The Mentalist s01e14 Episode Script

Crimson Casanova

We've got Claire Wolcott, female, Caucasian, 32 years old.
She was found shot to death in her room.
Her husband's got friends at the governor's office.
He called in some favors.
He wants the investigation to be kept discreet and low-key.
His wife gets murdered, and his priority is discretion? Oh.
Wolcott was cheating on Mr.
Which makes Mr.
Wolcott Suspect Number 1.
Number 2.
Number 1 would be Mrs.
Wolcott's mystery lover.
The room was registered in Claire Wolcott's name, so no help there.
At 2:24 a.
, hotel staff and guests heard three gunshots.
But they didn't know where they were coming from.
Fifteen, 20 minutes later, they come here and call 911.
- Boom.
Found a shell.
Looks like a 9 mm.
- And another.
Mark them for Forensics.
- So the lover didn't do it.
- Because? The, uh, shell-casing things indicate the shooter was across the room, here.
He or she stepped in from outside and started blasting away.
If the lover had done it, he'd have been closer to the victim and he wouldn't have had to shoot as many times.
And, look.
Which means a vertical drip from someone standing right here, bleeding, right? Not spatter from the victim.
You're a forensics expert now? So Claire and mystery lover are asleep.
Someone comes in through the open door, shoots them, leaves.
Poor lover is woken by a bullet, Claire dead next to him.
"Aah!" Freaks out.
But nobody comes right away.
Mystery lover, who is only slightly wounded gets to thinking maybe the best thing to do is just slip away out here.
- You two finish up here.
- Yes, boss.
There you go.
Big one.
- Anything else? - No.
"Doc lady.
" The silver Caddy arrived last night at 2:31.
That's seven and a half minutes after the shooting took place.
Name and room number? Open it.
- Hey.
Wake up.
- Oh, my God.
Who are you? It's all right, ma'am.
We're CBI.
We need to talk to you, sir.
- What's this about? - Take a wild guess.
- Put your hands in the air.
- Okay.
I'm not under arrest, am I? Because I've done nothing wrong.
Pants on.
We'll talk after.
This is Kevin Haightly, resort manager.
Um, I know we can't expect to get the room back but when might the walkway be open for use? That depends when Forensics is done.
We'll let you know.
It was a cold night, so we lit a fire and made love.
We went to sleep afterwards.
Suddenly, there was a sharp pain and, bang, I wake up, there's blood everywhere and I'm shot in the arm, and Claire's dead.
I freaked.
- You didn't see who did it? - No.
- Why'd you leave? - Claire was dead.
I couldn't help her, and I couldn't help you guys.
I didn't see anything.
So, you know, what could I contribute? She's a married woman.
Yeah, we know that.
Jill Rubenstein, what's your connection with her? Yeah, we know that.
Jill Rubenstein, what's your connection with her? The doctor lady? I met her in the parking lot and asked her for help.
A complete stranger takes you to her room, treats your wound and then has sex with you? What can I say? The Hippocratic oath is a beautiful thing.
- How well did you know Claire Wolcott? - I don't really know her that well.
Met her a few weeks ago.
She was at a bar, and I picked her up.
Since then, I've seen her occasionally for sex.
- Is that what happened last night? - Yeah.
I called and asked her to meet me for a drink.
We came here.
- Did anybody know you were here? - Nobody.
Just me and Claire.
And how long had you been in the room? Few hours.
I'd agreed to, uh, you know, stay the night.
I was fond of Claire, and it's a long drive home, so I stayed.
- I don't normally do that.
- No? What's your normal procedure? After lovemaking? Depends on the type of woman.
- So you've got it down to a science? - I'm good at what I do.
Okay, Mr.
And what is it that you do? I'm a pickup artist.
- A woman whisperer, if you will.
- A pickup artist? That's your profession? You sound like my mom.
Um, it's a total lifestyle kind of thing, you know? I practice my art, of course.
That's my passion.
But I teach.
And I blog, also.
Um, conduct seminars, workshops, that sort of thing.
- That good money? - Not bad.
Do you take money from the women you pick up? - Sometimes, when I need to.
- Did you take money from Claire? No.
Like I say, I was fond of Claire.
Um I planned to see her again.
You really only wanna monetize as an exit strategy.
Paul, is your mother still alive? I know where you're going with this, Dr.
Freud, and you're wrong.
My mom's dead, as it goes, but I loved her dearly, and she loved me.
Who said anything about your mother? - You just did.
- No, I didn't.
- Yes, you did.
- Didn't.
- What are you talking about? - Ha-ha-ha.
I'm just kidding.
Just playing.
Just kidding.
Mucking around.
- Yeah.
Are we done here? - Do you know who killed Claire? No.
He's either an habitual liar telling the truth or he's an honest man lying.
- Do you keep a list of your pickups? - Yeah, of course.
I have them here.
Names, numbers, and a one-to-10 grading system.
Something to show your grandkids.
We need you to forward a copy of that list to us.
Oh, yeah, sure.
What? You think maybe this was a jealous ex-Iover? Could be.
I say we bring him in anyway, for creepiness.
Which should be a criminal offense, but isn't.
He could've shot her then shot himself to cover it up.
- He didn't have the gun on him.
The local P.
Have searched this place and found nothing.
He's clean.
- Maybe someone was trying to kill him.
- Not likely.
The room was registered in Claire's name.
Nobody knew he was there.
What was she thinking? She was so beautiful, and he's so creepy.
That Dr.
Rubenstein was hot too.
How does he do it? All you need is a basic understanding of the psychology of women rigorously and fearlessly applied.
You gotta know what buttons to press.
- Like we're toasters.
- Like men don't have buttons.
Men are like toasters.
Women, little more like, h, accordions.
I thought that was a compliment.
Wolcott, thank you for coming.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
The effects you requested.
Photos, a video of Claire.
We'll return this to you as soon as possible.
I was speaking with the attorney general.
I told him I will not rest until the man who did this is brought to justice.
I will not rest.
I know I can expect the same from you and your people.
I assure you, this unit does the best we can with every case we run.
Cho? If it's convenient, Agent Cho would like to ask you a few questions.
- When did you speak to your wife last? - I was in San Francisco on business.
I called Claire around midday told her I'll probably be staying in town that night.
- Did you? Stay the night in town? - I did.
Did she say where she was going, who she was meeting? - No.
I didn't ask.
- You didn't know she was at the spa? I wouldn't expect to know.
She often went up there.
Can you think of anyone who held a grudge against her? No.
She was, um, harmless.
Any friends that might be in trouble? She's from back East.
She doesn't have any family or friends out here.
She shopped, and she played tennis, and she went to the spas.
No one would have any motives Yes? She fired an assistant.
Caught her stealing jewelry.
- I believe she was pressing charges.
- Name.
Natalie something.
My people will have her details.
Are you aware that, on the night of her murder, your wife was meeting a lover? Yes.
The local authorities told me they suspected as much.
Did you know she had a lover? Prior to her death.
Do you have a name? - Is he a suspect? - We have a name.
He's not a suspect.
- Who is he? - I'm not at liberty to say.
- I want his name.
- You can't have it.
Are you sure, Agent Cho? Because I can make one phone call, and your career is toast.
The best I can get with one call is a pizza.
This business dinner, what's the timing on that and who else was there? My people can give you times, names and numbers.
We're done here.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Say hi.
Claire Wolcott was so pretty.
What do you see? Nice shoes.
Where we going? - Natalie Edreau? - Yes.
We're with the CBI.
Can we come in? I told the cops I didn't steal anything from that bitch.
- And are you referring to Claire Wolcott? - Yeah.
So? She was murdered last night.
How long did you work for Claire Wolcott? About a year, until she turned psycho.
She claimed that you stole jewelry from her.
Yeah, she was wrong.
I didn't steal anything.
Claire pressed charges against you.
How'd that make you feel? Are you trying to say that I killed her? - Do you own a gun, Natalie? - Oh, my God.
This is really stupid.
No, I don't own a gun.
- And, no, I didn't kill Claire.
- Where were you last night? I was hanging out with my roommate till about 9 or so and then I went out for dinner.
What'd you have? For dinner.
What does that have to do with anything? The chopped salad at Pastucci's.
There's something on this side of the room you don't want us to find.
What is that? - Nothing.
There's nothing.
- Look me in the eye and say that.
- Whatever.
Search all you want.
- Eh.
Too much stuff.
Not very tidy.
Good in bed, I expect.
Yeah? Messy women make good lovers.
- Can I hold your hand? - Ah Shush.
Hmm Camera.
- Okay, those are personal, so - Oop.
Is it? Claire Wolcott and her lover, Paul Fricke.
Time-stamped two hours before the murder.
These are the photos from your camera.
Couple hours after these were taken, Claire was dead.
- That doesn't prove anything.
- You were close by when she died.
- The charge she laid on you dies.
- That was a garbage charge.
- I wasn't worried about that.
- No? You didn't steal jewelry from her? Please.
She dressed like a Mormon call girl.
- I wouldn't wear her jewelry.
- I didn't ask if you wore her jewelry.
- I asked if you stole it.
- No.
Why were you photographing her? Think this through.
We're investigating murder.
If you have an explanation for these that doesn't involve killing her, tell us.
I thought if I threatened to tell her husband about the affair then she would drop the theft charges.
That's what the pictures are for.
How did you know she was having an affair? She kept sending me out to buy men's gifts, like watches and ties.
It wasn't for her husband.
I'm not an idiot.
- What'd Claire say when you confronted her? - I didn't confront her about it.
She left with that fugly guy before I got the chance.
- Probably wouldn't have worked anyway.
- Why? Because Keith Wolcott is, like, super controlling.
Especially about money.
He probably knew all along his wife was sleeping around.
- What's the verdict? - I'm not liking her for this.
We should talk to the roommate, make sure her alibi stands up.
- Mm.
- The husband is the type to know about his wife's affairs.
His business dinner was kosher.
Couldn't have made it back to kill her.
He's the type that'd hire people to do his dirty work.
Hit men aren't cheap and don't take credit cards.
- I'll look into Mr.
Wolcott's finances.
- Boring.
Okay, Mr.
Entertainment, what do you wanna do? I wanna go back to the crime scene, that hotel room.
There is something that just isn't right.
You're up.
Something's not quite right.
Yeah, well, don't take too long.
I'm hungry.
Let's go eat.
Good to see you again.
So is there any news? The owner keeps asking me when we'll be able to reopen the villa.
- No news.
We're here for lunch.
Um Oh.
Um One moment.
Well, look who's here.
Just the man.
I have a question I need to ask him.
Right this way.
It's good, huh? - Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Katie, Table 4 needs fresh drinks, okay? - Yes, sir.
My old friends from the CBI.
Come, have a seat.
- Surprised to see you back here so soon.
- It's my number-one hunting ground.
Beautiful, rich, married and unhappy.
- So you specialize? - Sure, yeah.
Some guys will tell you hot young singles are the real test but I'm not in this to win a points contest.
Plus, I like the gratitude you get from the older ladies.
A woman died, a woman that you were close to.
Doesn't that give you pause? Sure, it does.
Yeah, I have feelings.
But having this gunshot wound genius opener.
- An opener? You know, a prop or a line you use to start a conversation.
You can't go up and say, "Hey, what's your name?" - No? - Duh.
How do you do it, exactly? You know, pick up women.
- Need some help, huh? - No.
Handsome dude like you, I got a few basic techniques that will turn you into a freaking sex machine.
A machine.
Well, I'm not looking to be a machine, so much.
I'm more of a steady-relationship kind of guy.
When you're scoring with a different super-fox every night what do you want a relationship for? Do you ever fall in love with any of these different super-foxes you score with? Nope.
Love is for guys who can't get laid.
- Oh.
- So, uh, what's your basic technique? There are a thousand ways to seduce a woman.
All kinds of workable systems.
But they all boil down to three words: Contempt, control, excitement.
Contempt, control, excitement? Women want men that don't need or want them.
They wanna be told what to do.
They want edge, adventure, drama whatever you wanna call it.
Present that package to them, and they will bite, guaranteed.
And then, when you have her under your spell then you get up and leave.
- Leave? But - No, no, no.
You leave.
Trust me.
Next time she sees you, she'll tear your clothes off, guaranteed.
- What's going on with you two? - Excuse me? You and Katie.
You got something going on? - No.
- No.
Just asking.
I used to let her sleep with me once in a while.
No, you had feelings for her.
Years ago, maybe a little, sure.
You know, before I got my mojo working.
- Thanks for talking to us, Paul.
- Uh-huh.
You had one more question you wanted to ask.
Yes, that's right.
Thank you.
I forgot.
The night you were sleeping with Claire, was the patio door open or closed? - Uh Closed, I think.
- Thank you.
Okay, now I'm really hungry.
- Drive-through.
- Done.
- Think Fricke's right? - Was the door closed? Yes.
It was a cold night.
Why would they leave the door open? I mean, is he right about how to deal with women? Hundred percent wrong.
Unless you wanna have a lot of casual sex with total strangers.
Then he's right.
When did you first meet Paul Fricke? At a wine-tasting event a friend was throwing.
And how long were you and he romantically involved? Um Three, maybe four hours.
So you didn't know Paul Fricke prior to agreeing to spend the night with him? Ha-ha.
And you haven't spoken to him since? What attracted you to him in the first place? Four times? What exactly attracted you to Paul Fricke in the first place? I don't know.
I guess there was just something about him.
And were you hurt when the relationship ended? No.
I was disappointed, more than anything.
We had a wonderful time together.
Thank you for your time.
You'II, um, tell him hello for me, won't you? Yes.
Hey, how's it going? - Any potential suspects? - Nope.
- I'm bringing in the rest tomorrow.
- There's more? This is just A through M.
How's it going with you? No unusual transactions by Mr.
Wolcott, but three days before she was killed Claire Wolcott made a $200,000 withdrawal in the form of a cashier's check, made out to none other than Paul Fricke.
Here's the best part.
Keith Wolcott set up the account so he'd be notified whenever a transaction took place.
Wolcott had to have known about the 200 grand.
- Nice work.
- Thanks.
Brandy? Come on.
"Darn it, woman," says the redneck.
"Ain't you never seen a goat before?" - He's handling his grief well.
- Mm.
Excuse me, Mr.
- Now is not a good time.
- I'm sorry to intrude.
We need to ask some questions regarding your statement.
I'll be happy to speak to you tomorrow in my office.
- This won't take long.
- I told you.
Tomorrow morning.
My office.
Very good.
Wolcott, it's about your wife's lover.
We know about the $200,000 she gave him.
And we know that you know about it.
How dare you? How dare I? Did I do something daring? - Am I supposed to be afraid? - You're supposed to be respectful.
Respectful? You contemptible little buffoon.
Your wife just died and you're in a monkey suit drinking punch and laughing with your idiot friends.
And you want respect? There's your respect.
- What? - You know damn well what.
- You assaulted a man.
- I just tweaked him on the nose.
- Technically that's assault.
- Technically he's an ass.
He deserved it.
Yes, he is, but this is not a schoolyard.
- You simply cannot do stuff like that.
- I did.
I did it, and the seas didn't boil, and the sky didn't fall.
They will shortly.
Wolcott is on his way here with a $ 1,000-an-hour lawyer.
If you give him a formal apology, he says he's willing to drop the whole matter.
Let me think.
- No.
- Would you be reasonable for once? - I'm busy.
- Right.
I am.
I'm just thinking that, uh, he's gonna drop the whole matter, in any case.
- Oh, really? - I guarantee it.
He's a shallow narcissist.
It's all about image.
And this whole business makes him seem small and silly.
Contempt, control, excitement.
- What? - Nothing.
This place is so nice.
This place is so nice.
Eight hundred dollars a night minimum.
Can you believe that? Huh.
Hello? What, you're not talking to me? You barely said a word the whole time.
I'll talk to you when you have something interesting to say.
Fine, be a jerk.
I thought so.
I'd go in, but I have to keep my injury dry.
- Gunshot wound.
- Whoa.
Don't worry, you're not in any danger.
I'm a lover, not a fighter.
Not you guys again.
The old magic not working so good today, huh? It's just like baseball.
Most of the time, even in the Major Leagues you, uh, swing and you miss.
You gotta keep on swinging.
I hit on 10 women a day.
I'm going to have sexual intercourse.
That is gross.
She's intrigued by me, this one.
She's just too proud to admit it.
Yeah, get your shoes on, Romeo.
Focus on the shoes.
You know, I didn't notice before.
You're not bad-Iooking.
Shoulders are a bit too wide, but otherwise, pretty nice.
You're kidding, right? You're trying to hit on me? What man wouldn't want to hit on you? Okay, leave her alone.
Get in the car.
I'm sorry.
My colleague, Agent Jane, refuses to apologize.
He says he's happy to see you court.
And you refuse to talk to us, so I can't rule you out as a suspect.
I'm afraid this is gonna make a mess.
- Keith, I suggest - No, no.
I have nothing to hide.
What do you want to know? What do you know about your wife's affair with Paul Fricke? I knew Claire was having an affair with this Fricke person.
And I knew about the money she was giving him.
Then why did you deny it? It's not the sort of thing one likes to admit, now, is it? And I knew it would make me a suspect, and that would be tedious.
- Did you confront her about Fricke? - No.
I stopped the check immediately, of course.
And that was the end of it? - You weren't angry? - Not at all.
I was happy.
I'd wanted to divorce her for ages.
Why? She'd become irritating.
The cost of divorce always deterred me but her infidelity with Fricke cut the payout she'd receive in half.
Now, if Claire had lived, come Monday, she'd be in for a nasty surprise.
I was all set to serve her with divorce papers.
Even cuckold, she stood to get a big sum.
Rich man like yourself.
Her death saved you money, didn't it? Yes, it did.
But money isn't everything, is it? I'm sorry she's dead.
Truly sorry.
But every cloud, as they say.
Well, I believe we're done here.
Seems so.
You'll be hearing from the attorney general regarding Mr.
Jane's conduct.
Oh, I doubt it.
Really? When you've thought about it, you'll see this business makes you small and silly.
And you'll drop the whole matter.
You misled us, Paul.
You were going to take money from Claire.
But I didn't.
Did I? A business associate of mine is opening up a new club here in town.
He offered me a role as partial owner if I could come up with a share of the building costs.
Claire was generous enough to offer me a loan.
- And? - I went to deposit it just a couple of days ago, and was told the check had been stopped.
What did Claire say? She said it must be a mistake and she'd take care of it.
- Did you believe her? - Doesn't really matter.
You know what the best part about me is? No, I don't.
There are literally dozens of rich, needy women out there that I could go to for financial help.
I didn't need Claire's money.
Uh What's the story with Katie? The waitress.
I'm in the middle of something.
Well, I'm sorry.
I was just I was thinking, and I had a thought.
Bear with me.
- So, Katie, tell me.
- Nothing to tell.
Used to be if I didn't score for whatever reason, I'd, uh, call her off the bench.
Can't sleep alone, huh? Some people use cocoa and a good book I use beautiful women.
She must have been crazy about you to put up with a deal like that.
- I guess so.
- Difficult for her now too.
Watch you pick up a different beautiful woman every night.
That's not how it is with me and Katie.
Oh, sure it is.
She loves you.
That much is clear.
Maybe that's what this is all about.
Your behavior got too much for her.
Katie has absolutely nothing to do with this.
- How can you be so sure? - I know Katie.
She's a good person.
She would never hurt anyone.
Okay, great.
You can go.
- No.
- Sorry.
I'm sorry.
When Agent Cho says you can go, you can go.
Not a moment sooner.
Just give me one second.
You can't dismiss my subjects like that.
I know, and I took it back.
Besides, we need him back out there in the saddle.
You will agree with me 100 percent when I explain to you my theory.
My little plan.
Do you have any good clothes? I'm wearing them.
Do you have anything with a little more, uh, zing? No.
Well, I'm gonna have to take you shopping.
Just you and me.
I'll wait for you.
Right here.
I'm in position.
Look around for a likely target.
Will do.
Bourbon on the rocks.
Make it a double.
- Those two will do, I guess.
- Good.
Now, listen up.
Relax, and I'm gonna talk you right through this.
Keep it smooth.
You have to be calm and confident.
Yeah, you told me that already.
I have the general idea.
Hello, ladies.
I'll be right with you.
Start a tab for me, would you? Room 206.
And that's for you.
My name's Kimball.
What are your names? You first.
- Darby.
- Darby.
- Sara-Beth.
- Hey, Sara-Beth.
Tell me about yourselves.
Um What do you want to know? It's not exactly textbook, but he's figured it out.
- That worked? "Hello, ladies"? - He's kicking it old school.
- There's Fricke.
- Where? Let me see.
Check it out.
With the two blonds.
Oh, thank you.
I don't believe this guy.
I give up.
I do not understand women.
Never have, never will.
Seems like the dumber you treat them, the better they like it.
They're drunk women.
You can't generalize all women in general.
- This is your fault.
- No, it's not.
I'm just sitting here.
Katie? You've worked a double.
Clock out and have a drink.
- Thanks, Mr.
That'll be good.
- Sure.
Here we go.
This is where we bring it.
- Time for phase two.
- Roger that.
Phase two coming up.
What's phase two? - Let's go, Sara-Beth.
- What did he say? - What did he say? I didn't hear.
- He said, uh You don't wanna know.
Oh, well.
- Struck out, huh? - I blew it.
As usual.
I'm just unlucky in love.
Always have been.
I know how that goes.
Same story, huh? Same story.
That guy? Him.
I've been watching him operate this evening and he seems like kind of a creep.
A player, no doubt, but a creep.
This isn't who he is.
When we were together, he was a sweet, caring, generous man.
It was me that screwed it up.
We had this terrible fight.
I said some mean things.
Mean things.
All this is an attempt to prove me wrong, I guess.
If I had a woman like you in love with me, you could say whatever you like.
I wouldn't be out running around.
That's nice of you to say.
Thank you.
You know what we need to do? You need to make him jealous.
Let him see you enjoying yourself with another man.
Are you hitting on me? - Yes, I am.
- Ha-ha.
It's a good plan, isn't it? The kid's a natural.
Look at him.
Look at him go.
The Cho.
No business like Cho business.
Here's the plan.
Let's walk past him, laughing and smiling like we're on our way somewhere cool.
Get him thinking.
- And then what? - We'll think of something.
All right.
- Let's do it.
- After you.
Okay, we're in the room.
Hey, Cho, that's some nice work.
Very nice work.
So just sit tight.
- I don't think it's gonna take long.
- You hope.
Who are you talking to? My colleagues.
- Who are they? - I'm a state agent, ma'am.
We're conducting an operation regarding the Wolcott murder case.
- I don't understand.
- I apologize for the deception.
You mean, you're not? You don't? No, ma'am.
- I'm so embarrassed.
- That's understandable.
Nothing is happening.
You have to have patience, woman.
- She just doesn't have any patience.
- Not touching that one.
Where? Ah.
Come on.
- Drop the weapon.
- Drop it, Haightly.
See your hands behind your back.
Let's go.
You set me up.
- Yes, we did.
- How did you know it was me? Ha.
It was a cold night.
Fricke told us that the patio door in his room was closed when he went to sleep.
And I checked.
You can't open them from outside.
Which means that the killer must have entered via the main door.
Which requires a key.
Who has the keys? Staff.
Who on the staff would wanna hurt Claire Wolcott? I don't know.
Who would want to hurt Paul Fricke? Maybe you.
But what reason would you have for hating Paul Fricke? Let me guess.
Something to do with a woman.
You hated him because he used and abused her the woman you loved.
I'm not sorry.
He's dirt.
The way he carried on with those other women.
Rubbing Katie's nose in it.
I never would hurt her like he did.
- I wish I had killed him.
- But you killed Claire Wolcott instead.
I never meant to do that.
I wanted to kill Fricke, not Claire.
She shouldn't have been doing what she was doing, should she? I mean, it's not like anybody cares.
Her husband was going I care.
I care about Claire Wolcott.
- She was a living person.
- Enough.
- No.
You took her life.
- Stop.
I just I think he should be sorry.
You're right.
Well, do you wanna say it? I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Where's Cho? I don't know.
I called him a couple times.
No answer.
The problem is, I really love Paul.
I know how he seems and I know how he's been but at the end of the day when I think of who I really wanna be with it's him.
That's crazy, huh? But love is crazy, I guess.
No, it isn't.
You should seek psychiatric help.
Oh - Here you are, ladies.
- Thank you.
- Thanks for waiting.
- Thank you.
You mind? Not at all.
- Rough night? - Ah.
Not bad.
A couple of good phone numbers.
Two very tasty numbers.
I wish you'd stop being so damn stupid.
You have a good woman over there that knows you and still loves you.
Excuse me.
- Oh.
- You looked kind of Ionely.
My friend and I were wondering if you'd like to join us.
Uh I'm sorry.
I'm married.

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