The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2006) s01e05 Episode Script

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya III

Going home from school with a girl
is quite common in school life dramas
and I'd be lying if I said I'd never dreamed about such an experience.
And now I am presently living out my dream
Wonder why I'm not the least bit happy about it.
That way, okay?
Did you say something?
No, nothing.
We're getting close to Nagato's apartment.
Looks like Asakura lived in room 505 in this building.
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya V
I see.
See what?
No, nothing.
Anyway, how are you planning on getting inside?
Do you know the code for that?
It'll be a battle of attrition.
What's this!?
Get in here already!
Anyway, it's definitely strange.
She suddenly transferred to Canada
and no one knows her new address.
You already told me that.
And that isn't the only thing that's fishy.
She didn't seem to have attended any of the local middle schools either.
Well, I guess.
I did some snooping and found out she transferred from a school in the suburbs.
Isn't that suspicious?
North High isn't famous or anything.
Just your typical prefectural high school.
Why would she go out of her way to attend here?
Yet her residence is this close to school.
And it's a condo at that!
It's not a rental apartment.
In a nice location like this it must be insanely expensive!
Has she been commuting to her middle school in the suburbs from here?
Like I said, I dunno.
Looks like we'll need to find out when Asakura began living here.
It's empty now.
The door won't open.
I'm thinking this is a waste of time, even for me.
Let's go to the manager's office.
I doubt he'll let you borrow a key.
Not that.
I'm going to ask him when Asakura began living here.
Let's just give up and go home.
What can you possibly accomplish with that information?
We're friends of a former resident, Ryoko Asakura-san.
She suddenly moved
and we don't know how to contact her.
Did you happen to hear where she moved to?
And I was wondering if you could tell me when Asakura-san came to this place.
So she can phrase questions like a normal human being.
I was wondering if you could tell me where
Ryoko Asakura-san moved
or when she began living here!
Asakura-san in room 505, right?
I was shocked when I found the room empty
when I hadn't seen any movers come by.
Must have slipped past me.
No movers came?
Didn't hear where she moved either.
If they get a package later on, I won't know where to send it.
It's quite troubling.
When did she begin living here?
Three years ago, I suppose.
I remember since the lovely young lady brought me a box of confections.
What about her parents?
Do you know what line of work her father and mother were in?
Let's see
That's right.
I saw the young lady a number of times
but I don't recall ever meeting her parents.
But this is an expensive apartment, isn't it?
I can't see them taking out a loan on a place just for their child.
No, no.
No loan.
She paid a lump sum up front in cash.
I suppose she was filthy rich.
Impressive interrogating.
You should become a detective.
She could have at least said goodbye.
What a pity.
By the way
you're a fine-looking girl yourself.
Thank you very much for your help.
That young lady will definitely grow up to be a beauty.
Don't let her get away.
Guess she actually eats food.
Do you live here too?
What a coincidence.
It's obviously not a coincidence.
Then did you hear anything about Asakura?
You know that she transferred, right?
I see.
If you learn anything about Asakura, let me know.
What happened to your glasses?
You're making me uncomfortable.
Be careful.
Be careful of what this time?
Let's go.
Where are we going now?
Doesn't matter.
No plan.
Can I go home now?
Have you ever realized how insignificant your existence is on this planet?
What are you talking about?
I have.
It's something I'll never forget.
During elementary school
When I was in sixth grade
the whole family went to watch a baseball game
at the stadium.
I wasn't particularly interested in baseball
but I was shocked once we got there.
There were people everywhere I looked.
The ones on the other side of the stadium looked like squirming grains of rice all packed together.
I wondered if every last person in Japan had gathered in this place.
And so
I asked my dad.
Exactly how many people were in the stadium?
His answer was that a sold-out game meant around fifty thousand people.
After the game, the path to the station was flooded with people.
The sight stunned me.
So many people around me
yet they only made up a fraction of the people in Japan.
Once I got home, I got a calculator and did the math.
We learned that the Japanese population was a hundred million and some in social studies.
Divide fifty thousand into that
and you only get one two-thousandth.
I was stunned again.
Not only was I just one little person in that sea of people in that stadium
but that sea of people
was merely a drop in the ocean.
I had thought myself to be
a special person up until that point.
I enjoyed being with my family
and most of all
I thought that my class in my school
had the most interesting people in the world.
that was when I realized it wasn't like that.
The things that happened in what I believed to be the most enjoyable class in the world
could be found happening in any school in Japan.
Everyone in Japan would find them to be ordinary occurrences.
Once I realized this
I suddenly found that
my surroundings were beginning to lose their color.
Brush my teeth and go to sleep at night.
Wake up and eat breakfast in the morning.
People do those everywhere.
When I realized that everyone did all these things on a daily basis
everything started to feel so boring.
And if
there were so many people in the world
there had to be someone living an interesting life that wasn't ordinary.
I was sure of it.
Why wasn't that person me?
That's all I could think about
until I graduated from elementary school.
And in the process, I realized something.
Nothing fun will happen if you sit around waiting.
So I figured I would change myself in middle school.
Let the world know that I wasn't a girl content with sitting around and waiting.
And I conducted myself accordingly.
But in the end, nothing ever happened.
Before I knew it, I was in high school.
I thought something would have changed.
The train gave me time
to decide if I should make a witty comment
or quote some philosophical anecdote
to fill up the silence.
I see.
My inability to say anything else
made me a bit melancholic.
I'm going home.
As for me
it would be faster to go home that way
but I got the feeling that
Haruhi's back was silently yelling, "Don't follow me!"
So until Haruhi was out of sight
I just stood there.
What am I doing?
I wanted to fulfill my prior promise.
I've been waiting for your return.
You sound like
you know where I went.
Could I have a bit of your time?
This taxi sure passed by at a perfect time.
The other day
You wanted proof that I was an esper, correct?
An opportunity has arrived
so I thought you might want to come along.
Is there a point in traveling so far?
I can only demonstrate my powers as an esper
in a certain location
under certain conditions.
Our current destination
happens to fulfill those conditions.
Do you still think Haruhi is God or whatever?
Are you aware of the anthropic principle?
Never heard of it.
The condensed version is as follows.
''If something must be true for us
as humans, to exist
then it is true because we exist."
That's the theory.
No idea what you're talking about.
I observe
therefore the universe exists
would be another way to put it.
humans, the intelligent life forms of this planet
discovered the laws of physics and other physical constants
and through those discoveries, became aware for the first time
of the existence of a universe bound by those observations.
Therefore, if the humans on Earth who observed this universe
had not evolved to our current level
there would be no one to make those observations
and consequently, the existence of the universe would remain unknown.
In other words, it wouldn't matter if the universe existed or not.
The existence of humans permits the existence of the universe.
This would be the reasoning from a human basis.
That's just ridiculous.
Doesn't matter if humans are around or not.
The universe is the universe.
Which is why the anthropic principle is merely speculative theory.
However, it brings some interesting facts to our attention.
Why did the universe happen to be
created to accommodate human life?
If there was a slight increase or decrease
in the gravitational constant
or particle-mass ratios
the universe would most likely not have facilitated the development of such a planet.
You sound like one of those brochures
for one of those new pseudoscience religions.
Quite frankly
I do not believe that
an omniscient, omnipotent God
created humans.
However, we have our suspicions.
About what?
Perhaps we are just clowns standing on tiptoe
at the edge of a cliff?
I kid.
I don't understand a thing you're saying.
I brought up the anthropic principle
to draw a comparison.
I haven't gotten to Suzumiya-san yet.
So tell me already.
Why do you, Nagato, and Asahina-san
all like Haruhi so much?
I believe her to be a charming person.
But let's set that aside.
Do you remember?
I once said that the world may have been created
by Suzumiya-san.
Annoys the hell out of me
but I guess I still remember.
She has the ability to realize wishes.
Don't make that kind of an assertion with a straight face.
Suzumiya-san is
positive that aliens exist.
She wished it to be so.
That is why Yuki Nagato is here.
Similarly, she wished for time travelers to exist.
That is why Mikuru Asahina is here.
And I
am also here for the sole reason that
Suzumiya-san wished it so.
Like. I. Said.
How do you know that?
It was three years ago.
Screw three years ago.
I'm sick of it.
One day I suddenly
became aware of certain powers within myself
as well as how to use those powers without knowing why.
Other people with the same powers
experienced similar awakenings.
we also knew that Haruhi Suzumiya was the cause.
I cannot explain why.
We just ended up with that knowledge.
Let's just say I give you the benefit of doubt.
I still don't see how Haruhi can do all that.
We found it hard to believe ourselves.
How could a single girl have transformed the world
perhaps even created the world?
And that girl finds this world
to be a boring place.
This is a terrifying situation to behold.
Didn't I tell you?
If she's capable of creating this world at will
she could undo the world we know
and create her desired world from scratch.
That would be quite literally
the end of the world.
Of course
we would have no way of knowing if it happened.
In fact
The world we believe to be unique
may actually be the latest in a string of reincarnations.
Then reveal your true identity to Haruhi.
Once she knows that espers really exist
she'll be ecstatic.
She might stop thinking about changing the world.
That would pose another problem.
If Suzumiya-san
believes the existence of espers to be a common occurrence
the world would really end up that way.
The laws of physics would be bent.
The entire universe would erupt into chaos.
If Haruhi wished for you people to exist
why hasn't she noticed yet?
Isn't that odd?
Her desire for aliens, time travelers, and espers to exist
contradicts with her common sense
which says they cannot exist.
She is indeed eccentric in her speech and conduct
but she is
a normal person with rational reasoning.
Her sandstorm-level of energy during middle school
has alleviated substantially the past few months.
I would have preferred that she continue to calm down
but once she came here
a tornado touched down.
What do you mean?
It is your fault.
What did I do?
You were the one who gave her the idea to form this questionable club.
Your conversation
gave her the inspiration to make a club made up of strange individuals.
The responsibility is yours.
As a result
low-ranked members from the three forces interested in Suzumiya-san
have gathered together in one group.
That's a false charge.
That isn't the only reason.
It may be a bit late to say this after coming this far.
You can still back out now.
Just a bit late, yeah.
Could you close your eyes for a bit?
It'll only take a few seconds.
What are you doing?
You're freaking me out.
That's enough.
The void within a dimensional fault.
A place separated from our world.
Closed space.
The middle of this crosswalk happened to be
the "wall" of this closed space.
Its radius is approximately five kilometers.
You cannot gain entry through ordinary, physical measures.
One of the powers I possess
is the ability to enter this space.
Picture a dome-shaped space rising from the ground.
We would be on the inside.
Right now
everything's happening as normal on the outside.
An average person will be unable to stumble into this place
most of the time, at least.
Closed space occurs completely arbitrarily.
There have been instances where they occurred every other day.
There were also times when months went by without incident.
Only one thing is certain.
This space is created whenever
Suzumiya-san becomes mentally unstable.
I am able to detect the emergence of closed space.
As well as gain entry.
Furthermore, my powers are not limited to those.
You could say that
I've been granted powers which reflect Suzumiya-san's rationality.
If this world is like a pimple resulting from her unstable state
I would be the medicine that treats it.
Your metaphors are hard to understand.
People often tell me that.
In any case, you are quite impressive.
Not a hint of surprise after witnessing this situation.
I've already been through a lot.
I see that it has begun.
Please look behind you.
When Suzumiya-san's irritation passes a certain point
these giants appear.
They wreck their surroundings
to relieve her stress, I would assume.
We can't allow them to run loose in the real world.
That is why closed space is created
and the destruction only transpires within.
Quite a rational method, don't you think?
The laws of physics would dictate that its legs be unable to support its own weight.
It would appear that it is not bound by logic.
Mobilizing an army
wouldn't be enough to stop it.
So you just let it rampage around!?
Please watch.
My colleagues.
Like myself
they were granted power by Suzumiya-san.
Giant hunters.
I must join them.
This is just ridiculous, man.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
There is one last sight for you to see.
What else could there possibly be?
Once the blue monster is defeated
closed space is destroyed.
It's quite the spectacle.
Do you understand now?
Those blue monsters
We call them divine ones
"Celestials" are linked to Suzumiya-san's mental state.
As are we.
Only when closed space is created
when "Celestials" are created
am I able to use abnormal powers.
And those powers can only be used within closed space.
For instance
I currently have no power.
As for why we are the only ones with such powers
I would assume that any person would have sufficed.
We just happened to be chosen.
We cannot leave the actions of the "Celestials" unchecked.
For the greater the extent of destruction the "Celestials" wreak
the more closed space will expand.
The space you just saw
was one of the smaller ones.
If we leave it alone it will continue to expand
eventually covering the entire world.
And in the end
that gray space
will take the place of our world.
Why do you know this?
I just ended up with the knowledge.
The same goes for everyone in the "Agency."
If we did not act
the world would surely be destroyed.
Quite a quandary.
Please take note of any trends in Suzumiya-san's behavior.
Her mental state has been stable for a while now
but recently, there have been signs of activation.
Today's duties were the first in a long time.
Even if I do take note
what is that going to accomplish?
You never know.
I would prefer to leave everything to you, myself.
There are those among us
with complicated intentions.
Koizumi told me to note trends in Haruhi's behavior.
Nagato told me to be careful for some unknown reason.
Regardless, I didn't expect anything to happen soon.
If I had the power of foresight
and had known that an extraordinary ordeal would occur the very next day
I wouldn't have been so laid-back.
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