The Mentalist s02e11 Episode Script

Rose-Colored Glasses

- Hi.
- Hey.
- Oh, hey.
- I thought you'd gone home.
I wish.
We're up.
Double homicide in Rancho Rosa.
- Local sheriff's in over his head.
- I'm on it.
Boss, you've been promising me more time in the field.
Now is as good a time as any.
You're right.
Rigsby, you'll be covering the office on this one.
Let's go.
- You're okay with this, I hope? - Absolutely.
What's going on? Looks like two bullets to the chest for each.
Freshness of the wounds suggests it happened in the last few hours.
Selby and Jana Vickers, 33 and 31 years old, from here in Rancho Rosa.
Sheriff ID'd them from their driver's license.
- Who found the bodies? A couple of teenagers.
This place is a local lovers' lane.
Apparently thieves know that too.
Sheriff thinks that it's a robbery gone sour.
- A little old to be necking, aren't they? - There's an age limit on that? Plus, her clothes aren't, you know, disheveled.
Good point.
There's a little white thing there sticking out from Jana's dress.
Could you? Yeah, that's it.
- Eight-hundred-dollar dress.
- Aha.
Is that a useful "aha" or an irritating "aha"? The borrowed dress tells us they were going somewhere fancy and wanted to make an impression.
Not usually something they'd go for or they'd have a later-model car.
He needed a few pulls on the Scotch to take the edge off because he was nervous about who was gonna be there.
Which, in a small town like this, likely means relatives or people from his past.
A wedding, maybe.
Or a birthday party? - No gift.
Which leaves? - No guessing games.
Excuse me, sheriff.
What's the name of the local high school? Everybody dance now Stephanie? - God, you look fantastic.
- I'm sorry, I'm not Stephanie Whoa.
Do that again and I'll arrest you.
Sorry, I had to.
You've always been the one.
No way.
- Don't.
Come on, man.
- I'm not the one.
Everybody dance now Yeah High school.
Best years of your life, huh? Welcome back to Rancho Rosa High.
Go Toros! I'm Tess, one of your student ambassadors this weekend.
Name tags and reunion books.
We're with the California Bureau of Investigation.
We need to know if Jana and Selby Vickers were expected here tonight.
Selby Vickers and his wife, Jana.
They also replied yes to tomorrow's homecoming picnic and dance.
- Is everything okay? - We need to talk to somebody who would know them.
Um, red-headed woman, that's Willa Brock.
She's the reunion committee chair.
You didn't think we were young enough to be in this class did you? - Everyone over the age of 21 looks the same to me.
Tactful and evasive.
You're gonna do very well in life, Tess.
Go Toros.
I'm stunned.
I mean, it was surprising enough Selby was even coming.
- Now this.
Why the surprise? Well, he wasn't at the fifth or the tenth.
- Because? - Because he was expelled and never graduated.
Selby pulled this It was a really nasty prank.
- What was it? Senior year? Yeah.
His one and only.
Vice Principal DeSouza caught him.
Gave him the boot.
- What was the prank? There was this shall we say, socially challenged boy named Derek Logan.
Selby dragged him into the girls' locker room he blindfolded him with his own underwear, tied him up, naked took his picture and then posted it all over the school.
- How sick is that, right? - It was disturbing.
Is there anything else you can tell us about him? I played football.
Running back.
People here are still talking about the five touchdowns I scored against Stratton.
What does that have to do with Selby? I was popular.
I was a jock.
He was a nobody.
I don't know what kind of person he was.
How about his current life? I got nada.
I got out of this town as fast as I could.
- I live down in Newport Beach now.
How about you, Willa? Have you heard anything about Selby? Oh, I host a daytime talk show in Chicago that tapes two shows a day and is about to go national.
I'm lucky if I hear anything about my own family.
- Uh, Derek Logan the kid that Selby pulled the prank on.
Could you point him out to us? Derek Logan.
He's not here, is he? - No way.
- Gabe, it's so good to see you again.
You almost didn't.
Five hours I spent on the 101 driving here.
CBI Agent Teresa Lisbon, Patrick Jane, this is Gabe Nyland.
DA for San Diego County.
You've prosecuted a couple cases for us.
And now candidate for lieutenant governor of California.
Give me the word, G, I start twisting arms for you on election day, huh? Gabe, Selby Vickers and his wife were found murdered at the glen.
- Shot in their car.
- My God.
I hadn't even heard that name in 15 years till tonight.
- Any idea who did this? - It's early in the investigation.
- You just got here, right? Yes.
So how is it that you knew Derek Logan wasn't here? Well, Derek left the school and moved out of state after that prank Selby pulled.
- Word is he killed himself.
Are you serious? I heard he was a blackjack dealer at a casino.
We'd like to talk to some classmates that still live in the area.
- Maybe they know something about Selby.
- There are only a few but the student ambassadors can probably point you in the right direction.
Thank you for your time.
Nothing jumps out, but I'll have the tech guys give it a once-over.
Mail's all big bills and small bank accounts.
They certainly weren't living the high life here.
They didn't need to.
This was home.
They were happy.
- Agent Grace Van Pelt.
I got you next-of-kin info on Selby.
Uh, mother in Rancho Rosa.
No luck on Jana, though.
- Thanks.
Text me the address? Will do.
I've never been to Rancho Rosa before.
What's it like? Nothing special.
A town.
What are you guys doing now? - You know, investigating.
- Van Pelt, come here.
Check this out.
- I gotta go.
- Yeah.
I'm busy too.
This is from yesterday morning.
I'm done playing games, you hear me? Either you get me my money or I'm gonna be forced to take action.
So much for happiness.
So you haven't seen Selby once in all these years? Supermarket, movie theater maybe? Nope.
I mean, you know, if I did, I don't remember.
Hard to believe you, Stu.
- I'm sorry.
- Uh Really? Okay.
The hair plugs, the heels this professional woman here posing as your girlfriend.
Wait, wait.
What did you just say? Did he just call me? - What'd he say? - That's all we need for your time.
That's all the questions we have now.
- That's all we have for now, thank you.
- You look lovely.
- Have a good evening.
- Go Toros.
What's your problem? Uh, it's just a room full of people lying to each other.
Everyone here is trying so hard to show how much they've changed when the mere effort screams that they haven't.
Or they actually do change.
With exceptions like Mr.
Hair-Plugs, of course.
You got the rebel who took the bank job.
The player that stays faithful to his wife.
The rebel took the bank job because she sees her rebellion is fruitless.
The player stays faithful to his wife because the consequence of infidelity is much greater now.
But their instincts Their instincts never change.
I'm a far cry from what I was in high school.
Aah, I wouldn't be so sure.
Driven to succeed to the point of developing an ulcer.
No tolerance for superiors less sharp than yourself.
Shutting out girls that wanted to hang out with you blowing off boys that wanna get close.
All the while, at every turn, wondering, "What is it I really want?" - No.
- And you played an instrument.
My guess? Hmm - Clarinet.
- Not even close.
We're done here.
I'll get the guest list to Rigsby, have him check everybody out.
Have him locate the whereabouts of Derek Logan.
You really think Logan laid in wait for 15 years and suddenly decided to take revenge on Selby? Well, I think that Logan is as angry today as he was 15 years ago.
Maybe even angrier.
- We'll check him out.
- I'm gonna stick around.
I didn't go to high school.
This is fascinating for me.
- You never went to high school? - No, I was busy.
You can stay, just don't make me sorry I let you.
Vickers, when was the last time you spoke to your son? Um, this morning.
Selby always checks in on me before he goes to work to see how I'm doing.
He's Was sweet like that.
Were you aware of any problems he was having? Work? Personal life? No, just the opposite.
Things were starting to get good for him.
After he left high school, things didn't go right for him.
- About high school.
The prank he pulled - I don't wanna talk about that.
Ma'am - His whole life was spoiled by that That incident.
Lost a chance at college.
He got stuck working a little print shop.
And then Jana came along and she was like a whole new world for him.
She encouraged him, and she told him to strive for something better.
And he became a whole new person.
We haven't been able to track down any family for Jana.
Do you know where we can find them? She didn't have anybody.
Nobody that I know of.
She moved here from Poland, and Selby only met her a couple of months ago.
A few dates, and they got married.
It was all kind of a whirlwind.
Now, Mrs.
Vickers, it's a bit unsettling, but I'd like you to listen to this message.
See if you recognize the caller.
Is that all right? Yeah.
I'm done playing games here, you hear me? Either you get me my money or I'm gonna be forced to take action.
I've never heard that voice in my life.
Was my son involved with a loan shark or something? Could be.
We traced the phone call to a phone booth in Galatin.
- That doesn't tell us - Galatin.
That's where Jana's from.
Selby met her there at a coffee shop when he was on a delivery run.
Can you tell us anything about Jana before she met Selby? Maybe names of friends, where she worked.
All that Selby told me was that things were tough for her.
He didn't share any details.
Probably because he didn't want me making any judgments.
You remember what we used to call you? You were the Frogman.
- Because you played the French horn Yeah.
and because, you know, you kind of sort of look like a frog, but no offense.
- Yeah, no, I remember.
- Oh, man, we used to get on you.
You know what? I'm sorry about that.
But, I mean, we were kids, right? We were just kids.
Forget it.
Forget it.
I have.
Dude, that That time we put the dead bird in his locker.
- We did that.
- Yeah, you guys got me with that one.
Anybody still call you that? Frogman? Well, pretty much everyone calls me Phil.
- Except my son, who calls me Dad.
- You fathered a kid.
He fathered a Go, Frogman! Come on.
Nice! Didn't think you had it in you.
Does he play the French horn too? Because if he does, you could call him Frogboy.
Or Kermit.
Or Kermie.
Really good to, uh, see you guys again.
Come on.
Hey, if the kid of yours ever needs any shaping up you send him to a Cordova Sports Camp, okay? - Vodka tonic, please.
- Top shelf.
You got it.
- It's on me.
- Thank you.
Um, you're one of the, uh One of the CBI people.
I heard about what happened to Selby.
That's That's awful.
Well, it doesn't appear to have dampened the mood here.
Cordova seems to be having a great time.
If I could go back in time and beat the crap out of him the first time he called me that - It's not possible, Phil.
- Oh, I know.
But you could just talk to him quietly and tell him how you feel.
- Probably just laugh at me.
- Probably.
But at least you would know that you made an effort.
Right? And this is, what, a 15-year school reunion? What are these reunions for, anyway? - I don't know.
- I understand.
All those nights you lay there not being able to sleep thinking about whether or not you should've confronted him.
It's tough.
You know what? You're right.
You go, Phil.
- Hey, L.
- What up, Frog? What's your problem, man? Ugh! Oh, Phil.
Stop it.
Get off.
I don't wanna hurt you.
Enough! Stop it! Hey! Hey! You know, this thing is a golden treasury of mullets.
A brawl.
You started a brawl? Come on.
Well, I was I was going for something a little more contained.
But I guess people just wanted to explore the physical.
And what information did you glean? I assume you were testing some theory or other? Willa Brock was involved in eight different school activities.
And she looked pretty good in cargo pants, which is hard to do.
There are people in the hospital.
Yes, but souls were healed.
This was a cathartic brawl.
It was It was a therapeutic expression of - Please.
- Got a lead.
Jana's INS entry records list a Galatin address as her destination.
The property and residence of a Terence Badali.
No real sheet.
He had a couple restraining orders from women in the '90s.
Could be our caller.
- Go to Galatin.
Take Van Pelt.
- Okay.
- You go to hell.
Take a toothbrush.
Which way is that? I'll go.
What's so funny? "If I want culture, I'll leave my yogurt out overnight.
" L.
Cordova's yearbook photo quote.
When you're done entertaining yourself, I got your Derek Logan update right here.
Kid's life never turned the corner.
Derek Michael Logan left Rancho Rosa a couple weeks after the Selby incident.
Family moved to Virginia.
Became a heroin addict.
Couple years in and out of rehab.
He died of an overdose on his 23rd birthday.
School offices sent over his old student ID from their archives.
Mm, kind of looks like you.
And this is the photo of the incident that Selby plastered around the school.
How does any kid recover from that? - Well, in this case, they don't.
- Mm.
How sad.
And I was betting on Derek Logan as our killer.
Will you quit yanking me around? If you can't get it right, we're through.
The order was for five-sixteenth beech wood not for five-sixteenth warped beech wood.
Terence Badali.
Need to talk to you about Jana Vickers.
I'll call you back.
What about her? You left a threatening message on her answering machine.
- How do you know it was me? - An innocent person would say: - "I didn't do it.
" - So what? I called her.
Big deal.
You called her and threatened her.
Now she and her husband have been found killed You're under arrest.
I panicked.
As soon as you told me they were dead I knew you'd blame me, and my brain said, "Run.
" Your brain's a fool.
Where were you last night? I was watching college ball.
- Can you prove that? - Notre Dame sucked.
I live alone.
Since that Polish bitch left me.
- She and you had a sexual relationship? - She was my fiancée.
I met her through this Internet service.
You pay a bunch of money.
But you get to choose from these videos.
They bring her over to the country and she marries you.
- That's a good deal.
These Eastern European types, they know how to take care of a man.
What happened? She left me for this Vickers guy.
She comes to me, says she met this guy at work, they fell in love.
Must've made you angry.
- You bet it did.
- So you threatened to kill them unless they pay you off.
- No.
I threatened to turn her in to the INS.
She had lied about all these things on her form.
She was in this country under false pretenses.
- How much were you asking for? - I just wanted my money back.
The money I put up to get her over here.
I saved all my receipts.
It was 25 grand.
- Well, and 5 grand for emotional suffering.
- What was her response? She said they'd pay it.
She admitted she owed me.
They were broke.
Any idea where they were gonna get the money? Jana said Selby was gonna get it from an old friend.
They guaranteed Badali they'd have it for him Monday.
In cash.
At least we know Selby's sudden interest in the reunion.
He was protecting his wife.
It's kind of romantic.
Noble, even.
Motive, even.
He must've asked somebody for money who really didn't like him asking.
- Yeah, nice work, Grace.
I need to see that list of all the reunion attendees' arrival times.
Here you go.
- Thanks.
- So you and Cho saw some action, huh? - A little bit, yeah.
That's cool.
You have Gabe Nyland arriving by plane the day before the murder.
- You sure that's right? - There's an airfield in the next town over.
I checked the arrival logs.
Flew in by private jet.
Careful who you vote for for lieutenant governor.
One of the candidates lies.
Yes? - It's Agent Lisbon and Patrick Jane.
We just have a few follow-up questions for you.
How can I help? Last night at the reception, you said you'd just gotten in.
But we know you flew in the day before the murders.
Can you explain the discrepancy? Come on in.
I came a day early for a private fundraising dinner.
I said I just arrived because I didn't want my classmates thinking l'm up here shilling during reunion weekend.
Nice room.
Is it the presidential suite? Something like that.
Is the bedroom nice? How's the mattress? - It's adequate.
- Could I see it? - Well, no.
Why would you want to? - Why not? Because I'm entitled to my privacy.
- Hello again.
- Hi.
There was no inappropriate relationship.
You call it an inappropriate relationship.
The law calls it soliciting sex from a minor.
She came to my door, had an idea she wanted to discuss about a youth-voter effort for my campaign.
I won't discourage some kid who wants to get involved.
- No.
No, you hide them in your bedroom.
I had to.
Media people follow me everywhere I go now.
If I open that door and it's some photographer our faces end up on the Internet, our lives are ruined.
You're very good at this.
Selling a case with passion even though it holds no water.
It explains why you're such a successful DA.
- It's the truth.
- Well, that should be easy to confirm.
Lisbon, could you have the social worker bring Tess in, please? No.
This is on me.
She didn't ask for any of this.
You care about her.
You genuinely care about her.
Well, she's very friendly and diplomatic.
Diplomatic and evasive, like a politician.
Like her father.
You have the same shape front teeth.
They are your real teeth, aren't they? She's your daughter? Her mother was a year behind me.
Tess was born a few weeks before I graduated.
The families agreed to keep it quiet.
But I've always done right by Tess.
I come out to see her whenever I can.
Discreetly, of course.
Did you ever see Selby when you visited? Last year, at a gas station just outside of town.
We said a quick hello, went our separate ways.
Maybe Selby found out about Tess, threatened to expose you.
Not Selby Vickers.
He wouldn't threaten a fly.
A super nice guy.
He tried to do right by people.
What'd you talk about with Selby at the gas station? Small talk.
I told him I was gonna run for lieutenant governor and he offered to print the campaign flyers, free.
- Was he the same way in high school? - Always.
Help you with your homework, he'd share his lunch with you.
He was just happy knowing that you liked him.
Even that thing with Logan, he just did it to be popular.
I've answered all your questions.
I think you should go now.
- Jane.
- What? - Come on.
- Oh, sorry.
Very nice to meet you.
Your politics are a roiling mess of greed and cynicism, but you have a lovely daughter.
So everything's different I guess that's okay 'Cause those thoughts That used to hold me down Have all gone away I feel like I can take on the world Or just get out of my way Come on, come on Oh, him again.
- Oh.
- I'll take care of it.
- Mm.
Jane, hello.
- Willa, right? Regional TV personality.
- Yes.
Um, anything I can help you with? Oh, I'm just here for the big game.
Football, I love it.
How goes the investigation? Oh, my colleagues are pursuing several leads.
Uh Nothing definitive yet.
- Mr.
Jane, this is a weekend of celebration.
- Mm-hm.
Your presence is making a few people uncomfortable.
Should I go away? Should I leave Selby and Jana unavenged because of low comfort levels? That what you're saying? No.
What are you saying, then? Heh.
- Never mind.
- Okay.
- Willa, I do have a question.
- Yes? How are the burgers? They're real good.
The burgers are good.
Very good.
Vice Principal DeSouza, you mind if I join you? Wow, look at you, all grown up.
Sit down.
Tell me what you've been up to these days.
Nice cover.
I didn't actually attend this high school.
In fact, I didn't attend any high school.
- I'm with the CBI.
- Oh, please, please.
These reunions are insufferable.
What I wouldn't give to be home on my couch.
Glass of wine.
Good book.
Well, I take it you heard about Selby Vickers and his wife.
That's a tragedy.
Selby was a truly good kid you know, until that one incident with Derek Logan.
Derek Logan was definitely a different kind of duck.
Wore the same tattered jacket be it hot or cold.
Always hugged the wall as he walked down a hallway.
He was off.
Off isn't tolerated in high school.
Well, certainly not in the 30 years I've been doing this job.
Right over there is where it all happened.
Derek's folks sent him to a shrink afterwards, but it didn't help.
A month later, they pulled him out of school.
That was the last I heard of him.
Did Selby ever give a reason why he did it? You know, I asked him, but he just shrugged.
You know, gave me that teenage "I don't know.
" How'd you catch him? Derek was blindfolded, right? Yes.
He heard his attacker's voice, though.
He thought it sounded like Selby.
I confronted Selby.
He confessed quite readily like the helpful, honest boy he usually was.
It's very strange.
You want me to memorize everything on all 67 alumni that showed up to the reunion? - Yes, I do.
- And how would I do that? It's easy.
You build a memory palace.
I thought that was some card player's trick.
It's multipurpose.
Perfect for recalling a large body of information.
All you need is a physical location that you know well.
And you break it down in your mind into smaller pieces and link each one to a package of the information.
Like this.
I walk in the door and am greeted by reunion chair Willa Brock.
Former class president, debate team captain.
Led the team to three county championships.
Now a talk-show host in Chicago.
I sit down at the table and catch up with Dana Greer, swimmer.
Now a realtor in Los Angeles.
Married to a gentleman by the name of Arthur.
- And so on and so forth.
- Okay.
When you wanna remember the details, you close your eyes and in your mind, you walk around your very own memory palace.
But I can't learn all this in just a couple hours.
It comes quickly once you get the hang of it, and they'll be wearing nametags.
- Why? Why would I memorize all this? - Fun.
This is some dubious scheme Lisbon doesn't know about.
Count me out.
- Sorry.
You gotta do it.
- Uh, no, I don't.
If you don't cooperate, I'll be forced to tell Lisbon about you and Van Pelt.
Tell what? There's nothing to tell.
- Really? - Yeah.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Oh.
Contrary to very strict CBI rules and regulations you and Grace Van Pelt are engaged in an illicit affair.
You're being childish.
- Don't tell Lisbon.
She'll report us.
- She's a stickler.
- They'll throw one of us off the unit.
- Better get to work.
Move it! School would be so much more fun if they started the day with this instead of the Pledge of Allegiance.
Or maybe they could just integrate the two into the Dance of Allegiance.
We're taking a real flier here.
This better work.
- Timpani? - No.
You really got me stumped on that one.
I'm just guessing now.
We better get this going before people start leaving.
The fun will commence shortly.
- Hey, how's it going? - Hey.
- Nice to see you.
Long time.
Coffee machine.
Stu McAlpine? How goes it with my favorite Photo Club president? - It goes great.
How goes it with you? - It goes whatever's better than great.
- You know, I forgot your name.
- It's, uh Derek Logan.
Here comes the hotstepper It's great to be back.
- Murderer - Excuse me, Mr.
Officer - Murderer - Still love it like that Hi.
How are you? Hi.
Nice to see you.
Oh, yeah.
This is gonna be good.
I promise.
Great to see you too, man.
- Derek Logan.
L I can't believe it.
- Yeah, you've changed.
Who'd have thought the girl who brought four schools to their knees in the county debate finals would be lost for words? You just look so different.
Chalk it up to 15 years' worth of hours at the health club.
Plus maybe a little work.
You gotta look good in my business.
Know what I mean? - See it to believe it.
Derek Logan.
What? - Rancho Rosa vs.
The ball is on our 10, two seconds on the clock.
Sims hands it off.
Bam, you run You're half right.
That was against Deerfield.
And it was a pass, not a handoff.
But it was close.
Man, that's Derek-frigging-Logan.
I'm gonna make the rounds, say some hellos.
But it is great to see you guys.
- Wow, you're a natural.
- I can't do this.
- You're doing it.
Ready for phase two? - I can't.
Think of it this way.
You mess up, we blow the case, I tell Lisbon.
- You're a cold bastard, you know that? Good evening, fellow Toros.
Now is the part of the evening you've all been waiting for: The achievement awards.
As voted by you, the 15th reunion class of Rancho Rosa High.
Break a leg.
Our first award, the "I can't believe they're still together" award.
- Which goes to - Dave Mercer and Angie Diaz Mercer.
No surprises there, am I right, gang? What are you doing? I'm gonna let you finish, Willa.
I just wanna say a few quick words.
- Okay, just make it fast.
- Sure.
Slight change of schedule.
We'll get right back to the awards but first, Derek Logan.
Go, D.
- Yeah.
I'm sure most of you are scratching your heads wondering why, uh, I'm here.
I came here tonight because I wanted to see how it felt to be here again.
I'm not the same person I was 15 years ago.
So when I walked in that front door tonight, it felt good.
Thank you.
But as soon as I set my eyes on you people I remembered how it felt the last time I walked out that door.
And I was that sad, defeated kid again.
Sure, go ahead, feel sorry for me.
But you should also feel sorry for Selby, may he rest in peace.
About a month ago, Selby called me.
He'd been trying to track me down for months, he said.
He wanted to apologize and tell the truth about what really happened.
The truth that never came out.
You see, Selby was a follower, not a leader.
And he did what he did because somebody else was there that day.
Somebody told him to do what he did to me.
That's right.
Hey, Gina, what's up? He'll be fine.
Just give him an aspirin.
And I now know who it was.
And that is the real reason I am here.
I am here to make you pay.
You ruined my life, uh, that day.
And I've spent 15 years struggling to get it back and now I have.
Oh, yeah.
And I will have my revenge.
Payback is a bitch.
Like in that movie with, um, uh, Mel Gibson where they kidnap his child, you know? Or is it the other one? Anyhow, that's me.
Enjoy the rest of your evening.
Go Toros.
What do you think you're doing? Oh, the maid lent us this.
You still should tip her.
It's the right thing to do.
It must have been hard walking out in the middle of a big event you planned.
The speech was boring, and I have to get back to Chicago.
I have two shows to prepare for on Monday.
I have a great idea for your show.
Uh "Humiliating Pranks and the People Who Initiate Them.
" You could be your own guest.
You have no basis for that.
I just didn't wanna have to hear Derek go on about - Your talk show goes national soon.
- So? If Selby had gone to the media with the story of how you brutalized a helpless boy, your big chance would be history.
So you arranged a meeting with Selby to get the money.
Jana showed up, which you weren't expecting, so you killed them both.
Oh, I didn't have to pay him or kill him.
Selby didn't have a stitch of proof putting me in that locker room.
The media would have ignored him as a crackpot.
"I have immortal longings in me.
" Do you remember that quote? It's Shakespeare.
I think it was the quote in my yearbook photo.
And an apt one.
High school was a wonderful time for you, wasn't it? Yeah, you could say that.
Star student, class president, champion debater.
You were at the top of the social hierarchy.
Willa Brock was the queen of the school.
Your world was perfect.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
But then something happened and unsettled that perfect world.
Derek Logan irked you somehow.
And you just couldn't let it pass without a response.
So you turned on the charm, you manipulated Selby to do your bidding knowing that he'd be thrilled to help the popular girl.
The girl he was always a little in love with.
And then you destroyed Derek Logan to the delight of your peers.
And you enjoyed it because you found it all so easy and so empowering and exciting.
Right? All your success at Rancho Rosa High this was Willa Brock's crowning achievement.
You've aged well.
It looks like Selby took more than one photo that day in the locker room.
Have a look at that.
Check that out.
This is Selby's proof.
But you didn't wanna pay him all that money and risk him blackmailing you again, so you killed him and his wife, Jana.
Kind of poetic how you were done in by your own vanity.
Derek Logan told everyone I let him touch me.
Like I ever would.
- I was deeply humiliated.
- So you ruined his life and Selby and Jana Vickers had to die too.
Selby falls for that little Polish girl and suddenly grows a spine? Things would have been perfect if he just stayed lonely and pathetic.
Close call.
If she had destroyed the negative that Selby had given her we'd have no evidence and no case.
- It was her trophy.
A reminder that the great Willa Brock can crush anyone that dares stand in her way, just like 15 years ago.
Yes, yes, nobody advances an inch from high school.
- You proved your point.
- Their instincts never change.
Selby and Derek would both be grateful.
You two have an open invitation if you want to join us at the 20th.
Hopefully, we won't need to.
Keep it in the dojo, Phil.
One thing I don't get.
How did you persuade Rigsby to play this charade? I told him that you promised to give him Monday off.
Not happening.
Well, that puts me in an awkward position.
I held up my end of the bargain.
- Oh, God, I used to love this song.
- Love the song? - I used to love this song.
- You love this song? - Yeah.
- Obviously you wanna dance.
- With you? No.
- Oh, come on.
You can pretend that I'm that mean, cold-hearted guy that you used to worship from afar but never talked to.
How easy Mm.
No funny stuff.
Really? - More than words - More than words - Is all you have to do - Is all you have to do - To make it real - To make it real - Then you wouldn't have to - Then you wouldn't have to Trumpet? No.
- Because I'd already know - Because I'd already know
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