The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2006) s01e03 Episode Script

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya II

My duty is to observe Haruhi Suzumiya
and report all obtained data to the Integration Thought Entity.
That is the task I have performed
since I was born three years ago.
During the past three years no uncertain elements appeared
The situation was extremely stable.
However, recently
an irregular factor which cannot go unheeded has appeared near Haruhi Suzumiya.
That would be
From the perspective of the Data Integration Thought Entity
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya III
the third planet of this solar system at the edge of the Milky Way held no significant merit.
However, Earth, as it is called by its present inhabitant life forms
was home to the evolution of bipedal organic life forms
Data Integration Thought Entity
Born from the
of data
which covers the
entire universe
Data life forms
possessing no physical body
high levels
of intelligence
Existing since
the creation of the universe
in accord with the
of the universe
Possesses no tangible mass
only as data
to observe
through any form of
optical measures
whom developed cognitive ability which could be considered intelligence
and consequently, this planet grew in significance.
Perhaps they possessed the potential to break free of the cul-de-sac of autoevolution
into which they have fallen.
The Data Integration Thought Entity
in the life forms
categorized as
which occur on Earth
The emergence of self-awareness among the universe's maldistributed organic life forms was a common phenomenon
however, Terrestrial humans were the first instance of evolution to a higher order of intelligence.
While humans began as imperfect organic life forms, they achieved a rapid rate of autoevolution
They increased their capacity for data retention, while creating, processing and storing new data
The Integration Thought Entity carefully continued thorough observation.
And three years ago.
We observed a data flare unlike any other witnessed on this planet.
An explosion of data erupting from a region of a bow-shaped archipelago
instantly shrouded the planet
and diffused into outer space.
At its center was
Haruhi Suzumiya
Over the past three years
a number of inquiries have been performed examining the existence known as Haruhi Suzumiya from all perspectives
However, her true identity remains unknown.
Unexplainable explosion of data
Regardless, a sector of the Integration Thought Entity
Impossible to analyze
believes that for humanity
and furthermore, us data life forms
Haruhi Suzumiya is the key to our autoevolution
and have thus commenced analysis accordingly.
They, as data life forms
Humans should only be able to handle a limited amount of information
are unable to directly communicate with organic life forms.
yet a single one of those Terrestrial humans
For they possess no language.
Humans lack the means to transmit ideas without words.
Intermittent torrents of data
occur randomly
That is why human-purpose interfaces such as myself were created.
The Data Integration Thought Entity is able to come in contact with humans through me.
Haruhi Suzumiya
is unaware of this
Haruhi Suzumiya holds hidden potential for autoevolution.
It is likely that she possesses the ability to control data in her surrounding environment as she wishes.
That is why I am here.
Why you are here.
Hold on.
I'll be frank.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Believe me.
First of all, why me?
Let's just pretend that
I believe you about all that data whatever and so on
Then why are you revealing your identity to me?
You have been chosen by Haruhi Suzumiya.
Whether or not Haruhi Suzumiya is aware of it
her consciousness has an effect on the environment in the form of unconditional data.
There must be a reason why you were chosen.
There isn't.
There is.
You and Haruhi Suzumiya hold all potential within your grasp.
Are you serious?
Here I was, marveling at how the tight-lipped wonder had finally opened her mouth
and out came this winding freakish spiel.
I never would have imagined she was some crazy girl.
Now look here.
If you go tell Haruhi this story, she'll be overjoyed.
Quite frankly, I don't understand any of this stuff.
A large sector of the Data Integration Thought Entity has recognized that
if Haruhi Suzumiya becomes aware of her own value and ability
there is the potential for indeterminable risks.
We must observe the situation for now.
Isn't it possible that
I'll tell Haruhi everything I just heard?
She won't take the data you feed her seriously.
You have a point.
I am not the only interface placed on Earth by the Data Integration Thought Entity.
A sector of the Data Integration Thought Entity overmind
intends on initiating proactive activity
and observing the resulting fluctuations in data.
You are the key to Haruhi Suzumiya.
When crisis approaches, you will be first.
I can't take any more of this.
Humanoid inter
An alien?
She must have picked up those bizarre delusions from reading SF novels all alone in her apartment for so long.
I'm sure she locks herself up in her shell
never talking to anyone in her class.
Both her and Haruhi
ought to just enjoy their school life in a normal fashion.
It's come!
The long-awaited transfer student!
Don't you think it's amazing!?
It's a mysterious transfer student!
No doubt about it!
You can tell without even seeing the student?
Didn't I already tell you?
Survey says that a student who transfers in halfway through the year
is practically guaranteed to be a mysterious transfer student!
Just when who and how was that statistic derived?
If mysterious transfer students can be guaranteed
most of Japan would be
I'm gonna take a look!
and of course, she's not listening.
Literary Club
When I went to the clubroom after school
I found that Asahina-san had gallantly recovered in one day.
I'm amazed you were willing to come back to the clubroom.
I was a bit hesitant
but I suppose that I'm still concerned.
I get the feeling I heard her say something similar before.
What are you concerned about?
It's nothing.
Want to take my place, Nagato?
Nagato, have you ever played Othello?
Hey! Sorry for the wait!
The immediately useful transfer student who joined class 1-9 today!
His name is
Itsuki Koizumi.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
This is the SOS Brigade!
I'm the brigade chief, Haruhi Suzumiya.
Those three are members #1, #2, and #3.
And incidentally, you're the fourth one.
Everyone get along now!
I have no problem with joining, but
what does this club do?
I'll tell you just what activities the SOS Brigade engages in.
That would be!
Find aliens, time travelers, and espers.
and have fun with them!
I could feel the entire world grinding to a halt.
Just kidding!
Although I was reminded of Haruhi's proclamation at the beginning of the year.
I see.
Just as one would expect from Suzumiya-san.
What did he just see?
Very well.
I shall join.
I hope to have a pleasant experience with everyone.
Hello? You're going to accept that explanation?
Were you even listening?
I'm Koizumi.
As I just transferred here, I'm sure I have much to learn from you
so feel free to teach me the ropes.
That's Kyon!
The cute one over there is Mikuru-chan
and the glasses girl over here is Yuki.
Are you okay?
Great, now we have five members!
We're finally a full-fledged club!
I'm okay.
It's finally time for the SOS Brigade to unveil itself to the world!
Everyone, let's join together as one and give it our all!
What do you mean by unveil?
Speaking of which, Nagato
are you really okay with being included as a member?
Rolling along to after school the next day!
Hurry up and take it off!
When it comes to turn-ons, you can't forget about maids.
Every school life story has one.
Exactly what kind of school life stories do you read
Now then
Let's take a picture to remember this by.
Don't take a picture!
Tilt the chin a bit.
Clutch the apron.
Come on. Bigger smile!
Take over as cameraman.
Let's make you a little sexier.
No! Wha-What are you
- It's fine! It's fine!
How is this fine?
I shouldn't be talking when I'm the one pressing the shutter.
Lend me your glasses.
And glasses on.
But what are these pictures going to be used for?
A lolita with shapely breasts in a maid outfit wearing glasses!
It's magnificent!
From now on wear these clothes when in the clubroom.
You can't be serious
What is this?
Great timing.
Let's all have fun with Mikuru-chan!
- Cut it out already!
I'll pass.
I'm scared of what will happen afterwards.
Don't mind me.
Please continue.
More like come help stop her!
That's enough, isn't it?
Any more of this and you'll be stepping on laws.
What laws!?
Oh, well.
We already took a bunch of pictures.
Let's commence the first SOS Brigade meeting!
We've done a lot to make it this far.
We passed out flyers
and we even made a homepage.
The celebrity of the SOS Brigade in this school has skyrocketed.
The first stage can be considered a huge success!
How can you call emotionally scarring Asahina-san a huge success?
not a single tale of mysterious happenings has reached our brigade's e-mail inbox
and not a single student has come in for consultation regarding bizarre troubles.
That's because nobody has a clue as to what this club does yet.
We didn't even find out until yesterday.
Someone once said
"Good things come to those who wait."
However, we live in the modern world now!
You have to find the good for yourself
even if you have to dig through the ground!
That's why we're going to go search!
For what?
The mysteries of this world!
And so, seeking mysterious phenomena
we begin our tour de city-wide search.
Bicycles / Motorcycles
No Parking
Bicycles / Motorcycles
Bicycles / Motorcycles
No Parking
No Parking
"Next Saturday."
"Meet at 9 AM in front of Kitaguchi station."
"If you don't show, heads will roll."
Heads roll, huh.
I really don't want to waste my day off.
This was Haruhi's plan.
Split into two groups and search the city
If one group finds any mysterious phenomena, contact the other group through cell phone.
That is all.
So these are the groups
Today might be my lucky day.
If I get to go on a date with Asahina-san
treating everyone here is but a small price to pay.
Got it?
This isn't a date!
Be serious about it!
I know.
This seriously isn't a date!
If you go off to play somewhere, I'll strangle you!
And with those words
the Haruhi team went off to search the east side of the station.
Asahina-san and I were supposed to search the west side, but
What do we do?
This is the first time I've ever walked around like this.
Like this?
All alone with a boy
That's very unexpected.
You've never gone out with someone before?
I haven't.
But you probably have guys asking you out all the time.
But I can't.
I'm not allowed to get involved with anyone.
At least, in this
I have something to tell you!
After some stumbling over her words
Asahina-san eventually caught herself and said this.
You might not believe me, but
I do not belong in this epoch.
I come from further into the future.
I can't tell you exactly when and which time plane I come from.
The information about the future that can be revealed to people in the past is severely restricted.
Time cannot be viewed as something that flows continuously
rather time is an accumulation of punctuated planes.
Yes. Picture it as animation.
It looks like it's actually moving
but it's actually composed of a sequence of still frames.
Breaks exist between one time and another time.
Though their rate of occurrence is close to zero.
That is why time has no continuity.
Time travel means moving in a three-dimensional direction across the accumulated time planes.
Being from the future
my presence on this time plane is similar to that of an extra picture added into a flip book.
Now what?
Three years ago
a large timequake was detected.
Three years ago if you count from the current time.
After arriving in the past to investigate the matter, we were shocked.
No matter what we tried, we were unable to go any further back in time.
The conclusion was that a large time fault had appeared between time planes.
We only learned the possible reason recently.
Recently for the future I come from.
And the reason is
Not again
We found her in the center of the time warp.
The rest is classified information so I'm unable to explain any further
but we can be certain that Suzumiya-san was the one who sealed the path to the past.
I really don't think Haruhi is capable of something like that
We also find it a mystery.
Suzumiya-san is unaware that she was the origin of a timequake.
I was sent to observe if any new time variations will appear near Suzumiya-san.
It's like surveillance.
You probably don't believe any of this.
Not exactly
But why are you telling me this?
You are the person chosen by Suzumiya-san.
The details are classified so I can't explain.
you are probably an important person to Suzumiya-san.
Every action she performs has a reason behind it.
Then what about Nagato and Koizumi?
Those people are extremely similar to me.
I never would have expected Suzumiya-san to assemble us in such a precise fashion.
Do you know what they are, Asahina-san?
That's classified information.
What's going to happen to Haruhi now?
Classified information.
If you're from the future.
you should know what's going to happen
Classified information.
And wait
What will happen if I tell Haruhi everything?
Classified information.
I'm sorry!
I don't have enough authority right now.
It's okay if you don't believe me.
I just wanted to let you know.
I heard something similar a few days ago.
I'm sorry about suddenly telling you all this.
I don't really mind
First an alien Now a time traveler shows up.
What's going on here?
If someone out there can hear all this and be like, "Okay, sure." and believe it all, let me know.
We can trade places.
Can we put this all on hold?
Just set the matter of whether or not I believe you aside and put this on hold.
But may I ask one thing?
What is it?
Please tell me your real age.
That's classified information.
After that, a call suddenly came from Haruhi
and we were set to reassemble at noon.
Were you even looking?
Are you sure you weren't just wandering around, Mikuru-chan?
Did you guys even find anything?
As we ate lunch, Haruhi told us to split in two again.
I drew unmarked again.
Meet in front of the station at four.
You better find something this time!
And with that said
This time, we split up searching north and south.
We're responsible for the south side.
About what you said the other day.
I've started to feel a little like I can believe you.
I see.
If you need to kill time with Nagato in tow
this is the only place I can think of.
Central Library
[Escape From the School!]
Oh, boy
Do you realize what time it is now, you moron!?
I just woke up.
You lazy dumbass!
Haruhi Suzumiya
9 sec.
We were supposed to meet up at four?
Get your ass back here!
Within thirty seconds!
This was when the struggle began.
In order to move Nagato, who when reading, is apparently rooted to the floor
I had to get her a library card so she could borrow the book.
Ignoring the flood of calls from Haruhi during that time.
In the end, after yielding no results nor satisfaction
and wasting time and money like some kind of a joke
today's outdoor activity came to a close.
Just as we were splitting up, Asahina-san
Thank you for listening to what I had to say today.
she whispered into my ear, which wasn't a bad feeling at all.
What exactly were you doing today?
What about you?
Did you discover something interesting?
Well, they're not careless enough to let you
find them in one day.
Day after tomorrow, we'll have a review over today's behavior.
And with that, she left.
Your illegally parked bicycle
has been confiscated.
This has to be a dream.
A new week begins.
We've reached the point where the humidity of the rainy season
leaves us sweating early in the morning
Oddly enough, Haruhi didn't show up until right before the bell rang.
Fan me too.
Fan yourself.
Look here, Suzumiya.
Have you ever heard the story "The Bluebird of Happiness" before?
What about it?
No. Nothing really.
Then don't open your mouth.
After spending the day
being showered from behind by Haruhi's depressing aura of displeasure
like a field mouse sensing an impending bushfire
I scurried to the safety of the clubroom.
Besides, there was someone I wanted to talk to.
Don't you also have something to tell me concerning Suzumiya?
The "also" would imply that
the other two ladies have already approached you.
How much do you know?
The fact that Suzumiya isn't an ordinary person, I guess.
That makes things quite simple.
That is exactly the case.
Why don't you start by telling me your true identity?
As you may have suspected, I am an esper.
You can think of me as such.
I wasn't intending on a sudden transfer to this school
but the situation had changed.
I couldn't have anticipated that the two of them would join forces with Haruhi Suzumiya so readily.
I'm sure we'll have another opportunity to delve into the details.
Seeing is believing.
I also have something I would like to show you.
For now, I'll just give you a summary.
The "Agency" I belong to includes a number of other espers.
Actually, there are a number of agents planted in this school.
And ever since our creation three years ago
we have been observing Suzumiya-san.
Everything began three years ago.
Something happened then.
That was when I discovered within me what could only be described as ESP.
What does Haruhi have to do with what happened three years ago?
Perhaps this world is but a dream a certain being is seeing
That is what the higher-ups in the "Agency'' believe.
And because it is just a dream
creating and altering this world we call reality is but child's play for that being.
And we know the name of the being who is capable of such acts.
You mean Haruhi?
Humans have defined such a being
as God.
You've even got people calling you God now, Haruhi.
Look at it this way.
Could espers such as ourselves
and characters such as Mikuru Asahina and Yuki Nagato
so coincidentally appear at the same time?
This happened because Suzumiya-san wished for it.
And it probably happened three years ago.
So you're saying that Haruhi remade the world three years ago?
Rather than remade
perhaps we should say that the world began three years ago.
Well, this is but our theory.
So. What do you people intend to do with Haruhi?
If this world loses the favor of God
it could simply be destroyed and recreated at whim.
I happen to feel some attachment to this world.
Why don't you just ask Haruhi?
There are those within the "Agency" who indeed advocate such a measure.
As well as diehards who seek to further stimulate her.
However, the majority is of the opinion that we should not interfere.
She has yet to realize her true potential.
In that case we are of the idea that
she would be better off not knowing and living out her life in peace.
Let sleeping gods lie, huh
Are you sure you guys aren't the ones dreaming?
That is, of course, a possibility.
right now, we are simply operating under the assumption of a worst case scenario.
Here's a test then.
You said you were an esper, right?
Show me your power.
Then I'll believe you.
For example
reheat this cup of coffee.
My power cannot be so easily apprehended.
Also, I usually hold no power at all.
A number of conditions must be met
before I can use my power.
As I said at the beginning
I'm sure there will eventually be an opportunity to show you.
Sorry to drag on so long.
I'll excuse myself for today.
That's right!
The biggest mystery would be you.
Although it's bad form, I investigated a number of things concerning you
..and I can assure you.
You are an ordinary human.
Excuse me!
You don't have to obediently follow Haruhi's orders.
That day
Haruhi never showed up.
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