The Mentalist s02e07 Episode Script

Red Bulls

I'm seeing lights.
Definitely people inside.
- How many entry points? - Three.
Front, back, basement.
Windows are all boarded up.
Three men took part in the abduction so I figure three inside, plus a couple more for fun.
This Mia Westlake, I want everybody to take another good, long look.
We have every reason to believe the kidnappers got her alive so be careful.
Me, Hicks and Martinez take the front door.
Dyson, Shelley, the two-three corner.
Bucci, Paulson and Fredricks you take the three-four.
Let's go.
- Ready? - Ready? Three, two, one.
CBI! Down on the ground! Hands up! Get down! Get down! Hands up! Get down! Down! Jane? Lisbon.
- What are you doing here? - What do you think? What are you doing here? You're waving guns around, is what.
Can you put your guns away, please.
Sir, the important thing is nobody got hurt.
All respect to your people, Lisbon, the important thing is we make sure this does not happen again.
"CBI Agents shoot each other" is not a headline that I wanna see.
We came in hot because we thought the kidnap victim was there.
- Mia Somebody.
Mia Westlake.
Mia Westlake, Marin County heiress.
She was taken a day and a half ago.
A witness gave us a partial plate on the kidnapper's car.
We dug up an outstanding parking ticket to a car in Oakland, checked the address found there were people inside a house that was supposed to be empty.
- And he found you there because? - Got a call from the Coroner's Bureau.
There was a report of a corpse in a house but they're short-handed Budget cuts.
- So they asked us to go check it out.
My team went in, corpse was there, but the coroner wasn't so we waited.
And everyone almost died in a hail of bullets.
- Where are you with Westlake? - We're set up inside the house.
We're waiting for a ransom demand.
- The corpse? - A young male, dead three to five years.
Coroner couldn't be specific.
Two bullet holes in the base of the skull.
It was wrapped in plastic and stored in a window seat.
- Do you have an ID? - Not yet.
Yes, yet.
Coroner's report just came in.
And the corpse is Colin Haymer.
Haymer? Why do I recognize that name? Colin Haymer was a kidnap victim three years ago.
Early 20s, from San Francisco, wealthy family.
Handled the case.
Family paid the ransom.
That didn't work.
Eerily similar to your kidnapping, don't you think? Who wants to bet Colin Haymer's kidnappers are the same kidnappers? - Well, could be a coincidence.
- There are no coincidences.
I agree.
I want your people teaming up on this.
- Is that necessary? - I believe it is.
I wanna foster better inter-unit relations.
Let's stop stumbling into each other and try working together.
- You have concerns.
- I do.
This man is a, uh I don't even know what he is.
He's an accident waiting to happen.
- Sam, be fair.
He - He closes cases.
I know.
- I do.
- He does.
- I do.
- In my opinion, this is a mistake.
We're all agreed then.
Off you go.
Mia was abducted 38 hours ago, coming home from a gallery opening.
Agent Bosco.
- Thank you, Rebecca.
- Uh, you need anything else? No, we're good.
Thank you.
This is copies of the case paperwork so far.
Now, the kidnappers forced her car off the road killed the driver and then took her.
Why kill the driver? A message.
They won't hesitate to kill if they don't get what they want.
- Yes.
- Lf there's no ransom demand how do we know it's a kidnapping? They sent the family a proof of life a few hours later.
No blindfold.
That's not good.
- They don't care if she sees anything.
- Good thinking, Bert.
Huh? What's your problem? - No problem.
- Hey.
Rigsby's correct.
This is shaping up to end like the Haymer abduction.
Let's make sure that it doesn't.
- I gotta get back to the Westlakes'.
- I'd like to come.
I'd like to ask some questions about our dead guy.
- See if there's connections.
- Okay.
Start the Haymer case.
Contact family, set up interviews.
I'd like to leave Hicks to work with your team.
- Lf that's all right with you.
- Okay.
- Keep them honest.
- Hey.
What'd he say? - Care to reframe that, Sam? - No.
They're Jane's people.
They need watching.
- I like to think of them as my people.
- Well, think what you like.
I can't have them trying to pull some cheap stunt.
We have a whole range of expensive stunts if you don't like the cheap ones.
I understand your issue, Agent Bosco.
No problem.
- Welcome, Hicks.
Boss We'll extend every courtesy.
Let's go.
Let's get started, shall we? This is Verona Westlake.
This is Mia's sister.
- You must be CBI too? - I'm Agent Lisbon.
- That's Patrick Jane.
- Hi.
Uh, my husband, Duncan Weaver.
- Hey.
More CBI.
Where did you guys come from, anyway? Two days ago, I never heard of you.
You neither.
Nice place.
You guys must be loaded.
How'd you make the money? Uh, my grandfather, actually.
- Oil, lumber.
- Oh.
I just assumed it was new money because of the, uh, decor.
Um, already you're starting this crap? What? What? Uh, Belinda Sandborne, Verona's attorney.
Any conversation you have with Verona or Duncan, I need to be there.
Not a problem.
Is there someone else in the family we should be talking to? I'm sort of the family.
Our parents are dead.
You know, Mia, she's the grown-up, capable one.
I'm the mess.
- Hey.
Too bad, huh? - They took the wrong sister.
- You're doing fine.
Listen to the man with the gun, babe.
We understand you're investigating a related case? A kidnapping that may have been carried out by the same people.
How did it, um, turn out? Did the person they took get home okay? No.
He was killed.
His name was Colin Haymer.
Here's his picture.
He's from Pacific Heights.
Look familiar? No.
You, babe? Nothing.
Has his name ever come up in any context? Even casually? - I don't think so.
- He was working at a company called Straf Investments when he was taken.
- Do you have anything to do with them? - Straf, uh? - Belinda? - No, I don't think so.
I'll check the records.
I'm sorry I'm not really helping.
I'm trying, I'm Hello.
- Look what I found.
Oh, God.
- Levi, what are you doing in here? - She's yours? Yes.
- Mrs.
Where is she? - Mrs.
Oh, she's fine.
She's a little smelly, but, uh, other than that, she's a little cherub.
- Sorry, sorry.
- Mrs.
Kent, please keep her in her room.
- We discussed this.
- Yes, ma'am.
Ransom demand just came in.
Come on.
- Excuse me.
- Sorry.
How'd the message come in? Was it a text document? It's a video attachment to an e-mail.
Can you get the IP address? I'm trying, but they routed it through a bunch of servers.
It might take days.
You want me to read this? Okay.
My name is Mia Westlake.
I am not hurt.
I am being treated well.
For my safe return you must pay $3.
75 million in small, nonsequential bills.
This money is to be ready by 6 p.
You will be instructed what to do then.
Failure to comply will result - in my immediate execution.
Any interference will result in my immediate execution.
Verona, if you're watching this, l - Did you see the tattoo on that guy? - Yeah.
I mean, that looks like Mexican Mafia.
We're not gonna get anything out of the Westlakes now.
Three-point-seven-five million.
Very specific number, don't you think? Maybe the kidnappers have their eye on the Westlakes' bank account? - I'll talk to Bosco about it, then we'll go.
- Okay.
Take your time.
Look, excuse me, uh, we'd like some privacy.
I can understand that.
What's in your pocket? None of your business.
You just keep tapping it.
Tap, tap, tapping it.
Whatever's in there, you're obviously nervous about it.
I'm assuming it's illegal.
My best guess would be drugs.
Uh, do you have any lemon? I'm gonna go find your boss.
But be sure to tell her about the drugs.
If you need me l'm gonna be here, talking to your wife.
Please leave, all right? I just wanna be alone.
That's what we all want.
No one gets it.
So there's no lemons here? - No.
I don't think so.
- I really felt like Never mind.
Your sister needs you here now.
As comforting as it might be to crawl under the blanket of narcotics that your husband has so generously procured for you it's better that you don't.
- Nothing I do is going to help her.
Probably right.
What's the point? What you can accomplish is irrelevant.
But if you are absent in this moment you will regret it for the rest of what will be a miserable life.
That's all.
See you.
What were you doing back there? Oh, just getting a snack.
A little light refreshment.
- Why don't I believe you? - What? Well, what is this? - Proof of my veracity.
- It's time to go.
- I'm gonna stay.
- I know what this is about.
Bosco's got the Red John file.
You think if you hang around long enough, you'll weasel your way into it.
"Weasel's" a little strong.
You're wasting your time.
Bosco'll never go for it.
- Never.
What? - I'll never go for what? I like the way you work.
I wanna work on your team on the, uh, kidnapping detail.
Oh, you do, huh? A live kidnapping victim is much more my speed than a shriveled corpse.
Like I care about your speed.
Lisbon, you claim to have control over this wack job.
Why don't you me a favor and walk him away? - Don't talk to me that way.
- Yeah Hey, quiet.
Minelli gave us specific orders.
- I don't give a flying Hey.
- You this agent's boss? Why? I want him removed from this case now.
Now, all right? He's disrespectful and rude and unprofessional.
Oh, he's angry because I called him on his little drug-deal thing.
Okay, you're nuts.
I have no drugs.
I demand you take this man off the case or there'll be serious consequences.
- Well, sir, that's not your call.
- Oh, yeah? You think? One phone call, I can have you directing traffic.
- Is that right? - Yeah, it is.
Well, make your call because this man's staying on the case whether you like it or not.
- Really? - Yeah.
See this? You see what he's done to my wife? - This guy's out of control.
- Shut up, Duncan.
- Baby, I was trying to - Shut up.
- Mr.
Jane, is it? - Yeah.
What you said earlier was right.
Thank you.
I guess.
Leave him alone.
Okay, then.
That's settled.
Have fun, boys.
Sent over transcripts of the interviews from the Colin Haymer case.
Want names that begin with A through L or M through Z? - A through L.
- You got it.
- Changed my mind.
- Too late.
You already chose.
Oh, come on.
Rock, paper, scissors.
Step up.
Bert, can I get in on this rock, paper, scissors? I haven't had a good game since I was, oh, 10.
It's Rigsby.
I know.
Hey, what's with Hicks calling me "Bert"? Um, I'm sure I don't know.
It's Bert, like the Muppet.
It's just a stupid nickname.
It doesn't mean anything.
- Bosco's team calls us "Bert and Ernie.
" - You knew? You didn't say anything? Knew it'd bother you.
- Doesn't bother you? - No.
Ernie's the clever, handsome one.
- Where's Jane? - With Bosco.
Don't ask me what they're doing.
I don't know, I don't care.
What have you got? I've been checking out the house where we found Colin Haymer's body.
It's been abandoned seven years.
There were complaints about squatters five, six years ago.
Nothing else.
Agent Lisbon, there's a Louis Earlen to see you in your office.
Keep digging.
Lieutenant Earlen.
- Thanks for coming.
- Louis, please.
I'm retired.
- So you found poor Colin Haymer? - We did.
You were the S.
Officer in charge of the kidnapping investigation.
I was.
Spent a lot of time with the Haymer family.
- Have they been notified? - They have.
Hope it's some kind of consolation.
Been waiting a long time for that boy.
We have another kidnapping.
We think the same people might be behind it.
How can I help? Anybody you think we should take a look at? Heh.
Tall order.
We looked at a lot of people.
We were wondering if maybe it was an inside job.
The ransom demand was pretty specific.
We considered that.
I always had a feeling about Colin's girlfriend.
- Nothing solid, just a feeling.
- Do you remember her name? Diane Zaranski.
Talked to her a couple of times.
When's the ransom drop? - Tonight, 6:00.
- Ah.
Night Colin's ransom got paid, I sat with his parents till morning.
Just waiting to hear he was safe.
Don't think we said 10 words.
If it is the same people that took Colin, you do this girl's family a favor.
Money drops at 6.
At 6:01, you tell them their child is dead.
Give them a chance to get used to it.
It would be a kindness.
- Boss, I might have something.
- What? Those squatters in the house where we found Haymer? Drug dealers.
Oakland Narcotics said they're an extended family, eight or 10 people.
They grew pot on a farm called Crazy Hill brought it into Oakland, sold it out of the house.
And this has to do with Colin Haymer how? Apparently, they also sold drugs that they bought from border cartels.
And they picked up some of the cartels' habits.
Like kidnapping for cash.
So they went from dealing pot to kidnapping wealthy kids? - Less effort, more profit.
- Do you have any names? The Crazy Hill Gang.
One of the ringleaders was nicknamed "Deezer.
" Nobody knows his real name.
Deezer's been hanging around an apartment in West Oakland.
Boss wants us to check the building out.
Forgot my extra mags.
Meet you downstairs.
Extra mags.
Big man.
- Where's your vest? - Don't need one.
- Sure you do.
- We're just canvassing.
For people called the Crazy Hill Gang.
You should wear a vest.
Look, it's hot, it's uncomfortable.
- Hicks isn't wearing one.
- Heh.
- You're afraid he'll make fun of you? - No.
Not at all.
Don't be an idiot.
Put on a vest.
Get shot.
See if I care.
That's good.
There you go.
- One more.
- She likes you.
She has good taste.
- You're good with children.
- Unlike your employers? - I don't know what you mean.
- Come on.
It's clear they're skittish about the parenting.
I wouldn't know anything about that.
Verona's low self-esteem makes her doubt she'll ever be a real parent.
And because Duncan married her for her money he sees the child as a rival, in more than the usual Freudian terms.
They're very caring people.
Very loving.
Just not particularly hands-on, if you know what I mean.
How's Duncan's relationship with Mia? It can be difficult.
Well, it makes sense.
If he sees his child as a rival, why not his sister-in-law? I've heard angry words between them.
I think Mia doesn't trust him.
But I shouldn't say anything.
But you did.
Jane, we got an errand to run.
All right.
Gotta go.
I gotta go and run an errand with the big serious man.
Come on, let's go.
So, what's the deal here? Well, the tattoo on the kidnapper's arm suggests the Mexican Mafia might be involved.
- Mm-hm.
- Those guys, they're members.
So we're gonna go talk to them.
- They look scary.
- They are scary.
You can't be a full member until you've killed someone.
- Maybe I'll wait in the car.
- No, you're coming with me.
I need you for backup.
Backup? Hey, fellas.
Uh, Listen, I'm Agent Bosco, with the CBI.
- Agent Jane.
- Hi.
I was wondering if any of you fellas have seen your man Snoopy? - We need to talk to him.
- Snoop.
- Ahem.
We'd like to talk to him.
- Hey, keep walking, man.
Who are you? Why you being that way? I asked you nicely.
- I asked - The name is Raoul.
And I got no warrant.
So back up, fool.
Well, Raoul, you and me are gonna have to go have a private chat in a moment.
No, I ain't did nothing wrong.
Don't make it difficult.
- Tough guys, huh? - Depends what you mean by tough.
Emotionally resilient, yes.
- So now you're gonna play me too? Oh, Raoul.
That's battery on a state officer.
Now I'm gonna have to take you in.
- Look, I barely touched him.
- We're gonna go have a conversation about respect.
How about you? Come on.
Come on.
Anybody else? - You? You? - All right.
- I'm waiting.
Move! That's right, move.
- That's right.
Thank you.
So how long have you been an informant for the CBI, Raoul? What are you talking about man? Informant? Oh, come on.
You can come clean with me.
Yo, who is this guy, Sam, huh? What'd you tell him? What's going on? - Guess he figured it out.
- Well, it's kind of obvious.
As if you'd want me for backup.
I mean, really.
Listen, Raoul, you know about the Westlake kidnapping, right? - Is Eme involved in it? - No.
I ain't heard anything about that.
Westlake? - You sure? - Sure? No.
But when a big score's coming up, I hear about it.
People start bragging even before they got the money.
I heard nothing about that.
Well, we saw Eme tats on the kidnapper's arm.
Come on, anybody can get a tattoo.
Yeah, they were kind of showy.
A little too visible, don't you think? Like it was, uh, meant to misdirect us.
You know, that kind of stuff is getting to be a real problem.
People putting their crimes on La Eme.
- So you jacked me up for nothing.
- Well thanks a lot.
Uh, we really appreciate it.
Come on, get in.
Eh, only now, you gotta punch me in the face.
- May be people watching.
- Uh, yeah, they're watching.
Come on.
Next time you come at me in the street, make sure it's for a worthwhile question.
- Oh.
Ugh That was good.
Did that hurt? Looked like it hurt.
Watch your head there.
Get in there.
That was fun.
No actual progress, but, uh, certainly a lesson in life on the mean streets.
Yeah, well, that's what cops do.
We get a lead, we run it down.
Most leads don't work out.
We move on.
But you don't understand that, do you? All this kind of hard methodical work we do is somehow is beneath you.
Not your speed.
Oh, please.
Get off your horse.
You just wanted to frighten me and impress me with your macho cop prowess.
Understandable impulse.
Little juvenile, perhaps.
You shouldn't be working with us.
- You're hurting people, you know that? - Who? The cops you work with.
Don't kid yourself, their careers are taking a hit.
- Lf you care about them, you'll leave.
- The cops I work with, meaning Lisbon.
And her team.
But mostly Lisbon.
That ransom demand, did she talk to you about that? Sure.
And yes, it could mean there's someone on the inside.
Be useful to know who it is, don't you think? Well, we're working that.
But the ransom drop's in three hours.
If we make a move on a suspect now all it'll do is spook the kidnappers.
They'll kill Mia and they'll scatter.
We gotta make sure the girl is safe.
She's not gonna be safe.
They'll kill her five minutes after they get the ransom.
- Could happen.
- So she dies either way.
- We could try something.
- No.
- You wanna hear what I have to say? - I'm not interested.
Okay, sure.
Well, I was very impressed, by the way with the macho cop prowess.
Those guys, they were genuinely frightening and you you were absolutely cool.
You're good out there.
- Go away.
- Bullitt.
Like, really cool.
Sorry, ma'am.
We're looking for an individual by the name of Deezer.
- Might have stayed with someone here.
- Never heard of him.
What about the Crazy Hill Gang? Heard of them? - No.
- Lf you do hear of them you, uh, call us at this number? You want me to spy on my neighbors? Fascists.
- Make a new friend, Bert? - Enough with "Bert," all right, Hicks? - Sorry.
Hurt your feelings? - It's just not funny, that's all.
It's a joke.
You can't take a joke? Excuse me, I'm with the CBI.
Wondering if I could ask a few questions? - Sure, what about? - I just think it's childish, that's all.
I just think you need to lighten up.
- Sorry, never heard of him.
- All right.
Thanks anyway.
Yeah, well maybe you need to grow up.
Uh, not you.
Um, Wayne Rigsby, CBI.
Need to ask a couple questions.
Might have been somebody who lived in the building or was visiting a resident.
Ma'am, I was wondering if I could leave a card with you Get in.
Hicks, cover the room.
Go, go.
Grace? Grace? Grace? - Went out the window.
- I got it.
Go, go, go! Grace.
You okay? Just breathe.
I can't see any blood.
The vest took it.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Go, go, go.
Police department.
Stop where you are.
- How you doing? - They think the rounds probably broke a couple ribs.
They're gonna check for internal injuries.
I'm fine.
- Just my legs keep twitching.
- That's just adrenaline.
It'll wear off.
- Don't ever do this to me again.
- No problem.
See if there's anything in the shooter's apartment that ties her to the kidnapping.
- Okay.
You okay? Yeah.
Hey, Rigsby.
- Hey.
- Hey.
My leg's still twitching.
I love you.
I have to go.
They don't even know I'm here.
- I'll call you later.
- Wayne? - What? - One thing? What was that for? - Next time, wear your vest.
- Okay.
- I mean it.
- Yeah, I believe you.
Get out of here.
- She all right? Yeah.
- Thank God.
- Well, thank Kevlar actually.
This is our fault.
- Uh, what? - Rigsby said he and Hicks were going at it when Van Pelt was shot.
- That kind of bad blood starts with us.
- She's right.
This isn't about bad blood.
It's about professionalism.
There you go again.
You won't take any responsibility ID says the shooter's name was Diane Zaranski.
- You're kidding.
- Nope.
, Deezer.
Diane Zaranski was Colin Haymer's girlfriend.
Suspected her of being in the gang that kidnapped him.
- Crazy Hill Gang.
- Must have kidnapped Mia Westlake.
- Now we know they have someone in the Westlake house.
That's the way they work.
We're running checks on everybody that's been in that house in the past six months.
- You're not gonna catch anyone.
- They've planned too carefully.
- You know how to catch them? - Of course.
I told you I do.
- Forget it.
- You're not gonna hear him out? - He's got nothing to tell.
You know, Jane's not the problem.
You are.
You're so stuck on the idea that he's not a cop, you can't see what he is.
You know how many cases he's closed for us? You think he's given me bad habits.
I think he's made me a better cop.
- Thank you, Lisbon.
Can I just add? Quiet.
If you're so sure you're right, you won't listen then you're not a person I know.
I did hear you out, and I still say no.
Got the money and instructions for the drop-off.
- How much time? - About twenty minutes.
You're making a mistake.
- I'm just Quiet.
Westlake, I need to speak to you privately.
- Agent, I told you - I know, counselor.
I'm sorry.
Stay here.
Come this way.
Right in here.
- You're not welcome.
- Gonna tell Minelli you refused to work with me.
Face him.
How do you like that? You know, you really are a schoolboy.
You know that? You just Now, we're gonna do exactly as the kidnappers have asked.
That is the best way to insure that your sister will get home safely.
But we're gonna do one thing.
We're gonna put this small transmitter in the suitcase.
Why? - Lf they fail to return her this is the best way to follow them.
They're gonna take the money to whe - Idiocy.
- What was that, Mr.
Jane? This is ridiculous.
You're gonna get that girl killed.
- Stop.
- There's something you should know.
Keep talking, I'm gonna put my hands on you.
One of the kidnappers is in this house right now.
- Damn it.
- Here? - A spy, reporting back to those that are holding your sister.
We should be talking to them, not playing with Star Wars toys.
- Oh, my God.
Who? Come here.
- You bitch! - What? Jesus! Mrs.
- You crazy bitch! Get off of me! - I am gonna kill you! I am not You bitch! I am gonna kill you! - My money's on Verona.
Sandborne's got her on experience but it's hard to beat that kind of enthusiasm.
Got the image up.
- Nobody.
- There will be.
Somebody better come.
Nobody does, you just killed Mia Westlake.
Blame, blame, blame.
Somebody's coming, don't worry.
And there they are.
Hello, Mrs.
The nanny.
Should we go get her? No.
She's leaving for the drop with the money.
Ready to move out.
Money's on its way.
It's clean.
They tried planting a tracker, but I caught it.
Get the girl ready.
- Hands where I can see them.
- What's going on? Don't move.
Don't do anything unless I tell you to.
- The baby is sleeping.
- Oh, the baby.
She's been wandering around the house like a lost lamb.
You're just a terrible nanny.
- Who were you talking to on the phone? - My sister.
- She a kidnapper too? - No.
What's this? Let me go, let us have the money, the girl might live.
Put your hands behind your back.
You are making a bad mistake.
If you people don't let me go right now, Mia Westlake will be tortured to death if they think you've done anything to me.
No, they won't.
We're gonna get her.
Good luck finding her.
We don't need luck.
Let's go.
Last number called: It's a land line.
Call Oakland P.
Tell them we're taking the house.
Let's go! Drop the weapon! Mia! Thought I would resurrect an old tequila tradition.
I'm in.
- Smooth.
- Yes, it is.
So am I someone you know now? I'm starting to recognize you, yeah.
You know that thing about Jane making you a better cop you don't believe that.
I may have exaggerated for effect.
Anyway, I wanted to say that it's been nice working with you again.
You too.
Anyhow good night.
- Good night.
- I been thinking.
- Oh.
- You're not a cop, you never will be - Mm-mm.
but you have a useful perspective.
This is a summary of the Red John case since I took over.
Take a look.
Tell me what you think.
- Bosco.
- Don't thank me.
I wasn't going to.
I need the actual case file.
You're a jerk, you know that? Night, Bosco.

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