.
I never made you do anything.
You never even asked.
The bench warrant for the former president set the country ablaze.
And ideology spoke louder than reason.
Get me two more.
Altair, I need the agriculture and cattle caucus to be close-knit.
This was the ideal scenario for the government and the opposition to try to mislead the population and pretend the mechanism didn't exist.
The suit of hearts was saying that the triplex apartment and the ranch were ideological persecution and reminded us of corruption cases that involved the suit of spades, Lúcio Lemes's party.
The Furnas scandal alone moved 39 million.
And the suit of clubs, Thames and Penha's party, had the Santos port.
Each one pointing a finger at the other, all saying the same thing: "It's unfair to arrest only one king.
The right thing to do is to arrest all of them at once.
" But since it was impossible to arrest everyone at the same time, they said the right thing to do would be to arrest no one.
Ideology sucks.
Meanwhile, the clubs and spades were busy gathering pro-impeachment votes.
Speaker, they have all confirmed.
- We have massive attendance.
- And they're voting "yes"? [Ruffo.]
The impeachment vote was getting closer and, even after the bench arrest, Gino's approval was still high.
And, to make things worse for Thames, the investigation still hadn't uncovered irrefutable evidence that would connect Gino to the ranch and the triplex apartment.
While the investigation tried to move forward, I looked backwards.
1989, 1988 1987 It went back, way back.
Decades of corruption.
Dozens of cases that were never investigated.
Hundreds of politicians who got rich at the expense of citizens and who weren't sent to prison because of legislative immunity.
The last bastion of the mechanism.
The godmother law of corruption.
Politicians may only be tried by judges appointed by the politicians themselves.
[camera shutters click.]
Did you like the greenery? Much better now! [laughs.]
What about the numbers? It's going to be a bloodbath.
Penha, Thames, Lúcio Lemes, representatives, senators, congressmen, members of parliament.
All protected by legislative immunity.
A whole class of untouchables.
But former presidents don't have legislative immunity.
And that put Gino in the investigation's crosshairs.
His only way to escape the law would be to go back to being a part of the palace court, where immunity was broad and unrestricted.
All he needed to be a VIP at the Supreme Court was to become a minister.
All of the worst have joined forces against me.
You're not the target.
They want the presidency.
I'm tired of telling you.
You need to talk to the coalition.
The coalition is Penha and Thames.
How am I going to negotiate with them? [Gino sighs.]
Lúcio got 51 million votes.
Congress is in Penha's hands.
It's useless, woman.
You have to negotiate with them! I was elected with 54 million votes.
Yes, but you know your votes didn't fall from the sky.
But we can still turn this game around.
Will you help me? I came here to ask for your help.
And which palace would reject Gino's charisma and political brilliance? Janete's court was falling apart.
It couldn't simply pass that up.
[phone rings.]
- [Tadeu.]
Hello? - The President wants to talk to Gino.
Just a moment.
- Hello.
- Hello, dear.
Gino, listen to me.
I have some papers that I'll deliver to you, OK? - Verena, you have to listen to this.
- What? - The president's wiretap.
- What do you mean? There's one little problem: we can't use this.
Why not? I requested the extension.
Rigo didn't authorize it.
The phone company took a while to cut it, so I kept on listening.
- So the wiretap is expired? - Two hours and 11 minutes ago.
I'm going to listen to it.
[doorbell rings.]
I need to show you something.
Me too.
Come in.
Hi, Beta.
What's all this, Ruffo? Thirty years.
Four hundred and two people.
Eighty-two corruption scandals.
An average of four per year.
And the whole thing reorganizes every four years, when the government changes hands.
And this is because Guilhome only went as far back as 1987.
- Why 1987? - That's when democracy was reinstated.
I would need a whole warehouse to hold the documents from the dictatorship years.
Yep, he was trying to crack Miller & Bretch's kickback scheme.
And he would have pieced together so much more than Miller & Bretch's scheme, but he didn't have time for that.
[Ruffo inhales deeply.]
I did.
Piece what together? I organized it into suits.
Each suit is a party.
Each pyramid shows how much each party stole.
And check this out The VP's party is the structural foundation of this government, that other one and the current one.
The blood-sucking Vice President's squad is the foundation of everything.
Of all the different administrations.
It's the foundation that supports them all.
Thames is very, very sophisticated when it comes to crime.
But it doesn't begin or end with any single party [sighs.]
Where will this country end? Come here, let me show you something.
If Verena reveals the plan to save Gino, Thames will win the war.
- [Tadeu.]
Hello? - The President wants to talk to Gino.
Just a moment.
But if she doesn't, Gino will bring Thames down.
- [Janete.]
- [Gino.]
Hello, dear.
Gino, listen to me.
I have some papers that I'll deliver to you, OK? [Gino.]
Only use it in an emergency, it's the oath of office.
That's it.
Stand by, it's on the way.
I'll be waiting.
- [Janete.]
- [Gino.]
Bye, dear.
What are we going to do with this? [Ruffo.]
Cops can't take sides in a gang war.
Yeah A fucking catch-22.