The Mentalist s01e11 Episode Script

Red John's Friends

Get down on the floor.
Get down on the floor, now.
Thank you for coming.
You said you had information about Red John.
Yes, I do.
Killed your wife and daughter, huh? Heard a lot about you.
They say you can tell when people are lying.
Do you have information about Red John? I have dynamite information about Red John.
Enough to catch him.
- How do you come by this information? - Red John is a friend of a friend of mine.
Is that friend of yours in prison too? I have friends from all walks of life.
Tell me.
I am currently doing 25 years to life for a crime I didn't commit.
My last appeal just failed.
You get me out of here and I will give you Red John.
You raped and murdered your family housekeeper's daughter.
If you do know a lot about me, you know that I'm not a real magician.
- I didn't do it.
- I read the case file.
The physical evidence, the testimonies of all the witnesses including your own family, says you did.
- I didn't kill her.
- What happened? - I don't know.
We were partying.
I did some blow, some meth.
We had sex, I fell asleep.
And it's morning, Undine's dead the cops are busting in.
The door was locked from the inside.
There were bars on the windows.
- Yes.
- How is it physically possible that anyone else could have committed the murder? I don't know.
But I didn't.
Ergo someone else did.
Someone you can find.
You see me.
Am I lying? You seem to be telling the truth.
But you're a very clever, unprincipled Narcissist in a desperate corner.
Even if you are innocent, doesn't mean you have information on Red John.
Yeah, it's a tough call.
I'm gonna have to say no.
Your wife, Red John painted her toenails.
Painted them with her own blood.
The police didn't make that public, did they? She's the only instance he did that, huh? A touch of elegance for you alone.
How do you know that? I told you, Red John is a friend of a friend of mine.
What is this friend's name? His name is get me out of here and I'll tell you.
That and much more.
I'll sing like a bird.
I said, no.
And I mean no.
It's not that I don't want to help you.
I want to help you.
It's just it's not physically possible.
Jared Renfrew was tried and convicted.
It's a closed case.
I have no authority to reopen it without cause.
- There is cause.
- For you there's cause.
Not for the State of California.
- We can't touch it.
- Ah, but we could touch it if Closed case.
Nothing to be done.
The Justice Department doesn't go about undoing its own work.
I understand.
No problem.
If we can't touch it, we can't touch it.
I'm sorry.
The law is the law.
My desire for revenge doesn't outweigh the rules.
I have to accept that.
- I'm glad you understand.
- Thanks for your time.
He's lying through his teeth, isn't he? Yes.
Jane I know better than to try stop you from doing what you think you have to do.
No, no, I'm fine about it.
I can see Minelli's point.
I can't be chasing every nut bag with a good story, can I? Yeah.
You're fine with it.
Just do me the favor of listening to me for a minute? - So I can say, "I told you so" later? - Sure.
Jared Renfrew was found hugging the corpse of Undine Kopecki in a room locked from the inside holding a bloody butcher knife in his hand.
His semen was inside of her.
He'd been stalking her for weeks.
He's got a history of violence going back 15 years.
- What's your point? - He's guilty.
You're being conned.
But I don't think so.
But I gotta find out, one way or the other.
Even if he's telling the truth about the murder he could still be lying about Red John.
- Also possible.
I gotta take the chance.
What else can I do? - Minelli wants me to keep a watch on you.
- What are you gonna do? I'm not going to follow you around.
Let's compromise.
When you get into trouble, call me first, so I can try and minimize the damage.
And don't use your CBI card.
The bureau finds out you used it without authorization, you're done.
- I hear you.
Hi, my name's Patrick Jane.
I'd like to speak to Gardner Renfrew about his brother, Jared.
One moment please.
Renfrew says, "No, thank you.
" Tell Mr.
Renfrew I can prove his brother is innocent.
And I know who really committed the murder.
Thank you very much.
- Is that your father? - Yes.
What's this all about, Mr.
Jane? Who are you and what do you mean by this? Do you think your brother's innocent? You said you can prove he's innocent.
- You said you know who really did it.
- No, I just That was just to get inside the house.
I have no idea who might have done it.
Might have been Jared.
Um, hope not.
Seems to be telling the truth.
What do you think? I think you had better leave, right now, Mr.
I don't have the The time or the patience for tomfoolery.
So you think he's guilty.
I'm wasting my time.
We're done talking.
Suppose I can prove he was innocent? Wouldn't you want that? Wouldn't you want that blot on your name expunged? - Of course he would.
- Nothing would make me happier.
But my brother's guilty.
He violated that poor girl.
He violated this house, he violated this family.
That's all I needed to know.
Thank you for your time.
Your, uh, mother lives here in the guesthouse, doesn't she? - You leave my mother alone.
- That's not your call to make, is it? Breck, call the police.
Be sure and tell them I'm unarmed.
Go inside, Mother.
Go inside.
My name is Patrick Jane.
I want to speak about your son Jared.
I'll deal with him, Mother.
The police are on their way.
Go inside.
Don't order me about.
And don't be so hysterical.
What's your interest in Jared? I'm a friend of his, trying to prove his innocence.
- Come and sit down.
- Thank you.
Mother, you're being childish.
- Go away, Gardner.
- Mother Go away.
Tell me why you wish to prove my son's innocence.
Oh, I can promise you I'm not up to anything sinister, ma'am.
My motives are pure.
Tell me about Jared.
He was a troubled child.
Charming and bright but a bully and a liar.
Something of a sadist.
Qualities you rather liked in him, I expect.
Yes, I did.
I found him rather amusing.
At first.
One doesn't want a wimp for a son.
But there must be a sense of proportion and moderation.
As he got older, he got worse.
Got in with bad people.
It was one scandal after another.
In and out of prison.
A common criminal.
But he turned himself around.
He gave up the drink and the drugs and the gallivanting.
Made peace with his brother, came home to help run the family business.
- The prodigal son.
- Yes.
George, his father, was overjoyed.
I was skeptical.
Pleased, of course.
But skeptical.
As my mother always said, you are what you are.
- I guess she's right.
- Yes.
Poor George dropped dead a week after the murder.
Broke his heart, people said.
George didn't really have a heart in that sense.
He died of embarrassment.
A Renfrew in the pokey for murder: Quelle horreur.
Can you show me where it happened? Who else was in the house? I had a small dinner party.
Probably 10 people all told.
After they left, it was just family.
Gardner and Breck, George and I.
And Jared, of course.
Not Mariska, the housekeeper? No.
She lived out.
Undine was only here to help the cook with the dinner party.
She was a lovely girl.
Full of life and promise.
Her mother Mariska had been with us 20 years.
Part of the family.
Jared told me that he and Undine were having an affair.
He loved her and he'd never hurt her.
She told her mother that he was stalking her.
That she was scared of him.
She didn't go to the police out of respect for the family.
I'd like to speak to the mother.
She left our employ, I'm afraid.
- It was too difficult.
For both of us.
- Where is she now? I have an address somewhere.
Can you get it for me now? - As you wish.
- Thank you.
Sir, would you come with us? - Why? - You're trespassing here.
- No, I'm not.
- Okay, sir.
This man here says he's the homeowner and says you're trespassing.
So let's go, partner.
Officer, it's the other way around.
I'm the homeowner.
- That man is the intruder.
- Well, that's a lie.
- He He's lying.
- Listen to the madness in his voice.
Please take him somewhere he can get some help.
Here we are.
I don't know that she'll still be there, but - Thank you so much.
- For heaven's sake, Gardner.
Policemen? How ridiculous.
- Send them away.
- Ma'am.
This man here is Yes.
It's quite all right, officer.
You can go.
Well, goodbye, Mrs.
I expect we'll speak again soon.
Good day to you.
Gardner Renfrew is a player in this town.
You can't go to his house and screw around with him.
- Why not? It's a free country.
I didn't use my ID.
I didn't even mention the CBI.
- You gave your real name.
- It's my name.
Well, you should have lied as you so often do.
I have to give you a reprimand and order you in the strongest possible terms to leave the Renfrew family alone and drop the matter.
- Sorry, can't do that.
- You have to.
- This is straight from the A.
's office.
- Jared Renfrew didn't kill Undine Kopecki.
- Do you have evidence of that? - Not yet.
I have pieces that I'm piecing together.
He's innocent.
Wake up, Dorothy.
You're not in Kansas anymore.
There are innocent men in jail.
It happens.
Is he one of them? I don't know.
I doubt it.
In any case, we can't reopen his case.
If I'm Dorothy, then who are you? It doesn't matter who I am.
We will find other ways of making Renfrew talk to you.
There's a lot that can be done to make a prisoner's life easier if he cooperates.
- It's not gonna work.
He's innocent.
- Okay, here it is.
If you pursue this any further, I'm gonna have to throw you out of the CBI.
We can't take the liability.
I very much do not want to have to do that.
I know you don't.
So, uh I'll spare you the trouble.
I quit.
- Don't do that.
- No.
It's okay.
It's best this way.
You are the Good Witch Glinda, obviously.
Thank you.
I learned a lot.
Don't bother.
I know.
I feel the same way.
Nothing to be done.
So when he needs our help, we're letting him down.
I want to help him just as much as you do.
Our orders state that we must stay away from this case.
I don't care what orders say.
It's not right.
We closed cases before he came.
We'll close cases after he's gone.
- Just not so many.
- Cases are not the point.
- It's not that we need him.
He needs us.
- He needs us on a fool's errand.
Renfrew's a con man.
He doesn't know anything about Red John.
Suppose we found a connection between Renfrew and Red John.
- It would Wait.
What's in the file? Let me guess.
A connection between Renfrew and Red John? Seven years ago, Renfrew was serving time on a narcotics conviction.
He shared a cell in Lompoc with a man with the name of Orval Tanner.
Tanner claimed in his 1998 trial for murder that he had only been an accomplice.
That the real killer was a man by the name Red John.
Nobody believed him.
That's the beginning of Red John's career? Where's Tanner now? He died of heart disease in a prison hospital.
- Of course.
Our luck.
- It's a connection.
Likely nobody believed him for a reason.
But it's a connection.
Check out Tanner's background.
Find the autopsy reports.
See if there's any credibility to his story.
I mean, obviously we can't do that.
But that's what I would tell you to do if we weren't ordered to stay away from this case.
Okay, then let me speak to the assistant to the assistant deputy-records officer.
Why do people say "eureka" when they do something good? It's, uh, Greek for "bingo.
" Well, so eureka.
I found the autopsy reports and they back up Orval Tanner's story.
The body of the alleged victim? Cut up Red John style.
Renfrew was telling some kind of truth about his Red John connection.
Van Pelt, what's that you're working on? - Sir, I asked her to - I'm talking to Van Pelt.
Sir, I'm doing research for Jane.
No excuses, sir.
You too, I suppose.
- Hey, boss.
- I gave this unit a direct written order and they have flagrantly disobeyed that order.
Did they do that with your knowledge? I ordered them to do it.
I told them you countermanded your earlier order.
They had no knowledge whatsoever that they were doing anything irregular.
Nice try, Mother Teresa.
They already gave themselves up.
We never said a wo I stand by my story.
They didn't know they were out of line.
Sir, the opposite is true.
We forced Agent Lisbon to let us do this.
Very touching.
My ex-wife would love this scene in a movie.
I'm giving you all formal notice.
Any further infractions will result in immediate suspension.
Sir you might as well suspend me now.
Because there will be further infractions.
Jane needs our help, and he's gonna get it.
I'm not gonna lay off because some fat cat's putting on the pressure.
Me too.
And me.
Moving, eloquent, two thumbs up.
You shall have your wish.
You're all suspended.
Starting right now, for gross insubordination.
I'm sorry.
Oh, hi, Lisbon.
Still here? Uh, that was more of a rhetorical stand we were taking back there.
- You take it back? - No, but I wanted to talk to you.
This, the, um - The suspension paperwork right here.
- Look I have to go and visit my sister in Hawaii for a week.
She's sick.
Meanwhile, this paperwork is gonna sit on my desk.
For a week.
Is that clear? - One week.
- Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Be very grateful.
Do not contact me.
I do not want to know anything.
And please, do not dig the hole that you are standing in any deeper than you have already dug it.
- No, sir.
That hole is the grave of your very promising career.
You should put a flashlight underneath your chin just to complete the effect.
- I'm not kidding.
- I know.
Hey, Lisbon.
Oh, yeah, I'm fine.
Uh, just out investigating stuff.
Uh Sure.
Yeah, uh Pepperoni or plain? Okay.
Uh, hey, Lisbon? Um Thank you.
Renfrew couldn't dispute the physical evidence.
The core of his defense was that he loved Undine deeply and he would never hurt her.
Undine's mother testified that was a lie.
I went to go speak with her, but she'd moved.
Left no forwarding address.
- Mariska Kopecki, right? - Yeah.
How does the brother look? He had motive.
There's a moral-turpitude clause in the family trust.
Once convicted, all Jared's shares in the family business went to Gardner.
He would have also got the shares if Jared had died.
So why not just kill Jared? Why kill Undine? Exactly.
- Why kill Undine? - Wanted to see Jared suffer maybe.
Or had a thing for Undine himself.
I input Mariska Kopecki into the secure search engine.
I get an IM link to a healthcare database that documents Mariska Kopecki's notification that she's changing her name to Vanna Clooney.
I input the new name and get a hit.
Four months ago someone named V.
Clooney bought a condo in Marin.
- Nice work.
- Yeah, weird thing though.
The original IM came from a civilian.
Joe in New Hampshire.
He couldn't have been logged onto the DOJ secure network.
So how did he know what I was asking about? How'd he have access to the database? Nobody's allowed to do that.
When you say Dr.
Joe in New Hampshire, do you mean D- R-J-O-E-N-H? Yeah.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
Ask, "Who are you?" Yes.
"Keep up the good work.
" - He's gone.
- What the hell was that about? He's somehow tapped into the DOJ secure network.
He's been spying on us.
Can we find the source of the IM? There's a self-destruct code built in to the uplink.
It dead-ends at the secondary server.
There's no way to trace it back.
He wants us to succeed.
- He wants Renfrew out of jail.
- Where he can get him.
To silence him.
Which means Renfrew is telling the truth.
- He has the goods on Red John.
- Slow down.
We don't have anything yet.
Yes, we still have to get Renfrew out of jail first.
- Oh, that's all.
- And we will.
And then Red John will go after him.
He has to break cover.
He has to.
And we'll be waiting for him.
Uh Damn.
How are you gonna get us in there without your magic badge? You do the talking.
- No, you try.
- Don't be childish.
I'm not Oh, I thought it was Harry.
- Who are you? - Hi.
Vanna Clooney? - Yes? - I'm Teresa.
And this is Patrick.
Yes? - Can? Can we come in for moment? - What do you want? It's to do with Harry.
What about him? Uh, it's best not to speak out here in public.
I lied just now.
We're here to talk to you about your daughter, Undine.
- Get out.
- Sit down.
- Who are you? - Listen to me.
All your guilt and pain and shame won't ever go away.
- It won't go away until you tell the truth.
- What truth? You don't know me, you don't know what I feel.
I do know you.
When you first came to this country as a young woman you dreamed of such great things.
What a life you'd have.
And what did fate bring you? Twenty-five years of drudgery.
A servant's life.
You hated every day of it.
Who wants to be a servant? Nobody.
You did it for her, for Undine.
So that she would have a better life.
- Yes.
- And then she was gone.
Taken from you.
In a flash, your whole life all those days of drudgery and humiliation, wasted.
What a joke, huh? Yes.
A joke.
Ha, ha.
- What do you want from me? - I want to know who killed her.
What's it matter who killed her? She's gone.
You didn't say Jared.
That would be obvious.
Okay, Jared killed her.
I don't care.
It's true, there's nothing you can do that will bring her back.
So if you get paid to lie about what happened then, uh, where's the harm? What paid? - Nobody paid me anything.
- Don't lie to me.
Tell me the truth.
You took your 20 pieces of silver and bought the life you always wanted.
- Didn't you? - No.
It's what you always wanted.
- It means nothing.
- Jane.
Look at me, Mariska.
Look at me and tell me I'm wrong.
You think you know everything.
You know nothing.
I know Jared and Undine were lovers, weren't they? And you were paid to say that they weren't.
Say it out loud.
They were lovers.
Who paid you to say that they weren't? I don't know.
What you call a A private investigator.
He came to me and he offered me a lot of money.
A lot of money but I said no.
He offered more.
- I took it.
- What was his name? Samsa.
Austin Samsa.
Okay, Cho.
Thank you.
- Austin Samsa's dead.
- What? - Hit by a bus.
- Damn.
We could get a court order for his records.
Remember, you're on suspension.
If we don't get this closed up before Minelli gets back, we're done.
- Plan B, then.
- What's Plan B? Oh, you're not gonna like it.
We need to speak with your husband, ma'am.
- Who's the agent in charge? - I'm Agent Lisbon.
This is Agent Rigsby.
I believe you've met my colleague Patrick Jane.
- Hello.
I expect you're wondering why I gathered you all here.
- Breck, go call the police.
- Uh, Mr.
Renfrew, wait.
Unless you want your family ruined in a deluge of sordid scandal, you might want to listen to me.
- What are you talking about? - Someone, I don't know who paid Mariska Kopecki a lot of money to lie about Jared and Undine.
They were lovers as your brother said.
So what? The fact is they were found in a locked room.
It's not physically possible for someone to have gotten into the room to commit the murder.
- Yes.
There's the rub.
The key was in the door.
Watch closely.
- Rigsby? - Hmm? Would you please go inside and lock the door? Suppose Jared and Undine are inside sleeping.
That's all very clever, but how do you get out again? Could I borrow your lighter please? Thank you.
And that is how Jared was framed.
- Cool, huh? - Doesn't mean Jared's innocent.
And it certainly doesn't mean someone else is guilty.
- It's a party trick.
- A party trick a jury will love.
Put that together with Mariska's testimony and I think we have a pretty good chance at winning a new trial.
Then the truth will come out somehow.
Unless Unless what? Unless we can make some kind of financial deal here that would make it worth our while dropping this.
You want money? You're blackmailing us? Eh, we call it leverage.
- But you're state agents.
- Ex-state agents.
Thanks to your son here, Jane was tossed out, and we're going with him.
We need to look after ourselves now.
We won't be unreasonable.
You people are a disgrace.
- Get out.
- Oh, we're going.
We'll give you until 4 to call us with an offer.
After that, we're gonna make some calls of our own.
I'll tell you who I'm calling, I'm calling the FBI.
Am I wrong or did that go down not quite as you'd hoped? I've had better responses, but I think we made a sale.
- You never can tell.
- We're doomed.
If you say patience one more time Hello? I'll be right there.
Who was it? I confess.
I thought it'd be Gardner who called me.
Gardner? Heh.
He hasn't the gumption.
I will not see our family name dragged through the mud again.
How much do you want to keep quiet? Hmm.
How much did you give Mariska? I don't say I paid her anything.
You needn't be evasive.
Only a guilty person would respond this way to such naked extortion.
I know you're guilty.
I'm just not sure why.
Your suspicions are neither here nor there.
I asked you your price.
Your late husband was a handsome man.
Yes, he was.
What's that got to do with it? Domineering, though.
Had to have things his way.
He died how long after the murder? A week.
Aortic aneurysm.
And Mariska, she left your employ when? At the same time.
After he died, though.
May I? Thank you.
So you got rid of her as soon as you could after he died because Undine was your husband's child.
Wasn't she? Yes.
And you never confronted him? - Or Mariska? - No.
I decided I liked my life as it was.
I didn't want a drama, and I didn't want to be lied to.
They never knew I suspected.
Eighteen years of secret anger.
How did you stand it? Nobody's life is perfect.
And then when you found out about Undine and Jared's affair you must have been enraged.
- It's practically incest.
- It is.
It is incest.
When I found out I told Jared that he was not to continue the affair.
He refused.
Said he was in love with her.
Refused to stop seeing her.
Didn't you tell him why you objected? Certainly not.
I couldn't tell him.
It was too sordid.
Too humiliating.
Instead you killed Undine, paid off her mother, and sent your son to jail for life.
I wouldn't do that.
Undine's blood.
It's proof I did it.
I took it so I could confess and get Jared freed when I chose.
- Just as soon as he learned his lesson.
- What lesson? Everything in moderation.
And listen to your mother.
- Can't argue with that.
- Good? - Yep.
We're ready to go get Renfrew.
- Is the safe house all set up? - Yeah.
I guess I'll see you over there later.
Jane, please be careful.
Remember, this is playing out just like Red John wants it to.
This is playing out just like it has to.
He has no choice but to try and silence Renfrew.
He has to show himself.
We're getting close.
- I can feel it.
- You can feel it? - Like a psychic thing? - No.
I am quietly confident that we will get a bite.
You think you're playing him.
And he thinks he's playing you.
One of you is wrong.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I've kept my side of the bargain.
Now it's your turn.
Tell what you know.
All will be revealed.
But here? Give me a chance to catch a breath of fresh air and then we will talk as long as you like.
And I got a lot to tell and I owe you bigtime.
I owe you my life.
In the meantime, uh I would kill for a cheeseburger and fries.
Drive through.
Put this on.
Can't you say please? I'm a free man now.
Put this on, please.
- Meat is murder! - Stop the killing! What the hell is this? Oh, jeez.
Come on.
Aah! Damn it! He vanished five hours ago and we've heard nothing from him since.
The town was on pretty good lockdown.
So we're guessing he had friends get him out fast.
Planned it in advance probably.
Would you stop that? It's not your fault.
Well, whose fault is it, then? It's mine.
I have to accept that.
Ahh, actually it's my fault.
Okay, everyone.
My fault.
What's done is done.
Focus on now.
We need to get to Renfrew before Red John does.
Where is he now? Who are his friends? What are his options? - Hello.
- Mr.
I just wanted to call and apologize for letting you down.
- Hello, Jared.
- It was dishonorable, I know.
But crossing Red John just seems too dangerous.
You've already crossed him.
You need our protection.
I haven't given you a thing.
- How is he to know that? - Oh, he'll know.
He'll know.
Like I said, I have friends and they'll put in a good word for me.
- Friends? What friends? Who? - Ah.
Wouldn't you like to know? Jared, listen to me.
You can't trust them.
- They're not your friends.
- Vaya con Dios, amigo.
Damned fool.
Red John probably already has his location.
- Did you trace the line? - Yes.
I'm tracking the call now.
He's in Tijuana, Mexico.
In a motel room with a hooker.
- Because? - He wouldn't call if he didn't think he was out of our reach.
I could hear Latin music and sirens and horns and a whole neighborhood in the background.
Which suggests thin walls in a city.
- Hence, a Tijuana motel room.
- And the hooker? He needs to use somebody's phone.
He has been in prison a year.
Hence the hooker.
The phone belongs to Juana Porfiria Braga.
Calle Rojas 65, Tijuana, Mexico.
Five arrests on prostitution charges.
Let me get a location on the call.
I'll go reach out to the Federal police in Tijuana.
- You boys come with me.
- Yes, sir.
- Go ahead.
Say it.
- Say what? You told me.
You warned me.
You get the privilege of saying I told you so.
It's all right.
Not now.
This isn't over yet.
We're going to find Renfrew and he's gonna tell us what he knows.
Got it.
Motel Corona Del Norte.
Right, you can say it now.
I don't really feel like saying it.
Let me take a rain check on that.
What do you think it means? It means Red John is far more powerful than I ever thought.
He's been way ahead of me this whole time.
I mean the writing on the wall.
Ahh I have no idea.
It's a good clue though, isn't it? Jared was trying tell us something important.
Next time we'll get him.
Next time.
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