The Mentalist s02e12 Episode Script

Bleeding Heart

The red light's on.
That means we're ready, yeah? Yes.
Would you, uh, tell us why and how a psychic becomes a CBI agent? I'm not a psychic.
No such thing as psychics.
And he's not a CBI agent.
He's a consultant.
Big difference.
"No such thing as psychics.
" Care to elaborate? No, not particularly.
You know what? This is not a good idea, I don't think.
It's not a good idea.
Maybe we'll come back to that later.
How do your cases usually start? A case begins with us getting a phone call from the AG's office to lead an investigation.
In the St.
Clare homicide, the local DA wanted us on it because there were political issues.
And how do the local cops feel about your team coming in? We get along extremely well with our local partners in law enforcement.
My people can handle this, no problem.
California Bureau of Interference is what you are.
That's witty.
- Stay out of this.
I'm sure your people are competent, Chief Donner.
- We're simply following the AG's orders.
- Screw the AG.
This is going to be in the news and you are spotlight hogs.
That's all.
- I assure you - Don't.
His anger runs deeper than you can reach.
Seriously, don't start trouble here.
It's the last thing we need.
Victim is Martha St.
Clare, 34 media relations coordinator for the mayor.
Mayor was to break ground on a development, dug up her PR flack instead.
Victim was stabbed twice, but there's no blood here.
- Killed elsewhere.
- Home.
Nails are done, hair's done.
This woman doesn't wear sweat pants anywhere but at home.
- Cho, have Van Pelt check it out.
- Yeah.
The killer wanted the body to be discovered here under the glare of the cameras.
And likely came here to watch the fuss.
- Maybe the cameras caught something.
We'll need to have them look into it.
There's bruises on her arms.
Looks like something was ripped off her neck during the struggle.
- Is he sniffing her? - Yes.
- You pay him to sniff people? - Apparently.
She's been smoking.
Nicotine patch on her arm says she was trying to quit so under stress of late.
- Well, case closed.
Stress got a knife and stabbed her to death.
He's on a roll.
You're on a roll.
Cheap soap, unironed shirt, stomach pains, recent loss of weight.
I'm gonna take a wild guess here.
You're angry because you're living in a motel.
Your wife found out about the woman you're having an affair with.
You're a seething mass of self-loathing, and understandably so.
- You son of a bitch.
Chief Donner, my apologies.
He was completely out of line.
Let's just get back to the body, sir.
We've closed more cases than any other unit in the CBI but we don't keep score that way.
It's not a contest.
And you also lead in the number of complaints and lawsuits filed.
Okay, hold it.
I thought we had an agreement.
Brenda, a word.
Jane's right, this isn't a good idea.
- This was supposed to be positive.
- It is.
It will be.
If we're open and honest about the issues, the positivity follows.
That's PR 101.
We're trying to solve a woman's murder here, Brenda.
We don't have time to waste on PR.
Teresa, you know that we have been crucified by the media ever since Bosco and his team were killed here in our own house.
When KTQZ asked me for access yesterday, I jumped at it.
And the deputy AG concurred.
Who is this guy anyway? Totally legit TV investigative reporter Mike Brewster.
He has been covering the Central Valley for years.
We need this, Teresa.
Please, work with us.
He stays out of my way.
He can film in the office and in the bullpen, but not in the field.
Thank you.
Seriously, thank you.
You won't be sorry.
And it's a two-way street, Agent Lisbon.
If there's anything I can do for you There is one thing.
Okay, so this is the footage of the ground-breaking.
That's the mayor, Melba Walker Shannon.
She plays up the folksy image, but she can be tough as nails.
Nice shoes.
- Chip? - No, thanks.
- Who's the rich guy next to the mayor? - Heaton Krupp.
He's the developer on the project.
Off the record, a prize jerk.
Who are those people? Treehuggers.
The project's going up on the edge of reclaimed land.
You mean protected wildlands.
You say "potato.
" You have any other footage of the crowds? No.
Other networks might, but access could be tricky.
Be good to get a different perspective.
Cho, get the footage.
You got it.
All right, that's Wilson Fonteneau, the mayor's flunky.
And here comes the money shot.
These are from the victim's home.
Besides the signs of a scuffle, the only thing missing was the laptop.
Murderer probably took it.
Check out this necklace.
From the photos, it looks like she wore it a lot.
- Think it made the mark on her neck? - Could be.
Go to the apartment, do a targeted search.
Necklace is long gone.
My guess? Killer made a souvenir of it.
- Where we going? - Mayor's office.
I don't have any problem being in charge, no.
I mean, maybe at first, for a while, as a woman, it was a challenge but the demands of the job take over.
Tell me about your weekends.
You wanna know what I do on my weekends? Yeah.
Why do you wanna know that? I mean, I have no problem having a life, if that's what you mean.
I don't know why anybody would say otherwise.
If they do say otherwise.
Um I'm sorry, what were we talking about? Sorry for the delay.
The mayor's finishing another meeting.
It's been a crazy day around here.
Can I help you? Oh, no, I'm fine, thanks.
Fonteneau, did you work closely with Martha St.
Clare? For 16 months.
Martha hired me, actually.
We noticed in a lot of recent photographs that she had a necklace on with a beautiful stone.
Topaz, I think.
It was her birthstone.
- She got it last year and never took it off.
- You know who gave it to her? - No.
She had a lot of meetings.
Even on weekends.
Business interests, community groups, book club.
Tomorrow is a big day.
She has a star and three exclamation marks at 11.
She scheduled a briefing with the city council.
- On what subject? - I don't know, to be honest.
The mayor will know.
Was she dating anyone? A social life? Martha? No.
She had a cat.
Ah, yes.
- But it died.
- Right.
- Excuse me, are you the CBI agents? - Thank you for seeing us.
Happy to help.
And please, call me Melba.
Like the toast? Just like.
This way.
Can you tell us about your construction project that you were opening? It's the Granton Complex.
Yes, we are very proud of it.
It's office and retail space, plus housing all built with the latest green technology.
What was Martha's involvement in the project? None, really.
She She was my media liaison.
She was not engaged in policy issues.
Then what was she gonna talk about at city council tomorrow? Oh, a press junket.
It was river rafting, I believe.
Chief Donner says your office has received threats from environmental activists? - Activists? No, they're terrorists.
They burned down vacation condos up on the mountain.
They destroyed luxury-car lots just one town over.
They're led by a madman, and he calls himself Jasper.
Excuse me.
Wilson, anything else can wait.
- The threats? Yes.
The Granton Development is an abomination.
A hundred acres of pristine wildlands razed an entire ecosystem endangered.
It must stop.
It will stop, no matter what needs to be done.
My name is Jasper, and I am legion.
Come on.
Heh, heh.
"I am legion.
" That's just silly.
- Silly? - Yeah.
He murdered Martha.
- Well, you assume.
- Yes, I do.
The body was buried at the site, for God's sake.
And that is a clear message, isn't it? Melba, why would he kill Martha and not kill you? It would be a bigger publicity coup.
Excuse me.
What Mr.
Jane is trying to ask, is whether there was somebody with a more direct personal grudge against Martha.
- Yeah.
She was a lovely Was a lovely person.
Well, then why did you dislike her so much? I didn't dislike Martha.
Why would I employ someone that I don't like? Good question.
When you said it, your jaw tensed your eyes went empty like a cobra.
- Wilson.
I'm not saying you killed her.
You're relieved that she's dead.
- These people will be leaving.
I like the way you say that, Melba.
Tough and commanding.
Let me tell you something.
We are state law enforcement, and we leave when we wanna leave.
- Thank you for your time.
- She wants to leave.
See you.
You blew my cool.
I swear, sometimes I think you need medication.
- It's like you've got ADD or something.
- A, I'm not so sure ADD even exists and B, I was winding her up for a reason.
- Which is? - A diversion.
The message made her nervous, so I took it.
- You're stealing now? - Well, let's just call it purloining.
- What does it say? - It says: "Your 3:00 meeting has now been moved to 3:15.
" I'm just kidding.
It says, "911, call now.
About Martha.
From Heaton Krupp.
" The developer of the Granton project.
Oh, yeah.
Do you enjoy police work? Hm.
Patrick? Yeah, I'm thinking.
Uh Yes and no.
Yeah, sometimes.
And sometimes not.
Forget it, Steve.
Why do you so dislike being filmed? Because you're stealing my soul.
So I called the mayor.
So what? I'm building a $20 million complex in her town.
I call her a lot.
About Miss St.
Clare? About when I can start construction again.
- This is costing hundreds of thousands.
- It cost Miss St.
Clare a lot more.
And I'm sorry about that, I am.
But there's nothing I can do about it.
Martha would have wanted us to go on.
- You knew her well enough to know that.
- You're right.
I'm being pious.
Maybe Martha would've said, "Screw it.
" I knew her not at all outside of business.
Really? Because we just got her phone records.
You called her 10 times yesterday.
Wanna tell us what you wanted so urgently? I should get my lawyer, have him sit with us.
That's your right.
- Tell him to bring all your permits.
- My permits? Why? - Why not? - This stays an active crime scene.
- Keep everyone out.
- Could take weeks.
Hey, you see, we were talking about money, okay? Ten million dollars of public funds was to be released when we broke ground.
Then I heard that St.
Clare was planning to tell the city council to withhold them.
- Why? - I don't know.
That's what I was trying to find out.
Clare was killed before she could talk.
- Yes So 10 million would come after all.
What? Are you trying to lay this on me? You're messing with the wrong guy, officer.
- We're agents.
- That's quite a temper you got there.
Look out! Grab him! Get down! Get on the floor! Put it out.
Put it out! - Put it out! - Get the door! Go, go! I got the door! It's jammed.
I got you.
This was done by someone who knew what he or she was doing.
Crackpot Jasper.
He's a terrorist.
And you ain't doing jack to catch him, chief.
I'm in charge of the town of Salter, Mr.
Krupp, not the outlying areas.
Jasper's never launched an attack in town before.
- Until now.
Hey, check this out.
Apparently this is the same tag that Jasper used in the attack on the condos.
- This good just here? That's great.
I've been in fires before.
I worked with the, uh arson squad in San Diego for a couple years so I'm not unfamiliar with the issues.
It's never pleasant, though.
I mean, when you're in it, there's no time to think but afterwards, well yeah it can make you think.
There's a There's a moment there where Yeah, makes you think.
It's a gift, isn't it? Life.
You should be grateful for it.
Make the most of it.
We have to catch this guy before he kills someone else.
He hasn't killed anyone yet.
- Not Martha St.
Clare? Eh.
Martha was about to stall the development.
That's what Jasper wants.
Why kill her? Maybe he didn't know Martha's intentions.
But the mayor must have known.
Let's go see her.
You guys look into this Jasper character.
Don't bother.
He's a red herring.
What does that mean anyway? A red herring is what you look into regardless of what Jane tells you.
- Anything on the networks' footage? - Throwing up hurdles.
First Amendment issues.
Get the footage.
I'm tired of their excuses.
We ID somebody in the crowd, maybe we get lucky.
Yes, boss.
Why am I a detective? Why are you a reporter? What? - Why are you making this documentary? - A fresh perspective on law enforcement.
- No.
What's in it for you? Well, scoring this exclusive is a good way to get noticed.
So you're ambitious.
How long you been doing news here? - About eight years.
- Anchor? Mostly field work.
So you're ambitious but you haven't gotten very far.
I guess that's about it, yeah.
You don't like being asked questions, do you? The team as a whole seems to have a problem with that.
- Is that a question? - Mike, if I can interrupt here.
- We're clear.
There's coffee in the kitchen, gentlemen.
I'm so sorry.
- Agent Cho? - Yeah.
It is the specific request of the deputy AG that your unit cooperate fully with the media.
What's your point? Oh Mayor Shannon, we need to talk.
Of course.
I have a meeting.
Make it fast.
How big was your bribe from Heaton Krupp? That is an outrageous slander.
You sold your approval of the Granton project Martha found out, she was gonna reveal it at council which you said was gonna be about river rafting, of all things.
The river rafting.
From where did you pull that? You better have really good personal lawyers.
If you pursue this absurd line of harassment I will hang you by your heels.
Did you get a slice too or are you wage labor? Your superiors will hear from our lawyers.
Don't bother.
It's a waste of taxpayer dollars.
Just confess.
You'll feel a lot better.
In actuality, you have no proof of this so-called bribery.
None at all.
Are all CBI agents this incompetent? Have you even bothered to check her lover as a suspect? First it was Jasper, now it's the lover.
Gonna make up your mind? Her lover? We understood she had no social life.
- I didn't know she did.
- Oh, well, she did.
And competent police would have known that.
Why didn't you tell us this earlier? Why don't I just do your job for you? How would that be? Oh, just please arrest her or something.
Nothing to hold her on.
Eh I'm the rookie on the team.
Been here 18 months now.
Um It's hard work, but this has been my dream ever since I was a kid.
To be a detective.
And what's been the most surprising thing you've learned about this job you do? I've learned a lot about myself as well as about other people.
Stuff I wish I didn't know sometimes.
Stuff like? Why people do bad things to one another.
It's mainly because of secrets.
Trying to hide the truth chips away at your spirit.
Secrets ruin relationships.
We finally got the footage from every news station covering the ceremony.
Apparently, threats work.
These are two vantage points of the mayor.
And these are feeds of the crowd.
That guy.
Can you narrow it down for us? There's 50 guys.
The guy in the crowd.
After the mayor digs up the victim.
It certainly doesn't look like he fits in.
"J," that's bold.
A Jasper acolyte.
Or the man himself.
Get with the local PD, see if they can identify him.
What is it? - Nothing.
Just hungry.
So we went back to St.
Clare's apartment and realized that some of her shirts - Button on right.
- Yeah.
And not her size.
The mayor was right.
She did have a lover.
Of course.
That necklace she always wore was obviously a romantic gift.
- She'd never spend that kind of money.
- Now you say so.
- Very wise, in hindsight.
I thought it went without saying.
It's obvious when people are in a relationship.
Impossible to hide.
Try though they might.
She was a very attractive woman.
I would not be surprised if she had two lovers.
There is nothing here.
I'm gonna go out for lunch.
Turn that thing off or I will shove it down your throat.
Let's take a walk, shall we? Come on.
I know it hasn't been the most pleasant experience having a camera crew here.
But you gotta cooperate.
Deputy AG's orders.
So what's the deal? I would think out of everybody you'd be the most comfortable with cameras.
Last time I was in front of a camera, things didn't turn out so well.
Oh, God, Jane, I'm sorry.
You don't need to be sorry.
And you're right.
There's no reason not to be civil.
I'm gonna go apologize.
I'm sorry.
We didn't mean to be intrusive.
No, I shouldn't have snapped at you.
I'm sorry.
I just I don't like feeling spied on.
It's my own little neurosis.
- You're just doing your job, right? - Right.
Well, let me buy you a taco.
- Sure.
- I know you're in.
- I am kind of hungry.
- That's the spirit.
I know the place.
Thank you.
So tell me about news gathering.
Out of my way.
Everybody down! Get in.
Did you get that? Did you get it? Keep moving.
Let's go.
I don't know where we're going but I hope there's a bathroom.
I am busting.
Definitely Jasper.
The van matches one seen near the condo fire and the car lot Jasper destroyed.
How long has Donner had this information? - Contact the local and the county P.
- On it.
Got a hit on the Jasper associate at the ground-breaking.
Local activists gave this guy up fast.
Bart Henrik.
On his blog he calls himself a green warrior.
Arrested several times for inciting a riot, public disorder, and vandalism.
- Go find him.
Take Rigsby.
- You got it.
I can see you mean business.
There's no need for firearms.
I'm not Harry Houdini.
Thank you.
So you're Jasper.
Well, I'm honored.
Please don't say you kidnapped me for ransom.
I doubt you would get $50, let alone save the whales.
No ransom.
In actuality, just a simple message.
I did not kill Martha St.
Clare and I didn't throw that fire bomb in Krupp's office.
Now you, you are going to tell that to the police and to the media.
So you kidnapped me to proclaim your innocence? Have you ever heard of a phone? Oh, yeah, I see.
If you kidnap me and I pass on the message then you get a blast of that publicity.
If I am branded a killer, everything I have fought for is discredited.
People support me because I have respect for all living things.
Yes, it's a good rule of thumb to avoid doing things that require you to wear a mask.
And you're such a handsome fellow too.
How'd you know I'm handsome? - Well, I was just speaking figuratively.
- No, you weren't.
- You know who I am.
- No, I have no idea.
Leave us and don't come back.
He doesn't have to go anywhere.
Listen to me.
I have no idea.
You could be Elvis Presley.
- How did you know? - I don't know.
How did you? Please don't do that.
How did you know? Well, what's not to know? Your height, your body language.
Your syntax.
You said, "in actuality.
" I mean, who says "in actuality"? - Yes.
- Yeah.
Very clever.
So now we have a problem.
Get that thing out of my face.
Jasper kidnapped our colleague.
Where are they? - Jasper who? - You know you can get more time for kidnapping than murder? That's crazy, right? And being an accessory after the fact makes you just as guilty as Jasper.
Man, Jasper's avenging Mother Earth, that's all.
- You know him well enough to be sure? Yes.
You can tell us where he might be? Even if I knew, which I don't, I would never betray Jasper.
- "Never" is a big word.
- Try me.
What would Jane want us to do in this situation, with his life in jeopardy? - You know what he'd want us to do.
- Yup.
I guess we have to go.
I should call an ambulance.
It's procedure.
- They set it, we get back to questioning.
- Wait.
Set what? Your arm.
You broke it.
Slipped on the stairs.
Yeah, you should be more careful, Henrik.
Hey, a bunch of people saw me come in here fine.
A bunch of cops.
And I'm one of them.
I saw you fall.
And every cop in this building will say exactly the same.
Cabin in the Sierra foothills, Nice work.
What to do? What to do? If I let you go now, you'll rat me out.
- Lf I may make a suggestion? - No, you may not.
Please, Wilson, I can help.
I cannot go to prison.
I need to finish my work.
Don't you see? I do.
I see.
Your work is very important.
But what I don't understand though is why you work in the mayor's office.
Where better to study the enemy than from their camp? Did you know the mayor was taking bribes from the developer? Of course.
Who do you think put Martha onto it? Ah.
You told her.
But why not expose the mayor yourself? Or do it as Jasper? They would know Jasper was inside the mayor's office.
They would soon suspect me.
I work in the shadows.
That's why I am still here, still fighting.
I understand.
- Let me help you.
- Don't try to play me.
Don't go saying you won't tell on me if I set you free, because you will.
Wilson, I am not trying to play you.
I will not play you.
I understand and respect your intelligence.
Have a seat.
Just take a moment.
Wilson, look at me.
I can help you.
How? Look at me.
You can see that I'm telling the truth.
I want what you want.
Peace and harmony.
Peace quiet.
It's easy.
You can have it.
If you want it, you can have it.
So peaceful.
This is Chief Donner of the Salter Police Department.
You're surrounded.
Stay cool.
Come out with your hands up! Stay cool.
- Clear! Clear! There's a trapdoor.
Lisbon? - I got him.
Lisbon? Jane.
Wow, I'm impressed.
How the hell did you find me out here? Because we're lost without you? - I wouldn't say that but I'm impressed.
- Wait.
Don't move.
They could have booby-trapped the place.
We'll have the bomb squad look at you.
No, you're kidding.
You're kidding.
I'm thankful and all that but get me out of here and I'll tell you the story.
- What story? We know who Jasper is.
Slipped right through the locals' hands.
- One guy, for crying out loud.
He obviously knows those woods.
Jane, enough recovery time.
Tell us about Fonteneau.
Well, he spouted a lot of nonsense, denial.
He took the job in the mayor's office to plan attacks on new developments.
- He and St.
Clare became lovers.
- The secret boyfriend.
And when St.
Clare found out about Fonteneau's secret life as Jasper he killed her for it, to keep her quiet.
I'll check on the warrant.
Get everybody briefed, suited up, and ready to roll.
Look for St.
Clare's necklace.
It was a gift from Fonteneau.
My guess, he took it when he killed her.
We need it.
You guys sit on the location until the warrant comes in.
- Chief Donner? Yeah, it's Lisbon.
Oh, I need some aspirin.
Yeah, I just wanna Could you hold on, chief? That's enough, guys.
We're done filming.
You know, catching the bad guy would be a great end to the show.
Make you look like superstars.
Well, it'd certainly make the deputy AG very happy.
All right, you can film the bust.
But you have to do exactly what I say.
- Deal.
- Meet me at Fonteneau's at 0600 hours.
Yes, ma'am.
Chief, we need assistance from your entry team.
What now? We set a perimeter and wait for the warrant.
Yeah, there's a lot of this kind of stuff.
Not too many car chases.
Maybe we could, uh, ask a few questions while we're waiting? Uh Sure, if you must.
How did you come to work with the CBI? You know how.
- I need you to say it on camera.
- Yeah.
I see.
I got it.
Um Well, I came to work with the CBI after my wife and child were murdered.
You ever experience loss like that? That loss of love? There's nothing more important than love, is there? - Well, we're talking about you.
- Yeah.
It can be very hard when love goes away.
It's like a betrayal.
Almost like a violent act, right? Right? I guess.
Um, why don't we go back to, um? When you give someone your heart and they throw it aside it's natural to be angry.
Especially when you've come to rely on them.
When your career is tied to theirs.
I don't know what you're What you got in your pockets? - What? - You heard me.
- No.
- Why not? - Because you don't have the right.
- Okay.
Okay, I'll tell you what you have in your pocket and you tell me if I'm right.
In your pocket you have a blue necklace that you once gave to Martha St.
Clare when you were lovers.
You took that necklace back after you killed her.
You were gonna plant it in Fonteneau's house prompted by my cunningly brilliant ruse.
That's it.
- I don't know how that got in there.
- Don't be so silly.
Arrest him, Cho.
Get on your knees.
Put your hands on your head.
Get up.
That's for you.
And this is for me.
Here it comes.
You looked away.
Martha's body hasn't been revealed and you looked away.
You knew what was gonna happen.
You buried that body at that building site and you firebombed the trailer to try and frame Jasper.
You're too clever, Mike, you're just too clever.
You spout a lot of theory but no legal proof.
Oh, you want legal proof? The lab reports came back.
They found traces of Martha's blood in the trunk of your car.
Do you wanna tell us what happened? Rumors said the mayor was dirty but there was no proof.
I knew something was up.
But no matter how much I pushed her Martha wouldn't say anything.
That last night I was going through her computer, just checking on some stuff, you know.
I found this speech she was preparing to give exposing the mayor as corrupt.
With proof.
Facts and figures, the whole deal.
And she kept it from me the whole time.
It's a story that could have made my career.
I have been waiting for a story like this my whole life.
And she's mad because I'm on her computer.
Well, she She said she couldn't trust me anymore and that it was over.
The argument escalated.
And I took my necklace back.
And then she starts taunting me implying that I don't have what it takes to be in the big leagues anyway.
Saying I'm a loser she's had enough.
She's had enough? She has? No, no, no.
I've had enough.
Me! Well We'll take that as a confession.
In a stunning revelation, Mayor Melba Walker Shannon has been arrested by the DA for corruption charges stemming from the Granton at Salter Development.
The accuser is her closest aide, Wilson Fonteneau who agreed to testify against the mayor in exchange for leniency regarding his activities as eco-terrorist Jasper.
This only the latest development in a bizarre story of murder and greed that has captivated the Central Valley.
Hey, I was enjoying that.
- Ech.
I hate how they overdramatize.
Yeah, I hate that.
"Captivated the Central Valley.
" Give me a break.
Ladies first.
So, uh, guys, I have something to say.
We have something to say.
Uh Life's too short for dishonesty.
Van Pelt Grace and I are lovers.
No, you're not.
- Um Yes, we are.
- No.
You are not lovers.
- But we are, though.
- No, you're not.
Because a sexual relationship between two fellow bureau employees is strictly against the rules.
Which is why we've kept it a secret.
But we don't wanna live a lie anymore.
Come what may.
Well, that's a big secret.
Well kept.
Maybe you knew, but nobody else did.
- I knew.
Half the building knows.
- They do not.
The only person who didn't is glaring at you.
And now I have to do something about it.
- What are you gonna do? - Yeah, what are you gonna do? I'm thinking.

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