The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2006) s01e10 Episode Script

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya IV

Why don't you tell me what you're plotting?
Nothing at all.
Just so you know
The "Agency" has nothing to do with this affair.
Though I filed a report to be safe.
What's so bad about an overnight trip?
What I'm concerned about is
this trip you planned.
I believe that Suzumiya-san was interested in
the fact that it's a privately owned deserted island.
She said something about a closed circle.
What's a closed circle?
A mystery term.
It refers to a situation where contact with the outside world has been severed.
Like being stuck in a mountain villa during a blizzard
or finding ourselves in an isolated hostel right when a typhoon drops?
The concerned parties
find themselves trapped by surrounding circumstances.
In other words, closed in.
What does that have to do with this trip?
It's a deserted island remote from civilization.
If a storm were to come
it would be a closed circle setting
on par with being trapped in a mountain villa during a blizzard.
If you're wondering why I'm talking with Koizumi in the middle of the ocean
it would be because I had no way to undo the meeting on that day I had finally recovered
from the Black Monday we got our term exams back.
Everyone's here, right?
We have an important meeting today!
Remote Island Syndrome (Part One)
If someone had showed up after I did
I was planning on the punishment of eternally being It in a game of kick the can.
I'm sure I don't need to tell you that
I hadn't heard a thing about a meeting today.
The first SOS Brigade overnight trip of summer vacation has been decided!
Overnight trip?
Overnight trip.
Why are we doing this again?
The location has already been decided, right Koizumi-kun?
One of my distant relatives happens to be quite wealthy.
He has enough money to buy a deserted island and build a villa there.
That manor was completed just a few days ago.
Be glad, Koizumi-kun!
For your achievements
I'm specially promoting you two ranks
and naming you the SOS Brigade Deputy Chief!
It is an honor.
Nobody's jealous of you!
There you have it!
A four-day, three-night extravagant tour!
Here we come, remote island!
Something fun has to be awaiting us there!
My role has already been decided, okay?
Then let us consider detectives.
The detectives found in literary work
find themselves involved in baffling cases one after the other.
Wait up!
Why do you think that is?
There wouldn't be a story otherwise.
Absolutely correct.
Such incidents are fiction.
They only exist in the unrealistic world of storytelling.
saying such metafictional things
would be a bit too strong.
After all, Suzumiya-san actually intends to cast herself into such a world.
Come to think of it, she made the SOS Brigade
for that purpose, didn't she
In order to encounter such unrealistic
and mysterious incidents
one must head to appropriate locations.
After all, the detectives of literature
get involved in cases in such a fashion.
There's no way something is just going to happen so conveniently.
Reality is unlike the world of fiction.
However, the remote island we are headed towards now
is most suitable as a location for a murder in the view of the world.
What world do you live in?
That's gotta be one small world.
Putting it another way
Strange happenings occur
wherever a detective goes.
Humans labeled as great detectives
possess the supernatural ability to attract trouble.
Are you sane?
I believe myself to be always acting within reasonable boundaries of sanity.
Detectives and closed circles and such matters
are not a result of my own deliberation.
I was merely tracing Suzumiya-san's thought pattern.
In other words
she wants to become
an ultra detective.
This one!
So close
How can you be close in Old Maid?
Next person!
A pity.
Hey, guess what.
Kyon-kun tried to leave me behind.
Because I wasn't planning on bringing you along.
But everyone was happy to have you along, right?
Sorry for the trouble.
I suppose that for Asahina's smile
I can let this slide.
How much longer till we're there?
The trip by ferry takes approximately six hours.
I have arranged for an acquaintance to be waiting at the port.
From there, it will be an hour long voyage by private cruiser.
The remote island and the manor atop it await us at the voyage's end.
I've never been there before, so I don't really know what the building looks like.
It's probably a strange-looking building.
Do you know the name of the person who designed it?
Why do you want to know that?
I didn't inquire about that.
First out!
I believe he commissioned a somewhat famous architect for the job.
At least I remember hearing something along those lines.
Somewhat is more than enough.
Besides, a manor that would satisfy Haruhi's expectations
I did it!
It would probably look like some gaudy building designed after
Second out!
three straight all-nighters
and during an alcohol-induced stupor while periodically dozing off.
Island! Manor!
There isn't anything more fitting for the SOS Brigade's summer trip!
Done! Third out!
Just so you know.
The loser has to buy everyone drinks.
I want 100% fruit juice.
I want cola!
Then I'll have royal milk tea.
You don't get to order until you're out.
Remote islands are all about strange incidents, right?
Please don't let anything happen. Please don't let anything happen.
The exact characteristics which constitute an incident remain undefined
but I hope that this journey is a pleasant one.
Little Sis! Mikuru-chan!
Let's head up to the deck.
Maybe a monster squid will show up!
Let's go!
If one shows up, Nagato will have to act.
Oh, boy
What are you sleeping for, stupid?
Get up already!
Do you even intend to be serious about this trip?
I took a picture of you waking up.
And I took a picture of your sleeping face.
You were sound asleep.
My sleeping face?
Why would Asahina-san secretly take pictures of me?
Maybe she's going to put my picture in a cute-looking frame and place it by her bed
I must be really deep in dreamland
What are you grinning about?
It makes you look like an idiot so you'd best stop.
I made Mikuru-chan the temporary SOS Brigade photographer for this trip.
These are important materials needed to leave a record of our club activities for posterity.
But I'm the one who decides what to take a picture of.
How are pictures of me sleeping and waking up worthwhile material?
A picture of you sleeping with a stupid look on your face totally oblivious to the dangers of this trip
serves as a warning to future generations!
An underling snoring away when the chief is awake
goes against morals and natural order and brigade code!
Come on! Let's go!
A mysterious island awaits us!
Mysterious island, huh
Not like Panorama Island or Infant Island, right?
It'll be fine as long as it doesn't suddenly rise out of the water or start moving.
Do not worry.
Guess what.
This is my first time to a mysterious island!
There is nothing unusual about it.
Just a small, lone island.
You won't find any monsters or crazy scientists there.
What about Mikuru-chan?
Have you ever been to one?
You have my word.
I haven't either.
Your word is the one I trust the least.
Hey, Arakawa-san.
It's been quite some time.
Mr. Arakawa / Butler
And you, Mori-san.
Sonou Mori / Maid
Thank you for coming to meet us.
Sorry to trouble you.
These are my irreplaceable friends.
I have prepared a boat over there.
It will be a half hour voyage by boat to reach my master's island.
I must apologize for the inconvenience.
It's totally not a problem!
That's what makes it a remote island!
Forget half an hour
Take as many hours as you want!
I want a remote island out in the deep seas!
Kyon. Mikuru-chan.
You should look happier about this!
A manor on a remote island
And even a suspicious-looking butler and maid!
You could search all of Japan and only find two other islands like this!
You couldn't even find two!
That's amazing!
I'm looking forward to this!
Is she trying to pick up on maid mannerisms from Mori-san?
She sure gets serious about weird things.
What do you call that building?
What do you mean?
Like the House of Black Death or Lilas Manor or Koketsu Castle!
It has a name along those lines, doesn't it?
No. Not particularly.
It has a bunch of hidden mechanisms!
Or the architect died of unnatural causes!
Or there's a room where any occupant ends up dying!
There are none.
You could hear a pin drop.
Does the master of the manor wear a mask?
Or maybe three gentle sisters exist inside his head
and then everyone disappears
There has been nothing as of this point.
Then there's a pretty high chance something will happen in the future, right?
That may be the case.
I can see it!
Is that the manor?
That would be the villa.
Looks kind of normal.
Who's that person?
Is he the master of the manor?
He looks rather young.
He's also an invited guest.
Yutaka Tamaru / Master's Younger Brother
The master's younger brother.
Yutaka Tamaru-san.
I've met him once before.
Tell us these things earlier.
This is the first I've heard about any other guests.
Keiichi Tamaru / Master of Manor
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your invitation.
I truly appreciate the opportunity to stay in such a wonderful manor.
On behalf of everyone here, I offer our thanks.
Oh, my.
You sure are different from what I heard from Itsuki-kun.
I believe
I got the impression you were more of a frank girl.
Nice to meet you, big guy!
Moving right along, have any strange incidents happened in this manor?
And does this island have any ominous nicknames or terrifying legends?
I'm interested in that kind of stuff!
While unfortunate for your interests
no incidents have occurred here.
The building was only completed a few days ago.
And I haven't heard anything particularly sinister about this island's history.
It was a deserted island, after all.
Let's not stand here and talk.
Please come inside.
It's a Western-style house so feel free to leave your shoes on.
What a beautiful room!
It's more ordinary than I expected
Why don't we go with one person per room?
Incidentally, the doors can be locked, correct?
Of course.
It isn't automatic so you can't lock yourself out
but I'd appreciate it if you didn't lose the key.
Little Sister can stay with me.
Behave yourself.
The absence of anything suspicious is what makes this suspicious!
Then what if there was something that looked suspicious?
Then there you go.
It'd be suspicious!
In other words, as far as she's concerned
nothing can be considered free from suspicion.
I've figured it out!
Figured out what?
The culprit!
What culprit?
Nothing's happened yet!
We just got here!
My gut tells me that the culprit is the master of the manor, Keiichi-san!
His first victim will be Mikuru-chan!
We're guests here.
Stop thinking about that dangerous stuff!
Act more like a high schooler, yeah?
Oh, I know.
We should have a swim first.
Saying that people go to the beach for the sole purpose of swimming is no exaggeration.
Oh, boy
Well, even Haruhi
can't be truly wishing for someone to die.
This moment would be the highlight of this trip.
Now this is what you call a trip to the ocean.
Each person has his or her own way of having fun.
People should spend their leisure time doing activities they enjoy.
We must be sure to
provide Suzumiya-san adequate entertainment
to prevent her from being bored.
Come on!
Kyon! Koizumi-kun!
You guys get over here!
Me too!
Which one's the beach ball!?
This stuff's yummy, Mikuru-chan!
This is really good!
Who made it?
The butler, Arakawa, also serves as chef.
It's quite impressive, isn't it?
I'd love to offer my appreciation.
Call him over later.
Here. This one's good, too.
She sure can eat.
Would you like a refill?
What's wrong?
I don't like green peppers.
If you don't eat properly
you can't grow up to be like Asahina-san.
We don't get a chance to enjoy such a feast very often.
Is this really all free?
If only the school cafeteria was this generous!
50 Shots
You're so stupid!
And so we
taking full advantage of Mr. Tamaru's hospitality
made it through the day without anything unusual happening.
it would have been helpful if things had ended here.
Snake! Snaaake!
The morning of the second day.
It was suddenly storming outside.
My master is not a morning person.
He has a hard time waking up.
His absence in the morning is discourteous
but I hope you can understand.
Rotten luck.
A typhoon just had to show up now.
It appears to be a fast-moving one.
I'm sure it'll pass in a couple of days.
Storms both come and go without warning.
But there wasn't anything about a typhoon in the forecast yesterday.
Just whose head did this storm pop out of?
But you know.
Now we're really stranded on a remote island in the middle of a storm.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime situation!
A strange incident just may happen
The waves appear to be
far stronger than acceptable conditions for taking the boat out.
Through Haruhi's will, we have unwillingly found ourselves
trapped on this island.
A closed circle.
It couldn't be
Being unable to go outside
we spent the day in the game room in the basement.
Take this!
Super Ultra Miracle Excellent Trick Serve!
Little Sis
Little Sis
Little Sis
Little Sis
Ping-pong Tournament!!
Ping-pong Tournament!!
Hey, hey.
Is that fun?
One left!
That's what I needed.
Probably worth ten thousand points.
That's thirty-two thousand points.
It's a good thing we aren't playing for money.
Well, well.
You seem to be having fun.
Perhaps I can join in?
Go ahead.
Is transferring money between banks fraud?
I have some work to finish up
so I'll excuse myself now.
Mr. Keiichi Tamaru and Yutaka-san
And the Arakawa-san-Mori-san combo
They seem pretty normal for acquaintances of Koizumi.
We seem to need a few more characters before a strange incident can occur.
One left!
Who's the king?
It's me!
Then number two!
Turn around then say "I love you" while looking backwards!
Who's number two?
I love you.
Not like that, Yuki!
Put more feeling into it!
I love you.
Hey, Kyon.
You try it.
Why me?
The king is ordering you to do it!
Forget it.
What a capricious king.
Or wait, isn't Haruhi always like this!?
I was expecting to be able to just
blissfully breeze through the remainder of this chapter of adolescence
I love you.
I love you.
but as they say, it ain't over till the fat lady sings.
I don't know exactly which fat lady is doing the singing
or where she's planning on doing her singing
But if I find out where she is
I'd like to put her out of commission for a year!
Hey, Haruhi.
Too weak.
Overnight trips are all about pillow fights!
How can you possibly have so much energy after staying up most of the night?
A pillow fight, is it?
That would explain why after breakfast
Suzumiya-san went around all the rooms on the second floor and gathered up the pillows.
All you can throw!
So she confiscates our weapons before it even starts.
Is there something wrong?
Actually, Mori went to Yutaka-sama's room just now, but he wasn't there.
Yutaka-san wasn't there?
There were no signs that the bed had been slept in.
Searching his usual spots yielded nothing.
How about asking Keiichi-san?
In fact
We tried contacting the master's room through the intercom
but there was no reply.
What's that?
Yutaka-san is missing
and Keiichi-san isn't responding?
To put it directly, that would be the case.
How about checking inside Keiichi-san's room?
Don't you have an extra key?
The master's room is an exception.
The master holds the only spare key.
There are documents concerning his work inside so it's a precaution.
We should go take a look.
Let's go!
I've got a bad feeling about this.
Come on! Yuki and Mikuru-chan, too!
Little Sis stays here.
Keiichi-san? Keiichi-san?
Respond if you're there!
It's no good.
Our last option.
We must break the door down.
We cannot afford to lose any time.
Let us proceed.
Is it only possible to break down doors in TV dramas?
It can't be
You've gotta be kidding?
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