The Mentalist s01e12 Episode Script

Red Rum

- Oh, yeah.
- Follow me.
- Bump.
- Ow! Yeah.
I can't believe that we can't find him.
He's never done this before.
Anything else you guys see, let us know, okay? Thank you.
Kid's name is Cody Elkins.
Sixteen years old.
Reported missing two days ago.
Serious enough to call us when the local police found his shoe two streets away in the gutter.
We figure it's an abduction potential homicide, which makes it a CBI case.
The parents are Michael and Janice, both clean.
Another son named Brad, 14.
They run the flower shop here.
- Cho's with them now.
- Let's go.
- I think I'll just wait out here.
- That's fine.
What? - Dude.
- Cute bike.
What are you doing? You boys got to be anxious to go see something to ride this.
Huh? You didn't ride a pink bike through town to come to the store.
- What did you come to see? - Nothing.
- Really? - Let's go, Clyde.
- Where's Cody Elkins? - I don't know.
I know you guys know where he is.
You don't have to tell me out loud.
Just look in the direction.
- That way? - Why did you do that? Thank you.
Here's your bike.
Be safe.
Cho's gonna bring the Elkins home.
I have a pretty good idea where Cody Elkins is.
Sharing is good.
Why do you think he's here? Because those kids gave it away.
They smelled like eucalyptus.
There's eucalyptus all over.
- Crows.
- So? Crows are carrion birds.
They like dead things.
Oh, jeez.
Poor kid.
What does it mean? It's black magic.
A sacrifice.
There's no such thing as black magic.
Somebody disagrees.
Looking for a weapon, but anything you find anything at all, tag it and bag it.
One second.
When did you last see Cody? Friday night after the game.
Cody plays wide receiver for his high school team.
Got blown out pretty good that night, but it's a pretty good team this year.
Nationally ranked.
When exactly did you see him last on Friday? When he went to bed.
We were all three of us out early the next morning when we came back that afternoon, Cody was gone.
He was supposed to meet his coach next morning for some extra practice but he never showed up.
- Brad.
- That Friday night what was his state of mind? He was fine.
Well, he was a little upset with himself about the game.
He made some mental errors.
You know? Coach Dee got on him pretty good.
Cody kind of pushed back a little bit, I guess.
They had a fight? You could say.
It was nothing serious, locker room stuff.
A little shouting.
Cody just wanted to do better.
How did he die? There were indications around the body of some kind of black magic ritual.
Did he have any friends who were involved in that? Oh, my God.
It was her.
- Of course.
- Who's this? Tamzin Dove.
She's into all that black magic crap.
She claims to be a witch.
Says she has powers.
And did she have some sort of resentment toward Cody? Uh-huh.
About a week ago, she claimed that Cody stole her cat.
- Did he? - No.
Of course not.
But she put a spell on him in revenge.
A spell? What kind of spell? I don't know.
But she actually called and said that she'd done it.
That must have been worrisome.
At the time, Cody thought it was kind of funny.
I mean, she's a geek, you know? I think that's why we didn't think about her right away.
Where can we find Tamzin Dove? Things are getting weird already.
We're off to see a witch.
Be careful.
Yeah, yeah.
You find anything useful there? Nothing.
No murder weapon, and not a lot of blood.
Looks to be killed elsewhere.
ME estimates that he died early Saturday morning cause being several blows with a heavy blunt object like a crowbar or a pipe maybe.
Okay, I want you two to go and talk to Cody's football coach.
He and the kid had a fight on Friday.
They were supposed to meet Saturday.
Got it.
We got the football beat.
All right.
Look, a goat.
Goats are signs of Satan.
So petting zoos are like gateways to hell? Pretty much.
Another bad sign.
- Boo! - Whoa! You shouldn't joke around about this kind of stuff.
Doesn't look like anybody's home.
Not much security for a servant of the devil.
I could pick that lock with this in about five seconds.
We'll wait.
Don't look now, but we should grab one of those kids and talk to them.
Oh, no.
- Damn.
- They the kids from the Elkins' shop? Yes.
Let's see some hustle out there now! It's a tragedy.
His whole life ahead of him.
Great kid too.
Go, go, go.
Vincent, you manatee! Move your lard butt downfield! Great kid.
Good values, good habits.
You were supposed to meet with him Saturday? Right here.
Nine a.
For some fumble prevention reps.
He never showed.
You and he had serious words Friday night, right? Yeah.
Cody had a shameful game.
Zero TDs, two fumbles and five blown routes.
And a personal foul that cost us 15 yards.
Let himself down, let his team down.
Been his m.
That's why we were meeting Saturday morning.
Get him back on track.
Shameful? That's kind of harsh, isn't it? I run a reality-based program here.
You want to hear malarkey, try the English department.
Tillis! I can see you, Tillis! I can see you! What did Cody have to say in reply? What I discussed with Cody is nobody's business.
People have no idea how it is between a coach and his team.
- Oh, we have an idea.
- I doubt it.
We looked into your history, Mr.
Five years ago, you lost a high school coaching job for inappropriate physical contact.
Wait a minute.
You make that sound like I'm a sex molester or something.
I smacked a couple kids that needed their attitudes adjusted their parents made an issue of it.
- That's okay then? - That's football.
- Actually, that's assault on a minor.
- There were no charges filed.
- You had to resign.
- No, I chose to resign.
With the promise to take anger-management class.
Forty-six hours worth.
I did my time.
Bored the rage right out of me.
Keep asking questions, I'm not trying to hide something.
We need to search the gym and locker rooms.
Do whatever you got to do.
Frank, you need to pull around him and you need to get upfield! No, your strong-side tackle should do that.
He's got the better first step.
And your tight end's jumping his route.
Quick hands.
Think fast.
- Hit me, I'm open.
- Uh, no.
What kind of coach's kid are you? Your daddy would be ashamed.
Go long.
Ho! Nice.
- Hey.
Check this out.
- Interesting.
Let's get this to Forensics.
Okay, boss.
Minelli says we can go in.
The warrant's on its way.
Let's do this.
I bet you can't do it in fi Never mind.
- What's wrong? - I'll wait out here.
Why? All right, I'll go in.
You first.
- Hello.
- Uh.
You must be the CBI.
- Please sit down.
- Thank you.
Why didn't you just let us in? If I had, I wouldn't have the upper hand, now would I? - So you were expecting us? - Of course.
I heard what was done to Cody Elkins.
They used a pentacle and a flame.
Made it look like witchcraft.
Naturally you'd come to me.
I'm the only witch in town.
Those details about the No, thank you.
- Pentacles and the candles weren't made public.
- How did you know about them? - Yes, please.
So your friends were involved in Cody's death? - No.
- Are these friends small with long hair? The leader's name is Clyde.
He has a sister with a pink bike.
- Yes.
That's them.
- You're friends with a lot of kids, then? Yes.
Kids they like mystery and darkness, and I like kids.
What do their parents have to say about that? The kids that come here come because their parents don't give a hoot but they had nothing to do with Cody.
- Nor the pentacle and the candles.
- What were they doing in the woods? - Picking herbs for me.
- Herbs? Fenugreek, wild roses, nettles.
I make and sell Wicca healing powders on the Internet.
- You should check out my website.
- Why didn't you tell the police your friends found a body? - What for? I knew the earth and the rain and the animals would take care of Cody.
- You can't help him.
- It's true.
We can't.
But what we can do is find and punish the people who murdered him.
There's no need.
Cody deserved to die.
He was a bad person.
He stole and tortured and killed my cat.
- I saw him take it.
- Why would he do that? Fear, I guess.
That's just the way it is with the Cowan.
They live in fear.
The Cowan? Those who are not Wicca.
Those who unbelieve our powers.
What powers are you talking about, exactly? A witch is simply a high priestess of the Wicca.
We worship the horned god and the triple goddess.
We're healers mostly, but we have the magic also, when needed.
- Spells and so forth.
- Did you put a spell on Cody Elkins? I did.
- I put a killing spell on him.
- Ah.
I've done the spell several times before, but this is the first time it's worked.
What does this spelling involve? What do you do exactly? Why am I here? So you can explain to us why Forensics tells us your blood was found all over a T-shirt in Cody's locker.
I told you.
We had an argument.
Oh, so now you're saying you had an actual fistfight? - He drew blood? - Yeah.
It was no big deal.
I chewed him out.
He got mad, he took a couple of swings at me.
- Laid out by a kid, huh? - It was a lucky punch.
Your own student beats you up and you don't tell anyone? It was no big deal.
Maybe you figure you're gonna get even with him, so best keep it quiet? No.
I was too embarrassed.
People don't know the kid is a freaking nutbag.
Makes me look bad either way, so I just pretended it didn't happen.
He hit you first? His own coach? - I told you.
A nutbag.
- That's not what we've heard.
Ask Daniel Brown.
He's a good friend of Cody's.
Last month, Cody got mad over a card game.
Beat Daniel unconscious.
Had to be dragged off.
Don't know why Daniel didn't press charges.
- Daniel Brown? - Yeah.
Killing spells are secret but this is a public binding spell that I can show you, and it's similar.
- What is your name? - What's it to you? - Kimball Cho.
- Hey.
God and goddess hear me.
By light of the one flame let this mortal soul, Kimball Cho, be bound by my power.
So that he knows I speak truth let him behold the king of beasts and kneel before him.
Come on.
That's it? That's your spell? You're not gonna make him drink a potion or anything? Doesn't look like much, does it? - But it's very powerful magic.
- Yeah, okay.
Unfortunately, seems that one of your friends helped your magic along with a blunt instrument in which case you're as un-magically guilty as they are.
If a friend of mine had done this they wouldn't have pointed the police to me with the pentacle and flame.
No, Cody's murder was staged to look like Wicca.
Any fool in this town would think of it.
It's obvious misdirection.
There's a witch in town.
A witch that put a killing spell on the boy.
- Exactly.
It's perfect.
- Thank you for your time.
Thank you.
Kimball Cho.
Let's go.
- Didn't wanna bring her in? - You don't think she did this.
No, but she's deep in it somehow, hiding something or someone.
I agree.
I'd bring her in, but on what charges? She's a whack job.
She enjoys the attention.
Quicker and more effective to just ignore her and let her come to us.
That's very astute psychology, Lisbon.
I'm impressed.
Hey, why'd you give her my name? Said I was gonna kneel before the lord of beasts.
What does that even mean? What? Oh, come on.
You're not telling me you believe she's an actual witch? No, of course not, but if dark forces did exist stands to reason there'd be people who control them.
They're called investment bankers.
They don't live around here, I assure you.
No such thing as witches.
Yeah, it's easy for you to say.
Weird witch lady didn't burn you in effigy and bind you to her power.
"Kimball," she says, "you shall kneel before the lord of beasts.
" - That's scary.
- Yeah.
If you're a girl at her first sleep-away camp.
- You had to be there.
- Don't sweat it, man.
Girl in college said she was a witch.
It's not a satanic cult.
They're just nerds in cloaks.
Hey, there he is.
Daniel Brown? We've got some questions about Cody Elkins.
Let me go.
Let me go.
- Hands behind your back.
Do it.
- The lord of beasts.
- Let me see your hands.
Come on.
- Let me go.
Spell was real.
Let's go.
- Tell us about your fight with Cody Elkins.
- What fight? There was no fight.
Oh? He beat you unconscious is what we heard.
Put you in the hospital.
- We have witnesses.
- Who? - No.
Wasn't that bad.
- Put you in the hospital.
Yeah, for a couple of hours.
It's observation.
- So why didn't you press charges? - A misunderstanding between friends.
It's nobody's fault.
Oh, I wanna get in there.
- Go in there.
- Just I'll just Or perhaps you figured you'd take revenge more directly.
How'd the fight start, Daniel? We were over at Roy T.
's place playing cards, drinking.
His mom's in rehab, so he's got the run of the place.
I did some trash talking, Cody got mad.
- We fought.
He won.
That's all.
- I'm going in.
- Rigsby, do you mind if l? - No, do your thing, man.
Hi, I'm Patrick.
You must be - Daniel.
- Yeah, Daniel? - Yeah.
- Can I keep your hand? Thanks.
Nothing strange.
I want you to breathe and look right here.
What did you say that angered Cody? It's a card game.
Lot of trash talking.
So I was tripping on his family, like, "Your mom's a ho your dad's a punk bitch" Keep it up in here.
Just relax and keep it right up in here.
- All right.
I'm looking at you, man.
- Good.
Anyway, Cody goes off.
Smashes a beer bottle over my head.
No warning.
I mean, I'm out cold but the guys tell me he tried to seriously stomp me out and if they hadn't grabbed him, I could be dead.
How much did the Elkins pay you for your silence? - Nothing.
- Wanna try that again? Thousand dollars.
You have to admit it's uncanny.
The lord of beasts? - Coincidence.
- Please.
What are the chances? - A million to one.
- There you go.
Life is a million to one.
The universe is one big coincidence.
Cosmically improbable coincidences happen all the time.
- We just don't notice them.
- Or she's a witch.
Or she's a witch.
Is she in custody? The witch? - No, sir.
- Why not? She did put a spell on your son, like you said.
You were right, but that doesn't constitute a criminal offense.
It's protected free speech.
So why are you here? Cody had violence issues we need to speak about.
He was a good boy.
Not saying otherwise, but if he had problems with his temper that might help explain the context leading to his death.
Context in a pig's ear.
You're trying to blame Cody for his own death.
I have a question.
It always bothered me.
Why do they call it football? People don't really use their feet much, do they? Are you trying to be rude, or disrespectful, or what? - Could I use your bathroom, please? - Down the hall to your left.
- What's his problem? - Sorry about that.
- You know a boy named Daniel Brown? - No.
I see where this is going.
Daniel and Cody had a fight.
There you are.
- Go away.
- I can't.
I wish I could.
It's my job to hound people until I get the truth.
Yeah, well, good luck with it.
Nice place.
Must be tough being Cody Elkins' little brother.
Well, all right, sometimes.
Me, I'd hate it.
He gets all the attention, the glory, the girls flocking around, for what? For running and jumping and catching a thing? - Yeah, monkeys could do that.
- Yeah.
- Monkeys could do it better.
- You know what? If monkeys played football, they would kick some serious jock butt.
All right, I admit it.
I gave Daniel Brown money to keep him quiet.
Cody has a Had a real shot at a college career.
Would've been the first Elkins to have that chance and we were so proud.
But you gotta understand, a coach hears about these kind of run-ins and it would've ruined his chances at the top schools.
- Had these run-ins ever happened before? - No.
Our son had no problem with violence.
It was an isolated incident.
Where's your friend? I don't know.
How come Cody killed Tamzin Dove's cat? I don't know that he did that.
She saw him take it.
Look, she saw what she saw, all right? All right? I don't know.
If he did do it you know, killed a cat do you think he deserved to die? - Do you? - I'm asking you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You don't speak to my son without my permission.
A little weird and controlling, but okay.
Do you mind if I speak to your son, Mr.
Elkins? Yes, I do mind.
I asked.
See you around, Brad.
Oh, my God.
Where's my food? What is this? - That is healthy and nutritious snacking.
- I'm gonna die.
- Ha, ha.
- Seriously.
I'm allergic to carrots.
Well, I'm tired of the car reeking like fast food.
It's like working with a caterpillar.
I can't even be in the same room as a carrot.
I go into anaphylactic Funny.
That's enough.
Rigsby, come on.
It's Brad.
Look, look, look.
There he is.
He's leaving.
Why won't this damned thing log in? - Lisbon.
- Hey, it's me.
- Good, Van Pelt.
How do I get onto the? - Wait.
We just followed the kid.
He's at the witch's house.
- Is she with him? - He just went inside.
They hugged.
Brad Elkins is at Tamzin Dove's.
He hugged her and then went inside.
They should wait 10 minutes, then go in.
- Why wait? - Let the plot develop.
Let the fruit ripen.
- Let the yeast rise, et cetera.
- What if he means to do her harm? Well, if he's gonna do that, he'd have done it by now.
- Wait 10 minutes, then go in.
- Okay, boss.
- Well? - We wait 10 minutes then we go in.
Personally, I don't care if we wait all night.
Witchcraft creeps me out.
- It doesn't bother me.
Nerds in cloaks.
- There's more to it than that.
It's just a silly alternative lifestyle, like Star Trek or yoga.
I do yoga.
By blood has he been sullied By blood let him be cleansed By blood has he been sullied By blood let him be cleansed By blood has he been sullied By blood let him be cleansed By blood has he been sullied By blood let him be cleansed By blood has he been sullied By blood let him be cleansed By blood has he been sullied By blood let him be cleansed By blood has he been sullied By blood let him be cleansed By blood has he been sullied By blood let him be cleansed By blood has he been sullied - You hear that? - What is it? By blood let him be cleansed Not yoga.
- Everybody stay where you are.
- Police.
Stay where you are.
Drop the knife.
- What the hell? - Drop the knife.
- Brad, we're CBI.
You all right? - Come on.
Let's go, Brad.
What? No.
What's wrong with you people? Why can't you just leave me alone? Stay calm, Brad.
Be patient with the ways of the Cowan.
Everybody just stay where you are.
Tamzin Dove.
I like it.
These files say your real name is Sarah Jones, from New Jersey.
Your mother committed suicide when you were 16.
You don't know who your father is.
You're a college dropout.
You have a history of mild psychiatric problems.
And you served six months for shoplifting a few years back.
Sarah Jones is dead.
I'm Tamzin Dove, I'm a priestess of Wicca.
You can't hurt me.
Oh, I don't wanna hurt you.
I imagine there's been enough of that.
I wanna help you.
This is a murder investigation.
So one way or another, you're looking at trouble.
The Goddess will protect me.
Tamzin, the Goddess may give you solace, hope and meaning in your life but she can't protect you from those police out there.
Brad's been an apprentice of my coven since last autumn equinox.
There's no crime in that.
Kind of young to be a witch, isn't it? We're all born witch.
We're all born into magic.
It's taken from us as we grow up.
Interesting, if true.
How did Brad's parents feel about this new direction in his life? Brad's parents just really hate witches for some reason.
I mean, like, more than most.
About a month ago, his mom threatened to kill me if I ever spoke to him again.
- But you did.
- Brad came to me of his own free will.
He was drawn to Wicca.
I couldn't turn him away.
How does he feel about the spell you put on his brother? He's at peace with it.
That's why we were conducting the cleansing ritual.
Brad knows the difference between the world of magic and the real world.
He understands I didn't kill his brother.
Because, in the real world, Brad did it.
What have you got? Brad's been hospitalized twice in the last year.
Both times, the accident report lists the cause "roughhousing with brother.
" Think maybe Brad had enough? Everybody has a limit.
I have to go.
Me? No.
Why would I kill my own brother? So he would stop hurting you.
Yeah, but he never hurt me, ever.
He put you in the hospital twice.
They were accidents.
So? He did hurt you.
It was just It was accidentally.
I mean, no.
He hated that you were friends with Tamzin, didn't he? Yes.
But you never gave her up.
Why? I feel safe there.
Sorry, can I have a minute? We'll be right back.
Parents here.
Want me to hold them off? Yeah.
Wait, no.
Let Brad go with them until we get some hard evidence to bear down on.
Yes, but let me talk to them first.
Please, have a seat.
Don't see why you had to drag him all the way down here.
We're sorry for any inconvenience.
Strange that neither of you told us about the connection with Tamzin Dove.
We were confused, to be honest with you.
We don't understand Brad's obsession with witchcraft.
We wanna understand and we're trying, but it's It's disturbing and a little embarrassing, to tell you the truth.
But we're in this together, right? We're gonna get help.
Nowadays there's therapy for these kinds of problems, right? We'll get through this.
Have you charged that Dove woman? - No.
- No? I mean, isn't it obvious that she did it? Her or one of her weirdo friends.
I mean She's helping us with our inquiries.
She swears she's innocent so we're having her put a spell of revelation on the murder weapon.
A spell of revelation? Witches have the power of telekinesis.
She says that she has a spell which will raise the weapon from wherever it's being concealed and reveal itself to us.
And you believe this evil crap? You never can tell.
Gonna give it a whirl.
That's insane.
Her last spell seemed to work pretty well.
How could you be so cold? Practice.
I apologize.
Brad is free to go.
- Let's go.
- Come on, son.
See you, Brad.
What? Well, look after yourself.
And if I were you, I'd stay very clear of Brad Elkins for a while.
I'll do as the Goddess tells me.
Listen, next time you speak to her, could you put a good word in for me? - I will.
- Thanks.
I thought you were gonna have her cast a spell.
Find the murder weapon.
- Spell's already cast.
- When did she cast it? She didn't.
I did.
You can cast spells? Cho, there's no such thing as spells.
I know that.
He really is quite freaked out about this witchcraft malarkey, isn't he? Yeah.
We're gonna need to work a double shift on the stakeout tonight.
Are you at least gonna tell me what's going on? You're telling me you don't know what's going on? You don't know who did this and why? No.
But you're gonna tell me.
How about I show you? Here we go.
Better call Cho.
You're not going anywhere.
Put it down.
This is God speaking.
You've made me angry, Michael.
Very angry.
- And you're under arr - That's enough.
Amazing, isn't it? The murder weapon revealed.
Tamzin's spells seem to work.
- I guess she really is a witch.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
Forensics will confirm your son's blood and tissue on one side of the wrench.
And your fingerprints on the other.
I have no knowledge of that.
Then why were you trying to hide it? Talk to us, Michael.
Maybe there were circumstances.
- Maybe you had to defend yourself.
- I don't have to tell you anything.
What about your sons' trips to the emergency room? Their broken bones? Just clumsy, I guess.
Maybe a little dense at times.
Good that they had you to keep them in line, huh? Some people just don't understand how lucky they are.
That's right.
I realized it was you when Brad said he liked going to Tamzin's house because he felt safe there.
Who feels safer at a witch's house than they do at home? You've been abusing and beating your wife and sons for years, haven't you? No.
My guess, you were smacking Brad around a little too much.
Cody wanted to protect his brother.
Was that it? - No.
- "No," he says.
Your wife and son are down the hallway and they say no too.
They know we caught him throwing away the murder weapon and they still don't believe he killed Cody.
Imagine how much they love this man, to be in such denial.
Cody confronted you, didn't he? He wouldn't put up with your crap anymore.
- Son of a bitch.
- You little Come on.
But you wouldn't hear of it.
He hit me.
I was defending myself.
Goodbye, Michael.
- What are you doing? - Just a little favor for Cho.
Tamzin Dove told me to give you this.
She said to keep it in a safe place.

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