The Mechanism (2018) s02e08 Episode Script

Dirty Canasta

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES You invited me to this pagode And warned me "There's no poor people in here" You even asked me to tread lightly Because I've got some color I'm a bit dark Here we can really find The cream of the crop Doctors, gentlemen, even magnates With all the drinking and the talking I came to the conclusion If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left, brother If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left, brother If you cry out, "Stop thief!" There won't be a soul left The president wants to talk to Gino.
Is he there? He is.
Just a moment.
- Hello.
- Hello, dear.
Gino, listen to me.
I have some papers that I'll deliver to you, okay? Only use it if it's an emergency, it's the oath of office.
Forget about that.
We won't be able to use it.
Should I pretend I didn't hear it? An ill-timed recording, expired authorization Forget about it.
If I do, Gino gets privileged jurisdiction.
And if you use it, Janete gets the boot.
It's not your call to make, Verena.
But we heard it.
This conversation took place, it's right here.
One can only do so much.
It was just a police operation.
I don't know when it stopped being one.
Verena was a cop.
She couldn't ignore the facts.
FEDERAL JUSTICE Despite the unauthorized time frame, the president's in it, we must send it to the Supreme Court.
We didn't wiretap the president, but the ex-president's bodyguard.
And bodyguards don't have privileged jurisdiction.
But if Gino takes office, he's off-limits to us.
What a joke.
If it were legal, it would show clear evidence of obstruction of justice.
The mistake was the phone company's.
It took too long to suspend the wiretap.
It doesn't matter whose mistake it was.
The wiretap was expired.
You didn't give us an extension.
We can't use this.
Then why did you bring me this recording? Even though she knew that using that wiretap was a breach of due process Verena couldn't accept Gino and Janete playing the system.
Ricardo left the lockup with his questions and answers prepped beforehand and refused to answer any of the judge's questions.
And Gino chose a government position to escape trial.
This is a charade! We need this to get the population on our side.
Half the population, okay? The country is polarized.
Verena, we need to stand up to Gino.
Whoever brings Gino down becomes a hero.
Using this wiretap is playing politics.
So is hiding behind a government position.
They're politicians, Cláudio.
We're not.
CONSPIRACY? JUDGE RIGO TO TALK ABOUT JET WASH AT HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Can I throw away some of these magazines? I'm not finished reading them.
You know what you're turning into? A hoarder.
Leave the magazines.
All of them? President Janete Ruscov has announced today that she will appoint former president João Higino dos Santos as Chief of Staff.
The swearing-in ceremony is scheduled for tomorrow morning.
On the one hand, the truth of the matter: Janete was appointing Gino as a minister to shield him from prosecution.
On the other, due process: if due process is disregarded, anyone can impose their own truth on a country.
Even if that truth is a lie.
Judge Paulo Rigo has unsealed the wiretap placed on the cell phone of former president João Higino dos Santos' bodyguard.
The conversations recorded by the Federal Police include an exchange between the former president and President Janete Ruscov, who has just appointed him Chief of Staff of the administration.
Now they got them.
- Hello.
- Hello, dear.
Gino, listen to me.
I have some papers that I'll deliver to you, okay? Okay.
Only use it if it's an emergency, it's the oath of office.
Did you know Rigo was going to do this? - Stand by, it's on the way.
- I'll be waiting.
- Bye.
- Bye, dear.
The lingering question is what motivated Judge Rigo's decision.
Especially considering this is a judge who's always claimed to be impartial.
But this particular move is hard to justify.
Wiretapping the president Nobody can do that.
Well, they can.
But telling everybody you did it is up to the judge.
How is it, honey? Unsealing court records is not a breach of due process.
Any judge has that prerogative.
Rigo, you're going to save the city of Curitiba! Except that Rigo was well aware that the case had illegal wiretaps.
Recordings of Janete and Gino obstructing the investigation.
Conspirator! Scumbag! Conspirator! Scumbag! I don't know if two wrongs make a right in this case.
What I do know is that Rigo let the ends justify the means and set the country ablaze.
The President of the republic will now sign the document that allows the former president to serve as the current chief of staff.
Being a third wheel while this couple does the waltz is Thames' karma.
Gino might be a genius, but after this leaked recording, not even God can save him.
Yes, indeed, it will all come crumbling down after the leak.
How could Gino be this careless? Getting caught in a wiretap? Hubris.
Wiretapping Gino was unthinkable until very recently.
Gino is the people's hero.
He is, but now Rigo is a hero, too.
Well, while this battle of heroes is in the spotlight, we have some homework to do.
Just now, Supreme Court Justice Maximiliano Carrascosa has granted an injunction petitioned by Senator Lúcio Lemes, requesting the suspension of former president João Higino dos Santos' appointment as Chief of Staff.
All right, thanks.
Gino's appointment was suspended.
I just heard.
We can't let this opportunity slip by.
I have some ideas.
Ruffo, hi.
Hi, Verena.
You know what's going on? Yes, yes, I know.
I don't even know what to say.
- I'll let you know if I find anything new.
- All right.
Gino's pyramid was crumbling, but soon enough, another pyramid would take its place.
Guilhome had sorted the corruption cases in chronological order, framing our debauchery from a historical standpoint.
What do you say, kiddo? Let's rearrange these cards.
Give me a hand? But the best thing I did was to ditch the timeline, ditch ideology and focus only on the mechanism that put the suits in power and kept them there.
This was the constant in the whole process.
The suits could change, but the mechanism was always the same.
The suits in power overbilled construction projects.
Companies like Miller and Bretch laundered the money skimmed from overbilling, and rats like Ibrahim passed the money around.
This one, honey.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Come on, honey.
Good morning, Beta.
How are you, Ruffo? Good morning.
Good morning.
Hi, Beta.
What else are you waiting for? Rigo isn't getting off Gino's back.
The guy is An obsession is what this is.
They've filed a complaint against him for unsealing the recording.
Yeah, and they'll file many more still, because Rigo isn't just about to stop.
Leaking this recording just made things easier for the other side.
We don't need to wait for the vote to realize that Janete's getting sacked.
And who's next in line? The vampire.
His party, which has always been the bedrock of this shitshow.
Ibrahim, Miller and Bretch.
Some things just never change.
But you still have an ace in the hole.
The country is divided.
People think arresting only Gino is enough to end corruption, and I've got a bridge to sell them.
The Bretch family has been knee deep in this since time immemorial, and Ricardo Bretch is collecting dust, sleeping in your lockup.
Ricardo was sentenced to 19 years and hasn't as much as budged.
Yeah, but when Thames takes over, he's going to shut down this operation before shit flies in their direction.
What do you want me to do? Ricardo has to deliver a lot more than Gino.
You have to expose the vampire before he takes Janete's place.
- That's your job now.
- No, that's playing politics.
You opened that door, Verena.
Now you have to go in.
No, this could have serious consequences, Ruffo.
It can, but we don't choose what we do.
You think you chose to do what you do? I'm not getting out right in front of school.
- I'm dropping you off at the entrance.
- I've always taken the bus! I'm walking.
Could you pull over here, please? You can pull over.
- All I want is to go to school in peace! - My work doesn't affect you.
If it didn't, I'd be able to go to school on my own.
Clara, it's just for a while.
How long, Dad? Hello.
- Hi.
How are you, Marco? - Hi, Regina.
Is everything okay with Beta? Yeah, everything's fine.
She's great.
Great, great.
How about you? I'm fine.
Everything's fine.
I miss you.
I used to miss you too, when we were together but now that we're not together anymore, I don't miss you as much.
I never chose anything, Regina.
No, I was there, Marco.
I was there the whole time.
It was always me knocking on your door, and you trying to save the world.
I'm going to hang up, okay? Bye.
Come on, honey.
Regina has always had a soft spot for honest people.
She saw that in me.
And very likely she saw that in Laurent as well.
Oh, you scared me! Were you eavesdropping? No.
Should I be? No.
So? I have nothing to say to you, Laurent.
I think you do.
I think you have to say, "Laurent, I'm ready to go.
" I made reservations, Regina.
Where I come from, we honor our reservations.
Let's go.
While I was getting rid of my obsession with Ibrahim, Verena was getting more and more obsessed with Ricardo Bretch.
I knew she'd eventually get him to talk, even if it meant meddling in politics and get Plínio to testify.
I I'm very sorry about your friend.
I'm on good terms with Gino.
My problem is you.
I've never been a problem.
I've always been the solution.
You're the one keeping yourself here.
It's a good solution for everybody, isn't that right, Dad? - You think I should take your place? - No, no.
Not take my place.
I just find it curious that, in a company with over 180,000 employees, I'm the only one who's here.
Miller isn't going to survive, Ricardo.
Focus on engineering, shut down oil and anything that's not our core business.
I've already said what had to be done.
60% of contracts cancelled, the banks won't renegotiate our debt, our stocks are plummeting.
We're going under.
Your fault.
You're the CEO.
You just give them Gino's party, we get a leniency agreement, save Miller - You want me to squeal? - and you get a reduced sentence.
With a plea deal? Do you know what "deal" means? The parties find a compromise that works for both sides.
Should I tell them about the mess I found when I started out at Miller? The pat on the back, envelope in your back pocket scheme, Dad? Your great-grandfather your grandfather, myself That coming and going of politicians, like we were some halfway house? That flea market that was Miller and Bretch, Dad? Three generations of winners and we're sinking because of your stubbornness.
Should I tell them about our deals with the military governments? Should I talk about the corruption? I should leave that out, isn't that right? I'll just start with my term and take it from there.
- This isn't about you.
- You want to be back in charge! - I was right, your grandfather was wrong.
- You want to get rid of me! - Putting you in charge was a mistake.
- You enjoy seeing me in here, locked up! Ricardo you are a mistake.
What could his dad have said to make him snap like that? Beats me.
But if there's a rift between them, we can push through.
This kind of looks like a school project.
But it has to be clear.
People have to understand it.
What's this? This is a PowerPoint.
It's an overview of the operation.
But what's the point? With the impeachment vote coming up, now's the time.
This is pandering.
You're manipulating public opinion.
No, we're just laying out the facts here.
No, we need conclusive evidence.
Evidence is just tiny pieces of reality.
We're confident it's true.
You have a better idea? I want to talk to Plínio Bretch.
And you think Plínio is going to turn Gino in? They're very close friends.
Plínio and Ricardo just scrapped it out at the lock-up.
I think Plínio is pushing for a deal.
Or threatening to talk himself.
If Dad talks, Ricardo's never getting a reduction on his sentence.
Let's get Plínio here.
The scheme didn't start in this administration.
Plínio has a lot more to deliver.
But we have to do this before the impeachment vote.
Do we have a political agenda here, deputy? And leaking Gino's wiretap wasn't, right, Cláudio? - Desperate times, desperate measures.
- Exactly.
I really didn't choose this, but there's no turning back now.
I busted a currency dealer, and now an elected president is going down.
With our help.
And a worse lot is taking her place.
You're leaving? Yeah, I'm going back to São Paulo.
Why? Because I shouldn't have come.
It took me a while to realize that.
Yeah, I know how it is.
Should I feel sorry for you because he strung you along, too? No, I just I just think you're better off without him.
I am.
I'm paying a bill here.
Ricardo used to take care of it.
Send it to Miller.
We'll pay it from there.
I'm almost done.
What is this to you? A rock.
- Is that what Ricardo told you? A rock? - A rock from his grandfather's island.
A rock from the island I know the meteorite story, Plínio.
But you don't believe it.
I don't think I even believe in the island anymore.
Your wedding was there.
It was.
Ricardo wanted to get married there to please his grandfather.
That's true.
They were really fond of each other.
I've always said that if it wasn't for my father, Ricardo would have never made it to CEO.
You've always said it.
And I was right.
I won't recite the figures from Ricardo's administration.
You're familiar with them.
I'll spare you Miller's current figures.
The DA's office called me.
They want to hear me, Pia.
Ricardo will never agree to that.
He doesn't have to.
I'm the one making a deal.
You sent Ricardo to the slaughterhouse.
He's the only one paying for this.
Miller is going under.
I've laid off over half the employees.
Everybody's paying for it, Pia.
Not just Miller.
The national economy as well.
Now you're concerned about the country? I'll tell them what they already know.
I'll pay a fine, and everybody moves on.
What if they ask you about your term as CEO of Miller? About what you used to do? It's water under the bridge.
Nobody cares about that.
Step away from my husband's desk.
He sent you back to Portugal, didn't he? That's Ricardo for you.
This has always been a rock but the meteorite story caught on because it was better.
Ricardo should never have run Miller and Bretch.
He was born without an imagination.
If he had made a deal, he might have even told the truth.
But nobody wants the truth, Pia.
Everybody just wants a good story.
Verena was naive at first, but as time went by, she learned how to play the game.
Maria took the bait.
Her plan was working.
He took you away from Miller, and he's taking away your last ticket out of here.
Miller will rebuild itself, Ricardo and you'll be left to pay the price, alone.
I'm no longer interested in what you think.
I want you to ask for a deal now.
I want you to reduce this preposterous sentence.
I want you to come back home and take back what is yours.
Ricardo Bretch is asking to talk to you.
Tell him I'll be right there.
It will be a landslide.
Beyond anyone's wildest expectations.
Yeah, Janete is going to be pummeled on national TV.
BRAZIL - IMPEACHMENT VOTE I cannot delay this any further.
Let's commence the session.
Gentlemen, please.
Gentlemen, silence, please.
Gentlemen, we do not permit banners or posters in this House.
I would please ask security to collect them.
Gentlemen, before we begin with the proceedings, I would kindly ask you to clear the voting area so that representatives have free access in order to announce their votes.
Voting will be carried out by state, in alphabetical order, alternating between northern states and southern states.
Ladies and gentlemen, I would request that you make your votes brief.
There are 513 representatives.
Voting will be done in a single round.
We have convened here today to vote on the charges of fiscal responsibility crimes against President Janete Ruscov.
Turn it down a little.
These charges pertain to supplemental credits by presidential decree as well as illegal engagement of credit operations.
Starting by the state of Acre, Representative Abel Bergara.
In God's name, for the sake of my family and for my state of Amapá, I vote yes on impeachment! Representative Daniela Cameira Mr.
Ricardo, good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
Shall we begin? Mr.
Ricardo, have you or your company taken part in the funding of political campaigns through so-called "slush funds"? I don't know any politician in Brazil who was elected without slush funds.
Could you please be more specific? Well, someone running for public office might claim not to know about it but if they received money from a political party, this was done via slush funds.
It's a vicious cycle.
That's how the public apparatus has worked for decades.
Slush funds are part of this country's political culture and party funding system.
20, 30 years Basically, anything other than that is hypocrisy.
All political parties, with honorable exceptions, work like this.
And what do the companies receive in exchange? For every million invested in political contributions, the company earned about four million in return.
It was a win-win for everybody.
Against the Mensalão, in the name of the long-suffering Brazilian people, Mr.
Speaker In God's name and for the sake of my children, my vote is yes! Yes! Yes! Long live Brazil! Long live Brazil! Have you made contributions to political parties and politicians? I have.
Would you please disclose the names and figures? Well, for the ruling party I mean, for President Janete's campaign, it was more than 100 million reais.
Was the president aware of this? The money went to offshore accounts.
But was the president aware? I've never dealt directly with her.
Because this lady has no business whatsoever running this country! To put an end to the plundering of Petrobrasil, I vote yes, Mr.
Speaker! Well, moving on Who else benefited from these deposits? The candidate of the opposition, Lúcio Lemes, I gave 15 million to his last campaign through a slush fund.
You gave 15 million directly to candidate Lúcio Lemes? That is correct.
Fifteen million negotiated directly with candidate Lúcio Lemes.
Could you please elaborate how that happened? The day before the first round You're referring to the presidential elections of 2014, is that correct? Yes, that's correct.
The presidential elections of 2014.
Lúcio was skyrocketing in the polls and had a chance of making it to the runoff, but needed some breathing room, some funding, so he asked to see me.
He told me, "I know you've already donated that five million, but I need some more.
" I told him, "Look, Lúcio, it's complicated.
I can't give more money to you than to Janete the day before the election.
" We agreed to make it look like we would support other candidates from his party.
We settled on 15 million, for this contribution.
We'd never done anything large-scale in Minas.
It was about planning for the future.
Lúcio had the liberty to come ask me for some breathing room two weeks before the elections.
I was also free to ask him for anything I needed.
I had a very solid relationship with Lúcio.
The international press bears witness to this sad day for Brazilian democracy.
The Brazilian people and the world won't allow this coup to take place.
This is a coup! A coup! And this bastard presiding over this shameful session - is the greatest thief! - How do you vote? Thief, thief! How does the representative vote? Your vote, representative? I vote no! No to this sordid charade! Order.
Order in this House.
Well, for the vice president and likely soon-to-be President Thames, I gave ten million reais.
Paid directly to him? Yes, Thames asked me directly for the contribution to his party, but used a trusted aide to negotiate and oversee the process.
This was also in 2014? Correct.
In 2014 we met at his official residence, the Jaburu Palace.
Thames had me over for lunch.
I remember lunch took forever, and we only reached the actual figure between dessert and coffee.
Ten million reais.
This amount went to his party? For the party's electoral campaigns.
And how was this payment carried out? In legal tender.
Representative, your vote? On this glorious day for the Brazilian people, there is one name that will go down in history for how he led the proceedings today.
Congratulations, Speaker Carlos Penha! The Worker's Party, which had been a beacon of hope, banded together with the PMDB Party and betrayed the population.
But honest left-wing politicians didn't want to admit they were wrong.
They chose to believe the party had fallen victim to a right-wing conspiracy.
You lost in 1964, and you've lost now! They overlooked the fact that they themselves had voted for Thames.
For the innocence of children in schools! The choice made by the Worker's Party killed the left wing, and with the dishonesty of the right wing falling in the crosshairs of Jet Wash Down with communism! a dangerous void was forming.
For our freedom! For the memory of the colonel who haunts President Janete! Brazil before everything, God before everyone else, my vote is yes! A void that could be filled by the oppressive forces of a not too distant past.
So, you admit to having funded the campaigns of the three largest parties in the country in exchange for advantages to your company? Everything has always been for sale.
Laws, public works, provisional measures It's important to point out that this was not created by the ruling party, even though Even though it has perfected the system a great deal.
So have you, right? In the Department of Structured Operations.
So have I.
367 votes in favor, and 137 votes against, the House of Representatives approves the measure in favor of impeachment and hereby authorizes the senate to try President Janete Ruscov for suspected criminal activity.
Yes Thank you, thank you so much.
Yes, common sense prevailed.
Thank you very much.
FEDERAL POLICE What's up? I don't even know where to start tomorrow.
Get some sleep, try to rest.
It seems that what we do is pointless, you know? I wish we could arrest all the crooked politicians.
I don't know if it's coming to an end or Starting over, you know? But it's worse this time around.
Let's go? I'm staying a little longer.
CONSPIRACY? A ROCK IS A ROCK What is it? Thames' aide, getting money from Ricardo I pulled up his file, he's knee deep in it.
That's who we should start with, Verena.
Do we have to do it now? No, we don't have to do it now.
But hop on.
Hop on, come on.
Where to? Anywhere you want.
Vander and Verena were very different.
But both agreed that Jet Wash couldn't stop regardless of whoever was in power.
I'd established a timeless connection between all of the corruption scandals of our democracy.
The connections weren't random.
The mechanism repeated itself at every election cycle.
There were seven key roles and seven people had fulfilled these roles.
These seven people had great influence on the corruption network.
Suits come and go, but these people remained.
Ibrahim was one of them.
What a surprise! Just dropping by.
I knew you'd be home, so I just decided to come.
Regina's out.
I'm taking care of Beta.
Have a seat, honey.
I'm all out.
A mixed canasta, but I'm all out.
More than 400 people cited in 82 corruption schemes in the past 30 years.
Out of these 400 people, seven are recurrent.
They're in the intersection of all the cases.
Out of those seven, at least one has been involved in all of the schemes.
All of them.
Since 1987.
They're the nodes, get it? The nodal points that focus the activity.
And you are one of them, the Joker.
And I assume you must be Batman? Clubs is the VP's party.
- You mean President Thames.
- That's the one.
Out of these seven people, three are politicians.
All three are from the vampire VP's party.
The party that never gets elected, but that supports the left-wing and right-wing parties while they take turns in power.
One businessman, three politicians, two bankers and one currency dealer.
It's power and money that call the shots in this country.
While the left wing and right wing play government.
Very good.
Congratulations to you, too.
You managed to divide the people.
With everybody squabbling, it's easier to conduct business as usual.
Very good, but you're a little too late, aren't you? Why is that? We already have a new president, right, Ruffo? Now it's time to put the children to bed.
You're not arresting anybody anymore.
But eventually the vampire will step down, and we'll be waiting for him.
You think so? That goes for you, too.
I'm no psychic, but I think I'm still going to arrest you a lot of times in this life.
Who's in a worse position here? You lost your job, your wife, your best friend but you won't let go of this notion that the world can be fixed.
And that you'll be the one to do the fixing.
I must be messed up in the head.
We already knew that, didn't we, Ruffo old boy? Want some whiskey? I forgot to offer.
You're always on my tail, right? And I'm always a step ahead.
Like cat and mouse, right? Want some ice? I don't believe in God, but he does work in mysterious ways.
Laurent, my nemesis, made me see the light.
See you later.
I had cast light unto darkness, but it was time for my torch to change hands.
So? Any new problems you want me to take care of? No, it's all right.
Ruffo is history now.
So, can I call off my engagement? I feel sorry for Regina.
Another disappointment, she doesn't deserve it.
Have you seen my car key? - Why, it was right I left - Where? Son of a bitch.
Don Quixote always gets screwed: he never reaches Dulcinea.
I wasn't going to play Don Quixote forever.
It was Verena's turn now.
Hi, Verena.
Hi, Ruffo.
Didn't you see my texts? You're a badass, kid.
Ricardo spilled the beans, did he? Awesome.
Awesome! Oh, but it's really crazy, you know? The administration that let us investigate is the one that got kicked to the curb.
Oh, I don't know I'm scared.
I keep thinking about what's coming next.
We can't make any predictions, right? I think something even worse is coming.
But the investigation can't stop.
Do you hear me? It can't.
I don't know if I have it in me.
You do, you do.
You've always known a lot more than me.
You've always had something that I don't: common sense.
Remember I told you that we don't choose what we do? I was wrong.
What are you going to do? I'm done, Verena.
I'm going to do what I should've done a long time ago.
Take care of yourself.
Let's give Mommy a call? Regina? Ruffo.
Marco I had my suspicions.
Deep down, I think I already knew.