The Mentalist s01e08 Episode Script

The Thin Red Line

Thank god.
You're here.
There was screaming, then gunshots.
Upstairs in room 222.
The one The one on the right.
Right there.
Police! Open the door.
Come on.
Open up.
Copy that.
Glad you could make it.
We have young female, Patrice Matigan and Joseph Purcell who was gonna be the star witness in California v.
Carris which was one of the attorney general's favorite upcoming narcotics cases.
State's witness and no police protection? Davis P.
Had it covered.
That is, until Purcell went AWOL a few weeks ago.
Didn't wanna testify, I guess.
With Purcell dead, the case against Carris dies too.
He walks.
So obviously, guys for all of our sakes, this is a must-close.
Davis P.
Is still running the Carris case so we have to work with them.
Don't freeze them out.
Who is Carris and where is he or she right now? Rick Carris is the man to know in the Davis meth business.
He was, uh, busted a month ago after a big, expensive operation.
He's out and about on a $2 million bond.
Purcell here is one of his top street captains.
Look at that.
This fool is state's witness against the biggest cocaine dealer in the county and he's dealing the drug out of his room.
Like Carris wouldn't hear about that.
Must have had a death wish.
Looks like a couple of ounces.
It's not cocaine.
It's powdered milk.
Yes, that's often used to cut the product.
Jane? - What are you looking for? - The girl had her keys in her hand.
She was only planning on stopping by.
Oh, no.
So, what happens to her? Social Services have foster moms that specialize in babies.
We'll take care of her until we can find Patrice's family.
If she has a family.
Social Services.
I'm here for Kaylee.
Lisbon, Jane, Van Pelt.
Detectives Blakely and Preciado, Davis Homicide.
They will be your liaisons with Davis P.
I speak for myself and your chief when I urge you all to work harmoniously.
That means play nice.
Keep me posted.
So your name's Blakely? - First responder was a Blakely.
- That's my son.
Poor kid.
First time rolling up on a body.
- Puked his guts up later.
- He'll be okay.
Listen, uh, just so we're clear.
Now, you can call us liaisons if you like, but this is still a Davis P.
Our Narcotics Unit's been trying to bust Rick Carris for years.
We appreciate your position.
Have you checked the liquor store for surveillance cameras? Not yet.
We're still questioning the guests.
I'll get on it.
I got a dumb question, how come you guys let Joe Purcell slip away? - Stuff happens, right? - Yeah.
Stuff happens.
Yeah, when we bring in Rick Carris, we'll give you a call.
You're confident it was Carris who did this? Purcell seems like the type of man who had quite a few enemies.
We're confident.
What if Purcell wasn't the target? What if the girl was? - What makes you think that? - What makes you think she wasn't? Either way, she's the place to start with the investigation.
She was here for a moment so the shooter came in as soon as she arrived.
Which suggests that he or they followed her here.
So we'll retrace her steps.
What's Patrice Matigan's current address? We don't know.
We checked the address on her license.
She hasn't lived here for several months.
You're making this more difficult than it needs to be.
We know who done it.
This was a hit ordered by Carris.
If he's in town, we'll round him up.
You guys relax.
See the sights.
We'll call you when there's any news.
When are you gonna learn to cool it without being told? Oh, come on, they pissed you off too, the sexist pigs.
They were.
I just said they were.
You were saying it ironically.
There were a couple of issues of that in her car.
"Fifty Fresh and Floral Ideas for a Spring Wedding"? Why on earth would Patrice Matigan have this? Mailing address.
Lacey Wells.
65758 Rancho Highway.
Let's go.
Lacey Wells? - You the cops? - Yeah, CBI.
- What's the problem? - Do you know Patrice Matigan? She lives here.
What about her? And where is she? She was murdered this morning.
Oh, my God.
How long have you known Patrice? Couple of years, like that.
And she's lived here with you for how long? Since Joe got busted.
Two, three months.
She couldn't stay with him the way he lives.
Son of a bitch.
No I knew he'd get her into trouble.
Can you think of anybody who would've wanted to kill him? Aside from Rick Carris and any of his crew? Sure.
Lots of people.
Could you tell us what happened last night? Joe called her really late.
He's mad hungry, but he's paranoid.
Won't leave his room.
Thinks Rick Carris' boys are everywhere.
Begs her to bring him some food.
Which she does, like a fool.
And that's That's the last I saw of her and Kaylee.
Why would she take Kaylee out with her in the middle of the night? Couldn't you have babysat for her? I had been drinking.
And she didn't wanna leave Kaylee with me.
She had her flaws but she was a good mom.
I mean, that kid is always clean and dry and she's smiling.
I mean, look at how she keeps this place.
Yeah, it's nice.
How did she pay the rent? Oh, she always has money when she needs it.
You know, her and me got busted this last Christmas.
And she came up with like 10 grand to front the bail.
And even more for the lawyer.
We were busted with a whole ounce of meth and she made that crap disappear.
- She was into meth? - No.
No, it was my drugs.
But it was in her car so, you know.
Did you ask how she got the money to pay for the lawyer? She wasn't the hooker type so I just figured she had a rich boyfriend hidden somewhere.
You know, couple of times, a dude would come by and not come in.
And she'd go for a ride and then she had cash when she came back.
What did he look like? He was like a skinny, tough guy.
Dark hair.
And drove a blue car.
Excuse me.
- Always goes off.
- Lisbon.
Just got a call from Sacramento Homicide.
Snitch gave them a location on Carris.
He's in Boonville, halfway between here and Davis.
Get an entry team.
We're on our way.
- Should I tell Blakely and Preciado? - Of course.
Davis P.
Are our partners on this.
Hold off on going in until I get there.
Thank you, Lacey.
Hey, uh, listen, Social Services, they're They're not gonna bring Kaylee back here, are they? - No.
- I love her and all but I'm not I couldn't Don't worry.
They're not gonna bring her back here, okay? She goes somewhere okay though, right? - I mean, they'll take care of her good? - Yes.
They try.
She's a good kid, so Hey.
Where you going? To make the bust.
What do you think? Cover the back.
- Wait.
- What? You guys wanna help or you're gonna stand there? Come on, guys, play nice.
This is a joint operation.
We go in when our boss and team get here.
Uh-uh, this is our arrest.
Always has been.
And we got no time to wait for your mommy.
There's always time.
Let's do this right.
Go in too quickly, someone will get hurt.
This is real police work, sonny.
People get hurt.
- Go push some paper.
- Real police work? You mean like protecting a state's witness? Hey, hey, walk away.
Walk away.
Look at me.
We told them not to.
This goes south, it's their necks.
We don't wanna be involved in any way.
Be smart.
Just let it go.
What's going on? What are they doing? They wouldn't wait for the entry team.
- We tried to talk to them, wouldn't listen.
- They're out for blood.
Don't move, Carris, hands up.
He's running.
- Get on your knees right now.
- Let me see your hands.
That's our bust.
Hand him over.
The hell we will.
Walk away.
Hey, calm down.
Yes, we get it.
You're very calm and in control, Rick for a man being questioned in a double murder investigation.
I didn't do this thing.
Although I've been sat in this freaking chair so many times this is kind of restful.
- That's right, isn't it? Many times.
Intent to distribute.
This trafficking case coming up, that's three and out for you? - You get nailed, you're in for life.
- That's a long time.
All on the testimony of Joe Purcell.
Look, it's no secret Joe Purcell's death was a huge boon for me, man come on, it was huge.
I gotta confess, I was really starting to feel that life sentence breathing down my neck.
But you know what? I got angels, man.
I got fierce angels on my shoulders.
Are you a man of your word, Rick? - I am.
- You do what you say you'll do.
Look, I know where this is going.
This is from Purcell's answering machine.
Hey, Joe, you're a dead man.
I'm gonna do you my own self.
I'm gonna look you in the eye cut your heart out, shove it down your throat That is you, isn't it? - Hyperbole is lost on some people.
- We think you kept your word, Rick.
You found Patrice, followed her to the motel.
You killed him and that young girl just to stay out of prison.
- Just like you said you would.
- No, I said I was gonna cut his heart out and feed it to him.
Poetic license.
No, if I'd have found him, I would have kept my word.
I was looking for him.
That's how you know it wasn't me.
I wouldn't have cut his heart out, but I would've cut him.
I mean, I got a reputation to consider.
Where were you last night? A bar I own.
Del's Tavern.
Until when? I don't know, 11:30 maybe.
- Anyone with you? - Oh, yeah.
- Sasha.
- Sasha? Sasha have a second name? Sasha, the cocktail waitress.
One young lady in your employ.
That's not much of an alibi.
It's not much of a case, man.
You got no murder weapon and you got no witnesses.
So you can kiss my ass.
Unless you wanna get a sun lamp in here and a couple of beers.
I'll be happy to kick back and listen to you guys waste your freaking time.
I guess I'll just hand you over to the Davis P.
They're very anxious to talk to you.
All right, whatever.
I wanna talk to my lawyer now, please.
So we're done here.
Food's here.
- Hawaiian? - Yeah.
Cho hates pineapple.
Well, he can take it off, can't he? Yeah, I guess.
I don't complain when he and Rigsby order Mexican.
- What is it you don't like about Mexican? - Cilantro.
I can't stand it.
But I don't make a fuss.
No, you don't, do you? Why is that? Sometimes you have to go along to get along.
It's nice to be nice.
But if you wanna get ahead, sometimes you have to be a bitch.
- I know you know how.
- Gee, thanks.
It's all about the balance, Grace.
Yin, yang.
Nice, bitch.
Little bit of bitch inside the nice.
Little bit of nice inside the bitch.
- Yeah, I'll work on that.
- Keep them guessing.
There's pineapple on it.
- You can take it off.
- I'll know it's been there.
So Carris was at Del's Tavern.
Sasha, the cocktail waitress says she was with him at his residence at 12:45 a.
M when the shootings took place.
She's confident about the time because they were having sex with the TV on.
The Scottish guy talking to that actress who married the singer.
Carris would've got someone else do the dirty work anyway.
He was boasting when he said he was gonna rip Purcell's heart.
- He's a drug dealer, not an Aztec.
- That's good.
Not an Aztec.
You're right.
Carris isn't responsible for these murders.
- Why not? - He told you himself.
It's not his style.
He wouldn't have the patience to follow Patrice until she led him to Purcell.
If he'd found her, he would've hurt her until she gave Purcell up.
For the sake of argument, let's assume you're right.
Yes, and I'm saying maybe Patrice Matigan was the target.
That's the second time you've said that.
Well, Patrice, she was an attractive, young woman, but didn't work and had a regular supply of money from somewhere.
- Boyfriend.
- And was able to make a very serious drug charge disappear.
- Cop boyfriend.
- Skinny cop with dark hair that drives a blue car, if you listen to Lacey.
Detective Preciado is skinny with dark hair.
He had crossed my mind.
And a hot-tempered man, as we now know.
Who probably carries what, a.
38? - Yeah.
I think he does.
- Yeah.
- Joe and Patrice were shot with a.
- Yes, they were.
Slow down.
What's his motive? A simple crime of passion.
He comes upon the woman he loves with another man.
Kills them.
He couldn't have been that surprised.
She had Joe Purcell's baby.
How is she? - The baby.
- Uh, fine, I guess.
I mean, she's a baby.
Keep them warm and fed, they're happy.
Let's go have a chat with Preciado.
We're already in hot water with the Davis P.
We need to be sure we're right.
- Find out the facts and then act.
- Yes, boss.
Let's see if Patrice really did dodge a possession charge at Christmas and let's make sure the story about the accident money is bogus.
Then we'll go to Lacey and we'll show her pictures.
If she ID's Preciado as the man she saw and if Preciado drives a blue car and if he carries a.
38 we'll go and we'll talk to him.
Preciado owns a blue car.
May I have your salad? Oh, Gladys Knight and the Pips.
You brought our prisoner back? Detective Preciado, we need to sit down with you for a while.
- We have a few questions for you.
- What questions? That's a.
38 you carry, isn't it? You trying to say it was me? You sons of bitches.
Where the hell do you get the? - Steve.
Cool it.
Let me handle this.
- No.
This one's mine.
Where do you get the nerve to come in my town talking to me like that? What weapon do I carry? Kiss my ass.
California State Constitution.
We've come to you out here out of respect.
We could have found you in the station and made a fuss.
- You should be glad you didn't.
- You should be glad we didn't.
You have nothing on me.
We can put you with Patrice.
Her roommate ID'd you from a photo.
Have a talk with us.
Clear up a couple of things.
- No big deal.
- What couple of things? This doesn't concern you, detective.
- Excuse me, he's my partner.
- Leave it alone, Dale.
Just leave it.
I can handle this.
Let's go.
- Good to meet you again.
- Hey.
What's the matter with him? How well do you know Patrice Matigan? Let's not screw around.
Tell me what you have.
- Cop to cop.
- Cop to cop? We know you were giving her money.
Know she got off of a meth bust last Christmas.
Evidence was lost, right? From the Davis P.
- Happens.
- We figure you took it.
That's what you figure? Yes.
We could dig in and prove it but I don't wanna spend time doing that.
I'd rather just talk straight with you.
Avoid dragging other good cops into this mess, right? Go on.
We figure you and Patrice were having a sexual relationship.
She was She was a confidential informant.
We considered that.
But then she'd be on file, right? And you would've put in for the money as a CI expense.
But you didn't do that, did you? Why? My guess, because you're an honest man.
I was banging her.
So what? Did you know she was in a relationship with your missing witness? We had a business relationship.
I paid her for sex.
I didn't know or care what she did when I wasn't there.
You paid her a lot of money.
A lot.
A good-Iooking man like you? There had to have been more to it than that.
- Did she have something on you? - She was punctual and clean.
Didn't say much.
I like that in a woman.
Did you know your man, Joe Purcell, was the father of her child? No.
A lowlife, junkie dealer with your woman.
How'd that make you feel? Couldn't care less.
Do you, uh, want the rest of my sandwich? - I can't finish it.
- What? It's a good sandwich, try it.
Good sandwich.
What is wrong with him? Where were you at 12:45 a.
Monday morning? I was at my partner's.
We watched the game, I was too drunk to drive, so I slept on the couch.
- At Blakely's? Just you and him? - And his wife.
Do you have your weapon on you? Yes, I do.
Mind if we borrow it for a while? Have Ballistics take a look at it? I don't want to have to make this official, talk to a judge or anything.
Once we do that, the cat's out of the bag for good.
If you're clean on this, here's the way to prove it.
- Is this the only.
38 in your possession? - Yes, it is.
If you try to hold my hand again I'm gonna tear your arm off and beat you unconscious with it.
- Get me? - Got you.
- Well? - It's funny what bad liars cops are.
They're not used to concealing themselves under questioning.
I'm a cop, I lie to you all the time, you never catch it.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but you're translucent.
I always know when you're lying.
Sometimes I let you think you've fooled me just so you don't feel bad.
Name one time.
Ahem, last Thanksgiving, you said you were going back East to your brother's house.
You actually planned three days at home alone to watch old movies and eat ice cream.
Okay, so that's one time.
- What about Preciado? - His stressed pulse rate was thready.
Thready? Hard to describe pulses, dishonest pulse feels different to an indignant pulse.
In this case, hard to say what he's lying about exactly.
But he was signaling deception from first to last.
There's something off.
Where're we going? - To the zoo.
They have new tiger cubs.
- Oh.
- Liar.
- Oh, very good.
- I'm gonna speak with Blakely.
- Blakely's not gonna tell you anything.
No, Blakely's old school.
He'll back his partner.
But his wife might be less steadfast.
I'll keep the husband in the office while you go and talk to the wife.
- What is it? - Patrick Jane.
- Yeah, what is it? - I'd like to speak with Katherine Blakely.
Sam? Officer Sam Blakely? Yeah, uh, now isn't very convenient.
You should call and arrange something.
Yes, I was just passing by.
That's a shame, Sam.
I really do need to speak to her.
Who is it, Sam? CBI, ma'am.
Murder investigation.
- Murder investigation? - The Purcell-Matigan killings? - That couple I found.
- Oh, my Lord, yes.
Terrible thing.
That poor little baby.
- Well, I'll leave you to it then.
- No, ma'am.
It's you that I wish to speak with.
I am so proud of my two policemen.
There are three generations of Davis Law Enforcement in this family.
When people see the Blakely name in Davis they know that it stands for something.
- Cripe's sakes, Ma.
It's enough.
Oh, he hates me bragging on him.
So tell me, why on earth do you wanna ask me about these killings? Officer Blakely, could we have a moment alone, please? It's okay.
It's kind of confidential stuff, ma'am.
Go on, Sam.
I don't think I should, Mom.
Dad wouldn't like it.
Well, you're not your dad.
Just give us a moment.
Go on.
Sam was so upset that night.
It was his first time coming up on a killing.
Poor thing.
Now, I remember the first time Dale caught a bad call.
We were newlyweds and he came home and he actually cried.
Tried to hide it.
But I told him and I told Sam that there is no shame in feeling sad.
There isn't.
You've experienced the same thing, no doubt.
Death is part of the job.
Yes, yes, it is.
What did you wanna talk to me about, Mr.
Jane? Ma'am, your husband's partner, Detective Preciado is a person of interest in the case.
Steve? No.
He said that he was here at your house sleeping on your couch at the time of the murders.
That was 12:45 a.
Monday morning.
- Was he here? - Yes, yes, he was.
He stayed the night.
Why would you be interested in Steve? He's such a straight arrow.
He said that he was having an affair with Patrice Matigan.
- Steve Preciado? - Yes.
- Why not? - I don't know.
It just doesn't seem likely.
Katherine, you're hiding something.
This is a state investigation.
You're obligated to tell me the truth.
You have to promise you will not say it was me who spoke of it.
I won't tell a soul.
Well, Dale says that Steve has a problem.
You know, down there.
Down there, oh.
- There's pills for that now.
- Yes.
No, he's a hopeless case, apparently.
Well, that's strange.
That's very strange, because he's the one that told us he was having an affair with Patrice.
No, well, knowing Steve I'm sure he was lying to protect his machismo or protecting someone else Oh, I'm so sorry.
How stupid of me.
No, it's - What happened? - Nothing.
It's just a little accident.
What did you say to her? Huh? What have you done? He's done nothing.
- Your father - My father what? What did you tell her? You knew.
You knew that's who she was.
That's why the two of you have been whispering in corners and acting so strange.
No, Ma, you got it all wrong.
You don't understand.
Dad wasn't having an affair.
- Dad, Mom thinks that - What, Sam? What do I think? You swore on his life.
You swore on your son's life you would never betray me again.
Come inside.
I'm gonna tell you the truth but not out here.
Oh, no, not out here.
You're Dale Blakely.
- You're one of the good guys.
- Get in the house now.
Detective Blakely - Shut your mouth.
- You okay? Assault.
- I'd rethink this new technique of yours.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I can't disagree.
Now we're arresting them.
He assaulted Jane.
And he looks good for the murders.
Before you charge a cop with murder, he better look better than good.
- He better look like the Mona Lisa.
- Yes Because if you're wrong, we will have no murder suspect.
The attorney general will have no narcotics case against Carris.
And we will have wrongly arrested a distinguished veteran officer in his home jurisdiction.
Yes, boss.
What was the nature of your relationship with Patrice Matigan? I was helping her out.
Helping with close to a thousand bucks a month.
That's a lot of help.
- What did she give you in return? - Nothing.
What story did you tell your wife about the money? - I got nothing to say.
- How were you making ends meet? Did you maybe take a little drug money now and again? I never took a penny.
Not a damn penny.
If Patrice started asking you for more, you'd have been hard-pressed? Get me a lawyer.
I'll set that up for you.
Oh, where's your service revolver? Agent Rigsby tells me you didn't have it with you.
- It was stolen.
- Yeah? Yeah.
From my car.
It's no problem.
It happens.
- A.
38, was it? - That's right.
I'll get you that lawyer.
He's not gonna talk.
Poor soul.
- He made his bed.
He can lie in it.
- I never understood that one.
Because someone makes their bed, why do they have to lie in it? What's to stop them from lying in another bed? Or on the floor for that matter? Sam Blakely's here.
Come on.
Okay, Mr.
You're free to go.
No, I wasn't gonna go anywhere anyways.
No, I can hang out here.
Officer Blakely, thanks for coming.
I got no choice.
You got my father locked up.
- Is your mother okay? - Don't worry about my mother.
- My father's innocent.
- We know that.
You people are making a big - What? - We know your father didn't do it.
This is from the security cameras of the liquor store in front of the motel.
- We finally got to look at it today.
- This is at 12:40 a.
That's Patrice Matigan's car arriving.
And that is Rick Carris' man.
We misjudged Carris.
He found Patrice, had a man follow her.
His license plate.
Can you make that bigger? Yes, we can.
We know who it is.
- A thug that works for Carris named Q-Tip.
- Now, get this.
Carris says Q-tip didn't kill them.
Q-Tip went to kill Joe, but he got there too late.
Someone else got to him first.
That's got to be a bunch of bull.
Carris says his man Q-Tip actually saw the real killer.
Saw the whole thing.
So Carris is offering us a deal.
If we let him out, his man Q-Tip will tell us exactly what he saw, ID the real killer.
- And you believe him? - Of course not.
It's a transparent con.
Q-Tip killed them all right.
Carris is just trying to save his skin by laying the blame elsewhere.
On your father probably.
He must've known about his connection to Patrice.
So we're gonna play along.
Let the shooter come to us.
Carris has set up a meeting with Q-Tip tonight.
So we'll grab up Q-Tip and work him till we get the real story.
So, uh, what do you need me for exactly? If this is gonna work, I can't have a whole bunch of angry Davis P.
's swarming all over Carris and his crew.
And the CBI is kind of unpopular with you guys right now.
Yes, you are.
So we were hoping you'd have a quiet word with your chief let him know what we're up to.
Knowing the chief, he's gonna wanna know the details.
When and where you're gonna be meeting this Q-Tip and what personnel you got operating undercover.
But this needs to stay close between you and the chief.
We don't wanna spook Carris.
He thinks he's playing us for a bunch of idiots.
I understand.
Okay, team.
Let the games begin.
Carris is on his way.
He's gonna call when he meets with Q-Tip.
Be ready to act fast.
Clear? - Got it.
- Okay.
Roger that.
The warehouse is on Fifth and Geary.
Loading dock in the back.
Q-Tip's in the car he was on the tape.
California plate Five-Nora-Tom-Queen-nine-five-seven.
- Be there in 10 minutes.
- Ten? I can't get - to Fifth and Geary in 10 minutes.
- Well, do your best.
On our way.
ETA to Geary and Fifth, 12 minutes.
Damn it.
He won't wait that long.
Officer Blakely? Are you closer to Fifth and Geary? Officer Blakely? Sam? - Blakely, drop the gun! - Drop it! Carris never made a deal, did he? No.
We, uh, edited the surveillance footage.
Q-Tip was just some guy that happened to walk up to the motel at some point.
And, uh, Van Pelt, she laid in the license plate with Photoshop.
It's clever.
Kudos to you guys.
We know you're a decent man, Sam.
We know you didn't mean for things to go down like this.
- Just tell us what happened.
- I got nothing to say.
- There's no use in hiding anything now.
- There's no use in explaining it either.
- Take a seat, detective.
- Okay.
- Son.
- Dad.
There's always a reckoning.
This is it.
Just tell them the truth.
The truth, huh? Tell the truth no matter what.
That's the mark of a man, right, Dad? Tell the truth.
A man has his honor and his word and that's it.
Don't over the same ground for God's sake.
- Just give them the facts.
- You want the facts? Okay.
Mom suspected that Dad was having an affair.
Well, I asked around on the street pretty soon I hear that he's keeping this girl Patrice Matigan, on the side.
I was mad as hell.
You gotta understand, this integrity crap was banged into me my entire life.
Right, Dad? Honesty.
Banged into me.
And then all this time he's keeping a whore on the side? No, never.
I went and I asked him if it was true and he said no.
I knew he was lying to me.
I knew it.
So Sunday night, I went back to find the truth.
I thought for sure she was gonna meet Dad.
And she went to the store, went to a motel.
I thought, "Ah-ha, I got him now.
" Purcell must have thought I'd been sent by Carris to kill him.
I had no choice.
I panicked.
I drove away.
Then Dispatch called.
Sent me right back to the motel.
I was the closest unit.
What was I gonna do? Refuse the call? I had to take it.
So was it reckoning? Patrice wasn't your mistress, was she? No.
She was my daughter.
Sam's sister.
How did you know? Sam told his mother you weren't cheating on her.
I believed him.
But then who was Patrice? Who was she to you? And why all the secrecy? I just figured she had to have been your daughter.
I never knew Patrice existed until four years ago.
Her mother was dying so she got in touch.
Told me I had a 16-year-old child I never knew about.
Blew my mind.
It just Oh, it blew my mind.
Yeah, I wanted to tell Katherine the truth but, you know, I Oh, my God.
I couldn't do it.
I just couldn't hurt her like that.
- Does she know now? - Yeah.
She knows.
She knows.
Busy right now.
Katherine, it's Patrick Jane.
Can you open the door? - I can't.
- You can and you will.
I have something I need to give you.
This is Kaylee, your granddaughter, kind of.
She's very fond of Cheerios.
That has nothing to do with me.
She likes to take her big nap at 2.
- But What? - You're all she has.
Social Services will be along later to get the paperwork signed.
I think Kaylee doesn't really suit her, if you ask me.
If you wanna change it, I'm sure no one will make a fuss.
Oh, oh, hey.
You might need those.

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