The Mentalist s01e10 Episode Script

Red Brick and Ivy

The human mind is a vast universe.
An inner cosmos that we are only now beginning to explore.
Our next speaker is one of the nation's leading cosmonauts.
A rising star in the field of neuroscience and a prized member of the Leyland faculty.
I give you Alex Nelson.
No, no, no.
Thank you.
CBI, Rigsby.
Jane, phone for you.
Someone called Sophie Miller.
Uh Tell, uh Tell her I'm not here.
I'm sorry, ma'am, he's not available right now No, no, no, wait, wait.
I'II, uh, put you through.
Miller? Yeah, this is Patrick.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Uh, if someone is murdered on a state university, is it ours? Can be, if we muscle out the locals.
Why'd you ask? Need a favor.
Sophie, Alex Nelson's water bottle contained a 10 percent solution of hydrogen cyanide.
What do you know about that? I know that hydrogen cyanide is a lethal poison.
Beyond that, nothing at all.
Please, call me Ms.
Miller, or Dr.
Miller, or ma'am.
Not Sophie, if you don't mind.
You're not setting the boundaries here.
You were seen by witnesses arguing with the victim shortly before his death.
You fled the scene immediately after his death.
A cunning plan, eh? Since your divorce from the victim two years ago you've been arrested for assaulting him twice and made several death threats against him.
He obtained a restraining order.
And I obtained one against him also.
Well, that's all right, then.
Didn't bother you that Alex had remarried? That he found happiness with another woman? Alex and I got past our personal history.
We had to for the sake of our work together.
Ah, yes, your work together at the, uh, Stutzer Institute, right? Which gave you ready access to the hydrogen cyanide.
No, I had thought, being innocent, that I don't need a lawyer.
But I can see that you have some animus against me.
So I'll say nothing more until I have a lawyer present.
What if we take this case, and it turns out she's guilty? - She didn't do it.
- How do you know? Because she told me she didn't.
She wouldn't lie to me.
Why not? - Because she wouldn't.
- Suppose she did.
Well, if she is guilty, then we need to catch her and punish her.
But she's not.
Jane, I know I said I wouldn't ask, but I'm asking.
Who is this woman? What's the connection? You don't wanna know.
She'll talk.
She just needs time.
- To do what? - Hey.
I'm not saying she isn't good for it.
But we don't have enough solid evidence to support that right now.
- I disagree.
- That's your right.
But the CBI is lead agency on this.
Strange, though, that a Department of Justice unit like CBI is lead agency.
Because Sophie Miller called the DOJ switchboard this morning.
You might almost think that she chose her own investigators.
Leyland is a state university.
We automatically offer our services, when local agencies aren't equipped.
If Sophie Miller called the DOJ, it's a coincidence.
- Excuse me, sir.
- What is it, Drobey? This was posted up all over Leyland Campus during the night.
"The Animal Equality League has seen justice served.
and he has paid the price for his crimes.
" Looks like there's more suspects now.
They want the animal testing in Leyland University Science Department to stop or the monster Stutzer will be next to pay for his genocidal crimes.
Who is Stutzer? Lewis Stutzer is one of the world's foremost neuroscientists and founder of the Stutzer Institute at the university.
And, um, what is his connection to the victim, Alex Nelson? Alex Nelson and Sophie Miller are his colleagues.
His seconds in command.
Please, understand that there's a great deal at stake here for the university.
The Stutzer Institute is our lynchpin.
I came to see you in person to get your firm assurance that this will be handled properly.
With speed and discretion, and iron-clad security for Dr.
Of course, Chancellor Stern, you have my absolute assurance.
I will have a squad of state marshals around Dr.
Stutzer within the hour.
Agent Lisbon and her team will handle the murder investigation.
They have the highest clearance rate in the state.
- Good.
Thank you.
- Sir.
What are you, nuts? An animal rights case? - You know what a nightmare they are? - I know, I know.
I'm sorry.
I didn't realize it was an animal rights case until too late.
And that putz Stern is gonna be a pain in the ass.
You better close this crap quick, Lisbon.
Hey, thanks for not telling him I made you take the case.
Lisbon? Hello? Tell me the truth.
Truth? Darth Vader? Luke's father.
Seriously, I've stuck my stupid neck out for you for the umpteenth time.
I think I deserve the truth.
Why is Sophie Miller so important to you? She was my doctor.
She's a psychiatrist.
She was my psychiatrist.
But you hate psychiatrists.
So you always say.
She was a good psychiatrist.
She must have been, if she managed to keep you in the room.
It was a locked room.
I went through a rough patch.
Did a little time in a hospital.
Sophie helped me through that time.
- It's not on your record.
- No.
Believe me, I It's not easy to do.
I know there's nothing shameful about having a breakdown but, uh, I gotta confess, I am ashamed of it.
Thank you for being so honest with me.
Sorry I kept it from you.
Uh - Shall I come back later? - No.
Rigsby started in on the campus security tapes.
Nothing yet.
I've been tracking this Animal Equality League.
They're all over the Internet.
They believe in animal equality.
So, you know, they're not very happy.
They've taken credit for firebomb attacks on slaughterhouses and animal testing facilities.
Serious people.
I interviewed the staff at the auditorium.
No security.
Anyone present at the symposium could have poisoned his bottle.
There are no prints on it but Nelson's.
Nobody saw where he got it from.
Brand is the same all over campus.
I'm Kerry Sheehan, Dr.
Stutzer's teaching assistant.
He's ready to see you now.
Did you know Alex Nelson well? He was a very good man.
He was, uh He was a, um Yes? He was? He was a good, good man.
- Dr.
Stutzer? - Uh? We're with the CBI.
Oh, yeah, yes, of course.
Come in.
Shut that door, please.
Sit down.
Terrible, terrible business.
Alex was a first-rate researcher.
Truly first-rate.
I cannot tell you how much I'm going to miss him.
I'm sorry, Dr.
We wanted to talk to you about the threats Couldn't have come at a worse time, of course.
This is going to set us back months, I'm afraid.
What is it you do here exactly, Dr.
Stutzer? Our work here is highly sensitive.
What you tell us regarding your work is completely confidential.
All CBI agents sign a binding non-disclosure agreement.
Very well.
I will tell you what we're doing here.
We're curing evil.
We are banishing the devil.
We have identified the section of the brain that governs moral decision-making.
It's a small fold of tissue called the cingulate gyrus here in the medial part of the brain.
This is the source of good and evil.
We've learned how it works and how to readjust it when it does not work properly.
We've created what we call a morality engine.
A morality engine? You are skeptical.
Nevertheless it's true.
We are plumbing the depths of the human soul.
Do you know what's down there? Do you know what your soul is made of? Frogs and snails and puppy dogs' tails? Ah.
Thank you, no.
Your soul is electricity.
Essence of your being is a series of rapid electrical impulses.
Morality is a binary switch system in the brain.
And we are learning how to control that switch system.
- Where do animals come into this? - Well we aren't allowed to poke around inside human heads until we have done the same things on animals first.
This is Suzy.
When she first arrived, she was quite violent.
Especially over food.
We recalibrated her anterior cingulate gyrus and now look what a happy and generous girl she is.
Thank you.
Where'd it go? There it is.
Is Suzy here the extent of your animal testing? Oh, no.
There's been other chimpanzees before her.
Rats, mice, pigeons.
Have you ever been threatened by animal rights activists before now? Yes, of course.
When one is a prominent scientist one is sometimes menaced by animal people.
It's always nonsense.
In this case, you must assume the threats are very real.
The marshals will provide full protection, but you need to be careful.
I am not intimidated.
The work we are doing here is far too important.
That is why I have this.
In the long term this technology has the potential to eradicate violence from human relations.
That is what these animal rights maniacs don't understand.
We are trying to create a world of peace, where everyone is safe.
From monkey attacks.
More humor.
Come this way.
Well past animal testing into the first stages of testing on humans.
Question five: A house is on fire.
You can save, A, a briefcase full of money or, B, a homeless man.
Which do you choose? B.
Question six Forget about the Animal Equality League, we should firebomb the place.
- The guy'll put us out of a job.
- I can't see it.
Human beings are more than just electrical appliances.
Uh, this is, uh, Agent Lisbon.
- I'm gonna wait in the car.
- All right.
- Thanks for getting me out.
- Oh, it wasn't me.
It was the Animal Equality League that sprung you.
It's the thought that counts.
- How have you been doing? - Good.
Very good.
- You? - I've had my issues.
Well, I I don't know why that should surprise me.
I suppose most patients assume their doctors have no problems themselves.
Well, who'd consult a sick doctor? Heh.
It's one of the reasons I left clinical practice and went into pure research.
What are they exactly? Your issues? I mean, what's the story with you and Alex Nelson? Assault? Restraining orders? What can I say? I'm just drawn to controlling but damaged and emotionally unavailable men.
- You and Alex made a truce? - Yeah.
But you were arguing just before he died.
- About work.
Is this an interrogation? - No, no, I'm Ha, ha.
I'm sorry.
I was just wondering about the logic of it all.
What logic? You saved my life.
I owe you.
I would do anything to repay that debt.
You know that, right? But you're innocent, so why do you need my help? Why am I here? Maybe I just wanted to see you again.
Now I have.
Goodbye, Patrick.
Patrick, my name is Sophie Miller.
I'm here to help you get better.
I got a partial plate.
Which gets us a list of about 2000 vehicles.
Take a look at the back window.
- Looks like a cat.
Or a dog.
- It's a bear.
The Northwestern Oregon state bear.
So Van Pelt cross-referenced that vehicle list with alumni of Oregon State.
- Which gets us five names.
All clean, no criminal records, no animal rights activism.
All living quietly in Oregon.
But one guy sold his van six months ago to a company based in Sacramento.
A, uh company with no apparent business, and no registered employees based out of one of those warehouses by the river.
Nice work.
We've been monitoring the building.
Nobody's gone in or come out.
- We don't know how many are in there.
- This could get nasty.
Police! Freeze! - Let's see your hands! - Don't move! Yeah, I killed Nelson.
He had it coming.
And I'm gonna kill Stutzer too, for what he's doing to the animals.
He's got it coming.
What's he doing to the animals? Hey, can I go now? I gotta feed the cats.
They get hungry, you know? Then they get mad and they pee on my computer keyboard and it really screws up my work.
We won't keep you here any longer than we need to.
Now, this Animal Equality League, tell me about it.
It's a league of people who believe that animals should be equal to humans.
I'm chair of the League's Supreme Council.
He's crazy.
Yeah, crazy don't make him innocent.
Crazy is what makes people kill other people.
- How did you kill Nelson? - Poison.
- What kind of poison did you use? - Wouldn't you like to know.
I do know.
I'm wondering if you do.
Do you realize that the real rulers of this planet are insects? Okay.
Crazy innocent, probably.
Keep him locked up until Forensics have swept his stuff, just in case.
Call Mental Health Services, have them take a look at him.
Looks like the animal rights angle's a dead end.
- Ah.
- Back to square one.
- Grieving widow? - That's always a good place to start.
- Yes, I think so.
- Flowers for a funeral? L I don't know how many you're supposed to have in a memorial service.
Is three arrangements too few? Well, how much do lilies cost? Maybe you should just speak to Chancellor Stern.
He might have a better idea.
I'm sorry.
Death is so complicated.
I'm expected to answer all these questions about everything.
- Mrs.
Nelson, I just - Please, call me Emily.
I never really got the hang of being called Nelson.
Can we sit? I was just getting the hang of being a newlywed.
And now I'm a widow.
Did you ever get any sense that there was anything wrong in any aspect of Alex's life? No, I don't think so.
I mean, work had been really hard lately, I know that.
Is that you? Yes.
That's when Alex and I first met.
Cute picture.
Why was work so hard? I don't know.
When Alex would talk about his work I couldn't understand a word.
And he just stopped trying after a while.
But he had an argument on the phone a few weeks ago.
Alex went into his office, and I could hear him shouting.
He was so angry.
- He never shouts.
- Any idea who he was shouting at? No.
It was a woman.
Rosie, I think he called her.
Rosie? Do you know anybody named Rosie? - No.
- Did you ask him about the phone call? - I did.
He said it was a work thing.
- You believed him? Yeah.
You didn't suspect that there was another woman involved? No.
Sorry, I have to ask such things.
You have a beautiful house.
Did you do the decorating? No, it's all Alex.
He was teaching me.
He had an aesthetic.
It keeps doing that every five minutes.
What am I gonna do? When this funeral stuff is done with and Alex is buried, I want you to go someplace beautiful.
Just get on a plane.
Don't tell anyone where you're going, just go.
Fly away and start building a new life for yourself.
- Okay.
- Okay, but you promise me you will fight hard against your weakness for control freaks.
- Okay.
- Good.
I'm sorry.
She couldn't kill anyone unless they told her to in a firm voice.
That's funny.
"Don't listen to control freaks.
" "Whatever you say, sir.
" Let's go see Stutzer's assistant.
Kerry Sheehan? You think she's the mysterious Rosie? The widow's not a true blond.
She's naturally dark.
- Is that you? - Yes.
That's when Alex and I first met.
And what? Her hair is colored and styled to look like Sophie only younger, who was a brunette when I knew her.
So Nelson was a control freak like you said.
A control freak with a serious thing for getting women to dye their hair.
Kerry Sheehan has roots.
Yes, she does.
- She and Nelson were having an affair.
- Bravo.
Don't patronize me.
Sheehan? Kerry? It's Teresa Lisbon.
We wanna talk to you about Alex Nelson.
I need EMTs in 965 Elm.
He was a good, good man.
Tell them not to run the lights.
Looks like suicide.
Is it what it looks like, you think? Yeah, how pink she was? That's cyanide.
Causes high blood-oxygen saturation.
Look at this, boss.
I found these in the garbage upstairs.
That's Alex with the victim.
It's not a tidy end to this sad saga but it is an end at least.
Thank you for all your hard work.
We're not done here, I'm afraid.
If Kerry Sheehan was a suicide that doesn't make her guilty of Alex's murder.
If she's a suicide? The note's too brief.
Women like to explain themselves.
I think it's a staged suicide.
Perhaps she was too ashamed of what she'd done to talk of it.
She had enough pills to kill herself 10 times over.
Hoarding pills is characteristic with suicidal type.
Yes, but why would she kill herself with hydrogen cyanide with terrible pain, when she had pills that would let her slip away gently? Maybe she wanted the pain, she needed the pain to punish herself for killing her lover.
You really want this case to be over, don't you? - Don't you? - Actually, no.
I wanna find out the truth.
- And if Kerry didn't kill herself, then - The widow had a motive.
Yeah, but not the temperament.
There's no way she's a killer.
That leaves one obvious suspect.
- Sophie.
- Look at her record.
She and Alex were violently obsessed with each other.
Maybe they were still secretly involved.
Maybe she was jealous of Kerry.
- Why kill Kerry and leave Emily? - How did she know Kerry was sleeping with Alex? - Let's go ask her.
Let's keep it casual to start with Sophie.
Let her relax.
She gets her guard up, we'll get nothing.
You're very combative all of a sudden.
Yeah, well, she is guilty, she lied to me.
And I believed it.
- She fooled me.
- The ultimate sin.
Yes, it is.
You're adrift in a life boat.
You can save 10 children by pushing one 60-year-old man out of the boat.
Yes or no? No.
You're adrift in a life boat.
You can save 10 small children by not helping one 60-year-old man into the boat.
Yes or no? Yes.
That's it.
Wait for Greg to release you from the chair, you can go.
Thank you very much for your help.
Really, both dilemmas are exactly the exactly same.
One life for 10.
But almost everyone answers the questions the same way.
It's the most basic human morality.
The value we place on a life, and when we're willing to sacrifice it.
But watch.
If I run a current through this part of the brain I can provoke a response that totally bypasses conscious thought.
I can manipulate the subject's moral reasoning towards good.
And if I want, the reverse, towards evil.
Now, you know, obviously there are complex ethical issues involved so we've recalibrated the test subjects just enough to prove our finding.
Because we don't wanna get too far ahead of public sentiment.
But theoretically, this way, villains.
And this way, saints.
Yes, in simple terms.
I must have a try.
- You gotta let me have a try.
- Really? As test subject or controller? Controllers? You call them controllers? That's brilliant.
Uh, I'll do either.
I'd like to do both.
Really, I'm so glad that we've amused you.
- Dr.
Miller? - Yes? I assume you've heard about Kerry Sheehan's death.
That's tragic.
Do you think that she killed Alex? Is there somewhere we can talk in private? Sounds so ominous.
We could do it downtown with lawyers present.
But I thought it'd be more congenial to talk here.
You're right.
And I'm happy to talk to you.
Because I understand you're just trying to do your job.
We were wondering, did you know Kerry and Alex were having an affair? I knew she was having an affair with a married man, because she told me.
I didn't know it was Alex.
I didn't put it together.
- She told you though.
You were close? - No, not really.
She had to have known you were Alex's ex.
Why would she talk to you of all people? - I don't know.
- You're a psychiatrist.
Give it a shot.
My guess is that she was a silly little girl who liked the secret drama of it all.
And the safety of the rules that would prevent me from slapping her senseless if I found out.
Why would you slap her for that? You didn't care about Alex anymore.
I cared nothing at all for him, but I don't like being played with.
Were you still involved in a physical relationship with him? No.
Who's Rosie? Rosie? I can't say that I know anybody with that name.
- You sure? - Yes.
Why, was that Alex's other woman? Emily heard Alex arguing with a woman she thought was called Rosie.
Lisbon, would you leave us alone for a moment? No problem.
Thank you.
What? I know you're feeling powerless right now.
But you're in control.
You have a choice.
You can choose to let people defeat you, or you can fight back.
You can fight.
Or you can give up and die.
It's your choice.
I asked Lisbon to leave us because you gave me my life back.
And I owe you the chance to do the right thing.
- Which is? - Tell me the truth.
I told you.
I don't know anybody with that name.
What about a monkey? Did you know a monkey with that name? Yes.
Because that's Rosie in there, isn't it? - Yes.
- You switched her with Suzy because Suzy never did get gentle, did she? No.
The morality engine doesn't work, does it? It's all phooey.
And And this guy, Professor Lewis Stutzer? - He's the Wizard of Oz.
- No.
We are this close.
We're this close to cracking this.
- We're on the edge of a revolutionary - On the edge? Sophie, this building, this institute this whole multi-million-dollar project is based on a sham.
Yes or no? Yes.
It's a sham.
We've been falsifying data for almost a year now to make it look like it works, but it doesn't.
Why lie about it? It's bound to be discovered.
You have to understand, Lewis Stutzer is a genius.
This project is the culmination of his life's work.
I so desperately wanted it to work.
We all did.
We began to believe the lies that we were telling.
Then Alex threatened to expose the whole thing.
He was going to at the symposium that morning.
He was gonna confess.
I begged him, I begged him not to.
It'd be the end of our careers.
It'd be the end of everything.
So you killed him and Kerry to cover this whole thing up.
Patrick, look at me.
I had nothing to do with the deaths.
- I promise.
- Who was it? - Stutzer? - I don't I don't know.
You knew they were killed to cover this thing up.
And yet you didn't say a word to me.
That's why you asked me to help you.
Because you thought you could push my buttons.
You thought you could manipulate me into exonerating you.
Sophie, look at me.
I don't care about the fraud.
But if you had anything to do with those murders if you had anything at all to do with those murders now is the time to walk away.
Walk away and get on a plane to Brazil.
Thank you, doctor.
Goodbye, Patrick.
Be well.
I had nothing to do with the murders.
No, no, no.
I don't I don't like the sound of that at all.
That's a crazy idea.
Yeah, absolutely.
All right, will do, boss.
He said, uh, go ahead, fine.
Loves the idea.
- Professor Stutzer, we've done it.
- What? - The morality engine works.
- It works? I was showing the police how the scanner works but the oscillator kept tripping - It's been doing that.
- I bypassed the differential filters.
It's producing an ion flow to the dendrite.
- But how? - I don't know.
I don't know how it works, but it works.
This is his baseline before re-calibration.
And after.
You're sure about this? I've checked and rechecked the results.
I'm gonna optimize his moral clarity.
Question 65-B: A gunman is going to shoot an innocent child.
You can save the child by jumping in front of the gun.
But it will cost you your life.
Do you, A, give up your life or, B, let the child die? A.
And now I'm gonna make him evil.
You are stranded on an island with a stranger.
You find a food supply, but there is only enough to keep one person alive.
If you do not share the food, your survival is guaranteed but the stranger will starve.
Do you, A, share the food or, B, keep the food for yourself? - B.
- See? It works.
It does work.
It really works.
We must tell the chancellor that it works.
Eating people is wrong.
True or false.
- False.
- Question 95: Seeing another human being in pain is pleasant.
- True or false.
- True.
Well done, well done.
Thank the Lord.
L I told you I would succeed in the end.
Yes, you did.
You certainly did.
We did it.
Ha, ha.
- Mr.
Jane? - Mr.
Jane I haven't restored your calibration.
- Ah, don't worry about it.
- He's been calibrated for evil.
Sir? Sir, please, follow Dr.
Miller's advice.
You don't understand what has happened to you.
Yes, I understand.
Your morality engine works.
- Made me into a good man.
- No.
You do not understand.
It is the exact opposite.
No, doc.
You don't understand.
What are you doing? Put the phone down.
Thank you.
Do you know why I'm alive on this planet? My sole purpose? I catch bad people and punish them.
That's all I do, because when I do that, I know I'm doing something good.
- Do you see? - Yes.
Good people do good things.
- Bad people do bad things.
- That That's true.
Now, let's test your moral baseline.
Question 99: Who killed Alex Nelson and Kerry Sheehan? L I don't know.
That's not an acceptable answer.
Tell me the truth, or I will kill that woman.
I am telling you the truth.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
Okay, now that we've established some real test parameters tell me who killed Alex Nelson and Kerry Sheehan or I will shoot your good friend here.
And then if you still don't give me an honest answer, I will kill you.
My good man, I cannot tell you what I do not know.
- I need an answer.
- It was me.
It was me.
It was me.
- I killed them.
- You? Why? I'm sorry, Lewis.
I was only trying to protect you.
I need evidence.
In In my basement.
In a charcoal lighter-fluid bottle.
- What's in the bottle? - Cyanide.
Why did you do it? To protect the university.
Alex was going to expose the Stutzer Institute as a fraud.
The university's finances are based on Stutzer's reputation.
If Stutzer goes down, Leyland University goes down.
Kerry came to you after Alex died, said Alex had told her everything.
She was gonna expose Stutzer, not just as a fraud, but as a murderer.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
- Where in the basement is that bottle? - Top shelf on the left as you As you come down the stairs.
Bet you keep a nice, neat basement.
What was in that bottle again? Cyanide.
Sophie, you can get up now.
You see? The blood, totally worth it.
It's always those little details that help sell the whole thing.
That was, uh That was great.
It's all inadmissible.
I said what I had to say to save myself from this lunatic with a gun.
- It's inadmissible.
- She knows.
But knowing the truth is important too.
Uh - Top shelf left or right, did you say? - Left.
We have agents at your house right now with a search warrant.
Yes, I'd hate to be a state's attorney.
Jane's always pulling crap like this on them, but they always win.
In the meantime, you're under arrest.
Cho? - Would you? - Hands on your head.
- Just Thank you.
- You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court.
You have the right to have an attorney during questioning.
If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be The engine doesn't work? You were pretending? It doesn't work.
To catch the chancellor.
Or me, I suppose.
You couldn't know which.
I thought it was you.
Very clever.
I so badly wanted to believe that it worked.
Mind plays tricks, huh? Never mind.
In the future, I hope that your love life is a little more peaceful.
If it's not, and an ex-Iover turns up dead again do me a favor, don't call me.
I think we're pretty much even.
- Paid in full.
- Great.
What are you gonna do now? I'm ruined as a scientist.
So I'll probably go back to helping people one by one.
I think that's a great idea.
You're very good at that.
Bye, Sophie.
Be well.
Jane kissed a girl.
Well, you know Yeah.
On the cheek.
Still counts.
- Counts as what? - Nothing.
Just saying.
You wanna drive? That's a very sweet offer.
Do I really seem so sad? What? I was just asking you if you wanted to drive.
You don't like it when I drive.
You despise it.
- You drive way too fast.
- I drive just fast enough.
You hate not being the one in control.
And yet you're willing to overcome your irrational fears to cheer me up.
That's a beautiful thing, Lisbon.
Thank you.
I'd love to drive.
Never mind.

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