The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2006) s01e06 Episode Script

Remote Island Syndrome Part 1

artificial human made by aliens.
time traveling girl.
squad of esper boys.
Each one
has shown me honest proof of their identity.
Good morning!
Apparently, the three of them, each for their own reasons
have been focusing on Haruhi Suzumiya.
Wake up already!
Come on!
Even if I accept everything that's happened or been said
You'll be late!
there is still one thing I just don't get.
Hurry up!
Why me?
Aliens, time travelers
and the esper boys are swarming around Haruhi
because, according to Koizumi
she wished for it to happen.
Then what about me?
Why have I
been dragged into this bizarre mess?
I'm off!
I'm a 100% genuine
ordinary high school student.
No special powers or anything.
Good morning!
Who came up with this scenario?
Was it you, Haruhi?
Yeah, right.
It's no concern of mine.
Why should I have to worry about this crap?
It looks like everything is Haruhi's fault.
In that case
she should be the one who has to worry about this, not me.
And as for Nagato, Koizumi, and Asahina-san
they should just tell everything directly to her.
Whatever happens to the world afterwards
will be Haruhi's responsibility
and have nothing to do with me.
Run around all you want.
Just don't get me involved.
I'm a normal high school student, right?
Not too sure about that.
A normal high school student
wouldn't push down a girl in an empty classroom.
And it was Yuki Nagato, an A- by my ranking.
I explained.
The story going through Taniguchi's mind
is delusion, fantasy, and completely fictional.
Nagato was the unfortunate victim
when the literary club clubroom was turned into Haruhi's base.
She was troubled
so she came to me for help.
I had to sympathize with her sincere request
so I felt I should help out the poor girl.
We decided to discuss remedial measures in the classroom
after Haruhi had gone home.
Then Nagato's chronic anemia kicked in and she fainted
so I quickly put myself between her and the floor, which was when
you happened to barge in, Taniguchi.
Indeed, once the truth has been brought to light
it seems like such a trivial thing.
Even if I believe your lies
the fact that the antisocial Yuki Nagato would come to you for help
already makes you not normal.
Nagato was that famous, huh?
Plus, you're one of Suzumiya's people.
If you can be considered a normal high school student
then I'm as normal as a water flea.
Say, Taniguchi.
Can you use ESP?
I see
You've finally been infected by Suzumiya's poison
Stay away from me
I'll catch Suzumiya.
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya VI
Why aren't you getting changed?
Because it's hot.
Who cares.
I'll have to change again once I get to the clubroom anyway.
And I have cleaning duty later, and it's easier to move in these.
Guess that makes sense.
What should we have Mikuru-chan wear next?
After bunny and maid
the next would be
There's more?
Kitty ears?
Nurse outfit?
Or perhaps a queen?
Kitty ears
Nurse outfit
Or a que—
Dumb face.
You're the one who brought up the subject.
It's so boring
Automatically search for network folders and printers
Hidden files and folders
Show pop-up description for folder and desktop items
Display file size information in folder tips
Show hidden files and folders
Do not show hidden files and folders
Display file size information in folder tips
Display file size information in folder tips
Display file size information in folder tips
Show pop-up description for folder and desktop items
Show pop-up description for folder and desktop items
Show pop-up description for folder and desktop items
Show pop-up description for folder and desktop items
Show hidden files and folders
I see.
That's what she meant.
Did you just figure something out?
No. It's nothing.
What is this?
Jacked up!
Why is my name on here?
What's inside?
Show me, show me!
Uh, this is just, well
I wonder what this is.
I'm sure it's nothing important.
Sounds like a lie.
Could you let go
Come on.
Just for a bit!
Okay? Okay?
Pretty please?
What are you people doing?
So maids turn you on?
What are you talking about?
I'm going to get changed.
Go ahead.
I said I'm going to get changed!
What about it?
Get out!
What's with her?
She never has any qualms about changing in the classroom.
My arms and shoulders feel cool
but this outfit doesn't allow much ventilation!
Was today a costume party?
Don't complicate the situation.
Sit down here.
They almost look like a pair of close sisters.
She probably just wants to turn her into a maid with braids.
In the end
it was what you would call an ordinary day.
We didn't know what we wanted to do.
We didn't know what we should do.
We just let the clock tick by
A moratorium sort of life.
The everyday happenings
of a natural world.
While I did feel a bit dissatisfied
when nothing was going on
I could just tell myself, "Oh well. There's still plenty of time."
And aimlessly look to the next day and repeat.
But still
this had its own sort of essence of the unordinary
and really wasn't too bad.
As for almost getting killed by a classmate
and encountering some rampaging monster in a gray, uninhabited world
those things just don't happen that often.
That's right.
I wanted everything to stay this way.
Wouldn't anyone agree
But there was someone who didn't agree.
You know who.
Haruhi Suzumiya.
What are you doing?
I need them for art tomorrow!
Just say something first next time.
Premeditated crime, huh?
do you know why people dream?
rotates between cycles
of REM and non-REM stages.
When the body is resting
and the brain semi-active you're in REM sleep
This is when we dream.
My alarm clock hasn't gone off yet.
Wake up!
Don't wanna.
I told you to wake your ass up!
Do you know where we are?
I thought I had woken up
but then I found myself in this place
and you were lying down next to me.
What's going on?
Why are we at school?
Closed space.
I know I was sleeping in my bed
so how did I end up here?
And the sky looks strange
Did you see Koizumi?
No reason.
Just asking.
For now, let's escape from the school.
We might run into someone somewhere.
You don't seem very surprised.
I'm surprised.
Especially at the fact that you're here.
What is this!?
It extends all the way around the school premises.
So we can't get out?
If you're scared
you might as well just cling to my arm.
Creates more of an atmosphere.
Doesn't seem to work.
That's what I figured.
Where are we
This gives me the creeps.
Want tea?
Don't want any.
What's going on?
What is this?
I don't get it.
Where are we?
Why am I in this place?
And why is it just you and me?
Hell if I know.
I'm going to go explore a bit!
You stay here.
I'll be right back!
Guess that's typical of her.
Well, hello.
Took you long enough.
I was expecting you to appear in a more tangible form
Regarding that
I need to tell you a few things.
I'll be frank.
This is an abnormal situation.
When it's normal closed space
I am easily able to gain entry.
I could only appear in this incomplete form this time
and it was only after borrowing the power of all of my colleagues.
And it probably won't last very long.
The powers that rest within us
are beginning to disappear.
What's going on?
Are Haruhi and I the only ones here?
What we feared has already begun to happen.
has finally given up on the current world
and decided to create a new world.
In other words
we're on the brink of Armageddon.
What was that!?
The higher-ups in our organization are in a state of panic.
Nobody knows what will happen to our world
once it has lost its God.
If Suzumiya-san is feeling merciful
our world may continue to exist without change.
But it could also return to nothing in the next second.
Why did this
Who knows.
In any case
you and Suzumiya-san
have completely vanished from our world.
You are not in ordinary closed space.
It is an entirely new dimension created by Suzumiya-san.
Perhaps all the previous instances of closed space
were merely practice runs.
The world you are in is probably the manifestation
nearest to the world Suzumiya-san desires.
Though we aren't sure what it is that she wants.
Indeed, who knows what will happen.
Why am I in this place?
Do you really
not know?
You have been chosen by Suzumiya-san.
The only person from the old world
Suzumiya-san truly wanted to be with.
I thought that you had realized this long ago.
It would appear that I'm almost out of time.
The way things look now
I probably won't be seeing you again.
Do I have to live in this gray world
all alone with Haruhi?
Adam and Eve.
If you reproduce enough it'll work out?
I'll smack you.
Just a joke.
I would assume
that you should soon see a familiar-looking world.
it probably won't be entirely the same.
If I happen to be born into the new world
please look after me.
We can no longer go back to the old world?
If Suzumiya-san desires it
then perhaps.
The possibility is slim though.
As for myself
I would have liked to spend more time with you and Suzumiya-san
so I regret this turn of events.
Ah, that's right.
I was asked to deliver messages from Mikuru Asahina and Yuki Nagato.
Mikuru Asahina wanted to apologize.
"I'm sorry. It's all my fault."
Yuki Nagato said to turn on the computer.
Then, I'll be going.
What kind of joke is this?
Can you
Can you see
Can you see this
Can you see this?
Can you see this?
l sure can.
Connection has
Connection has not
Connection has not be
Connection has not been
completely se
completely seve
completely severed
completely severed wi
completely severed with
completely severed with yo
completely severed with your
completely severed with your ti
completely severed with your time
completely severed with your timespa
completely severed with your timespace
completely severed with your timespace.
But it
But it is
But it is only
But it is only a
But it is only a matter
But it is only a matter of
But it is only a matter of time.
That wi
That will
That will be
That will be the
That will be the end
That will be the end.
What should I do?
What s
What sh
What sho
What shou
What should
What should I
What should I do
What should I do?
Nothing ca
Nothing can
Nothing can be
Nothing can be do
Nothing can be done
Nothing can be done.
The Da
The Data
The Data Inte
The Data Integra
The Data Integration
The Data Integration Thou
The Data Integration Thought
The Data Integration Thought Ent
The Data Integration Thought Entity
The Data Integration Thought Entity is
The Data Integration Thought Entity is in
The Data Integration Thought Entity is in des
The Data Integration Thought Entity is in despair
The Data Integration Thought Entity is in despair.
The pos
The possi
The possibil
The possibility
The possibility for
The possibility for evo
The possibility for evolut
The possibility for evolution
The possibility for evolution has
The possibility for evolution has be
The possibility for evolution has been
The possibility for evolution has been lo
The possibility for evolution has been lost
The possibility for evolution has been lost.
Haruhi Suz
Haruhi Suzumi
Haruhi Suzumiya
possessed the
possessed the abi
possessed the ability
to cr
to crea
to create
to create da
to create data
to create data fr
to create data from
An abi
An ability
An ability the
An ability the Data
An ability the Data Integ
An ability the Data Integration
An ability the Data Integration Thou
An ability the Data Integration Thought
An ability the Data Integration Thought Ent
An ability the Data Integration Thought Entity
An ability the Data Integration Thought Entity does
not ha
not have
not have.
Return Slot
If we
If we cou
If we could
If we could ana
If we could analyze
If we could analyze this
If we could analyze this abi
If we could analyze this ability
If we could analyze this ability to
If we could analyze this ability to cre
If we could analyze this ability to create
If we could analyze this ability to create da
If we could analyze this ability to create data,
No cutting in line
For meal tickets, please line up in a single row.
we co
we cou
we could
we could fi
we could find
we could find a
we could find a cl
we could find a clue
regarding au
regarding auto
regarding autoevo
regarding autoevolut
regarding autoevolution,
regarding autoevolution, or
regarding autoevolution, or so
regarding autoevolution, or so we
regarding autoevolution, or so we th
regarding autoevolution, or so we thou
regarding autoevolution, or so we thought
regarding autoevolution, or so we thought.
I am
I am be
I am bett
I am betting
I am betting on
I am betting on you
I am betting on you.
Betting what?
Betting what?
We wi
We wish
We wish for
We wish for you
We wish for you to
We wish for you to re
We wish for you to retu
We wish for you to return
We wish for you to return to
We wish for you to return to th
We wish for you to return to this
We wish for you to return to this wo
We wish for you to return to this worl
We wish for you to return to this world.
Haruhi Su
Haruhi Suzu
Haruhi Suzumi
Haruhi Suzumiya
Haruhi Suzumiya is
a vi
a vit
a vital
a vital ob
a vital obser
a vital observa
a vital observati
a vital observation
a vital observation su
a vital observation subj
a vital observation subje
a vital observation subject
a vital observation subject.
I al
I also
I also in
I also indi
I also indivi
I also individu
I also individual
I also individually
feel t
feel th
feel tha
feel that
feel that I
feel that I w
feel that I wa
feel that I wan
feel that I want
feel that I want yo
feel that I want you
feel that I want you to
feel that I want you to re
feel that I want you to retu
feel that I want you to return
feel that I want you to return.
Another visit
Another visit to
Another visit to the
Another visit to the library
Another visit to the library would
What are you telling me to do, Nagato?
Something's here!
What is that!?
A monster!?
It isn't a mirage, right?
Maybe it's an alien!
Or the revival of some super weapon developed by an ancient race!
Hey! What are you doing?
Do you think it'll attack us?
I don't think
it's anything evil.
What is all this, seriously?
This weird world
and that giant
Don't you want to go back to our old world?
We can't stay in this place for the rest of our lives.
Doesn't look like there's a place to eat when we get hungry.
It's kind of strange
but I get the feeling it'll work itself out.
I wonder why.
I'm having fun right now.
What about the SOS Brigade?
It's the club you made.
You're just gonna ditch it?
That doesn't matter anymore.
After all, look.
I'm having this really fun experience right now.
There's no need to go look for anything mysterious anymore!
I want to go back.
I found out something after being thrown into this situation.
I may complain all the time
but I actually liked how my life was.
Including that idiot Taniguchi and Kunikida
Koizumi, Nagato, and Asahina-san
You can even
include the vanished Asakura.
What are you talking about
I want to see them again.
I feel like I still have so many things I have to tell them.
I'm sure we'll see them.
This world won't be covered in darkness forever.
The sun will rise tomorrow.
I can tell.
That's not what I mean.
I don't mean in this world.
I want to see the old them
in the old world.
I don't get it.
Weren't you fed up with that boring world!?
Didn't you want something more interesting to happen!?
I did indeed.
You know, Haruhi.
I've been through some really
interesting experiences the past few days.
You probably don't know anything
but you could say that the world is revolving around you.
You just didn't know
but the world was definitely moving in an interesting direction.
Nagato said
"The potential for evolution."
According to Asahina-san she was a "time warp."
Koizumi treated her as "God. "
Then what about me?
What does the person Haruhi Suzumiya
mean to me?
Haruhi is Haruhi and nobody else.
I'm not gonna use such tautology to dodge the question.
I don't happen to have a decisive answer.
Isn't that natural?
If someone points to the classmate sitting behind you
and asks, "What is she to you?"
How are you supposed to respond?
No, sorry.
Guess that's still dodging the question.
Haruhi isn't just a classmate to me.
Of course, she isn't the potential for evolution
or a time warp
much less God.
Couldn't possibly be!
Do you know what Snow White is?
What is it
Ponytails turn me on.
That ponytail you had back whenever
looked so good it was criminal.
Are you retarded?
The hell was that dream!?
Freud would have a field day with this!
The most realistic dream l've ever had.?
This is no longer the old world.
It's the new world Haruhi created?
If that's the case
is there a way for me to confirm that?
How you doing?
I feel miserable.
I had a nightmare last night.
I ended up not getting any sleep.
I've never wanted to skip school as badly as I do today.
Oh, really?
Looks good on you.
I must be grateful to you.
It looks like I won't be out of a job just yet.
Well, we can't discount the possibility that this world was
newly created last night.
In any case
I feel privileged to meet you and Suzumiya-san again.
I'll see you after school.
You and Haruhi Suzumiya
disappeared from this world for two and a half hours.
How many others like you
are on Earth?
Will another one like Asakura attack me?
Don't worry.
I won't let them.
I'm so glad I could see you again
I thought you'd never
be able to return to this world
We We mustn't!
If Suzumiya-san sees us like this
it'll happen all over again!
I don't understand what you mean!
That's right, Asahina-san.
You have a star-shaped mole around this spot on your chest, right?
H-How did you know!?
I never knew it was shaped like a star!
Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-When did you see it!?
What are you people doing?
You're probably sick of the maid outfit, right?
Come on.
Time to change!
Stop struggling!
Resistance is futile.
This time, you'll be a nurse. A nurse!
A nurse.
Or do they say hospital attendant these days?
Doesn't matter.
It means the same thing!
Let's talk a little about what happened afterwards.
I finally turned in
the paperwork for chartering the SOS Brigade
into the student council.
The save the world by overloading it with fun
.Haruhi Suzumiya's Brigade
would definitely be rejected
so I arbitrarily changed the name to
the support the student body by overworking to make the world a better place Student Service Brigade.
The city-wide "magical mystery patrol" is also going strong.
Today would be the second occurrence.
By some freak coincidence
Asahina-san, Nagato, and Koizumi were all suddenly unable to go.
So I'm waiting for Haruhi myself.
I arrived an hour before the meeting time.
Because the person who arrives last
is fined, regardless of whether that person's late or not.
Is the scowl on her face
lamenting the low attendance
or lamenting her failure in arriving after me?
I'll have plenty of time to ask later.
While Haruhi treats me at the café.
In fact
I have a number of things I want to talk to her about.
Like what kind of activities she has planned for the SOS Brigade.
The costumes I'd like to see Asahina-san in, etcetera etcetera.
But well, when it comes down to it.
I already know what I'm going to tell her first.
Yes, for now
I'm planning on telling her about aliens, time travelers, and espers.
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