The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2006) s01e11 Episode Script

The Day of Sagittarius

You mustn't disturb him.
He has passed on.
It appears to be a fruit knife.
This has become a grave situation.
It penetrated his notebook.
The perpetrator must possess considerable physical strength.
Which means
it would be safe to assume that the perpetrator was male.
And the fact that Yutaka Tamaru-san is nowhere to be seen
would mean that
We probably shouldn't tell Little Sister
It'd be best if we didn't tell her.
This turn of events requires some deliberation.
This situation is, for all intents and purposes, a closed circle.
And at first glance, it would also appear to be homicide.
it happened in a locked room.
Now then
how could the perpetrator commit the crime in this inaccessible room
and make his getaway?
Hey, Kyon-kun.
Remote Island Syndrome (Part Two)
Did something happen?
I told you.
Keiichi-san is in bed after suddenly falling ill
so we have to stay put.
But what about Mikuru-chan?
Come here.
Keep the door locked.
Don't open it for anyone.
Is this a murder case?
Looks like it.
I never would have imagined something like this happening.
Weren't you talking about how badly you wanted something to happen?
That's 'cause
I wasn't expecting something to actually happen!
A murder in a locked room on an island during a storm.
What is the probability of an incident like that occurring
at our destination?
Maybe this also happened because Haruhi wished for it?
This doesn't look good.
She looked like a mischievous boy
after an April Fool's joke gone wrong.
I really didn't want to consider this, but
isn't Yutaka-san the main suspect?
After all, he's nowhere to be found.
That reminds me
Mikuru-chan mentioned something yesterday.
The two of them were fighting?
She said it looked that way.
And one more thing.
It was last night.
I went to the bathroom in the middle of our game, right?
And then, when I was at this same spot
Make it quick.
Prepare a passport and traveler's checks.
Looking back now
he could have been arranging his escape to another country, right?
But why the locked room?
No attempt was made to make it look like a suicide.
There's no reason to bother setting it up in a locked room.
I can't just stand around and wait.
Let's go take another close look at Keiichi-san's room.
I contacted the police
and was instructed not to allow anyone inside.
When will the police be here?
According to the forecast
the weather will have improved by tomorrow afternoon
so I suppose they will arrive sometime in that vicinity.
Was the door locked all night?
I do not know.
I only tried knocking on the door.
That's it?
Keiichi-san has documents pertaining to his work in his room
so I am prohibited from opening the door when he doesn't respond.
Did Keiichi-san and Yutaka-san not get along?
I do not know that either.
The reason being that
Mori and I have only been working here for one week.
One week?
We are part-timers.
Temporarily hired butler and maid.
Our contract was brief, a mere two weeks of this summer.
So it was just for this villa?
You weren't previously employed by Keiichi-san?
That would be correct.
As far as the brothers are concerned
I am only aware that Yutaka-sama is an employee at Keiichi-sama's company.
Something isn't right here.
What is this strange feeling
What were you doing?
I was patrolling the mansion.
Yutaka-san is nowhere to be found.
And you two?
We're going out to check if the boat's there.
I don't believe that the boat is there.
It was last night.
Yutaka-sama appeared to be in a hurry
and headed for the entranceway.
So you're saying that Yutaka-san took the boat and left the island?
I cannot be absolutely certain.
But that was the last time I saw Yutaka-sama.
What time was it?
I believe it was around 1 a.m.
One slip and I'll be falling to the bottom of the cliff.
Oh, well.
If I'm with her when I fall
I'll probably have a higher chance of surviving.
Look, Kyon!
The cruiser's gone.
Was it really Yutaka-san?
Gray sky.
Black sea.
It reminds me of being in closed space.
Guess I'm just not fond of
such monochrome worlds.
Someone's there!
Look! Over there!
Beyond the rocks!
Did somebody else come outside?
Or could it be
the real perpetrator!
Hey! Wait, Haruhi!
Are you sure it went this way?
But there's no other path!
Kyon, are you okay?
Are you alive?
We're in a fine mess now.
Doesn't look like we can go back the way we came.
Over there.
it was warm inside the cave.
Was it heat from the Earth
or maybe it was heat from an underground spring.
I wonder what that shadow was.
Are you sure it was alive?
You weren't just seeing things?
That's impossible
I think
Say, Kyon.
Do you really think Yutaka-san killed Keiichi-san?
What do you mean?
I've been doing some thinking.
Based on Mori-san's testimony
Yutaka-san left this island late last night, right?
But you see.
When I touched Keiichi-san earlier
his body still felt warm.
Do you get what I mean?
In other words, Keiichi-san
hadn't been dead long when we found him.
What do you mean?
Yutaka-san left the villa the night of the typhoon
and lurked around the island for a while
before stabbing Keiichi-san and running?
I don't think so.
Even if you assume that Keiichi-san was killed an hour before we found him
we were all awake and moving around the house at that time, right?
It'd be unnatural for us not to hear a sound or scream.
But that's strange.
Are you saying that Keiichi-san was still alive for a few hours after being stabbed
and locked the door himself?
Besides, if Yutaka-san isn't even the perpetrator
what reason would he have to escape
- Wait!
I know!
I know
the truth behind this murder.
Hey. You listening, Kyon?
Start talking.
There's no doubt that Yutaka-san stabbed Keiichi-san.
Or else, as you said
he would have no reason to run away.
Well, that's true.
I don't know his reasons
but Yutaka-san stabbed Keiichi-san.
I doubt it was a premeditated murder.
It was probably something like
they got into an argument, and he picked up a nearby fruit knife
and ended up using it.
But the knife didn't reach his heart.
The knife was obstructed by the notebook
and didn't cause a fatal wound.
However, this is when it got complicated.
Keiichi-san fainted from the shock.
Upon seeing that
Yutaka-san believed that he had killed him.
The problem is what happened next.
Keiichi-san, who had merely fainted
remained unconscious until morning.
Once Keiichi-san came to
he stood up in a dazed state
and remembered that his brother had tried to kill him.
Unable to think clearly
he locked the door.
That's when tragedy struck.
Keiichi-san tripped over himself
and fell on his face.
As a result
the knife was driven into his heart
and Keiichi-san met his demise.
This is the truth.
Hold on.
How could everything happen so perfectly?
You can't change what's already happened.
Do you have any other explanation?
Yutaka-san should have been able to tell
if he had actually killed him or not.
Besides, Keiichi-san's body
was lying face up.
If your deduction were correct
Keiichi-san would have been found lying face down.
That's true, but
But wait.
In that case
What's wrong, Haruhi?
It's nothing.
I guess I was mistaken.
Are you two okay!?
And so
Haruhi's deduction ended up being a bust.
But then, what would be the truth?
Yutaka-san wasn't on the island
at the time of death.
Which would mean the real culprit was someone else.
Which one should I take?
Don't scare me like that! Geez!
Pinching food now, are we?
But I was hungry!
Sorry for the wait.
I'll bring them to your room right away.
No fair!
Somebody already ate theirs!
This was Arakawa's.
Arakawa hadn't eaten anything since morning
so I delivered his first.
Don't embarrass your brother.
What's going on?
It's me!
Open up!
I was told not to open the door for anyone.
It's okay now.
Open up!
That would require me to violate the order not to open the door for anyone.
Is Asahina-san still unconscious?
I don't hear her voice
so I would assume so.
When I said anyone
I meant anyone who wasn't in the SOS Brigade!
We're fellow members of the SOS Brigade, right?
I was not informed of this.
I was merely instructed not to open the door for any person.
Yuki-chan, you didn't say anything when I left the room.
I did not receive any instruction regarding opening the door from this side.
Hey, Nagato.
Haruhi's order has been rescinded.
Or here, I'll override her order.
My sister's also here.
Please open up.
You need to be more flexible.
Was that
supposed to be Nagato's idea of a joke?
Give me a break, Nagato.
Your face and expression never change
so I can only assume you're always serious!
Yuki-chan, thank you!
What do we do from here?
Do we continue our investigation for the truth?
Forget it.
I guess I'm not made out to be a detective.
Just let the police handle it.
I see.
You discussed such matters in the cave.
But it's strange.
She wanted to play detective so badly.
What's with the sudden change of heart?
I can understand
what Suzumiya-san is thinking.
Shall I tell you?
I'm all ears.
Suzumiya-san's deduction was partially correct
but the last part was wrong.
Keiichi-san was stabbed by Yutaka-san
but he didn't die.
Yutaka-san made the wrong assumption and escaped.
That much is all correct.
Keiichi-san was awakened by our voices
and just as we were about to open the door
Respond if you're there.
he locked it in his dazed state
That was when
That was when the knife was driven into Keiichi-san's body.
Which means the perpetrator
Would be the ones who broke the door down.
In other words, myself.
And Arakawa-san.
Suzumiya-san probably realized this.
That's why she didn't say anything.
In order to protect us.
Hiding the truth within her own heart.
Your story makes sense
but it's unfortunate that you learned the truth.
If I seal your lips
nobody will ever know of this.
That would be the logical course of action.
Oh, no! Oh, no!
Koizumi-kun is
Koizumi-kun is dead!
He had a knife stuck in his chest!
What did you say!?
It couldn't be!
Come quick!
Come on!
I didn't expect you to be so evil.
I won't kill you
as long as you keep your mouth shut.
Koizumi was killed by Yutaka-san who had secretly returned.
Only the killer knows the motive
but he was apparently an unusual character to begin with.
That would be the story.
Do you think the police will buy it?
Just as a precaution, we'll stab this body a few more times.
To make Yutaka-san's unusual character more pronounced.
Let's go!
The gig is up.
We've lost.
We were soundly beaten.
I just did what Kyon-kun told me to.
Time for the superhuman genius and ultra detective, Haruhi Suzumiya-sama's ultra deduction!
It's amazing how much you kiss your own ass.
As you're probably all aware
Koizumi-kun, the Tamaru brothers
Arakawa-san, and Mori-san
were putting on an act for us the whole time.
They even had a false "truth" prepared.
Quite an elaborate performance.
Well spotted.
It was for a bit of entertainment.
A surprise party, if you will.
She probably knew everything from the beginning.
I was fooled for a good part of it.
The false "truth."
Keiichi-san's death was caused by the ones who broke down the door, Kyon and the others.
But that's when I noticed.
If there was enough force to drive the knife into his heart
a dent or scratch should have been left on the door, right?
Yet there wasn't a scratch on the door.
I'm the one who actually noticed it.
But it could have been a sturdy door.
Wouldn't that be insufficient evidence for you to suspect anything?
There are other discrepancies.
When Koizumi-kun and Arakawa-san first met.
He said, "It's been quite some time," right?
If Arakawa-san had been hired a week ago and this was their first meeting
this greeting would be quite strange.
You are absolutely correct.
I'm the one who noticed that one, too.
There's more.
It was when we were racing to Keiichi-san's room.
Koizumi-kun went straight to Keiichi-san's room, right?
How did he know which room it was?
He said that it was his first time in this villa.
Quite the blunder.
Not once, but twice.
But it wouldn't be that odd for him to know.
Perhaps he found out which room was mine in his own time.
That's true.
But the final piece of the puzzle was the food Kyon saw in the kitchen.
Kyon. You explain.
I wasn't there.
The only person here who ate using knife and fork was Keiichi-san.
Of course, there was a possibility that Arakawa-san ate using knife and fork.
However, the issue would be that the carrots were left untouched.
That's when I got the idea that it might have been eaten by Keiichi-san.
If you look at all the evidence before us, there can be only one conclusion!
That would be
Keiichi-san is alive!
It was all a rehearsed performance!
I'm sure that in Haruhi's mind
she's hearing a standing ovation a hundred times larger than this.
And so
we put on an act of our own.
So the fighting I saw on the balcony was just an act, right?
Absolutely right.
The same goes for the call in the middle of the night.
We were planning on coming clean eventually
But we didn't expect to be caught so soon.
Your deduction got us on the right track.
Impressive detective work.
But of course!
Elementary, my dear Watson!
So your organization was pulling the strings, huh?
The Tamaru brothers, Arakawa-san, and Mori-san are all my colleagues.
How did you like my ultra deduction?
In order to prevent Suzumiya-san from getting any strange ideas
Wasn't I cool?
I concluded that preparing an incident beforehand would be the best idea.
The little sister's presence was unexpected though.
During the trip here
you said that the "Agency" wasn't involved this time, didn't you?
I couldn't possibly have told you
the truth now, could I?
When did you realize the truth?
Truth be told
from the very beginning.
The very beginning
An incident like this couldn't really happen.
That would be because
Haruhi would never truly wish for a murder to happen.
That's how she is.
You have faith in Suzumiya-san.
Let me ask one more thing.
The suspicious shadow Haruhi saw
That was also your doing, right?
Suspicious shadow?
I'm not lying!
There's no reason for me to continue acting.
Then what was that shadow?
It couldn't be
Suzumiya-san wished
for a perpetrator that wasn't one of us.
If that was created by Haruhi
That island
still has some unknown being lurking around.
Maybe Haruhi was just seeing things.
Where should we go next time?
How about the Bermuda Triangle?
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