The Mentalist s02e08 Episode Script

His Red Right Hand

What? No.
It's mine.
Oh, hey.
You got it, boss.
- We're up.
- Lisbon? - Yep.
- Oh, no.
No, she's gonna call here next.
She'll know.
Get out.
Grace, wake up.
How's Lisbon gonna know I'm with you? Right.
Leave it.
- No.
- Get out.
Get out.
Get out.
Agent Grace Van Pelt.
Hi, boss.
What's up? Mm-hm.
All right.
And to what do I owe this pleasure? - You're up.
Where you at? - Crime scene.
Why? - Coffee run.
Usual for you, boss? - Yeah.
Tall drip, black.
We need to talk.
- About what? - Come see me when you get back.
Okay, look forward to it.
Either of you heard from Hicks yet? No.
Well, almost morning.
Morning, everyone.
We got a Caucasian male, 50s, gunshot to the head.
And tastefully garnished with an explosion of yellow roses.
Security guard saw the body, called Sac P.
D but this is a state cemetery, which is why we're here at 0-dark-30.
Swell spot.
Check out the stippling.
He was shot at close range.
And fibers in the wound indicate clothes were removed postmortem.
- What? - You smell nice.
- Is that lilac soap? - Yeah.
You got something, Jane? - Yes, I do.
He's naked.
- Let me write that down.
It makes him look sad, don't you think? Vulnerable.
- A little comic, even.
- Meaning what? He was posed, he wasn't dumped willy-nilly.
This is a statement.
The mark on the hand, is that a burn? Mm Looks more like freezer burn, actually.
- Oh.
- Oh? That explains it.
His liver temp is 45 degrees but it's only around 58 in here.
So somebody froze his body in that position and then dumped him here.
Could be a signature, maybe a serial pattern.
Lisbon and I will talk to Bosco, see if he has similar incidents.
Yeah, come on, let's get out of here, let Forensics do their thing.
You smell lovely.
What is that? Is that lilac? Uh, yeah.
It's pretty.
Morning, Rebecca.
They look good.
One of those for me? It's all right to like me now, your boss and I made up.
It's okay, Rebecca, I don't like him either.
She's a liar.
She loves me.
Yeah, keep telling yourself that.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, no.
Sam? Sam! He's gone.
- No pulse.
Dyson's dead too.
Jane, some help.
Get over here now.
Press as hard as you can.
Right there.
This is Agent Cho.
Agents down on the fifth floor.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven Yes, inside the building.
We're in lockdown on my authority.
I have three agents down.
I need EMTs.
Roll SWAT, Sac P.
And CHP.
Set up a perimeter, suspects may still be here.
Just lock this place down now! Five, six, seven, eight, nine, Hicks, Bosco.
Bosco, Hicks.
Stealing Major Crimes' food.
A violation of penal code section 484, I believe.
- It didn't have a name on it.
- This one does.
It's mine.
It's from Cornaro's.
Meatball sub's really their best thing.
Better hope I don't tell Mandy you went off your diet.
She's in New Hampshire with her sister.
There you are.
Agent Hicks, your Form 41s.
Boss, the Attorney General's Office called about the cartel thing.
And you better hope I don't tell your wife about you going off your diet.
Come on, breathe.
He's back.
He's bleeding out.
What do we got? No breath sounds on the right.
His pulse is weak.
Run IV wide open.
Code three.
Let's move.
Tell County we've got multiple GSWs.
You okay? What do we got? Lockdown's in full effect.
Same with the capitol and the DOJ.
Cho's liaising with the Sac P.
They're setting up a two-block perimeter now.
Nobody gets in or out.
All civilians are being sent to the lobby for holding.
SWAT's on the way, we're gonna sweep.
The suspects could still be here.
Get with Security, check camera footage.
Set up teams to interview the guards, janitors and everyone in the lobby.
Yeah, you got it.
He's gone.
Go on, now.
You may be in shock.
Look at me.
There should be three bodies, there's only two.
- Where's Agent Hicks? - I'll get Cho on that.
Listen, maybe we should just wash up first.
Come on.
- So you never saw Hicks this morning? - No, I haven't seen him since yesterday.
And yesterday, was he angry or upset? You think Marlon Hicks could have done this? No.
We have to check every angle, Rebecca.
Let's back up.
When you went out to get the coffee, did you see anything unusual? Somebody who didn't belong here, maybe? No, everything was fine.
It was normal.
- God, I'm sorry.
I'm not helping.
It's okay.
I was gone maybe 10 minutes, and I didn't see anything weird.
Bosco called the team in early.
Know why? I thought maybe it was the Armenian cartel arrests.
You were that close to making an arrest? Yeah, there was a break this week.
Informant came through, the boss said.
It was something about a warehouse.
Lisbon, did Forensics come up with an ID on the frozen man? I haven't checked in.
It's not a priority right now.
I guess.
You were saying? Camera four, also nothing.
Just an ordinary day.
Weird, huh? These guys were like ghosts.
No kidding.
We cleared the building.
No sign of them.
BFS are dusting for prints, but it'll take days to go through them all.
Lisbon said I should see if you needed a hand.
Jimmy, go to camera five.
Lobby entrance, same time code.
And that's Rebecca coming back.
She was gone nine minutes, 30 altogether.
I don't recognize hat guy.
Put him on the list to check.
Okay, Jimmy, camera six, the garage entrance.
Hang on.
Something's screwed up here.
Some files are corrupted on this drive.
- That's not possible.
Our firewalls - Have been breached.
Cameras six and seven, that's the garage, they were disabled remotely.
Looks like a 30-minute gap.
We have no way of knowing who went in or out via the garage.
Get IT here, figure out what we're dealing with.
Okay, I'll tell my boss.
Ten minutes.
It was all over in 10 minutes.
Okay, got it.
Thanks, Avila.
I owe you one.
Agent Lisbon.
I spoke to the governor.
I told him I have my best team on this.
- I know you'll do us proud.
- Thanks, boss.
I reached out to Sac P.
Narcotics about that drug cartel In a minute.
- Word from the hospital.
- He's not dead.
No, no.
Bosco's in surgery.
But I wanted you to prepare yourself.
His injuries are extensive.
Teresa, I'm sorry to ask this but I need to know that you can go on with this case, no matter what.
If you can't, just let me know, and I'll put someone else on point.
Not necessary.
You think Sam Bosco's gonna let a little lead stop him? Please.
I hope you're right.
Good luck.
Nothing on Hicks.
I had a uni run by his house, he's not there, no car.
I've got something.
You know that drug cartel that Bosco was close to nailing? It's run by a guy named Michael Assanian.
Oh, bad guy.
Outside of the Mexicans, biggest heroin distributor.
Bosco must have spooked him.
He left the country.
He leaves town to keep himself clean while his people kill Bosco.
- Makes sense.
Kill the team, kill the case.
- It's worth checking out.
Lisbon, did we get an ID on the man from the cemetery yet? - What is with you and this case? - Well, it's just a feeling.
- You think it's connected to Bosco? - Maybe.
How? Hard to say.
Cho, call it up.
- Forensics might have posted by now.
Thank you.
This informant, see if he's got anything.
- Lauro said you could use his name.
- Yeah, will do.
Forensics says fingerprints belong to a Dr.
Towlen Morning, age 55, Stockton.
Towlen Morning.
Cho, with me.
Oh, no.
How did you know it was Red John? Towlen Morning is the family doctor for Janet and Carter Peak.
Red John's third and fourth victims.
Carter presumed to be the fourth.
They never found his body.
That was nine years ago.
- Why attack the CBI today? - Yeah, it's puzzling.
I'm Red John, why do I kill Morning and Hicks, and attack Bosco's team? Carter and Janet Peak.
Nine years ago.
Carter and Janet Peak.
Nine Nine years ago I'm a lot less experienced.
Something went wrong with Janet and Carter Peak.
A mistake.
Now, he fixed it, but it's come undone.
Hicks came to the doctor for a reason.
- Checking something out.
- And Red John killed him.
Killed them all.
Except for Bosco, I mean.
Bosco had a lead in the case.
Cho, go inside, check the doctor's files for Carter and Janet Peak.
X-rays, labs, everything.
Why did Bosco want the medical reports? What did he know? He's in a coma, he's not gonna tell us anything.
I know.
I know.
The case files will.
Van Pelt, have BFS search Bosco's office for any new evidence or notes in the Red John file.
You and Rigsby start working the secretary, Rebecca.
Hey, boss.
Nothing from Rebecca.
BFS techs are still taking apart Bosco's office, but so far - Jane back? - Haven't seen him.
- Find him, would you? - Yeah.
MINELLl: Special Agents Nick Martinez and Mark Dyson died at the scene here and Special Agent Marlon Hicks was found dead at a secondary crime scene.
Special Agent Samuel Bosco remains in critical condition.
We are devoting every resource to this investigation, and I promise I promise the agents' families, we will not rest until we bring the perpetrator to justice.
Special Agent Minelli, our condolences.
Would you describe your feelings at this terrible time? Wow, Meredith, that You media guys.
That's just dis You know, for eight years I've put up with the idiotic questions of the media and I've never said squat but today I must tell you, Meredith you've really set a new standard in horse's assery.
You people have no concept of what we do.
We go into dark, horrible places, alone and afraid.
And we do it with no money, with broken-down vehicles and with computers that have more viruses than a $10 whore.
How? Good people.
And I lost three good people today.
And a fourth who's in critical condition.
And you ask me how I'm feeling? I'm feeling sad, you moron.
Any other questions? Okay, then.
Good day to you.
Elizabeth, carry on.
"Horse's assery.
" Nice.
- I shouldn't have done that.
- Hey, you told them the truth.
I did.
Felt good.
Stick with us, boss.
We need you.
- I gotta run.
You got this? - Go.
Evening, gentlemen.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- You are? - Oh, I'm sorry.
Patrick Jane, CBI.
I'm a friend of his.
- How's he doing? - He's not good.
The next two days should tell us a lot.
Oh, he was in such pain.
Is he getting enough morphine? He should be.
Looks good.
Call me if you need anything.
Will do.
Thanks, doc.
What are you doing? Unplugging his morphine.
I'd ask a doctor, but I know what they'd say.
- Are you crazy? - Yes.
That's exactly what they'd say.
They wouldn't understand the moral imperative.
Bosco is the only person that can tell us what he found on Red John.
And he may die.
We need to wake him up and have him tell us everything he knows while he still can.
- You can't do that.
- Why not? Morphine doesn't make him any better.
It just stops the pain.
That's what it does.
Pain is nothing.
Pain means he's still alive.
We need him now, Lisbon.
He is useless to us when he's dead.
- Shut up.
He's gonna live.
- Maybe, and maybe not.
- God, you're a cold bastard.
- Oh, please.
You need to think logically.
He would want us to do this.
How could you know? You don't even know him.
But you do.
If he had to suffer pain to stop Red John, he would do that.
You know that he would.
- You know that.
- What's all the commotion? What the? Did you touch that machine? No.
MINELLl: Good people.
And I've lost three good people today Is Lisbon with you? No.
What's going on? We got a hit on Bosco's cell phone records.
Just before the attack, Bosco called a cop in Cloverville, not far from Stockton.
They tore down an old strip mall last week found a body in the foundation.
- A body.
The cop said he got a call from Bosco saying he'd go and check it out.
What body? This one.
Cloverville P.
E-mailed a copy of the x-rays.
John Doe, 30s.
See here? His head was almost cut off.
Then there's this.
What's that? His leg.
- He's missing a leg? Coroner told the cop it was not part of the attack.
A much earlier amputation.
- Distinctive.
- The files we got from Dr.
Morning's this matches an x-ray we found there.
Carter Peak.
Carter Peak, retired Army, lost his leg during the first Gulf War.
We've found the missing Red John victim.
Better still.
This is Red John's mistake.
This is it.
He made a mistake, and this is it.
Killing Carter Peak wasn't Red John's M.
He was a man killed with his wife.
His body was removed from the scene.
It's unlike any of Red John's Maybe Carter returned unexpectedly.
Maybe there was a struggle.
So Peak's body resurfaces.
Red John hears about it somehow.
And it upsets him.
A, how does he hear about the body? Off the bulletin, I guess.
It was statewide.
- And B, why does it upset him? - There's evidence on Carter Peak's body.
- That's why he tried to make it disappear.
- Damning evidence, like DNA.
We gotta get to Cloverville.
The cement matrix preserved the body remarkably well.
We were able to run a DNA crime kit: Hair, skin, under the fingernails.
- Et cetera.
- We need someone sitting on this place until we can move the body up to Sacramento.
My bad.
- That's weird.
- Yeah, it is.
Where's the body, doc? Uh, let me check the log here.
You guys gotta get your signals straight up in Sacramento.
CBI picked up the body night before last.
- CBI did? - Yeah.
Night shift logged it right here.
"California Bureau of Investigation.
" An Agent Rojo.
The body, samples, everything we had, looks like.
See for yourself.
Arrived at 2:15 a.
With a meat wagon.
The night before the CBI attack.
I can get you photos.
We keep a set.
The crime-scene kit, the DNA samples.
What about the DNA? I'm telling you, it should've gone with your guy.
- That's procedure.
He wasn't our guy.
- Red John? - Call in your night-shift person.
It's important that we get an idea of what this Agent Rojo looks like.
- You wanted to see me, boss? - Sit down, please.
Bosco's doing better.
I talked to his doctor.
That's good.
You okay, boss? Is this about before, at the press conference? No.
I, um I have something to tell you, Teresa.
Something important.
- What is it, agent? - Sorry to interrupt.
I've been going through the security footage trying to ID everyone going in and out.
This is time-coded for this morning, before the attack.
According to Employee Support Services that's Amblyn DeMott, an analyst on 4.
So what? DeMott went on maternity leave last month.
She had her baby yesterday.
There's no way she could be where that camera says she was.
Someone switched the footage.
We can't trust anything on any camera.
You transferred the body to the custody of a CBI agent? - Yeah.
Describe this agent.
Dark hair.
Not that tall.
Kind of dumpy.
Olive complected.
- Wore these heels that clicked.
A woman? - Wore a thing, a whatsit, in her hair.
- Barrette.
Hey, sweetie.
Here we go.
That's for you.
Have a nice day.
Thank you.
- Hi, Rich.
- Hi.
Hello, Marty.
How you doing? Hey, boss? Boss? Hey.
Aren't you heading to Cloverville? - As soon as I brief Jane.
Samuel Bosco Jr.
, getting soft.
Screw you, Martinez.
Hey, guys.
Look what I have.
You're the best.
Did you get the coffee? Rebecca.
- You okay? - A-okay, boss.
Red John says hi.
Hi, boss.
Don't move.
Drop it.
You bitch.
Don't move, don't breathe.
And don't you smile at me.
What the hell's with all the balloons? What are you guys doing here? Get her out of here.
All agents, be advised, suspect is 10-84.
How long are they gonna sit there? Shh.
What's your favorite kind of music? Mr.
Jane, please.
I know your games.
You don't care what type of music I like.
I'm just making conversation.
Getting to know you.
You wanna know how I could do such terrible things for Red John.
Oh, I know that stuff.
Unhappy childhood.
Sexually abused by a close relative.
Cutting or some other self-abuse.
Blah, blah.
Everyone you ever met made you feel ashamed.
Ashamed of that ugly darkness festering inside you.
But he didn't.
He made you strong.
He made you feel proud of that darkness.
Yes, he did.
He gave your life purpose and meaning and love.
You're very much like him, you know.
The way you look at people and see through them.
That is just spooky.
I want you to think of this tonight before you go to sleep.
You are nothing to him but a useful object.
He is not a good man.
You are so wrong.
He is a very good man.
He's on a mission of love and enlightenment.
He tortures and kills women.
Don't you see? Without death, there's no life.
Without darkness, there's no light.
- Look at you.
- Me? Well, until your wife and your daughter were killed you were blind, weren't you? You were living an illusion.
But Red John opened your eyes.
Now you see the world for what it truly is.
- How did you first meet him? - I'm not telling you anything about him.
You will.
You'll wake up one day, horrified at what you've done and you will tell me everything.
No, never.
I love Red John, and he loves me.
- And I will never betray that trust.
- One day.
But I will tell you that I like all kinds of music.
Especially country.
And I have a cat named Rex.
And I collect porcelain frogs.
Don't ask me why.
It's just a quirk, really.
Well, the psychologists wanna talk to you next.
They'll have a field day with that.
But I'm as sane and as healthy as can be.
- I really am.
- I know.
I do have one question before you go, Rebecca.
After you took Carter Peak's body and all the DNA samples why did Red John have you attack Bosco's team? There was really no need.
The evidence was destroyed.
- You know why.
- No.
Oh, you don't? Oh, Red John thought you'd understand.
I got rid of Bosco and his team so that you could have the case back.
Red John misses you.
And it's what you wanted too.
Isn't it? We're done here.
Very interesting talking to you, Rebecca.
I guess I'll see you around.
Suspect is down.
She's down.
Don't touch her! He poisoned her.
Get ahold of her? All the flights out of Boston were delayed.
She's in the air now.
She'll be here soon.
It's all right.
You're gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Don't lie to me.
I can tell when you're lying.
You are.
Look, you will be.
You'll be okay.
I'm a cop.
You're a bad liar.
Your eyes give you away every time.
Honest eyes.
Tell me the truth.
You lost a lot of blood.
The doctors don't think you're gonna make it.
Well, I'm gonna say it, then.
The doctors better be right.
I love you, Teresa.
I love you too.
- No, I mean I love you.
- I know what you mean.
It had to be said.
Is Jane here? For the record l'm very pissed off about this.
Can't blame you.
- Sam - We don't have time to be nice.
Red John makes mistakes.
This proves it.
- You will catch him.
- Yes, I will.
Do me a favor.
When you catch him, don't arrest him.
- Kill the son of a bitch.
- That's the plan.
Bosco? Bosco? Sam.
- You weren't at the funeral.
- I was there.
I stayed in the back.
You're quitting? I tried to tell you before.
Anyway, I prefer "retiring.
" Full pension.
Got my 20 and then some.
Oh, okay, then.
We'll stay here and catch the bad guys while you go fishing.
Lisbon, in my eight years as SAC, I've lost four agents all of them this week.
You should've just quit last week.
It's too late now.
It's time.
You take care of your people.
They're good kids.
And keep an eye on Jane.
If he screws up too bad, shoot him.
There's not a court in the land that would convict you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I heard about Minelli.
I'm sorry.
You and Bosco at the hospital.
- What'd he say? - Well, he He told me to look after you.
- That's all? - No.
He said that if I didn't look after you, he'd come back and haunt me.
Total nonsense, of course but it wasn't the right time to correct him.
Bosco's favorite.
Pint of Scotch, left of the fridge, top shelf, behind the ramen.
Sam Bosco.
Damn fine agent.
It was a nice service.
- Nice music.
- I'm not a fan of the bagpipes.
Really? I love them.
They're so lonely.
- It was a nice service.
- Yeah.
Amazing grace How sweet the sound - That saved a wretch - That saved a wretch - Like me - Like me - I once was lost - I once was lost - But now am found - But now am found - Was blind but now I see - Was blind but now I see
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