The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2006) s01e09 Episode Script

Someday in the Rain

After spending Tanabata in a state of melancholy
[Tanabata: festival celebrating the meeting of stars Altair and Vega on July 7th]
Haruhi made a full recovery from her blues during term exams
and went back to doing whatever she wanted.
Answer Sheet
As for me
I felt like the blue baton of melancholy had been passed to me
Totally down in the dumps.
And Haruhi, taking her test in the seat behind me
somehow always had time to spare
and could usually be found sleeping on her desk thirty minutes before time was up.
Oh, so annoying.
As far as Haruhi is concerned
the SOS Brigade apparently never takes a break.
Mystérique Sign
Even during exam season when club activities were suspended
this enigma of a brigade which wasn't even a club or anything
much like a convenience store
met year-round without a break.
Take a look at this.
What is this?
Can't you tell?
I can't.
I have no idea.
It's my SOS Brigade emblem!
Looks like a grumbling, drunken tapeworm to me.
Look closer!
It says SOS Brigade in the center, right?
When you put it that way
I can't say that I don't get the feeling it doesn't or does it
But you can't say that it wouldn't be difficult to assert that claim.
Well then.
How many negatives did I just string together?
If someone's free, tally it up for me.
You're the one with the most free time!
Anyway, I'm thinking about putting this on the SOS Brigade's top page.
On that pathetic site that only has a top page?
The site you made won't bring in visitors.
You should feel mortified.
We totally don't have anything to liven it up.
It's because you got in my way!
And I was planning on attracting visitors with erotic images of Mikuru-chan.
That's why I came up with this!
How about putting up something like an SOS Brigade symbol?
Just delete this retarded homepage off the Internet already.
The access counter hasn't even reached three digits
and ninety percent of those hits were you.
Why don't you write a journal?
Isn't it the chief's job to put up a task schedule?
Screw that. It's a pain.
It'd be a pain for me, too.
Come on, Kyon.
Make this symbol display at the top of the site.
You do it yourself.
I'm the brigade chief!
The chief's job is to give orders.
Besides, if I do everything
you guys won't have any work to do.
You should try to use your head every once in a while.
You can't become a better person if you just do as you're told.
Are you telling me to do it?
Or not to do it?
Which is it?
Just do it already!
I reluctantly
took master artist Haruhi-sama's portrait of a tapeworm
did some half-assed resizing
pasted it onto the file and uploaded it.
Starting tomorrow, I get a brief break
a testing vacation, which lasts until summer vacation.
It would be the period when teachers mark my test answers wrong.
Damn, this is annoying.
At least I can go ogle Asahina-san for some peace of mind.
Expecting to hear a "Yes?" in Asahina-san's voice
I knocked on the door.
Come in!
Oh. It's just you.
Yuki's also here.
She's like an accessory for this room.
You don't have to include her.
Officially, she's a member of the Literary Club.
But I should still correct myself.
Oh. It's just you and Nagato.
You have a complaint about it?
If I were to list out my complaints concerning you
I would end up completely covering both sides of an A4 sheet of paper.
Knocking on the door
makes me think that a visitor must have come to see us, yeah?
I'm taking care so that I don't witness a live Asahina-san clothes changing session.
That careless, charming person
can't seem to remember to lock the door.
What do you mean by visitor?
Don't you remember?
She's not going to start talking about what happened on Tanabata three years ago, right?
You're the one who did it.
Without obtaining my permission.
What might you be talking about?
That poster you put up.
Oh, that.
Actually, a while back
I appealed to the student council
to allow the SOS Brigade to exist as a counseling group.
We'll listen to the problems
you can't tell anyone else
The support the student body by overworking
to make the world a better place
Student Service Brigade (student association)
A.K.A S.O.S. Brigade
Club Activities
Offer council
concerning school life
Consulting services
Participate in local volunteer activities
I even put up a poster
and threw it up on a bulletin board I happened to see.
Look at this.
Something's weird.
Maybe the computer's acting up.
The SOS Brigade emblem
appeared distorted as though it had been gathered.
And the counter and title logo were plain gone.
It looked subtly different from the one I made.
Looks like the file on the server is corrupt.
How long has it been like this?
It was like this when I checked today.
Who should I complain to?
There's no need to go complain.
Confirm Folder Replace
This folder already contains a folder named 'image'.
If the files in the existing folder have the same name as files in the folder you are moving
or copying, they will be replaced. Do you still want to move or copy the folder?
Yes to All
Remaining items
Isn't this strange?
Maybe it's that.
Those hackers or crackers people talk about!
Couldn't be.
It's probably some kind of error.
I'm pissed!
Maybe someone's committing cyber-terrorism against the SOS Brigade!
Who is it?
If I find that person, I'll skip the trial and sentence him to thirty days of community service!
Come in!
Now this is rare.
Asahina-san has yet to show up?
Second years have extra testing, don't they?
We could have gone home already
so why are we all gathered here?
And Haruhi.
Why aren't you complaining about knocking when Koizumi did it?
I really can't wait for Asahina-san's tea.
Wrong! Wrong!
I spent the subsequent period of time
There! Left!
complying with Haruhi's unreasonable demands.
I said!
That was the sound of salvation.
Come in!
Sorry I'm late.
I had tests until fourth period.
The person who just appeared while humbly apologizing
would be our clubroom's exclusive angel.
Asahina-san has descended.
Um Well That is
I brought a visitor.
How can this be!?
Nobody was ever supposed to come seeking counseling yet here's our first one!
Her name was Emiri Kimidori-san.
A second year who appeared soft-spoken and well-groomed.
So you want our SOS Brigade to look for your missing boyfriend, right?
she actually thinks the purpose of this club is to
offer counsel
or perform odd jobs.
So what might be troubling you
He hasn't come to school for many days now.
Did you try calling him?
He doesn't answer his cell or his home phone.
I went to his home, but he wasn't there.
What about your boyfriend's family?
He lives by himself.
I've heard that his parents live overseas.
But I don't know how to contact them.
Would they happen to be in Canada?
I believe it was Honduras.
Honduras, huh.
I see.
"I see," my ass!
I doubt you even know where it is.
Was it somewhere below Mexico?
His room was completely dark when I went at night.
I'm so worried
I can understand how you feel.
Like hell you can!
You can't possibly understand how it feels to be in love!
In any case
I'm amazed you came to our SOS Brigade.
What was the cause?
He mentioned the SOS Brigade numerous times.
Who's your boyfriend?
Who is that?
I believe he said that he was neighbors with the SOS Brigade.
He serves as the president of the Computer Research Society.
The one Haruhi took pictures of sexually harassing Asahina-san!
CG of stripping produced!?
Against his will
CG of stripping produced!?
Against his will
CG of stripping produced!?
Against his will
CG of stripping produced!?
Against his will
CG of stripping produced!?
Against his will
CG of stripping produced!?
Against his will
Against his will
Against his will
Against his will
Against his will
Against his will
And then Haruhi used that as leverage to acquire a top-of-the-line computer!
By force
By force
By force
By force
By force
By force
By force
By force
By force
By force
By force
By force
By force
By force
By force
Even made him hook it up in tears.
That pitiful computer president.
I had completely forgotten about it.
I got it.
We'll take care of it.
You're in luck!
As client number one
you get your problem solved free of charge as a bonus!
You were planning on charging people?
How could you so readily accept her request
What if we can't solve her problem?
We can.
That president's probably just cooped up with two-month late freshman blues.
We just have to march into his room, smack him around a few times, and drag him back here.
She seems to seriously believe that.
But if the president has someone like Kimidori-san for a girlfriend
why would he shut himself in his room?
Are you friends with Kimidori-san?
I never talked to her until now.
She could have taken her problem to a teacher or the police.
She already talked to them but was ignored
so she came to see the SOS Brigade?
I'm sure that's it.
Haruhi seems to see this as an opportunity to attract bigger cases
and solve every last one of them.
It might be a good idea to pass out flyers by the front gate again.
The president's residence
was a studio apartment located in an everyday commonplace
three-story building looking neither old nor new.
This is the place, huh?
I wonder if there's a way to open it.
It should be the other way around!
How about we circle around to the balcony in the back?
We'll be able to get in if we smash the glass, right?
This room is on the third floor
and we aren't some youth gang of career burglars.
I don't want a criminal record yet.
Guess so.
Let's go talk to the landlord and ask for a key.
If we say that we're concerned friends, he'll lend it to us.
You sure use that story a lot.
She stared at me with eyes like liquid helium.
It was open?
I didn't notice.
Oh, well.
Come on. Let's go in.
He's probably hiding under his bed or something.
We'll drag him out and capture him.
Apparently, she doesn't feel a single atom of guilt
about plundering his computer.
That's odd.
I figured he'd be scrunched up into a ball in some corner hugging his knees.
Do you know anywhere else to find someone suffering from a two-month late case of freshman blues?
Understanding LAN's
Computer Networks
Dictionary of Computer Jargon
Emangelivion Storyboards Volume One
Essays on Stag Beetles
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Central/South America
Disappearance Diary Revised
Doorbell Prank to Tomorrow
The NEET Revolution ~Work is for those who
Calculator Man
Is he on a trip to Central and South America?
Or are his whereabouts really hidden?
It would be best if we left.
I think this is the first I've heard her speak today.
I agree.
Don't use a serious tone.
Don't breathe on me.
Your face is really close.
Freaking me out.
I feel strangely out of place.
I am familiar with a similar sensation.
- Found warabimochi!
[Warabimochi: summer confection of bracken starch and sweet toasted soybean flour]
It expired three days ago.
Let's eat it so it doesn't go to waste!
Come on, Mikuru-chan!
- No!
What similar sensation?
Closed space.
This room smells the same as that place.
That's right. You're an actual esper.
A dimensional rift exists.
Phase conversion is occurring.
Looks like we should pull out immediately.
I'm hungry.
Everyone's dismissed for the day!
Uh, hey!
What about solving the case?
It'll work itself out.
See ya!
It seems like she's already bored with this.
What's the matter?
Why did you tell us to reassemble without Suzumiya-san noticing?
Those two
are concerned about the room we were just in.
We should learn more once we go back there.
Right, Nagato-san?
A limited-area amalgamated alternate timespace with non-corrosive tendencies
is independently occurring in restricted mode within this room.
It's hard when you sound like you just randomly picked out words from a dictionary.
The sensation I'm experiencing is similar to that of closed space.
That space originates from Suzumiya-san
but this gives off a different scent.
Is the president's disappearance a result of this abnormal space?
I should have told her to wait.
I had no time to enjoy the sensation against my arm
I was desperately trying to verify my current location.
I'm pretty sure I was in that cramped studio apartment.
Not an eerie place like this.
Entry code analyzed.
This place overlaps normal space.
A phase has merely slipped off.
It doesn't appear to be closed space.
It is deceptively similar.
However, a sector of this dataspace contains traces of junk data originating from Haruhi Suzumiya.
How significant are these traces?
Of an inconsequent level.
She was merely the trigger.
I see.
So that's what it is.
Are Asahina-san and I not part of this conversation!?
Is the Computer Society president here?
It would seem so.
This alternate space appeared in his room
and trapped him within for some reason.
Where is he?
Could you tell me what you're doing first?
I'd like a moment to prepare myself.
It has come.
What's that!?
I can sense a clear intent of animosity.
They might have the means to defend themselves
but Asahina-san and I can't feel so secure!
Don't you have like a beam gun or something?
It's prohibited to carry a weapon.
It's dangerous.
I can understand that.
Not only is it likely that this person would still be useless even with a weapon
she seems prone to accidentally leave it on the train.
Are you aware of an insect known as the cave cricket?
If you aren't, I'd like to show you what I'm seeing right this moment.
What is this!?
A cave cricket, I presume.
That much I know.
I'm not asking about that.
The Creator of this space.
Could it be Haruhi's doing again?
The origin lies elsewhere.
But she started it.
You can move now.
While imperfect
my power appears to be effective here.
My strength is one tenth of what it is in closed space.
Perhaps it was judged that this much would suffice?
Anyway, Nagato.
What's the true identity of that bug?
Where's the president?
A subspecies of data life form.
It is using the brain tissue of a male student
to heighten its probability for existence.
Could it be that the president is inside this?
I see
This cave cricket is the president's visualization of an object of fear.
If we defeat it, this alternate space will collapse.
Am I wrong?
You are not.
In that case, it's quite simple.
Due to Asahina-san engaging me in lower-body exercises
I'm about to lose it.
And she's taken away my ability to move so I can't escape!
It won't take long.
Get it over with.
Roger that.
Repulsion field!?
Scarab healed your wounds !
Second Raid!
Did you get it!?
It's no use?
Is it over?
Looks like he's alive.
And we returned to the cramped studio apartment.
Approximately two hundred eight million years ago.
After landing on Earth
it discovered that it lacked the means to exist on Earth
so it went into hibernation to allow self-preservation.
Once humans gave birth to computer networks
it reached a half-awakened state.
And then, data of an amount incomputable using common numbers
transmitted from a parallel world caused it to awaken.
Data from a parallel world.
That was the SOS Brigade emblem Haruhi drew.
That was evidently the trigger.
When this crest is converted to a terrestrial standard
it holds approximately four hundred thirty-six petabytes of data.
That's ridiculous!
It wasn't even a hundred kilobytes!
A symbol she just happened to draw ended up being such an incredible thing
She truly is Suzumiya-san.
I was seriously scared.
It went too well.
The formation of the SOS Brigade
Just because Asahina-san was perfectly suited to being a club mascot
and because Koizumi transferred in
and because Nagato was there from the start, they became members.
And as it turns out
Asahina-san is actually a time-traveler
and Nagato a pseudo-alien.
If all of this came from Haruhi's mind
it would just fit too perfectly.
Koizumi would tell me it's because Haruhi desired it
but I don't believe that.
I'm just an ordinary person myself, after all.
what if there were another side to all of Haruhi's actions?
What if I have some unusual power myself like the three of them
or some kind of ability
and Haruhi made me an SOS Brigade member for that reason?
Who am I?
Simply put
I am the SOS Brigade's only conscience.
Making Haruhi stop her unlawful club activities
to allow us to live out a normal high school life
is the reason I am here.
So in the end, what exactly was that cave cricket?
A data life form.
A relative of your patron?
Their origin was the same.
However, these undertook a different path of evolution.
And met destruction.
Or so they thought.
But a survivor was here.
It didn't have to hibernate on Earth of all places.
It could have gone to sleep somewhere around Neptune.
To think that the development of the Internet
would be the breeding grounds for a mimicry of an evil god.
Something's strange.
When Haruhi brought up the picture here
and when she first completed the picture
nothing happened.
Because this room had already been transformed into alternate space.
A variety of types of elements and force fields battled one another
and negated one another, creating a state of saturation
which means there is no further room for assimilation.
So while I wasn't paying attention
the clubroom was turned into a den of evil, huh?
I believe it to be harmless.
Most likely.
Oh, boy
I can live without sudden changes in behavior
or any urges to go looking for a hanging rope.
I'm working hard to prevent that from happening.
Are you sure this isn't happening because you're working hard?
The access counter had climbed to almost thirty thousand!
This data life form
placed hyperlinks in various locations to multiply.
It copied its own data into
the brains of humans who saw the sign
which in turn created restricted space.
However, since the data was damaged
people who saw the sign did not necessarily end up like the president.
From what Nagato said
only eight idiots saw the correct image.
And five of those were students in North High.
We probably need to go save them.
Hey, ladies!
Get your asses over here!
If you strain your eyes
you'll see that it actually says ZOZ Brigade.
Nagato did a retake on the symbol
and I pasted it on.
The president came to school.
So it was just freshman blues or a lovers' quarrel.
Anyway, isn't it amazing!?
Our access counter hit thirty thousand!
I guess visitors keep coming back for more.
Could it be that
she was the one who destroyed the data?
And the person who brought this matter to our attention, Kimidori-san.
Upon asking the president, he apparently doesn't have a girlfriend.
Nagato was always at the center
of this perfectly scripted scenario.
If this all-purpose alien terminal
had done something to Kimidori-san
so she would bring us the case
I wouldn't be surprised at all.
She could have set up the pretend client
in an attempt to ease away some of Haruhi's boredom.
It couldn't be that for all this time
she's been preventing weird incidents before they happen without saying a word.
In silence, from the shadows.
Or did you bring us in, Nagato
because you wished for it?
As an alien-made android living for years in a totally empty room
Perhaps you also feel
lonely when you're alone.
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