The Mentalist s01e15 Episode Script

Scarlett Fever

Wow, Scarlett just throws the best parties.
- I'm gonna go find Asra.
- I'll see who I can find.
There's Victor.
Ah! Scarlett! Call an ambulance! Mom! No, Oscar, stay up there.
Look at it, George.
Beautiful, isn't it? Now relax.
Don't you feel happy and relaxed? Yes.
Say it.
Tell me how you feel.
Happy and relaxed.
That's good.
That's very good.
So tell me, George what's your date of birth? I was born on the first of March, 1980.
And what's your mother's name? Melody.
That's a very nice name.
She was a good woman.
She liked you to tell the truth, didn't she, George? - Yes.
- So tell me how did you murder Donovan Hobart? Sorry to interrupt, we caught a red ball.
Are you going to be much longer with this one? Damn it, Jane, he's in a trance isn't he? I'd describe it more as a deep relaxation.
You hypnotized him.
Doing a favor for the Organized Crime unit.
Those cowboys? Time to go, guys.
I was just about to get the truth.
He killed two people.
If you walk very quietly to the door How many times have I told you, no hypnotism.
It's illegal and it's unethical and you cannot keep on doing it.
Calm yourself, woman.
It's no big thing.
Oh, really? This man's lawyer is coming down the hallway wearing a mean face, something tells me he will argue that with you.
Let's go.
Let me get him out of his trance.
- Be quick about it.
- Yes, ma'am.
I'd like to speak to my client alone.
- Of course.
- Now.
George, nice to talk to you.
Good luck with all your future endeavors.
That's mine.
So, George George? Are you all right? - It's not funny.
- It is a little.
- What have you got? - Unincorporated country club development outside of town.
Scarlett Marquesa, 33, female.
Hostess of the party, married, one kid.
Right about 10:20, the party was in full swing Scarlett runs over the balcony clutching her throat and screaming.
- She falls down to her death.
- Where's the husband and the kid? With neighbors.
Badly shook up.
We'll wait to talk to them until tomorrow morning.
Poison? Must be.
Frothing at the lips, discoloration medical examiner thinks so too, but we haven't found a source.
We don't know where she injested the poison.
Came from up there, but the poisoning could've taken place anywhere.
Big house.
Just a moment.
Excuse me.
That's interesting.
Look at her eyes.
What? Hello? Use your words.
She had more mascara on her right eye than her left meaning she was halfway through reapplying her makeup when she was poisoned.
So she was in the bathroom.
The source of the poison, I have no doubt.
What do we got here? A motive.
I'm Agent Lisbon, CBI.
Thanks for coming.
These are dear friends, Asra Hadami and Mandy Riljek.
They've been looking after me and Oscar.
Anything we can do.
Vic, I'll make sure Jim stops by as soon as he gets back.
- Thanks, Mandy.
- Take care, Victor.
Please, come in.
Scarlett kept everything in here.
Very organized.
We'll get it back to you as soon as we can.
Thank you.
The tox screen tells us your wife's drink was laced with rat poison.
Rat poison? Oscar.
- Who would do such a thing? - Somebody who wanted to get even.
Who's your guess? Whose name just popped into your head? Scarlett had no enemies.
- Everybody loved Scarlett.
- Even Asra? Asra? Yes.
They got along fine.
Why ask about her? You're having an affair with Asra, aren't you? What? No.
- No? Really? - No, really.
What kind of police are you, asking me a question like that? Sorry.
My mistake.
- You're business partners? - She's my accounts manager.
- Okay, now I understand.
- Understand what? Doesn't matter.
Do you know where her keys are? I can't find them.
I couldn't find them.
I wanted to move her car.
Not to worry, I'm sure they'll show up.
What is it you do for a living exactly? I develop real estate.
- It's a tough market.
- Tell me about it.
But I'm confident it'll turn around soon.
Did Scarlett work with you? No.
She was the artistic type.
She made jewelry, that was her thing.
Made a pretty good business out of it in fact selling to friends and neighbors.
What kind of jewelry was it? Expensive stuff? No.
Just trinkets really, earrings, bracelets.
Can we see some? Sure.
What? That's very nice.
Was there any reason for the party last night? Scarlett's idea.
She thought it was necessary to let people know we're doing fine.
And we are doing fine.
Did anybody at the party behave in an unusual manner? - Any odd incidents? - No.
You knew everybody at the party? - Yes.
Good friends.
- We're gonna need a list.
From the country club mostly.
Scarlett was elected chair of a women's committee there.
It's a big deal in this community, very prestigious.
I was so proud of her but it meant she had to spend a lot more time at the club.
Oscar, stop.
Pardon me.
Are we done here? Yeah, that's all for now.
We'll be in touch if we need anything else.
Very nice.
What's your deal with Asra Hadami? Well, you saw the dinner-theater way she hugged Victor.
She's deceiving him.
I thought it was a love affair gone awry, but it's something else.
She's probably stealing from him.
I'll have Van Pelt pull her financials same time she pulls the Marquesas'.
We should go take a look at this country club.
Yeah, talk to the women's committee she chairs.
Bring Rigsby with you.
Someone here knows the truth.
Oh? And how so? Poison and a message in lipstick says this murder was done by a woman.
And women have no secrets from other women.
Well, unless it was a cunning man posing as a woman.
You think? No.
Semifinal pairs players Twenty-three, 45 to Court 1.
Morning, California Bureau of Investigation.
- Detective Rigsby, this is Jane.
- Hi, Heather.
Nice to meet you.
Everyone's been expecting you.
Poor Scarlett.
It's terrible.
How can I help you? - We'd like to talk to the committee.
- Sure thing.
Perhaps we'd gather them more discreetly? Everyone will know in minutes anyhow.
Jackie, Patience, Mandy, the police want to talk to us about Scarlett's murder.
Come to the rose courtyard.
Everybody, the silent auction closes shortly so get those bids in now, folks.
I'll show you the way.
I love a silent auction.
So let's start with some names.
Patience Broadbent, Mandy Riljek you've met.
- Hi.
- Jackie Shaper.
Thank God you're here.
You're gonna find this maniac, won't you? We'll try.
Were you all at Scarlett's party? - Yes.
- Yes.
We all have to go to the chairwoman's parties.
A rule.
Chairwoman's a prestigious position, isn't it? Yes it is.
She would make her fair share of enemies I expect.
You could say that.
If you have something to say, say it.
Speak your mind, bitch.
Oh, okay.
You want it all out there? He asked about enemies and that's what you were.
She hated Scarlett because she wanted to be chair and Scarlett whipped her butt in the election.
- Schooled her.
Right, Mandy? - Oh, I'm not getting into this one.
I missed out on scoring the private office with all that cool stationery with my name on it so I killed her.
Have you any idea how idiotic you sound? - You're the idiot.
- It's probably best if we conduct interviews with each of you separately.
Do you remember anything odd happening the night of the party? I don't know, it was just the usual mojitos and chitchat, but - But what? - I don't know if I should tell you this but I saw Scarlett arguing with Asra Hadami.
Looked kind of angry.
Some say something more than business might be going on with Asra and Victor.
I don't know if that's true.
I don't really follow the gossip.
Who does? We're told you're the gossip queen around here.
People tell me things.
So who's having an affair with Victor Marquesa? I don't know.
Who? Tell.
Asra Hadami.
- That's a funny idea? - No.
It's just No.
Victor and Asra are good friends, nothing more.
- Asra had nothing to do with this.
- No? What's the general opinion? Who did this? My guess, Victor.
What makes you think that? Nothing, really.
Victor's a nice guy, but that's who kills women, isn't it? - Their husbands, 90 percent of the time.
- Seventy percent, I think.
He's right.
That's a great play.
Maybe do a little more topspin on your returns, but very nice play.
Yes, I disliked her.
No, I didn't kill her.
You hate to lose, don't you? Yes, unlike all those many people that love it.
- I'm in the semi-finals, for God's sake.
- Oh, of course.
Good luck with that.
Yeah, I have to go.
I have another match in half hour and that toxic dwarf Mandy Riljek is trying to outbid me in the silent auction.
What she needs two romantic nights for, at the Cliffside, I don't know.
So I'll save us all some time and tell you who did this, if you like.
I'd like that very much.
Asra Hadami.
Why? She's having an affair with Victor.
- How do you know that? - I just have an eye for that stuff.
Asra must have killed Scarlett so that she could have Victor for herself.
Don't know why.
You ask me, he's a loser.
Well, thank you.
Oh, by the way if you dislike Scarlett so much, why are you wearing earrings she made? She makes good earrings.
It was nice to meet you.
Nice meeting you too.
- You two were close, weren't you? - We were very close.
Being her deputy on the committee, we spoke every day.
Did you notice anything different about your conversations? She talked a lot about moving away.
She was so tired of keeping up at all costs.
"At all costs"? - Just working so hard.
- Do you have a key for this? Oh, no, only Scarlett has a key.
This is the chairwoman's office and that's the chairwoman's safe.
That makes sense.
I don't know anything about that.
And Scarlett's keys are missing.
That's interesting.
We need to get that safe open.
- We're gonna need a search warrant.
- I'm on it.
Did you get anything from Scarlett's friends? Everybody has a theory, they're all hiding something.
I don't know what.
Anything from Forensics about the lipstick on the napkin? Not yet.
They're jammed up as usual.
Budget cuts.
Boss, I just now got access to Asra Hadami's financials.
She cleared out her bank accounts this morning.
Checking, savings took about $ 125,000 in cash.
Going on the run maybe? She didn't buy any rat poison recently, did she? That would be nice, but no.
No record of it.
That was the Marsante Security.
They found Hadami's house empty.
She's gone.
- Great, a fugitive.
- Oh, oh, oh! I know where she is.
- Boss? - Hm? I've been here nearly six months now.
Half a year.
What do you want? Half a cake? I want to take lead on this interview.
Okay? Yeah, sure.
Thanks, boss.
Why were you running, Miss Hadami? No reason.
I needed space.
Not the argument you had with Scarlett the night she died? - I didn't have an argument with her.
- We hear differently.
No argument.
I swear.
I didn't kill her.
This is absurd.
No more than you clearing out your accounts and abandoning your home.
Maybe I need a lawyer.
Say the word.
What he'll tell you, if you're not involved in the murder best speak up.
I ran because I knew the murder would expose some issues I'd like to keep private.
Your relationship with Mandy Riljek? Exactly.
News like that could be ruinous.
True, but not the kind of thing you abandon your house for.
You said "issues.
" What are the other issues? I didn't want to have to look Victor in the face tell him I'd helped to run everything he'd worked for into the ground.
How did you help do that? I borrowed money from the company's cash reserve.
How much? - A little over half a million.
- Where did it go? I made some poor investment choices that I had to cover quickly.
- So you stole - I borrowed, from the reserve.
I skimmed the money from each development deal that should have gone into the reserve account as backup.
We were making so many deals, I knew I'd get it back before it would matter.
But then the deals and the funding dried up and suddenly that reserve became very important.
I sold anything I could get my hands on to cover the money.
Hmm, take a seat.
Why am I even here? I've done nothing wrong.
Be with you in just one moment.
Well, you were found in a compromising position with a murder suspect.
How did you know how to find us anyway? - You been spying on me? - You outbid Patience for a romantic weekend, yet your husband Jim's away.
And you laughed at the idea of Victor and Asra as lovers.
Nobody knows I'm here, right? - Lf this gets out, it'll be a scandal.
- Nobody knows you're here.
Sign this and you're good to go.
We won't get a search warrant for Scarlett's safe until tomorrow.
Then we'll go in and tear the place apart.
Oh, sorry.
You didn't hear that, it's confidential.
Confidential? Oh, of course.
No, seriously.
Don't tell anyone, okay? I understand.
May I leave now? Yeah, please.
Not bad.
Your delivery was a bit wooden.
Wooden? Me? Yeah, and you're Marlon Brando.
I can't believe it.
Asra's been with me for over five years.
I mean, she was with me in the trenches.
I can't believe this.
After going over your accounts, we have questions.
You've talked about cash crises in your business but deposits have been made into your personal accounts.
Some were upwards of $5000.
Scarlett's deposits.
Oscar, come get your lunch.
Those are some pretty hefty deposits for somebody not really working.
Where did the money come from? Her jewelry business.
I thought you said it was a small side business? It was, but recently her pieces were getting a lot of interest.
And apparently she made a deal with a couple of boutiques.
- Do you know which ones? - I never asked.
Without her money, you would have fallen behind months ago.
I know all too well it was my wife who had to save our butts recently.
- Dad.
- What's the matter? You made it wrong.
Mommy never puts all this stuff in it.
She knows I like it plain.
Can we make a compromise, buddy? I need to talk to these nice police ladies.
Now, I'll make it better next time, I promise.
Now would you please just eat the sandwich.
- Sorry about that.
- It's not a problem.
According to your wife's records, she traded a lot of calls with several disposable cell phones.
I don't know who she talked to.
In her day-planner, she had a regular weekly date noted down with an address in Marysville.
One is scheduled for later today.
- You know anything about that? - No.
But she used to go to Marysville a lot for the antique jewelry markets and stuff.
Excuse me.
- Lisbon.
- Results on the lipstick.
No traces of DNA were found, but the color Tongue In Cheek, is a limited edition sold in only a few high-end stores.
Tongue In Cheek.
That's cute.
Secure access to the stores' receipt records so we can search through them Then I want you to meet us at - It's in Marysville.
- On my way.
I'll catch up to you.
- Hi.
Who's winning? - Hey.
I don't know.
I don't follow the play, to be honest.
It's kind of silly, isn't it? Everybody so serious over a game.
Like it matters who wins the trophy.
I guess people feel they need a purpose.
Yeah, well, my purpose died this year at the age of 16.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Boy or a girl? Girl.
High as a kite with one of her friends.
She wrapped her car around a tree.
Her friend got away without a scratch.
What was her name? Rachel.
Once you lose a child, all this striving seems kind of ridiculous, you know? Yeah, unfortunately I do.
Why not leave it all behind? Just go away.
I can't afford to leave.
I have negative equity in my house.
Nice play, Karen.
Besides, these are my friends.
This is all I have.
So much for jewelry.
According to Scarlett's planner, the meeting is here.
Let's see if we can spot the contact.
I don't know, maybe we'll get lucky.
- Hey, guys.
What are you doing? - Nothing.
Hey! - What the hell are you doing, man? - Hands behind your back.
Let's go.
Get up.
Get up.
This way.
Should have brought some snacks.
I don't see this working in a hurry.
You shan't go hungry long.
Mandy's news will have spread quickly.
Everyone knows that tomorrow the safe will be opened.
It's now or never for whoever took Scarlett's keys.
Hey, easy there.
That is antique Mexican silver.
Maybe next time you'll think before trying to outrun an officer of the law.
I'm assuming this isn't candy.
Why were you meeting Scarlett Marquesa? So we could exchange beauty secrets.
- You mind if I smoke? - Yeah, I do.
Van Pelt, what do you got? Wardell Suggs, a.
He's been arrested for several counts of petty theft, fraud and assault.
- That's very impressive.
- It could be better.
Why were you meeting Scarlett? - What did she tell you about me? - Nothing.
She's dead.
I didn't have anything to do with that.
Hey, boss, come take a look.
Would you look at that.
The mother Iode.
- Let's talk, huh? - What the hell, I got a strike to give.
Scarlett was one of my biggest customers.
Painkillers, tranquillizers, diet pills.
By the hundreds.
- Scarlett was dealing prescription drugs? - Yup.
- Where did you two meet? - Swap meet.
She was trying to sell that God-awful jewelry.
She looked desperate so I told her there's easier ways to make money.
- Were you doing a deal tonight? - Supposed to.
I've been having to listen to her yammer about quitting.
Then she'd buy some bags, saying this is the last time she's doing it.
- She'd always come back.
- She was gonna quit? Yup.
Matter of fact, last couple of weeks I'm getting calls from a girl who said Scarlett gave her my info.
Same prissy kind of voice.
Chick said she wanted to set up her own situation when Scarlett quit.
Does this chick have a name? You know, I'm not big on names at first, but I do have her number.
Why don't you give her a call.
Digger, why are you calling me now? In your time, ma'am, if you'd like to take a seat.
Thank you so much, ma'am.
How did you come to have Scarlett Marquesa's keys? I took them when I went to offer my condolences to Victor.
Naughty, I know, but I couldn't wait.
It's not naughty.
It's a felony.
You wanted your hands on her pills.
I opened that safe out of idle curiosity.
I had no idea there were any pills in there.
I simply wanted to measure the windows for new drapes.
- I'll be the next chair of the committee.
- Why not wait till it's official? Am I here because of keys? Explain the nature of your relationship with Wardell Suggs.
- Who? - Digger.
- I liked his jewelry.
- Okay.
You aware Scarlett Marquesa was selling illegal drugs in the Villa Marsante Estates? - Who didn't know? Well, except for you all.
If everyone knew, then why didn't anyone come forward? And risk being ostracized or caught up in the vulgarity of it all? - Not likely.
- She was doing a booming business.
You wanted to be part of it.
Maybe a little too much.
So I killed her? Please.
Hello, she was a drug dealer.
People she dealt with must have done her in.
Other dealers.
Or a highly capable rival straight in the middle of her own community.
You have found no drugs or poison on me or in my home.
The keys were taken after she was killed and I only opened that safe out of idle curiosity.
You taped together your whole theory with a couple of random conversations I've had with a drug dealer.
Does that about sum it up? When she puts it like that, it does seem thin.
She's a piece of work, isn't she? We'll have to cut her loose, but discreet surveillance might help our cause.
If you're thinking of trying that on, don't.
Not your shade.
What do you think about older women? I don't think about older women.
- My mother's an older woman.
- Not old old, just older, you know.
Older than you.
Why are you asking? You trying to set me up with somebody? Look up the available scientific evidence on the Internet.
They have less hang-ups, like themselves more than younger woman and they're at their sexual peak.
That's what the research says anyhow.
What the hell happened to you at that country club? Nothing.
I'm just saying that She's spotted us.
Afternoon, boys.
I was making myself a panini and thought I'd bring you some.
- Thanks, ma'am.
- Oh, and just so you know I'm headed to the club for a massage.
So you don't need to follow too close.
Relax, have a bite to eat first.
I'll see you there.
Yes, ma'am.
"Yes, ma'am.
Thank you, ma'am.
" What is wrong with you? - She surprised me.
- What's in the sandwiches? It's a panini, if you don't mind.
- It's ham and cheese.
- Yeah, who knows what else.
My God.
Drugs? I can't believe it.
Using jewelry sales as a cover, your wife was dealing prescription drugs.
Painkillers mostly.
Diet pills.
Some of them were coming from Mexico, others were stolen from pharmacies.
You seem genuinely surprised.
A lot of people around here knew about it.
I had no idea.
- Think I had something to do with this? - She was moving a lot of inventory.
I had nothing to do with this.
How could you not know she was medicating half the women in the neighborhood? - She lied to me.
Maybe she was just trying to protect me from the shame.
Or maybe it was easier just to turn a blind eye as long as the money was coming in.
- No.
I didn't know that she was doing this.
- Hi.
I'm Patrick.
- Oscar.
You wanna talk, Oscar? - Pretty heavy stuff going on, right? - Yeah.
- I'm sorry about your mom.
- Me too.
My dad is sad because you guys can't find who did it.
But I don't mind about that.
I just want her back.
She can't come back.
You know that, don't you? I know that.
I'm 9.
I won't ever see her again until I'm dead too.
- Then I'll go stay with her in heaven.
- Well, that sounds good.
But you know what I notice you're really good at that could help you now? What? Make-believe.
- Yeah, I am.
- You are, very good at it.
You wanted to talk to your mum you could make-believe she was here.
- I do it all the time.
- To my mom? No, not your mum.
I talk to my wife.
- She's dead? - Yeah.
But I talk to her all the time.
You should try it.
It's very good.
- I guess.
- Well, whatever.
This is cool.
- You any good with these? - I'm okay.
Oh, really? En garde.
I got you.
Please, mercy.
Fair maiden.
D'Artagnan, I have to go.
Spa stuff takes forever.
How long can a massage be? They do all sorts of things besides a massage.
- Facials, waxing, mud.
- How do you know so much? I bought a certificate for my mom.
You're back again.
How nice.
Hi, Mrs.
Now, you know you must call me Jackie.
And it's "Ms.
" not "Mrs.
" - Divorced.
- Sorry Jackie.
- He was a good man.
But weak, essentially.
He just couldn't seem - What are you wearing on your lips? - Excuse me? - The color.
What color is this? - Tongue In Cheek.
- You like it? - Where did you get it? Bought it at the boutique in town.
- How long have you been wearing this? - Just bought it today.
I saw it on Patience Broadbent at Scarlett's party.
I just had to have it.
- A crazy price, but what the heck.
- Positive it's Tongue In Cheek? I have it right here.
You saw Patience wearing it at Scarlett's party? Is that a pickup line? Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh, my God.
No detectable prints on the knife.
- Surveillance tapes? - Spa didn't believe in them.
Something to do with disturbing the chi.
I don't get it.
Why kill Patience? Why now? Perhaps it's part of the plan all along.
No, this was hasty.
Patience became a new target.
Revenge for Scarlett's death? Victor was quick to anger.
Rigsby, find out Victor Marquesa's recent whereabouts.
Could be the competition wiping out the dealer and her heir apparent.
Or Or what? Victor does fit nicely, doesn't he? Can you believe that Patience got stabbed? It's like a mafia hit.
I am never going in that spa again.
I will tell you that.
Tragic set of events.
I didn't see it coming.
So, what, you think this is some kind of drug war? It could be, but stabbings are usually crimes of passion.
- This is very personal.
- So, what's next? CBI are already putting the pieces together.
In fact - Never mind.
- What? No, I shouldn't talk about it because it's still an ongoing case.
You can't just leave something like that hanging.
I'm gonna get myself in a lot of trouble.
Oh, come on, girls.
All right, listen, can you promise me that this will just stay between us? - Yes, of course.
- You promise? - We're going after Victor Marquesa.
- Victor? I don't believe it.
He doesn't look like the type.
On what grounds? We think he killed Patience out of revenge for the murder of his wife.
You said there was no proof Patience was guilty.
I guess Victor didn't want to wait around for proof.
What's going to happen to Oscar? Mother murdered, now dad's a murderer.
They arrest the father, he'll be placed in foster care.
Oh, how dreadful.
- That poor child.
- Yes.
- I guess they couldn't keep a secret.
- I guess they can't.
Let's do it.
- It's gonna be all right, son.
I promise.
- Dad! - No! Where are you going? - It's gonna be okay.
- Don't worry, I'll be right back.
- No! Dad! - Dad.
- It's okay.
Come back! No! Dad! Dad! - Stop.
You have to stop this.
- Can't.
This is justice being served.
Look what you're putting that boy through! - He'll forget eventually.
It's fine.
- No, he won't.
- It's fine.
- No, it's not.
- Why? - Because I did it.
I killed them.
I killed them both.
Oh, God.
I suspected it was you because everybody else at the club wore some of Scarlett's jewelry.
- But not you.
- That's it? - Jewelry? - The more we talked the more I felt your pain and anger.
Losing your daughter has unhinged you.
I suppose it has.
My daughter Rachel she loved to dance.
Didn't matter what kind of music either, a toe would start tapping.
She was just so full of life.
She had taken several painkillers with alcohol before she got behind the wheel.
One of her neighborhood friends got them from her mother who got them from Scarlett.
I understand your anger.
It was like they ripped my soul out clean.
But the rest of the world just kept moving right along.
Like I was the only one who remembered what happened.
So when I saw her flitting about town selling her pills without a care in the world still hosting parties at her house dancing around without a stitch of the misery I was carrying, I snapped.
I killed her.
I didn't want any other person to have to experience what I did.
And Patience? She told everyone at the club not to worry she was gonna take over Scarlett's business and keep the pills coming.
Like nothing had happened.
Like no lessons had been learned.
I had to finish what I started.
I had to.
I'll get this transcribed for you to sign.
And now that it's done, does it feel better? It doesn't change a thing.
- Agent Lisbon.
- Mr.
I want to thank you and your team.
Although the scene in front of the house - It was make-believe, Dad.
- Sorry.
The make-believe was a bit unorthodox and unpleasant but you all know what you're doing.
- Most of the time.
I wanna apologize if we were tough on you.
No, it's what I needed to hear.
We're moving out of Villa Marsante, headed back to my hometown.
My son and I have a lot of catching up to do.
- Take care.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
- No, it's nothing.
Forget about it.
Take care.
Good luck.
Another minute and I would've missed them.
- I hate it when people say thank you.
- Why? He likes to play the Lone Ranger.
"Who was that masked man? I never got a chance to thank him.
" Exactly.
Uh, I don't want to alarm you, but Jackie has just walked in behind you, and she is looking fierce.
Oh, I know.
I asked her out to dinner.

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