The Mentalist s01e07 Episode Script

Seeing Red

Rosemary, please don't go.
I'm only trying to help.
- I'm not listening.
- Rosemary, you're in serious danger.
I'm not listening.
No! Thank you for coming so quickly.
Your victim is the widow of Macon Tennant.
Founder of CalSure Financial? Close friend of the Lieutenant Governor? - We got to use the chopper.
- Cool.
We have two witnesses who saw a silver sedan deliberately chase her down.
Uh, we're getting paint off the trash cans.
Hopefully we get a make and model.
We've also got a partial plate.
- Sounds like you're on top of it.
- Sure.
- But I don't mind getting your backup.
- We're not backup.
We're lead.
Yes, ma'am.
Few days ago, Rosemary filed a missing person report on her teenage son, Travis.
Been gone for a week.
He's run away from home twice and he's done a stint in juvie.
- What was the juvie charge? - DUI on a learner's permit.
Her house is eight blocks that way so we figure that she was walking home but from where, we're not sure.
- She was with me.
- And who are you exactly? - My name is Kristina Frye.
I was Rosemary's spiritual advisor.
I'm sorry, did I heard that correctly? - Miss Frye, you were with her where? - At my house.
We had finished a session.
We had contacted her husband.
- Her dead husband? - Mm.
He knew this was going to happen to her.
He warned her that she was putting herself in terrible danger.
- From whom? - I don't know.
I'm merely a channel.
A channel for what? For the energy of the departed souls.
Oh, so you knew that this murder was gonna happen? I didn't know.
Her husband knew.
I just passed the warning along to Rosemary.
Okay, got it.
Uh by her own admission, she's either, uh a channel for the energy of the departed souls or she's involved in this murder.
So you got a choice.
You can call ghostbusters.
Or we can take this lady downtown.
Would you mind coming to our office in the morning and answering a few more questions? - Lf I could be of any help, I'd be glad to.
- Please, call me Kristina.
- Ha, ha.
- Where's all this anger I feel coming from? - Not from me.
Maybe you're projecting.
Rosemary was my friend.
Am I sad? Of course.
Am I angry? Only that somebody would do such a terrible thing to her.
Don't take this the wrong way, but you are completely misreading the situation.
I am, am I? Oh, this is gonna be good.
How long have you known Rosemary Tennant? - Almost three years.
- Do you charge for your services? Yes.
How much depends on the resources of the individual client.
I never turn anyone away.
- How much did you charge Rosemary? - $500 per hour.
- How many hours a week? - Five to six.
Three grand a week.
Rosemary was a troubled soul.
She needed intensive help.
What was troubling her? Her husband was a powerful anchor in her life.
After his death, I think she felt adrift, vulnerable.
People she shouldn't have trusted recognized her weaknesses and played on them.
- Oh? Really? Any people in particular? Too many to mention.
As a result, her relationship with her children may have suffered.
- That would be Clara and Travis, yes? - Mm-hm.
Suffered how? I'm sorry, I'm not comfortable sharing more than that with you.
- Hmm.
- Travis went missing several days ago.
What did she say about that? Truly, I'd love to help you, but my practice is bound by the same client confidentiality codes that all doctors abide by.
- You have a Professional Therapist license? - Yes, I do.
- Your client's dead.
- Her earthly vessel is dead.
When her soul completes its journey, I could ask her if it's all right to share her problems with you in more detail.
I recorded all of our sessions on CD.
If she says yes, I'll give them to you.
Why bother with that? Why not just ask who killed her? Of course.
I will.
But she may not know.
Death doesn't grant omniscience.
- You're good.
- I like to think so.
- Yes, you do.
- It's important to love oneself.
- How do you feel about yourself? - Oh.
Ha, ha.
You tell me.
And forget about the $500 an hour.
I'm on civil-service pay.
For free then.
I think you act assured and arrogant but inside you are troubled with deep guilt and self-Ioathing.
A recent trauma in your past, perhaps? But you're more than a little unstable.
You have your work cut out for you.
- You are good.
- Please.
Not to boast, but I am quite a well-known horrible tragedy.
A half hour on the Internet would tell you I'm consumed with guilt and self-Ioathing.
One look in your eyes would tell me that.
And what makes you think I would spend any time researching you on the Internet? A little self-involved maybe? May I go? - Yes.
Thank you for your time.
- Feel free to call me, any time.
We will.
What? Do we know who's home? Until two days ago, the residents were Travis Tennant, Rosemary Tennant and a semi-permanent house guest, name of Jeremy Hale.
A portrait photographer, and Mrs.
Tennant's boyfriend according to the gardener and the pool guy.
Dooley, Dooley, come here.
- Can I help you? - Mr.
Hale? - Yes.
- California Bureau of Investigation.
Mind if we come in? No, not at all.
Sorry about the mess.
Looks like you weren't alone last night.
Well, I was at a, uh, gallery opening, but someone's always here.
Rosie liked to have people around.
And well, you know us creative types, any chance to, uh, put off work.
- How long have you lived here? - Uh Going on six months.
I'm a, uh, photographer.
I met Rosemary at a show.
I came to do a portrait and I guess we just kind of jelled and I never left.
So you and Mrs.
Tennant were lovers.
That's what everyone says.
Did I love her and vice versa? Yes.
But lovers? We were close.
She understood me better than anyone.
Living here you must have got to know her kids pretty well? Clara's all grown up, didn't come around much anymore.
- And Travis, that kid has some problems.
- How so? I think after his dad died, he just lost it.
You know, drugs, stealing stuff.
Acting out in crazy ways.
- When was the last time you saw him? - Over a week ago.
Rosie found drugs in his bedroom.
They had a fight.
He split.
I don't know where.
He's got friends to hide out with.
Excuse me.
Do you mind if I take a look around? - No.
Go for it.
- Thank you.
Rosemary put you in her will a few months back, didn't she? Yeah, and I felt bad about that actually.
It's too much.
Rosemary was such a generous person and to refuse her generosity would be to, you know, deny her essence.
Day before she died, she made an appointment with her lawyer.
Told him she wanted to make further alterations to the trust.
- Really? I had no idea.
- What do you think that was about? I can only imagine it has to do with Travis.
Cut him off and maybe it would straighten him out.
Lisbon! Oh, you found my studio.
She was quite beautiful, wasn't she? You captured so much in her eyes.
It's like she's talking to us.
Rosemary was an easy subject and those photos still don't do her justice.
This is quite a set-up.
Dark room, state-of-the-art equipment.
It's nice to have a benefactor.
- I'm blessed.
- Or clever.
You say that Travis left because he and his mom had a fight.
You sure about that? - Well, of course.
I was there.
- I think Mrs.
Tennant turns a blind eye toward her son's problems because he lost his dad.
He didn't leave because of her.
He left because of you.
- What are you talking about? - I think this was Travis' room.
There's old poster tape here on the walls.
There's stickers behind this door and dents up here from where a lacrosse ball was hitting it.
Travis plays lacrosse? He used to, before he got into drugs.
And here, this pane of glass has a crack in it right at elbow or fist height.
Must have been quite the argument between you two.
Okay, that's enough.
The only question is, did you take his room as soon as he left? - Or did he leave because you took his room? - You're in my personal space.
Please step back.
Excuse me.
So you kick him out of here, he has to find someplace safe.
Someplace to hide where change can't find him.
So where'd he go? Yeah, it's here on the right.
- He was happier in a smaller room.
- Yeah, I bet.
Excuse me, there's a definite note of hostility in your voice.
- What is that about? - He's just trying to do his job.
I know Travis Tennant is suspect number one but Jeremy isn't exactly grieving right now.
I'll do some digging on Hale.
See what I come up with.
Who's to say the kid's not dead? Maybe he killed both of them.
More money in the will for him.
- Anything on the business side? - The psychic was right.
Every high-end con artist and social parasite was hitting Rosemary up for a million.
But these guys are all white-collar leeches, not murderers.
- This looks like her.
- The daughter.
Miss Tennant.
I'm Agent Lisbon.
- Thank you for coming.
- I came as soon as I could.
Has anyone found my brother? Please, have a seat.
We're so sorry for your loss.
To answer your question, no.
Travis is still missing.
We're doing everything we can to find him.
Can you tell us about your mother? Anything might help.
I just can't believe she's gone.
I mean, she was such a good person.
Everybody loved her and for her to die in the gutter like that? It's like garbage.
It's horrible.
People say she changed after your father died.
She She sort of lost control.
My father was the one that kept it all going.
And she just She wasn't that person.
Could you give us an example? When I was in college my brother called to tell me that people were ripping us off.
And mom would invest in one bad scheme after another.
And I tried to warn her, but she just wouldn't listen.
I'm sure she thought she was doing the right thing.
Is that when your brother started acting out? He missed Dad a lot.
And suddenly he was the man of the house and I think he just wasn't used to it.
That's when Jeremy moved in.
- And he's scary.
He's very dangerous.
- Dangerous how? He wants what he wants and he has a very bad temper.
I was worried for my mom.
Clara, where do you think Travis is? If I knew, I would be with him.
I mean, he's my brother.
He's He is all I've got left.
Put his number in there, please.
- Well, he's not gonna call you back.
- Yeah.
Just put it in.
Thank you.
Hello, Travis, you don't know me, but my name is Patrick Jane.
I'm a friend.
I know you're in trouble right now and I want to offer you some peace of mind.
But I don't know what peace of mind means to you.
It's different for everyone.
For instance, I like riding horses.
But would horses make you happy? I don't know.
Why wouldn't horses make you happy? Go round and round in your mind until you're sure then go to that place where you know you are happy.
Then give me a call.
You have my number.
What was that about? Quick, what image just came into your head? You can't say there's no such thing as psychics just because you never met one.
I've never seen a zebra.
Doesn't mean they don't exist.
- You never seen a zebra? - No.
Never been to a zoo? Yeah, I don't get zoos.
You pay money to look at animals.
Why? Guys.
That's him.
Jane, I'll never doubt you again.
You ever doubted me? Travis, wait.
Just wait.
Travis, we know why you took off.
We know about your fight with Jeremy.
Why didn't you call somebody? Why just run? Because there wasn't anything they could do.
- I didn't want to cause any more trouble.
- Cause any trouble? For who? - They're your family.
- You really don't understand.
I love my mom so much.
But after the blowout with Jeremy, I couldn't go back there.
There was no way.
- When can I see him? - Oh, soon.
- So where did you go? - Friend's houses mostly.
We'll need names and addresses.
I mean, maybe if I'd been home that night she'd still be alive.
L - Maybe - Here's the truth, Travis.
After your dad died, your mom gave away a lot of your money.
Then she moved Jeremy into the house and made your life miserable.
Even though you took off, you knew where she'd be that night.
- You knew how she'd walk home.
- Are you saying I did this? When my dad died, Mom was all I had.
You don't think I wanted to be there for her? That dirtbag Jeremy moves in he starts telling me what to do and bossing me around.
She was my mom.
I didn't kill her.
I believe him.
We'll be all right.
We'll be fine.
- Travis is hurting.
- Or he's lying.
Let's not forget Jeremy Hale stood to inherit a few million himself.
So maybe he wanted to speed up the process.
Finance a nice long photo shoot in South America, lay low for a while.
Heard from Rosemary's probate lawyer.
- Guess who she just added to her will? - Uh, Kristina Frye.
Ink wasn't even dry yet.
Kristina told us she knew in advance that Rosemary was in danger.
- Why would she tell us that if she's guilty? - How diabolically clever of her.
Make us dismiss her as a suspect because she made herself look like one.
Or maybe, just maybe she has a rare and precious gift and is trying to help us.
A rare and precious gift.
Tell me, ahem, who gets these gifts anyhow? How come no one has the gift for seeing horse-race results? And how come dead people always talk such tedious drivel? - Play nice.
Van Pelt is entitled to her opinion.
- Not if it's wrong.
- This is like believing in the Easter bunny.
- Who says there's no Easter bunny? Van Pelt.
Oh, hi.
Got it.
We'll be right over.
That was Kristina.
She said she's picking up on something.
- Mm.
- Something that might help us.
- Why don't you go talk to her? - I'm coming.
- Does he have to? - Lf she's conning us, we need to know.
She isn't.
I can tell.
- Miss Frye? - Be right there.
Take a seat, please.
Madame Zoltar welcomes you.
Mm, I smell dead people.
You can do all your shopping right here.
Aren't you interested in what she has to say? No.
I love the mirror, though.
- Conveniently located, isn't it? - What do you mean? It's one-way glass.
Textbook clairvoyant trick.
She studies her clients' body language before they come in.
Come on, she's probably watching us right now.
- You can't go in there.
- Sure I can.
See? No one way glass.
Well, maybe in this instance, but not as a general observation.
Shall we sit down? Sure.
- You know what I'm struggling with? - Enlighten me.
You talk such a good high-class game, but your temple looks like a discount souvenir store in Shangri-La.
Certain imagery goes with the territory.
You know that.
People expect a little razzmatazz.
Like the shiny suits you used to wear.
He says I'm sorry for all the pain I caused you and your mother.
They are tears of joy.
- So you have done some research on me.
- I have now.
Red John murdered your family.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
- Is that why you gave up your calling? - A calling? Is that what this is? Yeah.
There's no doubt you have it.
Why'd you give it up? It was the suits.
Chafing, horrible.
Always dancing.
Why is that? Don't try to cold read me.
- Oh, I wouldn't know how.
- We both know that's a lie.
Can we, um, talk about the case? - Yes.
- Yes.
So has Rosemary contacted you yet? No.
Not yet.
It often takes some time for souls to make a full transit.
The celestial bus is running late.
I called to offer you my assistance.
- Clearly, you're not interested.
- Wait.
I'm the agent here.
We are interested.
I had a vision about the car used to kill Rosemary.
Water rushing into the windows.
Tires under water, resting on concrete.
Concrete? Like a swimming pool? Um, bigger.
A reservoir maybe? There's Founders Lake, just outside of town.
A reservoir.
Damage to the front end is consistent with a vehicle pedestrian collision.
But the VIN number matches Rosemary Tennant's own registration.
That's her car? Two moving violations show Travis used the vehicle all the time.
Could have been Jeremy.
He had access as well.
Put one of them in the car that night traffic cameras, witnesses at gas stations.
- Lf it exists, I wanna know.
- I'm on it.
You guys gonna arrest Travis Tennant, or, uh, you want us to? Sorry, Detective, but everything we have now is circumstantial.
Well, I go with my gut.
90 percent of the time if it feels right, it's meant to be.
What about the other 10 percent? Hmm.
If anyone needs arresting, it's Kristina Frye.
She knew that Rosemary was in danger.
She knew where to find the car.
The murder weapon.
Which means that she either does have supernatural powers or she was involved in the crime.
- Come on.
She simply did what you do so well.
With an air of confidence, she made an educated guess.
Where else would you dump a car around here? She's a good guesser.
Well, yes.
That's a possibility too.
And that's what you object to, isn't it? Not that she's a con artist, but that she's so good at it.
- Maybe even better than you.
- Not at all.
L All right, yes.
Not better than me mind you, but she is good.
And it's the good ones that are the most dangerous.
Excuse me, but you might consider the possibility that she's honestly in touch with something beyond your understanding.
That would be golf, and musical theater of the '30s and '40s.
Car's empty except for these in the trunk.
High-grade coated nylon.
Just like they use in a photo lab.
Jeremy's gone.
We had an exchange and I told him not to come back.
- And some of Mom's jewelry is missing.
- You think he did it? Someone stole your mom's car and used it to kill her.
The locks weren't jimmied.
They had a key.
And you think I did it.
I already told you where I was.
Go out.
Talk to my friends.
We did.
They said there were a lot of people at the party.
- You could have left and come back.
- This is so unfair.
How My brother's right.
Jeremy just left.
Clearly he's hiding something.
Stay here.
Rigsby, it's me.
I need an APB on Jeremy Hale.
Check the airports.
He's probably got two hours on us.
He hasn't gone that far.
He's not on a plane.
- How do you know? - He left too much behind.
Room full of photographs five are of Rosemary, the rest are dated at least a year ago.
Except this one.
This was taken a few weeks ago.
Brand new, little damaged, but somewhat intimate.
A woman's heel would make a hole like that, wouldn't it? - Yes.
- Being Rosemary's house we can assume it's Rosemary's heel.
I'm still with you.
Why would Rosemary want to put her heel in this nice young woman's picture that was taken by her womanizing boyfriend Jeremy? - Know her? - Yeah, that's, um Connie Adams.
My mom's bridge partner's daughter.
- Connie? - Can I help you? Nice necklace.
We're looking for Jeremy Hale.
Is he here? Baby? Hi, Jeremy.
- Hey.
- Let's go talk.
- You might want some clothes.
- Or a lot more whipped cream.
Your call.
Rosemary was killed by somebody driving one of her own cars.
A silver Chrysler.
You ever drive this car, Jeremy? No.
That's the car that Travis drove.
Not my style.
We found a glove in the car that's from your photo lab.
What're the chances we find your DNA on it? - Travis could've taken those.
- Travis has an alibi.
You could've taken the car to throw suspicion on him.
I could have, I suppose.
But I didn't.
You left the Tennant house fast.
Almost like you were running away.
- Why is that? - I got into it with the kids.
Clara is insane.
I thought she was gonna assault me.
- They think you killed their mother.
- They don't know anything about me.
- I loved her.
- Of course you did.
That's why you gave Rosemary's necklace to your new girlfriend.
It's no good to Rosemary, is it? So shoot me, I'm a pragmatist.
That's a good word.
Miami, New York, Chicago.
All widows and all contributors to your budding career.
All alive and still good friends of mine, if you care to speak to them.
Well Phoebe might be a little ambivalent about me, but, ha, ha the others are, you know - Do you know Kristina Frye? - Uh That name is familiar, but no.
- I don't think so.
- She's Rosemary's psychic.
And I think you have met Kristina.
You took her photograph.
Jane tells us one of your portraits is hanging in her foyer.
- Well, I take a lot of pictures.
- Mm-hm.
Two beneficiaries on the same will both intimate friends of Rosemary's yet the two of you have never actually met.
What are the chances? I want a lawyer.
Hey, boss, check this out.
Info on Kristina Frye.
In the last 10 years, these people left her name in their wills.
Paydays ranging from Maybe the psychic and Jeremy had a business relationship fleecing vulnerable women.
- So maybe Jane was right.
- It doesn't prove anything.
But it's a good place to start a conversation with Frye.
Kristina, how well do you know Jeremy Hale? He was Rosemary's lover.
Kind of a user, I'd say.
But genuinely fond of her, I think.
Quite a good photographer.
He took my picture.
Did you know he was also named in the will? If that was Rosemary's decision, fine.
What are you getting at? Over the last decade, five people have named you in their wills.
Against my express wishes.
I've helped hundreds of sick clients confront their fear of dying.
I assure them that I will try and speak to them after they're gone.
But I've never asked any of them for anything ever.
And why did Jeremy get nervous when your name was mentioned? Probably because we had sex on a couple of occasions.
We had fun.
He's a good time.
Have you spoken to Rosemary yet? - Yes, I have.
- Oh, you did.
What did she say? - She seems quite taken with you.
- Ah.
She said you're a good man.
A deeply misguided and damaged man, but good.
That's very flattering.
- Did she happen to mention who killed her? - No.
She didn't know.
But she wants me to keep trying to help you as much as I can.
Now that you mention it, I'd love to hear your CD recordings of your sessions together.
- Absolutely.
And can you have Rosemary appear at the reading of the will? She's a departed soul, not a wedding singer.
You can't book her in advance.
I guess time doesn't mean much when you're dead forever.
- No schedule to keep.
- What's the rush? - Right.
- Hmm.
Nice cradling.
- You play lacrosse? - No.
Fast moving sticks scare me.
- Did you find who did it yet? - Not yet.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Find anything? I think Kristina Frye is responsible for your mother's death.
I need you to ask her to conduct a séance to contact your mom at the reading of the will.
- I don't understand.
How is getting in touch with Mom gonna help you catch Kristina? Obviously, she's not really gonna get in touch with you mom.
She's a fraud.
I'm gonna expose her.
How do you know she won't pull it off? Well, she won't because she can't.
- I don't like it.
- Me neither.
What's the alternative? - It's immoral.
- Don't know about that.
They say your brain gets cooked if you use them a lot.
Make you infertile too.
What are you talking about? Microwaves.
What are you talking about? - The séance.
- We were looking at the microwave.
The séance has nothing to do with anything.
It's wrong to play with that stuff.
Raising the dead.
We're not actually gonna be doing that.
Raising dead people.
You say that, but you don't know.
You're mocking the occult.
You don't have any belief in the afterlife.
You don't know what you're getting into.
Well, I know that séances are tools that con artists like Kristina use to manipulate people.
Boo! Yeah, laugh.
Go ahead.
It's really important to you that Kristina's a fake? Because if she's not, if she does have a gift everything you mock, everything you discredit everything you stand for gets turned upside down.
Um, ahem.
Unlikely, but true.
What if your family's looking down at you tonight from the séance trying to talk to you, but they can't, because you won't believe? Well, that would be very sad.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
That's okay.
- Really, it's quite irregular.
- It's what my mother wanted.
Very well.
If you could all please sit down.
At the request of Rosemary and her daughter, Clara the reading of the will shall be prefaced with a What do you call it? A contact ritual.
A séance, some call it.
A séance.
Good evening, everybody, and welcome.
With your help tonight, I'm gonna try and contact Rosemary.
Will you all please hold hands with your neighbor on either side.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Would you please turn the lights down.
The veil will be drawn back and Rosemary will come to us as long as we believe.
As long as we believe.
Everybody concentrate on the candle in the center of the table.
Look at it and concentrate on Rosemary.
Come to us, Rosemary.
Come to us.
Kristina? Kristina? It's me, Rosemary.
I'm here as I promised you I would be.
All your friends and family are here too, Rosemary.
Is there anything that you'd like to say? Or ask? Rosemary? Clara? Clara? Mom? Why Clara? Why did you do it? I know what you're doing.
And it's not gonna work.
What do you mean? This is all a scheme that you and Kristina cooked up, isn't it? Well, it's very effective, but I'm not buying it.
I'm not gonna buy it.
I'm not buying it.
I can't.
I can't.
No, it's It's I'm - Next cue's up.
- This isn't happening.
Got it.
- Why, Clara? Why? - Who's doing this? I'm sorry, Mom.
I'm so sorry.
Was it you, Clara? Were you in the car? Is that why she's here? Is that what's caused all this? Yes.
I got mad.
I just got mad.
Why? She told me that she was gonna change the will again.
To disinherit Travis.
She said that it was for his own good and she wouldn't listen to me.
We said some harsh things to each other.
So I rode the train down from Clearlake to speak to her in person.
Make her see things rationally.
I knew she was going to see her damn psychic and I didn't want to run into that creep Jeremy so I went to the house to go pick up one of the cars to meet her.
I saw her after she left Kristina's.
And I called her.
So that she wouldn't be freaked out that I would turn up in the middle of the night.
And she didn't pick up the phone.
For her own daughter and I just got mad.
No! Thank you for your honesty, Clara.
How did you know that it was me? Uh, well it didn't occur to me until later.
When you started trying to pin the blame on Jeremy.
But when you first came in here you expressed horror that your mother died in the gutter.
Not in the road, not on the sidewalk, but the gutter.
For her to die in the gutter like that? It's like garbage.
It's It's horrible.
And how could you have known that she died in the gutter, unless you'd been there.
I did it for Travis.
And for yourself.
She said that she would protect us.
She promised my dad that she would.
Parents are supposed to protect their kids.
Yes, they are.
Can I see my brother now? Sure.
I know you weren't thinking right when you did what you did.
Be good to Aunt Jo.
And don't Don't leave your clothes everywhere and be respectful, okay? I will.
I love you.
- Thank you for letting me talk to her.
- You bet.
You sleep here? Uh Yes, sometimes.
The noise relaxes me.
It's like the sea.
Can I help you? I just came to pick up my recordings.
Help yourself.
- I need to talk to you.
- Fire away.
In private.
This is private.
More private.
- So? - Yeah, promise me you won't interrupt.
- Hear me out.
- Okay, I promise.
- I talked to your wife.
- Oh, hang on Ever since your wife and daughter were killed there's a question about that night's events that's been tormenting you.
Yes? - Yes? - Yes.
Your wife wants me to tell you that your daughter never woke up.
She didn't know what happened.
She wasn't scared, not even for a second.
You done channeling? That's it? - That's it.
- Thanks.
Goodbye, Mr.

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